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Manveer FF: You mean the world to me. (Page 26)

Jarin04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2013 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
nyc update do update soon


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Posted: 05 June 2013 at 12:07am | IP Logged
sanah wen r u going to update.
update soon dear
serat Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged
update next chap 
sanah plzzz
update next chappp
sanah12 Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2013 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jarin04

nyc update do update soon
thanks and glad you liked it!
sanah12 Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2013 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...anju...

sanah wen r u going to update.
update soon dear
I am really sorry actually there is a lot school work and I am stuck with projects but I will try my best to give you an update or double update  tomorrowSmile

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sanah12 Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2013 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by serat

update next chap 
sanah plzzz
update next chappp
 I am really sorry actually there is a lot school work and I am stuck with projects but I will try my best to give you an update or double update  tomorrowSmile
sanah12 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Hello guys I am really sorry for the late update. Stuck with projects what do I do. Thanks to all readers who had a lot of patience. This update is dedicated to annesha. Anni I am really sorry couldn't give you a double update but I tried making this a long update.
So guys here is the update, hope you don't get bored. 

Ayesha and uday went upstairs. She showed him her mom & dad's room, the launch, kitchen and her room.

Ayesha's room was pink and white with exquisite things. The clock and vase was an antique piece. The furniture was matching perfectly with each other. The room was not just like a girlish type of room but it had more touch of a boyish type of things. 
Ayesha: how do find my room, nice, really nice or yuck?
Uday: really... yuck!
Ayesha: WHAT!
Uday: just joking actually its very nice, really beautiful( he turned towards ayesha) just like you.
Ayesha: flirting?
Uday: nah I don't flirt par agar tum chaho to flirt kya aur bohot kuch karsakte hai and he winked at her n started coming near her.
Ayesha: ewww how cheesy. Uday stay far away from me otherwise...
Uday: otherwise what? He came more near.
Ayesha pushed him and kicked him hard on his leg on his knees because of which uday fell down.
Ayesha realised that she really kicked him hard so she helped him sit on the couch. 
Ayesha: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.
Uday: junglee billi you hit me really hard on the knee. Did you ever learn martial art?
Ayesha: yes I am a black belt champion.
Uday: good. Looking at you doesn't seem you know many things.
Ayesha: meaning?
Uday: as in you know martial art, you are a very good businesswoman, your company is on top with 1000crores wow really amazing you are.
Ayesha: thanks by the way you aren't that bad. Come, let's go. Let me show you my melbourne.

In devghar palace, mumbai:
Jai's phone rang.
Jai: hello unnati kaisi ho tum?
Unnati: I am alright tum kaisi ho.
Jai: hum theek hai any progress.
Unnati: I went to her house which is in melbourne but there was a lot of security so I couldn't get in but I went to ayesha's school and college which the detective told me. I checked on the list of friends she had and all in college and as soon as I get one of their numbers I will contact them and get information.
Jai: unnati please don't get into any trouble because of me. Thank you so much unnati.
Unnati: don't say thanks even iwant manyata to be with us. Jai I have to go now I will talk you later, bye take care!
Jai: you take care as well, bye.

Jai turned to see vijay bhai standing.
Jai: vijay bhai you nearly gave me a heart attack. Why do you have a bad habit to listen to people's talks?
Vijay: humai logo ki baatai nahi hum mai to sirf tumhare baate sunna acha lagta hai. To khalnayak kya plan kar rahi thi?
Jai: khalnayak? Ab yai kon naya cartoon hai?
Vijay: humare saamne to hai khalnayak.
Jai: app mujhe khalnayak kah rahe hai? You think I am a villain?
Vijay: humne kab kaha kai tum villain ho tum to khud ko villain bula rahi ho.
Jai: vijay bhai please spare me your stupid nonsense.
Vijay: jai bhai don't be angry I am just trying to make you happy and angry at me so that it will lighten your mood.
Jai: thanks vijay bhai and she hugged him. 

Jai went away from there and while she was going to the launch she heard komal and stopped by her room to see her. Komal had manyata's photo in her hand.
Jai: mom
Komal wiped her tears.
Komal: ha beta bolo app ko kuch chahye?
Jai: haa mom humai sirf apko smile karte dekhna chahte hai. App agar kisi kai saat apna dukh baataigi tab hi app achai sai smile karengi. Mom I know you miss manyata jiji a lot but that does not mean you stop smiling and laughing. When she will come back and get to know this she will be really upset so wipe your tears and smile.
Komal: humari bachi kitni bari hogayi hai.
Brijraj from behind: aur kitni smart bhi.
Jai: matlab hum pehle smart nahi thai?
Brijraj: humne aisa kab kaha. App to humari pyari beti hai aur yai humari pyari si dharam patni hai.
brijraj hugged both of them together one side his daughter and the other side his wife and he silently wished that his dearest daughter manyata could be here as well.
Brijraj said in a whisper looking on top: I miss you manyata.
Ayesha and uday went to many places like the royal botanic garden, melbourne cricket ground, sun theatre yarraville.
She showed him the different kind of food, places, cultures. They had a lot of fun. Now it was 15:30 ayesha thought of leaving.
Ayesha: I think we should leave now.
Uday: isn't it too early to leave?
Ayesha: I know its too early but it takes 8-10hrs to reach sydney and I take 6hrs because I drive really fast.
Uday: let's wait till 16:00hrs and then we leave okay.
Ayesha: fine and I will drive and if you don't let me then find a cab for yourself got it?
Uday: listen I drive half way and you drive half way.
Ayesha: fine

Ayesha informed daima that they will be late and she should have dinner with unnati.
Ayesha was driving from melbourne half way then uday will drive. It was uday's turn to drive and he purposely was driving extra fast.
Uday: aren't you feeling scared?
Ayesha: why because you are driving really fast, oh please don't you ever think that I am like those types of girls whose scared of speed or small tiny cockroaches. I am not scared of anything.
Uday: yes junglee billi kisi sai nahi darte.

Uday while driving was busy looking at ayesha, he was secretly admiring her. Uday smacked himself and said to himself: uday stop behaving like a lovestruck teenager. What did I say LOVESTRUCK! god what's happening to me when did I start believing in love. Shut up uday and concentrate on driving. 
They reached in sydney at 21:40 and they had dinner at a restaurant after which they went home. They were really tired so they went to sleep.
The next day morning was quite busy for both uday and ayesha. They were at the site for the joint project that they had signed, the whole day went in that. It was evening when they both went home and went to get fresh before dinner.

Unnati knocked on the door and came in. 
Unnati: dada app nai humai bulaya?
Uday: ha choti hum tumse kuch puchna chahte hai and I want true answers.
Unnati nodded as yes.
Uday: kal humne tumhe melbourne mai dekha tha ayesha kai ghar kai bahar vo bhi humse chupte howai. You were there weren't you? And why?
Unnati: yes dada hum vaha thai and she explained everything that jai had told her.
Uday: tum jai ki baat kyu sun rahe ho.
Unnati: dada I think this time maybe jai is really right even I think ayesha is manyata.
Uday: I don't know but if you think then even I will try to find information about her because I don't want you to get stuck in any mess and I don't want ayesha to get hurt as well.
Unnati: ayesha to get hurt how?
Uday: when she finds out that you are investigating about her and secretly going to her house & following her then of course she will feel bad. 
Unnati: dada since when did you start caring about her or is it something else.
Uday: actually I regard her as a friend and she has gone through many things in life I guess which is why her smile doesn't reach her eyes. There is some kind of emptiness. Watch these CDS and see.
He put the cds in the dvd player and both started watching.
In one she is with her friends at college and she is playing a guitar like a rock star. The other one she is in a party at maybe her friends house. The other cd in which she is acting as a journalist. Her dressing was different and she was full of life, happy and fun-going.

Unnati: dada what happened that changed her?
Uday: I don't know but I am trying to make her happy and there is a difference in her now.     
Unnati: dada I am really happy that you are helping her and understanding her. Dada why do I feel you really like her.
Uday: yes as a friend I like her.
Unnati: not as a friend something more then that.
Uday; I don't love her.
Unnati said with a teasing smile: when did I say you love her huh?
Uday: choti stop it! Now go I want to freshen up.
Unnati: love is in the air.
She said this and went out of the room.

After dinner, ayesha went to the terrace and was looking at the moon, uday also joined her.
Ayesha said while looking at the moon: the moon is so beautiful.
Uday said while looking at ayesha: yeah the moon is really beautiful.
Unnati came and said: yes dada the moon is really very beautiful while looking at ayesha.
Ayesha: unnzie you and uday chat, I am going to sleep I have a long day ahead tomorrow. Goodnight
Uday and Unnati: goodnight.
Ayesha went away from there.
Uday: even I think I should go to sleep.
Unnati: dada where do you think you are going. Stop hiding your feeling. You were looking at her and saying the moon is beautiful meaning you were referring her as the moon in your life.
Uday said while looking at the other side: no nothing like that I don't love her.
Unnati: dada you are blushing wow. Now accept that you love her. It can clearly be seen in your eyes the way you look at her, care about her. Please dada listen to your heart. You know they say that when you close your eyes whoever you love the most can be seen. So do that.
Uday closed his eyes and saw ayesha the way she was smiling and showing the places. He opened his eyes.
Unnati: who did you see?
Uday: ayesha.
Unnati: meaning you love her dada.
Uday: I don't I am having some strange kind of feelings something weird.
Unnati: that weird is love
Uday: it means I love her.
Uday started smiling and bid unnati goodnight.
When uday went in his room he was busy remembering the moments they spent together and was smiling.

The next day morning:
Unnati: dada ask her out for dinner today okay.
Uday: choti
Unnati: dada I'm serious. Come on don't tell me that you are those kind of losers who can't ask a girl out for dinner.
Uday: choti don't forget I am yuvraj and yuvraj udayveer is never ever scared to do anything. I will ask her but later for now keep quite okay. 
Unnati: yipee dada I really love you.
Uday: I love you too my dearest choti.

I end here for now. 
Next update will be either manveer's first dinner date or piya's entry which will shatter uday's heart.
What do you want guys do tell me in your comments.
Don't forget to hit the like button.

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Jarin04 IF-Sizzlerz

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really nyc update

Edited by Jarin04 - 09 June 2013 at 11:11am

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