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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 94)

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hey tis is really awesome...beautifully written...totally luv it...
it mind blowing...ur really a talented writer n ur writing skills are superb...anshu is just too cute n the way the he bond wit zoya is awesome...totally addicted to tis ff...luv humeira n ayaan bonding n hw she told ayaan about wat she is feeling at the moment n hw ayaan support her n always be by her side is sooo sweet...luv the asya conversation  on skype n when she ptu all her clothes in the cupboard was wonderfull...luv all the asya moments it beautifull...thx fr the pm n please pm me for the next part...please continue soon n eagerly waiting for he next part...

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Okay now you r being bad, n I mean it. how can you end it here? I was reading it all lost in AsYa n dere you go I found a to be cont. line, I was mad at dat tym.
the entire part was nothing short than Perfect n heart touching. i'll give you a looong comment wen u post the remaining part.

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Loved both chapters!!!! Amazing! Thank goodness Humeria and Ayaan have found out the truth! Fantastic! They will do something for sure now after the marriage! Can't wait! Dost and Zoya apology and bond was needed and same with the hug with Najma...Beautiful! The teasing was sooo adorable man! Love it! 

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Its awesome!! Loved it!!

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I really shouldn't set deadlines for myself. Here's the next part! Written this in a rush to update, so there's a lot of mistakes please please ignore! Do leave your feedback and suggestions behind.

Part 24 (2)

'Kidnapping me to my back garden ehh?' Asked Zoya as the tip of her fingers touched his against the pardah between them. She carried on walking, with him following on the other side. She stopped once she reached the middle, she looked up towards him; he was gazing at her lovingly through the covering. He put his hand out to touch her face; she took her face towards it. He caressed her face; he loosely cupped her face pulling it towards him,

'You are glowing more than ever, bohot khoobsurat lag rahe ho' Zoya blushed looking down, 'yeh sharma na band karogi?' He whispered, his finger lingered under her chin in an attempt to lift it up, he tried again. She stared into his glistening eyes; they shared the same excitement as hers. She lifted her hands up only to realise she had mehendi on, she touched his face with the back of her hands,

'Come here' She indicated with his eyes, she placed a kiss against the material, her lips touched his cheek. He slowly placed his lips moving his cheek away, Zoya shot back once her lips touched hers. She turned around to face the other way, all flushed. Asad shook his head; he was still surprised at how much she blushes despite all their intense moments,

'Zoya' He called out, his hands scraping the material in front of him. He watched as she stepped back slowly, he heard her anklets jingle with each step. He mentally smacked himself; how could he forget she wore it for him. He straightened his body as she rest her back against him. He caressed the side of her arms, his fingers comforting every bit of her scar. Zoya faced side wards tearing up at his touch; the comfort, the love clearly felt. She closed her eyes,

'Heyy shhh...' Whispered Asad, Zoya shivered at his heavy breathing on her neck. He played his fingers on her back,

'Ahh, Asad stop it... That tickles' She giggled squirming,

She held her hands up in the air,

'Yeh dekho Asad, mere mehendi' She beamed,

'Mere pyaar ka rang...'

'Waqt hai... It's not time to take off yet, exam abhi bhi chal raha hai' She teased rocking her body side to side,

'Oh hoye, mere sharmili dulhan' Laughed Asad, Zoya held her hands over her face,

'Asad stop it...'

'Zoya mere taraf dekho... Dekho' He watched as she slowly turned, 'upar...' She looked into his eyes, 'mere pyaar ka rang sabse gehra charega, kyunki gehrapaan ke alaava mere pyaar mein aur kuch nahin hai, mere mohabbat haar uss pahar, haar uss samundar ko paar kar sakta hai, shayad mujhe kudh pata nahi ki mujhe tumse kitni mohabbat hai... Lekin yeh zaroor janta hoon ki mere pyaar kisi junoon se kaam nahin... Zoya, tum mere liye kya ho shayad mein kudh tumhe samjha nahi paungi... I love you so so so much, itna pyaar karta hoon ki dard hota hain, tumse ek pal ki doori mujhe manzoor nahi...'

'Heyy shhh... Mujhe rulana hai kya?'Zoya cried, 'mein aapse khabie door nahi hongi samjhe, hum jaldi ek ho jayenge, kal akhri rasm hai, haldi ka, uske baad hum zindagi ke liye ek ho jayenge... I love you, you know that?' She tried caressing his face with the back of her hands, 'aap mere sab kuch ho, sab kuch... Mere zindagi, mere vajood, mere pratne aapse shuru hokar aappe khatam hota hai... Mere dhadkhane, mere saasein aap mein basee hai...' Zoya nodded at him,

'Hmm, why do we always get so emotional? Aur lagta hain tum mujhse pyaar ke baatein karna seekh gaye ho' Asad laughed despite being the one to start it, she rolled her eyes,

'Because aap emotionally challenged...' Zoya paused, 'nahin ho' she smiled,

'Akhir Akdu se Romeo finally bana hi diya...'

'Nahi, aap abhi bhi thoda akdu hain lekin romantic bhi ho, aap mere akdu romantic ho' She said possessively, Asad chuckled at her explanation,



'Kaal nahi a paungi... Toh dekho aaj mein kya laya hoon'

'Kya hain?'

'Haldi' he replied, he dipped his finger into the pot picking up as much haldi possible on his fingers, he brought it forward,

'Asad yeh kaise lagaogi?' She asked innocently,

'Aise...' He rubbed his hand on the material, Zoya watched carefully before placing her cheek against it. Asad did the same on the other side, they both held material in between their cheeks, they laughed as they brushed their cheeks up and down smearing as much haldi as they could on each other's cheeks. They both broke apart and stared at each other with wide eyes; Zoya took the back of her hands and rubbed the cheek bringing it back to see whether it painted on her cheeks. She was about to rub that hand on her other cheek,

'Rukho, ab woh gaal karte hain' He said excitedly; Zoya was amused at his eagerness. They did the same with the other cheek, 'maine lagaya hai na, ab aur glow karogi'He grinned, 'chalo ab nikaah kar lete' He joked.

'Asad...' Zoya scolded, 'aap bhi na'

'Ek din aur' He frowned, 'Mujhe yaakeen nahi ho raha hai' He placed the haldi pot on the floor, he outlined her face with his hands over the covering, 'tum sirf mere ho... Hum ek hone wale hai Zoya... Tum sirf mere liye banne ho...'

'Haan' She nodded pressing her forehead against his, 'mein sirf aapki hoon! Aap sirf mere, hum ek hain! Aap mere dil se maange huye woh dua ho, joh mere kismat ke paas purah karne ke siva aur koi choice nahin tha... they say prayers that come from the core of your heart are always fulfilled' He kissed her forehead before allowing her to kiss his. They remained in that position, their foreheads against each other's, noses touching, their bodies millimetres apart as the parda in between separated them.


There a few metres away stood Humeira and Ayaan with smiles plastered on their faces,

'MashAllah, kisi ke nazar na lage inn dono ko' Blessed Humeira, 'humesha saath saath rahe, saath mein kitne ache lagte hai, hai na Ayaan?'

'Haan, chalo let's go' He took Humeira's hand and walked away, 'Maan bhaijaan, aap bhabie ke saath yahan?' Ayaan was surprised to see Maan and Geet standing behind them in each other's arms,

'Haaan' sighed Geet as she stared at the two lovebirds in front of them, 'Baba jee, inn ko kisi ka nazar na lage, humaare bhi nahi... Yeh dono ek doosre ke liye hi bane hai, koi musibat nahi aane dena, inke pyaar humesha hi aise baanaa rahe' She said tearfully, Maan hugged her tighter as they brought back memories of his wedding with Geet. Their wedding happened after great difficulty, they had to pass so many hurdles right up to the wedding; Geet's life was in danger. He earnestly prayed from the bottom of his heart for their love, for their wedding. They both have been yearning to become binded to each other; their love for each other surpasses every limit. 'Let's go inside...' He took everyone away from there.


'Asad, mujhe chalna hoga' She whispered sniffing,

'Heyy, shhh tum ro kyun rahe ho?' He asked concerned seeing her silently weeping,

'Yeh kushiyon ki aansoon hai Asad...'

'Joh bhi ho, mujhe tumhare aankhon mein ek bhi ansoon bardasht nahi hota' he said trying to wipe her tears.

'Itna pyaar karte ho?'

'Usse bhi kahin zyada, bataya na...'

'Janta hoon, mujhe rothe huye dekhe aapko dil ko bohot tez pohuch tha hai' She placed the back of her hand on his chest, 'pata nahi bidaai ke waqt aap kaise react karogi' She laughed,

'Kya tum rone wale ho kya?' He said shocked,

'Aankein paar paar kar' She exaggerated, 'acha mein chalti hoon, aapi will be looking for me... Mere intezaar karna' She stared into his dough shaped eyes that were gazing at her intently,

'Jaldi aana' He whispered softly almost pleading, she nodded at him shaking her mehendi hands at him before rushing inside making enchanting noises with her jingling anklets. Asad looked up into the shining sky, 'Allah iske saare dil ki tamanne purah kardena, uski muskurat humesha banna ke rakhna' He prayed with his eyes closed.




'Kya hua Geet, jab se bhaijaan se milke ayein ho blush hi kare jaa rahe ho' Zoya nudged Geet's shoulder, 'Oye hoye, haathon se khilaker diya kiya?'She raised her eyebrows up and down, Geet blushed a deep crimson whilst she rubbed the side of her lips with the back of her hands,

'So how's Asad hmmm? Kissing shizzing khatam hua kiya?' Teased Geet, Zoya's eyes widened before she ran away from her whilst Geet burst out laughing.

'Humeira, kal milenge... Kya hua teek tho ho na?' Asked a concerned Zoya,

'Nahi bhaji, thakh gayi hoon, bas. Jee haan, kaal milte hain' She smiled sweetly before calling out to Ayaan.

'Take care of her Rabart, aur mehendi lagi hai... She didn't eat anything here, ghar jaake kuch khila dena... Eat okaay?' She hugged Humeira and then Ayaan, 'Thanks Ayaan and Bhaijaan ka bhi khayal rakhna' She winked before waving them off.

'Zoya' Called Geet, 'I'm going to put the babies to sleep after taking my mehendi off and then we'll sit down and take yours off' She said rushing upstairs. Zoya nodded before walking up to the dining table. She tried picking the glass of water up but failed. She continuously fidgeted with it before finally giving up. She made a sulking face,

'Yeh lo' Zoya looked up to find the glass of water near her lips; she followed the helping hand to find Anwar standing there with a smile on his face. Zoya drank a few gulps of water,

'Thank you jeeju' She smiled widely, she was about to wipe her mouth but he stopped her. He put the glass down and wiped the side of her lips with his hand,

'Aab yeh haq bhi cheen rahe ho kya?' He frowned, 'jaanta hoon, tum pe humara haq nahi rahega, lekin jab tak ho yahan, let us take care of you' He said trying to keep his tone normal. Zoya stared at him with blank expressions; she gazed past his specs to find pair of eyes admiring her lovingly. Zoya wrapped her arm under his and dragged him to the sofa. She made him sit on the sofa whilst she sat on the floor. She stared up at him with teary eyes watching him trying to control his feelings; he broke his gaze and face the other ways. Zoya brought it back to face her,

'Mujhe daatiye jeeju... Itna pyaar bharsa ke mere liye yeh sab kuch aur zyada difficult bana rahe ho' She said sniffing, he smacked her head,

'Jitna bhi chilao ya maroo, yeh pyaar toh nahi jayega' He cupped her face wiping her tears away, 'janta tha, tumhein ek din jana tha lekin itna dard hoga yeh nahin jaana' His voice broke as he tried pulling himself together, 'mere choti si pari kab bari hogayi pata nahin chala, kash tumhein chota bana ke humare paas humesha ke liye rakh sakta' Zoya burst out into tears not being able to keep it in any longer, she lay her head on his lap as he brushed his hand over it, 'You're my first child, my beautiful daughter. You came as a blessing into our lives; you took away all the emptiness that was present in your parent's life. Shayad Allah isiliye humaare naseeb mein ek aur aulaad de diya, to fill that gap you're going to leave behind as you will be taking a part of us away with you. I couldn't thank Allah enough for giving you to us. Janta hoon, khabie bathaya nahin lekin I'm very proud of you Zoya, mere bachi. Very very proud for the woman you are and have become. Humesha muskarathe rehna...' He sobbed resting his head on top of hers, 'I love you very much beta'

'I love you jeeju' She held him tighter, 'main jo bhi hoon aaj aap aur aapi ke vajah se hoon... Mere naseeb kuch acha tha ki ammi abbu kho ke bhi doosri pa li...' She looked up at him; he shook his head side to side to hush her, 'main kitna lucky hoon... Pata nahin aap dono ke bina kaise rahungi... I-' She closed her eyes pressing out the tears that were brimming in her eyes.

'Bas bas...' He picked her up holding her by the shoulder, 'skype aur phone kis ke liye invent huye?' He laughed taking her in for a hug. He held her tight; how will he let her go? He cupped her face, 'rona maath...' She didn't listen as she rest her head on his chest,

'Janta hoon, bidaai ke liye bacha ke rakhna hai' She half laughed, half cried. Her body was still shaking as she sobbed on his chest, he tried calming her down,
'oopps sorry about the mehendi' She looked at his pants and then her hands as they both let out laugh.

'Koi baat nahin' He smiled kissing her forehead.

'Arz kiya hai' She jumped back,

'Irshaad Irshaad'

'Mein east rahoon ya west,

Mein east rahoon ya west,

My Jeeju will always be the best!' She squealed jumping up and down.

'Aheemm' They both turned to see an emotional Zeenat standing there about to burst any moment,

'Emotional mama' They both rolled their eyes, 'ajao' She ran forward and hugged them both.


Zoya closed her eyes whilst Geet scraped her mehendi off. She waited not so patiently as Geet washed her mehendi off and then patted it dry before oiling her hands. Geet placed both of her palms together; Zoya peaked through her eyes opening them slowly. She separated her palms opening them like a book as she took in the sight before her; a lone tear crept from the side of her eyes.



'Prasad, is he upstairs?' Asked Ayaan finding Prasad at the reception area.

'Jee, sir andaar hi hain, I think he's free now, go up' He nodded at him before walking off.

Ayaan turned towards a nervous Humeira who stood behind him with her hands together rocking side to side. He held her hand and led her upstairs,

'Everything will be fine; I've spoken to Bhaijaan and told him you were coming. He's free now and he'll be able to talk to you' He cupped her face trying to comfort her, 'You go inside, Badi Ammi wants me home for something, I'll pick you up later' He smiled. She nodded at him before turning towards Asad's door. She breathed out before knocking on his door,

'Come in' Came a voice from inside. She waved Ayaan off before pushing the door open and entering. Asad looked up to see Humeira entering; he smiled at her indicating the seat in front of him.

'Humeira, kaise ho? Beto' He said not sure how to behave. He's been feeling uncomfortable since Ayaan had phoned him to tell him that Humeira wanted to meet him to discuss something important.

'Jee, mein teek hoon. Mujhe aapse, mein aapse-' Her lips twitched as she brought up the courage to speak to him.

'Tum beto na' He got up and walked around the table to pull out the chair for her. He watched as her lips trembled; something was wrong.

'Jee nahi, mujhe aapse baat karni thi' She started, Asad nodded as he listened; his expressions calm and composed not to scare her, 'Mere, mere ammi aur abbu... Woh woh Zoya' Asad's eyes widened, suddenly a lot more alert than before,

'Kya hua Humeira' He held her by the shoulders,

'Jeeju' Humeira broke down in front of Asad as she slipped out of his hands and dropped to the floor; she knows? Asad pressed his forehead trying to calm himself down. He kneeled on the floor in front of her,

'Kya hua, mujhe batao, dekho, maath ro, sab kuch teek hojayega' He comforted her only to have her break out into louder sobs. He didn't know what to do as he stared at her; he looked around his office helplessly,

'Jeeju' She managed between sobs; she placed her hand over her mouth to calm herself down, 'Mere ammi aur abbu ne Zoya appi ke ammi ko dokha diya hai, appi ki nannu ke daulat pane ke liye. Ummhh, jab appi ki ammi ko sab pata chala unhone abbu ka samna kiya. Mere ammi ke koi aulaad nahi tha, bohot khosishon ke baad bhi... jab ammi ko pata chala Zoya appi ke baarame, woh bohot gussa hog aye thi kyunki unke nannu ne sab kuch unke naam karke gaya tha. When she found out everything from Zoya appi's ammi, she decided to kill her and her daughter. She, she erm, she stabbed her to death right there and then' Cried Humeira whilst Asad listened carefully, 'To hide the matter, they used your abbu to burn the factory down. They made him feel guilty by making him think he killed the woman. He didn't know there was a child in the same factory in another room' She took his hand into hers, 'Jeeju, aap ke abbu ne kuch nahin kiya. Woh, sach mein majboor the, he didn't cheat on your ammi intentionally. They cheated him; they drugged him to make him... erm with Shirin khala. They're both innocent, he only hid it because he didn't want to hurt your ammi. After the fire incident; he buried himself with guilt. He broke completely. My parents are at fault, yeh sab unhi ka chaal hai' She stared at the floor in shame holding his hand for support. He cupped her face,

'I know everything' He whispered as he admired the strength of the girl in front of him; she was exactly like Zoya. Humeira stared at him with tears overflowing her eyes, he nodded at her, 'Tumhari appi nahi chahti thi ki tum aapne ammi abbu ko nafrat karo, unse door ho jao jaise woh door huye thi. She wanted you to be happy'

'By sacrificing her happiness? By sacrificing justice for herself and her ammi?' She questioned,

'She thought you won't be able to handle the pain of separation'

'Mujhe nahi chahiye aise balidaan. She has suffered enough jeeju. Mujhe un ke liye insaaf chahiye, sach sach hota hai, gunah kiya hai mere ammi abbu ne... woh badle nahin'

'Kisi ne sach kaha tha, no matter how good of a cause the lie is hidden for, the truth always comes out' He sighed, 'She did it all for you Humeira, her sister' He brushed the tears off her face,

'Sister? Woh mujhe unke behen maan the hai yeh sab ke bavajood' She cried with joy, 'Mein to-'

'Yeh sab tumhare galti nahin hai, don't you dare blame yourself for this. She loves you so so much. I have seen immense love for you in her eyes. She is ready to forgive her culprits for her sister's one smile' He told her.

'Sach mein?' She squirmed on the floor before jumping to hug Asad, 'Sach mein, she's accepted me?' She cried, Asad smiled caressing her hair, 'Kyun? Kyun woh itne ache hain?'

'Because she's Zoya. Uss ka dil bohot barah hain' He was so proud of her.

'Mujhe sach pata chal gaya, jeeju aap mere madaat karenge na? Mujhe aapi ke liye insaaf chahiye, haan, aap ke paas saboot hai na?' She asked,

'Tumhe kaise pata?'

'I heard them speaking. Jeeju they tried killing aapi. She's not safe. They might try again, please do somethinG' She sounded worried, almost panicky.

'Tum chinta maat karna, they won't be able to touch her. She's safe' He assured her, 'Tumhara saath mil gaya na, usse kuch nahi hoga. Lekin, usse yeh sab chupana hoga atleast until after nikkah. She'll start stressing if she finds out, woh kitna kush hai. Hum dono milke usse bathayenge.'

'Ji, jeeju' She nodded, 'Mujhe uss ghar-' She paused,

'Chinta maath karo, tum sirf Zoya ki choti behen nahi ho, mere bhi. Mere hote huye, tumhe kissi cheez ke liye chinta nahi karna padega. Mein tumse vaada karta hoon. I'll make everything alright' He picked her up, 'Chalo rona maath, tumhare behen aise dekhigi toh pareshan ho jayegi. I'll drop you off, haldi hai na aaj. Tum bataana mere dulhan kaise dekh rahi hai' He winked earning a slight blush and a giggle from Humeira, 'Lekin sach mein, tum dono behen ek jaise ho, strong and beautiful' He tapped her nose. Humeira felt proud to be compared to her big sister, it gave her a huge sense of satisfaction.
'Chalein, give me one minute, I'll just grab my keys' Humeira watched as he excitedly picked up his coat, before arranging the pen holder slightly and then glancing back and seeing whether everything was in its place. She was happy that Zoya had found herself such a wonderful husband, so caring, so loving. She chucked to herself seeing him arranging the already straight folder, she had always heard Zoya complaining about his OCD, but for the first time she was seeing it with her eyes.


'Aaj nahin ainge? Chup chup ke milne ke liye?' Teased Humeira, Asad shook his head as he carried on driving,

'Tum shuru hogaye phirse, yeh Asim and Ayaan kaam thi kya?' He complained, Humeira laughed.

'Haan akhir ladki walein joh tehre. Jeeju aap ka phone' She pointed to Asad's phone that was continuously ringing.

'Rehne do' He said as the car came to a halt, 'Ya Allah, woh teek tho haina?' He ran out to check if the boy he nearly ran over was okay only to find the boy long gone.  

'Jeeju, important lag raha hain, they've called you 4 times now' She told him,

'Hello?' He inserted the Bluetooth piece into his ear whilst he started the car and drove off,

'Jee sir, Rohan speaking from the hawelli you had your sangeet in few days ago, sir dulhan ki kuch cheezein reh gaye, Ipad and some jewellery. I just wanted to inform you, can someone collect them from the office?' The voice spoke from the other side,

'Are you sure it's ours? What colour is the Ipad?' He asked,

'Pink sir'

'Teek hain, I'll just come pick it up now. Thanks, Bye' and with that he hung up, 'Humeira, do you mind if we make a stop at the haweli, Zoya ki kuch cheezein reh gaye...'

'Jee, it's fine' She smiled.


Rashid was passing by when he seen Asad's car almost run over a small boy. He jumped out of his car only to have him get back inside and drive off once again. Rashid wanted to talk to him, today was his only chance since it was his Nikkah the next day. He thought he would follow them; it was important he speaks to Asad and that too today.


'Kya tum andar chalogi?' Asked Asad. Humeira nodded before she stepped out of the car. They both entered the haweli that now looked dull, completely different to how it was 2 days ago. They looked around for one of the workers.
'Hello?' He called out, they both waited for a few minutes before a young male in red uniform appeared.

'Can I help you sir?'

'Yes, I received a call that we left some belongings behind 2 days ago, he asked us to pick it up' Asad explained.

'Oh haan, I think it's still in the room. You could go have a look to see what's there. I've got a client on the phone I must rush back, I think there's some more stuff in that room as well' He pointed upstairs and then to another room on the ground floor. Asad nodded at him, he watched as the guy walked off.

'Humeira, tum yahan niche check karo aur mein uppar. Kitne unprofessional log hain yahan' He grunted before going upstairs. He entered the dark room; he tried searching for the lights. Everything seemed so gloomy inside. He pushed the door close behind him to reach for the lights; he turned it on to find a messy room, with clothes all over the place. He was surprised to see the windows blocked off; no living thing can breathe in here, he thought to himself. He covered his nose before searching for Zoya's Ipad. Once he reached the middle of the room, he heard the door bang shut behind him. He turned on his feet as he rushed towards it. He pulled at the doorknob however; it was locked, 'Hello? Is someone there?' He called out as he punched the door. He tried opening the door again, but no luck. He heard something behind him, he turned to find nothing. He looked around the room before smelling something weird. His eyes caught something sparkly running against the wall; his eyes widened in fear once he realised what it was. He flew back as the sparks reached the small wardrobe and in seconds caught fire. He tried taking the fire out with the blanket only to have the fire spread and grow more viciously; gasoline on the blankets? He coughed into his hands as the smoke spread in to the room, the lights went dim. He rushed towards the window; he kicked at it however it was unbreakable as it was blocked off from the outside. What the hell was happening he's mind wondered, he ran back to the door trying to break the glass pieces on the top of the door. He stared at his bleeding hands, 'Humeira?' He shouted, 'Humeira, can you hear me?' He suddenly grew worried for the innocent soul that was waiting for him downstairs.


Humeira entered the room and switched the lights on. She was confused as to what she was looking for, nonetheless she searched continuously. She stood in the middle of the room finally giving up when she felt a hit against her head. The next thing she knew was that she fell unconscious on the floor, without a noise.


'Chahat beta, mama ko bulao please?' Zoya asked whilst she sorted her saree out. Dressed in a pale yellow saree and a half sleeved white blouse; Zoya was ready for the final rasm. Her hands continuously went over her cheeks that were now glowing more than ever. She blushed remembering how Asad applied the haldi on her cheeks. She was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly heard her phone ring,

'Yeh kiska number hai? Hmmm, hello? Oh hi, jee wow that's great. The Ipad is pink na? Yuppp, it's mine and I think the jewellery is mine too... abhi? Jee acha teek hain, I'll come pick it up now. Thank you very much' Zoya put the phone down before rushing to get her purse.


Humeira slowly lifted her eyelids up, her vision was blurry. She coughed as she tried picking herself up, her head felt heavy. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them; her eyes grew wide at the sight before her. The whole room was on fire; she tried getting up on her feet, but her knees failed her making her drop back on the floor.

'Is someone there? Jeeju?!! Please HELP MEEE!' She cried, 'JEEJU? Ayaan, please help me! AAAGGG!' She screamed almost choking.

Not a few metres away stood a young male with a devious smile on his face. He threw the last matchstick onto the gasoline before walking out. He dialled a few numbers  on his phone as he walked,

'Jee maam, kam hogaya. Kudh hi dekh lo. They will both burn to ashes' He sniggered before glancing at the hawelli one last time.


PRECAP: Will they survive? Razia ne chali uski aagli chaal, uski baadla ki aag mein kya faana ho jayegi uski aapni aulaad? LMFAOOO!!! SORRRY I'M JOKING! 


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YAY! I'm first! Dancing

Ok so I know i"m in for it. I haven't unresed my last 4 comments. But I am waiting for day when I have time to write a comment that does your story justice. And I know I won't be able to do in just a few minutes. Ergo... please please please bear with me. I promise it'll be worth the wait! Big smile

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Originally posted by mochhug


YAY! I'm first! Dancing

Ok so I know i"m in for it. I haven't unresed my last 4 comments. But I am waiting for day when I have time to write a comment that does your story justice. And I know I won't be able to do in just a few minutes. Ergo... please please please bear with me. I promise it'll be worth the wait! Big smile

Hahaha first!! LOOL! Awwwieee, I think it's so cute when you try to res for my hopeless story!

Yes you are so in for it! Not unres'd a single comment! GRRR! Lmfaoo! I'm joking seriously, take your time lovely, I don't mind. You're not really missing out on anything, my writing has gone so bad. I don't even think this chapter is even in proper English! So it's cooolios, take your time. And I will eagerly wait for your comments.

P.S. I've just seen PM's from you in my inbox, so sorry haven't touched them yet. I promise to read and leave feedbacks soon. Life is being so complicated atm!

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mochhug IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by MrMrsAsyaKhan

Originally posted by mochhug


YAY! I'm first! Dancing

Ok so I know i"m in for it. I haven't unresed my last 4 comments. But I am waiting for day when I have time to write a comment that does your story justice. And I know I won't be able to do in just a few minutes. Ergo... please please please bear with me. I promise it'll be worth the wait! Big smile

Hahaha first!! LOOL! Awwwieee, I think it's so cute when you try to res for my hopeless story!

Yes you are so in for it! Not unres'd a single comment! GRRR! Lmfaoo! I'm joking seriously, take your time lovely, I don't mind. You're not really missing out on anything, my writing has gone so bad. I don't even think this chapter is even in proper English! So it's cooolios, take your time. And I will eagerly wait for your comments.

P.S. I've just seen PM's from you in my inbox, so sorry haven't touched them yet. I promise to read and leave feedbacks soon. Life is being so complicated atm!

Sowieee EmbarrassedBig smileLOL

 And as for the PM's don't worry :) Take your time :D I know what you mean Smile

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