Arjun SS: His one and only, Chap8 Pg 37, 19/12 PM Later (Page 13)

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Wonderful update Smile Please update soon

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nice update..
cont soon..

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Luved the parts...plz update soon

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Important note
a big thanks for all those who have enjoyed my updatesEmbarrassed

well i can see that there arent that many Arakshi fans here, i have never had such a low response in my other updates...
Though i have no idea of discontinuing this SS, i may however shorten it if people dont like it, so please do let me know your viewsEmbarrassed

and also a big thanks for all those who have commented on my story till now...
and yep it's not a full rom com, it will also have suspense and thriller in it, it will be dark and light at times, basically it's not going to be full comedyEmbarrassed

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Chapter 3

"Do you ACP Arjun, your juniors should respect you, not be afraid of you!" and then went away to her table.  But she no longer had any computer to do her work, after yesterday! What will she do now?

"Well since he broke my PC, it's only normal i use his PC now!" Sakshi said in a determined voice.

She waited for a few minutes, and then went slowly but determinedly in Arjun's office. She searched for him, but didnt see him anywhere.

"Maybe he was at Rathore's place!" she said to herself, and went to take his seat.  She started the PC, and started to work.  She was already running very late in her report submission. Fortunately she knew what she had to write.  She had already finished her report of the previous case, but Arjun had broken her PC.  She quickly wrote her report, cross-checked it and even emailed it to her editor.  Thankfully it was only after that Arjun entered his office, and he was very angry seeing her in his office, and that too on his seat.  This office was like a sanctuary for him, his place where he stayed overnight when he didnt want to return to the lodge, sometimes to dodge the hatred in Sameer's eyes for him, and sometimes just to be alone and have silence around him.  but here also Sakshi had arrived, and she was invading his space.

He walked menacingly towards her, and told her coldly, "Get up, and get out!"

But instead Sakshi kept on staring at him, but she didnt got up.

"Kyun? This chair is very comfortable, i like sitting here!" Sakshi replied politely.

"Well this is my office and my chair, now will you go out on yourself or should i drag you out!" Arjun said furiously.

"Kyun? This chair isn't yours! This office isn't yours!" Sakshi said, "This, everything here belongs to the government! And as you work for this government, so do I?! Besides why didnt you think when you broke my computer! Now i dont have anywhere to work! And i need my PC to draft my articles!"

"So, you are just a noisy person, getting into people's lives and putting it on the newspaper! You reporters are just like! Leaving people with no privacy!" Arjun retorted back.

"It's our job! It's only because of our noisy nature, that sometimes we end up digging things which not even you police people saw!" Sakshi replied back.

"Really, telling about people's loneliness will help in anyway?" Arjun rebuked her. "Now why didnt anyone think about that before? You must be a genius then!"

Sakshi was turning red with each word, she knew sometimes her job required to poke your nose in people's lives, but she was reporter after actors and all, she was a crime reporter, she only became noisy when she saw things were rotten.  She was proud of her job and her achievements till now.

She ignored him, and opened up her mail, and showed him her report, "Try reading this when you get time!" stood up and left him in his office. Though Arjun wasn't much a newspaper person, he still felt he had to read it.  He sat down, and started reading the article.  After five minutes, he was amazed and shocked at Sakshi's article.  It was so well written, and it also showed the human aspects of the victims and all.  He had to agree that she wasn't just doing free publicity of the ETF, she was also making the normal people conscious of the laws and their rights.

And he had to accept, that there weren't anything about their personal lives.  Then what was it that he read last night?  He'd have to ask her another day.  But for the time being, he preferred ignoring her because there wasn't anyway he was going to ask sorry to her.

During the few weeks that followed he tried his best to ignore her, but everytime Rathore would put Sakshi teamed up with him.  He tried to refuse, but after a certain glares and comments like "I'm the chief not you!" Arjun had no choice but to take Sakshi with him.

He tried his best to ignore her, while she tried her best to irritate him.  During the last week, he had to save her from an arrow, and again from a bullet.  He was as if really becoming her babysitter now, he was always next to her and always saving her butt.

For him she was still and will always be a nuisance. However he never failed to read her articles.  She was very good at her job.  He had never understood how she would do with her articles. He never saw her jotting anything in a notebook or anything else, yet her article was straight and concise.  She also never failed to enlighten people about injustices being done on people.

It had been one week since he had crashed her PC, and though everyday she came to his office in the morning to use his PC, as soon as her job was done, she would leave him alone. It was as if she had her own time-table of irritating him.

He was sitting and sipping his cutting chai, when suddenly he saw Aisha coming into his office.

"Kya hua Aisha? Why are you so tensed?" Arjun asked.

"Sam! He's not reachable!" Aisha said in panic.

"Sam?" Arjun said not understanding she meant Rathore, since apart him no one would or could dare to call Rathore like that.

"Sorry, i meant Rathore Sir," Aisha apologised, but she looked very worried.

"Nahin Aisha, he must be on a mission, or with a contact or with the commissioner!" Arjun said.  As far as he knew Rathore, he was too good to be kidnapped by other people.

"Nahin Arjun Sir, i checked everywhere! But nothing!" Aisha said.

"Ok, i'll try calling him, ask Shree to try and locate him through his mobile!" Arjun said and tried calling Rathore.  But his mobile wasn't reachable.

After several unsuccessful attempts, he left his office and went to Shree's office.

"Shree kuch pata chala!" Arjun asked.

"Nahin nothing. I called the commissioner, but nothing till now!" Shree replied equally worried for his chief.

"Shree, assemble everyone for a meeting in the conference room in five minutes!" Arjun said and went away.

After some minutes, Chotu, Shree, Aisha, Liza, Sakshi and Arjun were all in the conference room.

"His number is still unreachable!" Arjun said.

"Shree, there must be tracking device in the ETF's SUV, and Rathore is using this vehicle for the time being. Try to see where the SUV is!" Arjun said.

After a few minutes "Sir, the vehicle is near his home address!" Shree said.

"Ok, let's start from there first! Maybe he's at home and ill!" Arjun said.

They all went to see if this theory was right.  As Shree had said, the SUV was still in Rathore's garage.  They knocked on the door, but no one came to open.  Arjun signalled to Chotu to try and break it open.

They all entered in the house, but Rathore wasn't here. 

"But how can this be?" Aisha said, "His car is here, meaning he did come home! But he isn't here at all!"

"And it doesn't look like someone entered his house forcibly, no windows or doors were broken," Chotu and Shree added coming from their inspection of the whole house.

"Actually it seemed that Rathore didnt even enter his house yesterday night! All his letters are still lying down on the floor next to the main door!" Sakshi added.

"Ok maybe he's really in danger! Let's check if we can get something outside!" Arjun said after some time.

They all went out and tried to see if anything was apart or any forms of struggles could be seen outside.  But nothing, it simply seemed that Rathore had disappeared or volatised.

"Let's break in three teams, Shree and Liza go and see if you can get anything from Rathore call accounts or back statements! Aisha and Chotu, go and investigate with the neighbours, maybe at least someone saw something!" Arjun said and turned towards his SUV.

"Aur mein?" Sakshi said.

"You can do whatever you want! You hardly work for us!" Arjun said in an irritated voice.  He ignored her and entered the SUV, but was shocked when Sakshi followed him and she also entered the vehicle.

"I'm coming with you!" Sakshi said.

"As you wish!" Arjun said and ignored her completely.  Now that Rathore wasn't here, he didnt feel that he had to tolerate her or work with her at all.

Sakshi wanted to ask him where he was going, but she knew that he wouldn't answer her, so she kept her silence and waited.

Soon they were outside the Commissioner office, she saw Arjun getting down, and she followed him.  After a few minutes, both were seated in the Com's office, with the commissioner sitting in front of them.

"Sir, was Rathore working on anything lately? Any special mission?" Arjun asked.

"Nahin to, why?" the Com said after a slight hesitation, which wasn't invisible to someone sharp as Arjun.

"It's important Sir, he maybe in danger right now as we are speaking!" Arjun said coldly.

"Nothing Arjun, he didnt tell me about anything!" the Com persisted.

"Why do you think that Rathore must be in danger!" the Com asked.

"Because he's not reachable at all since last night!" Arjun said.

"Ok Sir, sorry to have disturbed you, maybe he just went away for some time alone!" Arjun said and went away.  Sakshi followed him, though for her nothing was clear at all.

Outside near the vehicle, Arjun took out his mobile and called Shree.

"Shree i have something for you to check! And yes, can you check if our phone lines are being tapped or anything! And yes, dont tell this to anyone, we dont know for the time being who's with us or against us!" Arjun said and told Shree what else he wanted from him.

Sakshi remained silent listening to Arjun's orders to Shree. After Arjun had cut the call, Sakshi asked him in a worried voice, "You dont mean that..." she never managed to continue, because Arjun put a finger on her lips preventing her from saying anything.  He had seen someone approaching them just as Sakshi was going to speak, he couldn't trust anyone.

He now knew and his six sense told him that Rathore was in danger. And he could also guess that there was much more than what was being showed infront of them.

"Let's return to the office, maybe Rathore has come back," Arjun said loudly, grabbed her arm and pushed her inside the SUV.

"What the hell!" Sakshi swore at Arjun and his rudeness.

"Just keep your mouth shut for some time, will you?" Arjun glared at her and started the engine. They were back on the road going to their office.  Sakshi looked at Arjun's profile, and could see that he was very worried, though he was trying to show he didnt care.

Why was he hiding his feelings for Rathore?  Sakshi thought.



"Sir, our phones aren't being tapped! But i also found out that a large amount of money have been transferred in Rathore's account, just last night!" Shree said confused with the clues he got.

sorry for any spelling mistakes, and so please do share your views on this baby of mineEmbarrassed

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Awesum di
love it
i always love ur wrk
love u

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nice update 

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Nice update... Sakshi is working using Arjun's PC... cool... nd he is impressed with her work...

Rathore missing... where has he gone now???? someone kidnapped him???? intresting Precap... continue soon

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