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Irresistible Love ASYA FF CHAPTER 1- Qabool Hai

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Hey guyyys Big smileBig smileBig smile
Hi im biebs or just call me biebs (15 years) 
 cuzz yeah i like being callled biebs Confused enough about that
Im new here on IF actually its my third day and i decided to write a FF on Asya as i have always been a silent reader LOLLOL Im in love with Asad and Zoya (always been a huge fan of KSGBig smile
sorry about my english in this ff n urdu cuzz im a norwegianspeaking girl so yeah Big smile
I dont even know what i wrote, but yeah just read the first chapter and plz comment 
good or bad comments- dono chalenge all kind of criticismEmbarrassed

SO here we go 

Asya ff chapter 1

Zoya in her room:

She sat on her bed with an annoyed look on her face. 

Allah Miya, what's wrong with you Zoya? Ab agar  Jahapanah us Tanveer ko itna like karte hein to iss mein tujhe itni takleef kyun hoti he? Woh unki apni life he. Woh jis se chaheyn baat karre, jise chaheyn like karre, tujhe kya fark parta he? But woh mere se itna rudely kyun behave karta hein? Mein joh bhi karti hoon, Mr.Khan ko uss se koi na koi problem zaroor hoti he. Aap yeh kyun karr rahi hein, woh kyun karr rahi hein. Chalta phirta question mark.(hihiLOL) Harr waqt mujhse larte rehte hein. Allah hi inki koi akkal sidhi kare.. uff

Dilshaad calling Zoya for breakfast: Zoya beta! breakfast lag gaya he.. jaldi se bahar ajao 

Zoya: Jii phoppi .. ayii

Zoya walked out of her room and saw that everyone was eating they're breakfast. Asad was talking to Tanveer with a smile on his face. 

Zoya (to herself): Yeh Jahapanah six packs to aise hans rahe hein jaise kisi ne koi bohot acha joke maara ho. Pehle kabhi hansne ka mooka nahi mila kya ? (LOL)

Dilshaad: Zoya beta, udhar kya karr rahi ho? Idhar ayo na, breakfast kha lo.

Zoya: Jii 

(Zoya to herself): Chal beta Zoya ab tu uss Akdu Ahmed Khan ki taraff koi attention pay nahi karre gi. Dekhna bhi matt udhar Angry

She sits down next to Najma while Asad was sitting next to Tannu. 

Tannu: Jammy, mein na kuch kaam se bahar jaarahi hoon, to mein shaam tak laut ayongi. Thik he?

Zoya wasn' paying much attention to what she was saying as she didnt care. She kept on eating her food with her eyes down.

Asad: Haan haan kyun nahi, I'll drop you, tum ready ho jao.


Zoya looked up at Asad as she couldnt believe what he said.

(to herself): Allah Miya, whats wrong with this guy? Mein hoti to kehte - Ms.Farooqi mere paas apke fazool kamo ke liye waqt nahi he. But ofcourse inki Tannu jo jaa rahi hein, unke liye to Mr.Khan apni jaan takk hazir kardenge.. huh (LOL)

She continued eating trying not to pay attention to their conversation.

Tannu: Nahi, Jammy its ok. Mein taxi pakarr ke chali jaongi. Aapko mere liye koi bhi taqleef uthane ki zaroorat nahi he.

Tannu was actually trying to get Asad with her so that she could get closer to him.

Asad: Tannu meine kaha na I can drop you, Mein Hoon Na to taxi lene ki kya zaroorat he.

 Zoya to herself still not looking up: Mein hoon na? Ab yeh kaisa dialog he. Tannu ka koi apna marr thori na gaya he jo mr. khan keh rahe hein: MEIN HOON NA Angry. Aur yeh Tannu... eik baar maan nahi sakti kya, ab chali hi jaye mr.khan ke saath. itni attention kyun le rahi he, hmfAngry

Tannu: Arre baba thik he, tumhi chorrdena. Mein bass apna bag le karr aati hoon. (she was happy indside to have Asad with her)

Asad nodded in a yes. He was trying to get Zoya's attention but couldn't. After all he liked seeing Zoya annoyed at him for being so caring for Tannu  

(to himself): Yeh Ms.Farooqi ko kya hua? React hi nahi karr rahi. Ab mein kya kar... WHAT? Kya kya karroon. Nahi dekh rahi to na dekhe. Tumhe kya? Asad kaabo rakh, dont even go there. You don't care if she reacts on you or not, samjhe?

He got up as Tannu walked in wearing a beautiful white anarkali on. Tannu was looking really stunning.

Zoya to herself: Arre, yeh Tannu kya kisi fashionshow parr jaa rahi he, jo itna tayaar hoi he.Angry 

Asad liked that Tannu always wore traditional clothes, unlike Zoya who wore westernclothes- jeans and top 

Zoya didnt like the idea of Asad and Tannu together a whole day out of the house. What was she going to do?Confused

Zoya: Najma, challo shopping karne chalte hein. Bohot dinno se nahi ki na, aur kuch zaroori cheezein bhi leni thi. What say?- she asked Najma in an excited tone.

Najma: Haan Zoya! That's an awesome idea, mera bhi bohot mann karraha tha shopping karne ko, aur mere naye project ke liye kuch cheezeyn bhi chahiyen to why not- she replied with a big excitement across her face. 

Zoya loved that she could make Najma so happy just with her small idea of shopping.

Najma: Ammi, hum jaa sakte hein? plz plz plz, aur aap bhi chaliye hamare saath?

Dilshaad: Nahi beta mera bohot saara ghar ka kaam baaki he, par tumloog jao, aur haan jaaldi aana- said Dilshaad while noticing Asad's reaction.

Asad was a little disappointed with this idea of shopping because he couldnt go with Zoya and Najma as he had already had said yes to Tannu

Najma jumped off her chair with overexcitement: THank u Ammi, I love uuu

And with that, Zoya and Najma were already out the maindoor. 

Wow, thought Asad. That was quick.

Asad: Acha ammi, hum bhi ab chalte hein. Allah hafiz

Tannu: Allah hafiz

Dilshaad: Allah hafiz beta


Zoya and Najma at the mall:

Najma: Challo na Zoya, uss shop mein chalte hein- pointing at a shop, Najma dragged Zoya along with her into a clothes shop. 

They tried out many clothes and even buyed many. Zoya wanted Najma to buy  some western clothes as she wanted to see how she looked in them, but Najma insisted as she wasnt sure of what her bhaijaan would say to it. 

It was a lot of people at the mall. The shops had long waitinglines and it was much rush at the mall

Suddenly Zoya's phone rang and she picked it up:

Zoya: Hello... ji jiju. Assalamualeikum how r u jiju?

She couldnt hear much of what her jiju was saying due to the noisy crowd. 

Zoya: hold on jiju... Najma mere jiju ka phone he, mein ek minute bahar jaa karr attend karr ke aati hoon, tum yehin rukna ok

Najma nodded a yes as she was busy in checking out some jewelry


Zoya came out of the mall so that she could talk to her jiju in peace.

While talking, Zoya noticed some guys staring at her and giving her some really dirty looks. They were checking her out from top to bottom. Zoya felt really uncomfortable as she tried to end her conversation with her jiju as soon as possible.

She turned her face away from them.

Zoya: Ok jiju ill talk to u later. Love u and give my love to aapi and tell her not to worry. Allah Hafiz- Zoya ended the call

She was about to go back inside the mall when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder from behind. She turned around to find the same guys around her who were giving her those dirty looks. 

One of the guys:  Oye hoye Mashaallah, kya cheez he aap.

Zoya was trying to find her pepper-spray as she realzied that she left it at home

the same guy holding Zoya by her arm:  Chalti phirti item woh bhi itni khubsoorat. Wah Allah Kasam agarr pata hota ke aaj aisa toofa (gift) mile ga to poori tayyari karr ke atein.- he said with a disgusting smirk on his face

Zoya: Chorro mera haath... Meine Kaha chorro- as she tried to free herself from the guy holding her.

All the other guys were laughing with him. 

another guy: Bhai aise nahi kaam chalta..Iss khubsoorat cheez ko hamare saath bantiye (share her with us).. Allah Miya baantne waale ko aur bhi zayda deta he, hahaha

the first guy: Abbee eee, iss se achi cheez to mill hi nayi saakti

Zoya couldn't take it as she had enough by now. She slapped the guy infront of him with all her anger which left all the guys in shock. The guy Zoya slapped was now boiling with anger. He took out a knife which made Zoya jerk a bit back as her eyes widened by seeing the knife. All she could do know was pray to Allah Miya. 

The guy sat the knife on Zoya's neck which left a cut of blood. Zoya closed her eyes and with all her strength she kicked the guy between his legs and ran off back in the mall.

She wasn't getting followed by the guys because of the security at the entrance. Zoya was now sweating all over and she was breathing heavily. As she didn't want to panic Najma by telling her about the incident she went to the washroom to freshen-up. She took her handkerchief and held it on her cut on her neck where she was still bleeding a lot. The pain was killing her, but she didnt care much about it as she had to get back to Najma as soon as possible. On her Way to Najma, she bought a scarf so that she could hide her cut with it. She wrapped it around her neck, but the cut was fresh and giving her a lot of pain. 

Najma was still busy with her shopping when Zoya came back, and for that, Zoya got a bit relieved. 

Zoya: Najma? Shopping hatamm ho gayi ?

Najma: Are Zoya, kahan reh gayi thi tum? Aur shopping nahi karni kya? Aur yeh kya? Tumhare gale mein yeh dubatta? 

Zoya: Haan woh actually mujhe yeh ek shop mein nazarr agaya and I couldnt take my eyes off it so.. - she faked a smile so that Najma wont notice anything.

Najma: Oh I see, its nice haan. Good choice. Acha suno, meri to shopping ho gayi to agar tumhari bhi ho gayi he to gharr chale?

Zoya: Yeah lets go home- Zoya replied still in much pain because of the cut from the knife


At home, Asad and Tannu were already home and it was soon dinner time. Asad was really getting worried about Zoya and Tamatar, but he kept quiet.

After a short time, Zoya and Najma walked in the main door. 

Zoya and Najma: Assalamualeikum 

Dilshaad: Agayi tum dono. So how was it?

Dilshaad was in the kitchen along with Tannu preparing for dinner and Asad was sitting on the sofa with his laptop. Asad noticed that Zoya was wearing a scarf for the first time and he also noticed the unusual silence on Zoya's face. He knew that something was wrong. 

Najma: Great Ammi, Meine to itniii zaada shopping ki he, aur pata he, mujhe woh blue wali sandels bhi mil gayi, jo last time unke paas nahi thi.

Dilshaad: Acha yeh to bohot acha hua. Zoya beta? yeh scarf naya he?

Zoya was in deep thoughts because of the incident that took place just some time ago. 

Dilshaad: Zoya? 

Zoya: huh.. J.. Ji phoppi ?

Dilshaad: Meine kaha yeh scarf naya he? 

Zoya: ji phoppi.. acha mein bohot thak gayi hoon, to mein fresh ho karr aati hoon 

Najma: haan mein bhi yeh shopping bags room mein rakh karr aati hoon. 

Dilshaa: ok beta, but jaldi aana, dinner ready he


Asad still knew that something was wrong with miss farooqi, but he didnt know what. He decided to go to her room to find out what was wrong.

He knocked on the door, but he got no answer. He tried again but still no response. Asad opened the door as he didnt get any response to his knocking. Zoya was in the washroom. He decided to come back later, but suddenly he saw the scarf which Zoya was wearing earlier. The scarf was white and the blood from Zoya's cut on her neck, left bloodspots on it. 

Asad was shocked by seeing blood on Zoya's scarf. 


precap: asad and Zoya - close n cute scene  ;) 

THATS IT Big smile plz leave comments about ure thoughts n maybe some suggestions 

like pls (only if u liked it)

if u want me to continue then i need good response EmbarrassedLOL

as i said first ff so not as good as the other ffs people here write xD 

btw guys plz help me with a title yaar Disapprove 


Next Chapter: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3533389


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plzz update next asap

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OMG! How could you leave us hanging like thatt! lolol Please update soon! You are a really great writer! Loved the story!! Big smile

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CONTINUE PLEASE LOVE YOUR STORY !!!!! I want a wet hair Zoya in the next prt please hihihihihi !!!

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Beibs! Hug
Loving it
Continue ASAP
:) Farhana

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I've been waiting on a FF that I can follow! 
Finally got one! 
Please do update soon! 
And pm me if possible! :) 

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Oh wow that was good
Please continue soon xx

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aww that was such a nice part!! i'm so happy so see Zoya as such a strong girl <3 continue soon and do let me know if u send pms =)

Love, Laiba

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