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ArSh FF Eternal Love/link for 2nd thread/PG 151 (Page 82)

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                                           Part 5 

Shashank entered in Shilpa's room and didn't find her inside the room he was back from his business trip so he thought maybe Atul know where she is so he walked downstairs and saw Atul was sitting on sofa and was doing his work.

Shashank walked towards him and spoke: have you seen Shilpa

Atul looked at him and spoke: dad she must be in her room

Shashank: no she is not there in fact she not in the house

Atul stood up and worried "what"

Shashank spoke: call Anjali maybe Shilpa must be with her

Atul immediately took off his cell from his pocket and called Anjali but he found that Shilpa is not with her

Now they both got worried for Shilpa they didn't have any idea where she must be because she always use to be with her best friend Anjali and now she is not with her

Armaan was working on his laptop suddenly he heard the noise from outside and immediately ran out from his room

He saw that Shilpa was on the floor he ran towards her and was getting worried for her

He spoke: what happened

Shilpa was hissing in pain and spoke: actually I was coming down and I fall down from the stairs and now my knee is paining a lot, she let out tears from her eyes

Armaan shouted at her: why don't you take care of yourself Dhanno and who told you to roam here and there can't you sit quietly in your room

Shilpa got angry cause no one has shouted on her until now and who the hell he is to talk to me like this she spoke in anger: how dare you shouted at me

She was about to stood up but she couldn't he kneeled down and checked out her knee she bitted her lower lip she was feeling very awkward the way he was looking at her legs she was being uncomfortable cause her skirt was short and legs were visible to him after checking out her knee Armaan looked at her and they eyes locked for a moment she didn't knew why she likes to look at his eyes and he was not even moving his glances cause he likes her greens

Soon Armaan broke eye lock and stood up he was looking here and there and was waiting for her to get up she was not at all ready to get up

Armaan: common Shilpa try to get up, she tried but she failed and hissed in pain Armaan couldn't see her in pain so he moved closer and picked her in his arms and straight took her inside the room


She was just staring at him lovingly she liked this the way he cared for her until now only her dad and bro did but he was different the way he shows himself from outside he is not like that from inside she couldn't believe that today also someone is there to take care of her at her house she was always pampered and here also she is being treated same as she use to treated in her house

Armaan placed her on the bed and took off the medicine box from side drawer she made wired face after seeing medicine which he was about to apply on her knee

Shilpa: no I am not going to allow you to apply this thing on my knee it pains a lot

Armaan glared at her and spoke: will you stop being a child just shut your mouth and let me apply this on your knee or you will not be able to walk anymore

Without saying one more word he sat on the bed and started applying medicine on her knee she was looking at him and was noticing his amazing features his handsome face his perfect toned muscular body suddenly Armaan's cold finger touched on her skin and she shivered she thought why she has this effect why she always shiver whenever she get skin contact with him

Armaan looked at her and saw her hairs were coming on her face but she was not moving them aside she was lost somewhere so he moved his hand moved her curls back and pinned on her earlobe she closed her eyes and captured this beautiful moment in her heart Armaan thought she looks so beautiful when she shivers he just want to make her his, she is so cute he zoomed his gaze and glanced at her rosy petals he just wanted to kiss her again and again slowly his gaze went on her beautiful neck her red cheeks slowly his gaze moved on her body curves he thought she is so hot and sexy her body was making him more crazy her white creamy skin he realized what he is thinking and immediately blocked his wild thoughts

He stood up and walked out from her room because he knows if he will be with her more time he will not be able to control his desires for her

Shilpa opened her eyes and saw that Armaan was not in her room she closed her eyes and tried to control her thudding heart which was building new desires for him


Shashank shouted at guards: what do you mean you don't know where my daughter is get it one thing clear if anything happens to my daughter you all are going to regret your whole life go and find her everywhere

Anjali walked inside the house and saw Shashank and Atul worried she thought that she should tell them the truth but no if she will do this she is going to break the trust of her best friend

Atul saw Anjali and stood up from the sofa

Atul: Anjali do you have any idea where Shilpa must be, Anjali nodded her head in no and Atul was disappointed Shashank sank on the sofa after knowing that Anjali also don't know anything about Shilpa

Atul: dad I think we must call cops

Anjali was horrified after hearing Atul's words she didn't want this she never thought situation will take this turn

Shashank: no Atul we can't do this if we will call cops Shilpa can be in more danger Atul thought and agreed Shashank's decision

Anjali took breath of relief

Atul sat next to Shashank and kept his hand on Shashank's shoulder

Shashank: who must be there to take care of her?

Atul looked at him with painful expressions and spoke: dad our princess can take care of herself

Shashank didn't knew why bad thoughts were coming in his mind

Shashank: what if someone does something wrong with her Shilpa is too innocent

Atul couldn't think this anymore so without saying any more words he stood up and walked towards his room

Atul entered inside the room and closed the door he leaned his back to the door and thought: where are you princess' tears firmed in his eyes

Shilpa slowly entered in Armaan's room she was here to say thanks to him she saw Armaan was standing near the window and was looking out

She walked towards him and spoke softly: Armaan

Armaan looked at her and spoke: what are you doing here and how is your leg now

Shilpa smiled and spoke: I am fine now thanks

Armaan looked away from her and again started looking outside through window Shilpa bitted her lower lip and thought she should go from here she felt ignored she was about to go from there when Armaan pulled her close in force and she bumped on his chest she was shocked and thought what he was up to do

She was looking into his eyes which were so beautiful she thought

Armaan too was looking into her greens he didn't knew why he pulled her closer to him he just wanted her to be with him

Armaan touched his forehead with hers, she closed her eyes

Armaan: you know how beautiful you are

She felt so nice to hear this but didn't knew why she just wanted to be in his strong  arms where she has started feeling most secure she opened her eyes and looked at him

Armaan couldn't control himself anymore so he sealed his lips with her rosy petals she knew it was wrong but she can't resist his touch so closing her eyes she started kissing him back

Armaan was kissing her more deeply and passionately and she started ruffling his hairs his hands were moving on her soft body curves

Slowly he traveled his lips from her chin to her throat and Shilpa started shivering very badly her knees were going weak cause he was planting quick kisses on her neck Armaan was completely lost he didn't realized what was he doing he just wanted to feel her soft curves on his lips Shilpa gripped his shoulders tightly for balance and he moved her hairs to one side and started rubbing his lips on her shoulder

Shilpa came in her senses as she felt Armaan was lowering down her sleeves she immediately pulled him back and finally he came back to the world from passionate moment He was looking at her with guilt and she was about go when he held her wrist and she closed her eyes her heart was beating very fast against her chest he was about to say sorry but she spoke first: Armaan please let me go, Armaan couldn't do anything so he left her hand and she immediately ran out from his room

Armaan ran both palms on his hairs and closed his eyes "damn it what the hell I was doing"

Shilpa sat on the bed and remembered the few minutes ago the moment which she shared with Armaan she closed her eyes tightly and was not able to forget that moment his words were ringing in her ears "you know how beautiful you are"

She thought why can't she stay away from him why she wants to go close to him and what he meant about "you know how beautiful you are" she shook her head and ignored the words, suddenly she heard the knock on the door she doesn't have courage to open the door and to face him but the door was knocking again and again she thought she don't have any rights to behave with him like this it was also her fault whatever happened in the room she also lost her control she immediately stood up and opened the door

She was looking down and Armaan was just staring at her he closed his eyes and thought "what the hell Armaan you are doing you are losing your control again just say sorry to her and get lost"

Armaan opened her eyes and she walked towards her bed he followed her inside

There was a silence for a minute Armaan cleared his throat and spoke: I am sorry as he said his words he walked out from her room she turned to face him and noticed he was gone she closed her eyes and sank on the bed


After sometime Shilpa was hungry so she thought it is dinner time let's go down to eat something but she thought how she will face to Armaan she shook her head and murmured: I will just have my dinner and I will come back to my room, she walked out

She walked downstairs and saw Armaan was sitting on the sofa and was lost in his thoughts she walked towards him

She tugged him and he looked up at her he stood up as she spoke: can we have dinner I am hungry she spoke looking down on the floor and Armaan was just staring at her

Armaan was happy to see that finally she is talking to him and was not mad at him

Armaan: yeah sure

They both walked towards dinning table and sat on the chair opposite each other

Armaan started serving the food Shilpa saw her favorite dish noodles and smiled widely

Shilpa: wao noodles I just love it she stood up and went near Armaan she kissed him on his cheek and spoke: you are so nice kidnapper you know that as she move back she bitted her lower lip and realized what she did just now looking down she walked towards her chair and sat on it Armaan rubbed his palm on his cheek where she kissed and flashed his dimples he liked this gesture of her a lot

Shilpa started eating food and Armaan was continuously staring at her his all attention was on her and not on his food she was so busy in eating her food she didn't even realized that Armaan was staring at her as she finished her food and looked up she saw that Armaan was looking at her with dreamy expressions

She looked away and stood up she was about to go when she heard his sexy voice it made her heart beat fast

Armaan: I hope Dhanno you have forgave me

Shilpa turned her face to him and smilingly nodded her head in yes he too smiled at her and she felt shy she quickly ran from there and Armaan was looking at her back

Shilpa was moving here and there she was not at all sleepy she glanced at the clock it was stuck on 1 am she stood up and walked near window she looked at the moon and smiled suddenly she noticed Armaan was siting in the garden on the bench she thought what he is doing there at late night she walked out from the room

Armaan was not at all in nice mood he was missing Druv a lot tonight, he never thought in his dreams that his life will take a such big turn where he has to kidnap someone he didn't liked it at all to keep Shilpa like this here with him he thought soon he will find out where Druv is and will allow Shilpa to go back to her house but this thought made him more sad he thought if she will go away how he will live without her he didn't knew but this thought was haunting him very badly he don't want Shilpa to go away from him he thought do he is falling in love with her a smile flashed on his lips he loved this thought suddenly his thoughts broke as Shilpa tugged him and spoke loudly: Armaan

Armaan looked at her and spoke: what are you doing here just go and sleep

Shilpa firmed in anger: don't you think you too should come inside and sleep

Armaan looked away and spoke: I am not feeling sleepy you go inside its very cold here

Shilpa sat next to him and spoke: what is problem Armaan, why are you so upset

Armaan immediately looked at her and thought how did she know that I am upset they both looked at each other

Shilpa didn't knew why but she couldn't see him like this she was feeling bad to see him like this she thought there must be some problem but will he tell her who I am to him why he will share his problems with me

Shilpa: Armaan why you are wasting your life's moment like this sitting upset here if you have any problem you should solve that bravely

Armaan smiled at her and thought: she is so innocent and caring he always wanted someone to talk with him like this and tonight she was doing that

He immediately stood up and spoke: common let's go inside

She smilingly stood up and finally she felt nice to see him normal again

They both walked inside the house she was about to go upstairs when he called her

Armaan: Dhanno

She turned her face to him and spoke: what

Armaan smiled and spoke: thanks for making my mood nice again she smiled back at him and shyness flashed on her face Armaan again started losing control over him seeing her cute face he thought she looks so beautiful when she shy

She smilingly walked upstairs and went to her room Armaan was looking at her back until she faded off


Precap: Shilpa: you are such a nice guy Armaan than why you did this crime to kidnap me

Armaan looked at her and spoke: you know Armaan Malik with whom your dad wants to do business in India

Shilpa was completely shocked she couldn't believe that she is standing in front of Armaan Malik


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seems like i have to catch up a lot phew i missed reading ur ff a lot dam these exams r disasters ..i missed u dr n ur ff glad to be bk shilpa fell down aww Armaan was so worried aww then the eye lock haye it was awesome the awkward moment btw them lol none has shouted to shilpa bt this one was caring one yaya he picked her up n went inside her room oye hoyee..she was staring n checking him out nt bad Shona he is hard to resist .wow i loved the moment thy shared the way he removed her hairs n shilpa shivering Armaan knew he couldn't control hehehehe..aww atul i knw u care for ur princesss bt she is safe with Armaan ..Armaan pulled her closer n thy kissed i knew something like this would happen the kiss was wat should i say it must have been yummy lol hahahha Shilpa wen u said wao noodles I just love it and went near Armaan she kissed him on his cheek and spoke you are so nice kidnapper you know" she is so cute ..Aww Armaan u r missing dhruv n u don't want shilpa to go bk too aww my baby don't be sad ..Shilpa even made his md btter thy r so meant for each other..nw i just can't for the next part precap seems interesting so finally she is gttng to knw he is the same Armaan Mallik wow u better update soon girl..i missed i my long comments i hope ii have nt disappointed u u tc looking frward for next part

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Beautiful update dear!!!! Clap

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ek hi din me dono fics updated!! yeaaaiiiyyyeee!!!!

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wow .. loved the update...thanx 4 the pm ... plz update soon... :)

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Originally posted by -mistique-


I am very happy welcome back i missed you
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Originally posted by MSN_Vanny

Beautiful update dear!!!! Clap

Thanks dear
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Originally posted by kritika_24

ek hi din me dono fics updated!! yeaaaiiiyyyeee!!!!

time mil gaya so updateed 

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