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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 91)

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I understand how Humeira is feeling. It's a nightmare when you are let down by your parents.

Maan and Geet are back. I am BIG Maneet fan. Thanks a lot for that.

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I always get super excited whenever you update, it's the first thing I do when going on IF.
You're such an amazing writer!
Beautiful update as always!
The precap seems REALLY exciting! 
Can't wait till you update again!
This is the only FF that really caught my attention, you're awesome!
I'm so glad Humeira knows the truth about her parents.
And how Ayaan was their for her, different from whats going on now in the show.
And thank you sooo much for adding Maan and Geet, HUGE Maaneet fan. 
I loved how Geet would say Baba Ji and Zoya with Ya Allah / Allah Miyan.
Now I'm gonna watch Maaneet scenes now. LOLBig smileSmile

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comments beautifuls. It means a lot.
This chapter is split into two parts; it turned out to be longer than what I anticipated.
And guess what? Me passed my exams! WOOO!! I was scared I failed due to IF, but I was saved! Anyhoo, enjoy :)

Part 24

'Anshu, yahan ao khala ke paas' Zoya put her arms out to a tired Anshu who crawled towards her and buried himself in her arms. Zoya rocked back and forth with him making circles on his palm with her indent finger. She looked up and giggled watching Geet chase after Chahat who was refusing to have her bath.

'Baba-ji, yeh kaise saaza de rahe ho... In shaitaan bachon ko mein kaise sambhaloo? Sab Maan ka galti hai' She whacked her head with her hand as she sat back on the bed.


'Maa kaho' Yelled a frustrated Geet, 'purah angrez banna chahte ho kya?'

'Mummy, Najma will give me a bath' She said as she walked out of the room sucking her thumb in a white vest and shorts.

'Geeet, chill yaaar!! Itna stress mat lo' Zoya pulled at her shoulder making her fall back on the bed. Geet sighed as she closed her eyes, her breathing steadied finally drifting off to sleep. Zoya shook her head side to side before placing a sleepy Anshu on the bed making sure to put pillows on his sides to stop him from falling off the bed. She kissed him before pulling the covers over Geet and turning the lights off.

'Goodnight angels' Zoya smiled as she walked out of the room before rushing to attend a Chahat.


Zoya sighed as she sat on her bed against the window staring into the dark sky. Her eyes glistened with happiness as she thought of her bright future with her Asad,

'Allah Miyaan, kaise shuker ada karoon, mere damaan mein itna kushiyan baar ne ke liye? Thank you, Thank you' She smiled looking at her hands, 'Kaal mere haathon mein unke pyaar ka rang lag jayega. Kal mere mehendi lag jayegi, mere Nikaah ki mehendi' She giggled with excitement, 'Kitne intezaar ki hain meine iss din ke liye' The thought of seeing Mr Khan's love adorned on her hands gave her a sense of satisfaction. She breathed in the fresh breeze of air as she let her hair down. She shook her head side to side before grinning at the cool air caressing her hair making it dance crazily behind her. She put her hand under chin resting it on the window ledge as she dreamt of Asad sitting beside her hugging her tight as she lay there peacefully in his arms.

'Beta, tumhare mama na koi kaam se bahar gaye hain, jaldi ajayenge'

'Pakka?' The little girl asked,

'Pakka, Jao wahan jakaar khelo, mein abhi aata hoon beta' The uncle told her whilst walking up to the maiden of the orphanage.

'Jee mein usko do din mein milne aunga... aap uska khayal rakhna please?' He begged with both of his hands, the little girl stared at the man with wide eyes taking in his physical appearance. She focused real hard with her petite eyes trying to remember his face; she stared at his hands as he continuously rubbed his left palm with his right hand. She looked more closely to see a scar on the back of his left hand and bluish coloured stone ring on the fourth finger. She gazed at him helplessly as tears formed in her eyes. She ran up to the gate of the orphanage and leaned against it, waiting.

Zoya's elbow slipped off the window ledge hearing Anshu cry. She jumped off the bed and ran to Geet's room, she picked him up in her arms telling Geet to go back to sleep; she was knackered after her flight from Delhi. She needed the energy for tomorrow thought Zoya; she passed Chahat her juice bottle before walking out with him.

'Kya hua baby' Zoya caressed Anshu's cheeks as he stared at her with his big innocent wide eyes. He nuzzled into her chest, Zoya giggled feeling slightly ticklish. She sat on her bed as she picked her phone up,


'Heyy? What are you doing?' Asked Asad,

'Just putting Anshu to sleep, but doesn't look like the little monkey wants to anytime soon' She watched Anshu fuss on her lap making himself comfortable as he leaned against her and stared at the huge room in front of him that was sparkling with wrapped gifts everywhere. 'Aaap?'

'Turn the laptop on' He said quickly,

'Huh? Okay okay' She fussed with the box in front of her taking out her laptop and switching it on with Anshu playing with the keyboard continuously hitting random buttons, 'Lo, yeh dekhoo' Zoya pointed to the light causing Anshu to jump up and clap cheerfully,

'ight ight ight!!' Anshu laughed as he rocked back and forth whacking Zoya with his head,

'Yessshhh! Asad, now what?' She spoke on the phone,

'Skype!' He replied before hanging up. Zoya shook her head as she looked up at the clock; taking advantage of every minute, she thought. They weren't allowed to meet until after the Nikkah now, Zeenat and Dilshad made it clear or else harsher punishments will be put into place if they don't abide.

'Hellooo' Zoya waved Anshu's hand as they watched Asad's face pop up on the screen. Zoya grinned at him whilst he spoke to Anshu who now had his hands all over the screen touching Asad's face. Asad laughed out openly making faces and jumping back every time Anshu broke out into a giggling fit. Zoya admired his chirpiness, a side she had always wanted to see, a side she knew he had but kept hidden due to his past. She knew he loved children but he had this doubt as to whether he could be a good father to his child or repeat what his own father did 18 years ago. For the first time, he didn't seem like he was in any sort of inner turmoil.

Zoya had always wanted Asad to forgive his father, or at least come to an understanding so that there was no hatred between them. When the raaz was revealed, his hatred grew for his father. Although after the truth about the raaz came out that night, he had gotten Rashid released but he never looked back. It's true Asad would have sympathised with the vulnerable Rashid who was framed, but he would never forgive him for cheating his mother and leaving them. It's because everyone has a choice, Rashid Ahmed Khan had made the wrong choice, he chose to remain quiet instead of paying for the crime he had committed, instead of fighting against wrong, he stood with them.

'Zoya?' Asad called out, Zoya snapped out of her chain of thoughts to stare at the screen in front of her, 'What's wrong?'

'Nothing' She replied, 'Aap-'

'Doodooo' Cried Anshu standing on Zoya's thighs and clawing at her chest, she grabbed him in her arms and swung him side to side,

'Doodoo chahiye?' She nudged her nose with his, he smiled at her cupping her face with his chubby little hands before pulling at her fringe, 'Ouch' Shrieked Zoya, 'Here you go' She grabbed his bottle from the side table and handed it over to him. Zoya crossed her legs as he lay on her thighs, using it as a pillow and staring at her as he sucked on his bottle, Zoya looked up at a grinning Asad,

'Humare bache kitne lucky honge, unhe tum jaisa pyaar karne waale mama milenge' He had a dreamy look on his face, 'I never knew you were so good with kids?'

'I'm not, but I love them! I think our kids will be lucky to have you as their father' She looked towards Anshu, 'Hai na' She asked in her baby voice to which he nodded, 'See, you will be the best daddy ever!' She pressed her eyes at him. Asad put his hand out and reached for her face on the screen, she smiled widely doing the same.

'So twins?' He started again. Zoya laughed as she nodded with a slight blush on her face. They're not even married yet and here they are planning their family. She thought it was cute though, you would never have expected Mr Akdu Khan to speak openly about something like this, then again, she didn't expect a lot of other things. She admired how much he had changed, for her. On the other hand, Asad didn't think he changed; he just let that barrier down that was there between them. Everything else was always there. They continued their "family planning" late into the night as they admired each other remembering their journey together; with a hint of cyber romance.


Meanwhile, in another corner of Bhopal stood a restless Humeira staring into the sky. She closed her eyes as she prayed for strength, strength to fight for the truth. She put her hand on her chest trying to calm herself down,

'Humeira?' Ayaan joined her side resting his hand on her shoulder. He turned her to face him and cupped her face, 'Tum bohot strong ho, bohot strong. Lekin, kya tum sure ho ki tumhe yahi karna hai?' He whispered softly brushing the tears off her face, Humeira nodded as she returned his smile. He brought her head towards him and placed a kiss on her forehead, Humeira closed her eyes, sighing. Ayaan pressed his forehead against hers as he closed his eyes; he brushed her bottom lip with his thumb causing her to blush. He took her into an embrace and held her tight, Humeira pulled at his shirt as she snuggled into his chest, 'You two sisters have come as a blessing into our lives, both strong as the other' He said stroking her back, 'Dekhna, woh tumhe khushi khushi gale lagayegi. Lekin kuch dino ke liye humein usse chupana hoga, humein intezaar karna hoga. Zoya ne bohot kuch saha hai, kitne mushkilon ke baad usski zindagi main yeh khushi ka pal aya hain, agar usse yeh sab pata chalegi, woh toot jayegi... Humein sabar karna hoga, sab kuch teek hojayega' He hushed her as she nodded, sobbing into his chest.

'Mujhe jeeju se milna hain...' Humeira looked up at him; he pressed his eyes at her. He lifted her up into his arms and walked towards the bed. He placed her on the bed, lifting the covers over her. She held onto his hand, taking it under cheek and holding it against the pillow as she laid side wards. He smiled watching her eyes slowly closing; he took his other hand caressing the side of her face tucking her hair behind her ears,

'I'm sorry...' He whispered, 'I promise I'll make everything okay' He admired her innocent like face that was glowing under the moonlight which was creeping in from the window. How much he cursed himself for bringing tears into her eyes, for being the reason for those creases on her forehead, for ignoring her when she was the only person he couldn't stop thinking about. He placed a kiss on her forehead getting her to relax, slowly taking his hand out of her hold. He got up and walked towards the door, he turned around and looked at her; he was surprised how much she actually resembled Zoya, both on the inside and out. Ya Allah, give me the strength to protect this beautiful girl from this torture, give me all her pain and bring that smile back on her face, he prayed.



Dressed in a white long sleeved under top and denim overalls, she stood behind the car boots securely placing the boxes inside,

'Allah Miyaan, so heavy' panted Zoya,

'Beta chor do, hum kar lenge' Said the elderly man, who was their driver.

'Nahi kaka, aur kuch baaki nahin hai, Asim took it all' She smiled whilst getting inside the car with Najma, 'are you sure he's not at home now Tamater?'

'Yeppp' She nodded, popping the 'p' whilst grinning as she texted away on her phone. Zoya pushed her,

'What are you doing, who are you texting... Lemme seee' She closed in whilst Najma moved away defensively, they both giggled on top of each other whilst kaka laughed at their antics.


'Haan Prasad, I'll pop in tomorrow to sort out the last few things out... Yeah I'm just home, I'll have a look at the file now... Bye' He ended the call placing the phone in his pocket as he opened the front door and entered the house, 'Asalaamu Alaikum Ammi...' He smiled greeting his mother.

Dilshad looked up with wide eyes; she dropped the spoon she was holding. She ran forward, 'Walaikum Asalaam' She replied nervously, 'you're home? So early?'

'Haan appi toh kehte rehte hain mujhe office nahi jaana chahiye so jaldi agaya' he looked at his mother, confused 'aur mujhe ek file chahiye tha...'

'Acha' She nodded, 'Mein lata hoon, you sit down' She smiled widely,

'Nahi I'll get it ammi, and I'll freshen up' He said stepping forward only to have Dilshad come flying in front of the door with her arms out.

'Nahi beta wohh, ASAD' she yelled, hoping Zoya would hear her inside the room.

'Ammi are you okay? I'm here aap itna chila rahe kyun?' He was about to go around her when he heard a loud thud, 'what was that?'

'Kya kya?' Her voice stammered; if he sees the mess inside his room, he'll kill someone,

'That...' He stretched forward to look through the glass panels; he could see someone's back towards him and a pair of white converses on the floor in disoriented positions along with a few brown boxes. Asad's eyes widened, 'what's going on?'

Zoya ran towards the door and locked it; Asad tried pushing it open, 'What the... Ammi what's happening?'

'Kuch nahin, mere room ka renovation chal raha hai' replied Zoya,

'Tumhare?' He mocked, 'renovation ya destruction?'

Zoya looked around the room, 'haan you have a point, I think I should throw all your stuff out, yahan jaga nahin ho raha hai'

'Zoya, open the door' he shook the doorknob,

'Nopeee, oh ho Mr Khan, don't you know we're not allowed to see each other's face' She giggled,

'Zoya, well you shouldn't be here before the nikkah then...'

'You're not allowed to talk either' Dilshad pointed out, Asad whacked his forehead against the door,

'Zoya open the door, I'm tired'

'Okay ermm first make a promise'

'Argh, Zoya seriously I'll break the door open' Spoke a frustrated Asad, he gazed towards his mother, she gave him an amused look that said 'only your wife can you make you look so helpless.'

'Go ahead Asad, agar nikkah ke raat aapko privacy nahi mile, toh kisi ko daatna maat' Zoya said with a mischievous smile playing on her lips, Asad backed away for a moment as he looked at his mother, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

'Ah ha, toh Asad ko privacy chahiye' laughed Maan as he came down the stairs causing Dilshad to burst out laughing.

'Allah Miyaan, what's wrong with you all?' Spoke an angry and flushed Asad, 'Zoya open the door!'

'Haww, you stole my line!' She faked a tear, 'promise first'


'Promise me that you won't burst when you walk inside and and' Zoya thought this was her chance to get whatever she wanted, not that she wouldn't on normal circumstances.

'And what?' He said impatiently,

'Babhie jee, bohot clever ho, mang lo' Maan egged her on.

'Thank you' Blushed Zoya, 'so yes Asad, sun rahe ho na? Asad?' Zoya put her ear against the door, 'yeh kahan chale gaye?'

'He's gone beta' Assured Dilshad, Zoya made a sulking face as she turned around, her eyes widened watching Asad enter through the window,

'Allah Miyaan, what's wrong with you Asad?' She put her hand over her face turning the other way.

'So kya keh rahe the' He breathed heavily,

'Aap kitne unfit ho rahe ho Asad, aloo paratha kana chor do. Hai Allah mere woh six-packs intact hai na?' Teased Zoya,

'What?' He asked flabbergasted, he looked around his room before pressing his forehead, 'Ya Allah, mere room mein earthquake hua kya?' Asad flinched at the sight,

'Asad apne promise kya tha' reminded Zoya; Asad stared at Zoya's back as she stood there like a school child in the naughty corner. He couldn't see her face; he walked up to her and wrapped one arm around her waist lifting her upwards,

'Woah, Asad' Zoya yelled as he spun her, she kicked forward, 'what are you doing?'

He took her near the glass panels, 'pull those curtains' Zoya stared through it to see Maan on the sofa talking to Dilshad. She closed it,

'Let me down now' She pleaded; he carried on walking towards his bed kicking her converses along with him. He sat down, pulling her onto his lap,

'Now tell me, did you touch that draw' he pointed nuzzling into her back,

'No, what's in there?' She jumped upwards to have a look only to have him drag her back down, 'Asad please I have to go, I only came to sort my clothes into your wardrobe' She sighed at her failed attempt as she looked at her PJ's on the floor along with all her jewellery and scarves,

'Ourss' he whispered picking up one of her converses, he positioned her on his right thigh picking her right foot onto his left thigh, 'tomboyish cindrella?' He joked looking at her attire, it may be a boyish outfit but she perfectly added the elegance touch, she laughed hitting his hand,

'Asad kya kar rahe ho?'

'Mere memsaab ko jhoothe pehna raha hoon' He put the shoe on, both their fingers helped tying the laces. He then did the same with her left foot.

'Thank you' She beamed as she wiggled on his lap burying her back deeper into his chest, she wrapped his arms around her, 'Aaj mere haathon mein aapke naam ki mehendi lag jayegi' She held her hands up in front of them, 'kitne itezaar kya hai maine iss pal ki, aap ke pyaar ke rang mujhe humesha ke liye aapke banane ke liye'

'You're already mine Zoya' He held her tighter,

'Janta hoon, phir bhi mujhe yeh rasm karna hai... Warning you Asad, yeh aapka pyaar ke imtehaan hai'


'Jitna gehra mehendi rachega, aapko utna hi pyaar hai' He remained silent, 'meaning the more you love me, the darker my mehendi will come out, understood?' She said sharply, 'It's time for me to see if all those pyaar ka vaada and all was for real or not!'

'Heyy, woh sab sach hai. It'll come out black' He said confidently,

'Well, you better pray it does or else...' She warned. Asad laughed nervously,

He let her go as they both got up. She grabbed her phone without facing him. She held her hands on the side of her face, 'Sorry for the mess, and I love you' She squealed before running out of the door. Asad chuckled to himself before grunting at the mess. He stared at his wardrobe that was now blooming with colours; she had arranged her jeans, tops, jumpsuits, salwar suits, sarees and god knows what else. He just stared at his multi-coloured wardrobe that had been brought back to life, he felt like he was in a trance. He walked over to his wardrobe; he touched her sarees that were sandwiched in between his suits. He felt himself melting with this warm feeling, a feeling that gave him huge pleasure. He was confused how the sight of her clothes with his could arouse such feelings inside of him. Only he has a right on Zoya, Zoya is his? Yesss, Zoya is his, his only. A smile formed on his lips; everything was so perfect... minus the mess on the floor. Ah well, something that comes as a dowry with Zoya I guess, he thought as he rolled his eyes. He opened the draw and took out the earring, 'not long now, you'll be with your owner' He whispered stroking it on his palm.


'Tamater, you want ice cream?' Asked Zoya as she stared at the ice cream man,

'Haan, it's soo hot' replied Najma, 'kaka, gaari rokh dijiye'

Zoya and Najma both got out of the car as it came to a halt,

'Kaka do minute please, Tamater you scarf is falling' She pointed out; she tied her hair up despite Asad telling her to keep it down because it looks better? Pffftt, ask him to handle a bush like this under such heat. She blew air at herself trying to cool down and fanning herself, she pulled at her overalls, 'Tamater, do I look funny? These overalls are so thick and loo- OUCH!' She yelped as she collided with someone. She jumped back defensively,

'Sorry... Dost?' Zoya blinked a few times as she stared at her father in law.

'Zoya tumse kuch-' Rashid put his hand out to only have her stumble back a few steps,

'Tamater, could you grab us ice creams, I'll join you in a few' She nodded at her trying to hold in her tears, 'aap...'

'Zoya, pata nahi tumhe aur Asad ko kaise saboot mila... Lekin beta, ek baar mere baat sun lo, please?' He pleaded,

'Jeee' She looked at him with hopeful eyes,

'I didn't kill her beta, trust me... I don't know how... Woh aag maine lagaya tha, lekin I didn't know someone was inside... When I found out, I panicked and then I buried her... So that...' Rashid faltered, he was sweating profusely, 'beta, woh sach... Mujhe phasaya gaya tha... Tum tho mere yakeen karo' He gazed into her eyes,

'Jaanta hoon, lekin woh aag abbu. You had a choice, phir bhi aapne jaala diya...' Zoya cried as she watched him rubbing his hand,

'Beta main majboor tha...'

'Aap ne ek jhoot chupane ke liye ek ghuna kar bete, abbu, why didn't you fight for the truth?' She went up to him and held his hand, 'Jhoot khabie chup tha nahin, sachai ki bohot takat hota hai, Asad... Idk... I' she shook her head side to side,

'I know beta' He hugged her, 'tum chinta maat karna, tumhari nikkaah hai, you have my blessings' He smiled,

'Thank you and sorry' She sobbed, he cupped her face,

'I know how it all must've seemed to you. Main janta hoon, Asad mujhe ek na ek din iss baat ke liye maaf kar degi, lekin woh gunaah jo maine kiya usski maa ke saath jo na insaafi hua hai, I deserve his hatred. He'll never forgive me for that and I don't expect him to... But I just wanted to tell you, main khabi kisi ka khoon nahi kar sakta, tum mujhe samaj the ho na' He cried, Zoya wiped his tears,

'Jee mein janta hoon, woh raat saazishon se bhaari huye thi, aapki maajboori ka fayda uthaya tha un logo ne, aap chinta maath karo, sab kuch teek ho jayega' She assured him,

'Zoya...' Najma watched Zoya hug her abbu, she came closer to them, seeing them both crying; she joined their hug, 'Zoya tumhare bidaai aaj nahin hai' Joked Najma, they all broke the hug and stared at each other. She gave them their ice-cream and beamed at them. Zoya and Rashid returned her smile as they enjoyed their ice cream.



Zoya stared at her scarred arm in the mirror; her hand continuously caressed the spot hoping it would disappear,

'meri nazro se ek baar dekho tho, tum iss duniya ki sab se khoobsurat ladki nazar aogi...'

'my love doesn't deserve this test Zoya...' Zoya closed her eyes,

'when I look at you, I see your beautiful soul, tum andaar se itni khoobsurat ho ki bahar se dikte hai, tum kitni perfect ho...'

Zoya smiled remembering his words from that night. He had given her the courage and the strength to show the world her scars. He made her believe that she was a fighter, a fighter that had won the battles that life had thrown at her. They were her medals and she should walk with them, proud. He made her feel beautiful. Every time she looked in the mirror; she used to see a scarred girl. But now, she sees Asad's beautiful wife, future Mrs Asad Ahmed Khan, who is nothing but perfect.

'Chal sundari' Smiled Geet, Najma nudged her other shoulder. Zoya turned around and grinned at them both,

'Let's go' 

Zoya descended down the stairs dressed in a half sleeved, multi-coloured and flared churidar. Her hair was tied in a plait wrapped with fresh white flowers and placed on her right shoulder. Geet, Najma, Nikhat and Humeira held a green chaddar over her head as they all walked her down the stairs. Zeenat hugged her once she reached the bottom,

'Mere bacha ko kisike nazar na lage' She said placing a khala tikka behind Zoya's ear. Zoya smiled at her,

'Aapi, please no tears, or else bidaai se pehle yahan pani ka tank ajayega' Zoya kissed her cheeks, 'Jeeju kahan hai?'

'Wahan' Zeenat pointed towards Anwar who was busy welcoming the guests, 'No, don't go there, he'll start crying' laughed Zeenat. Zoya nodded before sitting on the comfy sitting area they had made for her. She handed over her hands to the mehendi ladies whilst everyone started their dancing. Geet danced away to 'Mehendi laga ke rakhna' with Najma who pretended to be a boy. Zoya blushed endlessly as they teased her,

'Dulha ka naam' Asked one of the ladies that was doing her mehendi,

'Woh joh unke dil mein hai' Teased Geet,

'Woh joh unke ankhein behchene se dhoondtha hai' Started Najma,

'Woh joh unke saason aur dhadhkane tez kar deta hai' Giggled Humeira,

'Allah Miyaan, you girls are too much!' Flushed Zoya,

'Unka naam Jahapana Six Packs hain!' Said Najma,

'Nahi Nahi, Akdu Ahmed Khan, hai na Zoya?' Geet played her eyebrows up and down,

'No Geet Bhabie, it's Zille Ilahi. No Zoya?' Grinned Najma,

'Nahi kal toh bataya tha, it's Mr Body Builder or was it Babbar Sher? I'm confused' Laughed Geet. Zoya hid behind Nikhat,

'Tum log na, stop it' Pouted Zoya, 'You should be teasing Asad, not me! Party badal diya kiya?' Asked Zoya, 'And it's Asad' She looked at the mehendi lady who was having a giggling fit, 'Aheem, Asad hi likhna. Please?' All the girls burst out laughing seeing Zoya's innocent pleading face.


Zoya blew at her hands wanting the mehendi to dry faster. She had it on for 2 hours now; her hands were starting to ache. She watched the girls enjoy themselves as they applied mehendi on each other. She was about to go pick up Anshu when she felt a hand go over her mouth, she tensed as she tried screaming into his hand,

'Shhh it's me' Whispered Ayaan, Zoya's eyes remained wide as she wondered what was going on. He guided Zoya out the back door and into the side garden,

'Maan bhaijaan, aap?' Asked Zoya once Ayaan let go of her.

'Yes, we're kidnapping you!' He laughed like a maniac until he was hushed by everyone. Zoya looked around to see Asim standing there,

'What's going on?' Asked Zoya, Ayaan pulled her towards the back garden and pushed her forward,

'Have fun' She heard him say, 'It's time to kidnap Geet bhabie' She heard him laughing as he walked away.

Zoya looked up to see a silky green saree like material hung across the garden. She slowly walked towards it; you could see through it, but not completely. She lifted her hand and touched it gliding her fingers across, she felt someone doing the same on the other side. She smiled.


PART 24 (2)

Another update,

Hope you like it. Ignore the mistakes.

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls.

Part 2 will be updated tomorrow!

P.S. I know you guys are excited for the nikkah, so am I for the suhaagraat ;) but remember that hospital spoiler? I'll shut up now!

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GOD!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I am second. Yay!!!!!

Beautiful update. The scene where 'Azad holds Zoya in his room but does not look at her face', it's soo cute and romantic I loved it. 

The scene where Rashid apologises to Zoya was sad, but was needed.

Zoya is being kidnaped by the guys, sounds exciting. But why Geet?  Well this should be fun.

I am loving it and waiting for the next part. Update soon.

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great update...really nice

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Awesome update. Love how your story is proceeding. AsYa share a tremendous bond. Really looking forward to your next part!

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It was sooo cuteee...
I was having a small smile while reading this part...
It's so perfect... I hope no problems along the way...

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