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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 86)

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Next update kab plz pm 

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Hey! I just read the entire story in a couple of days. It was really a pleasure reading your work.. Hope you continue with your writing and provide an update soon.
Expecting your next piece of work...

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Update karona Pleaseee
Update karona Pleaseee
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Update karona Pleaseee

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So somewhere along the way I got lost, I think I am mixing up your two stories! So I decided to re-read it since i have nothing to do atm, the apartment is clean and everyone is gone. :(

Thus, i shall read! mwahahaha. idk where I left off! So await the long a** comments :)

Chapter 1: I love how Asad was her rock during the hard times, and I think that this idea of yours is going to be in the show when Ghafoor is revealed! Aw my heart just broke when she put herself down after Asad proposed. GAH. Poor Asad. Aw, he threatened his secretary for Zoya. AWWW, he feeds her, and she doesn't eat before him. Like why am I awwing so much?

Chapter 2: a jealous Asad! LOL, "gair mard" ME LOVES. And I love a successful Zoya a whole lot more! GIRL POWERRR FTW! Lmao, Asad slipped with the I don't like how "he" runs ZZ.

Chapter 3: aw mans, I am a sucker for passionate yelling confrontations, it reminds me of The Notebook! AWWW! The proposal was so adorable. *happy crying feels*

Chapter 4: Asad's so shy, OMG. It's so cuteee. Lol. That sari scene was so sexy, it was like a movie in my head. Sigh.

Chapter 5: I share the same dreams as Asad, but mine are more intense LOL. Like legit I have dreams about AsYa :| lmao, Asad's response to the money thing was hilarious!

Chapter 6: I love how Razia was scared of Asad LOLLL. Tanveer is such a ho-bag! OMG. GRRR! I have my own background music for her, you know the movie Ladies vs. Ricky Behl? I changed the "bloody bloody blooody kameenaaa" to "bloody bloody blooody kameeni!" Hahahahaha.

Chapter 7: aw Zoya's breakdown made me criesss! Can I just have your version of Asad?! He is sooo perfect! I love the way you expressed his feelings! Hahahahaha, "I...feel cold". awww. He had lipsticks on his cheek. I can just imagine the blush on Asad's cheek ahaha
Farhaan's such a creep. OMG, he is the king of stalkersss! That's so creeepy though, he followed her around for tree years...omg.

Chapter 8: I love how Asad only needed one punch to knock the stalker out. Ahaha. Aw, poor Zoya is in pain. :( since I've read this story before I know Farhan is a crazy stalker asshole. He reminds me of SRK in the movie where he stutters "K-K-Kiran". I forgot the name of the movie though.

Haha, I know who the guy is! But I've already read the story so I can't guess! Lets pretend I didn't read it before. Is it her frenemy aka Ayaan? LOL.

AWWW Zoya keeps calling him Asad now! how cute! i am just waiting for her to do that in the show! I love your Zoya-Ayaan interactions. They make a great bhabhi-devar jodi!

I love fix-it-all Zoya! Stupid Tanveer smashing Najma's laptop :( like leave no one wants you here! And Asad is so cuteee, he is so happy that she cares for the family. HAIII!

Aapi and Jeeju are having a baaabyyy! Yay! LOL, Zoya blowing her nose on his shirt, he's probably hyperventilating in his mind. AWWW, they are so oblivious to the world around them. How cuteee! And me loves phoopi!

Chapter 9: I love how Zoya is so happy about being an aunt :) OMG, if Asad Ahmed Khan wiped chocolate from my cheek and then licked it off his thumb while staring into my eyes I would die right there. I'd be like "asdfghjkl" and turn into a pile of goo. Tanveer is so ARGH. Aw, I love how Zoya cares for him even when she is supposedly "angry" at him. Asad trying to manao-fy her was so cute!

AAAH! In the rain romance, me loves! LOL, the famous slip and strip Asad. I love how his shirt buttons automatically unbutton. *laughs*

Dilshad-Najma teasing them was so perf! Aw, Zoya-Dilshad was so cuteee!

Part 10: EEEKS! The engagement! :D I love the Zoya-Najma bond, I always have those weird laughing fits with my bestie! Sometimes nothing funny happens and she starts laughing and I can't stop myself from laughing when she starts laughing and the cycle repeats.

Aw, Asad catches her. *mitwa background music* AWWW, girl why do write scenes so cutely? I am totally fangirling right nowww!

Ah! The Ahmed Khan 2.0s are here with Humeira! Yay! OMG! All the kids dancing together. Hum Saath Saath hai type of feeels!

Aapi and Jeeju are heree! They are so cute. I love how enamoured Asad is with Zoya, he is so mesmerised by her beauty!

MOJO, I love love love this story! You are so talented, especially the cute scenes. The way you write them is out of this world! I can see your bollywood brain through your writing ;)

I gotta go nowww. I shall read the rest later and leave you another long ass comment! :D
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Dear Mojo, I'm waiting for ur next update on this ff for so looonnnggg... I google it to see, if u updated...

Plz... When are u gonna update? Its too long...
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Heyhey beautifuls. Kay, you can all throw size 4/3.5 heels at me for putting a hold on this without warning. I'm sorry, KSG's sexiness was too haram for me, would've drooled writing about him! Thank you so much for your wonderful support my lovelies. I just read over last part, gosh so many mistakes, how do you put up with me? Mind you, this part isn't great either. Hope I don't depress you. I've kinda lost my touch, haven't written anything in months. So yeah keep those heels in hand just in case, btw, having issues with the face, fresh tomatoes only! Do have a read and let me know how much of a fail it is. Cheerios. MWAH!

Part 25

Zoya rushed out of her room looking for Najma to take her along to the hawelli.

'Tamater, where are you?' Called out Zoya as she was about to enter into one of the guestrooms, she stopped behind the half open door hearing muffled sobs. She peeked inside to have a closer look,

'Mein akele ho gaye hoon... Sab kuch khatam hogaya' Asim cried into Najma's lap as she stroked his hair continuously. She sobbed quietly trying to console a broken Asim who had opened his heart up to her. Zoya watched quietly with teary eyes as she comforted him. Najma looked up to see two peaking eyes, she nodded slightly to which Zoya asked her to remain how she is. Zoya closed the doors before leaning against the wall, she rest her hand against her chest.

'Thank you Allah Miyaan for sending Tamater into his life. I'm at peace today knowing that someone else is there for Asim other than me. Aaj ke baad usse khabhie tootne maat dena' Zoya prayed silently for her best friend. Her heart cried the night he revealed everything that happened in the past 2 years, she was shocked how everything occurred right in front of her eyes yet she remained clueless. She was happy Najma was there to support him, she prayed from the bottom of her heart for the two. She wiped away her tears before rushing down the stairs and out of the door. She was surprised to see Asad's bodyguards standing there. She looked around for her own bodyguards.

'Kaam chor' She mumbled, 'aap log yahan?' Zoya asked the two.

'Maam, sir has asked us to take care of you. We came last night' replied one of them,

'What? You've been here since last night?' She asked shocked, both of them nodded, 'but I asked you to stay with Asad no matter what and where the hell are MY bodyguards?' She scolded,

'Sorry maam, sir said he won't be going out today, just an hour at the office before he has to attend a ceremony at home. He said we're needed here. MORE' He replied meekly staring at Zoya's flaring nose, 'your bodyguards have left with Mrs Khurana'

'More? Doesn't he need security? Mr Sixpacks kya bulatha hoon, bohot strong banne chale' She puffed before straightening herself up, 'anyways, aap ghar chale jao' she said to one of them and looked at the other, 'could you please drop me off somewhere? It's pretty urgent and driver bhi yahan nahin hai'

'Jee ma'am' they both replied obediently, 'tum jakar security guards se baath karke aao' one of them said to the other before leading Zoya into the car.

Once in the car, Zoya fussed with her phone for a while not being able to decide whether she should talk to him or not. The next few moments were spent anxiously before her heart forced her to give Asad a call.



'Humeira?' Yelled Asad from the top of his lungs, 'Ya Allah, kya woh teek hai?' He coughed, he was starting to have a hard time breathing. He tried kicking the door open once again but his attempts were futile. What were doors made of his mind wondered. He suddenly remembered his phone, 'Firestation ko call kar deta hoon' His mind tried processing his thoughts as he speed dialled some numbers on his phone, he was about to call when his screen started flashing. There was an incoming call from Zoya. His heart cheered seeing her name on the screen,

'Zoya?' He coughed into the phone,

'Asad what- Asad why are you panting so much? What's wrong? Where are you?' She asked worriedly,

'Woh hawelli mein... A-' Asad felt dizzly, he stumbled a few steps forward crashing his head against the door and falling backwards onto the floor. His phone fell out of his hands and broke apart.


'Asad?' Zoya shouted, 'Kya hua?' She moved upwards and hit the top of her car, she looked at her phone before taking it back to her ear, 'Asad, haweli kya? Asad' She cried, she redialled his number however this time it wasn't connecting. Her heart thudded loudly as the space around her went silent. 'Jaldi chalao...' She screamed at the bodyguard, 'jaldi jaldi...' She panicked squirming on her seat, 'Allah please protect him, please usse kuch maat- nahi nahi, nothing has happened, phone broke just like last time' She assured herself closing her eyes trying to calm herself down.


Humeira on the other hand was choking as the smoke started filling the room; she too was having a difficult time breathing. She gasped for air only to breathe in more spoke and feel faint. She dropped to her knees and crawled backwards as the fire moved towards her maliciously. She watched as the flames spread over and attacked her, she put her arm up protectively only to screech in pain. She held her arm towards her chest and moved backwards sobbing.



Zoya pushed the car door open when the car came to a halt. She jumped outside closing the door behind her. She moved a few steps forward only to be pulled back, she turned towards the car and grunted loudly; her saree was stuck. She rushed back and pulled it out; her heart cried a little seeing it torn apart. She ran towards the hawelli as fast as she could, the sight in front of her blurry from her tears. She didn't know why she was running; only that it felt like her heart was being pulled out of her and if she didn't run she wouldn't be able to breathe. Her saree kept coming in the way, she tried picking it up only to stumble over a rock as the saree wrapped around her feet tangling it and making her lose her balance. She fell forward onto the floor hitting her forehead on a rock as her hands flapped helplessly beside her. She screeched in pain as she contacted the rock, she turned her body quickly to face upwards only to feel something piercing through her body. The only words that left her mouth were 'Asad' as she squirmed in pain. She took her hand and patted her forehead which was now bleeding, she stared above her helpless. She closed her eyes for a moment as she tried to calm herself down; she opened them and sighed a breath of relief,

'Tum teek ho na beta?' Asked Rashid, Zoya blinked a few times seeing his face: blurry images of the horrid night flashed before her. She tried shaking her head,

'Jee woh... Asad ne phone kiya... Kuch teek nahin hai' She pointed behind her as he tried helping her up.

'Bohot khoo-' Rashid stopped short as he stared up at the hawelli, smoke creeping out from the doors. Zoya slowly followed his gaze and gasped, on instinct she pulled the hands that were holding her and ran towards the hawelli ignoring the pain she was in. She tried pushing the doors open but they remained stuck. She started hyperventilating as she threw herself at the door trying to force it open. She looked at Rashid who pulled her back and kicked the door open. Without looking, Zoya ran inside ignoring Rashid's voice until she was in the middle of the hall. He followed her inside. Her eyes widened as she froze on her feet. She stared at the fire that was spreading wildly,

'Meethi tum yahan rukhna, mama abhi a rahi hain...'

'Mama aap kahan ho, mama!!!!!'


'Beta' Rashid called out shaking her shoulders; he stared at her lifeless body, 'Zoya? Tum teek ho na?' Coughed Rashid, he tried pulling her out but she remained glued to her spot, 'Zoya bahar jao... Zoya' He cupped her face turning it towards him; she stared at him with tears streaming down her face, 'Zoya!' He shouted pulling her to the side as the fire spread over them. Zoya broke out of her state and clutched at his shirt her hands shivering with fear,

'Uncle mama ko bachao... Mama wahan' Zoya panicked as she pointed at the fire her eyes wide as saucers, 'Aag'

Rashid looked around before staring at her disbelievingly; he took her shoulders and shook it,

'Zoya, tumhare mama yahan nahin hai... Asad kahan hai?' He asked her,

'Asad?' Whispered Zoya before becoming fully alert, 'Asad!!!!' She panicked,

'Tum bahar jao...'He pushed to which she refused, 'Zoya main dekhta hoon...'

'Nahin, ASAD!!!!!!!' She called out, 'Asad aap kahan ho? Asad' She screamed, her eyes searching everywhere. Zoya's eyes shot upstairs, 'abbu, wahan' Zoya pointed,

'Mein dekhti hoon, you call the fire brigade' he coughed as he rushed towards the stairs. He turned around, 'hold on, tum uske saath nahi the aaj, na?' He asked to which she shook her head, 'toh woh ladki kon thi...' His voice trailed off.

'Ladki...' Zoya asked confused as she tried figuring out who it could be. Najma was at home with Asim, Nikhat was helping aapi, Nuzzhat was at home. Who could it be? Humeira? She spun on her feet,

'I'll see' She assured him feeling slightly and ran towards one of the doors. She held her saree over her mouth and opened the door to find it empty. She quickly moved towards another one and tried opening it but it wouldn't budge.

'Is anyone in there? Helloo?' She banged the door with her fists, 'hello?' She called out again, 'is anyone there?' She cried, she was about to leave when she heard a faint grunt, she rushed back, 'hello, can you hear me?' She looked around for something; she grabbed the vase throwing the flowers out of it and smashed it against the middle of the door that was made of glass. She watched it crack slightly before she dropped the broken vase and elbowed the glass wincing in pain. She peeked through the door to find a girl on the floor and the room on fire. She moved away as the black smoke moved out through the hole. She pushed the door by throwing herself at it, she rebounded and fell back against the floor.

'Aapi?' She heard someone mumble, her head shot up,

'Humeira?' Cried Zoya trying to get back onto her feet. She looked towards the main door to find her bodyguard running inside. He came to her picking her up,

'Maam, are you okaay?' He asked her as he picked her up with his huge arms and walked her outside,

'No no no, Asad's inside and Humeira's in that room' She put her arms out but it was pointless compared to his grip. He placed her on the floor outside before rushing back inside. Zoya burst into a coughing fit as she gasped for air. She held onto her chest as she longingly looked towards the burning house. If Humeira was there that means Asad... She looked up trying to push herself upwards onto her feet but she fell back and winced. She caught her breath and stared straight in front of her with her blurry eyes. Her body shivered as she felt her breath get stuck; she opened her mouth to let the air in. A small smile lit her face as she watched the bodyguard carry Humeira out safely. Her hands reached out for her sister who stared back at her with teary eyes. She just missed her hand as the bodyguard rushed past her towards the arriving paramedics. Zoya watched helplessly as the world around her blurred, the screaming and shouting all in the distant. She slowly turned her head towards the hawelli. She blinked a few times trying to focus, her little heart landed on the face of her unconscious beloved. Her heart shouted for him to open his eyes. She dropped from her knees as her eyes remained locked on Asad's face. Rashid broke into a coughing fit as he held his son tightly in his arms. No doubt Asad's weight was too much for his old father to carry, however his forgotten father chose to look at him as the toddler who he yearned to hold against him all those years. He looked straight at the broken girl; a part of her was in his arms, her other complete half. Zoya felt herself being pulled into the ground that was supporting her up. Her eyes forcing her to shut down and wake up from this bitter nightmare.  Asad's lifeless body tore a part of her inside, her heart threatening to stop beating any second.

'Jab maine tumhe aise halaat mein dikha toh aise laga ki mujhe zindagi ne hi dokha de diya. Maine aapne aapse bohut poocha, jab mere dil keh raha hai ki tumhe kuch nahin hua toh mujhe iss zindagi ki chahat kaise khatam ho gaye... You know why? Because I live through your open eyes, your smile and your crazy nature. Jab tumhein aise aankhein baand karte huye dekha toh aise laga zindagi saath chor rahi hai...'

'Then I will never sleeep Asad' Laughed Zoya.

'Agar tum nahi saogi, toh mein nahi so paunga. Mujhe sona hai' Asad controlled his tears picturing an unconscious Zoya, he cupped Zoya's face and placed a kissed on her forehead. Zoya stared at him with a smile, wincing slightly within seeing him in pain. She placed her hand over his chest rubbing the part over his heart.

'Itna dard Asad? Kaise bardasht kar rahe ho... Mere vajah se, please stop hurting yourself. I'm fine now'

'Janta hoon... Lekin tumhe khone ki... Ahh jab mujhe kuch hoga tab-' Zoya placed her hand over his mouth.

'Aapko kuch nahin hoga' She scolded, he tried removing his hand and comforting a shaken Zoya. She moved his hand off her shoulder. She pulled at his sweater, 'Aapko kuch nahin hoga, khabi nahi okaaay?' She said with wide eyes. He nodded at her; she buried herself into his chest.


Zoya blinked a few times coming back to reality. As she watched Rashid bring her Asad towards her, she failed to notice the father that was cradling his son after 18 long years. Rashid placed Asad's head on Zoya's lap. Zoya's hands remained by her side as she looked up at Rashid's face with blank expressions. Rashid brought her hands on to Asad's face. He stared at her tear stricken face; he cupped her face and forced her to look down onto her lap. Zoya's eyes remained wide open, tears overflowing from her eyes and onto Asad's cheeks. Her lips trembled as she held his face tighter; she let out a sob shaking his face with force.

'Asad...' Zoya screamed, her voice unclear amidst the blazing fire and the people surrounding it, 'Asad, aankhein khulo, please... Asad tumhein kuch nahin hoga...'She pulled him and held his head against her chest and rocked back and forth, 'Asad uthoo, Asad...' She chanted the same words over and over again pleading for him to wake up, to open his eyes. 'Abbu!' She called out to Rashid, 'Dekho na, yeh aankhein kyun nahin khul rahe hai... You know he used to say he lives through my eyes, but doesn't he know that I live through his? Why isn't he opening his eyes? Kyun, yeh sone ka waqt nahin hai... Tell him!' She complained, ' Asad' she tapped his cheeks, 'uthooo, mujhe aapse ladai karna hai, maine kaha tha na bodyguards ko apne paas rakhna.. Kaha tha na... Oh ab jaana, tum mujhse bachne ke liye yeh natak kar rahe ho' She wiped the blood from his forehead, 'kitne careless ho gaye ho' She patted his forehead with the end of her saree trying to keep her voice calm, 'chalo utto, humein aap pe haldi lagana hai' She pushed him but he remained frozen on her lap, 'Asad?' She pulled his eye lids up in desperation but they fell back into place. She looked at Rashid, 'Why is he doing this?' She asked innocently, 'badla le rahe hai na, maine unko saathaya isiliye na...' She cried. She intertwined her hands with his and brought it back to her cheek.

'WHERE IS THE DAMN AMBULANCE?' Rashid yelled in frustration watching Zoya rock back and forth in silence. He looked around him at the busy world that seemed to have forgotten the victims. He kneeled down to pick Asad but Zoya held him tighter not wanting to let go.

'Hospital jaana hoga' He pointed finally seeing the ambulance car arrive. Zoya let Rashid pick Asad up but did not let go of his hand. She followed in her injured state, and sat beside him in the ambulance. She stared at his face as the paramedics took care of him. She wasn't aware when they arrived at the hospital, the only thing she knew was that she was running forward trying to hold onto his hand as his they threatened to let go of hers.

'Asad' Shrieked Zoya just as she stumbled on a rock and grabbed Asad's arm, Zoya looked horrified as she seen the muddy puddle below her and then her white dress, 'Asad, don't let go' She pleaded as her body remained half slanted in the air. Asad slowly slipped her hand off his arm; Zoya closed her eyes in shock. Her body fell backwards before feeling one arm wrap around her waist pushing her upwards until she hit his rock solid chest. She peeked with her eyes; he led her eyes to show her their intertwined hands.

'I will never let go, no matter where life takes us, yeh haath aise baandhe huye rahega.' Zoya sighed a breath of relief smacking his chest, 'Aur agar haath' He stepped back letting go of her hand.

'Mein chootne nahi dungi'She pulled at his fingers and slipped her fingers in between his, 'Aur' She indicated with her head to pick her up, 'Aur aise chipke rahungi' They both laughed walking towards their car.

Zoya pulled at his fingers, her hand slipped out of his. She ran forward only for the doors to shut her out. She watched through the glass as the doctors fought to bring him back to life. Her fingers caressed the glass as if to give him comfort.


Everyone had arrived at the hospital once they received a call from Rashid. The wedding preparations were put on hold as they came running to Zoya's side. Ayaan tried remaining strong for Zoya despite his pain from seeing Humeira in danger. Zoya however remained in the same spot not reacting to anyone's calls. She pushed Ayaan away to go to Humeira. Dilshad tried comforting Zoya but it was futile as her gaze remained in one direction.

'Doctor, how is she?' A worried Ayaan jumped to his feet seeing the doctor come out of the emergency room. Everyone gathered around them in haste wanting to know the same.

'She's out of danger' He smiled as he patted Ayaan's shoulder to calm him down; 'She should gain consciousness in an hour or so' He told them before walking away. Everyone sent a prayer above to the Almighty before sitting back down in their places. Zoya slowly turned around and met Ayaan's eyes. She watched his eyes glisten with unshed tears; a small smile adorned her creased face. Ayaan nodded before walking inside Humeira's ward. Zoya looked around her to see her family members in a distressed state. They hadn't won the battle just yet; along with a frown each person carried a ray of hope along with them. Some held their hands to pray to the Almighty, some were shedding tears and some remained frozen. A pregnant Zeenat was being comforted by a broken Anwar. Daadi was holding on to a shattered Dilshad, Asim consoled a weeping Najma who's face seemed swollen from all the crying. Nikhat and Nuzzhat stood above them trying not to break down, the glow from their faces seemed all drained. She stared towards her left only to find her feet moving along with her gaze. Her sudden hand movements allowed the broken pieces of bangles to fall onto the ground. Hearing the noises, everyone's eyes shot up towards her. Zeenat expectantly waited for Zoya to come to her whereas Dilshad got up onto her feet wiping her tears away. They watched as she walked away from them, all of them faintly calling out to her. Zoya stopped once she came in front of Rashid, seeing her shadow over him he looked up at her. Zoya slowly moved side wards turning her body around to sit next to him. She lifted her feet up onto the steel bench and placed her head on Rashid's lap. Dilshad sobbed quietly watching the sight before her, she watched as Rashid caressed Zoya's hair allowing her to close her eyes and forget about everything for a moment. Zoya flinched for a moment, her head was threatening to drop her as her chest tightened. She placed her hand on her back, she felt some deep wounds. She suddenly looked up jumping onto her feet,

'Kya hua beta?' Asked Rashid, everyone else was alerted. Zoya limped towards the door, she watched desperately as they placed two iron looking things against his chest and pressed it making his body jump up and back down. Zoya felt the shock to her body as she watched the screen that now had a couple of straight lines. She went flying back as the doors opened and two nurses came rushing outside. They ran past Zoya as fast as they could,

'What's wrong?' Zoya screamed only to be ignored. The nurses came rushing back with boxes and wires pushing past Zoya yet again as they ran inside, 'WHAT'S WRONG?' She asked Rashid, 'UNHE KYA HUA' Zoya rushed back towards the glass panels; her stress levels increased not being able to see anything inside. She started to panic, 'Asad ko kuch nahin hoga abbu' She gasped for air with wide eyes, 'kuch nahin hoga, kuch nahin' She went back towards the door. Everyone looked at each other worriedly; Zoya's state was worsening. Her yellow saree was torn and had blood all over it. Her hair had seen better days and her arms were scratched from the fall and broken bangles. Her face was smudged with black powder; Zoya's world is on the verge of shattering. 

The two people that meant the world to her almost taken away from her, one who has the same blood running through her veins; the sister she never had, the only family she has in this world. The other for whom she lives, without him she is incomplete. Without his existence, Zoya would not be. Every other time, all the attacks were on her but this time they messed with the wrong people, hurting them has awoken the lioness within her.

'Jaanti hoon, lekin Zoya, khabi khabi kudh ke liye justice lena zaroori hota hai. Think about yourself for once... mein ummeed karungi ki ek din, tum kisi aur ka fikar na kar ke tum kudh ke liye ladogi' She recalled her ammi's words. She closed her eyes,

'I love you Zoya'


'Tumne bahut galat kiya, even after my warning. If anything happens to Zoya, I will kill you Razia Siddiqui'

'Maine usse khatam kar diya aapke uss aurat ko aur uski woh najayez aulaad ko'

'Rashid ko phasya diya, ab bhool jao'

'Tum ho toh mein hoon'

'Tumhare ammi ajayenge beta'


'Mein aur tum, hum, humesha'

'Agar aap itne badtameez hai, toh mujhe aap itne ache kyun lagte ho?'
'Mr Khan, iska jawab bohot simple hai, yeh sab iss liye ki aap mujhe pasand karte hai!'



'I love you Zoya'

'I will never let go'

'Mein dar gayi thi Zoya, tum mere sab kuch ho'

'jab tak tumhare dil dhadke gi, samhaj jana ki mere dil bhi chal rahi hai'

Zoya placed her hand over chest, she breathed in and out, 'Tumhe kuch nahin hoga' She whispered to herself.

'Humeira?' A woman called out, 'Humeira mere bachi. Mere bachi kahan hai' She asked in the distant. Zoya's eyes shot open,

'Maine usse khatam kar diya tumhare biwi ko aur uski woh najayez aulaad ko'

'Rashid ko phasya diya, ab bhool jao'

'Tumhare ammi ajayenge beta'



Zoya's hands fisted beside her as she heard the voices get closer,

'BAS MRS RAZIA SIDDIQUE, NOT ONE MORE STEP' Roared Zoya as she spun on her feet, her eyes red with rage. She stepped forward protectively walking past everyone, 'not one more step' She gritted her teeth eyeing Ghafoor Siddique whilst warning Razia.






Sorry for stopping it there, and for the whole thing being a drag. I know I promised a humongous update, but idk I started cutting out and it shortened. This was meant to be more than one part.

Please excuse any mistakes, really tired. Not sat down and written in like ages.

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls.






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Yay 1st one to update
Nice part dear but eagerly waiting for face off
Pls update soon

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