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Shadows FF Last Chapter & Epilogue (strictly 16+) (Page 75)

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Chapter 19

Humaira was sitting in front of the mirror in all her wedding finery. She was glad she had decided against a hired makeup artist, she thought. She much preferred doing it herself.

She heard the door open behind her and saw Zoya walk in. She exclaimed with relief, "Zoya!!! Where were you? I've been waiting for you all morning."

Zoya blushed at her unexpected thought. "I was coming Humi." She said softly

Zoya went down on her knees next to Humaira on the carpet and took her hand, "Humi, you are the most beautiful bride ever."

"I feel I am the luckiest person in the world, I love Ayaan." Humaira said with tears threatening to spoil her mascara.

"Humi we have seen too much in our lives. I think now Allah wants us to be happy." She said as she hugged her baby sister.

There was a rapid knock on the door and a teenage girl poked her head inside and said cheerfully

"Khala is asking the bride to come downstairs. The maulvi sahib is here."

"Lets go" Zoya took Humaira's hands and went down the stairs, her eyes warm and her smile bright.


She sat next to Humi while preparations were being made for the Nikaah to take place under the massive tent that was erected in the backyard. She finally saw Asad walk in with the maulvi sahib, Ayaan and a number of other people. Zoya's eyes immediately fell on Asad. He was looking a little tensed she noticed, but very handsome in his sherwani.  Ayaan was wearing his cream colored sherwani but his face was covered with curtain of flowers which Asad had explained to her in Najma's wedding as a customary groom wear called a sehra.

Ammi came and took her seat next to Humi and the Nikaah began. Zoya could not help but look in Asad's direction. Their eyes met, his expressions were inscrutable. She immediately looked the other way, as images from last night flooded into her head. Her toes curled at her thoughts. When she looked up at him again he was busy talking to someone sitting next to him.

The Nikaah was over, she hugged Humaira tightly and Ammi joined in.


They arrived at the hotel. Ammi had insisted that she accompany Humaira in the car. Ayaan and Asad had left earlier. Zoya was feeling a little uneasy that she had not been able to talk to Asad at all since morning but she brushed her anxiety aside. She knew how busy Asad was, it was not like Najma's wedding where he was a guest himself. In this wedding he was the host and he had to take care of every single detail himself. She was confident that they would get a chance to connect before the night was over. He knew she was leaving for New York tomorrow.

Zoya escorted Humaira up to the podium. The place looked absolutely spectacular. The daffodils that she had chosen occupied a place of pride on each table. Most of the guests were already seated but her eyes searched for Asad and she finally saw him. He had changed into a suit and he was looking very suave and dashing. He was looking far more relaxed than at the Nikaah in the morning, Zoya noted.

As the evening progressed, Zoya was surprised by the extravagance of it all, the lavish food, the ambience; it all looked like a fantasy. Now she knew what a fairy tale wedding actually looked like. She was very happy for Humaira, she deserved every bit of it.

The crowd was thinning as the night progressed. Only a few close family members remained and most were those who were staying at the guest house. They had arranged themselves in an informal circle and Asad was sitting quietly at the edge of the crowd. Zoya decided to step out into the balcony. She stood at the edge of it. Last time she had taken in the view when it was light outside, right now it was dark was the beauty of the city had not dimmed. In fact the city lights were looking were giving it a warm glow. She heard steps behind her. She froze. She anticipated Asad's hand on her when she heard Ammi's voice saying

"It feels so nice here. It's too warm inside with so many people."

"Yes Ammi" she said and smiled

"Are you okay? You look worried."

"No Ammi, I am fine." Zoya said as she placed her hands on Ammi's shoulders. "You know I am travelling tomorrow. Its just the thought of it that's making me nervous and of course I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too my jaan but you have to promise me that you will come and visit me often."

"You can visit too, you know its not that far."

Dilshad laughed, "I promise I will if Asad takes me."

Zoya gave her a surprised look and before she could say anything Dilshad was already making her way towards the group of the relatives.

Zoya followed Dilshad and saw Asad laughing at some joke Tanveer had cracked.

"It's getting late we should head out." Dilshad said among an eruption of protest.  "Asad," she said, good naturedly ignoring the outcry around her. "Why don't you and Zoya take Ayaan and Humaira home. We'll all follow you in the other cars." She continued.

"Ammi, can you please send someone else. I have to take care of last minute payment issues with the hotel management." Asad said.

"Thats fine. I'll send someone else with Zoya."

Asad turned around on his heels and left without giving Zoya as much as a cursory look. Zoya's heart sank.


She had accompanied Ayaan and Humi back to the house.  She had seen Asad come in much later, all the relatives were still in the sitting room. He had disappeared into his room. After a lot of teasing and ribbing, the bride and groom were sent to their room.

She was in her room now.

She looked at her image in the mirror, confused. What had actually happened today? Asad had not even looked in her direction. He had not even acknowledged her or what happened between them last night. All the hopes that she had started the day with were crashed and lay at her feet. Maybe there was a misunderstanding that needed to be cleared.

And then it struck her like a lightning bolt. Her heart dropped to her toes and she fell on the floor with a thud and stayed there.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Not one word was spoken last night that indicated love'. He had not uttered it even once. She was the one who was thinking about it the whole day.

He was wooing her to get her to bed. Stupid. It was just a one night stand for him. Once the night was gone he was done. He didn't owe her any explanation. He had probably thought she is a girl of today, having lived all her life in America, she would be sophisticated enough to know when she was not wanted. She was the fool here reading too much into it.

This is what he does. Ammi and Ayaan had insinuated that he has had a string of relationships and he was never serious about any of them.

Hugging  Natasha in Delhi.

Laughing with Tanveer last night.

An opportunity had presented itself to him and he had just gone along with it. She had not resisted his moves so he had simply taken what was offered to him. In fact she was the one who asked him to hold her.

She was building castles in the air, living in fool's paradise, again.

She was not going to impose herself on anyone. She was not going to make that mistake again. If someone did not want her then so be it. She was not going to compromise on her self-respect.

Now all she could do was salvage whatever dignity she had left and just go home and never come back.


"Good morning Mrs. Ayaan Ahmed Khan." Ayaan said as he kissed Humaira's bare shoulders.

"Good Morning" Humaira said a little shyly, her arms encircling Ayaan' s neck.

"Tired?" Ayaan teased

"Very" Humaira said simply

"I know it was a long day...and a long night." He grinned

"Ayaan" she said burying her face in his chest.

"Well, it's not my fault. I have a sexy wife who made me wait for so long." He felt her smile against him. "But we have to get out of bed now. We have to be downstairs soon."

"Now? Ayaan I am tired. I want to sleep some more"

"Humi from tomorrow you can sleep in late but today we have hoards of guests in the house. We have to show our faces downstairs pretty soon or there will be a lot of ribbing."

"Okay fine, you go for the shower first then." She said pulling the covers around her.

"How about we both shower together?"

"Ayaan!" she said shocked

"We'll save time." He grinned

"No" She smiled shyly, reaching for her night shirt

"Come on Humi, ten minutes. I promise"

They made it to the dining room downstairs two hours later. As Ammi had mentioned some of the guests had already left and some were preparing to leave after breakfast. The house was still packed with people, some lounging around the sitting room with their tea and coffee. Asad was sitting on the dining table with his cup of coffee, his expression forbidding.

"Salaam Ammi" Humaira said as she reached the dining table.

"Wale kum salaam my bachha." She said as she kissed Humaira's forehead. "What will you have for breakfast?"

"Ammi something light, like toast please." Ayaan said, "Hey bhaijaan, last night the wedding went so smoothly. Thank you for taking care of all the details."

Asad grunted his reply.

"Humi, what about you?" Ammi asked

"Same thing Ammi. Toast."

"Humi, where is Zoya? I haven't seen her since morning. Is she sleeping or is she packing for tonight?"Ammi asked

"I'll go check" Humiara said as she made her way towards Zoya's room.

Humiara came back after a few minutes and said "Ammi she is sleeping."

"Oh the poor thing, must be tired."

"Yes and she is already packed, I didn't see any of her stuff lying around in the room."

Ready to flee, Asad thought bitterly

"Ammi I have to go to my office for a few minutes, I'll see you later." He said before leaving.

"What's with bhaijaan? He looks so mad." Ayaan said

"You know your bhaijaan, he doesn't like crowds. He will be fine once he comes back from Delhi and has the whole house to himself."


 Hi Friends! I hope you like the update. Please do comment

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Omg...nw dis misunderstanding is taking very bad turn...

Zoya is leaving .. n asad is ignoring hr...

N the worst part is nobody is tking a step to clear the situation. ..

M waiting fr nxt update

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M frst ..yeey..
Dinka chika dinka chika hey hey hey

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This Misunderstandings! Sleepy

Clear the air. Embarrassed

Update soon Smile

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ZoyaAsadKhan Senior Member

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plzz don't let zoya go :)
plzz update soon :)

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aseelashah IF-Dazzler

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Hey dear i read ur story & i love it.
Pls update soon
Pls dont seperate ASYA
Pls clear the misunderstandings soon
Pls pm me when u update 
I will buddy uEmbarrassed

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Awesome part...but pls clear the mu soon...poor asya...

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