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Shadows FF Last Chapter & Epilogue (strictly 16+) (Page 52)

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Hey read it ol in one go...i jst lved ur ff...plz continue soon nd pm me i have buddy uh

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Originally posted by MagsDhingra

Hey read it ol in one go...i jst lved ur ff...plz continue soon nd pm me i have buddy uh
send me a buddy request and I will.
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Amazing part . Curious to know
Zoya's past. Please continue soon

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Chapter 14


Zoya was happy to find a little space on the step surrounding the courtyard. A few women were trickling in from the dining area and taking their places, all hoping to get a good view of the ceremonies about to take place. A few minutes later Najma accompanied by some of the older ladies came and sat in the middle of the courtyard. The groom followed. Some of the friends of the groom also accompanied him. Zoya saw Asad come in too. She saw him scanning the guests discreetly. She knew he was searching for her. Finally his eyes fell on her and he headed straight towards her. He tried to fit in next to Zoya but there was no room. He noticed the little girl, sitting next to her, he went on his haunches and said

"Hey little girl, what is your name?"

"Salaam wale kum. My name is Noor."

"Oh yes, of course, wale kum salaam Noor. That is such a pretty name. Who is your mother?

My mother's name is Naila."

"You are Naila aapa's daughter? You have grown so much."

"I am five and I know you are Asad maamu."

"Great! You know Noor you are sitting way too far, you won't be able to see the bride or the groom. Would you like to sit closer to them?"

"I can't. There is no space." She answered with a pout

"How about you sit on my lap, I could hold you up if you have trouble seeing."

"Okay" Noor said and made way for Asad to sit and plopped herself on him.

The ceremonies began. An ornate oval mirror was placed on the carpet and the bride and groom were brought closer and a dupatta was placed over their heads.

"What's happening?" Zoya asked

"They are looking at each other's image in the mirror."


"Well, in the olden days, this would be the first time the bride and groom would see each other."


"Yes but nowadays of course girls and boys have already seen and talked to each other but the tradition of the mirror goes on."

Zoya satisfied with the answer kept quiet.

All the women crowded around the groom and gave him their gifts. After a while it was time for the bride and groom to leave. Uzma naani came out of her room to give her blessings to the newly married couple. Mumani was standing next to her, beside herself with grief about her only daughter leaving her home for good. The wedding party proceeded towards their cars, ready to take the bride with them.

Asad made his way out and stood with Maamujaan showing his support in his time of emotional need. After the last goodbye were said and the last hugs felt, the bride left and the wedding party was over. Soon other guests started to leave too. It was sad, Zoya thought that the courtyard which was a few moments ago filled with laughter and gaiety was empty, save a few sobbing relatives. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Asad say,

 "Why don't you go get some sleep. We have to leave early tomorrow morning. I have an appointment in the afternoon. And anyways it's been a long day for you too."

"Yes, I am tired."

Zoya made her way to her room. She took off her cumbersome clothes and slipped into her light cotton kurta. She placed her earrings back into their box. When the turn came for the bangles to be put into their case, Zoya hesitated. She knew it was silly but she did not want to part with it so soon. She was attaching a significance to them that did not make any sense to her rational mind, she mused.

She looked out of her large window and gazed at the clear sky with a half moon staring back at her. She stepped out of her room. The courtyard was empty, everybody had retired for the night. The night was still and cool, she went and stood on the balcony overlooking the podium on which the nikaah had taken place a few hours ago. Some men were still working at a distance, carrying the tables and chairs and storing the pillows and sheets.

She could not believe how different this wedding was from the wedding that had taken place a long time ago, it seemed like a world away...

"Can't sleep?" She heard Asad from behind her.

He was smiling as he leaned against the doorway. He had changed into his casual kurta and was looking relaxed.

"What did you think about the wedding?"

"I was just thinking how different this was than anything I have ever experienced."

"How are weddings in New York?"

"I am sure they are nice." Zoya said hesitantly.

Sensing that she did not like this line of conversation Asad decided to change the topic.

"I see you made friends here." Zoya looked at him a little puzzled

"You were talking and laughing with Najma's friends and cousins."

"Oh that! I could not understand half the things they were saying. I can understand Urdu of course, everything you say and Ammi says but the accent here is a little different."

"I know" Asad laughed, "Even I have trouble sometimes especially when I come here after a long period of time."

"But the people here are so nice and friendly. Not a moment did I feel like I was a stranger here. They really made me feel at home. Everyone made extra effort to include me even in things I did not quite understand. Do you know, Najma loved the perfume I gave her." She added with her twinkle in her eyes.

"I was sure she would. So everyone in Chanderi is very friendly? How about people in Bhopal or rather from Bhopal? Don't they make you feel at home?"

"Asad" she smiled, shaking her head.

He looked up. This was the first time he had heard her say his name. Her American accent came into play  as she stressed on the second a' as in aa' and the d' at the end was pronounced as the letter d' rather than as the'.  His name had never sounded so sexy.

"Uzma naani reminds me of Ammi."Zoya said

"She does, doesn't she? She took care of Ammi when Ammi's mother passed away even before Ammi was married. Ammi is her favorite niece. You know Uzma naani and Maamujaan and family used to live in Bhopal when I was younger. Their house was almost next door to us.

When Abbu passed away I was eight years old and Ayaan was much younger. Abbu died very young and there was not much savings to survive on. It was then that Uzma naani helped us, not just financially but also emotionally. There was a time when even food became a luxury.  

You know Zoya, for years Razia Mumani would send dinner to our house every single day for the three of us. Ammi would make rotis and that is what we ate.  It was only when I turned fifteen and started doing odd jobs that I requested them to stop. By then Uzma naani's husband also died after a prolonged illness and they decided to move here to Chanderi into their ancestral home.

Our families are very close and Ammi and I make sure that we come and visit Naani, Maamujaan and Mumani at least once a year."

Zoya listened to his story and could not help but draw parallels to her own life. She had always assumed that she and Humi had gone through a tough time but she was moved by Asad's story. She didn't know what to say. She looked at him with tear filled eyes and said

"You had Ammi."

"Of course,  Ammi has always been a pillar of strength for both Ayaan and me."

"Do you have relatives in New York too?" Asad asked before he could stop himself

She was quiet, looking ahead and for a minute he thought she would not answer the question.

"There is our uncle and aunt, whose house we lived in and their three children. I was twelve when we were placed in their house."

"Where were you before then?"

"In numerous foster homes."

"Were they nice? Your uncle and aunt, and your cousins?"

"Aunty and uncle were too busy working, providing for their kids. They did not have much time for their own kids, much less for Humi and I. But I cannot complain, they did provide a stable home for us. They could have easily refused to keep us or worse still, keep only one of us and then the other one would be sent somewhere else, but they didn't.

Their oldest son, Aamir was only a couple of years older than me, he was very protective towards us. He helped us settle in school, met our teachers and answered everyone's uncomfortable questions.  His two younger siblings took their cue from him. We formed a bond that exists to this day. We don't meet often because of our busy schedules but we do keep in touch. In fact all of us met up for lunch a couple of weeks before coming to India. They all wanted to meet Ayaan.

 Aamir is a lawyer with the city of New York, in a different department than mine. He was a big help in getting my law degree as well. He is like a brother we never had."

"Of course you grew up with him and he protected you like an older brother." Asad said softly, "and you had Humaira with you so you were not alone."


"And she means the world to you."

"She does"

"Now she has Ayaan in her life."

"Of course and Ayaan is the sweetest." She smiled

"Yes he is, we horse around a lot, we irritate each other a lot and Ammi is always acting as a referee between us but I love him. Don't tell him I said that. Boys are usually not as demonstrative as girls. I am glad he found someone like Humaira though. I think he will finally grow up."

"Humaira needs to grow up too." Zoya laughed

"What about you? I think you need someone in your life too. Someone who will make you laugh."

Her smile faded.

"I did, but not anymore."

Asad took a few steps closer, inches away from her and said quietly. "Maybe you don't realize it yet."

After a short pause, his mood changed and he said lightly

" I noticed you are wearing the bangles, the one I chose."

"Uh yes"

"Did you like them?"

"They...they are very pretty." She finally said.

 He fingered them and brought them to his lips. He bent his head to kiss them. Her heartbeat accelerated and she closed her eyes in anticipation of his touch. Disappointment swept through her when she didn't feel his lips on her skin. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her, smirking.

He hooked his fingers around the bangles as he said "I have never apologized to anyone as much as I have to you."

"You apologized just once in the note."

"I apologized in the note, the flowers, while choosing these bangles and also while trying to make the muffins."

Zoya smiled, a little embarrassed.

"Just to let you know" he said as he circled her arms behind him, "I was not apologizing for what I did, I was apologizing for what I said." He was too close, his words were almost a whisper. His tone was teasing. They were on dangerous grounds now, she stepped back, untangling her arms from his and said, "We have had a long day I am tired."

She heard his soft laughter behind her as she almost ran to her room.


Chapter 15
I hope you like it. To be honest I am a little disappointed by the lack of comments on my FF. The comments do motivate me to write better.  So please do leave a comment when you are done reading Tongue

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that was cute... speciallyy the last scene... lovely update... update the next part soon plzzz... i cant wait to read moreee... LOL

yippeee... em frst... Embarrassed Embarrassed

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luved it how asad and zoya are  getting close to each other 

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Good one... :) Keep updating

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This one is getting better n better. Keep writing, ur story is really good

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