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ArSh FF Eternal Love/link for 2nd thread/PG 151 (Page 111)

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AMMY12

nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

thanks and you're welcome

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KaShforever06

Wonderful update...
Armaan should tell Shilpa the reason behind kidnapping her.. 
Poor Shilpa she felts allot guilty for leaving her family behind...
But ArSh should try to understand each other... 
In the precap Armaan is being harsh to her...
I like Shilpa's bonding with Muskaan.. 
Looks like those two are going to be best friends... 
Thanks for the PM..
Continue soon

Thanks a lot dear soon i'll continue

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arias


KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 5:27pm | IP Logged

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
                                             Part 7 

Shilpa was horrified after seeing Armaan in front of her she thought did he heard every thing he started walking towards her and she was standing shocked Armaan came close to her and was staring at her continuously he was too close so Shilpa shivered and moved back he came again close to her and moved some curls from her face with his clod fingers and she closed her eyes

Armaan: do I told you that you are looking gorgeous in Indian dress

She opened her eyes and started looking in his eyes he too was looking in her eyes they both were just lost in each other

Suddenly Muskaan entered inside the room and broke their moment they both looked at her and she was stunned seeing them standing so close to each other and in the room

Muskaan walked towards them and spoke: what's going on here

Shilpa bitted her lower lip and was thinking what to say but Armaan spoke: nothing actually I came here to see her

Muskaan smilingly walked towards them and spoke to Armaan: oh really

Armaan glared at her and spoke: Shut up Muskaan, Muskaan giggled and Shilpa was looking at Armaan

Armaan didn't wanted much arguments so he walked out from the room


Shilpa entered inside her room and sank on the bed she thought: what to do now if Armaan finds out that I have called my friend without telling him don't know how he will react, what the hell he wants from me he don't even answer my questions what I was supposed to do I can't stuck here anymore I have to find the way to get out from here as soon as possible, she closed her eyes and she remembered beautiful moments which she had spent with her bro, dad and Anjali, she just wanted to go to them

It was the early morning Armaan was helping in the arrangements of wedding suddenly Shilpa appeared in front of him she was looking so cute in pink salwar suit her hairs were hanging on her shoulder she was looking fresh and glowed he was staring at her without realizing that he was doing some work he thought maybe someone like her he wants in his life the pure and innocent beauty which definitely she was.

Shilpa came to him and spoke: Armaan here are flowers aunty told me to give you Armaan was staring at her and she was looking down

He took the flowers bucket from her and she was about to go when Armaan called her but she didn't paid attention to him and walked away Armaan was confused and thought what suddenly happened to her why she is behaving like this


Shilpa was tying the curtains on the walls standing on the stool when suddenly her leg slipped and she fall but she didn't reached to the floor she felt strong arms holding her from waist her eyes were tightly closed as she opened her eyes she saw Armaan was holding her she just started looking at him and he was already staring at her they both didn't knew why their were so attracted towards each other unknown feeling was building inside them for each other but they couldn't understand what that feeling is called suddenly curtains fall on them and Armaan lost his balance he fall down with Shilpa they both rolled on the floor, and finally stopped they both were inside the curtains and were staring at each other

Shilpa tried to move but couldn't cause she was pinned under him and Armaan was not ready to leave her

Shilpa looked away and spoke: Armaan move

Armaan moved close to her she shivered as his breath touched her face he started rubbing his nose on her cheek and Shilpa was horrified what he was he up to she was trying to move but he was strong enough to let her stuck

Shilpa: what are you doing Armaan stop it

Armaan looked at her and spoke: just tell me why you are not talking to me

Suddenly some people pulled curtains and Shilpa immediately pulled Armaan back and stood up she arranged her dress properly and was about go when something stopped her she turned back and saw her dupatta was stuck on his shirt button she looked at him and he looked at her Armaan removed her dupatta from his button and she walked away from there

Armaan was thinking why she is not talking with him why she is behaving so rude


 Shilpa was doing her work when a man came to her and spoke: hey beautiful, she looked at him the way he was looking at her in lust it made her firmed in anger

Man: hey I am Mayank Rahul's friend would you like to tell your name she understood that he was flirting with her so without saying anything she walked but he blocked her way she looked around and noticed no one was there and she got scared

Mayank: look I just want to know your name gorgeous

Shilpa looked at him and spoke: I don't tell my name to such a cheap people cause they don't deserve to know my name as she said her words she again was about walk when he held her hand and came close to her she was trying to lose her hand from his grip but couldn't

Shilpa: leave my hand, he didn't left and moved his face close to hers

Suddenly voice came from behind: just leave her hand

Shilpa turned and saw Armaan was standing; he walked towards her while looking at mayank she looked down

Armaan came in between them and Shilpa was behind him

Armaan to mayank: just leave before I break your bones, Armaan was looking at him in anger and mayank walked away Shilpa was about to go when Armaan held her hand and pulled her close to him

Shilpa spoke in anger: leave my hand and let me go

Armaan: first you tell me what's wrong why you are behaving so different with me

Shilpa pulled him back and spoke: I thought that you were nice guy Armaan but no you are not at all and don't expect nice behavior from me until you tell me the reason behind kidnapping me as she said her words she walked away and Armaan was standing stunned


Armaan entered inside Muskaan room and was amazed seeing Muskaan in wedding dress Muskaan looked at him and spoke: hey Armaan

Armaan smiled and spoke: I think tonight Rahul is going to be faint after seeing you, Muskaan nodded her head smilingly suddenly Muskaan's cell rang and she told Armaan to pick the call because she was arranging her hairs Armaan walked towards bed and picked up cell and attended call

Armaan: Hello

On another side: Hello who's there I want to talk to Shilpa

Armaan was horrified and understood that something is wrong he looked at screen and saw the number was of London he immediately cut off the call and saw the history of calls he found that first the call was gone from this mobile to that number and that was yesterday he remembered that Shilpa was here yesterday night and understood everything he was firming in anger he never thought that Shilpa will do like this, he thought that she was happy being here but no she has only came here  with me to run away from here back to London she broke her promise she broke his trust

Shilpa got ready and was looking beautiful in red and golden lehenga she sat on the bed and was thinking about Armaan she thought that why he has kidnapped her this thing was haunting her again and again that why she has been kidnapped

Armaan entered inside the room he was burning in anger Shilpa looked at him and got scared after seeing his red shot eyes and he was looking too angry

Shilpa was sitting on the bed He picked her up gripping her upper arm tightly

Armaan: how dare you called in your house you broke my trust

Shilpa let out tears from her eyes cause he was holding her very tightly and she was hissing in pain she was silent so Armaan held her both arms and pinned her forcefully to the wall and spoke in anger: why the hell you called at your home huh I trusted you, she was not at all speaking and started sobbing so he again spoke: speak up damn it, he held her hands so tightly that her all bangles broke and blood was coming out for her skin Armaan only wanted answer so he was waiting and was looking at her in anger

Shilpa: I didn't call at my home I just called my friend Anjali, she spoke between her sobs, but didn't told her anything more I just informed her that I am safe I was ran from my home and after that I didn't even called her once she was worried for me

As Armaan heard her words he felt guilty for behaving with her so harsh he slowly loosed her hands and moved back she was too scared and was sobbing continuously, without looking at her he walked out from her room and she was crying


Armaan entered inside the room and hit his fist on the wall he closed his eyes and remembered her teary face he couldn't see her crying and today he hurt her so badly he was not even able to forgive himself for what he did he never ever hurt anyone in his life and now the way he behaved with a girl he felt shamed of himself


Armaan entered in the hall where wedding was about to start he was searching for Shilpa he just wanted to apologize but he couldn't find her as he was about to go when Rahul stopped him and spoke: what happened to you Armaan you look so upset

Armaan nodded his head in no and spoke: nothing just not feeling well

Rahul kept his hand on Armaan's shoulder and spoke: don't lie to me Armaan something has happened very wrong tell me

Armaan let out his tears and spoke: I can't understand what I am doing Rahul I just want to free her and today I hurt her very badly I will not forgive myself ever for this

Rahul couldn't see him like this so he hugged him and spoke: what you did with Shilpa huh

Armaan: she called to her friend and I thought she called to her dad or bro so I let out my anger on her

Rahul: Armaan she is very nice girl I'll suggest you to tell her the truth that why you are doing all this I am sure she will understand you

Armaan looked at him and nodded his head in yes

Armaan: yeah that I have already decided I will tell her everything but first she has to forgive me for what I did to her today

Shilpa was sitting on the floor leaning to the wall she was still crying and was looking at her hands which were paining so much and were bleeding she remembered Armaan's angry face the way he pinned her on the wall the way he grabbed her hands so tightly that her bangles broke down she has decided one thing now she will not forgive him and as soon as possible she will go back to her house where she has most loving people her dad bro and best friend, she will go back to them


She was lost in her thoughts when suddenly someone entered in her room she couldn't see the face of person because darkness was there she stood up and walked towards the person suddenly she noticed that room door was locked and she got scared

He turned to her with smirk on his face

Shilpa whispered "Mayank" her eyes widened


Precap: Armaan cupped her face and spoke: just give me some time I'll make sure you go back to your home

Shilpa looked at him and spoke innocently: promise

Armaan nodded his head in yes and spoke: promise


Hello friends it's finally time to change the track of this FF so soon you all will get the promo for coming track which I have planned and I am sure you all will love this FF more in coming parts

please don't forget to press like button and doing comments

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
great part, i felt sad for shilpa but can understand armaan..
uff hate this mayank but im sure our hero will safe her, he should tell her soon , why he kidnapped her...
want to see them happy...
great work and thanks for pm

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risingsea101 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Aww, poor Shilpa
Mayank you idiot Angry
Hope everything goes well
Great part Riddhi
Continue soon 
Also thanks for the PM :)

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KaShforever06


here is it

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