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Manveer FF: You mean the world to me. (Page 51)

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Posted: 23 November 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MAHI1198

awesome update yar
unnati jay masterminds
loved the manveer scenes
update soon
thanks mahi! Glad u liked it! Yeah unnati and jay are masterminds. Will update soon.

_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2013 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
how are you
an awesome turn in the story
willing to read more
do update asap

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Originally posted by annabh

<font color="#FF0000" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">hey
how are you
an awesome turn in the story
willing to read more
do update asap

hey anni, I'm good how r u? Thanks and glad u liked it! Will update soon Smile
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Posted: 28 November 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
hey sanah 
sry for late comment
ur update was fab
specially uday teasing manyaa about date
wow manveer in farmouse
that too alone WinkWinkWink
i hope uday falls for manyata soon
pls update soon

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Originally posted by angleroops

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">hey sanah
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">sry for late comment</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">ur update was fab</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">specially uday teasing manyaa about date</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">wow manveer in farmouse</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">that too aloneWinkWinkWink</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">i hope uday falls for manyata soon</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4" color="#ff0000">pls update soon</font>

hey no problem its okay. Thanks a lot and glad u liked it. This farmhouse trip will prove beneficial for manveer. Will update soon. Smile

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plsss update

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Originally posted by angleroops

plsss update

will update soon Smile

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Hey guys hope u all are keeping well. This update is dedicated to roopali ask angleroops who has made a lazy bug like me to update. Hope u guys like it.

Uday started laughing as well.
Uday: princess hum hritik nahi hai aur humnai abhi koy movie nahi dekhi so yeah will u be friends with me?
Manyata: ummm
Uday: what ummm?
Manyata: hum soch rahe hai kai humne ghorai se toh dosti karli par kya humai abhi iss gadhi se bhi dosti karne paregi.
Uday: tum ne mujhe gadha kaha?
Manyata: toh kya hum tumhe ghora khahegey.
Uday: now wait and watch what I do to u. U know pehele agar tum kuch galat humai kehti thi toh hum tumhe wo pond haina usme tumhe phaik detai thai un frogs kai saat. aur abhi bhi hum wahi karengai.

Before uday could go near manyata, manyata took a chance and ran away sticking a tongue out at uday. Uday ran behind to catch her.

Chapter 25:
Uday and Manyata kept on running behind each other like small kids. If someone would seen it from afar they would think that two best friends are enjoying their time together laughing and running behind each other.
Mannyata and uday finally went to the other garden side and manyata sat down panting.
Uday came and was also panting as well.
Uday: kya princess tum itnai hi main thaak gayi.
Manyata: itnai main hi? Kitnai rounds maarai hai humne iss farmhouse kai tumhe pata hai.
Uday: so shall we start our rounds again?
Manyata: nahi noo I'm tired
Uday: atleast andar toh chalo.
Manyata: let's sit here for a while please uday please.
Uday: lekin princess
Just then rain started pouring hard.
Manyata and uday quickly ran in the house.
Uday: shit ab kya hoga!
Manyata: kya huwa itnai pareshaan kyu ho?
Uday: yaha kai roads baarish kai baad bohot hi slippery hojate hai aur itnai kharaab hojate hai kay yaha se abhi nikal na mushkil hojayega. Aur jo dusra raasta hai wo jungle ki or se nikalta hai.
Manyata: so now what?
Uday: we have to stay here for the night. There's no other way.
Manyata: what r u serious?
Uday said in annoyance & frustration: yes I'm serious do u think in this situation I'm going to lie.
Uday thought that manyata will be angry now because he brought her here but alas he got the most unusual reaction.
Manyata was laughing.
uday: what are u laughing at?
Manyata: tum par haas rahi hu. You look so tensed and worried as if they will be an earthquake anytime.
Uday: worry karne ki hi toh baat hai.
We would be stuck here for the night and we landed up here because of me.
Manyata: its just for a night and u don't need to blame yourself because u didn't cause the rain to fall tonight.
Uday: so u don't have any problem? Aren't u uncomfortable.. With me over here?
Manyata: yeah I do have a problem that I couldn't go home and ma will be worried but I don't have any other option rather then staying here tonight. Aur rahi baat tumhari I don't know but I feel that I'm going to be safe here with u. I have this unknown feeling of being really connected to this farmhouse. I don't know but its like I'm happy here all my tensions and worries have disappeared for a while.
Uday: you will feel connected kyu ki bachpaan mai ye house tumhari jaan tha. Chalo ab hum yaha hi rahne waalai hai toh mai tumhe tumhara kamra dekha ta hu where u can sleep tonight.
Uday showed manyata her room and told her that: yaha aksar jay aur choti aatai hai toh unke clothes yaha honge so u can wear any which u like. Aur hum ds aur komal aunty ko inform kardengai hai.
Manyata: thank u so much.
Uday: anytime princess. Goodnight sleep tight!
Manyata: good night.
"- "- "- "- "-

Uday left from there and manyata changed into tracks and t-shirt. She called komal and informed her though she knew uday will inform her but she thought it was better if she informs her.
After talking for a while she put the phone down. She tried to go to sleep but she wasn't at all sleepy.
Manyata: arghh mujhe neend nahi aarahi hai aur uday bhi sone chala gaya. Ab main kya karo... Let me make coffee for my self and watch tv in the sitting room.
Manyata went to make coffee and switched on the tv on her way to the kitchen.

Uday was doing some work on the laptop when he heard some noises. He was confused at first but realised that it must be manyata so put his laptop away and went to the sitting room.
Manyata saw uday coming to the sitting room.
Manyata: I'm so sorry uday kahi maine tumhai disturb toh nahi kiya na.
Uday: no actually hum kuch kaam khar rahe thai aur hume aawaze sunaydi so I came out. Aren't u feeling sleepy?
Manyata: no not at all sleepy. Coffee?
Uday nodded in a yes and manyata brought two mugs of coffee and handed one to uday.
They both sat down on the sofa(on the same sofa)
Manyata: mujhe neend nah aarahi thi aur mujhe laga kai tum tired hogai tho isliye tum itni jaldi sone chalegaye.
Uday: hum toh kuch kaam khatam kar rahe the aur humai laga kai shayad tum thak gayi hogi because in the evening you were sleepy and I thought maybe even now you are.
Manyata: I slept in the evening isiliye toh mujhe abhi neend nahi aarahi.
uday: u know u look like a small kid whining.
Manyata said sarcastically: haha very funny
Uday: no I'm serious.
Manyata: serious se yaad ayaa mujhe tumse kuch puchna hai.
Uday: shoot
Manyata: jab maine tumhe ye kaha tha kai "aashiq hongay tumhaarai bohot saare par wo tumse nahi tumhare naam aur paise se pyaar karte hai" toh tumhare face pai ek slight change dikha tha mujhe. Kya baat hai uday tum mujhse share karsakte ho, sirf uday band kar and not a prince?
Uday: koy baat nahi hai princess.
Manyata: uday tumhe pata hai maine sunna hai kai baate share karne sai koy kamzoor nahi banjata. Balkai usse uss ki problems ka hal mijata hai aur it lessens the burden from your heart. Mujhe pata hai kai tumhe lagta ta hai kai kisi se apna pain share karne se tum weak bandjaawo gai par tum galat ho.
Uday was just staring at her and was surprised that how can she read his thinking but whatsoever it is he was determined not to share his feelings with anyone. But his determination was lost the moment manyata said this:
Kya tum mujhe nahi batawo gi apni bachpan ki best friend ko.

Uday: I don't know what to tell u kyuki mujhe khud nahi pata kai merai dil main kya hai. First of dil naam ki cheez meri paas hai hi nahi aur pyar, feelings ye sab merai liya mynai nahi rakhti. ye sab meri zindagi se tab nikal gaya tha jab maine apnai logo ko khoya tha. And u were right sab log mujhe meri iss yuvraj kai title aur paiso ki wajah se pyar karte hai aur mujhe usse koy ghum nahi.

Manyata saw a different uday today his eyes had so many things to say but he couldn't express them.

Manyata was continuously looking at him while uday was thinking that how could he just blurt out things without realizing.
Uday's pov:
What the hell am I doing? I wonder what happened to me that I'm saying all weirdo feelings of mine to her.

Uday change the topic in order to avoid more questions from her.
Uday: manyata hum tumhe kuch dikhana chahte hai.
Manyata come out of her thought: kya dikhana chahte ho??
Uday: chalo meri saat.
With that uday took manyata to the room which he didn't show her earlier.
The moment they entered the room manyata was shocked or rather let me say she was speechless.
The whole room was filled with manyata's images everywhere. Manyata went near them. She noticed that in most of the images they was a boy with her.
Uday broke her chain of thoughts.
Uday: hum tumhai tumhari puraani cheezai aur pictures dikhatai hai.
Manyata went and saw the images.
Manyata: this boy is..
Uday: its me
Manyat: yeah I should have known that u always love following me everywhere.
Uday started laughing
Manyata also joined in: joking about that. Par u know u can easily know its u.
Uday: wo to hai kyu kai hum bachpan mai bhi itnai hi charming the.
Manyata: not again uday! U soo full of yourself man
uday started laughing looking at manyata's face.
Manveer continued to looks at images and other things which belong to manyata when she was small. They saw some videos.

The next morning manyata woke up to some noise. She noticed that she wasn't in the palace then it clicked to her that she was at the farmhouse with uday.
Manyata: uday! wo kaha hai?
Manyata went out to see uday. She was shocked to see him in the kitchen with an apron making breakfast.
Uday spotted her standing with a confused look.
Uday: good morning princess
manyata: huh umm good morning uday.
Uday: tum itni shock kyu lag rahi ho? Do one thing go and get ready quickly and join me for breakfast.
Manyata: okay yeah I will be back in sum mins.

Manyata got ready and had breakfast with uday. At breakfast they both discussed aboutt business mostly.
Manyata: uday may I borrow your laptop I want to have a video chat with abhi
Uday: sure princess its kept on the table. U can continue your video chat while I go check out the horses.
Manyata: from that I remember yesterday night I didn't spot anyone here so whose taking care of the horses.
Uday: they are people who are taking care of them. And we have very good security here. Its just that u don't see them.
Manyata: so where's the chef?
Uday: the chef left yesterday evening after preparing our meal. I told him to leave because he had sum problem in his family.
Manyata: oh okay... So when will we be leaving?
Uday: at 16:00hrs we would be leaving from here. I guess by then the roads will be okay.
Manyata: that's some good news.

Manyata continued her video chat while uday was busy with guards talking to them about sumthing.
Uday finished his convo with the guards and went by the horses.
Manyata came there as well.

Uday: you finished having your video chat?
Manyata: yeah I just finished it now.
Manyata looked abit glum and this didn't go unnoticed by uday.
Uday: manyata don't u want to ride on sultan? Or is it that u r scared?
Manyata: I and scared oh plzz I'm not a scary cat like those other girls.
Uday: oh really?
Manyata: yes really
Uday: toh phir ek race ho jaye. Joh harega usse jeetnai walaiki ek baat maani hogi.
Manyata: challenge accepted
Uday: toh kis horse par tum ride karna chaho gi?
Manyata: sultan
Uday: par wo toh humara horse hai
Manyata: toh kya wo ek din keliye meera horse ban gaya. Don't tell me yuvraj udayveer that you have been winning because of this horse and without it you aren't capable to win.
Uday: you are highly mistaken princess manyata kyu kai hum khud ki kabliyat par vishwaas karte hai naa ki iss horse par.
Manyata: aisi baat hai so let the race begin.
Uday: okay u see that hill, u have to reach that pole on the hill and return back over here. So shall we start yeah sure.
Uday signaled the servant to bring sultan and any other horse.
Both the horses were out and manveer had mounted on them.
Uday: ready
Manyata: yeah
Uday: go
Both started off at the same time. Uday was fast and manyata was left behind by a few inches.
But manyata did catch up with him now they were side by side.
Uday: kya hua princess tum toh bara itra kar keh rahi thi kai tum baaki larkiyun ki tarha nahi ho jo dar jaye aur haar jaye. Ab tum hi humse haar rahi ho.
Manyata: uday itna bhi hawa mai mat uro kyu kai jab tumhare wings katengai toh tum muh ke bal girogai. Race abhi shuru huwi bhi nahi aur tum apni jeet celebrate kar rahe ho.
Uday: princess hum hamesha jeet tai hai.
Manyata: toh phir pehli baar haarne keliye tayyar hojawo kyu kai hum haar ne waalo mai se nahi hai. So see you at the end of the race yuvraj.
With that manyata went ahead and both continued going fast and past each other. Now there was only abit of distance and manveer were on the same pace.
Manyata could sense that uday will pass her any minute and she didn't want to loose so she did what she use to mostly do at college time.
She opened her hair and they flew in air.
Uday who was serious, for a min was left awestruck. He quickly regained his composure but he was too late. Manyata had already crossed finishing line and was laughing at him.

Manyata: I won, I won , I won!
She was laughing and jumping out of joy.
Uday: princess u cheated! your a cheater!
Manyata: oh mr loser khabadaar jo tumne mujhe cheater kaha.
Uday: tum ek cheater ho! Manyata is a cheater
Manyata: I have not cheated aur agar tumhe lagta hai tohh batwo maine kya cheating ki hai?
Uday: manyata itna innocent bannay ki koy zaroorat nahi hai. Tumhe pata hai tumne kya kiya hai.
Manyata: uday kya meri galti hai kai tum larkai itni jaldi distract hojate ho. College mai bhi aisa hi hota tha.
Uday: oh toh iss ka matlab yea hai kai tum pehle se hi cheating mai masters kar chuki ho.
Manyata: I'm telling the last tym kai maine cheating nahi ki hai aur waise bhi everything is fair in love and war.
Uday said while grinning: so this is love?
Manyata: no war! World war 3!
Uday: really so now tell me whateva u want me to do or give u because though u cheated but still u are a winner?

I end here! I know it was a really long and boring update but please do like and comment.
Ignore my mistakes and any suggestion is welcomed.

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