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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 87)

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged

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I lykd part yr
N fr songs... I lyk chahun main ana frm aashiqui2
It's really romantic n so apt fr Asya

If u cn I wanna c ayaan dancing on dilli wali girl frnd...

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comments beautifuls. Please bear with me; I will wrap it up soonish!
Sorry for the late update, I've been depressed seeing my babies cry. I just want to jump into my laptop and cuddle both of them, Zoya :O What have they done to my bubbly girl? And I'm very disappointed with Ghafoor, I officially hate that man!
And yes, when I first wrote this FF, I started with Razia's downfall planned, like I planned how I was going to bust her, and erm 23 chapters later, me forgottsss :( LOOOL! I hope you guys have recovered from the recent heartbreak!

Part 23

'Yeh kya ho raha hai?' Screamed Razia as she flopped back on the bed, 'sab kuch mere haath se aise kaise nikaal jaa raha hai' She put her hands on her head feeling faint from all the stress.

'Aapko uss ladki pe hamla karna zaaruri tha?' Questioned Siddique, 'agar ussine aapko pehle dhamki deke rakha tha, tho aap aise kyun kiya?' He turned towards her as he stood with his hands behind his back near the window. Razia stared at his neutral face,

'Aap aise khamosh kaise reh sakte... Hum sab kuch kho denge Siddiqui saab... Kuch kijiye' She begged helplessly,

'Aap toh sab kuch kar chuke Begum sahiba' He replied,

'Aapki vajah se... Aap ke liye! Agar aap aise nahi karte toh aaj aise nobaat nahi aate' Razia said still shocked at his blank expressions.


'Matlab yeh ki attara saal pehle, aapki vajah se woh khoon huya... Because of your mistake 23 years ago' She yelled.

'Aap aap' He stammered, 'aap aise kaise baat kar rahe ho'

'I killed that woman because of you! Nikaah karke chod dene ki plaan thi, lekin aap ne kya kiya? Ek bacha pedah kar diya mujhe nichah dikhane ke liye' She spat venomously, she jumped up on her feet, 'uss aurat ne mujhe nichah dikhane ke khoshish ki, MUJHE, Razia Siddiqui ko' She wiped her tears, 'maine usse khatam kar diya aur uss ki aulad ko bhi' Siddiqui closed his eyes as he turned around,

'Iss baat ko chor do, aap mujhe kyun baar baar yaad dila rahe ho... Rashid ko humine phaasa diya hai, keecha khatam chor do uss baat ko'

'CHOR DOON?' She screeched, 'tumhari uss najaayazz aulad abhi bhi zinda hai' She breathed heavily as she stared at his back with wide eyes. Siddique turned around to see his enraged wife,


'Asad Ahmed Khan ki mangetar uss Zainab ki beti hai, uss manhoos bacha ko nahi maar payi... Tumhare laadli beti ko nahi maar payi...' She turned around, 'jab uss ko yeh saab pata chalega, ki yeh saab uski nana ka hai, uski maa ko humine maar diya... Woh iss sab humse chura degi... It's important we finish her or Asad will finish us!' She fisted her hands as she sat back down. They both sat next to each other worried that their hidden story 18 years ago will resurface again, that storm trapped many souls, it tore many relationships apart. The same storm will come alive again this time taking everything with it; it's true when they say karma never forgets to come back. No matter how lost a person gets, karma will find a way. Whilst Razia and Siddique made plans to fight this new musibat, they failed to notice that the storm had already taken place in their lives. The child Razia yearned for years will leave her yearning for acceptance and forgiveness. An innocent child that came into this world without knowing about her parent's past, the parents who had given the world's happiness have become strangers in just moments. An innocent soul that the storm affected the most is Humeira. Humeira who stood outside the door in a broken state; her world had just come crashing down.

'Ammi abbu...' Whispered Humeira as her hands spread against the wall in an attempt to keep her balance. She clawed at it as her body slid against the wall finally hitting the floor with a clang; her bangles smashed to a million pieces cutting through her skin as the blood streamed from her wrists. She stared at her hands lifeless; she was disgusted at the blood that flowing from her hands. She shivered as the heavy wind blew at her, she felt herself being pulled inside by the ground. She wrapped her arms around her body self-hugging herself. She rocked back and forth not being able to take the pain to her heart; she crawled side wards almost falling when she heard footsteps approaching her. She jumped up and ran, ran as fast as she could; her life depending on her next step. She zoomed through door as her duppata swayed behind her; she dragged her heavy lehenga as she fought to keep her balance. She stopped as she felt the grass and dropped on her knees, she gasped for her as her lips quivered. She broke out into a loud sob; her delicate body shook to keep itself together... She felt faint as her body released the pain it was in, she cried as she questioned her being, her existence. She looked above her into the sky and closed her eyes, her forehead creased as her breathing shortened. She gasped for her air as her chest rose up and down, her hands crossed on her chest trying to calm her speeding heart. What had her eyes just witnessed, what had her ears just heard? She put her hands over her ears as she screamed out loud,

'Yeh jhoot hai! Yeh sach nahi ho sakta!' She yelled above her, 'joh log mere garoor hai, jin logon ki vajah se mujhe yeh ehsaas hota hai ki mein zinda hoon, woh log mujhe aise dokha nahi de sakte... Mere vishwash, mere pratne, mere vajood aise nahi toot sakta... Yeh sach nahi hai, mere ammi abbu kisi ka khoon nahi kar sakte, woh kisi ko chot nahi pocha sakte... Nahi... Nahi NAHI!' Her voice broke as she repeated herself shaking her head side to side.

'Humeira?' Called out Ayaan from behind. She froze as her shaking hands spread onto the grass, gripping onto it to support her body whilst she turned around with wide teary eyes to meet his calm loving one. He stepped towards her and kneeled on the floor beside her as he embraced her petite figure holding her tight against him. He didn't ask any questions, he just held her to piece her together.



'Asad' Zoya laughed, 'Bas na' She said tiredly as she carried on spinning under his hold. His grip tightened on her hand bringing her to a halt, she stared at him with wide eyes panting as she put her hand on her chest trying to keep the duppata in place. She picked her hand up to fix her tikka only to have him hold her other hand taking them both behind her, 'Asad yahan nahin' Her cheeks turned a little crimson,

'Yahan nahin toh kahan?' He said mischievously,

'K-kiya?' She said readily moving closer to him, he let go of her hands as he fixed her tikka, his fingers caressed the side of her face she closed her eyes warming up to his touch,

'K-kiya kya Zoya?' He copied her,

'Chor do Asad' She said opening her eyes,

'Pakkar ke hi kab rakha hai?' He smiled at her with his arms crossed, she looked down at her body; he had moved away. She faced side wards only to find her arms still locked in the same position. They flung free as she pouted, he shrugged his shoulders. She picked her lehenga up seductively moving her waist side to side as slowly walked towards him, he stepped back unfolding his arms. She bit her bottom lip with a grin on her face; he put his hands out only to have her walk past him,

'Ab paane ke saapne dekhte rehna' She smiled whilst she held her head high walking away from him. 'Asim!' She called out whilst laughing at Asad's rejected expressions,

'Hello there beautiful!' Winked Asim,

'Oh stop it Brownie!' She pretended to blush with her hands over her face before pulling his cheeks, 'Listen, where's Ayaan and Humeira?' She asked,

'They're on their way' He replied smiling before rushing off with Najma,

'Wait-' She tried stopping him, she moved away before Asad could put his hand around her waist. She turned around whilst walking backwards, 'What?' She gave him confused look before walking away. Asad stood there with a mixture of emotions running wild inside of him; he deserved it he agreed to himself. He ran forward in between the guests searching for her, he grabbed her hands and pulled her away from the crowd. He pushed her against the pillar whilst breathing heavily on her,

'Aise kyun kiya Zoya?' He whispered into her ears, she squirmed feeling his warm breath on her neck. She closed his eyes taking in his scent, she felt intoxicated as she tried moving away. His broad chest had her plastered against the pillar as his hands lingered on her bare waist,

'Asad' She tried looking up, her lips touched his neck. She could hear his breathing as he let out a satisfied moan; Zoya's heart started pounding faster than it already was. Her body froze as his lips did the same, this time moving them up from her neck to her cheeks not leaving her skin for a moment. Her hands found their way up his back trailing them up his neck and finally pulling at his hair. She tugged them back forcing him to look up wincing, he stared into her eyes. She shook her head side to side seeing the fiery passion inside of him, his desires surpassing every limit. He closed his eyes momentarily as she cupped his face, her thumbs caressing his cheeks. He opened his eyes kissing her forehead. She smiled at him before hugging him tight; he buried his face into her neck as they held each other,

'I love you very much' He whispered,

'I love AYAANNN!' Zoya squealed, he pulled out of the hug to stare at her heartbroken,

'KYA?' He asked shocked, she pushed him to the side before running towards Ayaan and Humeira who were entering the venue.

'You two ARE late!' She scolded them as she hugged Ayaan first and then Humeira. She pulled back from the hug only to have Humeira tighten her grip on her not wanting to let go of her. Zoya patted her back as Asad looked at them both confused,

'Kya hua?' Whispered Asad,

'Kuch nahin' assured Ayaan,

'Humeira, Humeira?' Humeira broke out of the hug; Zoya cupped her face, 'Kya hua?' Humeira stared past Zoya at Ayaan who was shaking his head in a no, Asad watched them suspiciously.

'Mubarak ho' She smiled, 'I-'

'Humeira' Squealed Najma, 'come on, you're late!' Najma grabbed her by the arm pulling her towards the other side where Asim, Nikhat and Nuzzhat were standing. Zoya watched them with excitement whilst Asad was lost in his own thoughts. Ayaan followed the ladies shaking his hair and winking at Zoya.

'Asad, Asad. Hello earth to Asad? Weeoohhh!' Zoya pulled Asad's cheeks to get his attention; she followed his gaze and gasped, 'Asad?' She pulled his kurta to which he jerked forward, 'Listen you, aap aise uss ladki ko kyun ghoor rahe ho?'

'Huh? Mein toh? Zoya listen to me' He called out behind her as she walked off grumbling. He rolled his eyes at her antics; his whole life would go trying to make it up to her since he's always in the wrong.

He sat next to her on the stage; she looked away whilst she adjusted herself on the seat turning her body sitting in a slanted position. He pushed her shoulder back and intertwined his fingers with hers. He looked up at his siblings preparing their performances whilst Zoya fussed with their fingers.

Asim stood in the middle of the huge decorated hall; he looked around him before getting into his position with Najma,

'P-' Asim stopped as he turned around almost dropping Najma.

'Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Mere yaar ki shaadi hai...'

Asad and Zoya jumped to their feet hearing the song. Asim mentally cursed the person for ruining his dance whilst Najma stared confused. A small smile lit their faces as they watched a 3 year old boy run inside past the crowd in his little blue and black sherwani followed by a beautiful 7 year old girl dressed in a long pink churidar. Najma ran up to them picking the little one up and spinning on her feet. Everyone looked past the dancing children to see a handsome male enter with grin on his face followed by a woman who popped up from behind him with a pink saree on. She held his hand as they both ran inside,

'Oye Oye Oye' They both sang whilst they busted some bhangra moves. Asad laughed out loud whilst Zoya stared at the woman in shock.

'Dholak mein taal hai paayal mein chan chan ' The male spun the lady whilst he teasing lift his wife's foot onto his thigh and tapped her anklets.

'Dholak mein taal hai paayal mein chan chan' They both spun as they smiled at the couple on stage. The female gasped seeing the bride on the stage.

'Ghoonghat mein gori hai sehre mein saajan' He pulled the pallu over her whilst he circled his face,

'Jahan bhi yeh jaayen bahaare hi chaaayen' They both ran up to their children and picked them up,

'Yeh khushiyaan hi paayen mere dil ne duayen di hai' They both pointed to their hearts and then at the couple in front of them,

'Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Mere yaar ki shaadi hai...' They sang and danced whilst everyone joined them on the floor. Asad led Zoya down the stairs and towards the couple whilst chuckling to himself. He hugged his friend,

'Maan, about time!' He laughed,

'Mubarak ho, sorry we're late!' Maan apologised, 'Bhabie-ji' He pulled away from the hug as he turned to face Zoya, 'Aap kaise ho'

'Zoya meet-' Asad was cut short by a loud shriek, he stared at Geet and then at Zoya as they rushed towards each other and jumped into a hug,



'Baba- ji, mein toh koi sapna nahi dekh rahi hoon?' Geet laughed, 'Kaise ho, omg! Tum sach mein yaha, and you're getting married... to Asad?' She questioned, Maan and Asad looked at each; crazy? They both nodded before staring at the girls.

'Haan, omg! Ya Allah, never thought I'd ever see you. Facebook buddies ab finally mil rahe hai' Zoya giggled whilst she held Geet's hand and spun.

'Aheem' Coughed Asad, 'Yahan kya ho raha hai?' Everyone nodded at his question,

'Well, me and sweetooo-'

'Mishti no Geet' Corrected Maan, he put his finger up before shutting up,

'Haan Geet, we met... well became friends on facebook 2 years ago, I had lost contact with her since I came to India, but omg' She turned towards Geet, 'Finally, hum mile, remember how-'

'Hello catch up later, performance first' Said Ayaan,

'Acha teek hain' Mumbled Zoya before picking Anshu up, Asad held Chahat in his arms and walked towards the stage.

'Well let's start' Announced Asim as he held Najma in the same position as before,

'Asad, why do I have a feeling they're acting out our meetings?'

'It's because they are' He smirked whilst playing with Chahat's hair; Zoya looked at him shocked before admiring how well he got on with children as Anshu jumped on his back almost pushing him off his seat.

'Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
Chun liya
Maine Sun liya'
They stood with their backs together; they spun around and faced each other. Najma flipped her hair back and flirtatiously moved forward towards Asim; he held her hand and made her twirl on her feet. Zoya coughed as she stared at Asad with wide eyes; you told them? He shrugged his shoulders.

'Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata
Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar...'
Zoya watched Asim and Najma stare at each other lovingly as they walked off the dance floor. She smiled as she watched Humeira and Ayaan come running,

'Pehle kabhi hua karti thi

 Dil se meri dosti' Ayaan sang smiling clicking his fingers rocking his head back and forth, Humeira moved ahead tiptoeing on her feet as she looked back shyly; her saree blew backwards onto his face.

'Pehle kabhi raha karta tha,

Ye dil mere paas hi' He came close behind her turning her to face him. He caressed her face as they both laughed. Zoya put her head on Asad's shoulder as she awww'd at their cuteness.

'Phir hua ise jaane kya,

Mujh ko hui na khabar

Mera sab kuch le gaya

Mujh se bacha ke nazar...' Humeira put her hands over his eyes, moving one on top of the other. He held her hands on his face.

'Kehne ko hai mera

par meri sunta nahi

Kahin ye tere dil se to

chhup chhup ke milta nahi

Kahin to mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi' They both danced in sync, they ran around each other acting as little kids. He made faces at her as he tried making her smile, Humeira blushed away. All the girls surrounded them as they clapped in qawalli style. Ayaan picked Humeira and spun around with her. He held her hand and walked away. Asad felt uncomfortable seeing Humeira so upset, he didn't want to worry Zoya by asking her whether he was hallucinating. He clapped as he watched his sisters prepare their dances.

'Mehndy Laga Ke Aayi Haaye

Bindiya Sajake Aayi Hoye Hoye Hoye Hoye

Mehndy Laga Ke Aayi

Bindiya Sajake Aayi

Chudi Khankaake Aayi

Payal Chankake Aayi

Oh Ab Geet Milan Ke Gaana Hai

Gaana Hai Gaana Hai...' Nikhat and Nuzzhat danced whilst they sang, Zoya came running down.

'Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai' Zoya pointed towards Asad as she danced. She ran up to Zeenat and Dilshad hugging them from the back.

'Jamdiyanmoh Oh Piya To Paraiyaan Ho Jaandiyan

Pal Mein Naata Tod Chali Main

Babul Ka Ghar Chod Chali Main

Ab To Piya Ke Desh Mein Sara

Jeevan Mujhe Bitana Hai'  Zoya cried on Zeenat's shoulder whilst Anwar hugged her from the back. Humeira burst into tears whilst Ayaan consoled her.

'Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai

Haan Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Jaana Hai' Asad came down seeing her cry. He cupped her face brushing her tears away.

'Tumhaare sajaan ki ghar tumhare maayke se alag nahin hain' He smiled as shook his head towards Dilshad. Zoya laughed as she rest her head on his chest, he tucked her locks behind her ears tapping her earring as he watched it dance crazily making slight jingly noises. She placed her hand on his chest feeling his heartbeats,

'Aap mil gaye, ab aur koi chahat nahin bachein

Iske siva ki jab maut aayein, aapse pehle ayein' He placed his hand over her lips, she removed it as she looked deep into his eyes,

'Tumse milkar jeene ki matlab samjha hai, yeh dil ne dhadak na sikha kyunki yeh tumhare dil ke saath chalna chahta tha. Main jeena chahta hoon, tumhare liye, tumhare saath. Humesha. Mere liye toh yeh zindagi tumse shuru ho kar tum pe khatam hota hai' He cried as he brought his face closer to hers, their noses touching, 'Haar imtehaan, humaare pyaar se haar jayegi. Mauth bhi yeh pyaar se mooh pher legi'

'Asad ko pyaar ho gaya Mishti, finally' Maan nudged Geet,

'Bandha pyaar karna jaanta hain, tum mere liye khabhi aise baatein ki hain?' She complained, 'Baba-ji, mujhe kaisa paati mila?'

'And now I feel sorry for him. Mere haalaath usski halaath hone wala hai' He cried, 'I should warn him' He stepped forward only to have her pull him back and leaned on his arm aww'ing at the cute couple in front of them.


'Bye Mr Khan' Zoya kissed his cheek,

'Bye Miss Farooqui' Asad kissed her back,

'Nikaah mein milenge ab' She sighed,

'Yeah right' He mumbled as he hugged her, 'Aaapna khayal rakhna' he squeezed her hand before leaving. She held onto his hand letting it go slowly...


PRECAP: 'Tamater, these overalls are a bit too loo- OUCH!' Zoya yelped as she banged into someone, 'Sorry... Dost?' She whispered,

'Tumse kuch-' He put his hand out only to have her stumble back a few steps.


'Jeeju' cried Humeira as she broke down in front of Asad.



Yeah you guessed it! It's Maan and Geet!
Okay sorry for a crap update, kinda lost my touch with this FF.

Sorry for the gazillion songs, I cut Asya dance because the songs were peeing me off (pretend the beginning is their dance, to some intense song)! LOOL! Sorry it's dragging, I'll wrap this up soon in a few chapters, promise!

Ignore the mistakes. Thank you for reading, do leave your feedbacks behind beautifuls. MWAH!

P.S. Should I just skip to Suhaagraat? LOOOL! Got some intense stuff planneddd! *WINK* *WINK*




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omg!! humeira came to know the truth...and what is with the precap...??

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cutiesanya Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
ur update is really so gud everyone dancing
so cute;-) hope humi recovers and geet man
a suprise love asya bondinh just perfect
waiting fr update:-D

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latanzia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Tis was too good, i can't wait  for the next part

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-seemi- Newbie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
really wonderful update...loved it
waiting for the next update 

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Poor Humeira..Unhappy I hope there is something good gonna happen soon..Smile

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