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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-32 (Page 3)

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Dear ChandaKiLeher,
Dont you mean Monu ki Imaginary Meera WinkLOL 
Parlaying Power in the Mutt?? By Mutt are you referring to Monu by any chance?? If you are let me tell you I drilled and drilled my Inner Jack Sparrow in his Brains...But as Soon as he sees Meggie's sexy back...all my hardwork jumps out the Window and Mohan is reduced to this  Drool animated yea sorry...No parlaying powers can be invested in the Mutt Ouch
Mess of Self representation...What mess are you referring to? Ermm Mess of his Polygamying ways?? His Melty Underpants?? His Dreamboat over Megha? Of Being Megha's Super Phangurl/Groupie? or about having no ego? or not defending himself?
Megha as Vesuvius...I like that LOL Megha was especially created from the ashes of the Vesuvius itself...Hence the Lava like oratory skills...she should coach debating classes...screw kathak LOLLOLLOL
Damage control...No chance...Tomorrow he is the Dracula from Transylvania...didnt you see how he swooped on her...he is just gonna give her thsi angry wounded looks...Perhaps puke on her saree...then cry over it...then have a pity party with Sarsoon ka tel...I doubt there will be an Arrey Yaar tomorrow but a Gal can hope Ouch 
I am Assuming By cloud you Mean Meggie and Her Cloudy judgement Embarrassed
Yes Finally there will be the much needed acid rain on poor Monu...but atleast it will be out of her systemOuch she seemed so surprised with Monu's licking his wound sort of a gesture, when he was trying to piece together Addus picture...
Guru's Chances...according to me...Very Little to None Big smile Ouch I will be very saddo though...I wuv Guru Embarrassed
Chavanni is actually turning into a penny at this point...I mean really? this lady is trusting Beera? really? where is the sense...but I can see how Beera brokedown her defenses...still dont want her to go the point of no return with him
About her turning to Athani...Hmmm she is well on her way there...I mean she is already ver ver esskited about match making Mommy shes cool for now...
About Chavanni turning to Athani...I am hoping you are not pointing towards her getting preggo right? right? Stern Smile at least not with Beera the revengey revenger...not yet...Parentals are too yound to be grams LOL
Poor Monu...he is the virgin Mary of Indian TV man *SMH* No Tangoing for him with anyone but have three children...thats called Divine intervention OuchLOL
Yes I am very Magnanimous...Embarrassed Poor guy needed someone to lean on...Since I was Spinning boys and Guru was/is in my circle...he needed someone else...A Puppy didnt seem to work...So a Baby it was LOL
Awwiiie Embarrassed So Blushy with your Wuv Hug More praise and you know whats coming your way WinkLOL
Monu's Imaginary Baby Momma

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Originally posted by swavai2

Hair-o of the Hairyness
We Love Thy Airiness
Dont Be scared of Mirchi's Glareyness
You Continue with your Stareyness
Fandom is Phangurly over your Manliness and Thy affection of all things Scariness

Meera I almost cracked up while reading these lines you wrote, it was difficult to control laughing, looking at my tab's screen sitting in the train, commuting to work.

'll be able to grab 21 mins to watch the epi, downloaded on phone. Super droolworthy quotient got to be assigned for this epi, say Me.

'll be here to read others comments but wont be able to write anything more. Assessment of papers makes me more insane and cynical than what my normal self is.
LOLLOLLOLLOL Sorry Swati...I am terrible at poetry but I cant seem to control myself...Poor Ghalib and Yates are turning in their Graves as we speak LOLLOLLOL 
Awww I hope Monu's Drooliciousness gets you through the day Hug Take care!

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Nicely written as usual

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Originally posted by purplelolo

Heylo Purple Big smile
I've been hooked to a few old ghazals this past week.
One in particular I want to mention is dil jalanay ki baat karte ho, aashiyanay ki baat karte ho.
It fits perfectly for whats been going on between Mohan and Megha.
Ohhh Sounds Pretty Cool...anything self torturey I Love...Imma google it now LOL
Oh Purple its beautiful...Imma paste it here...I am hoping this is the one
Aashiyaane Ki Baat Karte Ho,
Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho,

Saari Duniya Ke Ranj-O-Gam De Kar,
Muskurane Ki Baat Karte Ho,

Humko Apni Khabar Nahi Yaaron,
Tum Zamane Ki Baat Karte Ho,

Ziqr Mera Suna To Chid Ke Kaha,
Kis Deewane Ki Baat Karte Ho,

Hadsa Tha Guzar Gaya Hoga,
Kiske Jaane Ki Baat Karte Ho...
*Major Sighs*

Lets start with Munna. This person annoys me, frustrates me and makes me upset.
Kanwar Dhillon is doing an amazing job I must say. If a negative character is being hated for what they are portraying, the actor is doing their job well. Sometimes Munna makes me so upset that I just dont even want him in the episode, I just want everything to be okay between Megha and Mohan, Munna kahin bhi jaye kya farq parta hai. Embarrassed Tongue

I think there is more of anger in Munna than hurt and hatred. His anger has obviously ben feueld by daddaji when Munna was growing up. Hence he cant see from right to wrong. And even the hatred is somewhat misplaced. Im not denying his hatred for Mohan and now the family, and how wrong he was. But its kinda misplaced or lost in the midst of his anger. This is the kinda anger you see in people who are upset from the world and life in general. And he lets his anger out by plotting against Mohan ( hurt ). Whereas it shouldve been the other way around, he should've been hurt which wouldve built the hatred up fueling anger and then plotting against Mohan. I dont know if it makes sense to you guys.  
Munna sometimes frustrates me...But I cannot hate him...I just feel terrible for him...for Addu...I understand that its soo difficult to see Mohan Megha being in so much pain due to this one person...and he keeps stirring the pot as well...but I still cannot hate him...I dont think ever get angry with him...Agreed Kanwar Dhillon is doing a wonderful JobStar
It makes sense, that there was no build up shown of his hatred...I am gonna post a link of a thread I made on Addu few weeks ago...just wanted to you to read it over...its just my opinion and how I feel about the character Embarrassed I hope you dont mind.Embarrassed
Do let me know what you think ok Big smile

Though it is implied in the show that the hatred has built the anger up and vice versa. The character doesnt portray it as such.

It made perfect sense in my head. Confused  Lol.
It kinda makes sense to me as well Embarrassed

Ab Beera bhaiyya ki baari, Yaar, yeh banda. I just really dont want him to be negative. He acts so well. I mentioned yesterday that I have started liking Beera, it was his acting that I liked. Im still contemplating whether I like the character or not. I just really dont want him to turn out negative.
That Smug smile on his face. Uff. Why did he have to do that? It makes me ponder on his stance as a character and his role in this whole Project talaash-Daddaji-Mohan-Munna-Addu-Navika-Megha sequence.  I'd like to think the CV's are playing with our heads :P
He is very sweet and mostly well meaning...his only intention I feel is to Gain Navika's trust and Break it in the worst possible she did to all his acting nice towards everyone else is a ladder to acheiving Navika's blind faith...She herself told him today, that she trusts him...which means The Lamb  herself is going into the lions mouth...I dunno what he is going to do to get back into Dadda's books...havent thought of it yet...but he is super fishy...I refuse to trust him EmbarrassedLOL

Mohan pacing back and forth impatiently wasn't just out of hunger. It was because his table was filled with food his wife made, for the first time in 12 years. It was the excitement, it was the wonder. It was just so much more.
Awwwieee I didnt even think of that...It was food made by her that he couldnt wait to eat...Awww *melting into gooey puddles of sugary sweetness* Awww *sigh*

The comfortable bickering they was another proof of how much they actually still yearn for each others company. How much they actually of themselves in each other.
True Ouch
About Addus photo. I still processing what I need to type. So, Laterrr :D

Now to the promo; I have a feeling Mohan is going to leave from there hurt. And not bother with any explanation like he did the previous night.
Yep...Tested and tried formula of prolonging a MU in soap land...No communication!!!Big smile

Thats it for now. 
Im probably gonna come back after watching it again and add a few more comments and theories. LOL

Feel free to do that...I am all ears...which is weird coz i am reading with my eyes Confused...Okay I am all eyes Big smile

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Originally posted by -MohanKiMeera-

Beautiful quote! So suits Mohan! Embarrassed 

Btw did you watch the new promo? Okay so Munna actually stabs someone; Nanhi screams, and I felt that Mohan did come in between them! Gosh noOuch
Doesnt it just Embarrassed
No I havent seen the Promo yet...will do soon...its ok...Mohan is a Man he can take little needling stabs...he will be fine...Plus Mirchi will get a chance to say I wuv you LOL
Look at the brightside...Trust me Munna/Addu's angst is coming to a head as well...something has to give for the pressure building within him as well...

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Originally posted by -MohanKiMeera-

Okay so I'm back to spammingEmbarrassed 

Here's the shootout episode...Gosh just look at this guy! He could hardly breath cause of the injuries hurting him yet seeing his Mirchi madam panicking and crying, he was saying, "Arey yaar! Theek hoon main!", "Itni jaldi tumhara peecha nahi chodunga!" When Meggie said that she won't let anything happen to him, he seemed as if he was flying in the seventh sky even in that condition! Cry

Seeing Mohan on hospital bed is the last thing I want in the show, but no other choicesOuch Waise the direction was pathetic since during those times, Maan wasn't there anymore!
Spam Away Bidzie...I have missed your spamming...I still have nightmares over Maddona and her skirt DeadLOLLOLLOL 
Confession time...The first time around...I refused to watch the OTT shoot out sequence...I watched it much much later, infact just before the second season started...I just couldnt stand the OTT scenes with blood in the parting crap...I am sorry...I am horrible I know...But I couldnt...still I loved Mohan's part in it...He looked sooo sooo happy before he got shot LOLLOLLOL Idiot Ouch and the Rumaal was very dramatic...still liked that part.
Yea I suppose the direction was off.

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Originally posted by Sah1

Nicely written as usual
Thank You Sah Embarrassed
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But Kunal was HELL awesome in this scene! Anyways since Sonal and Maan, the powerpact duo of writer-director, are in the team, I believe that this Mohan-or-Navika-in-Hospital track will be bang on! Thumbs Up

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