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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 8)

MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Originally posted by ..-AsYa-..

Beautiful proposal...nicely written..Smile

Aww thank you lovely <3

MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by skavya

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3">I just read 3 parts in one go</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3">I just love this story, u r written it very nicely </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3">I just love the way u narrated Asad, his feelings, care for zoya & the praposal just amazing </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3">why u think that u r not good in writting keep it up dear u r too good </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3">update it soon & plz pm me </font>

Aww thank you so much dear, aha I've always wanted to see this soft side of Asad on the show which hopefully we will once he comes out of his shell...
Aww you're just nice that's why you're saying that, i'm so inexperienced with these things so it's in baby language compared to what other's have written, to me it feels like its not flowing... But thank you, your comment means a lot to me and i appreciate it... Idk about PMs, i'm still new to this once i figure it out, will PM you... xoxox
MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AsyaManic

Mindblowing dialoges, beutifuly written. Lovd it

Thank you so much lovely... Sorry for the bad hindi, but i felt it sounded more intense that way :) xoxo
MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by meow23

nysh n luvly updte.. luvd d way asad helpd her to overcome de insecurities

Thank you dear... I'm glad you liked it, i thought i wouldn't be able to overcome that hurdle of removing her insecurities properly... xoxo
MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..vidhi..



Aww thank you so much my dear for the compliment and the comment, it made me smile and also raised my confidence... It means a lot :) xoxo
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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 8:47am | IP Logged
nice update..
loved the way of ur description..
plz conti

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Part 4

Asad and Zoya walked into the house hand in hand staring lovingly at each other, Zoya had been blushing throughout the journey back home. Yes, Zoya blushes, different shades of pink and red, oh how Asad was going to enjoy this new discovery. They both felt different after the confession, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off them.

It was 8.00 p.m in the evening, Dilshad and Najma had eaten as Asad had phoned them earlier to tell them they'd be a bit late. Both mother and daughter were wrapped up on the sofa watching television when they looked up to see Asad and Zoya walking in; with their hands intertwined and Zoya wrapped in Asad's coat. Both realised that they had an audience watching and let go of each other's hand, Asad coughed and gave his salaams along with Zoya to the two smirking ladies glaring at them, a blushing Zoya then informed everyone that she'll just warm up the food so that they could eat and ran towards the kitchen. Asad looked into his mother's eyes; he knew that she knew. He didn't know whether to smile or feel embarrassed, although she didn't know the exact details of what happened, it felt as if she was a witness to it all.

Asad stepped out of his room, he had changed into his white kurta. He was greeted with a glimpse of his future, his loving mother sat on the sofa conversing loudly with her future bahu who was setting up the table for dinner while Najma was just beaming at the TV as her favourite show had come on. He was fortunate enough to witness such moments previously but things were different; today he felt as if all the equations had balanced, there were no more uncertain relationships, Zoya's stay at the Khan household was confirmed. Before this day, Asad's mind always played games with Zoya's imaginary departure, although she was already a part of his home, his mind always told him that she could leave which used to drive him insane. For once, his useless mind was at rest.

Asad walked up to the dining table and sat down in his usual place. Everything was set up the way the OCD freak likes. He looked up at her while she was serving his dinner, he didn't know how to behave around her. Okay he knows things have changed between them, but nonetheless there was still some awkwardness between them. Should he smile at her?  Or will that be too much? He didn't realise that his face were acting out his thoughts, he was opening his mouth and closing it again, from Zoya's point of view it looked like he was exercising his facial muscles and she could not stop but burst out laughing. Asad suddenly realised what he was doing, he looked down and pressed his temples, not because he was angry but he was making a complete fool of himself. Relax Asad, why are you so nervous?

They both ate together in silence passing occasional glances at each other, both shying away when their eyes meet and looking in all directions but at the other. When suddenly Asad's eyes fell on Zoya's left hand, the ring. He smiled to himself remembering the confession, the promises and her reaction to it all. She stealthily looked at him from the corner of her eyes, his gaze was fixed elsewhere, she followed it to see it landing on her left hand. In all the emotional outbreak, she had forgotten to admire the ring, it was actually a beautiful diamond ring, you could clearly read the thought behind it. She looked up at him in appreciation and smiled. They both had similar expressions; thanking Allah for giving them each other.

The breaking of the news to the family is a tough one; especially when that family happens to be of Asads'. Although his mother knew that he wanted marry, he still had to make the official announcement in front of his mother and Najma. He was glad Tanveer was not home or else it would've been more awkward doing it front of guests too. Gathering all the courage within him, he took his shaky hands and put it around her waist and pulled her closer to his side, Zoya looked at him in shock, she tried moving away from him indicating with her eyes that his ammi was there but he just held her tighter and walked in front of his ammi and sister blocking their view of the television. He cleared his throat to get their attention which was already on them. His throat went dry looking at their expressions, Najma had her mouth open in 0 shape dropping the remote onto the floor while her mother just smiled at them. 'Bhaijaan aapke haath..' a shocked Najma pinched herself just in case what she saw in front of her was a dream, his hand on Zoya's waist? If it wasn't a dream then definitely it must've been by mistake, bhaijaan would not touch a woman like that. No no, but then her doubts were cleared when she looked at a blushing Zoya looking down trying to escape meeting anyone's eyes... Bhaiya aur Zoya?

 'Ammi mein aur Zoya, hum dono woh... woh actually, woh ammi darasaal yeah baat hai ki hum' mumbled a not so confident Asad, well at this point you could say that he was not a sher anymore, Zoya smiled coyly at him and then rolled her eyes, 'woh actually' mein phirse atak gaye...

'Jaanti hoon' answered Dilshad smiling at her son and bahu. 'Zoya beta tum yahan ao, itni maat sharmao beta." She got up from the sofa and hugged Zoya, 'Mera pagal beta tumhe mubarak ho' both the ladies broke the hug and burst out laughing while Asad just glared at them...

'Ammi, yaha kya ho raha hain' asked a confused Najma,

'Tumhare hone wali bhabhie ko congratulate nahi karogi?' Beamed Dilshad,

'KYA? Kyaaa?' She was mentally trying to take in the words uttered by Dilshad and tried figure out was happening and then it hit her. 'Bhabie..' Najma squealed, she jumped up and down, she didn't know how to react, she opened her mouth to speak but her words betrayed her. Zoya as her bhabie, her BFF as her bhabie, that means Zoya would never leave them, this was the best thing ever! With that she finally jumped at Zoya and engulfed her in a bear hug still screaming with joy, she semi picked Zoya up and spun her around with her. She broke the hug, looked at her and hugged her again, she did that continuously until Asad stopped her looking at a dizzy Zoya.

'That's enough Tamatar' He pulled Najma off Zoya and tuck her in for a hug, 'Apni bhaijaan ke liye bhi tora pyar bacha ke rakho'

'Sorry bhaijaan, congrats and thank you so much for this wonderful news' chirped a  happy Najma

'Why are you thanking him as if he's the only reason for this, aheemmm' she took her hands and pointed towards herself. 'Agar main haan nahi kehti toh yeh good news se bad news baan jati' informed Zoya, smiling confidently.

'You're talking as if you didn't want this, tum bhi mujhse py-' Okay Zoya, two can play this game. 'Maybe you didn't, ammi don't you think Zoya should give the ring back to me until she makes her mind up?' teased Asad. He saw Zoya hesitating, everyone else was trying to contain their laughter.

'Allah miyan, what's wrong with you? Why do you think I haven't made my mind up? Ofcourse I wanna mar-' Zoya stopped midway when everyone burst out laughing. Zoya turned a deep red, she wanted to hide, buddhooo he was pulling your leg!  Zoya was about to leave when Dilshad and Najma pulled her into a group hug, a jealous but happy Asad just watched the 3 ladies in his life cuddle like they always did when they're emotional. He always wanted to join them but something held him back always but today he stepped forward, opened his arms and embraced the 3 women and held them tightly.

Dilshad had informed them both that she spoke to Zeenat and Anwar beforehand, and they were delighted with the news. She also told a surprised Zoya that Asad had spoken to them this morning about his wish to marry Zoya. That means that he was confident that Zoya would say yes; he had faith in his love, Zoya couldn't believe her luck, Asad was more than what she wished for in her life partner. Dilshad also told the two lovebirds that they would confirm the official engagement date the next morning. Asad didn't want an engagement since he's already put the ring on her finger but his mum's killer looks shut him up. Dilshad wanted to carry out all the functions, it's her one and only son's marriage for goodness sake, she had prayed for this day to come for years. Her happiness knew no bounds today, seeing his ammi so happy, Asad promised her that everything will happen just the way she wants it and with that the Khan Khandaan went to bed with smiles plastered on their faces, awaiting to embrace the nayi subah coming their way. Afterall, zindagi ki toh yahi reet hai; after losing does the real victory come, after sadness does the real happiness come; after a dark night, there's always a bright morning. After many stormy nights, the khan family are eagerly waiting to accept the rays of sunshine coming their way with open arms.



He turned around to see a dolled up Zoya in a beautiful pink sari sat in front of the mirror. She lifted her gaze to look at her reflection in the mirror. Asad slowly walked towards her, she met his gaze in the mirror and got up from her seat not breaking the gaze.

He finally stopped when he was right behind her, only centimetres apart. He looked in the mirror to admire the beauty staring back at him, some raw desires burned up inside him, he felt restless; he wanted her. He took his left hand held her by the waist and slowly moved his hand under the saree and stopped at her flat, soft stomach. She shuddered at his touch, he too felt it, he pulled her to his body leaving no gaps between them, so that their bodies seemed one, he rested his head on her shoulder and placed a soft kiss on her neck. He took his right hand and took it round the other side and placed it on her chest, he walked his fingers up her chest and around the necklace and took it off. He then worked his fingers up her neck up to her ear, slowly unhooked the earring off and placed a kiss in its place. He moved all her hair to the right hand side of her shoulder. You could now see her bare back, the gold blouse had long arms with sequins however the back was low cut with a dori tying it. He did the same with the left earring and placed another kiss, this time showered her with them kissing every part of her bare skin visible to him, he worked from the side of her neck to her back while he played with hands on her bare back: running them up and down in slow steady motions. She shivered at his touch and then stiffened. He turned her around and placed a kiss on her forehead taking the tikka off.

He looked into those deep brown eyes lined with kohl, 'those eyes' he whispered, she closed her eyes and he placed a kiss on top of both of them.
'Those lips' he took his finger and he brushed them over her lips. He brought them closer to his while he felt her uneven breathing get stronger and stronger. She tried to move away from him but he gripped hold of her hand and pulled her back to him. She tried to wriggle free but his grip only got tighter. She looked into his eyes to see fiery passion, seeking her, wanting her, he needs her; right this moment. She slowly took her other hand and placed it over his eyes, with her touch he let go of her. He opened his eyes to see an empty room, she was gone.

Suddenly he felt something warm behind him, he felt her hands on his back slowly moving their way round teasing him just the way he did earlier and finally they rested at his torso, she then tightened her hold and embraced him. He heard her breathing get heavier, louder and warmer as they got closer to his neck,  he waited for her move without turning. 

She brings her lips close to his ears and whispers 'Asad...' And that was enough for him to lose all control, he turns around to hold her but she escapes his hands; she was playing with him, making him lose his mind, his control, he was yearning for her. He gets hold of her saree and pulls it off her shoulder revealing the upper part of her body in just a blouse and her bare stomach... She tugs at the end trying to release it but his firm hand refuses to do so, he smirked at the sight of her... Her innocent like face pleaded for him to let it go, while he pulled it slowly towards him taking small steps forward decreasing the distance between them... She shook her head and bit her bottom lip; she was gone for! He then pulled the saree with all his strength, she spun round and round with her hair flying crazily in the air and with each spin, her saree came off round by round until she came to a halt with only her petticoat and blouse on. Asad walked close towards her, he placed his hands on her bare stomach and slided it to the  back of her body and then upwards... He untied the dori (knot thing) and picked her up in his arms. He placed her onto the bed, and himself on top of her. His urge to close the distance between them got stronger and stronger, he closed in on her face with their nose touching. Her lips parted while she tried to gasp for air, he needed to put an end to this misery, he was about to place his lips onto hers...




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lovely ff...hahaha i guess asad was having this dream of zoya and him being intimidate...cont soon ..pm me to plzz

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