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Manveer FF: You mean the world to me. (Page 46)

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Originally posted by serat

i happy for that ayesha is not married
finally ab voh hi manyta hai that's good
thxx for the update(L)
thanks and glad you liked it!

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Hey guys, how are u all? I'm so sorry for updating late so in compensation I will give triple update. There is a bad news that I will inactive from the forum for 2-3 months because of school. So I will give one or two update by sunday and when I return back I will be updating regularly. So guys I hope you understand
now let me stop talking and give you the update.

Chapter 18:
Unnati said while walking to the sitting room: dada are u sure about your decisions of returning back without ayesha I mean manyata?
Uday: choti I can't do anything without asking daadisaab. humarai paas proofs to hai par kuch bhi karne se pehle humai daadisaab se baat karni hogi.

Uday and unnati reached the sitting room where ayesha was with pia waiting for uday and unnati to come so they can leave for the airport.
Ayesha noticed a servant carrying to bags it was uday and unnati's.
Ayesha: uday tum log kahi jaa rahe ho?
Uday: yes actually ayesha humai ajj hi india jaana hoga kyu kai humari riyaasat ko laykar koi problems hai aur dad ko humari zaroorat hai. I'm really sorry to inform you at the last minute actually I took this decision of leaving just an hour ago.
Ayesha: no its fine uday I can understand. Tumhare dad ko tumhari zaroorat hogi so don't worry about our joint project, I will handle it.
Uday: thanks for understanding.

Uday and unnati left in one car for the airport and ayesha and pia followed in another car.
They reached the airport at a right because it was already pia's flight time.
Ayesha controlled her tears while pia hugged uday and unnati.
Pia: prince take care and even u big angel. I will miss you both a lot.
Uday: we will miss too.
Unnati: take care pia and have a safe journey.
Pia: even you guys have a safe journey. Bye.
Uday and unnati: bye pia..

Pia went by ayesha. Ayesha tried controlling her tears from falling but couldn't. Pia and ayesha hugged each other tightly.
Pia: mom u said u won't cry now look what you are doing.
Ayesha: I'm sorry baby. I promised you that I will send u to england with a smile and I will fulfill my promise.
Ayesha wiped her tears. They hugged the last time.
It was time for pia to leave so she left waving at these 3. Pia went away.

Ayesha started to break after pia left she couldn't control her tears. Unnati hugged her and ayesha regained her composure after some time.
Ayesha: I'm sad that you both are leaving from here but do come back soon. Unnati this is a gift for you. (It was a watch along with a bracelet)
Unnati: thank you so much its really beautiful. when did u get the time to buy it?
Ayesha: on the way to the airport. I'm glad you liked it.
They was announcement that the people leaving for india should check in.
Ayesha hugged unnati.
Ayesha: will miss u loads unnzie. Do come back for a vacation.
Unnati: I will miss u too! This time you should come to india.
Ayesha nodded with a smile.
Ayesha went by uday and fowarded her hand for a handshake. Uday took the hand.
Ayesha: it was nice meeting you yuvraj udayveer singh. I hope you forget our differences.
Uday said with a smile: it was nice meeting you too ayesha jaiswal. I have nothing against you.
Ayesha: Have a safe journey.
Uday: thank you.
Ayesha put on her sunglasses and left with her bodyguards. Uday and unnati boarded their plane.

In india:
Ds: are you sure uday beta kai ayesha hi manyata hai??
Uday: I'm 100% sure daadisaab and I have proofs with me. I just need you to say yes then I can bring her here.
Ds: appko jo theek lagta hai wo app kijyai.
Uday: ji daadisaab hum ajj hi nikaal tai hai australia kai liye..

At uday's house:
Giriraj: I'm proud of you son. Tumne aakhir manyata ko dundh nikala. Ab humai devghar riyasat lenai se koy nahi rok sakta.
Uday said with a devilish smirk: yes dad ab humai devghar ko haasil karne kai liye koy nahi rok sakta. Dad humai ek zarrori kaam hai so hum baad mai appse milte hai.
Giriraj: okay beta.
Uday went to his room.
Unnati came inside.
Unnati: dada ye sab kya tha??
Uday: choti jo bhi kahna hai saaf saaf kaho.
Unnati: humara matlab ye hai kai app dad se kya kah rahe tai that you will get devghar riyaasat and no one can stop you from doing that.
Uday: sach to hai hum devghar riyaasat kailiye sab kuch kar rahe hai.
Unnati: matlab app manyata se pyar nahi karte???
Uday: hum khabii kisi se pyaar nahi karsakte kyu kai hum pyaar jaise shabd mai believe nahi karte. My acting was just superb. Ayesha kai saat achaa behave isliye kiya kyu kai humai pehle se hi shaaq that kai wohi manyata hai so I didn't want to take any chances isilye uske saat itna patiently rahai. Aur Humne tumhe is liye aisa kaha tha kyu kai humai pata hai kai agar tumhe humari intentions kai baarai mai pata lagega to tumhe bohot bura lagega.
Unnati: dada you really don't love her? Aur pia kai saat appka behavior jo tha wo bhi fake tha??
Uday: I don't love her choti. My behavior with pia was not fake. I truly like pia she is an a sweet girl.
Unnati: dada app laak inkaar karlijyai par kahi na kahi app kai dil mai kuch feelings hai manyata kai liye.
Uday: choti I don't have anything called feelings or love in my life so you better stop this nonsense. Aur abhi tak tumne asli movie to dekhi hi nahi sirf ye do- teen scenes dekh kar keh rahi ho kai ye ek lovestory hai. Par tum galat ho kyu kai ye ek hate aur politics ki story hai aur usmai love kahi bhi exist nahi karta. tumhe thorai time kai baad tumhe khud sab kuch pata chal jayega.
Uday left from his room.

In devghar palace:
Jai said while moving vijay round: vijay bhai, vijay bhai, vijay bhai! I'm so happy today.
Vijay: ye dikh to raha hai par iss khushi ki waja kya hai?
Jay: you will be really happy when you will hear this.
Vijay: ab humai intazaar karana band kijyai aur batayai.
Jai: uday aur unnati ko manyata jiji kai whereabouts kai baarai mai pata chal jaya hai.
Vijay: what! I can't believe this.
Jay: its true vijay bhai humai humari jiji milgayi aur appko bhi apki choti behen mil gayi.
Vijay and jay hugged each other with happiness and tear of joy.
Vijay : I'm so happy jai.
Jai: even I'm really happy now I just can't wait for her to come back.
Vijay: don't worry she will be back soon.

That same day uday left for australia. Ayesha didn't know anything about it. Uday called daimaa and talked to her and daimaa told uday that ayesha is adopted.
Uday went to meet ayesha:
Ayesha was shocked to see him.
Ayesha: uday tum yaha? Is anything wrong?
Uday: I will explain everything to you but before that I need a cup of coffee because my head is paining and it gets alright woth coffee.
Ayesha: I gave leave to the servants so I will make the coffee.
Uday: let me help you as well.
Ayesha nodded.
Ayesha made the coffee and uday volunteered to bring the tray in the sitting room.
They both sat finished their coffee.
Ayesha: now you can tell me.
Uday: I know u won't believe me but I'm going to tell u the truth.
Uday told ayesha the whole truth that she is manyata and all.
Ayesha was angry. She went by uday and held the collar of his shirt.
Ayesha: uday you better stop this nonsense and get out of here.
Uday: its not nonsense its the truth.
Ayesha: I don't want to listen to anything! Just get out of here now!
Ayesha was just about hold udays hand and take him out of there when she felt dizzy and fainted in udays arms.
Uday with a smirk: humai pata tha princess kai app humari baat nai manegi to isilye humne appki coffee kuch mila diya jis ki wajah se app ko 4-5 hours tak hosh nahi aayega. Aur tab tak hum india humaari private jet mai pohooch jayenge.

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Chapter 19:
Ayesha woke up to see that she was in a different room. She sat on the bed looking down holding her head because her head was hurting a bit.
Suddenly the door opened and uday came inside with his signature smirk.
Uday: did u sleep well princess?
Ayesha looked up to see uday there and then she remembered everything.
Ayesha got red with anger.
Ayesha: how dare u uday? Tumne mujhe kidnap kiya aur yaha laiyai I will put u behind the bars for this.
Uday: chill princess, itna gussa theek nahi hai. Waise tumhe pata hai kai hum australia mei nahi hai?
Ayesha: what? Aren't we in australia? Didn't u kidnap me from my house and took me to some house which is hidden from me and is in australia?
Uday: first thing princess humne tumhe kidnap nahi kiya. Hum tumhe yaha apnai asli ghar mai laayai hai. Aur tum india mai ho in the devghar palace.
Ayesha: shut up your nonsense! Let me go and clear it once and for all.

Ayesha went out of the room in the main hall where ds, brijraj, komal, doctersaab and meneka were sitting. Jai and vijay were standing.
When ayesha came komal stood up.
Ayesha went by ds.
Ayesha: hello your highness, how are you?
Ds: I'm alright beta app kaise hai?
Ayesha: do you think I'm alright? Mujhe kuch answers chahye appse.
Ds: go ahead and ask me.
Ayesha: what's all this your highness kidnapping me from my house, bringing me to India and telling me I'm a princess. All this is a lie so please leave me and let me go back to my country.
Ds: beta hum appse sach kehna chahte hai. Whatever uday told you was the truth. App ek rajkumari hai, humari pooti hai, brijraj aur komal ki beti hai, jai nandini aur vijay ki behen hai aur devghar riyaasat ki yuvrani hai.
Ayesha said with tears in her eyes: mai ye sab nahi maanti I need proof for this.
Ds: agar app ko proof jahye to vo bhi hai humarai paas. Uday beta saare sabut lay aawo.
Uday came with everything.
Uday gave her all the proofs.
Ayesha: do u think that this will prove that I'm your grandchild?
Ds: appne abhi tak saare sabut nahi daikhai ye hai adoption papers.
Ayesha looked at them.
Ds: aur sab se baara sabut apki daimaa hai.
Ayesha: daimaa??
Ayesha turned and saw daimaa standing at a distance. She went and hugged her.
Ayesha said while tears were continually flowing from her eyes: daimaa please tell me the truth. Mujhe sab kuch saach batayai. Please tell them that whatever they are saying is wrong.
Daima said tears in her eyes: ayesha ye sab kuch sach hai. Tum rajkumari manyata ho. Tumhe adopt kiya gaya tha. Ye tumhara asli pariwaar hai aur asli ghar hai. Mujhe pata hai kai tumhe bohot bara jatka laga hai par tumhe apnai app ko sambhal na hoga.

Ayesha was shocked, it was like her whole world was shattered. Her past was coming in front of her. Her memories flashed in front of her.
Small ayesha: mom and dad I love you.
Daimaa: you are adopted
Smriti: ayesha stop running around and drink you milk.
Daimaa: Tum rajkumari manyata ho.
Rahul: I love you ayesha
Ye tumhara asli pariwaar hai aur asli ghar hai.
All those things kept on going on in her head when suddenly she went blank and fainted.
All rush to her side and uday picked her up and took her to a room. Doctorsaab checked on her.
Komal:humari beti ko kya hua?
Doctorsaab: actually unhai stress aur tension bohot hai aur upar se unhhe ye shocking news kai baarai mai pata chala to wo bardash nahi kar paayi.
Ds: kya manyata kai liye ye dangerous hai.
Doctersaab: ye dangerous to nahi hai par phir bhi unhe zyaada stress nahi lenaa chahye. Shayad rajkumari manyata isliye faint hogayi hai kyu kai wo shock bardaash nahi kar payi aur unhai I think ye dusra shock laga hai isliye wo bardaash nahi karpayi. Aksal logo ko koy baara shock lagta hai to wo aise react karte hai. But don't worry let her rest for now and she will be better.

Komal sat with ayesha. Jai,vijay, brijraj and meneka went to the main hall.
Ds called uday in the office.
Ds: uday beta kya apnai manyata ko bataya kai app unke fianc hai??
Uday: nahi daadisaab
Ds: uday beta hum chahte hai kai manyata ko abhi kuch na bataya jaaye kyu kai unki tabyat abhi theek nahi hai aur unhe abhi stress nahi lena chaye. Par kuch bhi faisla karne se pehle hum appse baat karna chahte hai appko kya lagta hai?
Uday: daadisaab app jo kah rahe hai theek kahrahe hai.
Ds: chalyai hum sab ko ye baat bata detai hai.
Ds told everyone not to mention anything about the roka to manyata for some weeks. Everyone agreed.

In the room komal was sitting near ayesha. Ayesha woke up and tried to sit up but komal told her not to.
Komal: beta hum appse kuch baat karna chahte hai.
Ayesha nodded for her to continue.
Komal: humai pata hai kai sach janne kai baad app ko thora waqt chahye ye sab accept karne kailiye.
Ayesha: thora waqt? mujhe bohot waqt chahye. Actually...
Komal: agar app ko kuch share karna hai ya baat karna chahti hai to karsakti hai.
Ayesha: I don't know how to make everything alright. Agar mai accept bhi karlu kai mai ek rajkumari hu and all that par mai aise hi ya iss ghar mai nahi rahsakti.
Komal: kyu nahi rah sakti?
Ayesha: kyu kai mera ek dusra ghar hai australia mai. Chahye mom, dad merai asli parents nahi hai par unho nai mujhe apni beti ki tarha paala. Mujhe kabhi pata nahi chala kai wo merai real parents nahi kyu unho nai mujhe khabi bhi aisa mahsus nahi karwa ya. I have some responsibilities towards them and those responsibility are their business and factories which I have to handle and I will. Now if I be a princess then I have to look after my riyasat only.
Komal: who said that to you? App riyaasat kai saat apna business bhi handle karsakti hai aur humai pata hai kai app par workload bohot hoga par hum sab log yaha hai appki madad karne kai liye. It will be difficult to stop leading a normal person's life and change into a princess but you can do it. Pata nahi app humai apni mom ki tarha accept karegi ya nahi par huma rai liye app hamesha humari beti rahegi.
Komal was about to leave when ayesha held her.
Ayesha: thank you so much for understanding me. Kya mai appko ma bula sakti hu?
Komal nodded with a teary eye and hugged ayesha and so did she.
Komal: app jaldi se fresh hojaye aur hum app kailiye khana bhijwatai hai.
Ayesha: ma you don't need to send food over here kyu kai mai app sab kai saat dinner karungi.
Komal: theek hai.

After 5minutes someone knocked on the door.
Ayesha: come in
It was jai and vijay bhai.
Ayesha smiled at them and said: how are you jai and vijay bhai?
Jai: you know us?
Vijay: but how?
Ayesha: actually unnati mujhe tum logo ki photos dikha yi thi. To tell you the truth jai unnati was right tum ek fashion diva ho.
Jay smiled.
Jai: kya hum appko manyata jiji bula sakte hai?
Ayesha: kyu nahi meri little sister.
Vijay: aur hum tumhe manyata bhai bula yengai.
Ayesha: bhai??
Vijay: ha hum apni behno ko bhai hi bula tai hai jaise kai jai bhai.
Ayesha started laughing.
Ayesha: tum dono se milkar bohot khushi huwi.
Jai: humai bhi. Jiji kya hum apko hug karsakte hai?
Ayesha: jai ye bhi koy puch nai kai baat hai.
Ayesha and jay hugged each other.
Vijay: humai to hamesha sab log bhul hi jaate hai.
Ayesha: aisi koy baat nahi hai vijay bhai app bhi aajaaye.
The trio hugged.
Ayesha: jai can u please get me something to wear.
Jay: app chale ye humarai saat. You can choose anything from my wardrobe.
Jay,and ayesha went to jay's room.
Ayesha: jay you choose for me something that is simple and plain.
Jay: okay jiji
Jay started searching for something nice.
Finally she got something out for ayesha.
Jay: here jiji you can choose from these.
Ayesha chose this because she wanted something really plain:

Ayesha: let me go and change while you start going downstairs. I will join you in some minutes.
Jay: okay jiji

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Hey guys starting from this update ayesha will called manyata and no longer ayesha

Chapter 20:
Manyata changed and went downstairs.
Everyone was there including uday. All the chairs were occupied and the one beside him was only empty.
Manyata to herself: I will never sit next to that idiot no matter what happens.
Manyata went ahead and greeted everyone: khama ghani.
She went and took ds, brijraj, meneka and komal's blessings.
Manyata: actually I wanted to apologize to all of you. If I may have behaved rudely or impolite with anyone then I'm really sorry, please forgive me for that.
Ds: you haven't done anything beta. Humai khushi hai kai app nai sachayi accept kar li. Aayai bet jaye.
Manyata went by jay who was sitting net to komal. She told jai something in the ear and jai stood up and sat next to uday.
Manyata sat on jai's place.
Ds: ye kya tha manyata?
Jai: actually ds jiji ko mom kai saat betna that kyu kai wo unkai saat zyaada waqt bitana chahti hai.
Manyata: maine jo waqt khoya hai wo mai waapas laa nahi sakti isliye jo bhi waqt bacha hai merai paas wo mai maa ka saat bitana chati hu.
Ds: hum samaj sakte hai
Everyone started eating.
Uday was continually staring at manyata.
Uday to himself: hummai pata hai princess ye apnai jaan buch kar kya kyu kai apko humarai saat nahi betna tha..

After dinner jai and vijay decided something. All the youngsters were sitting in lounge.
Jai: jiji let's go out somewhere.
Manyata: right now but where?
Jai: uday niwas's night club
Manyata: you guys carry on today I'm not in the mood to go to the club.
Vijay: manyata bhai stop being a spoilt sport.
Jai: jiji if you don't want to go then its okay.
Manyata: don't be disheartened actually its still not announced that the long lost princess is back so after the official announcement I promise you that we will go.
Uday: princess is right we should wait till the official announcement.
Manyata: I don't need any outsider to tell me whether I'm right or wrong.
Uday: so u mean I'm an outsider to u princess?
Manyata said with a sharp tone: I'm not sitting here to answer peoples questions.
Jai could feel the tension rising up so she changed the topic.
Jai: jiji let's watch a movie tonight. All of us together. It will be fun.
Vijay: yeah it is a great idea! Let's watch a haunted movie.
Manyata: yeah a haunted movie because love stories are kind of boring sometimes. Jai: but jiji
Manyata: no buts or ifs. Jai you should sit next to me if u feel scared. I forgot to ask you where's unnzie?
Vijay: unnzie? Do u mean unnati?
Manyata: yeah where is she?
From behind unnati came and closed manyata's eyes with her hands.
Jai: jiji guess who it is
Manyata: its definitely unnzie right?
Unnati: how did u know?
Manyata said with a big smile: because you are my beloved unnzie to kaise nahi pahchanti.
Manyata hugged unnati.
Manyata: come let's go and watch a movie.
They all went to watch a movie.
Jay was feeling scared so she was busy holding vijay bhai's hand. Manyata was feeling thirsty so she went out to drink water.
Manyata was in the kitchen when uday came over there.
Uday: why are you behaving this way with me?
Manyata heard uday but ignored him. Manyata started to leave but uday held her hand.
Manyata: mera haat choro uday
Uday: pehle humarai sawaal ka jawaab do.
Manyata: jawab chahye to suno I hate you and I dislike you to the core so that's why I'm behaving this way with you. Because of you my whole world turned upside down. I just don't want to see your face. Now please excuse me.
Manyata went away from there.
Unknown to both someone was listening to their conversation it was vijay bhai.

The next day morning manyata woke up to to see that jai was not there. Manyata and jai decided to share one room for sometime because jai wanted to spend most of the time with her sister.
Manyata was about to go in the washroom when someone knocked on door it was a servant.
Manayata: come in
Servant: rajkumarisa app kailiye choti rajkumari jainandini ne app kai liye ye kaprai bhijwa ye hai.
Manyata: theek hai tum jaa sakti ho.
Manyata chose something to wear and went downstairs for breakfast.
Manyata wore this:

Manyata came downstairs and greeted everyone. Brijraj and ds were not there.
She went and kissed komal on the cheek followed by meneka and jai.
Vijay bhai came to the breakfast table. He greeted everyone and hugged his two sisters.
Jai: mom hum soch rahe thai kai ajj jiji ko kuch places dikha ye.
Vijay: its a great idea jai bhai.
Jai: so jiji what do u say?
Manyata: let's go then.

Manyata and jai left after breakfast. Vijay bhai had some work so he didn't go with them.
Jai: jiji ajj hum appko humarai friend kai farmhouse par lay chalte hai. Actually uski engagement huwi hai aur usne hum friends ko ussi khushi mai ek party dihai.
Manyata: par waha koy press reporters to nahi hongay na?
Jai: yeah don't worry about that.

They reached the farmhouse and the party was on full swing.
Jai introduced manyata to everyone.
Jay was talking to her friend when manyata's started ringing. Manyata went out to attend the call.

Manyata: hello abhi kaise ho?
Abhi: mai to theek hu tum kaisi ho aur kaha ho?
Manyata explained to him everything.
Abhi: so what are u going to do now?
Manyata: jo kaam maine liya tha uske liye mujhe india aana hi tha. Now I found my real family so I have to stay with them though I don't know them but I can't just leave them. U know abhi they all love me a lot. U know the work I'm going to I'm not sure whether I will survive or not so my last days I would like to spend it with my family and take the responsibility.
Abhi: that's good but what about your business and house over here?
Manyata: the house which is in melbourne will always remain but the house in sydney I want you to strike a deal and get the cash. The chemical factory you can handle it. Then I'm left with the main office which I will handle from here. The hotel business we have I will look for someone who can handle it but for now we both will handle it.
Abhi: okay. Listen don't take tension, I will handle everything here. I know there must be riyasaat work which u have to handle. I have got news for u, our detective informed that some one is trying to find your information relating to your past which includes rahul.
Manyata: what!! Find out who the hell it is.
Abhi: the detective said that he will give me the results in an hour.
Manyata: inform me immediately when he tells you.
Abhi: okay don't worry
Manyata: I have to go right now I will skype you later.
Abhi: okay bye.

Manyata went inside and told jai that they should leave after some time because she has an important meeting. Jai agreed and they both left from there after some time.
In the car:
Jai: jiji I forgot to ask you that where is your meeting? And how come you have a meeting here in india I mean u don't really know anyone here.
Manyata: actually I'm operating my business from here so there's client who is also in india so I'm going to meet him in bluebird cafe. So just drop me there. It will take me some time so you go home and send a driver for me.
Jai: will it be okay if I leave you alone?
Manyata: I'm not a baby jai aur mai apna kaam khatam karne kai baad jaldi ghar pohonch jawungi.
Jai: okay but yeah two bodyguards will stay with u and other two will come with me.
Manyata: okay.

Jai left after dropping manyata.
Manyata was waiting when a guy came.
Guy: hello are you ayesha?
Manyata: yeah its me. You get the information about his whereabouts?
Guy: yes his in punjab right now.
Manyata: what! What is he doing there?
Guy: his relaxing over there.
Manyata: do you know any other place where he might go which is near to mumbai?
Guy: he might come to mumbai or shimla that's what news I got but I will confirm it and tell you.
Manyata: okay, listen call on this number only when there's something important. Get all the news where he was and what he was doing and what he is doing now.
Guy: okay
Manyata: see you then.
Guy: bye.

Manyata was in the car on her way to the palace when abhi called.
Abhi: hey listen the person finding out about your past and rahul is
Manyata: who is it abhi? Don't crate suspense.
Abhi: its udayveer singh
Manyata: what? I should have known that he is one smart one. You what I'm not talking to him properly and keeping distance from him because I know that he is one person who can definitely find out what I'm doing in india. but don't worry abhi I will handle everything here. Thanks for the information.
Abhi: welcome. Got to go bye.
Manyata: bye.

Manyata top herself: udayveer singh I have to talk to you now and teach you a lesson.

I end here guys.
Hope you liked it!
Please do like and comment.
Ignore my mistakes and any suggestion is welcomed.

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just love it

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wow triple update!!
thanks a lot Sanah!!
ughhh giri made his son like him
but I know UV will very soon fall for her!
oh what is manyata really planning that could risk her life??
awesome sanah
its OK I know school is damn hectic I'm going through same!!.
updatte soon

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Karkit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 February 2013
Posts: 2945

Posted: 24 August 2013 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Wow nice update mahi
such a long update
manyata or rahul ka kya relation hai??
Uday realy master f game
manyta india kyu ayi or uski jan ko kis se khat ra hai??
Jay vijay unati ws realy nice
thanks fr pm n update soon

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 October 2012
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Posted: 24 August 2013 at 7:25am | IP Logged
woa three updates
thank a lot
as you know i love this ss
if i comment of each update
i would end up quoting the entire chapter
so here i start the first part was very emotional
reminds me of my hostel days
and then the second part
uday drugged her very much predictable
then she was bought to devgarh palace
you explained it beautifully
the short manveer convo was cold
and i wander as to why did she
say her last days
thanks for the pm
hugss anni

Edited by annabh - 24 August 2013 at 7:32am

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