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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 68)

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update ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Heyy beautiful people! I'm sorry for disappearing off the face of this earth, Firstly I had no time here and secondly I fell ill! I have recovered but this sudden hot weather and hayfever is killing me! Cannot even enjoy the temporary sunshine, stupid UK!
I apologise for not replying to anyone, I'm not being stush honest, I had no time. I read them offline over and over again whilst being ill in bed, and they made me feel sooo good. I love you guys for taking out your precious time and leaving long comments, they really do make my day. I enjoyed reading them, thank you so so much for your support. I promise to reply from now one, whenever I can! Mwahh!
I wanted to finish this FF before the real nikkah on TV, but hai meri kismat! Did not happen!
And OMG, FF of the Week on 21st April? Like you kidding me? :O Major shock there, does it even exist? Like I never knew. Thank you guys, it's because of your support.
Finally, my inspiration is on a leave. I did not know what I was writing but had to write something, it was too long.
Part 21

She grabbed both of them into a group sighing heavily,

'I love you aapi and ammi!' She whispered softly as they both patted her back, 'I don't know what I would've done without you two!' She pulled back to see both of them sniffing and about to burst into tears, 'heyhey, no no, please' she wiped the tears of both of them, she caressed their faces with each of her hand as they held it with theirs. They both kissed her cheek, 'love you too'

'Well issi baat pe ek sher aarz hai' She smiled sheepishly, 'jab pyar karte hai ammi aur appi

Jab pyaar karte hai aami aur aapi

No need for Mr Akdu to act like my puppy'

She winked at them as she heard Asad grumble in the background; jealous. She turned around and walked towards the door, she stopped near the doorway as she looked to her side and shivered, she put her hand over her body as her heart cried a little. The recent flashbacks rushed past her eyes, what would've happened if they... She closed her eyes as she walked into the garden. She held onto one of the poles as her lips quivered for a moment; get a grip on yourself Zoya, you're strong. 'You have the love of your family' she told herself.

'Aur mere pyaar' she heard as she felt his hand slide down from her stomach to her waist, pulling her back against his body and resting his chin on her shoulder; this was her comfort, these moments were what she cherished. She put her hands over his and dug herself deeper into his arms,

'The last time I checked, you were family' she reminded him as a smile formed on her lips,

'And the last time I checked, we were going on a romantic picnic' he frowned, she turned around and rest her arms on his chest,

'Haww!' She gasped, 'koi baat nahin, aap jab next free honge, hum chale jayenge' she pulled his cheeks, 'ab to haaaso'

'Jaab next free honge, we're going for our honeymoon, picnic won't suffice' Zoya rolled his eyes; now starts his nautanki.

'Aap phirse shuru hogaye, look I'm hurt' she pointed to her chest and neck, 'aap bhi na' she chided him.

'Oh ho' he nodded, 'I'll make it better' he leaned forward lifting her up as he kissed her bare chest, Zoya tensed as she tilted her body away only to have him pull it back. She tried pushing him off, but he took her hands and locked them behind her.

'Oww, what are you doing?'

'I'm healing' he grinned as he kissed her neck, her knees wobbled in his hold.

'Zoya, you make this too easy and so hard at the same time' he smirked as she looked at him confused,
'The way you react to my touches' He whispered, 'it's so hard controlling' he breathed out smiling. She stamped her feet on his as he moved back and looked at her with disbelief,

'Bahut maaza a raha tha na, yeh yaad rakhna' she puffed before walking off.

He laughed as he heard her curse him in the distance before he turned around,

'Atleast uss baat se uski dehaan toh haata' he smiled before answering his phone, 'I suggest you give me all the information that you gave her if you want to keep your job!' He threatened and slammed the phone down against his stomach. He walked a few steps forward before dialling a few numbers on his phone,

'Tumne bahut galat kiya, even after my warning' he spoke through his teeth, 'your days are numbered, I will tear you apart, I promise. Ab tum tumhare saans bhi ghan lo kyunki shayad tum iske baad saans bhi nahi le sako gi' he warned, 'don't consider this a mere threat, you chose the wrong target this time!'


'Hottiesss!' Squealed Zoya as she looked up jumping and then winced slightly as she creased her forehead in pain. Asad was baffled, he held her by the shoulders to stop her from jumping,

'Zoya, itna uthal charav tumhare liye teek nahin hain, please calm down'

'Move old man! She pushed him to the side as she ran forward and hugged her 3 bridesmaids.

'Bhabiee, how are you?' Cheered Nuzhat,

'Aap teek ho na?' Asked Nikhat,

'Jee bhaji are you okay?' Asked a shy Humera, Zoya froze as she heard the word 'bhaji' from her little sister, Asad rushed forward and greeted the girls as he nudged Zoya.

'Finally you lot have come, she's driving me nuts' complained Asad,

'Asad aap bhi na' she whacked his arm, 'forget him, let's go inside' she pulled at their arms and brought them inside to sit down next to Najma, her other bridesmaid. The girls giggled amongst themselves with excitement.

'The designers should be here any minute' she told them as she sat back feeling knocked out from the little jumping she had done. 'How's the dance practice going' she managed to ask.

'Fantastic!' beamed Nuzzhat,

'That's great!' Cheered Zoya before frowning, 'Mr 17th century over there thinks that we shouldn't have a teacher for a clos-' She bit her tongue as she remembered their private discussion, Asad coughed as he pressed his temples hiding his face behind his hands, 'Apparently he already knows how to dance' she rolled her eyes, 'and he's picking the music so that I don't dance a lot' she sighed as she rested her hands under her chin.

'Zoya, you're not well enough. Why are you making me sound so evil?' He grumbled as he stood behind her.

'Designer's here!' Announced Ayaan as he joined them along with Asim. Zoya shot up halfway only to be stopped by Asad's strong hands which pushed her down again. She looked up backwards at him with wide eyes; he shook his head side to side warning her. She puffed before crossing her arms,

'Might as well get me a wheelchair' she mumbled under her breath,

'No need, you've got my arms, tell me when you want to move' he replied smirking before greeting the designer and his team.


The dresses were chosen for the bridesmaids, the assistants were busy measuring them. Asad felt uncomfortable as the assistants were all male except one. He sighed a breath of relief as Zeenat joined the girls helping them out with the designs.

'I'll help with the measurements' said Asim as he watched Najma feeling all shy when the assistant tried measuring her waist. Najma sent out a prayer as she relaxed seeing Asim willingly come forward to help her out, she took the tape and handed it to Asim who waited for the orders. He wrapped it around her as the assistant noted the numbers down.

The other girls were in the same plight except Humera who got the girl assistant. She longingly stared at Ayaan for his approval, however, he seemed busy staring the designer's female assistant. She frowned as she talked through how she wanted the dress.
The designer himself seemed busy screaming at his assistants as Asad and Zoya stood watching the chaos with wide eyes.

'Tum dono bhai ek jaise ho' she nudged Asad harshly taunting him as she watched the Ayaan Humera moment, 'emotionally challenged!'

'What have we done now?' Asked Asad as he rubbed his arm confused at her anger.

'Yeh dekh rahi ho?' She signalled with her head, 'Humera ko kitna saatha raha hai, he pretends not to be interested but when she looks away he stares at her. Poor soul looks heartbroken' An emotional Zoya stared at the two lovebirds, 'Do something'

'What are you talking about?' He looked at Humera then Zoya, confused.

Zoya hit her forehead, 'I'm talking about your brother, why is he playing hard to get?' Zoya played with her lips, annoyed, 'Asad I think usko abhi bhi realise nahi hua ki woh humera se kitna pyaar karta hai, lekin usse karta zaroor hai' she said confidently,

'Yeh kab hua?' He asked surprised, 'I mean Ayaan ko pyaar?' Zoya rolled her eyes as she grabbed his chin in between her thumb and indent finger and turned it towards the scene.

'Seriously Asad, are you guys even brothers?' She said sarcastically, 'but then again, dono ek dusre ke tarah stupid ho, no doubt brothers ho!' She laughed. Asad grabbed her hand,
'What did you say?'

'Kuch nahin' she shrugged her shoulders as she went to sit down with her hands towards her back. She smiled widely at him before sitting down as he stared at her.

'Let's pick our outfits' she asked innocently fluttering her eyelashes, he grumbled at her cuteness and sat down next to her.


'So what do you have in mind?' Asked the designer.

'Well...' Started Zoya as she demonstrated her outfit, with her hands pointing at where the chunri should lay, how long the blouse should be while Asad watched, mesmerised.

'Do you have a colour theme in mind?'



They both looked at each other,

'Asad aapko red pasand hai na, so red it is...'

'Haan Zoya, lekin your favourite colour is white. We should wear what you like' he said sweetly,

'Nahi red is fine.'

'Zoya you want white!'

Zoya narrowed her eyebrows at him dangerously, 'what colour did you say you liked on me?' She asked warningly, there is only one right answer.

'Red' replied Asad, Zoya smiled sheepishly before turning to the designer,

She played her eyebrows up and down,

'Red it is' she smiled.

'I could do both white and red?' Suggested the designer,

'Maya, yahan ao!' He called for his assistant, she came running... 'Mr Khan ki maap lo' he ordered.

Asad shot up to protest, Zoya came in front of Asad like a soldier running to the front line in defence,

'I think that won't be necessary' she told her. Asad smirked as he looked at her from behind,

'Why not Zoya?' He grinned, Zoya gritted her teeth; don't play Mr Smartypants now.

'Because I'll be doing it' she grabbed the measuring tape off Maya and stood in front of him satisfied. Asad couldn't help but admire her possessiveness; she raised her eyebrow suspiciously,

'This is not over' she whispered. Asad looked at her confused.

'My turn' she half yelled startling Asad and turned towards the designer putting her arms out. She looked at him from the corner of her eyes as she lifted the long sleeves of her jumpsuit slowly biting her bottom lip teasing him. He jumped to her side and pulled it down,

'What are you doing?' She sounded angry at him, 'please yahan se lo' she picked her trousers up slowly revealing her milky white bare skin. Asad pressed his forehead as he pulled it down,

'I'll send in her measurements by tonight' Asad said finally.

'Why? Maya will do it. Maya yahan-'

'Forget it now Zoya'

'Asad yeh mere nikaah ke liye hain!'

'Baad mein' he looked at her with warning eyes. Zoya frowned as she teared up; she crossed her arms and sniffed.

'Thank you for coming...' She said sweetly before going upstairs. He put his hand out to stop her but she zoomed off limping, grumbling curses at him while she was at it. He shook his head; she was blazing him today for her own good. He sighed before sorting things out with the designer and followed her upstairs leaving the chaos behind him downstairs.



He found her sat on her bed swinging her feet back and forth. He shook his head side to side before sitting next to her. He put his hand over hers but she threw it off. He did it again, she threw it off. He placed it again, this time holding it tighter; she pulled at his hand turning her face to him,

'Movee-' She pulled it upwards and halted, she brought his hand to her and gasped,

'You chor!' She screamed, 'mere mein meine- I mean' She gritted her teeth, 'how could you?' She cried.

'What did I do?' He whispered as he looked at her shocked, why is she accusing me? He looked at his hand that was hanging in the air; the watch.

'Sorry!' He apologised feeling guilty, 'yeh tumhe aapne paas mehsoos karne ke liye' he held his ears.

She relaxed her tensed shoulders staring into his eyes; so much love, so much care. She felt bad for throwing a tantrum every second or so and him having to put up with her. She opened her mouth only to have his finger touch her lips to hush her.

'Noo!' He smiled at her reassuringly. He bent forward and brought out a box from under the bed.

Zoya stared at him bewildered, as he slowly opened the wrapping. Zoya felt impatient, she grabbed the box off him knowing it'd be for her and pulled it opened. He rolled his eyes at her knowing she would do something like that. He watched as her eyes glistened with excitement as she threw the pieces of the wrapping in the air, he held himself from kneeling down and picking it up.

'Hawww' She gasped as she stared at the red chiffon saree with black and white threaded embroidery. Her fingers went over the saree as she admired it lovingly. She looked up at him with teary eyes; she jumped towards him as she threw the box to the side and engulfing him in a hug. He held her tight as he chuckled at her reaction; she placed kisses on his neck thanking him. She pulled back away from him and held the gift in front of her caressing it against her cheek, 'It's beautiful' she sighed.

'I'm glad you liked it, it's for our picnic tonight' he told her, she looked at him surprised.

'Tonight, picnic at night?' She asked shocked.

'Yes, tonight' He brushed her nose with his finger, 'you didn't think I'd let it go, did you? Even after buying you the saree' he had an unusual looking grin on his face, she couldn't figure out what he was thinking. She shrugged her shoulders and went in front of the mirror. She put the saree on her shoulder as she twisted and turned in front of the mirror to see how she looked. Asad smiled as he stood behind her watching with his arms folded. He turned around to go,

'Asad' she called out as she looked at him shocked,
'Kya hua?'
'Ermm what is this?' She asked as she held the blouse in front of the mirror, he looked confused and shrugged his shoulders at the reflection,
'It's that thing that goes with the saree' he said sounding unsure,

'I know that but' She turned the blouse the other way holding the back towards him; she then put her hair to one side and held the blouse up to the side. She played her eyebrows up and down in the mirror wanting to see his reaction to the low cut blouse.

Asad's mouth fell open as his eyes widened as big as saucers; he gulped before rushing forward and grabbing it off her. He threw it on the bed before standing close behind her. He then took her hair and put it behind her covering her imaginary bare back.
'Pehen na padega, but make sure your hair is down' he said possessively, she nodded her head innocently in the mirror before bursting out laughing.
'I'll pick you up at 8, tayar rehna' he told her before leaving,
'Where are we going?' She yelled to no one in particular as Asad was long gone.
She held the blouse to her chest, 'Thank you Asad' She whispered softly, 'Mujhe sab kuch bhulane ke liye aap kitni mehnat kar rahi ho, I promise. Aaj ke baad, aapke zindagi mein koi mushkil nahi aaegi. Jitne kushiyan aapne mere daaman mein lake rakh diya, usse bhi zyada mein aapki zindagi mein baar dungi' she smiled.


He waited impatiently for her leaning against his car with his arms crossed. He occasionally glanced up to see where she was but nowhere in sight. He had called her a few times; she said she was coming in "five minutes." He was dressed in his white shirt with its sleeves rolled up halfway up his arm; underneath he wore his wash blue jeans.
He looked up to the sky darkening and the lights around him coming on faintly. He sighed as he got straight on his feet and decided to go inside. He looked up and smiled. He admired the beautiful lady dressed elegantly in the red saree; it brought out her figure as the saree lay perfectly on her shoulder. Her face was glowing more than ever, she bit her bottom lip as her hands went over her bandages. She put her hand on her forehead and looked up at him; she felt conscious. He took slow strides towards her as she stood still, her eyes deciding whether she should step forward or run back inside to her room. He stopped as he came in front of her placing his hands on her bare waist pulling her forward towards him; he took his lips to her ears,

'You look beautiful' he whispered softly earning a blush off her as he pulled back and watched her, he scooped her up into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

'By the way, did you cover-' He pretended to flip her over to have a look at her back,

'Asad, don't you dare' She gripped his shirt; he laughed as he placed her in the car. He rushed to the other side and drove off.


'Asad, where are we? Why is everything so dark' She looked towards him and shook his arm, 'where are you taking me?' She said sounding scared in a dramatic way.

'Kya hua, tumhe ab mujhse dar lagne laga kya?' He joked; 'Zoya, stop stressing, it's a surprise, maybe our last one before our nikaah' he smiled sadly,

'KYUNNN?' She asked in her baby voice,

'Zoya, I think you forgot after our sangeet tomorrow, no more meeting' he reminded her,

'Oh ho, acha hua, tumhari yeh jail like cage se mujhe chutkara milegi' she said playfully as his face remained serious, 'mazaak tha, we'll find a way around it, we've got Ayaan and Asim' she said smiling, she pulled his cheek, ' come on smile bab-' she put her hands over her mouth as his lips curved into a smile,

'What did you call me?' He asked her wanting to hear his new nickname, although he wasn't the cheesy type to give or take these sweet names. He was okay with musibat and jahanpana six packs, but a part of him wanted her to call him sweet names,

'Nothing, let's go'

'Say it or else...' he held her wrist almost pulling her over the gear box,

'Allah Miyan, What's wrong with you?' she tried freeing her hand, 'or else what Akdu Ahmed Khan?' she looked at him challengingly,

'Let's go fatty' he let go of her hand and stepped out of the car,

'Hawww?' she blinked a few times as her mouth fell wide open, he just called me fat? She jumped outside and turned him around, 'You just called me fat? FAT? Do I look fat to you?' She looked at him innocently threatening to burst into tears,

'Allah Miyan, what do I do with you Mrs Khan?' He hit his forehead, 'it was a joke' he cupped her face brushing her tears off with his thumb, 'you know I hate tears, please Zoya' she nodded in his hold sniffing dramatically,

'Mein moti nahin hoon, okay, say it na'

'You're NOT fat!' he turned her around making her gasp, he took a black piece of cloth out of his pocket and wrapped it around her eyes, 'now shush!'

'Why? What is the need for this Asad? Please take it off, where are you taking me? Is it safe? It's so dark. Ya Allah, what if someone comes?' Asad listened to her rant impatiently, as she threw questions after questions; he wanted to smash his head against a wall. He put his hand over her mouth to shut her up,

'Bas, would you shut up? Just because I can't use that other method we discussed doesn't mean you take advantage' he scolded her as he slowly removed the blindfold.

She put her hands over her eyes and gently pressed them before slowly opening them to see the sight before her. Her hands found themselves over her mouth as she gasped at the beautiful romantic "picnic" he had set up for her. There were lanterns lit up on the branches of the trees, in the middle lay a beautiful creamy coloured blanket. There were rose petals scattered all around the blanket all the way up to the gleaming pond. The small pond was decorated with white and pink surface waterlilies as the moonlight filled it with light, making it glisten into the darkness around it.

'One of a kind picnic' she heard him say as she slipped out of her heels and walked on the fresh grass. She let her feet sink into the grass as she took slow steps towards the blanket.
'At night?' she asked again as she kneeled down on the blanket picking up the bouquet of flowers he had kept for her. She tiptoed on the petals towards the pond and got into a crouched position. She beamed at Asad while her hands swayed in the water; she let her fingers dance in the water as she watched the moon's reflection disappear and then reappear. She shivered as Asad ran his fingers down her face caressing it softly, she leaned in to his touch almost falling sideways, she held his hand for support as she splashed water onto him and jumped up. His hands went over his face trying to recover from her sudden antic, he laughed as she stepped backwards thinking he would pounce on her. He walked towards her as she looked at him apologetically, he held her by the waist with one hand as he held the other fisted in front of her. She half closed her eyes as she waited for him to make his move when she felt something on her face. She opened her eyes to see yellow rose petals raining on her, she put her hands out to catch them in her palms and throw it over them,

'Yellow for Friendship' he whispered as he took her hands to his lips and pecked it. She smiled at him as she looked down shyly, her cheeks turned crimson. She lifted her eyes slowly to see him securing a bracelet on her hand, he looked at her once he was done, his fingers went over the bracelet. She understood why he had asked her to not wear any jewellery. He played his fingers up her arm slowly as she closed her eyes; he spun her and held her back against his body. He stretched her arms out slowly; he held the measuring tape out mentally noting down the numbers. He took her hand and spun her a few metres away from the spot, her breathing got faster as she kept her eyes closed and let him guide her. Her eyes flung open as she felt something else on her face, she looked above her to see herself being showered with lavender rose petals.

'Lavender for Enchantment,' he told her, 'Because I fell in love with you the moment my eyes fell on you' he whispered into her ears. He took something out of his pocket and lingered it on her belly as he slowly walked around her. He felt her body tense as her shoulders went back and relaxed against his. He tied the waist belt around her in the process taking her measurement as she rest her chin on her right shoulder feeling flustered from his touches.
'Asad aap-' she looked down as he held his hands in front of her, she looked back at him as he indicated with his head to put hers on them. She placed them on his, putting all her weight down on them as he lifted her up and twirled round with her. He swiftly put her down showering her with orange rose petals. He cupped her face placing a kiss on her cheek as his fingers lingered on the side of her face down to her neck, 'Orange for?' She whispered to him,
'Orange for...' he brought out a necklace and placed it on her chest; he took her head to rest it on his chest as he hooked the necklace safely around her neck. He put his hand under arm and the other over her shoulder taking further measurements. He took her face into his hands as her hand stroked the necklace, he brushed her lips with his thumb over and over again, 'Desire' he finished. He lifted her chin up with his finger to get her to look into his eyes. She stared into his deep brown eyes that were now drowning with love and fiery passion. She felt her heart beating faster and faster trying to keep up with the pace of his. She returned the same yearning through her eyes; she put her arms around his neck and buried herself into his chest holding him tightly against her. He too was bursting with similar feelings, he held her tighter.

He reluctantly pulled out of the embrace and walked back a few steps. Once he stopped, he looked at the moon shining down upon them. He smiled silently looking back at her, she held onto his gaze trying to figure out what he was thinking. He pressed his eyes at her, and the white flower petals started pouring down on her.
She was about to point out the string behind him only to have herself drown in more petals. She laughed as she twirled under it. She stopped and folded her arms,
'Meaning?' She asked,

'White for Purity' he walked towards her, he pointed into the sky holding onto her gaze, 'Mere Zoya uss chand ke tarah pavitra, aur uss chand se zyada masoom' he smiled. He placed the mangteeka on her head as he tucked her hair behind her ears. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the blanket. She lay on the blanket staring above her as he sat next to her feet.
He scooped up a fistful of petals from the bowl next to him and adorned it over her from head to toe.
'Pink for Admiration and Gratitude' He told her, 'To thank you for coming into my life' He stared deeply into her tear filled eyes. He slowly lifted her saree up just above her ankles and put the anklets on her feet. He took the measuring tape and took the length of her legs to her waist. He slowly laid side wards beside her, his hands brushed her hair off her face. 'Look up'

She stared above her to see a heart shaped piata above her. It was made of multi-coloured petals; she looked at it in awe. His eyes remained on her face as she tried figuring out the colour of the petals inside it. In seconds, she squirmed on the floor laughing as it broke and let out the petals within. She looked at him with a huge grin on her face,

'Red for Love' she cheered and then blushed when he smirked at her. He put the last pieces of jewellery on her ears and kissed her forehead.
'Yes meaning I love you' He whispered as she picked her head up and placed it against his chest.
'I love you tooo, baby' she giggled on his chest as he let out a laugh.
'Aaj sab kuch pehnaya hai, tha ki, kaal uthaar saku' he told her while wrapping her in his arms.



There you my darlings, I'm sorry I left out the bike ride for next part and the sangeet too!

This is not too great, but my mind wasn't thinking of anything else for the moment. I still need to catch up on the episodes for the past week or so and get my inspiration back. LOOOL,

Excuse the mistakes, I'm still semi brain dead!

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls,

Much lovesss xoxo

P.S. Yes I need a Hindi lesson, help?

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wow...amazing...plzz jaldi se shaadi karwadona

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wonderful update. 

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Even without the bike ride and sangeet it was fab! update fast

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First of all I AM SO SORRY for the Latest of late Unress LOL

Second of all, can I say again HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR WRITING!?

This was sooo sweet! And funny as hell hahahah Ayaan, Nikhat, and Nuzzat were sooo cute and Zoya about the dancing OMG I was in splits! 

Asad and Zoya's discussion about the colors was so perfect. How he wants to please her so badly now that he doesn't realize what makes her happy is what makes him happy. Vicious circle, anyone? ROFL

Their respective jealousy over measurements was PRICELESS. I seriously fall in love more and more with this FF. Sigh. LOL

And my favourite part BY FAR. The DATE! I was sooo giddy and had butterflies by how he was taking her measurements, and showing her petals of different colors, yellow, pink, red... just AHHH! Big smileBig smileBig smile

It was sensuous, yet, sweet and sexy yet loving! Just too sweet. How I wish a guy would do that in real life. But the odds of us finding someone as romantic as this Asad Ahmed Khan are slim to nil. I think we have a better chance of finding the reasoning behind Tanveer's idiotic schemes ROFL

Loved it as always hun! Please please please update soon!!!! Big smile

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The way Asad made Zoya feel special,I'm damn jealous!!Unhappy Anyways,this update rocked again!!!Clap Beautiful and fabulous!!Heart Loved it totally!!can't wait for the rest of the picnic!!Wink

I knew u need Hindi lesson.I can teach u da basic hindi,but not descriptively as I'm bengali.LOL PM me if u r interested plz.Big smile

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Zoe: Weaving into Asad thread by thread.

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