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Manveer FF: You mean the world to me. (Page 35)

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

first of all a big big sorry!!!!!
I was stuck in studies so...
I read all three chapters in a go..
and yeah they were awesomely written...
poor Uday uski reaction dekhne layak hogi...
jor ka jhatka dhirese heartbreak karke chala gaya..
I just hope..
they get along soon...
pia and Uday share a very good bond no doubt..
now what matters is ayesha And udays relationship...
great work dear update soon!!
thanks fr pm...
do pm me!!
thanks and glad you liked it!

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Originally posted by MistiofMistz

Simply awesome, I wonder how is Uday going to react when he learn Ayeshaa/Manyata has a child...
thanks and glad you liked  it!
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Originally posted by Karkit

Nice update... Manyata n uday to gud ... I think pia rahul daughter n rahul aysha brother ... Thanx fr pm n cntinue soon
thanks and no ayesha doesn't have a brother and rahul and ayesha used to/ still love each other.
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Originally posted by roopali15

hey pls dont do this to uday
i mean seriouly pia is manyatas daughter
relly feeling bad for uday
i hope now u will open the suspense??????????????
i know their is some secreat pls
i cant see uday like this udate soon
 suspense will open soon! keep reading.
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Chapter 14:

Uday and unnati were shocked to hell.
Unnati's pov:
What the hell ye kaise hosakta hai. Pia ayesha ki beti hai iska matlab she is married! Par uskai pati kai baarai mai ajj tak usne kuch nahi kaha. Maybe pia uski real daughter nahi hai. Oh god mai kya soch rahi ho. First of all I have take dada from there, he is in a big shock.
End of the pov.

Pia: mama I have met him before. He is prince and I am his little angel.
Ayesha: where did you meet him.
Pia: actually mama the teacher told us to leave early from school because we all would be really tired so on the way I thought of buying a gift for you. I met prince over there and we became friends and he helped me buy a gift for you. Mama prince is very nice. By the way mama what is he doing here?
Ayesha smiled at uday: he is a guest at our house for some days. Uday I hope this little devil didn't do anything mischievous to you.
Uday knelt down to pia's height: no she is very sweet and nice. Don't call her a devil,she is an angel.
Pia: you see mama prince is at my side. I am so happy he is staying here.
Pia hugged uday and uday hugged her back.
Pia: welcome to home sweet home.
Uday: thank you angel and he kissed her on the cheek.
Ayesha: ab chalo change karo and eat something. After eating mama will give you a gift and it is said never neglect a gift right?
Pia: yipee! what gift mama? And of course I will accept it.
Ayesha: mujhe pata tha kai meri beti aisa hi kahegi. Your gift is a big glass of milk.
Pia: ewww mama not fair this is cheating.
Ayesha: really baby par tumne hi to agree kiya tha kai never neglect a gift.
Pia: fine mama! I am going to change.
Ayesha: awww meri pyari si bachi and she hugged pia and pia went to her room.
Unnati: dada humai apse kuch baat karni hai chale?
Uday: hmm 
Uday and unnati went to uday's room.
Unnati: dada ayesha kai paas ek beti hai kya apko ye pata tha?
Uday: ofcourse not hume bhi ye sun kar bohot shock laga par humai nahi lagta ki vo uski beti hai.
Unnati: if she is? Maybe her husband is no more and she is her only parent.
Dada kya app usse accept karengai pia kai saat if she is manyata?
Uday: I don't know whether she is her real parent or not par hum ayesha se pyar karte hai. The way she is different from every girl. She is brave,courageous, smart, intelligent, beautiful. Uski simplicity aur uska straight forward attitude, uska gussa jiss ki wajah se uska naak laal hogata hai, and when she laughs its so melodious. I love her and will except her the way she is.
Unnati: dada I am really happy for you. Dada hum melbourne jaa rahe hai thorai dino kailiye.
Uday: par kyu?
Unnati: dada there is a function and an art inauguration which I have to attend so isliye hum doo dino kailiye jaa rahe hai, I will be staying with my friends aur hum guards bhi lai gayengai, okay.
Uday: fine as you wish but take care of yourself and are you leaving tomorrow morning?
Unnati: yes dada I will be leaving after breakfast.
Uday: okay.

Unnati goes out of the room and bumps into pia on the way.
Pia: oh I'm sorry!
Unnati: koy baat nahi humne bhi tumhe nahi dekha.
Pia: pata nahi kyu big angel mai morning se har kisi se takra jaati hu.
Unnati: big angel?
Pia: ha app big angel ho par ek kaam karti hu mai apko aunty bula ti ho par thora old fashion nahi hojaye ga?
Unnati started laughing: nahi sweetheart old fashion nahi hoga par apko jo bula na hai app humai vo bula sakte hai okay.
Pia: okay.

Ayesha comes: kya baatai ho rahi hai?
Unnati: kuch nahi ayesha tumhari beti bohot hi sweet hai.
Ayesha: aur bohot zyaada talkative bhi. Unnzie chalo hum terrace pai chalte hai.
They go to the terrace:
Ayesha: Ill be back in a minute.
Ayesha goes and brings a tray with two mugs of coffee and one glass of milk.
Ayesha: ye lo tumhare liye coffee unnzie aur pia kailiye milk.
Pia: mama mai ab baari hogayi ho so no milk please.
Ayesha: tum agar 40 years ki bhi howi na phir bhi mai tumhe milk pila woongi. So stop making a fuss and start drinking your milk. 
Pia: okay!
Ayesha: to unnzie hum dono nai bohot baatai nahi ki hai ab tak. Tum mujhe apne family aur india kai baarai mai batawo.
Unnati: family kai baarai mai okay hum tumhe saare royals kai pictures dikha tai hai. She got her phone and showed her 2 palaces picture. Ye hai jaighar palace jaha hum, humare dada aur dad rahte hai. Hum dono jab chote thai somewhere when I was a baby still and dada was 4 years old mom ki death huwi thi. Tab se laikar ajj tak dada aur dad nai humai mom aur dad dono ka pyar diya hai, specially dada.
This is my dad and mom's picture. She showed them ds, komal, brijraj's pictures and she explained somethings about them.

Ayesha's pov: 
I don't know why I'm having this feeling of being connected to these people as if I know them. Maybe I am just too tired.

Unnati: ye hai meneka aunty daadisaab ki beti aur brijraj uncle ki behen. Aur ya hai unkai betai vijay. Vijay banna is a big comedian and a very good person, he loves manyata and jay a lot. Aur ye hai devghar ki sab se choti rajkumari jai nandini.
Sab log usse jay bula thai hai aur vo hai ek fashion diva. She might be abit bad tempered but dil ki bohot hi achi hai. She loves her family a lot and specially her sister for whom she is waiting from many years. Sorry I don't have manyata's picture. Dada has it.
Ayesha: its okay manyata is indeed a very lucky person to get such a loving family.
Unnati: I know she is indeed lucky.
Ayesha: its very late its almost dinner time let's go and have dinner. Pia... Ye kaha chali gayi. Let's go.
Ayesha and unnati go downstairs to see pia and uday laughing at the table.
Ayesha: aisa lagta hai kai tum dono ki achi bonding ho rahi hai.
Uday: kyu nahi hogi aakhir humdono hai best friends right angel?
Pia: right prince.
Ayesha: pia I don't want you to stay up till late night. 
Pia: par mama maine aur prince nai movie dekh nai ka plan kiya tha. Please mama please don't say no.
Ayesha: pia you must be tired aur tumhara jaldi sojana tumharai liye acha hoga.
Pia: mama we will watch the movie till 10:00pm then we will go to sleep.
Ayesha:pia don't be stubborn.
Uday: ayeshaa, don't worry I take it on my gurantee that she will go to sleep at 10:00pm. Now please grant us the permission.
Pia: yes mama please besides tomorrow is saturday so no school and school is opening on tuesday because of public holiday.
Ayesha: theek hai permission granted.
Pia: yesss! And she high-fived with uday. 
Pia went to her room and so did unnati. Ayesha and uday stood up and were going when:
Ayesha: uday you are spoiling her.
Uday: achi baat haina?
Ayesha: bigrai huway prince don't spoil everyone.
Uday: hum to tumhe bhi spoil kar rahe hai.
Ayesha: vo kaise?
Uday: tumhe lunch par aur dinner pai bahar laiga kar.
Ayesha: usmai spoilt ki kya baat hai.
Uday: bahar ka khana roz khana bigri huwi aadat hai.
Ayesha: whatever ab prince charming will you excuse me?
Uday: itnai achai se prince charming ka hogi to tumhai excuse kya sidhai galai hi laga lenge. Kya kahte ho? 
Ayesha: jungle boy kabhi bhi junglee billi ko hug nahi karta sidha bullet se ura deta hai, Samjhai jungle boy.

Ayesha and uday both were about to leave in the same direction at the same time when she lost her balance but was held by a muscular hand. Uday's hands were around her waist and ayesha's around his neck.
They both had an eye-lock and it was like everything around them had stopped.
Uday's pov:
She is so beautiful like a fairy. Those beautiful hair which look like brown in the sun shine and those big eyes jis me hume doob jaane ka man karta hai. those lips which are so soft and delicate and rosy, I feel like kissing her.
End of pov:
Uday did not realise what he was doing he was bending down to her face and was just a few inch apart when ayesha's phone started ringing.
They both stood up properly equally embarrassed.
Ayesha: hello yes its ayesha jaiswal, how can I help you?
No sorry it won't be possible. I'm really sorry I hope you understand. Thank you, bye.
Uday: what happened princess any problem?
Ayesha: no only the media people they wanted an interview and you know I don't like to be the news so I said no.
Uday: oh okay.
Uday started to live from there when:
Ayesha: uday did u call me princess?
Uday: yeah actually...
Ayesha: its okay you can call me whatever you want aur princess is better then junglee billi.
Both started laughing.
uday: goodnight sweet dreams.
Ayesha: goodnight and pia should go to bed at 10pm.
Uday: yes princess.
In ayesha's room:
Ayesha's pov:
What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I busy thinking about that incident when I nearly fell and uday held me? Weren't we just about to kiss? I was so lost in those dark brown eyes that I couldn't think of anything. I can't love anyone, I can't let anyone to come near me, I can't and nor do I want any other person to destroyed because of me. I will try to keep a distance from uday. There is no such thing as love, marriage in my life.
End of pov.
Ayesha was going to sleep when she thought of checking on pia. She went out to see pia laughing.
Pia: this is so funny. Its so much to watch a movie with you rather than mama.
Uday: really even I am having a lot of fun par shooo mama ko ye mat kahna that you are having more fun with me warna mujhe kachaa chaba jayengi. 
Pia: prince stay over here, don't go away.
Uday: angel, my sweety I have to go one day but I will call you and when you miss me a lot then I will come to meet you. Okay?
Pia: okay.
Uday: now let's watch the movie.

Ayesha smiled looking at both of them. She went to her room when her phone started ringing.
Ayesha: hello, yes sir, but sir why? Okay fine I will come tomorrow.

Next day breakfast table:
Ayesha: unnzie maine sunna kai tum Melbourne jaa rahi ho. Where will you be staying?
Unnati: I will stay in a hotel.
Ayesha: no need for that tum merai ghar mai rahogi. These are the duplicate keys for the house and i told one of the manager to show you the room where you will stay. You won't have any problem over there.
Unnati: thanks a lot ayesha.
Ayesha: thanks ki koy baat nahi you are my friend after all. Bye and enjoy take care and ayesha gave her a tight hug.
Unnati: you take care as well. Bye
Unnati went to meet pia and even uday.
She left for melbourne at 9:00am.
When she was in the car she said to herself: plan successful now I only wish kai dussra plan bhi successful hogayai aur ye chaabi mujhe apni maanzil tak poohoncha dai.
She smiled looking at a bunch of keys.

Precap: uday and ayesha preparing a surprise birthday party for pia, unnati gets to know something big about ayesha and pia's truth revealed as in whose child she is!

I end here! Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to hit the like button!

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superb update do continue soon...

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how are you feeling now?
coming to the update
you left me speechless
i do not know
but something in me forcing me to say
though uday is not aayesha husband
still i could connect a cute father daughter bond
it is really good that he is ready to accept her
wondering what is the truth unnati is going to find out
promo are very intresting
update asap
thanks for the pm

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