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Shadows FF Last Chapter & Epilogue (strictly 16+) (Page 106)

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Chapter 22

Asad parked his car in the driveway. He was glad to be home, it had been a long day, and the meetings were endless. He just wanted to have a quite dinner and relax with Zoya.

"Zoya!" He smiled.  They had been married for six months now and it has been the most blissful time in his life.

"Salaam Ammi" he said as soon as he entered the house.

"Wale kum salaam", answered Dilshad with a bright smile and a hug.

"Where's Zoya? And Ammi, why the hug? You don't hug me every day when I come back from work."  Asad asked, a little suspicious, usually when he came home Zoya would be bustling around in the kitchen helping Ammi prepare dinner.

"Are you guys up to something?" he arched his eyebrows.

"What? A mom can't hug her son for no reason." She said sweetly. "And by the way Zoya is in her room. She is not feeling too well, go ask her if she needs anything" said Dilshad, picking up her purse from the coffee table.

"Are you going out somewhere?" Asad asked walking towards his room.

"Yes, remember, Nadia aunty, she is visiting her brother here in Bhopal for a few days so we decided to meet. I'll be back in a couple of hours." Dilshad said. "Go see if Zoya needs something."

"Yes, yes I am going, I'll take care of your Zoya, don't worry." He said opening the door to his room.

Zoya was sitting on the prayer mat praying when he entered the room. He took off his ties and shoes and waited for her to get done.

When Zoya was done with her prayers, she folded the mat away and turned towards him. "You're home!" she said with a dazzling smile.

"Of course" he said kissing a corner of her lips and hugging her. "Ammi was saying you are not feeling well, what happened?"

"Asad" she said burying her face in the crook of his neck "I have to tell you something".

"Hmmm" he said, enjoying the sensation of her lips on his neck.

She brought her lips close to his ears and said, "I am pregnant."

She felt him freeze.

"Asad, are you okay?" he could hear the concern in her voice.

"Okay? You are asking me if I am okay? Oh my God, really? I can't believe it Zoya, I am so happy, I love you, I love you, I love you" he said placing small butterfly kisses all over her face.

"We are going to have a baby. I can't believe it. You are going to be Ammi and someone is going to call me Abbu" he said placing his hands on her stomach.

"Yes, a little Asad" added Zoya

"Or a little Zoya" he said going down on his knees and putting his arms around her waist.

He lifted her kurta and used his lips to stroke the place where the baby, a part of him and Zoya would grow. He kissed her belly button and went lower. Zoya groaned and held his shoulders to steady herself. She found the touch too erotic and slid down and sat on her haunches. He kissed her till she moaned pure pleasure into his mouth.

"Thank you Zoya. You have made me the happiest man in the world". He said and took her face in his palms and brought it closer to his. "Are you happy my Zoe? Are you happy with me?"

"Absolutely, if I knew there was so much happiness in store for me in life I would easily taken on much more pain and hurt"

"No no no never" Asad said hugging her closer standing like a wall between her and her past, protecting her from all the dark shadows that did not belong in their present or in their future. "Don't say such things".

They were still for a long time, content to be in each other's arms.

"Let me call Ammi and tell her the good news" said Asad, finally, taking out his cell phone from his pocket.

 "She knows, I already told her" said Zoya, "Is that okay?"

"Of course Zoya, you can tell whoever you want." Asad said, kissing her, wiping away the lingering doubts from the past that still sometimes seeped into the present.

"Ah that's why I got the hug" grinned Asad.

"We haven't told Ayaan and Humaira yet. Let's tell them they are going to be aunt and uncle too. Log on to Skype Asad" said Zoya

"Not yet, I don't want to share you with anyone right now" he said and gave her another mind numbing kiss.

She looked up at him dazed and saw the glint in his eyes that she knew only too well.

"What? Asad, Now?" she said in mock horror.

"Yes" he grinned, sweeping her off her feet and carrying her towards the bed, "Now."


Two and a half years later
Asad walked into the house and saw Zoya working in the kitchen, preparing dinner. He smiled to himself and hugged her from behind. Zoya, quite used to his surprise hugs continued chopping the vegetables. Asad moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck.

"How is my baby doing?" He murmured

"Driving me crazy." Zoya said, left the knife and turned towards him.

He encircled her waist with his strong arms and whispered, "Me too."

"What ?" she said half laughing

"What?" he answered with a question.

"I was talking about Zaid. Who are you talking about?" Zoya said putting her arms around his neck.

"I was talking about my older baby." Asad said

"Asad!!!" Zoya laughed as she turned around to give her attention to tonight's dinner.

"Where is everyone?" Asad said reluctantly letting go of Zoya.

"Zaid is playing with Ammi. Ayaan is not home yet and Humi is taking a nap." Zoya explained

Asad heard Zaid's scream of "Abbu" coming down the stairs and turned around to pick up his two year old son in his arms.

"How is my beta today?" he said to the beaming boy.

Dilshad came down behind Zaid and said "He saw from the window in my room that your car was parked in the driveway and came running down."

"Zoya beta, you didn't have to make dinner on your own. You should have called me." Dilshad turned her attention to Zoya.

"Ammi, I'm almost done. Just preparing the salad now."

Humaira walked down the stairs and towards the dining table.

"Did you sleep well Humi?" Zoya asked concerned.

"Yes, I don't know how other women do it. I'm exhausted all the time. I can't take it anymore." She complained making her way towards Zaid.

"That's because other women are not as spoilt as you." Asad teased, while placing Zaid in his high chair and giving him his favorite Mickey Mouse plate.

Zaid tried to wriggle out of his chair as soon as he saw his khala' walk towards him.

"Zoya!!! Ammi!!! See bhaijaan is bothering me again." Humaira cried taking Zaid out of his chair.

"Asad!" Zoya and Dilshad exclaimed together.

"Don't hold Zaid like that. You shouldn't be carrying any weight so late in your pregnancy." Dilshad said to a seven month heavily pregnant Humaira while Asad took Zaid away from his khala and placed him in the high chair again.

"Stay here young man." Asad said to Zaid.

"Humi, see I made the fish you wanted to have and also the pink frosted cupcakes you were craving for." Zoya said.

"Humi you are making my wife work too much." Asad said smiling good naturedly.

She is my sister first, your wife later." Humaira replied, "so don't be jealous Bhaijaan."

"When is Ayaan coming home?" Asad asked shaking his head, there was no winning these two sisters.

"He left from his office a while back. He should be home any minute now." Dilshad informed while breaking the bread Zoya had put in Zaid's plate.

As if on cue, Ayaan walked through the main door.

"Salaam everyone" Ayaan said, cheerfully as he headed straight for Humiara.

"How are you feeling?" He asked her

"Good" Humiara said, giving him her broadest smile.

"What happened to all the complaining we heard two seconds ago?" Dilshad teased while everyone started laughing.

"What are you talking about? My wife never complains." Ayaan said with a straight face that he could not keep any longer and broke into a grin.

"Heyy Ayaan!!" Humaira said hitting him on his chest.

Zoya observed the banter around her. This is what she had been craving all her life, a family. She had everything she had ever dreamt of and more importantly, Asad, who looking at her intently. His expression changed to one of askance. She smiled at him shaking her head and joined in the conversation around her.


Zoya searched for her clothes, half asleep. She felt Asad's smooth shirt under her fingers and absently put it on. She walked through the archway and into the nursery. She peered into the crib and saw Zaid fast asleep.

Asad realized immediately that she was no longer sleeping in his arms. He opened his eyes and after it had adjusted to the dark, he saw her standing on the other room that they had added into their own and converted into a nursery. He got up from the bed, tied the bed sheet loosely around his waist and went and stood behind her.  

"What are you doing? Did he wake up?" Asad whispered.

"No, I thought I heard him but he's fast asleep." Zoya whispered back.

They both stood there watching over their son when Asad finally said "He looks like you when he is sleeping."

Zoya laughed softly, turning towards him. "Asad, everyone says he looks exactly like you."

Asad took her in his arms and said "You know I fell in love with you when the first time I took you in my arms and you were sleeping like this, like an angel. And when I saw you the same night, your beautiful soulful eyes, I knew I was a goner."

"Yes, my knight in shining armor, ready with a pizza in his hand in the middle of the night." Zoya said

Asad placed his forehead against hers and said, "I love you Zoya Farooqui Khan."

"I love you too." Zoya said as she placed her hand in his and led him towards their bed.

The tingling sensation as their fingers touched surprised them every single time. Sometimes the sensation was heightened when they were alone, sometimes it dimmed, but it was always there. Zoya and Asad had dismissed it as one of the unexplained anomalies of their lives that would remain unexplained forever.



"Eventually soul mates meet, for they have the same hiding place."
 "I have to go. They are taking me. They say I was created for this." Said the boy

"No, don't go." said the girl almost in tears, "I cannot stay here without you."

"Don't worry" Said the boy "I promise we will meet down there"

"You promise? But how??" said the girl

"I don't know but I will recognize you somehow." Said the boy with conviction

"You will recognize me? You will know it's me because I will be the saddest creature on earth. I will be miserable because I would not have met you" said the girl

"I will look at your eyes and I will know it's you." Said the boy

Before they could separate they extended their hands towards each other and the fingers touched, a force so big and so strong that it rocked the heavens around them.


Ok guys I'm done with this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all your encouraging comments and support through out my journey.  It would not have been possible for me to write a word without your applause. A whole hearted THANK YOU!

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I loved that sooo much  It was sooo cute I am going to miss this sooo much thanx for the pm and please keep writing would love to read more stories by u Big smile

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that was so beautiful and so so perfect! I'm so happy zoya has got a family she deserved and Asad is so changed too! :') it was a beautiful story, thank you so much for writing it and I hope you write something new soon (:

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lovely end

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A charming end!   Star   Star   Star

"Are you happy my Zoe? Are you happy with me?"

"...They both stood there watching over their son..."

Poignantly beautiful.   Heart

"Humi you are making my wife work too much."  

"The tingling sensation as their fingers touched surprised them every single time. Sometimes the sensation was heightened when they were alone, sometimes it dimmed, but it was always there. Zoya and Asad had dismissed it as one of the unexplained anomalies of their lives that would remain unexplained forever."

 *sigh*   Day Dreaming

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Beautiful story...

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Awesome epilogue

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