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ArSh FF Eternal Love/link for 2nd thread/PG 151 (Page 48)

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nature2

nice updateWink

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pious_KaSh

oh la la..

the very first part of a new story, I liked the beginning and the end LOL

ArSh will fall in love even though none have the quality other wants.

Please don't make shilpa fall in love with Armaan first, then she changing herself to meet with Armaan's requirements and then he falling for her. It would be too clich.

Why not do it the other way round? Smile




thanks and dont worry surely you will love this lovestory
AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by HSFA

Ofcourse not dear. We do read and comment also press li. Plz do continue soon u write so well <3

thanks a lot dear so you are online soon you will get update

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

Part 3

Armaan stopped his car and glanced at house he had brought her at his farm house which is far away from city he came out of the car and picked Shilpa who was still not awake. He straight took her inside the room and laid her he glanced at her innocent face he thought damn why I have to do this, her hairs were on her face he moved aside and was staring at her he didn't knew why but he thought she is so beautiful he never saw so beautiful girl like her she was just like princess he came back from his thoughts with a jerk and walked out.


"I can't believe this" Rahul shook his head in no

"You have to now she is with us" Armaan took breath of relief and sat on sofa


Inside the room

Shilpa rubbed her palm on her forehead she was feeling something different but soon she woke up and glanced at room

"Where the hell I am" Shilpa stood up from bed and slowly started to walk out from the room


"Anyways don't you think this was much easy as you thought" Rahul spoke looking at him

"Yeah I didn't thought this to happen but I wonder what she was doing here in Shimla" Armaan spoke confusingly

"But Armaan what you have thought now what you will do when she will find out that she has been kidnapped" Rahul spoke firmly

Suddenly their glanced fall on the girl who was standing stunned in front of them

Armaan stood up from the sofa and Rahul and Armaan both were shocked

But suddenly their expressions turned into confuse as she smiled widely at them

Shilpa: wao... I am kidnapped... Thank god I am finally out of that jail I am so happy she was circling around

Armaan: What

He was staring at her confusingly and she smiled at him widely

Rahul was too confused Armaan and Rahul looked at each other and they couldn't believe is she happy being kidnapped but why.

Shilpa was glancing at both of them

Shilpa: hello boys where are you lost'

"Are you happy with this kidnapping" Armaan spoke with unbelievable expressions

Shilpa walked towards them and sat on sofa: of course

Armaan whispered to Rahul: I think she has mental problem'we have done big mistake by kidnapping crazy girl.

Shilpa: by the way guys why you have kidnapped me

Armaan was about to speak when she again spoke: let me guess, you wanted money from my dad right anyways I don't care how much you want.

Shilpa stood up and spoke: but I have to tell one thing that I didn't saw such a cheap kidnapers like you both

Armaan moved close and spoke: what you mean hnh'

He was looking straight into her eyes, she looked away from him

Shilpa: I mean to say that kidnappers always first tie persons hand and pinned them on chair but I am sad like this nothing happened with me

Armaan rubbed his forehead and was calming his anger he was too irritate now and Rahul was giggling seeing his face.

Armaan grabbed her arm and was about to drag her when she started hitting his palm again and again

Shilpa: leave me I said leave me she pulled back her hand from his grab and glared at him'

Shilpa: look you, she pointed finger on Armaan, don't even try to touch me ok.

She turned her face to Rahul and spoke: hey you spoon of this she glanced at Armaan and again at Rahul, whatever his name is, I am hungry I wanted cheese pizza, burger and packet  of chips right now go and get it.

After saying her words she walked upstairs inside her room


Armaan and Rahul both were completely in shock

Armaan spoke to Rahul: she is mad completely mad

Rahul: I can't understand who had been in problem she or we, Armaan snapped at him


Shilpa sat on bed and she was getting worried for her dad and bro she thought what will happen than they both will find out that I have been kidnapped damn why I have to run from my home

And now I have to handle these idiots she smiled and thought it's not hard for me at all at least now I have got someone's company here otherwise I would have been alone here.

Armaan entered inside the room she glanced at him

Armaan: what the hell you think you are Shilpa Malhotra

Shilpa stood up and spoke: that is none your business

Armaan was looking at her in anger and spoke: you know what you are crazy girl whom I have to handle now

Shilpa: oh really you are going to get enough money from my dad for this remember.

Armaan looked away from her and Druv's face flashed on his eyes he closed his eyes and again opened

He glanced at her and spoke: look whatever you ordered to Rahul you are not going to get it cause this place is far away from city so whatever is in the home you have to eat.

Shilpa frowned and spoke: no I don't like home food I want something tasty than I will eat so go and tell your spoon, she shook her head, I mean that Rahul to bring something nice for me.

Armaan moved close and spoke: you have been kidnapped don't forget that so if you want to eat something' come down or else you are not going to get anything.

After saying his words he walked out and Shilpa was looking at his back in anger she placed her both palms on her waist and opened her mouth.

"How dare he talked to me like that idiot"

Armaan again came inside and took her purse and cell phone from the table

She walked towards him and spoke: what are you doing

Armaan glanced at her and spoke: what kidnapper does, he walked out and Shilpa firmed in anger.


Shilpa walked downstairs and saw Armaan was eating food on dining table she licked her lips and felt hungry she walked towards table and sat on the chair.

She filled her plate with food and Armaan widened his eyes as she took all the food which was kept on table

Armaan's expressions were wired as she started eating the food fast suddenly she coughed, he rolled his eyes and handed her glass of water, she took it and drank.

Armaan: are you fine, she nodded her head

Shilpa: look you Mr.

Armaan: Armaan

Shilpa: I just wanted to tell you that when you will call my dad than please don't tell them that was in India tell them something else.

Armaan was about to say when she again spoke: because I was run from my home'

He was staring at her with unbelievable expressions

She finished her food and walked upstairs and he was looking at her back.


Armaan sat in his room and thought about Druv where he must be now when and then he thought Shilpa thinks that I have kidnapped her cause of money but she doesn't knows the truth should I tell her no who is she for me why should I give her explanation, he closed his eyes and that day remembrance came in his mind.


Armaan entered in house and shouted: where are you Abhimanyu Modhi.

Abhimanyu came out from the room and waved his hand to him Armaan walked towards him and gripped his collar

Armaan: where is Druv

Abhimanyu: relax man he is fine don't worry about him

Armaan left his collar and spoke: why you took him from the school and where he is, Armaan was glancing around but couldn't find him

Abhimanyu: you will get back Druv only on one condition Armaan

Armaan firmed in anger and his hand turned into fist

Abhimanyu: don't be angry Armaan I know you can do this

Armaan: I am not going to kidnap Shilpa Malhotra

Abhimanyu smiled and spoke: than forget your Druv

Armaan couldn't handle his anger anymore so he punched him on his cheek

Abhimanyu fall one the floor but he stood up and spoke: you have to Armaan or else you will not get your Druv back, Armaan was about to punch him again

Abhimanyu: if you will do anything to me you will never find your Druv cause only I know where he is.

Armaan: but damn why you want me to kidnap her

Abhibanyu: I know you very well Armaan since our college times when we were the best buddies so I know you are very smart you can easily do this

Armaan spoke in anger: but we are not buddies anymore

Abhimanyu: why Armaan you think I am wrong and what Shashank Malhotra did with me was right, Abhimanyu was staring at him

Armaan looked away and spoke: I know what he did was not right but that was his fault why you want his daughter damn it.

      Abhimanyu: because I know than he will give me my share of our company you know

Very well Armaan he didn't gave me the 25% share of our company

Armaan: who told you to do partnership with them?

Abhimanyu: I trusted Shashank Malhotra but at the last time he didn't even gave me one rupee

Armaan closed his eyes and spoke: fine I will do this but nothing should happen to Druv

Abhimanyu: keep Shilpa Malhotra with you at least one month so that I can ask Shashank Malhotra to transfer company on my name.

Armaan heard all his words and walked out from the house

Flashback ends

Suddenly Armaan heard some noise and it was coming from Shilpa's room he shook his head while rolling his eyes and ran towards her room

He entered in and saw Shilpa was throwing all the things of the room he firmed in anger after seeing the condition of room

Armaan shouted: what are you doing?

Shilpa glanced at him and spoke: I wanted all this things out of here right now

Armaan: but why

Shilpa: cause I want

Armaan moved close to her and grabbed her one arm: you know till now I was only having doubts that you have some mental problem, but now you proved it

Shilpa widened her eyes and spoke: what, do I look you insane

Armaan: you are, and stop shouting this is not your dad's house

Shilpa again shouted: I will not stop shouting what you will do hnh'

Armaan left her arm and moved close to her straight looking into her eyes she nervously stepped back

Armaan: than I know how to shut your mouth

Shilpa: oh really, what will you do hnh'

He moved one more step forward to her and she again stepped back they both were looking into each other's eyes.

Armaan: you really want to know Dhanno

Shilpa: Dhanno

Armaan: yeah you are like basanti's Dhanno who wants to always run that's why you ran from your house right

She looked away from him and spoke: why I ran you don't need to know

He moved his hand and caressed her cheek with his knuckles: really ok coming to the point you want to know what will I do if you will shout.

She didn't knew what was happening to her words were stuck in her throat the way he was touching her cheek it was making her moan

She closed her eyes as she felt his hand on her waist he pulled her and she pinned on his chest, he clutched her waist tightly and pressed his body with hers

She was shivering in his arms slowly she opened her eyes and glanced at his blues which were dangerous.

He leaned down and she was moving her head back cause she knew what was coming up he moved his one hand on her neck and sealed his hard manly ones on her soft rosy petals and she was pulling him back through his shoulders but he was strong enough she didn't knew but she started to enjoy the kiss he was kissing her insanely she closed her eyes and started to kiss him back he moved his tongue inside her mouth and was tasting her whole mouth he didn't knew why but he wanted more taste of her soft petals so he started chewing her lips he started sucking her upper ones and she was doing same with his lower ones

They both were lost in such a passionate kiss it was like if they don't want leave each other for a minute Armaan started moving his hands on her body from her hips to her back she gripped his body tightly for a balance because she was shivering so badly that she was not able to stand

They both were kissing when suddenly Armaan came to his sense as window moved through air so that sound made Armaan come back from his passionate kiss.

He looked at her beautiful face which was glowing and her eyes were closed he thought she is the most beautiful girl he had ever saw in his life slowly he moved back and freed her body from his hands.

She opened her eyes and was about to speak when he caressed her lower lips with his thumb.

Armaan: your lipstick flavor was delicious as he said his words he started to walk out but stopped in midway and turned his face to her

Armaan: I think you know now what I can do if you will shout again, he smirked and walked out

She was firming in anger she couldn't believe that he kissed her but what she was doing she was kissing him back. She moved her fingers on her swollen lips and she could still feel his hard lips on hers the way he kissed her so passionately.


Precap: Shilpa shouted: you kidnapped me right now you also have to kidnap Shaopao'

Armaan: do I look you like a dog grabber'


Armaan entered in and saw Shilpa who was in her bathrobe'

Shilpa: What are you doing here?

He was walking towards her and she was stepping back with horrified expressions.


Here is the part 3 guys next time no updates until I am satisfied with likes and comments so please don't forget to press like button and all of you do comments. Silent readers please come out and at least press like button all of you do cause I am going to add them in my PM list of this FF.

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dumas

thanks dear and no Shilpa will not get hurt at all cause she is with Armaan who always keeps her safe
kunabz Senior Member

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Awsome update arsh have to live together for month wow love with ur ff already thanks for pm continue soon

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Superb update.

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