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Shadows FF Last Chapter & Epilogue (strictly 16+) (Page 69)

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Zoya is jealous.. Hmm..interesting Approve

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But what is in the email..??
Cant wait ..

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Update soon.. Smile

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amazing update thanks for the pm

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Great update!!!!

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Nice updatee
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amazing...update soon
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Chapter 17

"So we can dance tonight on 1234 step on the dance floor'. How about that?" Tanveer asked

They were in the terrace of his house. Asad had finally decided to seek help from Tanveer. He was hoping to get a stronger reaction from Zoya when she saw him with some other girl. Tanveer had suggested that they perform a dance together for the haldi ceremony tonight. Dancing was not his strong point. Now seeing Tanveer's enthusiasm he was wondering what he had gotten himself into.

"I have no idea which song that is." Asad said flatly

"Where do you live? You don't know this song?"

"No I don't watch movies and I am not very fond of songs either."

"Fine" she said rolling her eyes "then listen to it a few times and just follow my lead. Maybe your Zoya will be jealous enough with this. And of course nothing more than holding hands between us. I don't want to scandalize this crowd too much, anyway half of your Chanderi relatives will faint seeing a boy and girl dancing together."

"Yes yes, let's get on with this. I hope it works."

After four- five hours of trying to match steps with Tanveer, Asad was tired. He made excuses about overlooking some last minute arrangements for the haldi and went downstairs.

He saw most people were dressed up and making their way towards the tent outside on the front lawn. Humaira was walking down the stairs and making her way towards the tent too.  He noticed that Zoya was not there with her. He scanned the room for Zoya and finally saw her come out of her room looking as pale as a ghost. She was wearing some heavy outfit but had forgotten to wear any jewelry. He made his way towards her, pulled her aside towards his room and closed the door behind her.

"Did something happen? Are you okay?" He asked out of concern, now noting that she had not applied a spot of makeup on her face.

"I am fine." Zoya said looking down on the floor

"Are you sure? You look so worried?" He said as he held both her elbows

"I am not. Please let me go." She said removing his hands from her arms

"Zoya" he said softly

But she had already opened the door and before he could stop her, she walked out and disappeared into the crowd.

Asad went in search of Tanveer. She was sitting with Razia Mumani and as soon as she saw him she came and stood next to him.

"So we are on?" she asked in a whisper

"Actually I wanted to let you know that I don't think this is a very good idea." Zoya's face came into his mind, he didn't want to upset her any further.

"Ohhh I was looking forward to the dance."

"Why don't you do it alone? I was not dancing much anyway."

"Okay, but are you sure? You did spend quite a while practicing your steps though. Don't you want to make Zoya jealous?"

"No I think it's a silly idea. Plus you don't want Razia mumani thinking we are interested in each other, do you?"

"O God no!!"

Tanveer jumped away from him and decided to go sit next to her khala.

Asad kept Zoya in his line of vision. She was doing all the ceremonies that Ammi was asking her to do but it looked as if she was miles away from them. He hated it when she behaved like that, hiding behind her wall. He was feeling guilty when he realized that her crest fallen face might have something to do with his behavior in the afternoon. Perhaps he looked too comfortable and pleased walking down the stairs with Tanveer. He cursed himself for thinking that he should participate in such immature plans. He had forgotten he was dealing with Zoya and she was no ordinary girl who would fall for such idiocrasies.


Asad saw Zoya go through all the rituals mechanically. It was only when she applied turmeric on Humaira that he see her show some emotions. Since Humaira and Ayaan were in the same house, Ammi had arranged for Humaira to have her ceremony first. She was then escorted by Zoya to her room while Ayaan came downstairs and his ceremonies took place. Asad saw Zoya come downstairs alone and make her way to Ammi's side. She stuck to Ammi the whole time. He was impatiently waiting for all this to get over so he could talk to her but he knew he had a long wait.

 After the dancing, the music and the dinner, people started leaving. Asad could see Ammi discreetly encouraging all their relatives to call it a night. The nikaah's preparation had to start early tomorrow morning.

When the last guest had left, exhausted, Ammi went to her room to catch some much needed sleep. He saw Zoya go towards her room and followed her inside.

"Zoya" he said softly, "I was waiting all this time to talk to you. What's wrong?"

She turned around and hugged him with all her might. He was shocked, but he recovered soon and an involuntary smile formed on his lips. He controlled the impulse and asked her in all seriousness, taking her face in his hands.

"Zoya, what happened?"

"I... I don't know... I got an email today. The man who killed my husband died by lethal injection today, closing that chapter of my life forever."

"Zoya, tell me what can I do?" he whispered into her hair.

"Just hold me." She whispered back.

 Asad bent down his head to console her and when she looked up at him with her round innocent eyes, he kissed her. His lips hard and demanding against her soft ones. Her arms went around his shoulders and he caved in on her. Soon he was kissing her hair and shoulders and the hollow at the base of her neck. She did not stop him but groaned under him.

He threw her dupatta on the other side of the bed and deftly worked on the buttons on the front of her kurta. Keeping his mouth on hers, his hands went to cover her breasts as he massaged them lightly. He kissed the top of her breasts and slid the kurta off her shoulder. She suddenly became conscious and tried to resist a little, murmuring his name.

He whispered "Don't make me stop now Zoya."

She threw back her head while her fingers clung to the back of his neck. He unzipped her lehenga and it drifted down her hips, clung for a second and then whispered to the floor.

"You are even more beautiful than I imagined" he whispered into her ears, as she stood in front of him in her lacy bra and panties.

Zoya froze for a second but he kissed her forehead and all over her face. She was lost, drowning in water so deep that it was pointless to even think. He laid her down in bed and joined her after a few seconds, having taken his own clothes off as well. Both his hands went around her back and he unhooked her bra. He used his teeth to drag it off her shoulder and threw it carelessly away from them. His hands cupped her warm breast and he took in the aroused peak of her nipples in his mouth one at a time. She cried out when his teeth dragged over them erotically, her nails raking his back.

He teased her with his lips as he went lower and rimmed her belly button with his tongue. He slid her panties off her and ran his fingers on the inside of her thighs, going down to her knees and toes before taking a toe in his mouth. He thought he heard her moan his name and he returned to kiss her mouth and whispered to her

"Touch me Zoya"

Zoya's explored the muscled planes of his chest. She heard him groan and was filled with fierce joy as he shut his eyes and buried his face in her hair.

"What are you doing to me?" His voice was hoarse.

 Emboldened, she started to caress his back and his hard abs. When both her hands went around and covered his arousal he moaned and gently pushed her hands away.

His breathing was rough as he said thickly "Not yet"

When he cupped her she was hot and wet and irresistible. Her eyes flew open at the new intimacy. He plunged his fingers into her and drew circles inside her. When she was about to reach her peak, his hands balled in a fist and he eased himself into her, slowly, while his body screamed out for release. And she opened up to him as if she had been waiting for him all along. They both reached their peak together and exploded into a million tiny pieces as they climaxed.  They floated down from the soft, warm cloud they were on and lay limp in each other's arms.

Asad could hear her loud heartbeat mingled with his own. She moved closer to him, buried her face in his throat and fell asleep.

She woke up in the night comforted by the warmth and presence of Asad beside her, she snuggled up against him. She had thought he was sleeping when he murmured,

"Keep on doing that and neither of us is going to get any sleep tonight."

Her eyes flew open and she saw him looking into her eyes. He bent down and kissed her forehead and slid his hands behind her back and pulled her closer still. He felt her warm and soft next to him. He propped himself on his elbow and began to caress her. He took in her face, her eyes closed, her moans of pleasure as he continued his stroking and rubbing.  This time the lovemaking was slower paced and luxurious, more sensual than urgent. He did not want to leave any inch of her body untouched by his lips or his fingers. She shuddered beneath his touch.

He ran his fingers leisurely along her spine down to her buttocks, the valley between her breasts and the flat of her stomach. He teased her nipples with his mouth until she could not take it anymore. Her body was taut like a string waiting to be released. She arched under him and cried out his name


That was all he needed. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and himself in to her for the second time tonight.

She lay still listening to the soundless vibration around her. He reached out an arm and put it around her, drawing her against his shoulder.

With a sigh of pure satisfaction, Zoya dropped her head on his chest, curled against him and fell into the deepest, sweetest sleep of her life.


I know its a little (okay, a lot) hot!! Hope you like it!

Edited by pinks73 - 16 October 2013 at 3:56pm

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