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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 83)

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  Five Hearts With Awesome Colours

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Great update

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unresed on 79 Approve

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One amazing story :)

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Tanveer that kuthi

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Asad is sooo Romantic!!!  makes me wish guys in reality were as romantic. 
btw, I wonder who he was threatening.. hmmm

great update and feel better hun. The weather sucks here too :(

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comments my lovelies, they mean so so much! I'm sorry for such a late update, I'm not the one to usually break my promises. I got so so busy and couldn't find time to write. I know you guys have really high expectations, Idk if I'll be able to meet them. But but after 3 weeks of what you call a "holiday" (yeah right! I need to get out of the country) at my aunt's, I'm back home! HOME SWEET HOME! After fighting all sorts of allergy attacks, I'm home! I think I'm allergic to cats! :/ On top of that I'm lactose intolerant. Life really does hate me; it's testing me with FOOODSSS! *sighs*
Okie dokes, the second half of this I just typed up quickly. Another 6-7 chapters before the epilogue (me thinks), I know it's so long but I need it for the last twist! I usually write as I go along, I do not pre-plan anything, so yeah it could be longer or shorter! I couldn't finish it before the real wedding, so next target is before Ramadhan!

Part 22

'He's way too romantic' sighed Zoya as she lay back on her pillow softly sniffing the rose and caressing it against her cheek; she smiled hearing Najma giggle as she turned her back towards her and closed her eyes, 'dreamy' she whispered before finally letting her dreams consume her. Her smile remained plastered on her face as the flashbacks of the close dance practice replayed before her.

She twirled under his hold, seeing glimpses of his face with every turn. Her laughs echoed into the silence as the whole world around her fought to keep up with her speed. She halted resting the tip of her forehead on his chest as she tried steadying her fast, heavy breathing. She looked up at his serene face as he smiled down at her, his hands held her securely by the shoulders. She brushed her hands down his arms and held his hand as she stretched out backwards. She went further back looking deep into her eyes when she felt her hands slipping, she tried gripping his hands tighter but it was futile as her hands slid out of his, her fingers twitched forward trying to link it with his,

'Asad' she whispered crying as she fell back and hit the floor. She turned side wards and stared above her as Asad took slow steps backwards. She jumped on her knees questioningly trying to figure out what was happening; she looked around her as the sky turned red. The sudden gush of wind made her blink a few times and before she knew it, she was surrounded by sharp breathing fire. The fire waved vigorously attacking her as she jumped back in defence. She forcefully got on her feet to search for Asad only to see him fighting with the fire as it slowly surrounded him. She screamed his name; he stared at her helpless.

'Meethi!' Zoya heard a woman call out, she looked at the direction to see no one in sight,

'Meethi!' The woman called out again this time a louder shriek; she was crying. Zoya turned on her feet as she tried looking for this woman; she coughed and cried as the fire started to spread even faster.

'Zoya' Yelled Asad as the fire surrounded him, she watched him cough and fight as he tried coming towards her, she ran towards him as fast as she could only to stumble over a rock and fall forward on her feet. She looked up in pain,

'Meethi meri bacha, kahan hai thu?' the woman cried helplessly as she crazily browsed for her lost child, Zoya's head shot to her side as her eyes opened wide. Her eyes fell on the strained and broken woman searching frantically for her child as the fire surrounded her whilst she fought hard trying reaching her child. The woman looked towards her; she watched as her eyes relaxed finding her,

'Mama' stuttered Zoya as her eyes met the woman's. 'Mama' screamed Zoya as she tried getting on her feet, she clawed on the ground trying to support herself up, she lifted herself halfway up but fell back down as her knees quivered due to weakness. The streams of fire attacked her as she tried blocking it with her right arm, 'MAMAAA!' Cried Zoya as she felt her hand burn. She held her hand to her chest as tears streamed from her eyes, 'Mama, mujhe bachao, please!' pleaded Zoya,

'Meethi! Meethi!... ZOYA!!!!!!!!!' She sounded tired, 'thu kahan hai? Mama ke paas aa ja' she heard the woman beg, Zoya jumped on her knees as tried looking over the flames,

'Zoya' Shouted Asad, Zoya turned towards a weak Asad who was about to drop to his knees.

'Mama, Asad ko bachao. Asad mama ko bachao' Zoya begged as she looked to each of them as they both helplessly stared towards her. Zoya forced herself to get up as her heart pulled at her insides, the two most important people in her life were in danger and she couldn't do anything to help them. She somehow managed to get on her feet; her breathing sharper than before. She froze as she stared as the sight in front of her; they were gone. She cried as she twisted and turned around in the hope of finding them,

'Mama!!!!!!!!! Asad!!!!!!!!!!!' Screeched a tired Zoya as she fell on her knees, she coughed out the smoke as her blurry eyes watched the flames dance crazily in front of her. She tried focusing as she watched someone jump over the flames and run towards her,

'Tum teek ho na beta, yahan ao, mere saath' he put his hand out for Zoya to take, 'Don't be scared beta, I'll take you away from the fire' he told her,

'Uncle mere mama ko bachao, mere Asad ko bachao! Mujhe nahin jaana' Zoya pleaded,

'Woh kahan hain?' He asked as he looked around, Zoya pointed towards them both, the man looked around him and then at her,

'There's no one there beta, ao mere saath' he picked her up as Zoya squirmed in his arms,

'Mama! Asad! Mama. ASAD!!!!!!!!' She repeated as she begged for him to find them.


'Zoya Zoya Zoya, utho' Cried a worried Najma as she shook a screaming Zoya in her sleep,

'ASAAADDD!' Shouted Zoya before she shot upright on her bed, her breathing fast and uneven. Sweat glistened from her forehead as her hand caressed her scar. She looked around her to see the fire gone,

'Zoya' Najma said softly before taking her in for a hug, Najma held Zoya tightly against her chest, stroking her back up and down to calm her down,

'Tamater, woh Asad ko...' she whispered as Najma hushed her trying to calm her down, Najma cupped her face,

'Zoya, Bhaijaan ko kuch nahin hua. It was a bad dream' She consoled her to be bhabie who was in a shocked state; she brushed the tears off her face shaking her head side to side. She helped her rest against the bed as she placed the cushions behind her to support her back. Najma caressed her face, tucking her hair behind her ears and wiping the sweat off her forehead. She then poured Zoya a glass of water from the jug on the bedside table and handed it to her. Zoya took it and gulped it down as her heart attempted to steady itself, 'You okay?

'Haan' Zoya nodded at her, 'Thank you Tamater' She smiled at Najma before being helped to lie back down. Najma wrapped her up under the duvet as her hands soothed her forehead by tapping it gently.

Once she seen Zoya close her eyes, Najma got off the bed and went outside the room. She dialled her bhaijaan's number and waited patiently for him to pick up,

'Hello Tamater, itne raaat? Kya hua, are you okay? Is everyone okay?' Asked a worried Asad,

'Bhaijaan, I'm fine, Woh Zoya-'

'ZOYA, Zoya ko kya hua? Is she okay? Tamater tell me what' s wrong?' Asad spoke loudly over the phone,

'Remember you told me to tell you if she has any nightmares about you know that day. Well she had a nightmare; she woke up screaming your name. Bhaijaan she kept taking your name and her ammi's asking someone to save you both. She seemed shocked and scared; she didn't say much to me. I've just put her to sleep, I don't know what else to do Bhaijaan' explained a worried Najma.

'Don't worry Tamater, I'll speak to her tomorrow. You just stay by her side and see if she needs anything. Tum toh jaante ho usko kitne baare sadma laagi hai, kuch waqt jayega teek hone mein. Just try to keep her busy with the wedding preparations. I'm sorry Tamater to put all this on you, I didn't know who else to ask'

'No don't say that Bhaijaan, I love her as much and want to take care of her. You don't worry about a thing; I'll be here if she needs anything. Acha teek hai, mein phone rakhti hoon' She paused for a second, 'Aur haan Bhaijaan'

'Haan kaho'

'Kya hai bhaijaan, aap toh bade romantic nikle, sach mein, kya aap sach mein mere bhaijaan ho?' She teased in an attempt to steer away his worry,

'Woh, Tamater! Tum yeh kaise baatein ka-'

'Haan haan koi baat nahin! Nikaah ho raha hai, saatha na padega! Mazaak tha, but sach mein bhaijaan, I've never seen her so happy!' Smiled Najma,

'Why what did she say to you? Woh,' He blushed, 'Zoya bhi na' He mumbled,

'Kuch nahin kaha' she helped her brother out,

'Acha teek hai, rakhta hoon, aur haan, party maath badal lena, tum ladke wale side se ho' He joked,

'Dekhna padega, Allah Hafiz' She wished her brother before sighing and hanging up, She turned around and peeped through the half open door to see Zoya sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow tightly. She stepped inside the room and got into bed as she prayed for her bhabie's well being and happiness.


'Ayaan, have you done it' whispered Zoya, she watched as he madly hit the buttons on the controllers and stared at the TV in front of him. She smacked his head,

'Ouch, Mona what are you doing?'

'Mona, nahin bhabie kaho' came a voice from behind, Zoya shot to her feet and turned towards the door whilst Ayaan fumbled with the gamepad which fell out of his hands. He turned around in a hurry almost falling off the sofa and got to his feet,

'Bhaijaan, haan aaap?' He looked at Zoya helplessly seeing Asad's blank, but serious expressions; 'Haan, bhabie bhaijaan has come' he smiled foolishly,

'I think she can see Ayaan, and have you forgotten why I sent you here?' Asad reprimanded him,

'Woh, haan woh' he pointed upwards, 'I'll get Asim first... Asim!' He shouted before zooming off to find him. Asad watched as he left and then turned towards Zoya. She was staring towards the floor, Asad walked towards her and handed her a piece of paper,

'What is this?' He questioned her, Zoya gulped as she looked at the papers while mentally devising a plan to get away,

'It says: pre nikaah gift!' She read out the obvious as she smiled widely at him,

'Yeah that I can read'

'Oh really, why you asking then?'

'Zoya I'm asking you because I have two unsually big men following me around' he told her feeling frustrated,

'They're called body guards Asad' she said smiling, Asad glared at her, 'you know a rich man like you needs it for protection' she fluttered her eyelashes innocently, 'and you never know when you get attacked, mere bahut dil daar yahan Bhopal mein hai'

'Dil whaaat?' He asked baffled at her explanation,

'Lovers Asad, aur you know jealousy main and all' she shrugged her shoulders before turning around to go,

'Get rid of them!' He held her by the shoulders and pulled her back to face him,

'You do it' she said angrily,

'Zoya, pleaseee if I could I wouldn't be asking you...'

'You don't care about my feelings...' She looked at him innocently threatening to burst, he stared at her and then rolled his eyes finally giving up. Zoya sighed a breath of relief as she turned to go, he noticed something in her eyes... The same thing he had seen the first night after she moved to her maternal home.


'Ayaan, rukho' Zoya pulled him and made him sit down,

'No' he shot to his feet, 'mujhe kaam hai' he said looking at Asad who was glaring at him. Zoya followed his gaze to find Asad giving Ayaan and Asim killer looks,

'Kudh lock peh hai issi liye hum pein badla le rahe hai' mumbled Asim under his breath as Ayaan coughed in agreement. Zoya glared at Asad warning him to let it go; he shrugged his shoulders back innocently,

'Listen forget him Rabart, tell me all about it!' She said in excitement, Ayaan smirked as he peeked at his brother's reaction from the corner of his eyes, 'Well Mo- bhabie, it's a new model' he went on to explain the details about his new motorbike. Asad stared at Zoya who seemed engrossed into the conversation, her eyes popping out with excitement; she's into bikes?

'Okay okaay woaaah, you have to take me for a ride, nowww!'

'I don't think so' said Asad as he closed in behind her,

'Not you tooo! I'm going and there's nothing you can do about it' she puffed before walking off,

'Zoya stop being a kid' scolded Asim, he had refused her so many times in New York after the almost accident she had caused him to make, she gets a bit too excited. Thank god he didn't let her ride it, he wouldn't be alive to see this day.

'Me too?' Asked Asad,

'Haan woh we nearly had an accident due to her excitement back. in. Newww-' he said the last few words slowly as he watched Zoya shake her head in a no before glaring at him,

'That's it double NO! I said no because I don't trust this one!' He brushed Ayaan's hair, 'and now I don't trust you Zoya!' He announced, Zoya's mouth opened wide to protest, she narrowed her eyebrows at him before devising her next plan,

'Why don't you take me instead?' She said hopeful,


'Asad are you taking or no?' She rephrased her question as she gave him an ultimatum, 'soch lo or else' she added the blackmailing touch. She crossed her arms and stared at him as he sat down on the sofa ignoring her question. Her expressions seemed serious before turning soft, she looked at him tearfully before turning around to go, Ayaan and Asad tried stopping her as they watched her get upset,

'Zoya baby, it's 11 and you've not eaten anything' said Laila,

'Jee nahin mujhe buk nahin hain, i'm going to lie down for a bit with my room locked,' she emphasised the word 'locked' 'please make sure no one disturbs me' she said sadly,

'Teek hain!' she smiled, Zoya sniffed before heading for the stairs,

Asad pressed his forehead at her drama and mentally scolded himself for falling for her tricks,

'Okaay' he jumped up, 'I'll take you for a bike ride' Zoya halted her as a smirk played on her lips, she turned around,

'Aap jhoot bol rahi ho' she said sniffing,

'I'll take you now' he said as he grabbed the keys off Ayaan and walked over to her, 'go get ready, we have to meet ammi' Zoya looked up at him and nodded forgetting all her excitement, she rushed to her room and got dressed.



She hugged him tight from behind resting her head on his back as they drove towards the graveyard, she dreamt of her ammi last night after so long. Her dreams were always blurry; she had never seen her ammi properly. Was there more to that fateful night? Who was the person that saved her or was she imagining it all?

'What's wrong Zoya, are you okaay? You not enjoying the ride, Ayaan ko bhulao?' He teased, she sighed on his back,

'Nahi, i'm finee... Ammi ki yaad a raha hai... Bas' she told him, he knew she was lying but let it go...

'Okaay, we're here' He got off and helped her down. She wrapped the dupatta over her head and waited outside the gate whilst Asad went inside,

'You sure?' He looked back and asked her, she nodded at him, he wrapped the white bandana around his head and walked forward. He stepped in front of his mother in law's grave and closed his eyes. He lifted his hands in front of him to pray; Zoya did the same behind him outside the gates.


'Mama, mama' the little girl ran outside of the orphanage home towards the uncle who had helped her outside. She pulled at his pants, 'uncle mama kahan hain?' She cried coughing.

'Beta, tumhare mama na koi kaam se bahar gaye hain, jaldi ajayenge' he cupped her face, brushing away her tears,

'Pakka na' she asked him with wide teary eyes,

'Pakka beta!'


She lay there on her bed that night, twisting and turning waiting for her mother to come and comfort her, but the wait never ended. She remained there crying slowly and finally falling asleep.


Zoya's eyes shot open as she watched Asad in front of her, he stared at her worried.

'What's wrong?' She jumped forward and hugged him, she pulled at his shirt as she shivered slightly, he held her in his arms comforting her, 'what's wrong?' He asked her again,

'Mama didn't come Asad, Mama never came!' She cried as he comforted her,

'Mama?' Asked Asad,

'Asad I seen a bad dream last night, I seen mama and you. Uss mein aap dono aag mein jal rahe ho... I had a nightmare that night we met after I came home. And it came true and this...' Her lips quivered, Asad took her face into his hands,

'Shhh, nothing's going to happen. Listen to meee' he shook her face, 'Zoya!' He scolded her, 'calm down, please mujhe kuch nahin hoga, bodyguards hai na' He assured her and held her tight.

'Asad, maine ammi ko dikha' She repeared, ' aur aur mujhe woh uncle jinne mujhe ashram mein choda tha' she told him,

'Woh kon the Zoya?' She shook her head,

'I don't know Asad, lekin jaane pehchane lag rahe the?'

'Koi baat nahin, it was a dream... Bhool jao' he smiled at her, she nodded at him.



 'How do I look?' Zoya asked her excited Naani who was beaming at her from the screen,

'Beautiful as always!' Nani said with a huge smile, she put her hands out to ward off evil, 'Kisi ka nazar na lage' Zoya admired her cute little grandma while she did her routine nazar utharna, 'Humesha kush rehna!' She cried.

'Oh ho, you're wishing me to stay happy by crying?' Zoya said jokingly, 'I love you very much and miss you loads nani ammi, aap mere zindagi mein kitne khaas ho yeh sirf mein hi jaante hoon! I wish you were here. Aap ho woh insaan jiske vajah se mein aaj yahan hoon, kush hoon. Aap-' Zoya's voice broke as she teared up, she tried controlling her tears from ruining her make up. She sniffed and then breathed out,

'Hum kya khaas nahin hai Zoya?' Laughed Zeenat as she sat behind Zoya holding her shoulders and pressing her eyes at the screen to reassure her worried naani,

'Aapi aap bhi na' Zoya chided before turning back to the screen, 'Naani, kya mein aapko kuch pooch sakti hoon?' Zoya stared with wide eyes,

'Shooot!' Naani smiled trying not to sound too worried,

'Kya mama mujhe Meethi bulathi thi?'

'Haan baby, woh pyaar se tumhe bulathi thi' She paused as Zoya eagerly listened to her, 'lekin jab tum choti thi na, tumhe bohot daravni sapne aatha tha, humne tumhe woh yaad se bahaar nikaalne ke liye tumhe uss naam ki aadaat chura diya hai, lekin aaj kyun pooch rahi ho? Tumhe toh yeh naam yaad bhi nahi tha'

'Naani, kal maine mama ko dikha in my dreams, woh-' She stopped as she watched her  naani's forehead crease, 'Meethi!' She squealed, 'mera nickname meethi tha, kitna pyara naam hai, better than fudge!!' She smiled as the two ladies let out a laugh,

'Acha naani, we'll skype you later, Zoya ko der ho raha hai' said Zeenat,

'Mwah girlfriend! I will you send the sangeet pictures and the recordings' She winked as her naani did the same, she closed her laptop and turned towards her aapi,

'Everything will be fine' assured Zeenat as she put her hand on Zoya's cheeks and shook it lightly, 'Itna nervous maat ho na' She looked at Zoya's shivering hands,

'Pata nahin kyun, kuch dino mein sab kuch badalne waale. Mein aap dono ko chor ke humesha' Zoya hugged her aapi, 'I love you so so so so much' She pulled back and put her ear against her belly, 'Yes and you too baby!' She giggled, Zeenat picked Zoya up and caressed her cheek, 'sorry, mein bhi na, aaj sirf sangeet hai'

'I love you too mere bacha' She cried as she put a black teeka behind her ear to ward off evil, 'Let's go, guests have started arriving,'

She stood at the top of the stairs dressed as an Indian Princess for her Jahapana. Her blouse was green with white and gold sequence work around the wrists along with white threaded border work on the edges. Her lehenga was a deep blue colour with similar work as the blouse on the bottom of the lehenga. Her pink duppatta was attached to her waist and brought round to her left shoulder. Her jewellery was simple, she had a gold and white coloured mangteeka adorned on her head and her earrings were matching. Her hair was left out in curls, she couldn't manage a bun whilst dancing, apparently it didn't give the 'filmy slow romantic' effect she decided and it kept coming off. She sighed as she closed her eyes seeing so many guests staring above at her. She felt Najma by her side holding her right hand and pressing it,

'You look beautiful don't worry, Bhaijaan will go crazy, not that he isn't already' teased Najma, Zoya opened her eyes as she blushed, 'phir se?' Zoya hit her by the elbow,

'Stop teasing, where is your bhaijaan? It's 7 already' She frowned as she searched for him downstairs, Najma shrugged her shoulders as she helped Zoya down her first step and paused.

'Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana

Dheere Dheere Se Mere Dil Ko Churaana

Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana

Tumse Milkar Tumko Hai Bataana...'

Zoya looked up at the sudden singing; her heart could never fail to recognise that voice. Her eyes searched the entire hall, but she couldn't find him. She held Najma's hand tighter as she watched the sudden pictures flash on the wall on the other side. She watched silently as Najma and Asim played out their first meeting; first meeting she questioned. He was at the dargah? She thought their first meeting was the one where he nearly knocked her over. A smile formed on her lips as the images of her and Asad played on the wall.

'Jabse Tujhko Dekha Dil Ko Koi Aaraam Nahin

Mere Hothon Pe Ek Tere Siva Koi Naam Nahin

Apna Bhi Haal Tumhare Jaisa Hai Saajan

Bas Yaad Tujhe Karti Hoon Aur Koi Kaam Nahin

Ban Gaya Hoon Main Tera Deewana...'

Zoya took delicate steps down each step smiling, she held the railings and searched for his face.

'Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana...' Zoya sang cheerfully as he stepped out from behind the pillar. She admired him for a moment, dressed in a white kurta with a long black kurta over coat. He changed his famous red handkerchief into a blue one for the occasion, Zoya looked into his deep sparkling eyes as he took slow steps forward prompting her to do the same and carry on singing,

Dheere Dheere Se Mere Dil Ko Churaana

Tum Se Pyaar Humein Kitna Hai Jaane Jaana

Tumse Milkar Tumko Hai Bataana...'

She reached the bottom of the stairs as she finished singing; she shyly looked up at him as he came closer towards her. Zoya spun on her feet as she watched the space around her go dark and the spotlight fall on her, she put her hand out in front of her eyes  at the sudden light. Another spotlight came and Asad appeared,

'Main Teri Mohabbat Mein Paagal Ho Jaaunga

Main Teri Mohabbat Mein Paagal Ho Jaaunga

Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai. Tujhe Kaisa Lagta Hai...' Asad sang as he played his eyebrows up and down, Zoya stared at him with wide eyes before putting her hand out,

'Ho O O Main Teri Nigaahon Se Ghaayal Ho Jaaungi.' She put her hand over his eyes looking away blushing, he moved her hand.

Ho O O Main Teri Nigaahon Se Ghaayal Ho Jaaungi

Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai... Tujhe Kaisa Lagta Hai...'

They held each other's hand pulling each other close, they sang the rest of the song into each other's ears...

'Tujh Bin Lab Par Koi Naam Nahi Aata

Dil Ko Tadpe Bina Aaraam Nahi Aata

Donon Taraf Lagi Hai Aag Baraabar Ye

Rakh Degi Bas Hamko Raakh Banaakar Ye

Tu Bhi Jal Jaayegi Main Bhi Jal Jaaunga  

Main Teri Mohabbat Mein Paagal Ho Jaaunga

Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai... Tujhe Kaisa Lagta Hai...' He ended the song as she rest her head on his chest. He held her in his arms as the crowd burst into a cheer, whistling and clapping causing them to break apart and stare at each other. They smiled as Dilshad came up to them and hugged them tight,

'Mujhe lagta hai... tum dono ek dusre ke liye bane ho!'

PRECAP: Entry of Asad's Delhi friend, his wife Mishti and their two children.



Any guess who our guests are?
Okay guys Sangeet continues. I know I've used old songs; I literally love these two songs atm!
Song One- Dheere Dheere from Ashiqui
Song Two- Main Teri Mohabbat Mein from Tridev I think!

I know Asad and Zoya suit Tum hi ho! Trying to think of other songs, I have songs listed for the sangeet, do leave your suggestions behind for who should sing/dance to what! LOOOL!

Sorry, please ignore the mistakes.

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls,

P.S.  sorry for tweaking the bike ride!





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