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Manveer FF: You mean the world to me. (Page 48)

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Originally posted by ...anju...

thanks for triple update sanah.

loved three updates so much.

wat was dat task manyata talking about.

hope uv will fall for manyata soon

continue soon dear.

thankd for the pm

hey manyata was talking about some secretive task. Now manveer's fights will be there first then love. Thanks and glad you liked it. No worries for the pm.

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Hey Sanah!

Am just a new reader of ur ss and believe me i found it wonderful.

The last update was just awesome, want to know eagerly about Manyata's secret plans.

Do update asap and plz add me to your pm list if you can, Plz!

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hai i just read all parts of your ff ...its a beautiful one well uday acted in front of ayesha...he is very clever and smart...what is manyata doing? Is she an underagent?waiting for next part...

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Originally posted by nishaya...

Hey Sanah!

Am just a new reader of ur ss and believe me i found it wonderful.

The last update was just awesome, want to know eagerly about Manyata's secret plans.

Do update asap and plz add me to your pm list if you can, Plz!
Hey nishaya, how r u? Glad that u found my ss wonderful. I will update soon and will definitely add u to my pm list.
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Originally posted by capriya

hai i just read all parts of your ff ...its a beautiful one well uday acted in front of ayesha...he is very clever and smart...what is manyata doing? Is she an underagent?waiting for next part...
hey thanks and glad you found it beautiful. I know uday is very clever. Manyata is an under agent or not u will get to know about it in other updates. Will update soon.
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Hola amigos, hope you all are keeping well! I know I'm updating after a long time so I don't know whether you all still remember me and my story but plzzz do read it! All chappals and tomatoes are welcomed! :)

Chapter 21:
Vijay told unnati and jai to meet him at a restaurant. Unnati and jai came together.
Jai: vijay bhai appnai humai yaha kyu bulaya?
Unnati: ha vijay what is it?
Vijay: dono KBC dekh kar aayi ho kya? kai aakar sawaal poonchna shuru kardiya.
Jai: appne hum dono ko aise hi to nahi bula ya hoga.
Vijay: actually humai app dono kai saat manyata aur uday banna kai baarai mein discuss karna tha. Kal humne dono ko ek dusre ka saat baat karte dekha tha and that conversation was a cold conversation.
Jay: yeah even when we were sitting out after dinner, that time uday said something and jiji gave him a cold reply. Humai laga tha kai unnati kai saat bhi wo aisa behave karengi kyu ki unho ne uday kai saat itna cold tareekai sai behave kya. But she was normal with u so something is wrong between them.
Vijay: I heard manyata saying that she hates uday because he turned her world upside down.
Jay: yeah maybe because of that reason. unnati doesn't uday love jiji? U told me he does.
Unnati: dada nai humai kaha tha kai wo ayesha yaani manyata se pyar karte hai par ab humai pata chala hai kai wo sab jhoot tha. Dada ko pehle se hi shak tha kai wo manyata hai isiliye wo manyata kai saat itna acha behave kar rahe thai.
Jay: u mean he doesn't love her?
Unnati: yes he doesn't because dada said that he doesn't believe in love.
Jay: to phir hum logo usse believe karana hoga.
Vijay: what do you mean jay bhai?
Jay: meaning that we should make him fall in love with jiji.
Vijay: jay bhai appnai dream land se bahar niklo aur saachayi face karo.
Unnati: jay we can not make a person fall in love with the other. If its one sided love then we can do something to help but here there's no reaction from both the sides.
Jay: what u are saying is correct. Why don't we keep an eye on uday and check if there's even a little bit of signs that he has feelings towards jiji.
Vijay: yeah hum logo ko uday banna ko dekhna chahye matlab kai how does he feel for manyata and all.
Unnnati: so done ajj se dada par hum log nazar rakhenge. But first they have to be friends.
Jay: dono tabhi dost banegai jab dono ek saat waqt guzaarenge aur in dono ko saat rakhne kai liye humai kuch sochna parega.
Vijay: jai bhai apna evil mind par zor daalo aur kuch socho.
Jay with an devil smile: soch liya.
Jay told something to vijay and unnati.
unnati: bohot acha plan hai
Vijay: evil evil I tell u jay bhai
Jai: iss mein evil kya hai vijay bhai hum toh sirf kuch achaa karne ki koshish kar rahe hai.
Unnati: so when do we execute this plan???
Jay: ye sab karne kailiye thorai din chahye humai as in first we have to make them on talking terms then we can go on with our plan.
Vijay: don't worry wo dono jaldi hi ek dusre se baat karenge.
Unnati: I hope so.

The car stopped in front of uday niwas. Manyata got out of the car. She went to the reception and asked the receptionist.
Manyata: excuse me,where can i find Mr udayveer singh?
Receptionist: yes he is here in uday niwas.
Manyata: okay so can u tell me where exactly he is because I want to talk to him urgently.
Receptionist: I'm really sorry madam but he said that no one should disturb him.
Manyata: I said I have something to talk to him urgently. I'm from devghar palace and rajmata has sent me so tell me where he is. Because if u don't then I have to complain it to uday and if I do that then I don't think I will see you at this place again.
Receptionist: sir is in his personal suite which is on the top floor.
Manyata: now that's better, thank you.
Manyata took the elevators to the top floor.
Uday on the other hand just came out of the shower. It was a hectic morning for him so he decided to relax himself by getting under the hot shower. Uday went by his closet while water was dripping from his body.
Manyata came out of the elevator and went by the door. She knocked on the door but no one was answering.
Uday to himself: who the hell is it on the door. I told the staff members to not disturb me still.
Manyata continued knocking and when finally she was frustrated she just open the door and got in.
Uday: manyata!
Uday saw the water down so he rushed towards manyata to stop her but before he could, it was too late.
They both slipped and fell.
Uday was on top of manyata and she was under him.

Uday was busy staring at her. Her big brown eyes and that cute nose on which anger is mostly flaring and those small pink lips. She always looks angelic.

Manyata was also lost in his eyes when realization struck her. She started pushing him so she cann get up.
Manyata: uday get off me.
Uday was in the mood of teasing so he said: agar hum na kahe to?
Manyata: mai tumhe pooch nahi rahi hu bata rahi hu. Get off me right now!
Uday: what's the hurry humai toh bohot achaa aur comfortable feel horaha hai iss position mein.
Manyata: uday you are seriously a disgusting person. Get off me now kyu ki mujhe tumse kuch important baat karni hai.
Uday: okay princess.
Uday got up and held out his hand for manyata but manyata didn't accept it and got up herself.

Manyata: uday main tumse ek zaroori baat karna chahti hu.
Uday: princess pehli baat, mai nahi hum kaho aur tum nahi app kaho. Ye rajwado ki bhasha hai. Yaha tak zaroori baat ki hai to hum change karne kai baad bhi appse karsakte hai.
Manyata looked down embarrassed because uday had only a towel wrapped around his body.
Manyata: yeah sure. I will wait outside.
Uday: no do one thing open that door and go to the sitting room. You can wait for me there. I had ordered coffee for myself if u wish u can order anything for yourself.
Manyata: thank you so much but I don't need anything. I will wait for you there.
Uday: okay.

Manyata went to the sitting room closing the door of his room behind her. She sat down on the sofa. Manyata was looking here and there when a photo frame caught her attention.
It was a big photo frame on the wall. It was a lady's portrait.

Manyata's pov:
Her eyes were similar like someone. Yeah those eyes are the same like udays.
Only that her eyes were filled with love and care unlike uday whose eyes don't ever show any emotion.
End of pov.

She was intently staring at the image in front of her when she heard the click of the door. Uday entered. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He entered the room with a smile.

Uday: princess why are you standing there? I know you haven't ordered anything for yourself so I ordered coffee for u as well.
Manyata: actually wo main.. I mean hum wo photo dekh rahe thai. Wo tumhare mom ki photo hai?
Uday: yes wo humare mom ki tasveer hai. But how did u guess?
Manyata turned towards the photo and said: tumhare eyes aur tumhare mom ki eyes same hai. Your mom must be a great lady and very loving & caring person.
Uday: how can you assume that?
Manyata: a persons smile, facial expressions and most importantly the eyes can tell how a person is.
Uday smiled and said: my mom was the best mom.

Just then some one knocked on the door.
Uday: I will get that.
As uday was proceeding towards the door his phone started ringing.
Manyata: you attend to the call I will see whose on the door.
Uday went to the balcony because he couldn't hear properly due to network problems.
When manyata opened the door, a waiter had brought two mugs of coffee. As he was coming in to put the tray on the table suddenly he lost his balance and the mugs fell down with a crash and most of the coffee went on manyata's clothes.
Waiter: I'm really sorry madam please forgive me plz
Manyata: its okay. Do one thing get this mess cleaned immediately.
The waiter went out.
Uday ended his conversation on the phone and came by manyata.
Uday: what happened to your clothes?
Manyata: coffee fell on me. I will clean it up. Can u plzz show me the way to the washroom?
Uday: yeah sure. Come this way.       
Uday showed her the way to the washroom. Manyata went in.
Uday dialed a number and talked to a person.
Uday was waiting in the sitting room when manyata arrived. Manyata's clothes still had coffee stains on them.
Uday: the stains are really big.      Manyata: yeah and I don't think these stains will come out.
Uday: I am really sorry manyata about it.
Manyata: no its not u who did it so don't be besides it was a mistake.
Uday: princess I know I didn't do it but I was at fault at some where so I have ordered a dress for u. It will be arriving any minute. Plz don't say no.
Manyata: okay I accept it but yeah after changing I wanna talk to u about some thing.
Uday: okay no problem.

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Chapter 22:

There was a knock on the door.
Uday got the bag from the secretaries hand.
He handed the bag over to manyata.
Manyata went to the washroom while udays was waiting outside.

Unnati, jay and vijay were in the mall.
Vijay: next time I will never go with you guys anywhere.
Jay: kyu vijay bhai?
Vijay: kyu kai app dono ka ye shopping plans humari jaan lay laita hai. I'm so tired of your guys shopping.
Unnati: vijay banna hum sab kitnai dino kai baad saat bahar aayai hai toh thori shopping toh banti hai. Vaise hum log movie bhi dekh nai jaa rahe hai right?
Vijay: jab app dono apni shopping khatam kar dogi toh phir hum chalte hai.
Jay: yeah humaari shopping khatam ho gayi hai. Kyu na hum log jiji aur uday ko bhi yaha bula lai hai?
Unnati: great idea hum abhi dada ko phone karti hai.

Unnati called uday.
Unnati: hello dada app kaha hai?
Uday: hum uday niwas mai hai, kyu choti kuch kaam hai?
Unnati: actually hum, jai aur vijay banna sab log movie dekh nai ka plan kar rahe thai toh hum nai socha kai appko aur manyata ko bhi bula lai.
Uday: choti actually manyata aur hum dono uday niwas mai hai. Hum manyata se puch kar tumhe bata tai hai. I think you guys should carry on. I don't think it will be possible for both of us to come. We will make a plan some other time.
Unnati: okay dada as you wish. See you later dada.
Uday: bye choti.

Uday turned because of a click sound. When he turned he was left awestruck.
Manyata was looking really beautifully in that champagne colored churidaar. Her brown hair were open making her look more pretty. Though she was just wearing a lip gloss and maskara she looked like an angel.

At the mall:
Jay: what did uday say?
Unnati: that they won't be able to come.
Jay: I knew it! Uday is just like that he always...wait a minute you said "they" won't be able come.
Unnati said with big smile: manyata and dada are together at uday niwas. Vijay: what! r u serious? Do dushman kabse dost bun gaye?
Jay: don't be so happy because they might be together on business purposes.
Unnati: as far as I know manyata she never talks about business issues at home. She does everything in a correct way. Which means that if its a meeting regarding business then she would definitely meet dada at a place where usually formal meetings are held.
Vijay: so u mean to say there's something we guys are missing out?
Unnati: manyata going to meet dada in his personal suite is kind of fishy. Maybe there's some talks between them that only both of them know.
Jay: and your trying to say that they aren't related to any lovey dovey talks.
Unnati: yes exactly.
Vijay: guys there must be something which we don't need to intrude in. Just be thankful that they are talking.
Unnati: yeah exactly.
Jay: yeah your right.
Vijay: ab chalogi app dono.
Jay: yeah of course the movie. Let's go.

With that the 3 of them headed towards the cinema.

Its has been 5mins since uday was staring at manyata.
Manyata's pov:
Why the heck is he staring at me like that? And why the heck am I feeling that my cheeks are burning because of his stare?
End of pov

Manyata: uday r u alright? Uday?
Uday felt embarrassed on being caught staring at her.
Uday: yeah I am alright. You wanted to speak something important.
Manyata: yeah you know I believe in straight forward talks so I won't beat around the bush. Hum chahte hai kai tum humaari baat suno aur samjo.
Uday nodded in a yes.
Manyata: I got the information that you have been researching about my past. Is that true? Just reply as a yes or no.
Uday: yes princess its true. Actually...
Manyata raised her hand signaling him to stop.
Manyata: look I don't want to know why you were doing this but I just want you to know that u should put an end to your research. Look uday they are many things that have occurred in everyones life. Some are good and some are bad. So by you digging my past won't do you any good but it will only hurt me. I don't want to open up past matters. So please stop all this.
Uday: okay princess I understand. I'm sorry for this misdeed but plzz give me a chance to rectify it.
Manyata: there's no need for that. I have forgiven you.
Uday: no princess plzz
Manyata: okay fine how will u rectify?
Uday: by taking you out for dinner.
Manyata: what???
Uday: you heard me right now u said yes now you can't go back on your words.
Manyata: hmm
Uday: princess what hmm?
Manyata: I was thinking and I am still thinking.
Uday: princess u can't go back on your word!
Manyata: fine I will go with u for a dinner.
Uday: how nice is that princess. By the way princess how did u get the information about me finding out about u? Kahi app hum par spy toh nahi kar rahi hai? I know that no one can resist my charm after all I'm the..
Manyata: wait a second uday! Don't fly so high that at the end u will fall really hard. Mujhe tum mai koy interest nahi hai aur rahi baat tumhari upar nazar rakhni ki vo toh hum sab par rakhte hai chahe wo humarai dost ya dushman kyu na ho.
Uday: toh dost aur dushman mai se hum kis category mai aatai hai?
Manyata: tum khud hi sochlo. Waise agar tum find out karna chahogi kai mujhe kaise tumhari harkat kai baarai mai pata chala toh tum nahi karpawogai. I just wanna tell u that before doing anything u should think a hundred times because if u are smart and fast, I'm more smarter and faster then u. I was, am and will always be one step ahead of u so watch your step yuvraj uday veer singh.
Uday was merely smiling.
Manyata: now I shall leave so bye, have a good day.
Manyata went out.
Uday smirked and said: appki issi adhaa toh humai bohot achi lagti hai. You are a challenge and I love challenges.

Just then uday's phone rang and after receiving that call he immediately rushed out.
Uday breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that manyata still didn't go downstairs.
She had entered the elevator and uday even got in quickly.

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Chapter 23:

Manyata had entered the elevator and uday even got in quickly.
Manyata was kind of taken aback by seeing uday in the elevator.
Manyata: Uday have u now decided to stalk me?
Uday: princess I would love to stalk u but at the moment I want to tell u something important.
Manyata: go on
Uday: media people are downstairs waiting for us to come out. I don't know how but they got the information that princess manyata is in uday niwas.
Manyata: what? Now what will we do?
Uday: princess we can not stay in here our whole lives so I guess its time u come out in front of people.
Manyata: but ds said she has announced that I will come in front of everyone at the royal ball.
Uday: how did u know that?
Manyata: I will tell u that later first think of a way. Uday is there another exit which is secretive kind.
Uday: yeah there is
Manyata: where does it lead to?
Uday: to the back of uday niwas where its really quiet and no one usually passes by.
The elevator opened
Manyata: so what r u waiting for, chalo yaha se.
Uday and manyata came out to the back of uday niwas.
Manyata called the driver to come at the back.
Manyata: now what will u do?
Uday: I will go back and tell them that they got a false news and u are at devghar palace simple!
Manyata: simple as your pimples!
Uday: what? Pimples? I have pimples? Hell no!
Manyata: uday stop acting silly. I meant that it isn't simple. Will the media just agree to u like that? And besides u know how tiring media people are so it will take u a lot of time to handle them.
Uday: don't worry princess hum hai toh kya ghum hai!
Manyat said under her breath: tum ho toh ghum hi ghum hai!
Uday: I heard u princess!
Manyata: so what I'm not scared of u.

Just then the driver arrived. Uday escorted her to her car.
Uday: bye princess and don't forget our dinner date!
Manyata: u know I already forgot about it.
Uday: isliye toh hum yaha hai appko yaad dilane keliye.
Manyata: yaad dilane keliye nahi haunt karne keliye! aur its dinner only and not a date. Bye!
Within some minutes manyata's car was out of sight.

Uday went back in uday niwas. While manyata went home.
Uday had cleared the media people within some minutes and after that he decided to head towards the palace(jaighar palace). While he was coming out he spotted unnati by his car.
Uday: choti tum yaha?
Unnati: yes dada actually I heard about the commotion so I decided to just check on u. Is everything okay now?
Uday: yeah everything is okay. How was your day today?
Unnati: it was good dada. App humai batayai yaha kya huwa tha, matlab manyata yaha aayi thi.
Uday: ghaari main betoh hum tumhe sab kuch bata tai hai.

Uday told unnati about the reason why manyata came here and why there was so much commotion.
Unnati: so dada was manyata angry?
Uday: no she wasn't actually she just talked to me straight forwardly about the issue.
Unnati: wow I must say she is one courageous one who not only talks to yuvraj udayveer singh straight fowardly but also has the guts to challenge him.
Uday: so what she might be one whose standing against me but I know no one can resist my charm and so even she won't be able to.
Unnati: dada apnai app ko itni importance mat dijyai kai aakhir mai app muh kai badal girogai. Manyata alag hai she isn't like other girls who like to stick with u. Wo ek beautiful, sensible aur challenging person hai. Aur wo apse itni jaldi charmed nahi hogi ye humari guarantee hai.
Uday: pata hai humai kai wo ek different person hai sabse aur yehi baat uski humai bohot achi lagti hai. Aur wo humari charm se resist nahi karpayengi. she is a challenge and I love challenges.

Unnati and uday reached jaighar palace and both came out.
Unnati: dada hum ek baat kahe?
Uday: bolo choti
Unnati: pata nahi app manyata ko ek challenge ya devghar ki throne ko paanai kailye ek raasta samajte hai par humai aisa lagta hai kai appko ye throne waali baat side mai rakhdeni chahye.
Uday: tumhara matlab kya hai choti?
Unnati: dada app throne ko kuch pal keliye bhul jaaye aur manyata ko appki long lost friend ki tarha dekhai matlab app unse dosti kijyai. Jo saal app dono ek dusre kai saat miss kiya hai wo recover kijyai. Manyata ko ek dost ki zaroorat hai aur appse bahtar unka koy dost nahi hosakta kyu kai app unke bachpan kai dost hai.
Uday: will she ever take me as her friend?
Unnati: dada wo appko tab dost manegi jab app unse ek dost ki tarha behave karai aur treat karaai naaki unhe dusru ki tarha treat karai. You guys met after a long time so it will take time to understand each other. App unhe wo sab dekha sakte hai aur wo sab baat bata sakte hai jo unhone itni saal mai miss kiya hai aur jo unhe yaad nahi hai. One important thing dada treat manyata with love because I have seen that she values love and care above all things so that's how u can deal with her. U get what I'm saying?
Uday: yea choti I got what you are saying. Now if I do become her friend then it will be easy to get her married to me so then I can get devghar estate. That's the right thing to do choti.

With that uday left from there to his room.
Unnati to herself: dada app jitni bhi koshish karengey manyata ko devghar kai throne ka raasta bana nai ka iss dosti ka method use kar kai, par akhir mai app ko khud pata nahi chalega kai kab appko unse pyaar hogaya hai.

Manyata had to stop on the way to devghar palace by some site where a chemical factory could be built. Abhi had given her a very good idea that she could shift her chemicals main business so she can operate from here.
Manyata came inside devghar palace to see komal flabbergasted.
Komal quickly came by manyata.
Komal: beta app theek toh haina?
Manyata: mom mujhe kya hoga? App itni pareshaan kyu dikh rahi hai? Kuch huwa hai?
Komal: kuch nahi huwa hai beta wo toh hum isliye pareshaan hai kyu kai hum ne tv pai ye dekha kai media waalai appka bahar intazaar kar rahe thai aur app bahar nahi aayai sirf uday veer bahar aayai thai.
Manyata: usme pareshan honai ki kya baat hai?
Komal: appka phone nahi lag raha tha toh humnai jai ko phone kiya tha app kai baarai mai puchnai kailiye aur unhai humai bataya kai app uday niwas mai hai. Aur news mai dekha toh app waha thai hi nahi isliye hum pareshan hogaye thai kai app kaha chali gayi hogi.
Manyata: hum business kai silsilay mai ek site pai gaye huwai thai isliye humai aanai mai dair hogayi. Ma app fikhar mat kijyai mai theek ho. Mai appko ko chor kar kahi nahi jawungi aur agar gayi toh appko saat lekar jawungi. Now smile my beautiful mom.
Komal smiled and gave manyata a hug and even she hugged her back.

Manyata went to her room. She went to freshen up and change her attire to jeans and top.
She thought of reading a novel which was a favorite thing to do. She told the servant to get her a cup of coffee which will relax her head. Manyata was reading her novel when someone suddenly snatched her book away. It was jai who snatched her book. Manyata was really angry and irritated.
Manyata: what the hell jai? U know agar tumhaari jagaa aur koy hota toh abhi tak wo meri haat see ek thapar kha chukah hota!
Jai: jiji ye read karna band kijyai aur humaii ajj ki saari news bataye.
Manyata: news? Kaise news?
Jai: jo kuch huwa that uday niwas mai remember.
Manyata: and why do want to know?
Jay: why jiji shouldn't I know about it? So tell me
Manyata: first give me my book and I will tell u later about it.
Jai: pehle bataye then u will get your book.
Manyata: jay don't be sturborn give me my book back.
Jay: you want the book back?
Manyata: yup!
Jay: so come and take it!
With that jay ran away to the main hall and manyata ran behind her. They both were running and reached the main hall where komal was standing.
Jay and manyata were running around komal and jumping like two small kids.
Komal: app dono kya kar rahe ho?
Manyata: ma tell jay to give me my book back.
Jay: jiji if u want this book then try to get it from me.
With that jay ran out to the garden side where she bumped into some one and the book fell from her hand. Manyata quickly took the book and watched the scene in front of her.

Jay and that guy were lost in each others eyes.
Manyata cleared her throat: ahmm
That made jay and that guy separate.
Manyata: haha jay I got the book!
Jay: not fair jiji!! Ye sab tumhari wajah se hua hai jaggat!
Jaggat: jaynandini I'm not responsible for anything.
Jay: it is your fault u bumped into me and jiji got her book back.
Jagget: first of all jay u bumped into me and I didn't. And secondly achi baat haina kai appki jiji ko unki book wapas mil gayi.
Jay: jiji ki side mat lo! And yeah you should say tum to me and not app aur jay not jainandini! I wonder how many times I've told u that before.
Jaggat: okay jay I'm sorry. Waise tum mujhe aur tumhari sister ko ek dusre se intro nahi karwongi.
Jay: oh I completely forgot. Jiji meet jaggat whose our family friend aur jaggat ye humari pyaari behen manyata.
Manyata and jaggat shook hands.
Jaggat: nice to meet u your highness.
Manyata: nice to meet you too jaggat aur tumhari wajah se hi toh mujhe apni book wapas mili hai so thank you so much for that. aur mujhe your highness bulanai ki koy zaroorat nahi hai mujhe tum ek dost ki tarha samjho. Call me manyata.
Jaggat: you don't need to thank I'm always there to save my friend from jay.
Jay: wow you two are friends have left me out.
Manyata: we can never leave u out my sweet sister. Jaggat let's go inside the palace.
They all went inside the palace. They were sitting in the launch.
Manyata: tum hai ds se milna hai ya dad se?
Jaggat: mujhe daadisaab se milna hai on business purposes.
Manyata: ds toh ghar par nahi hai but agar business kai baarai mai ho toh tum mujhse baat karsakte ho kyuki kuch dino kai baad mai hi ye business empire run karoongi.
Jaggat: actually there's bussiness deal we can make 50-50 patnership. This file contains all the details about it so you can read it and also show it to daadisaab then I can come back tomorrow.
Manyata: no problem at all. I will go through it and show it to daadisaab. I'm sure she will say yes because to me you look a very hardworking and talented person.
Jaggat: thanks for the compliment! Let's hope this deal is finalized. So I shall get going.
Manyata: no have something and go.
Jay: jiji is right have something and go. We all can talk for sometime and I'm warning u guys it shouldn't be business otherwise I will become a vamp.
Manyata: jay bandgaye vamp wow what a nice movie title it would be haina jaggat?
Jaggat: absolutely right!
They all were laughing.
Jay,jaggat and manyata spent 30mins talking to each other. They got to know about each other.
After jaggat went away, jay went to out with k and L and manyata was went back to reading her novel.
She didn't realize when she fell asleep while reading.

It was 6:00pm when uday was ready to go to devghar palace to pick up manyata. While he was going out unnati stopped him.
Unnati: dada where are u heading?
Uday: actually I'm going out with princess for dinner.
Unnati: wow that's great! But you are going in casuals?
Uday: I'm just going for dinner with princess some where far so media won't catch up with us and besides if I want to be friends with princess then I have to go as uday only not yuvraj udayveer.
Unnati: that's good to hear. So enjoy you dinner.
Uday: bye
Uday left for devghar palace and in devghar palace manyata was still sleeping.
When uday reached there he met vijay bhai.
Uday: vijay banna have you seen princess?
Vijay: no I've not seen her. I just arrived some minutes ago. Why don't u check in her room.
Uday: yeah let me go and check.
Uday knocked on manyata's room but there wasn't any response so he went in too see manyata sleeping.
Uday didn't have the heart to wake her up so he decided to cancel the dinner.
When he was going out of the room, his phone started ringing because of which manyata woke up.

I end here guys.
Hope you liked it!
Please do like and comment.
Ignore my mistakes and any suggestion is welcomed.

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