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AT Main Banner- saher90
AT Sub-banners for sections- MarshP
Madhu/RK/Rishbala POVs- DUGGUlicious
RK & Madhu introduction write-up- Phoenix.Xeelan
Rules write up- Phoenix.Xeelan and Madhubala Dev. Team
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Rules are strict seeing the condition of forum and to make both the fan groups happy and avoid fights. Please join only if you can follow the rules. Thank you.

This AT is strictly meant for discussion on Rishabh and Madhu{Rishbala} and the entire show. It would be appreciated if you please stick to the topic.

There should be STRICTLY NO DISCUSSION of the personal lives of Drashti/Vivian. Also no discussions on Make-Up, Dressing Sense and DOP. Please keep them out of RishBala AT.

Give others space to speak. Be civil if you don't agree with the POV of any member of the AT. Bashing of other members of AT/Forum; Name Calling;Discussing other people's opinions; Making fun of other Forum Members isSTRICTLY PROHIBITED in RishBala AT.

Do NOT create fights often in the AT. If you're found doing this repeatedly, you're name will be CALLED-OFF from the AT and will be asked NOT TO POST HERE.

Criticism and arguments in fun sense is allowed UNTIL you keep yourTEMPER AND LANGUAGE IN CONTROL.

If you wish to discuss about a particular INDIVIDUAL lead, you haveSEPARATE ATs for the same. Do NOT start bashing Drashti(Madhu) OR Vivian(RK) here in RISHBALA AT.

Spamming is NOT ALLOWED as a regular practice. You are allowed to go off the topic and spam BUT ONLY for 5 PAGES. After 5 pages you are to come back to the discussion on Rishbala.

Madhubala Dev. Team has formulated NEW RULES for all the ATs.

*New Revised Rules*

So from now on, the respective AT monitors are:

Rishbala AT: Phoenix.Xeelan, --Shivu--, and -Deepali88-
Vivian Dsena/RK AT: vivoash, -Rasmi24- and -Deepali88-, --Shivu--
Drashti Dhami/ MB AT: DDAT, Cutieee1992, -Deepali88- and --Shivu--

And most importantly, the 2 members in charge of monitoring ALL 3 ATs, be it Rishbala, VD or DD ATs are: -Deepali88- and --Shivu--

What does this mean?

This means that before you come to the Dev Team [Gur, Shruti or I] for help on AT issues, be it spamming, mocking etc, go to them!

The reason we have AT monitors is that they will deal with the members in their respective ATs.

Why should we go to them?

If you find these rules being broken:

  • Discussing other actors. DD fans in the VD AT, or even DD/Madhubala in the VD AT or discussing VD, VD fans and RK in the Madhubala AT
  • Spamming. If you see members posting "." numbers etc to get the AT to go faster, report it to them to the AT monitors!
  • Bashing. If you find members bashing, calling names, mocking the opinions of members, discussing about CCs, the forum, other members in the respective ATs, report them! Not to the DT but to the AT monitors!


  1. If the AT Monitors contact you through PM to remind you of your behaviour or point it out in the AT, please beware that the next time you break the same rule, you are liable for the respective AT's closure of a period of 24 hours or longer. Be it a simple mistake of spamming, you will get charged!
  2. If the AT Monitors realize you are still breaking the rules, they will come to us, the Dev Team, and if you still do not stop after being warned by us, you will be banned from posting in that AT for an entire week or even longer depending on the misdemeanor.
  3. If your behaviour continues then AT will be closed for a period of 24 hours, then 48 hours, then a week before being shifted to the Celebrity Fan Clubs section.
  4. Lastly, if the fault still continues, then you WILL get a warning level too!

Please be aware that these are measures to keep all 3 ATs clean and working in an orderly fashion.

New AT Rules

Rishabh-Madhubala/Rishbala AT:

  • Discussion about other characters from the show in the pretext that they are important to what is being discussed about Rishbala is ALLOWED.
  • Spamming IS allowed, but maximum of 5 pages at a time. So yes you are allowed to go off topic but ONLY 5 pages at a time. If spammers are exceeding 5 pages then you guys WILL be penalized. But DO NOT make this frequent. The DT or the monitors do not want 5 pages of spamming then discussion and then back to spamming. We want MORE discussion and less spamming.
  • You are allowed to spam with pictures but only up till 3 pages at a time or else you will be penalized again. After 3 pages of picture spamming, you will have to do some actual discussion. If pictures are being discussed then they can be posted and can exceed 3 pages limit only because there IS discussion happening.
And most importantly,

Discussions about Rishabh-Madhubala ARE allowed to be posted on the main forum and those topics WILL NOT be closed down. Only because the show is Rishbala and cutting off discussion about them and only telling them to be posted in the AT is NOT fair. And this includes gushing/drooling posts on Rishbala. They are ALLOWED on the main forum. But, if you are posting one-liners on Rishbala, then they go in the Rishbala AT.

Development Team Attacking/Bashing/Bias: K guys, listen. You guys yourself know that the ATs move fast. So if you guys see the other AT breaking rules, report it. And we will take care of it. Just because one AT gets a warning and the other AT doesn't doesn't mean that we are biased. It is just that we have not given a public warning to the other AT as we felt the misdemeanor wasn't big enough and or/ 2 people were involved and not the whole AT.

And so now that you can have no future problems, the AT monitors were introduced.

So follow the rules, report the AT misdemeanors to respective AT monitors before coming to us because if you do, your PMs and reports will just be forwarded to respective AT monitors.

Madhubala Dev Team

Rishbala AT is currently being monitored by
Phoenix.Xeelan, --Shivu-- & -Deepali-

Therefore, you must know that in case you have any AT issues, then before going to the Dev. Team, come to us. Drop us a PM and we will help you out as soon as we can.

Also, feel free to report any violation of the rules mentioned above to us.

If problem still persists, the DT will be informed.

Tanzie, Shivu and Deepali.

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Mrs. ZSK




PM this account with the subject RISHBALA AT if you want your name to be added in the AT.

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When I saw her for the first time in my life I was afraid: what I wanted, perhaps without even knowing it, had appeared in the most fragile thing that I had ever seen. Me, invincible creature of the dark, was left enchanted by a tiny and insignificant stray firefly on a summer night. Now that firefly named Madhubala has become the star that lights my way. She will never fall. She saved me, she took me with her. She is my wife. She always will be. It is still a thrill to have around her. She has given a meaning to my life, to the greyness of my existence. Just to see her happy, serene, I'll give up everything, even my stardom. A future without her I could never imagine. Madhubala is my everything, my world, my life, my sun, my smile, my eyes. She had been the only one to get inside of me, to find out the best of me becoming herself my soul.

There is something in her

That makes me think of us

and the time spent together.

That something

that takes my breath away when I touch her.

That something

that with only her smile

enlightens me.

That something

that fills my heart with her...

Madhubala, Mera Ishq Mera Junoon

We are complementary. We're meant to be together. Nothing more.

For many I'm nobody. I'm not a genius. I am not rich.

A girl like others with a lot of dreams and a few ideas. With so many projects and a few talents.

But for Rishabh, I'm everything and he for me is my world.

I look in his eyes and try to show him what I am and what I feel.

I live in his eyes. I am in his eyes. Without him, I am nothing. Nothing. I do not exist.

I satisfy for moments, crumbs of happiness, pieces of emotions, beautiful moments eagerly awaited ...where we're only US...My eyes, everything in me is projected towards the man who loves me, handsome and strong, the last man in the world who I thought I'd fall in love, but the only one I could give my whole life.

Your spontaneous smile illuminates the darkest days.

Your simple smile make me rejoice from the worst day.

A spontaneous smile like the one on my face now.

Just your smile

make me understand what happens to me.

Because when you smile

you lit my days and

I understand that I'm in love with you.

Rishabh, Mera Ishq Mera Junoon.

His eyes reflects my soul and I have, in his eyes, mine.

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"Woh pehli baar jab hum mile...
Ho gaye shuru yeh silsile...
Ho gaya yeh dil deewana...
Hota hai pyaar kya... Isne jaana"

Err... No!... Urrmmm... Yes!!

Tanzie: What the!
Deeps: Eh? Whats up guys!
Tanzie: Shivu ka record player atak gaya Stern Smile
Deeps: ROFL Like? Really??
Shivu: No!! Arey no... Yes!
Tanzie: SHIVU! Snap out! Whats bothering you?
Shivu: Err! I am just thinking that when RK met Madhu, did he have a "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" feeling?
Tanzie: of course not re! Hmmph!! They were ardent foes then.
Deeps: yeah Shivu! But why did you come up with this sort of question?
Shivu: I was humming the song na "Woh pehli baar jab hum mile" so I was actually matching the lines with Madhu-Rishabh.
Deeps: hmm... By the way you reminded me of that din! Jab they met!

Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, a strong, resolute girl with a balanced mind who always demanded equal justice for all had to guts to break into Natraj Studios to the sets of RK's film. RK, Superstar of the Era was shooting a romantic sequence wherein he was suppose to play the piano near the side of the river and his heroine was to enter the scene through the bridge.

As the shot commenced, RK started his dialogue delivery and then when the heroine was about to enter, Madhubala entered the set through the bridge. RK was surprised to see an unknown face and walked upto her.

She introduced her name as Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, the girl who filed a case of "hit-and-run" against the Superstar. RK posed himself as ecstatic to meet the girl who was so brave enough to have challenged HIM. He rebuked in front of the entire cast and crew of his film. Madhubala was apalled at his nastiness of tongue and his temper.

But she retaliated every spoken word of his with an attitude as brave as a HUNGRY LIONESS. He threatened to destroy Madhubala and her family if she didn't withdraw the case against him or accept the compensation money. She was resolute on taking him to the court and even imprison him under the law.

Madhubala and Rishabh met in this unusual way, injuring each other with words like arrows. There was a certain spark in their togetherness, a spark that shook their insides and the on-lookers would be glued to watch them fight, come close and what not.

There was a certain chemistry in their togetherness which hit their audiences during the first meet. The Natraj Studios must have boasted of the unusual story that was shaping in its arms. The studio was proud to be witnessing two hearts coming close to each.. Slowly and steadily. A love so pure and serene was climbing the heights of passion.

This studio was to witness some very close moments between Rishabh and Madhu in the very near future... Their wedding, their first night-out, their Karvachauth... And some tit-bit sweet-bitter moments of love. The lion and lioness met, fell in love and went away together...

"Kuch toh hua hai... Kuch ho gaya hai...
Do chaar din se lagta hai jaise... Sab kuch alag hai... Sab kuch naya hai...
Kuch toh hua hai... Kuch ho gaya hai..."

They say
"Marriages are made in heaven"

But here, marriage was made by a tyrant ruler... who captured a beautiful butterfly in his castle. A butterfly who was ordered not to flutter her wings again. She was confined to the palace of this tyrant prince who claimed to be CRUEL, HEARTLESS and PITYLESS.
Madhubala Shamsher Mallick, a common girl-next-door did the only 'khata' of her life by filing a case against the SUPERSTAR of the ERA, Rishabh Kundra a.k.a RK. She sent him to jail for 4 WHOLE NIGHTS. Never did she know that this simple demand for justice would make her life take a topsy-turvy turn. He made a MASTER-PLAN to ruin her. He made Mukund(The victim of RK's brutality)'s mother go to Mallicks for the "Rishta" of Mukund and Madhubala and on the night of their engagement, he crashed the party under the mask of "pachchtawa"
He made someone click snaps of Madhu and himself together. News of "Madhubala dating RK" spread across the city like a wildfire and Madhu's marriage was broken. Soon, RK brutally assaulted Madhubala's foster father Shamsher Mallick to death; Destroyed Trishna's dream to become a Bollywood Heroine and brought the Mallicks on the road. He offered to pay for Mallick's treatment on the CONDITION that Madhu married him.
For the sake of her family and her father, she signed on the agreement on marrying the tyrant of her life, Rishabh Kundra. On the night of Mallick's operation, Madhubala Mallick became Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. He called her to the studio. He was drunk heavily. RK placed the condition that he would only pay the money after she married him.
She was asked to dress up in wedding attire. RK broke a wooden chair and created the "hawan-kund" by burning those wooden blocks.
The fire was ignited with the help of the alcohol he was consuming.
It was an UNUSUAL wedding of only 4 pheras since it wasn't agreeable to RK to walk BEHIND someone for the rest of the 3 pheras. He was the leader and would always remain one. He threw the 'mangal-sutra' on her neck and brought her home.
At home, he introduced Madhubala to everyone as another of his servants whose name was a SPECIAL one. He named her "BIWI" and considered her no better than a servant that served him day and night.
Bauchchaar ikk padi hai... Barsate abhi hai baaki.
Khul ke naachne ko bekal mann ka mayura hai...
Milan abhi aadha adhura hai...
Milan abhi ADHA-ADHOORA hai...
For the first time in the history of Indian Television, the viewers witnessed this ANNOKHI shaadi. No doubt we have had LOVE-HATE shaadi's in the PAST but this 4 phera waali shaadi garnered MARVELLOUS TRPs along with eye-balls. "Raato-raat" Madhubala and Rishabh became the heartthrobs of the nation's youth. They became Rishbala 'officially' and since then the NAME and FAME of Rishbala is going on INCREASING manifold.
Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon offered the soul and essence of its story through this unusual wedding, the concepts of 'ishq' and 'junoon' were established in the hearts of Rishbalians who began to be glued to the TV sets watching the repeat telecasts again and again.
"Proud to be HARD-CORE Rishbalian"

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