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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 73)

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awesome update

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Thank you for your wonderful support lovelies! I love youse! Okay this part is not creative, hope you like it. There's still quite a few parts left to this FF, it's totally up to you guys if you want me to rush towards the wedding and end it or not! Let me know if you get bored and do leave your suggestions behind.
I know you guys were looking forward to this, hope I've done justice to it.

Part 20

'I love you Asad, humesha'

'Then why are you leaving me?' A voice came from the door, everyone looked towards the door to see one of the guards flying in and hitting the sofa. He was beaten unconscious. Everyone was startled at the sudden outburst. Zoya's hands flew back against the walls as she almost cut her wrist; she left a slight mark as the blood smeared on the wall.

She stared at the door with wide eyes, as her heart raced faster...

She let out a small cry as she watched him enter with slow, steady steps. He was expressionless as he stared into her eyes.

'Asad...' She whispered,

'Kya tumhe barosa nahin tha ki mein aungi?' He asked, he sounded hurt at the thought of her harming herself. Zoya closed her eyes as her lips quivered... Her muffled sobs got louder, her breathing shorter as the knife fell out of her hand.

Her eyes flung open as she heard Farhaan's orders,

'Get him!' He shouted at the guards, as the qazi ran past Asad, and out of door.

He stayed rooted to his spot as the guards treaded towards him ready to pounce on him. He blocked each attack with his arms; he dodged every hit as it came. His fury was visible as each guard lay unconscious after one blow. They had messed with the wrong lover; Asad was a wounded lion, ready to kill. Anyone who comes near will be coming with a death wish.

In seconds, it was silent as you could only hear the guards pained grunts on the floor and Asad's harsh breathing. His wide eyes remained locked on Farhaan's face as he fisted his hands. His nose blew outwards, as beads of sweat rolled down the side of his face.  His tie was disorientated and his black coat was dirty, he was in no mood to play nice. He took a slow step forward, Farhaan jumped back. His red eyes were enough to scare an army away,

'I warned you Farhaan, you didn't do the right thing!' Asad spoke through his teeth as he continuously clenched and unclenched his fists. Farhaan stared at his fists remembering the damage it had done last time, he then looked at Zoya who remained glued to the wall, weakness clearly visible.

'And I told you, Zoe is only mine. I will marry her!' Farhaan yelled as he pulled out the gun from behind and pointed it at Asad. 

'Aur tum mujhe aise maar kaar, you'll attain Zoya?' He asked as he raised his eyebrow, he looked Zoya in the eye as she longingly stared back at him, 'Zoya sirf meri hai, aur meri rahegi' he turned his gaze on Farhaan as he clicked the gun,

'Farhaan nooo!' Cried Zoya as she came running towards Asad only for Farhaan to leap forward and grab her by the arm,

'Uh uh Asad, I wouldn't do that if I were you' warned Farhaan as he held Zoya at gunpoint. Zoya shrieked as he pulled her with force and wrapped his arm around her chest. Asad halted, he brought his foot back as he watched the gun touch the side of her forehead.

'Let her go Farhaan' Asked Asad in a calm tone,

'Or else?'

'Death won't be able to help you from me' he breathed out calmly as his eyes remained on him.

Zoya clawed at his hand trying to pull it off her, however, it only tightened around her. She winced as her pained body went numb. Her body threatened to drop as her knees trembled. She felt a sharp pain to her head as her eyes blurred; she looked at Asad as she fell half way back against Farhaan. He pulled her up again; Zoya forced her eyes to stay open only to see Asad flinch at her pain,

'Zoya baby, I won't let anything happen to you' he caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers; she moved her face to the other side irritated. She looked at Asad as the fury in him rose. Her eyes shot to Farhaan's hand with the gun as it went up to point at Asad again. Her eyes popped out of her as she shook with fear. Feeling helpless, she bit his arm as he jumped back, freeing her and attending his bruised arm. Zoya ran towards Asad with shaky legs as fell against his chest, clawing at it to get back on her feet, his arms wrapped around her , helping her up as his heart cried with joy.  She was finally in his arms; she was home. She flipped her body around to face Farhaan, her one hand shot behind Asad protectively as the intertwined with his.

'Zoya tum ne yeh teek nahi kiya' Farhaan's eyes welled up, 'tumne mere pyaar tuk raya ISS ke liye' he sounded disgusted, 'mein usse chodungi nahi!' He held his bruised arm against his chest as he pointed the gun at them,

'Woh karne ke liye, tumhe mera samna karna hoga!' She looked at him as Asad tried putting her behind him, but seeing her so weak he couldn't pull her with force as she fought herself to stay strong to protect him,

'Acha teeek hai' his breathing went faster as his body shook, 'dono ko khatam kar dunga, agar tum mere nahi ho sakte, toh kisi ka bhi nahi ho sako gi, especially him!' He yelled,

'Nahi, tum sirf mujhe maaro, usse chor do!' Zoya yelled,

'Zoya are you crazy?' Asad tried pulling her, however seeing no choice, he scooped her up into his arms and turned around to walk off, Zoya stared at him shocked as she fussed trying to get down,

'Asad, let me down' she ordered faintly,

'Let's go home first' he said sternly, Zoya jumped off his arms as she watched Farhaan's eyes burn with rage, she pushed a confused Asad behind her, 'Zoya- po'

'I won't let anything happen to you Asad' she cried,

'Arghhh!!!!!!!' A frustrated and hurt Farhaan shouted, Zoya closed her eyes as she heard the gun shots, she held her breath not letting go of Asad, Asad's eyes widened as he choked, his breathing now short and uneven as he tried calming his racing heart, his heart; it was beating. He looked over Zoya's shoulder as he breathed a sigh of relief. His arms went around Zoya's waist intertwining both hands at the front and pulled her closer to him. She relaxed in his hold as she slowly opened her eyes; Farhaan fell to the floor holding his right arm. The gun had flown to the other side of them room, she blinked a few times as she tried figuring out what has happening. The next thing she knew, numerous police officers stormed past them and grabbed Farhaan.

Farhaan looked up helplessly at Zoya, his eyes pleaded for her to come to him. She closed her eyes as she rested her head against Asad's chest.

'Zoe, Zoe, tell them I love you na, please, Zoe, Zoe!' They both heard him scream and shout as they took him away.

They both faced each other with teary eyes, he cupped her face softly kissing her face all over and pressing his forehead against hers as they both cried silent tears. He looked down at her pained yet relieved face as she pressed fresh tears out of her eyes. He brushed them off with his thumb as he yearningly admired her pale face,

'Tum mujhe aise shock dena kab choruge?' He whispered,

'Jab taak mein hoon, tab tak' she replied with a faint smile, he pulled her into a tight embrace covering her petite frame with his huge arms. He held her tightly not wanting to ever let go. He had experienced the biggest shock of his life today; each moment away from her tore him apart bit by bit. He will not let anything happen to her, ever, again. He shuddered as the day's images flashed past him, however, the feeling he got from having her in his arms away from all dangers took away all his pain,

'Asad, please take me home' he heard her say softly,

'Yes, chalo' he pulled her away only to have her fall backwards, 'Zoya!' he cried as she fainted in his arms. He picked her lifeless body up and rushed to the car ignoring the police officer's calls; they had all the evidence they needed. He securely placed her in the car before driving off at high speed.

She opened her eyes half way through the journey,

'Asad, please take me home' she pleaded softly,

'Haan, we're going, you rest, we're going' he repeated his words over and over again,

'Home Asad, not the hospital. Hosh mein nahin hoon iska matlab mere koi brain nahin hai, main janta hoon this road goes to the hospital' She spoke with her half closed eyes, 'I want to go to aapi and ammi, please take me home! I just want to wrap up in your arms' she smiled as Asad put his hand out to caress her face. 'Humare nikaah ho rahi hai Asad, we're getting married' she smiled in her dazed state as she repeated herself as a worried Asad called the doctor to arrive at their home. He wanted to cry seeing her state as she continuously spoke to him, her pained voice was burning him inside, he felt helpless yet again as he didn't know what to do to take her away from all this agony. 'We're going to be together humesha, humesha, humesha' she continued, 'I love you Asad. I love you, mein aapke bina jee nahi sakti, un logon ne mujhe kitna sathaya Asad. My nightmares came true Asad' He looked at her with worried expressions, 'They wanted to harm you, they wanted to kill you, issi liye mein apne aap ko khatam karna chahti thi' She cried as her head moved side to side against the headrest. Asad's heart broke seeing her torn state; he wouldn't be able to deny that she hadn't gone into shock. The recent happenings has affected her real bad, her heart and mind are consumed with fear; for herself and him. He felt helpless as he carried on driving. She will be fine he convinced himself, he'd make everything alright. He'll hold her in his arms forever, he will not let any harm come to her. He brushed his hair back as she carried speaking faintly; her words came out as whispers, 'they were going to rape me Asad' she cried, the words pricked at his ear as he felt a tug in his heart. He held the steering wheel tighter as she carried on telling him everything like a child to its mother.


'WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?' She screamed loud enough for the whole of Bhopal to hear. She calmed herself down and pulled her scarf in front of her in a posh manner before coughing, 'there were three of you and ONE, one girl!' She repeated, 'and you still couldn't kill her' she spat bitterly... 'This was the only opportunity to finish her off without anyone knowing' she hit her forehead as she stared at the bruised, battered men in front her. 'Get out of my face!' She ordered before turning around to leave.

'Razia bi, our money' one of them called out,

'Did you kill her?' She asked with a raised eyebrow as she turned around, she strolled towards them 'because of you I lost a golden opportunity to get rid of her!' She spoke frustrated.

'We could go back' one of them suggested,

'So that Asad Ahmed Khan can tear you to pieces?' Remarked Razia, 'that detective is refusing to do any more work... Something's fishy; I need you to disappear, now!' She ordered as they nodded at her. 'Good that's sorted, I'll have to do something myself now' she turned around and walked off.


Asad cradled her in his arms as they walked into the house, Zoya looked up around the house as the family came rushing towards them only to jump back defensively and gasp as Zoya let out a cry, she hid her head in his chest 'Asad woh log, Asad woh mujhe... Asad bachao...' She repeated,

'Kya hua beta' asked a crying Dilshad with her hands on her mouth,

'Woh teek hai na?' cried Zeenat, she came close to them and caressed the back of her head,

Asad nodded at them before looking at the doctor and the nurses, 'this way please doctor' Asad went up the stairs leading them into Zoya's room. He gently placed her onto the bed, kneeling on the floor beside her. She clutched at his shirt as one of her hand held onto Asad's,

'Don't leave me, they'll come back!' she mumbled in between her sobs as she failed to open her eyes. He looked at the doctor helpless,

'Dr Mehta, please do something...' The doctor nodded before attending to Zoya. He moved to the other side of the bed as they carefully injected her, attaching wires here and there as she winced in her sleep. They re- bandaged all her cuts and dressed her new wounds. Asad closed his eyes as he seen the slight cut on her wrist, he shuddered at what could've happened if he was a second too late. She squirmed on the bed as he stroked her hair back trying to comfort her. He could hear muffled cries outside the door, as they patiently waited for the doctor to finish.

After what seemed like hours, the doctor had attended to her as they put her to sleep. She instructed Asad to take care of her, and not to stress her if she wakes up as she is in shock. One of the nurses remained to look after her if there were any emergencies, to re- dress her wounds and change the saline after every few hours. Asad's hand remained glued with hers as he held it against his cheek trying to extinguish the fire inside of him.

He looked up as his family members entered one by one, each of them broken as the other. Dilshad sat on the floor next to Zoya as she caressed her face,

'Mere bacha' she whispered, 'Allah mere bacha ke saath hi kyun... Usse aur kiya kiya sehna padega' she pecked her forehead softly on top of the bandages and walked out of the room not being able control her tears,

Zeenat walked in trying to keep her tears back as she sat on the bed next to Zoya. She stroked Zoya's fingers, 'mere baby, Ya Allah...' She put her hand over her mouth as she controlled her tears. 'Asad jaante ho, jaab humne usse godh liya tha na, woh bilkul aise shock mein thi, woh aise tootein huye thi... Allah, protect my baby. She recovered from her first shock only to be put into another one. Asad I'm leaving her under your care... Please usse teek kar do... Please teek kar do mere bacha ko' Zeenat cried. Asad reached over and held her shoulder,

'Please aap aise maath ro, she'll be fine! We will not let anything happen to her, aapi you're pregnant, please rest, if she wakes up and sees you like this... She'll be angry with you. She cannot see you like this, not even for her' he comforted Zeenat as she looked into his red, tear filled eyes. He too was shaken but somehow was managing to stay strong, he assured her and sent her out with Anwar to eat and rest.

He stared back at his Zoya; her face was now blank as she lay there peacefully with all sorts of machines attached to her. He jumped up as she moved, agitated on the bed; he looked at the nurse,

'I think she needs to change out of her heavy lehenga' she suggested, he nodded before slowly and reluctantly removing his hand from hers. He got off the bed as he slowly stepped down and out of the room backwards not removing his eyes off her as the door shut in front of him. He waited impatiently before rushing back in as soon as the door opened. He jumped back on the bed next to her and held her hand, the nurse smiled before walking out of the room thinking they would need some time alone. He brought his face closer to hers as he felt her breath on him. He stayed there as he admired her beautiful face; she looked so innocent in her sleep. Despite the bruises and paleness, her face was glowing as the moonlight from the window creeped past his shoulders and caressed her face,

'You're going to be just fine...' He whispered into her ears and kissed her nose. 'I'm here with you, humesha rahunga... Tum baas teek ho jao, we'll do everything you want, mein tumko khabhi nahi datunga... Promise, Pakka promise' he stroked the palm of her hand with his thumb... 'Humari nikaah hogi, just the way you want it and then we'll fight for our honeymoon. Humein der saare bache hona hai, we are going to laugh and play with them. We'll be the best parents in the world, because we know what it feels like to not have both parents. Our future babies need their mother, so get well soon Zoya' he faked a teary laugh hoping she would react with her childish dimpled smile, ' Dekho na, I've worn your watch, our times have just begun. I'm waiting Zoya, tumhare liye. I promise I will never be late again!' He whispered as he closed his eyes kissing the back of her hand.

Dilshad stood at the doorway with Ayaan holding each other and silently crying for the two. Asad's state was no better than Zoya's, the shock of nearly losing Zoya over and over again is breaking him. No matter how strong he pretends to be on the outside, he is as soft on the inside and this incident has shaken him. Dilshad rest her head on Ayaan's chest gripping at his shirt as she cried for her children,

'Ya Allah, mere bachon ke saath aise kyun? Kyun... Itne saal baad unhee yeh kushiyan naseeb huyein hai, yeh baar baar imtehaan kyun le rahe ho? They don't deserve this test, their love doesn't deserve it. Please protect their love, inke zindagi se jo budhe saya hai, usko hata dena, agar woh mein kyun na hoon' she cried.

'Badi ammi yeh aap'

'Main sach keh raha hoon Ayaan, mere bachon ne kitna kuch nahi saha. They've just healed, they have healed each other and I know they will overcome this, lekin inn dono ko baar tutthe huyein mein nahi dekh sakti, akhir maa hoon. Aur Zoya, uski maa ko mein moo kaise dekhaungi, mere saar tho shaaraam se jukh jayegi, maa hoke bhi mein uski raksha nahin kar sakee, mere bachii' Dilshad's voice broke, Ayaan tried comforting her, he took her away and put her to bed.

'Tomato, zidh maat karo... Thoda sa kha lo, tumhare tabiyat kharab ho jayega' Asim tried making a weeping Najma understand, she hadn't eaten anything all day. It's was 2 a.m and she was still crying. He picked her up and made her sit against the headboard; he brought the spoon of rice to her mouth. She forcefully opened her mouth and starting chewing. She felt herself choking as she coughed out, Asim handed her the water. She looked at him with teary eyes,

'Asim woh Zoya ko kuch nahin hoga' she shook her side to side, he took her face into her hands and nodded,

'She'll be just fine, you know na, Zoya is a very strong girl, she'll use her martial art skills to kick back any illnesses or weaknesses, kal dekhna, nayi subah ke saath humaare bundle of life bhi phir se jaag utegi' he pressed his eyes as he brought her head to rest on his chest, 'she'll be just fine...'

'Zeenat, please get some sleep... Please lie down' Anwar forced Zeenat from her sitting position to lay down under the duvet,

'Anwar, humare bacha ke saath hi kyun? Woh kisi ka kuch nahi bigada' Zeenat whispered as her medicine's did its charm... 'Mere baby ko mein kuch nahin hone dunga, Allah mere bacha ko teek kar denge'

Anwar listened to her talking as he leaned against the bed, 'she'll be fine' he whispered as he brushed his thumb side to side on her palm, 'humare beti bohut strong hain, she's a fighter' he said to himself.



She opened her eyes as the morning rays adorned her face peeping through the badly closed curtains. Her head felt heavy; she needed a shower to lighten herself up. She moved her face to the side to see needles and wires stuck to her; please let her not be where she thinks she is. She felt some weight on her stomach; she looked up to see Asad in a crouched position sleeping peacefully on her stomach. His creased forehead and dark eyes suggested that he hadn't slept all night as he held onto her other hand against his chest; she could feel his heartbeat. She smiled as she reminisced some old memories, 'jab tak tumhare dil dhadke gi, samhaj jana ki mere dil bhi chal rahi hai' she repeated the words as she recalled them word by word. 'Main janti hoon aap kya kehna chah rahi ho, mein bilkul teek hoon Asad kyunki aap ke dil abhi bi tez se dor rahi hai' She whispered, 'bahut healthy relationship hai humara' she joked. She looked towards the door as the nurse entered with a tray, she indicated with her eyes that Asad was still sleeping, she nodded. 'Could you take these off, please' she pleaded,

'Yes ma'am, abhi kardungi' The nurse came forward and did a small check-up without disturbing Asad, once Zoya's hand was free, she lifted it up and brushed his hair with her fingers. She stroked his forehead as she admired his face...

'He really loves you ma'am' the nurse smiled as she prepared her medicines,

'Jaanti hoon' Zoya replied without removing her eyes off him,

'He didn't sleep all night, I don't think he has eaten either' She told her,

'Kyaa, Ya Allah Asad bhi na... I'll feed him, abhi unhe sone dete hain'

'I'll be back in an hour, we'll get you freshened up then' She said before giving her the tablets,

'Really, is it needed?' Zoya whined as the nurse nodded, she took them and gulped them down with the water and rest her head back on the pillow. 'Thank you' she whispered before watching the nurse walk out of the room.

She then got back to Asad, with her hand constantly brushing his hair softly, she giggled as he placed soft kisses on her stomach every minute or so.

He felt her body move, he jerked up on the bed and stared at her; he cursed himself for falling asleep. He looked at her sleeping face before breathing out a sigh of relief, being Zoya and unable to keep it in, she opened her eyes and burst out laughing. He watched her shocked; he blinked a few times before rushing forward and kissing her forehead,

'Kaise ho?' He asked as he stroked her forehead, as he delicately brushed his fingers down her cheek and rested it near her lips,

'I'm fine' she gave him a wide smile, she brought her hand and touched his face as he bent down for her,

'How's my sher? Aap teek ho na, na teek se soyah na kuch khaya, yeh kya hai Asad' he put his hand  over her lips,

'I'm great!' He told her as he helped her up and got off the bed calling out the nurse... She came running, 'She's awake, please check her up' Asad ordered feeling restless and worried,

'I've done the check-up, just need to re-dress her wounds' she smiled at the worried fiance cum husband,

'Oh right, ermm woh actually' he brushed his hair back, 'I'll just go out' he said embarrassed, he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the room.

Zoya laughed as she watched him fuss for her, and then blush as the nurse told him to calm down.  Her voice echoed back into his ears, he felt his insides come back to life as her laughs played a melody in his heart. There was no need to turn around to see how she looked with that beautiful smiled adorned on her face; his heart played a slideshow of images as they flashed one by one before his eyes.

He joined everyone downstairs as breakfast was being made by the ladies and the men waited impatiently on the sofas. They all stopped whatever they were doing and rushed towards him,

'How is she?' They asked at once,

He looked at them startled; he narrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he watched their shoulder's go from tensed to a calmer one.

'She's fine' he assured them,

'Woh toh shakal se dek rahi hai' shouted Ayaan from the table as he scoffed down the aloo paratha. Asim joined him, 'Mr Akdu aaj zyada muskura rahe ha-' Asim's voice trailed off as he watched Asad glare at him. Everyone let out a laugh,

'Ermm, ammi I need to freshen up...'

'Haan, beta woh tum upstairs ki guestroom use karlo, Ayaan picked up your clothes and put them in there' said Zeenat as she left for the kitchen with Dilshad.

'Can I meet her' squealed Najma as she ran up the stairs after getting approval from her brother.

'Get ready for drama!' Asad warned Anwar indicating the best friends before going up to freshen up.



Dressed in her peach jump suit and her bandages adorned as her jewellery, she danced down a few steps with Najma and halted half way. She gulped as she took in Asad's glares; she put her hand to her head and held the sides for support as she pretended to be weak for his sake. Asad rolled his eyes at her as he came towards the stairs. She stopped him with her hands as she indicated she'll come down herself. She took snail steps down each step finally reaching the bottom and rushing for the dining table,

'Zoya sambhalke' Asad cautioned her as she ran for the table, 'I'll carry-'

'Oh please I'm fine, I'm injured not disabled!' She puffed before sitting on her chair,

'Aapi foood!' She yelled as her aapi bought out her soup,

'Zoya, I told you to stay in bed... I was bringing it up' She put the food in front of her.

'Oh please aapi, I had breakfast up there, you happy? I'm fine seriously, anyways I'm hungry where's the fooo-' Her face dropped as she seen the soup in front of her, she pretended to faint... 'Allah Miyaan, what's wrong with you aapi? You call this food' she pushed it away...

'Zoya you have to eat this, you're still not well enough' spoke Asad from the sofa pretending to read the newspaper.

'No way!' She cried, 'Ammiii!' She screamed startling everyone, 'dekho yeh log mujhe kaise torture kar rahe hai' She pouted as she blew her mouth into a balloon and crossed her arms. Dilshad walked in laughing with another plate,

'Yeh lo' She lifted the plate to some homemade pizza, 'healthy, nurse said so' she smiled,

'Thank you ammi, see someone caresss' she emphasised the last word as she put her tongue out towards Zeenat and Asad before getting back to her food. Her mouth was watering before she even tasted it. Dilshad caressed her head as she blew air kisses at her asking her to eat,

Zoya's eyes lit up as she devoted herself to eating her food, making delightful noises with each bite and giggling to herself. She wasn't aware of everyone's gazes on her as they all sent out a prayer to the Almighty for the smile on her face. She looked up to see Asad staring at her intently,

'Geeez, mere food ko buri nazar kyun laga rahe ho' She looked at him doubtfully before winking at him; yup his Zoya was definitely back, Asad felt content.


PRECAP: 'Asad are you taking me or no?' She gave him an ultimatum, 'soch lo, or else I'm going with Ayaan' she added the blackmailing touch,

'Okaay!' He jumped up, 'I'll take you for a bike ride'




Here you goesss, nothing exciting. I was intending on making it a light one, the original Farhaan interaction was funny but then thought it wouldn't fit in. So next part, the romantic picnic continues and the start of sangeeet preps!

Who's excited for the wedding prep? I mean I know it's in writing and it's usually better on screen but I will try my level best to recreate the magic in the writing form. I need a dictionary first! No promises for not letting you down though LOOL!

Excuse the mistakes, I am sooo tired!

And and, this is not a bad news, but me is going away from home. No don't worry laptop and phone is going with me, but the updates might be shorter. Don't worry I won't let you down!

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls.

Much loves xoxo

P.S I apologize, keeping all the sexy steamy kisses for after marriage! Loool, bare shareeef that's why! God knows how the touchy feely stuff feels right yet a kiss doesn't! I need a psychiatrist!



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I'M FIRST Big smileBig smileBig smile

I LOVED IT!!! It wasn't boring at ALL! it was super cuteDay Dreaming
I simply loved the fact that Asad was so relived that he wouldn't leave her side for a sec but still in respect for her left her room when she needed to change Day Dreaming 
I have to say, you're really good at explaining cause I could imagine it all happening in front of me, and the part of short updates, plz update as often as you can thenEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Btw don't rush with the wedding, continue as you have so far cause in this pace it just keeps getting better and better Big smileBig smileBig smile and plz don't end the FF with the wedding.. 

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Yet again you managed to leave me in awe. This was mindblowing. I felt like i was watching a n alternate version of Qubool Hai.

Asad's entrance to save Zoya, "Then why are you leaving me" was just PERFECTION!!! And it really made it like a movie scene... I could visualize it as if it happened in the showww.

I could imagine him beating up all those goondas, and how he carried Zoya away from Farhaan, so sweet how she was burying herself into him. I was actually scared for a split second that one of them had gotten shot.. but then breathed with relief when I read it was the police shooting Farhaan. And stupid Razia... why do I get the feeling Zoya has to go through another trauma again soon Cry before it's all over...

When they were in the car.. my heart broke.. how Zoya went into shock.. wanting to go home instead of the hospital. I can imagine her fear, her desperation to get somewhere familiar. The hospital must have freaked her out because of what Farhaan was doing to her in that room.. I was sooo angry at him reading that.. and my poor baby Asad trying to control his emotions to be there for Zoya... 

I love that Ayaan was there for Dilshad.. and I was sooo heartbroken when Dilshad was blaming herself for Zoya's condition. How on earth is it your fault? No one can anticipate these things! My poor Dilshu, always worried about her beloved bahu cum daughter. 

Zoya's antics the next day were just a treat and relief after all the drama.. and so cute how she was adamant on walking and going down the stairs herself. Back to her strong self Smile

And Dilshad giving her PIZZA! Too good Smile

And about the shorter updates.. all good as long as you keep ASYA in them Tongue And as for the steamy kisses... I LOVE that you've left it for after Wink Gives us something else to look forward to Embarrassed

LOVELY UPDATE AS USUAL HUN! Waiting Anxiously for the next one!! I wasn't first this time Cry But there's always next time LOL

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Amazing u writing is fantastic that was a brilliant update it was so emotional. Continue soon

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webuser7 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
I loved it!! Marriage soon please!!

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latanzia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
this was fantastic, it was nice to c Zoya back to her old self.
Two down one more to go, that is the big fish Razia, make her down fall spicy.
I an enjoying each and everyone of your updates.
Thanks for the wonderful story.

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.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
That was brilliant! Loved it. I just loved how when ZOya said I love you Asad thinking it was the last time and he said then why are you leaving me?? And then he's like don't you trust me enough? LOVED LOVED THAT! I just love love the way you have built up their relation. It's just beautiful. The whole fight scene as superb and I could imagine the whole thing. Farhan is just a creep. Thank God police took him. Every single AsYa scene was beautifully described. The whole car scene and when she said They were going to rape and Asad's anger knew no bounds and he just gripped the steering wheel tight. I could so imagine that. The entire family's reaction, Zoya's reaction and her burying herself into his chest. SO PERFECT! Asad just sitting by her side and breakig down was so amazing. His confessions and desperation to get her back<3 I love Asim-Najma angle as well<3 The next morning scene is so adorable and our old Zoe is back<3 YAY! I could seriously imagine everything. Well one. Can't wait for next part.

Btw no don't end it soon. Give us at-least 5-6 more updates:P Show more AsYa moments. I love the kinda AsYa moments you give us. They are so adorable and totally imaginable. Loved the precap. YAY! Excited for their picnic.

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