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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 67)

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next update when?

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brilliant updates...

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wow nice updateClap

really amejingStar

plz.. update soonSmile

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Originally posted by MrMrsAsyaKhan

Originally posted by ..-AsYa-..

Please make sure Asad reaches there on time,and Zoya stays safe.Embarrassed

Can u plz pm me when u update? U used to pm me,but suddenly u stopped.Unhappy

Hawww Shocked No way? I haven't PM'd you, that is impossible! Honestly, I've been sending it out to everyone on my buddy list, how could I have stopped?

OMG I'll have a look and I'll be extra aware not to miss you out on my senders list lovely. But trust me, I didn't do it on purpose, sorry sorry! Cry

Thank you for coming back and reading though! Much love,

P.S What if I said Asad doesn't reach on time?Shocked

Awww...thanx bud...Heart Will wait for the next update..Big smile And plz don't say sorry.Hug

If anything happens to Zoya,I will cry!! Do u wanna make me cry?Unhappy

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Originally posted by mochhug

I have been carefully reading each and everyone of your chapter for the last 5 days. I found this story entirely randomly. The first time I read the first chapter I got distracted and ended up forgetting about it because I only read the first few paragraphs. I never got past the part of him feeding her food. 

I came across this story again last week, and I realized I had read it before. Well, the beginning anyway. As I re read it, I wondered to myself HOW in the world I could've torn my eyes away from it. You write flawlessly. From your descriptions, to your character development and Urdu I am in love with your writing. And more so, I LOVE that your have so many twists and turns, and villans and emotional scenes. I personally prefer reading emotional scenes than the light hearted humour. Humour is indeed fun to write and fun to read, but emotional scenes tug at your heartstrings, which is what you've done to mine. They allow so many people to either identify with, or revel in the emotions that you portray. 

Some of my favourite scenes: Asad feeding her food, knowing she wouldn't have eaten, the proposal... most beautiful I've seen (barring one more, but yours and that one are tied Wink), and I especially loved the way he cleared her doubts about him hating her or her reminding him of his past; Zoya's single tear in the car after he finds out that she's a career woman (and Asad's jealousy LOL), Asad wanting to pay for his wife and taking care of her AND him not having any problem with her working... was so sweet hayye Day Dreaming; how he protected her and comforted her when they saw Humeira and the Siddiquis at the mall, my poor Zoya baby, always so selflesss even with those that don't deserve it, all for her sister's sakeCry; Zoya telling Tanveer her father is dead.. even as far as I'm concerned, in your version he's as good as dead... sad but true (which means you've done a fabulous job conveying the feelings Smile); Asad comforting her and talking to her Ammi and I LOVED how he was laying on her lap.. I was hoping something like that would happen in the show Day Dreaming; their family time was just beautifull (happier moments are usually not what I like to read because they're boring but once in a while it's a nice break from the drama and you added it in at the perfect time and so nicely with him cherishing their time together); UGH as much as it disgusted and frightened me... Farhaan's scene was one of my favourite scenes because you did such a splendid job with it.. Asad's bechaini to get to Zoya, her fear, yet her courage to fight back... her sly move to keep the phone call on... and their reaction when they came back homee was just... soo PERFECT! How they grieved a loss that had not, but could've happened and then comforted each other with the reassurance that they were only meant for each other... the parallel of the words used by Farhaan and them was mindblowing... how from his mouth it was disgusting and presumptuous.. but from their mouths to each other it was comforting and promising Clap; I also love how you've made her Aapi and Jeeju and Asad's sisters and Ayaan such an important part of the story (well the sisters and Ayaan not sooo much but their roles are well included Smile); and one of ALL TIME FAVOURITES, was when Dilshad asked her to call her Ammi... that was just so beautiful, the way Zoya just broke down in front her, because she now had the right to, was heartwrenchinggg..; UGH and TANVEER you did so well her stupidity haha and her failed planss and I can't believe she thought she could fool Zoya into thinking so lowly of Asad; And her friend Asim.. do I sense another romance budding there Tongue But I love how you made Asad also realize what she went through when he was always so close to Tanveer, and she being close to her friend, still doesn't stick to him like glue all the time LOL; UGH I can't Farhaan is back.. but I KNEW when I read about the red roses and her getting touched in the mall that it could only be him since there was no charges and he wasn't arrested... I really HOPE Asad gets there in time Cry

All in all like you can see I'M OBSESSED with your FF. I truly am. It's like an alternate Qubool Hai for those who are disappointed with the showww (not often, but take today's episode for instance Thumbs Down) I read the first few chapters on a planeee, I started at the airport and when I realized I wouldn't have wifi on the place I opened up the first 8 chapters on separate tabs just so I could read them on the flight and not have to wait another 4 hours Tongue 

OK ENDING THE RANT. But seriously dear, AMAZING JOB. Keep up the good work, and PLEASE PLEASE PM me for your next and fuuture updates Hug

I am speechless after reading your comment! OMG OMG OMG! Thank you sooo much for your wonderful comment, it really did make my night and day! You will not believe how much it actually means to me! The way you went through your favorite scenes, it made me tear up! 

Aww you read it on the plane? GIRLL! You have made me a happy woman seriously! I never knew anyone would love it this much, *tears* I hope I don't kill your expectations with my future updates! Thank you for the wonderful compliment, I am soo soo soo glad you came back to read it despite it being boring!

Ahhh, anything I say now would be little comapred to what you have written! I just want to say I love you for your comment, it really made me tear up. I'm so overwhelmed, and this means so much to a nervous writer like me who is impatiently and constantly seeking acceptance. 
Thank you, 
Much lovess beautiful, 

P.S I'm so glad you love my emotional scenes, I have so many more coming up and wooop, confession tied with someone else? *faints* 

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Being an idiot that I am, I started another FF; god knows how I'll manage! I had this other one in mind but won't dare start it. Kill me peeps. Okay, get your chappals ready because this is nothing compared to what you would've expected. How do I know? I read your comments, thank you so much for your wonderful support! Mwah!

Part 19

'Who are you?' She asked faintly, once again. All she received was a laugh from each one of them as they stood above her. One was speaking on the phone, the voices seemed fuzzy. She looked to the side to see a pool of blood forming beside her; where was it coming from? Her eyes searched around the room as everything gradually became slower just like a movie in slow motion. She stared above her as one of the men prepared himself to pounce on her. Her body was too numb to even react. Asad...A sad? Blood? Her hands cleaned the floor as it swayed side to side in a futile attempt to reach her phone. 'Let Asad go Farhan' her lips mumbled, she forced her eyes to stay open. With the little energy left in her, she kicked forward trying to get back up however; lucky for her she attacked the guy on his sensitive parts. She didn't have enough energy to rejoice as she heard a faint grunt followed by a 'bloody bi****'  She forced her body backwards gliding it upwards as her knees bent on the floor trying to support her attempts by kicking forward. She winced as she realised it was her blood that was painting the floor, did she hurt her head so bad? Well it explains why she feels so dazed. She watched as the victim of her kicks brought his gun out to shoot her only to be stopped by the other,

'I haven't enjoyed myself yet!'

Zoya breathed helplessly, being all numb she couldn't feel anything but the warmth of what she imagined to be her tears continuously flowing from her eyes, down her cheeks joining the pool of blood. She remembered Asad; he would never let her tears go past her cheeks. He would always kiss them away. She tried smiling at her thought; she felt a sharp pain in her heart as she remembered that he was in danger. In one breath she let it all out,

'ASAD KO CHOR DO FARHAAN!!' She cried as her body gave up, her chest rose up half way and finally fell flat on the floor.


The car halted in front of her house. He was burning inside of himself throughout the journey, he didn't know why. He managed to calm himself down on his way here, Zoya wouldn't be too happy to see him in his distressed state. He sighed before stepping out of the SUV; his heart suddenly started racing faster. He shut the door to the car as he held his chest,

'Eh eh, don't get too excited' he chuckled at his heart; he walked around the car taking his ray-bans off. He was surprised to see the door open, however as he neared the front door, his heart started threatening to burst. His pace quickened and before he knew it he ran inside. His eyes widened as he witnessed the blood painted floor, the half broken phone lying a metre away and Zoya's purse near his feet. He quickly browsed the whole house; it was a mess. Pillows were all over the floor, the flower pots had crashed to the floor, glass pieces all around the table, the chairs were turned upside down.

'Zoya' he shouted with all his might as he spun on his feet. He ran up the stairs and flung her room door open, he crazily searched every inch of her room including the bathroom, 'Zoya!' he yelled again as he searched the other rooms and ran back downstairs in a distraught state. His breathing shortened as his body shook in fear.

'Zoya, please aise maazak maath karo, hum baad mein khelenge, please bahar ajao' He tried keeping his voice normal, but his words came out broken. 'Zoya!!!' He shouted again as realisations dawned upon him. He fell on his knees where the blood was, he took his fingers and touched the spot of blood bringing it back to him. He stared at it expressionless, drops of tears strolling down his face. He jumped on his feet and ran back outside. He searched the garden crazily, still no sign of her. He moved back and forth, facing all directions not knowing what to do. Nothing has happened to Zoya he tried convincing himself. Where could she be? He buried his face into his hands and pulled at his hear with his fingers unable to think.

'Where are you Zoya? Tumhare Asad ko aise maath sathao' He spoke to himself as he pleaded for her to come out. Not knowing what to do, he ran back inside and mechanically checked every room again; her room, her appi's room, guest room, kitchen and the storeroom.
'Zoya, Zoya tum kahan ho?' Asad's voice became hoarse from crying, as his soul searched for her, another part of him kept convincing itself that nothing has happened to her. His mind had lost all its control as he fell against the sofa, trying to think where she could be. She couldn't be out; her phone was at home that means she definitely came home. That means... Laila. He pulled his phone out and dialled her number,

'Hello hello, Mrs Afsa. It's me Asad. Do you know where Zoya is?' He jumped forward as he waited for her reply.

'Yes, beta. She's at home in her room' She replied sweetly,

'Haan, wohh she's not here! I found the door open when I came, the whole house is a mess, there's blood' he stopped trying not to cry,

'Kya?' Laila sounded shocked, 'Is she okay?' She let out a cry.

'I don't know' He said faintly as he put the phone down and rest his head against the sofa.

 As hours passed by, Asad had searched every corner of Bhopal asking everyone he could possibly find; everywhere his legs could possibly carry him. In defeat, he had informed every one of the incident. He didn't want to, but he couldn't lie to them.

His family had found him sat a few metres inside from the main door way, next to some red coloured paint on the floor. He rest his head in between his legs rocking back and forth as the police officers squirmed around the house silently not to disturb the mourning lover. He looked up as he felt someone's arms embrace him,

'Beta' Dilshad cried holding Asad as Zeenat fell back only to be held by Anwar and Ayaan. Asim ran over to the police to question them on their recent findings. Najma fell on the spot seeing the blood and let out a shriek followed by louds sobs. He stared at his mother with wide eyes, as she rest her head on his chest and weeped. He stroked his mother's hair back and forth trying to calm her down,

'Nothing will happen to her' he reassured her only to have her break out into louder sobs. 'Ayaan' He called out and trailed his eyes towards a crying Najma. Ayaan nodded his head as he picked Najma up and supported her to the sofa.


'Ayaan, could you please drop Ammi and-' Asad was cut short by Dilshad,

'Nahi, mujhe yahi rukhna hai, mere beti ayegi na' Dilshad shook her side to side as her red eyes remained wide in fear. Dilshad held onto her son's arm for support as she kept staring at the door.

'Mr Khan?' The police officer called out as he walked through the doors, Asad helped his ammi to the sofa before coming back to the officer,

'Yes, officer?' Asked Asad in the hope that they had discovered something.

'Well, Mr Khan no news as of yet! No witnesses, no solid evidence' He put his head down,

'What do you mean?' Asad raised his voice, 'You're not doing your job properly' he snapped, 'My Zoya is out there somewhere, you must know something, someone must' He pleaded helplessly,

'It could be a kidnapping case' the police officer suggested, 'but no phone calls have been received, we have tapped the house line' He looked into Asad's eyes, 'Looking at all the evidence, it seems like she was followed, I mean the door was not broken, they knew she'd be at home alone, we hope she's-' his voice trailed off as he looked to the floor where her blood had once piled up.

Asad's eyes widened, 'Nothing has happened to her!' He grabbed the officer by the collar, Anwar and Asim rushed forward to pull him off, 'You need to look for her properly' his voice cracked as he was dragged back, he fisted his hands as his breathing sharpened. She couldn't be kidnapped, could she? He had inquired about Farhaan, he was out of town for the past four days. He remembered the detective, hopefully he has some news.

He closed his eyes and muttered an apology before walking around the officer and out of the house. He paced towards the SUV and jumped inside. His mind wondering at what the officer said earlier; she was being followed. Who could be following her? Farhaan? Asad drove on and on not knowing where he was going, he was just hoping he'd wake up from this nightmare. Unknowingly, he arrived in front of Khan Mansion; he looked at his plain empty house that was to be decorated tomorrow. There were meant to be celebrations echoing back into the roads of Bhopal, Asad Ahmed Khan was getting married soon. With a heavy heart, he got out of the SUV and walked inside, he searched every corner of the house in desperation hoping she would be hiding in one of the rooms. He stopped in the hallway and stared ahead. He slowly entered the kitchen and put the kettle on with the intention of making coffee for HER. Zoya hugged him from behind as she rested her head on his back,

'You know Asad, pata nahi kyun, lekin aapke haaton ke coffee ki baath kuch aur hi hai' she smiled as she nuzzled into his neck, Asad laughed...

'I know that's why I'm making it for you, tumhari nakh kitna bhi na phule, yeh coffee dekh kar tum sab kuch bhool jate ho' he smiled victoriously,

He turned around, and indicated with his head; your turn.

'And you know without your coffee I cannot rest my mind,' he smiled widely as he watched her make his coffee. He put his arm around her waist as they both walked out with their coffees made by each other and sat on their favourite bench. She sighed heavily as she leaned forward and tilt her head sideways to face him as her hair swayed below her, he admired her beautiful innocent like face glowing under the moonlight,

'Saath saath, humesha' she pressed her eyes at him,

'Humesha' he smiled as his insides did somersaults; she actually forgot she was angry with him. He put his hand out to caress her face when she puffed into thin air. He crazily looked around him trying to find her when the reality suddenly hit him. He sat straight on the bench as he placed the coffee beside him. 'Yeh coffee tumhare liye, ajao na Zoya' he begged, he looked up into the sky, 'aapki beti mujhe kitna satathi hai, dekho na kahan chupke bet gaye, bahar nahi aa rahi hai' he complained. He couldn't take it anymore, why do all his nightmares come true? Why is he being tested over and over again? The thought of losing her was killing him inside day and night, now this fear; this burning inside of him is becoming unbearable. Where is she? How is she? 'Zoya, tumhe humesha mujhse aise door kyun hona padtha hai? Why do you always leave me like this, Kyun? Mein strong nahin hoon Zoya, I cannot spend a moment without you, please ajao, into my arms' He opened his arms and looked at them, 'Dekho na, they're waiting for you, ajao. I promise I'll never let you go, never! Tum keh rahe the na, humesha saath saath?' He repeated her words, as he sat there silently letting his own words echo back into his ears. He stood up and headed back inside grabbing a few things for his mother and some medicines. After praying, he headed back out of his home.

He popped his bluetooth on,

'So tell me, what do you know?' He asked as he drove the car.

'I need another hour...' Said the detective nervously,

'What? You know I can't wait that long! I need to know where that Farhaan is!' He spoke through his teeth as he ran out of patience. No clues, no leads. He was very frustrated; his mind had taken rest as his heart took over. His heart commanded him to let it all out; tears brimmed in his eyes and suddenly started overflowing. His heart was pounding inside of him, he felt helpless.

'One hour, I promise Asad' he reassured.

Asad entered the house; his eyes automatically scanned the floor where he first saw her blood. He cringed, his body stiffened, he felt himself suffocating... He handed the bags to Ayaan who informed him that they had checked all the hospitals and there was no clue of her whereabouts. Asad walked off as soon as he heard 'hospital', he walked into Zoya's room and shut it close behind him. He fell back against Zoya's bed; he brushed his hair back with both of his hands rubbing his face up and down. He looked to his left to see a bag with red paint all over it. He shivered thinking it was her blood, he picked it up slowly holding it upside down when a box fell out into his lap. He slowly picked up the nicely wrapped box and held it in front of him with a tag; Mere Mr Khan ke liye, From future Mrs Khan xoxo

Asad brushed his thumb over the words 'Mrs Khan' and smiled. He pulled off the wrapping quickly like he was opening some eid or christmas gift. Under the beautiful wrapping was a dark blue square box, he lifted it upwards to reveal a watch. He admired it, before picking up the note hidden on the side,


'I know you have a million dollar watch on, but I wanted to gift you something that would always remain with you to remind you of me.

Don't you dare say my choice is bad...'

'It's horrible' he laughed as he continued reading,

'... If you do, go look in the mirror and admire that butt ugly looking thing that I chose for myself minus the abs!

Waqt kisi ke liye nahi rukthi Asad, I want to cherish every moment we spend together. Yeh ek khosish hai, aapko yaad dilane ke liye, jab tum late hote ho, ki ghar mein koi hai jo tumhare liye intezaar kar rahi hai... Just like the pointers on this clock, no matter how far away we are from each other, mil hi jayenge.

I love you Asad

'Humesha'                 '

Asad removed his watch as he put Zoya's watch on and smiled, 'I love you too... Humesha' he rest his head back against the bed as he put his old watch inside his coat pocket when he felt something else, he looked down; Zoya's phone.

He quickly took it out and fumbled with it placing the battery inside and sealing it with the half broken cover. He tried switching it on but it was futile. He picked up the charger and plugged it into the phone and left it on his shaking lap. When the light came on he jumped up, he pressed the phone calls icon; there were few outgoing calls to Jahapana six packs, and at least 10 incoming missed calls by an unknown number before being answered twice before and after the call to him. Who could it be? As his fingers played about with her phone trying to figure out who it could be, he clicked on her gallery; there were 5 recordings and 2 pictures that she had taken at the guesthouse resort that they went to. He pressed on the most recent recording; he froze as he heard it play...

'Bhool gaye itni jaldi?' Said the voice

'Faaa' he heard Zoya's voice break, his hands fisted as he listened to the full conversation, he heard Zoya's shocked cries who was refusing to believe Farhaan's twisted words. How dare he? After what happened last time, he still tried to contact her playing such a cruel game with her. He gritted his teeth, as his words sank in. How did Zoya fall for his trick? He hit his forehead head as he remembered her trying to call him earlier when it suddenly ended because his phone fell. She must've assumed something happened... Asad closed his eyes, he indirectly confirmed her doubts. So it was Farhaan who kidnapped her? Where did the blood come from? He beat her? Asad's body shook from anger, he will not spare him this time. Where could he have taken her his mind screamed? His attention was drawn back to her phone when it flashed as a message came through, however when he examined it carefully, the message was sent hours ago. He opened it immediately,

'Where are you? Pick up my calls'

Asad creased his forehead in confusion. He brought his phone out and dialled the number... He waited impatiently as it rang continuously,

'Hello...' Farhaan spoke on the other side, Asad stayed silent as his breathing sharpened,

'Sir, maam ko hosh agaye' someone said at the back,

'Okay, hello hello' he put the phone down as he jumped onto his feet. Zoya is with Farhaan. How dare he? Conscious? The blood? Asad marched around the room; where could he have taken her? He decided to trace the number when his fingers touched the screen of her phone, the messaged had changed. He stared at it bringing it closer to his face as his eyes opened wide as saucers; the address. Farhaan had messaged the address to her, either he was a fool or their saviour. He thanked Allah before rushing out of the room.


Zoya was in immense pain, she couldn't move. She lifted her heavy eyes upwards only to be greeted by a sharp light. She shut it close before slowly trying again; this time it was calmer. She felt suffocated as her hands refused to move. She tried moving them again, but they were always pulled back down. She slowly turned her head to the left to see some wires attached to her body. What happened to her? She looked around her only to see portraits of herself staring back at her. She blinked a few times however, the image in front of her did not change. Her pictures.

'Where am I?' She whispered, her voice came out cracked,

'Maam, thank god you have gained consciousness, sir was very worried about you' the nurse smiled as she checked her. Zoya stared at her confused as to where she was, sir? That means Asad's here.

'Asad?' she called out weakly, 'Please tell him to come here' she pleaded trying to get up. The nurse forced her to remain on the bed earning a glare off Zoya; she wanted to meet Asad. She reluctantly lay back as she waited for the nurse to call him. Her heart was restless, since Farhaan's stupid phone calls she has been worried. If Asad is here, Farhaan was lying. She looked over at her body; those men. No no, if he's here it means Asad saved her from the goons; she breathed a sigh of relief trying to forget what the men were going to do with her. She shivered remembering the disgusting acts.

'Baby, tum teek ho!' Cheered Farhaan as he walked into the room, Zoya stiffened almost choking as she heard his voice; how? Zoya let out a cry as he neared her; he tried caressing her face,

'NOOO!' she faced the other way, 'Don't you dare touch me!' she screamed with the little energy she had. Farhaan's hand stopped a few centimetres from her face,

'Why you being like this Zoya. Do you not see my love? Why don't you accept it?' He begged,

'Tum pagal ho!' She yelled back, 'mujhse door hato!' She pushed herself back picking half her body up to sit against the headboard, 'mere Asad kahan hai, usse chor do!' She cried holding her hands up at him begging, her lips quivering, 'Pleaseee...' She asked defeated, all her energy drained out of her from the little shouting,

'On one condition...' She slowly looked up at his grinning face, her heart clawed inside of her as it threatened to break out of her. Her heart prayed for the safety of her Asad; she's ready to do anything for him. Her nightmares flashed past before her eyes, why do they always come true? Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think this would ever happen. Here they are; life is playing such a cruel game with them for real. Once again, it's trying to separate them. However, she would do anything to save her Asad. Gathering her broken self, she gained courage, she held onto his gaze ready to negotiate.


'To hell with you!' Screeched Asad down his bluetooth as he drove like a madman, 'you mean to tell me there are 2 maniacs wanting you to follow my Zoya? WHAAT? You gave her what? You couldn't tell me this before?! I swear if anything happens to my Zoya I will burn you and your agency! Yaaad rakhna' Asad threw his bluetooth away from him. He couldn't deal with this right now; his Zoya needed him, his subconscious mind wandering on how Farhaan must be treating her. Images from her previous breakdown flashed before him. She's been bleeding, and she was hurt from the previous accident.

'Ya Allah, humesha mere Zoya ke saath kyun?' He brushed his hair back, loosening his tie and drying the drops of sweat glistening on his forehead, 'Usse raksha karna, pleaseee...' His mind imagined the scene in his nightmare, 'Zoya, mein aa raha hoon, mein tumhe kuch nahin hone dunga, maine vaada kiya na ki mein tum pe koi aanch nahi aane dunga' his car halted, as he anxiously looked ahead at the traffic. His breathing got faster, 'yeh ab hona hi tha' he grumbled massaging his forehead trying to keep calm as he jumped out of the car. He crazily searched for some solution finally walking up to another driver,

'Bhaisaab, yahan kya ho raha hai?'

'Woh kuch gir gaye gari mein, the road is blocked because of that' he replied confused. Asad rushed forehead, through the narrow spaces between the cars as he tried reaching the spot. He rolled his sleeves up as he tried pushing the log off from the front of the car. Seeing him, a few more on lookers joined him.



'Tum pagal ho gaye ho Farhaan, woh mein hargiz nahin karunga'

'Asad...' Was all Farhaan said,
Zoya closed her eyes as lone tear peeped from her eyes down her cheek, 'Oh ho' he put his hand out,

'Don't.you.dare.touch.me?' She spoke through her teeth as she shivered at the thought of separating from Asad.
Asad maine kaha tha na, agar zarurat hua, aap ke liye mein aapne aap ko aapse dur kar dungi, shayad humare kismat humse naraaz  hai isi liye yeh imtehaan bhi le raha hai... Ki shayad mein joot kasaam na kha liye. Yaad rakhna Asad, mein Asad ki hoon, aur marte dum taak mein Asad ki hi rahungi... She put her hand on her chest, yeh dil tumhare naam le lekar aab rukh jayega. She looked at Farhaan,

'I'm ready to marry you!' She told him expressionless. Farhaan turned around from admiring her pictures and smiled,

'I told you, you'll accept my love' he laughed as he caressed her lips on her portrait. Zoya cringed on the bed as she looked around her,

'Let him go!' She reminded him,

'Haan, baby abhi chor dungi... Usse tayaar kar do' he ordered the maids. 'If she needs anything, give it to her...' He walked out of the room, Zoya pulled the wires off her and stepped down only to lose her balance and fall back on the bed. At this rate, she'll faint by the time she reaches the door if she tried to escape.


The maids dressed a reluctant Zoya into a simple white lehenga. She refused to wear the jewellery as her body was in pain,

'Mujhe kuch fruits chahiye, could you please cut me some' she told the maids weakly as she touched her stomach,

'Haan maam, I'll just bring it' she bowed before walking out; Zoya followed her with her eyes to see the guards standing outside the door.

The maid entered again a few moments later with a plate of fruits and a knife. She sat next to Zoya as she cut the fruits and placed it in front of her,

'Shukriya' smiled Zoya softly; she held her forehead, her eyes blurred slightly. She picked up the fruit pieces and put it into her mouth chewing it forcefully.

'Maam do you need anything else' the maid asked sweetly before putting the knife down and standing behind her. Zoya looked up at the mirror in front of her and shook her head in a no at the reflection. They bowed before walking out of the rooms.

Zoya looked at her reflection; she touched her face and her chest,

'Mein toh sirf aapki dulhan banna chahti ti Asad... Dekho na, mein saaji hoon Asad, aap ke liye, sirf aap ke liye...' Zoya got up and touched the glass; she picked the knife up and hid it under her dupatta. She turned around as Farhaan entered the room dressed in a white and red combo sherwani,

'Let's go' he ordered as she slowly walked towards him, he held his hand up defensively as Zoya glared at him when he brought it around her waist. He stared at her, admiring her every detail in the most lustful way possible. Zoya shivered as she stepped forward away from his close proximity. She walked slowly, trying not to lose her balance, her forehead felt weird; was it bleeding again? She ignored the pain to her legs as he now led her into the huge decorated living room,

'Asad ko cho-'

He turned around fuming, 'phir se Asad! Just drop it, tum aab mere ho'

'Mein tumhare nahin hoon, ye galat fehmi main khabhi maat rehna...'

'Humare nikaah hone wali hain' he tried making her aware of the reality,

'Asad kahan hain?' She asked adamantly,

'Usse chor diya!' He replied.

'Mujhe unse baat karni hai' she said without blinking,

'Woh hosh mein nahin hai' he lied,

'Kya' she gasped, she walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar with one hand, 'what did you do to him' she screamed at him crying,

She let him go,

'How do I know you're not lying?' She looked at him trying not be scared,

'Trust me baby, I have you now, I don't need him!'

'What do you mean? I don't trust you' She questioned as she stepped back,

'Because I never had him in my custody' he looked at her, 'sorry darling' he held his ears, 'small lie'

Zoya's breathing got faster and shorter as she felt something in her break, she choked as she tried speaking; he lied and I fell for it? Her eyes welled up, she moved back until she hit a wall. She brought the knife in front of her as Farhaan leaped forward with his hands out,

'Keep back Farhaan!' She took the knife to her wrist...

'Zoya I did this only for you, I love you' he cried, 'please don't do this'

'If you loved me then you would've known that I love Asad and only Asad! You can't force someone to love you back; love is sacrificing one's self for the sake of the other'

'I can't live without you Zoya, I know deep down you love me too, and you're just saying that'

'Asad can't live without me! I love Asad and only Asad, why don't you get that into your head, jhoote umeed paar tumhare yeh pagalpan ki duniya maath basao' she advised him,

'Asad Asad Asad, What about me Zoee? Why do you not see my love? He doesn't love you, only I love you'

'Kyunki yeh tumhara pyaar nahin hai, this is obsession. And how do you know, Asad mujhe unki jaan se bhi zyada pyar karte hai' she said confidently.

'Because he left you to die alone... You know what those rascals were going to do to you? I saved you Zoe, I did... If your condition wasn't so critical, I would've killed them' he yelled as he tensed his hands on his side showing his veins. He walked closer only for her to shriek and make him jump back,

'Mujhse nikaah kar lo Zoya, I'll keep you happy, more than that Asad' he grittted his teeth at his name,

'Mein aaj akhri baar saaji hoon, Asad ki dulhan baan ke' she tilted her head as she stared ahead, 'mere haar saans un ke liye, mere dil dadhakti hai un ki naam mein... Farhaan tumne pyaar ko samja nahin, pyaar mein log aapne aap ko sacrifice karte hain doosron ki kushiyon ke liye... Mein tan maan se Asad ki hoon, this heart, body, and soul belongs to only Asad... Haan physically, tum mujhe alag kar chuke ho Asad se, lekin mere maan se khabi nahi juda kar paoogi. Aaj tum jeet kar bhi haar chuke ho... Lekin ek baat kahungi tumhein, tumne do pyaar karne wale ko alag ki hai, Allah tumhein khabi maaf nahi karenge. Mein koi shraap nahi dungi, lekin yeh baat sun lo, jab mere Asad ko pata chalega na, woh tumhare per taale se yeh zameen keech lenge...'She warned him, before smiling at him.

'Jaate jaate mein yeh keh kar jaunga, shukriya... Mere izzat bachaane ke liye, mere Asad ki baanake rakhne ke liye...' She held the knife against her wrist, she rest her head against the wall and looked upwards,

'I love you Asad... Humesha'



You can kill me now.

Okiesss, dunno how it ended up so depressing!

Excuse the mistakes, was in a hurry to update!

Leave your comments beautifuls, or maybe a rotten tomato or so after this part!

Much love for reading, MWAH!

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Lost_Somewhere IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2013 at 7:55pm | IP Logged


Well,first of all,a big 'thank you' for u for keeping my Zoe safe,well,almost.Though I was a bit sad that it was Farhaan who reached to save her,still,she was safe,and that's all matters.Smile
But I hope this time,Asad reaches there on time to save her.Also waiting to see Raazia's pardafaash soon.Wink Asad wouldn't leave Razia alive!

thanx a lot for the pm bud!!Hug

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Originally posted by ..-AsYa-..



Well,first of all,a big 'thank you' for u for keeping my Zoe safe,well,almost.Though I was a bit sad that it was Farhaan who reached to save her,still,she was safe,and that's all matters.Smile
But I hope this time,Asad reaches there on time to save her.Also waiting to see Raazia's pardafaash soon.Wink Asad wouldn't leave Razia alive!

thanx a lot for the pm bud!!Hug

Wooohoo! I thought you might kill me after reading this! Boy am I glad that you're happy with it, not totally, but a bit and that's enough for me! No way, I would never let anything happen to Zoya! Don't worry it would kill mee!
We'll see what happens with Asad Wink

And lovely, Razia pardafash soon? The FF would come to an end Cry

No worries buds, Thank you so much for reading and your continuous support,

Much lovess, Hug

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