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Shadows FF Last Chapter & Epilogue (strictly 16+) (Page 59)

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great story.
Continue soonStar

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Chapter 15

The next morning they left Chanderi and made their way towards Bhopal. Asad had warned that they would not be able to make any stops on the road. He didn't want to be late for his appointment. Hearing this Mumani had made sure that they have a heavy breakfast before they left.

Goodbyes were said and Zoya was a little sad to take her leave from Uzma Naani. She wasn't sure when she would see her next. She knew the older lady would not be coming to Ayaan and Humi's wedding. The journey would not agree with her. It was too long and uncomfortable.

The atmosphere in the car was quiet. She suspected Asad was tired too and otherwise preoccupied. Zoya had not been able to sleep properly the previous night for reasons she did not want to explore. She fell asleep in the car and by the time Asad woke her they had already reached home.

As soon as they were home Asad left for his meeting and Zoya knew she would not be able to see much of him with the wedding approaching fast.


Asad got out of his car and saw Ammi and Humaira walk out of the house.

Asad, Humaira and I are going to the bakery. They are having some issue with the cake we ordered for the wedding. We will be back in a couple of hours."

"Ammi we have to pick up the blouse also." Humaira said

"Yes, I forgot about that. Asad please make sure you call the wedding coordinators. They left a message for you."

"Ammi, do you want me to take you?"

"No no, you just got back from work and parking is a big problem there. A taxi will be easier."

"Where is Ayaan? I got an email from the designer; his final fitting is due tomorrow morning."

 "Ayaan has gone to see some friends, he forgot to give them the wedding card."

"Where is Zoya?"

"She insisted on making dinner for tonight. Can you tell her not to work so hard, we will just order something from the restaurant."

"Yes Ammi"

Asad hailed Ammi and Humaira a taxi and went inside the house.

Ever since they had come back from Chanderi, Zoya had been a little distant with him. He didn't have much time either to talk to her, what with the wedding less than a week away. Today would be a good opportunity to spend some time alone with her.

He saw her bent over the kitchen sink diligently working on something. She looked perfectly domesticated; he smiled and made his way towards her. She was scrubbing a pressure cooker with a steel wool with her hair hanging over her face. He went and stood next to her leaning on the counter.

"Are you angry with me?" he asked without a preamble

"No" she said without looking up

"Then are you upset with me?"


After a short pause, he asked "Are you upset with yourself?"

"A little"

"Because you opened up to me that night?"


"Zoya" he said softly, as he tucked her hair behind her ears and framed her face with both his hands.

"I don't know what got into me?" she said still looking down at her hands

"Zoya, can you please look at me?"

She looked at him with her big innocent eyes and he bent down to kiss her forehead.

"Can you leave this?" he said as he took the cooker from her hand and turned on the faucet for her to wash her hands.

She rinsed her hand and he caught her wrist as he led her to the couch. He sat next to her and said

"You said things about your life but I told you things about my childhood too."

"I am glad you don't regret it but I do."

"Are you afraid I will hurt you?"

"No, no one can penetrate the wall enough to hurt me."

A look of pain crossed Asad's eyes and he let go of her wrist. But he was not ready to give up yet.

"Should I apologize?"

"What for?"

"For the infinite charm I exude that makes me irresistible and makes people want to tell me their deepest darkest secrets?" he smiled cockily.

Zoya finally smiled

"I should use that talent more often, especially with pretty girls."

"Asad!" she said getting up from the couch and going towards the sink

"What are you doing?" Asad asked

"Washing the cooker, I have to make dinner."

"Don't bother. Ammi said let's order in. How about pizza?"

"Really? Yes pizza will be nice." Zoya said brightly

Asad took out his cell phone to order, "What toppings do you want?"

"How about chicken and pineapple? But wait. Ayaan and Humi don't like pineapple on their pizza and I don't know if Ammi will like it either. Maybe we can choose something else."

"I like chicken and pineapple. Let's order that for us and we'll order another one for them with different toppings."

Asad started dialing the number, hoping he would like the combination of chicken and pineapple.

"Uhhh Asad, I need a favor from you. I have some documents I have to fax to a colleague of mine at work. You can tell me where it's done and I'll go do it"

"Let's go to my office. You can do it from there."

"Now? But you just got in. Have something to eat first."

"I'm not hungry and we'll get the pizza on our way back."

"Okay let me get my paper work."


"Here is the machine. Do you need help? " Asad said as he led her to the supplies room next to his office.

"No, I'll be fine."  She said as she took out the papers from her bag.

"That's a lot of paperwork." Asad commented

"Actually, this is not the whole lot. I left some of them that I didn't need back in my apartment."

"I see"

"There is a case hearing on Monday morning and of course I won't be there so I have asked a colleague of mine to fill in for me. These papers need to be submitted to the court before the weekend."

"What are the kinds of cases do you handle?"

"Well I am with the department that deals mostly with child abuse and neglect."

"So what is this case about?"

"It involves a ten year old who has been in and out of foster homes all his life..."

"foster homes...?"

"These are families who take in troubled children that are either orphans or whose parents for some reason cannot take care of them. They are paid by the state to take care of the foster children. The children are the state's responsibility."

"So this ten year boy you are talking about, where are his parents?"

"Well the father was never in the picture much, he has voluntarily relinquished his rights and his mother has an addiction problem."

"What kind of addiction?"

"Alcohol and drug."

"Is she being helped?"

"Of course, the state is paying for her rehabilitation and has been for years but she relapses."

"So what will happen to the boy?"

"He will stay in foster care. It is heart breaking to watch him. Every time he thinks he is going home and will live with his mother the court rules her unfit' to take care of him."

"That is sad."

"Yes, you now the sad part is that he was so young when he was removed from home that he probably does not even remember being with his mother but he has romanticized that part of his life so much that he feels everything will be fine once he starts to live with her. I cannot tell him that's not true. He is only ten."

"So what is your stance in this case?"

"I am saying that the mother cannot take care of him. He needs to stay under state care."

"Yes you are right, especially if she is still not capable of taking care of herself."

"This is the tough part of the job. When I started working initially I would get very emotionally attached to each and every child. I thought with time it will get better,I would be seeing these kinds of cases day in and day out and I will develop an apathy for them."

"Did you?"

"Well yes and no, with time I was able to hide my emotions better but my main goal has stayed the same, whatever is best for the child'. I can't let anything or anyone cloud that, not even the child's wishes and wants."

"That is a tough job you have there. Why did you choose it?"

"I could relate to the kids and you know what they say It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it'" She smiled

"Of course, and who better than you with your compassion and kindness."

"I am just doing my job. I am done with the fax, shall we go?" She said gathering all the papers.

"You are here. Don't you want to see my office?"

"Oh sure!"

Asad led her to the big double doors and opened it for her. She stepped in.

"Just a minute, let me check my email." He said as he walked to the oversized table that occupied the middle of the office.

His office was decorated in the same minimalist way that she had noticed in the apartment in Delhi. It was neat and clean, everything properly filed away in a cabinet next to the windows and hardly any papers on the desk. It was a far cry from her desk in her office where there were always stacks of files everywhere, even on the floor.

She went and stood in front of the window behind his desk. The view was awesome, she thought as the daylight faded away. She sensed him as he came and stood behind her.

"It's so serene here." She said

"Yes I am not very fond of crowded places and that's why both the house and the office are little far away from the city."

He placed both his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. "You are leaving next week." He said flatly


"Will you miss me?" He asked with all sincerity

She looked down at the floor. Before she could reply, he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face to study it. He covered her mouth with his and all reasoning and thoughts went out of her mind. His other hand travelled down her spine as he pulled her closer and came to a rest at her waist. She was soft against his rock hard abs and her lips were the softest he had ever tasted. He nibbled on her lower lip as she moaned under his touch. Her palms automatically covered his chest and slowly came up to hold his shoulders. She could feel the taut muscles beneath his shirt. The kiss became more intense as he slipped his tongue inside her and explored the velvety warmth of her mouth. Asad was sure their heartbeat could be heard a mile away. Their breathing was becoming ragged and his hands were now free to explore her back.

He felt some sound irritating him, coming from somewhere far away. It took him a few seconds to realize it was his own cell phone. Zoya immediately broke off the kiss and he cursed himself for not switching the cell to a silent mode. He still had his arms around Zoya but she moved away from him. He reached into his pocket and slid the talk button before saying an exasperated "Yes"

He calmed down a little before saying "Yes Ammi. We are in my office. Zoya needed to fax something."

He glanced at Zoya as she fixed her shirt and her hair.

He talked for a few more seconds before he said "We are coming home and don't worry we will get the pizza on our way." He disconnected the phone and looked at Zoya who was standing near the door with her papers in her hand. He saw her closed expression and he knew he had lost her again.

"Shall we go?" Zoya asked, no indication of the passion burning inside her a few minutes ago.

Asad looked at her, his gaze steady, before he replied, "If that's what you want."


Chapter 16
Eid Mubarak!! Happy Navratri!! Have a prosperous Durga Puja!!

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Good one...just keeps u wanna read on...really liked it a lot...so continue soon...Big smile

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immigreat54 Senior Member

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Addicted to ur FF lately

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Awesome update
Keep it up

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Loved it, this is way better than da serial. looking 4ward 2 da next part. I no Zoya is scard will she ever let anybody in her life completely.

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very well written :D

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Awesome.  Continue soon.

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