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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 60)

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superb update...
it was very beautifully return...
continue soon...

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aww zoya u r a master mind ...uh...uh the writer is actually 

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please update sooon dear.can't wait so long . Please .

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This isn't great but here goes...

Part 17

'No you go first!'

'No you!'

'Jammy!' a 6 year old Tanveer stamped her feet.

'Tannu, ladies, ohh no, girls first na' glared a stubborn 8 year old Asad, as he pushed his best friend forward...

'Okaay blindfold me' she turned her back towards him as she stood in front of an excited Asad, 'Jammy, mein tum pe trust karta hoon' she smiled as she opened her arms wide, 'itna saaara' she beamed as he covered her eyes.

'Acha, teek hai! Now drop back and I'll catch youuu!'

'Jammy' she moved her hands around as she searched for him,

'Don't be a spoilsport! Come on drop back!'

'Acha, eee' shrieked Tanveer as she fell back only to be caught by Asad, as he spread his legs out trying to hold her weight.

'Ya Allah, you're so fat! Only I know how I saved you' he breathed out as he pushed her back up.

'Hawww! Jammy, your turn!' She took her blindfolds off and forcefully covered his eyes.

'Tannu, you sure about this? I mean...'

'Ofcourse Jammy, am moti remember, I'll be able to handle your weight' She said sweetly, 'come on- ahhh' she squealed as she stepped back; Asad fell back and hit the floor.

'Ouch' he cried, he took the blindfold off and stared at her angrily,

'Bohot moti hoon na' she fluttered her eyelashes,

'Tannu ki bachhi' he yelled, 'I can't believe you let me fall' he jumped to his feet as he chased her...

He put his hands out to grab her, only to bend forward and hit the couch. He picked himself up and stared outside his window. He smiled remembering his little best friend, the teasing, the laughing, everything echoed back in his ears.

He sighed heavily; how could Tanveer do this? The six year old Tanveer he knew wasn't like this. Her teasing had innocence to it. The little girl he knew played pranks to make him smile, but this same girl has played such a joke that has shaken him; she accused him of so many things. She questioned his character, his upbringing. Surely, something happened to this world in the past 20 years for her to change so much. He had full faith in his friendship, in their relationship, she was one of those people he used to keep close to his heart, yet it was her who tried to break his heart by separating him from his love, by degrading him. If it wasn't for Zoya's support, he would've seriously started doubting himself. Or is there actually something wrong with him? Why do all his close relations always cheat him? First his abbu, and now his best friend...

'Bhaijaan' he heard his sister call out faintly as his mind questioned the realities...

'Hmmm' he mumbled back as he remained standing in the same position. He stiffened hearing Najma's words. Were his ears too deceiving him? He didn't know how to react as the fury in him rose slowly. The only reason he remained quiet was because he was the only one suffering, but, he will not let anyone get away messing with his family. The anger changed to guilt as he remembered the times he had accused Zoya of trying to harm his family. Truth is, he never distrusted her; it was just that the evidence always pointed towards her, the court in his heart always favoured Zoya, but the mind remained blindfolded.

'NOOO!' He felt a pull on his heart as he heard her scream.


'Tanveer, tum teek toh ho?' Zoya asked softly, trying not to sound scared.

'Nahin, lekin thodi der main bahut acha ho jaungi' Tanveer smirked as her breathing turned slow and steady. She let out a sigh, 'yeh tum ne teek nahi kiya Zoya! Agar usse chor dete, toh shayad tum bach jate'

'Kyaa?' Zoya asked shocked, 'Tanveer, Asad toh...' her eyes widened as she watched Tanveer pick her right hand up with the glass bottle. Zoya tried to figure out what it was, it seemed like a test bottle from one of those scientific labs with some sort of clear liquid. Tanveer followed her eyes to the bottle in her hand,

'Yeh, tumhare liye' she let out a laugh as she brought it in front of her face closing her stone eye to stare at it, 'Acid hain' she smirked,

'What? Tanveer? No, no, no' Zoya begged as her back rested against the wall...

'Kitni baar tumhe maar ne ki khoshish ki, lekin tumhare kismat tumhare tara bahut manhoos hai jo baar baar bacha leti hai...' She paused, 'Lekin, iss baar mein nahi rukhongi'

Zoya looked to the side, she was behind the open door, her heart raced as her breath got stuck in her throat letting out a dry cough. Her eyes remained stuck on the bottle as her subconscious mind wondered on Tanveer playing with the knife with her other hand. She slowly started counting to ten, as her hand caressed the scar on her hand. Ya Allah, yeh kya ho raha hain. A lone tear trickled down her face, as her heart prayed for Asad. She put her foot forward as Tanveer lifted the bottle in the air, Zoya bent down as the glass bottle came towards her, she held the door with her hand and swiftly spun on it to the other side of the door. The bottle crashed against the wall as the liquid dispersed everywhere. The acid attacked the wall, the floor and the backside of the door. A slight drop fell on her waist as she shrieked in fear. The pain from the drop did not affect her as much as the fear of it being thrown at her. Zoya panted with her eyes closed as she rested against the door way. She slowly opened her eyes as she heard Tanveer's frustrated grunts. She turned her face to the left and stared at the heartless woman in front of her whom she sympathised just a moment ago despite everything. She placed her hand to the side of her waist and winced as she realised the acid had touched her. She turned towards Tanveer, scared as she treaded towards her with the knife. Her eyes widened as she stepped backwards towards the stairs.

'Tanveer, don't do this. Think about your baby...'

Tanveer sniggered, 'I won't rest until I see you dead!' She yelled.

Zoya stepped down the stairs as Tanveer came forward.

'Ya Allah' gasped Dilshad as she opened the doors hearing the sudden noise, 'Tanveer what are you doing?' Cried Dilshad attempting to come forward, she stopped as she watched Zoya shiver with fear on the stairs.

'Stay away from me; I'm going to get rid of this weed from my life!' Screeched Tanveer, gritting her teeth as she her body shook from anger and disgust looking at Zoya. Tanveer flashed the knife in front of her, cutting the air as Zoya flew down a few more steps. Tanveer stepped down,

'I will finish you today...' She took final steps towards Zoya,

'Asad!' Cried Zoya as she looked to her left as he came running out of his room towards the stair case,

'Jammy, stop right there!' Screamed Tanveer, waving the knife at Zoya. Zoya's foot moved slightly backwards as she tried stepping down, her foot searched crazily as it looked for something to grip as it lingered on the edge of the stairs. She tried looking down when she slipped, her feet failed to find any solid platform, she lost her balance as her arms swung in the air. Her eyes widened as her arms flapped helplessly in the air, hoping she'd be able to fly back up. Her mouth opened wide to let out a cry, however her words failed her as she let out a silent shriek, her hands grabbed the air as she stared at her mother with teary eyes and fell back.

'Zoyaaa!!' Screamed Dilshad along with Najma and Asim, as she looked into her daughter's eyes, her fingers twisted forward as she tried reaching for her.

 Zoya tumbled down the stairs one by one, her vision blurred as the world spun, darkness as she faced downwards, light as she faced the ceiling until she finally came to a halt.

Asad's heart skipped a beat as he watched her halfway down the stairs staring above her helplessly. He leaped forward only to have Tanveer wave the knife in the air. He held himself back defensively as Zoya stepped down only to have her swing her arms in the air. His eyes popped out of him as his soul shook inside of him; he opened his arms in front of him as he ran forward only to see her hit her head on the stairs as she rolled down them one by one. Asad froze as his heart stopped beating momentarily, her each hit piercing through him as he stared at her lifeless body with wide eyes. By the time he reached the bottom of the stairs, her body rest at his feet. He fell on his knees as he lifted her body into his arms. He cradled her,

'ZOYA!!' He finally roared, his voice thundered in the room as the people around him let out a cry. He placed his hands on her cheek as he rocked forward and hit it lightly, 'Zoya, wake up, Zoya please open your eyes' he cried. Asim and Najma knelt beside him as Dilshad pushed past a shocked Tanveer and joined them at the bottom. Asad was about to jump up with her, when he felt her move. He watched her, with his silent cries, as her body half lifted itself in his arms as she gasped for air. Her chest rose up and down as her delicate eyelids lifted upwards slowly.

She coughed as Asad caressed her cheek, his thumb continuously stroking her chin. She gave him a faint smile as she felt a drop of tear on her face.  He brushed it off with his thumb, breathing out as he hadn't realised he was holding his breath. He picked her up and rushed for the door.

'Asad, stop please,' begged Zoya in a whisper, her dry throat refusing let out any words but a choke. 'Stop' she said louder. He froze on his feet as he anxiously looked at her,

'Does it hurt? Don't worry we're going to the hospital!' He told her,

She shook her head in a no as she winced slightly from the pain, 'I'm fine, don't worry'

'No you're not fine!' He scolded her,

'Asad please... Just take me to bed, I want to sleep' her eyes rolled upwards as her head felt heavy, 'please...' She pleaded softly before finally throwing her head back in defeat from her weakness.

He rushed towards his room and placed her on the bed, as Najma and Dilshad ran into the kitchen. He sat beside her stroking her palm, trying to calm himself down as he furiously dialled a few numbers on his phone.

'Doctor, Asad here...' He spoke fast, as he begged for the doctor come. Dilshad ran into the room and jumped on to the bed next to Zoya. She placed her hand under Zoya's head lifting it up slightly as she made her drink few drops of water. Zoya muttered a thank you as she closed her half open eyes. Her breathing steadied, Asad stared at her pale face as she lay there still. He caressed her face tucking her loose strands behind her ears, his hands shaking. Zoya tilted her head to his touch flinching slightly, forcefully opening her eyes to calm him down.

'Asad...'she whispered,

'Shhh!' He hushed her putting his finger on her lips, he turned around to see the doctor arriving.

'Asad beta, don't worry she'll be fine' reassured Dilshad as she caressed Zoya's forehead, Asad, Najma, Asim left the room reluctantly, all looking back as the door shut behind them.

He waited impatiently as the doctor examined Zoya. He marched back and forth, as Najma and Asim peeked at him from the corner of their eyes. He turned as he watched the doctor come out,

'Doctor, how is she? Is she okay? Should I take her to the hospital?' Asad stared at the doctor questioningly as the doctor let out a laugh.

'Asad, calm down!' He smiled as he put a hand on his shoulder, 'you two are really made for each other... She's anxious to see you and you her! Acha beta suno, good news is that she's not broken anything, but she's in a lot of pain from the fall. She will feel heavy for the next few days, I've dressed her wounds' he looked serious, ' she passed out due to her hit on her head; minor concussion' he handed Asad a piece of paper, 'here's the prescription for painkillers, and some creams for her wound' he took Asad's hand and gave it a reassuring shake, 'she'll be just fine!'

'Thank you doctor!'

'No worries beta, and listen, try and get her to walk and stretch, I know she's in pain but the longer she stays still, the heavier her body will feel' He smiled before walking himself out.

'Asad I'll get the meds bro, you go to her' Asim shook his head as Asad looked at him with a faint smile; he pressed his eyes at him before grabbing the prescription and pushing Asad towards his room.

Asad walked in slowly and leaned against the doorway as he listened to Dilshad talk to Zoya. He admired his beautiful fiance, she was slowly coming back to her lively self. He looked at the bandages on her forehead and closed his eyes.

'Asad' Zoya looked up at Asad and smiled. He walked towards her slowly and sat on the bed beside her. He stared at her...



'Please don't ever scare me like that!'

'Like what?' Asked Zoya with a straight face.

'Like...' He closed his eyes.

'Zoya... Yeh lo davai' Najma handed her a spoon with a gooey looking liquid. Zoya looked at her making a disgusted face,

'No, I don't think so' she shook her head in a no, as she crossed her arms.

'Zoya please you need it' said Asad. Zoya looked at him with a baby face,

'No way! That's yucky!' She spoke before sealing her lips as Najma bought the spoon to her face. Asad came forward and caressed her face, his thumb lingered on her bottom lip. Zoya looked up at him with wide eyes; she opened her mouth slowly. Asad directed Najma with his eyes; Najma forcefully dashed it into her mouth. Asad took his fingers and pressed her lips close. She pretended to puke, he shook his head in a no with wide, warning eyes, she gulped.

'Bleurghhh' Zoya finally spat with her tongue out, feeling sick from the aftertaste.

She eyed the brother and sister, giving them a warning look. She looked at Asad and gave him a 'I'll sort you out later type of look'.

'Zoya you're such a baby, I wonder what will happen when a little Zoya comes, she'll be as stubborn as you' laughed Najma at the thought of what Zoya's kids will be like. Asad and Zoya looked at each other, realising what Najma actually said; they started blushing, both smiled as they looked away from each other, Zoya looked at Najma and widened her eyes,

'Stop Tama-' Asad was cut short by Zoya,

'Wait wait, why little Zoya? Why not little Asad?' Zoya argued. Najma looked at her surprised,

'Zoya I was just-' Najma tried talking,

'Because I want a little Zoya' answered Asad in a stern voice. He sat back down in front of her.

'Lekin mujhe little Asad chahiye!' Zoya shouted. Najma looked at both of them; she held her ears tightly and ran out of the room regretting bringing up the topic.

'Zoya, lekin mujhe ek aur tum chahiye!' Asad put his hand on her shoulder only to have her shrug it off,

'But I don't!' She poked his chest, 'I.want.a.little.Asad' she emphasised each word hitting his chest.

'Zoya, stop being stubborn! I want a girl!'

'Pffftt you're talking as if you're going to give birth to her, nooo HIM' she breathed out laughing, a smirk playing on her lips,

'Her! I'm helping you make HER anyways' He yelled. And that was it, Zoya jumped on her knees and held him by his hair as her other hand gripped his shirt, he looked at her shocked,

'LISTEN YOU, mujhe ek ladka chahiye tumhare jaise, and I will get HIM!' She gritted her teeth as she spoke, scaring the daylights out of Asad. He gulped as she pulled at his shirt and hair.

'Zoya, suno na' he whispered as he held her by the waist, 'let's have twins' he smiled widely, showing his dimples faintly, he watched as her expressions changed to a softer one, then back to her scary one and then she seemed frightened,  she sat back against the headboard,

'Ya Allah! Do you want to kill me? Ek hi kaafi hai, lekin do do ek baar mein?' She shook her head furiously as she imagined the amount of pain she would have to go through,

'I want a foot-'

Asad shot up as he heard someone's laugh behind him. He turned around to see his ammi standing there laughing out loudly. She sighed before walking up to the two; she grabbed Asad by the ear and Zoya,

'Only you two can fight over something like this, although I don't mind, daadi banne wali hoon' she smiled widely as Zoya felt flustered and Asad tried getting away. 'Rukhoo' she glared at her son and then her bahu, 'you dare argue like you did before, mujhse bura koi nahin hoga' she warned. She sat down beside Zoya, 'beta tumhare nikaaah ab 7 din mein hoga, the dates got mixed up' Zoya's eyes lit up as she stared at Asad, both very excited. Zoya played her eyebrows up and down; I told you so. She felt a pull on her ear, 'I'm warning you!' Dilshad looked at her with wide eyes, before winking at her.

'You take care of yourself, I'll be outside let me know if you need anything. You stay here for the night,'  Dilshad suggested,

'Nahi Ammi, please, Nikaah wohh' Zoya tried explaining why she didn't want to stay. Dilshad understood, she nodded and walked out of the room.

'What did I say? It worked!!' Cheered Zoya, 'What?'

'It's only a few days' he frowned,

'Allah Miyaan, what's wrong with you? You're talking as if you want to get married tomorrow... What? Omg no waaay! I haven't shopped' she cried, he rolled his eyes,

'You know what; I'll open a shopping mall for you here, in our room, so that we can...' He bent forward touching his nose with hers,

'Asad!' Shouted Dilshad as she came running inside. He looked back at his mother who looked scared and worried; she directed her eyes towards the other way.

'Zoya, I have to sort something out... I'll be right back' He patted her check before turning around,

'Asad' called out Zoya grabbing him by the arm; he turned around to face her, 'Please let her go' She pleaded with her eyes,

'Are you kidding Zoya? After everything she's done? After today' his voice broke,

'Asad, nothing happened to me' She looked at herself, 'See I'm fine' she moved her arms about to indicate her fitness.

'Zoya, what if something... what she did was wrong and she will be punished' he said sternly,


'Wrong is wrong!' he said as a matter of fact, end of discussion. He gently took her hand off his and turned around walking off.

'Asad please' Zoya put her feet down onto the floor; she got up as her knees waivered due to her sudden weight. 'As-' she shrieked as she fell backwards onto the bed holding onto her forehead, Asad turned around and came running towards her,

'Zoya, Zoya' he picked her up and put her in the sleeping position, she opened her eyes to look at him. She took his hand towards her and placed it on her cheek,

'She's pregnant Asad' Zoya cried, 'Please let her go, she'll be away from our home. Agar aap usko aise saaza denge, aap kudh ko khabi maaf nahi kaar paugi' She tried making him understand, however, his eyes stayed adamant, his decision had not changed. 'Please mere liye, promise me?' Asad closed his eyes as he nodded and stormed out of the room.

Dilshad watched as Zoya faked fainting to get Asad to agree. She walked into the room, 'You didn't do the right thing Zoya'

'Ammi, she's'

'Jaanti hoon, lekin Zoya, khabi khabi kudh ke liye justice lena zaroori hota hai. Think about yourself for once, mein ummeed karungi ki ek din, tum kisi aur ka fikar na kar ke tum kudh ke liye ladogi'

'Lekin ammi, aaj jo kiya, woh mein kudh ke liye kiya! I don't want her baby to be punished for the crimes Tanveer had committed against me. That baby is innocent aur mein' Zoya cried.

Dilshad kissed her forehead, 'I know beta, aur aaj ke liye thank you, tum' Zoya put her hand over her mother's mouth shaking her head in a no,

'I did that for me, for us, for our family' Zoya clarified. 'Uski asli chehra bahar aa gayi, aur Asad pe koi ilzaam nahi lagi, that ammi, is my justice.'


'Tanveer' yelled Asad, he looked up to see her coming down the stairs slowly. 'What the hell are you still doing here?' He questioned once she reached the bottom. Tanveer stepped forward and put her hand out towards Asad,

'Jammy' She cried. Asad stepped back,

'Don't you dare touch me!!' he scowled. 'I swear if Zoya hadn't made me promise, I would've made sure you never seen daylight again for the rest of your life and rotted in jail, or better yet I would've strangled you to death myself!' He gritted his teeth as he let out the harsh words. All he could see was Zoya's lifeless body in front of him and Tanveer waving the knife. He recollected everything Najma had told him and fisted his hands. 'She's saving you after everything you did to her. What has she ever done to you Tanveer.  Aur mere saath, Why?'

'Jammy woh tumhe mujhse-'

'Stop it with Jammy, Tanveer! The name Jammy died 20 years ago along with the girl I used to call my best friend' he screamed at her. 'I was foolish to think that I knew you for 20 years, when the truth is I KNEW you 20 years AGO. The girl standing in front of me is not the same girl I knew' He clenched and unclenched his fists as he closed his eyes, 'Despite loving her, I always went against her because I thought you out of people would never lie to me. I knew she was never wrong, but-' He opened his eyes, 'you disgust me!'


'Jammy listen'

'Tamater, go pack her suitcase! NOW!' he ordered, Najma ran up the stairs and came down a few moments later. Asad went to the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed the suitcase from Najma 'Here, OUT!' Tanveer did not move. He went to the door and threw the suitcase outside,

'OUTTT!! He roared, making sure the house thundered, making every member of the house jump at hearing his voice, 'Before I do something I'll regret!' he tried to calm himself down, the images of Zoya and Najma's voice replaying over and over again. Tanveer went up to the door,

'You'll regret this Asad Ahmed Khan, and Zoya ko toh mein nahi chodungi' she sniggered to herself before walking out of the house.


'OMG! Zoeee, what the hell is thaat?' Jumped Asim, Zoya looked up from her bed, 'eeekkss, it's moving...'

'What are you talking about?' Asked Zoya, concerned at her friend's behaviour,

'Woh' he pointed as his eyes opened wide as saucers.

'Kya?' Zoya stretched herself to have a look,

'Asim, your-arghhh!' Najma screamed as she hid behind Asim pulling at his shirt. They both stepped backwards,

'It's a sss- ' whispered Asim frightened as he put his arms around Najma and shivered,

'It moved!!'

Zoya crawled to the other end of the bed to have a look, her eyes widened as she looked at the thing on the floor,

'SNAKEEE!' Screamed Zoya, she looked up to see Asad coming towards the room, she jumped off the bed and ran towards him, 'Asad help!'

Asad stepped back as he watched Zoya storm towards him, her hands in the air, limping as fast she could; her eyes wide with fear,

She ran crashed into him, hitting her head with his chest, she clawed at his shirt, 'pick me up!' She ordered,

'What?' Asked Asad confused as he looked down at her head, breathing in the scent of her hair. He closed his eyes as he was about to put his arms around her,

'Pick me up NOW!!' Asad jumped and did as he was told, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hid herself in his chest, 'Asad save me, there's a snake' she said panting.


'In the room' she cried. He carried her into the room, he looked to his right to see Asim and Najma on his table, he glared at them,

'Get off the table now!' He said sternly,

'Bhaijaan snaakeee' stuttered a scared Najma as she pointed towards the couch, beneath it was a long black thing, he looked closely to realise it was a snake. Asad's eyes widened as he jumped onto the bed with Zoya in his arms.

'Ammi, snakeee!' Screamed Asad, everyone looked at him,

'Asad, what are you doing?' Asked Zoya as she heard him scream, she moved her head away to see him on top of the bed.

'Asad, you're meant to save us from the snake! Ya Allah, iss ghar mein koi mard nahi hai' Zoya looked up as she complained to God. 'Yeh toh ek chuaa hai' she indicated Asim, ' lekin aaap bhi ek...' Zoya shut her mouth as she watched Asad's eyes on her.

'Zoya- that's a snake! If I go there now, you'll become a widow before you get married!' He explained to her.

'Asad, aap ek mard ho! You should be able to do this! Iski toh mardhanghi chale gaye lekin aaap'


'Haan, aap ek mard nahi ho!' Zoya looked at him disappointed as he looked down at her in disbelief.

'Mein apni mardhanghi dikhao?' He asked her with a raised eye brow, a dangerous expression on his face. Zoya was about answer when she heard someone giggle. She looked to the side to Najma and Asim grinning at them,

'Kya hai?' She sounded irritated, she looked at Asad and gulped, 'Agar yeh log nahi hote toh maybe, what's the point though? Kuch nahi hai dikhane ke liye' she whispered to him.


'Ya Allah, yahan kya ho raha hai?' Asked Dilshad as she walked in to find Asad standing on his bed with Zoya in his arms, and Najma, Asim on the table holding on to each other, shaking.

'Snakeee' all four of them shouted.

Dilshad looked at them confused; she followed where they were pointing.

'Ammi, don't go there' cried Asad,

She walked towards it and picked it up. Asim let out a laugh, as he looked around at everyone. 'Gotchaaa!' He let out a laugh, holding on to his stomach to stop himself of falling, everyone looked at him with narrowed eyebrows; he coughed as he took in the deadly stares,
'April fools?' He said in an attempt to calm them down,

'Doctor said- arghh! SORRY!' He yelled as he jumped off the table as Asad came leaping towards him with his fists.


She watched him sit on their bench silently as he stared above into the sky. She had been looking at him for the past five minutes and he had not moved an inch. She walked inside for the thing that will comfort him and came back out a few moments later. She tiptoed behind him slowly, ignoring the pain she was in and stood behind him. She placed both of the coffees beside him on the bench and sighed. She slowly put her hands on his shoulder, sliding it over him and resting them both over each other on his chest.  She took her face and held it against his cheek as he put his hands over hers and closed his eyes.
'Coffee' She whispered, he nodded as he looked at her in appreciation. Zoya looked into his teary eyes, threatening to overflow any second. She brought her hand to his face and stroked it with the back of her hand, 'Heyy, shhh, kya hua?' He pulled her arm as he made her sit next to him, facing the opposite side.

'Zoya, I'm so sorry' He apologised, bowing his head down.

'Asad, Asad, look at me' she picked his chin upwards to make him look at her, 'Don't you dare' He looked at her with pleading eyes. She shook her head in a no,
'Please, Asad. Mere saamne aap aise saar math jukhaye, no matter what happens, mere aankon mein aap ke liye joh pyaar aur izzat hai na, woh khabie kam nahi hoga'

'Zoya, please mere saath aise ache maath behave karo! I hurt you so much'

'Lekin, kya apko utna dard nahi hua jitna mujhe hua? Haan, aap karve baaten ki hain khabi khabi' She looked straight into his eyes, 'lekin un baaton main meine dard mehsoos ki hai Asad, aapki majboori, apki insecurities meine dikhe hain! Asad, hum mein do dil zaroor hai, lekin hum ek jaan hai! We are one! Like you said, humare rishta hi aise hai!'

'Zoya tum' She put his hand over his mouth. She reached forward and kissed his tears off his face.  She got up and walked around the bench and stood in front of him,

She put her hand out, 'Kya apko aapne ateeth bhula kar, mere saath twin dimpled babies banane qubool hai?' She shot him a smile; he looked at her surprised and shook his head at her. Zoya narrowed her eyebrows at his reaction,

'Haan, QUBOOL HAI!' He took her petite hand in his larger ones and pressed it. He picked himself up and stood in front of her. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

'You okay?' She asked him as she placed her hand on top of his on her cheeks, he nodded. 'Good, I should go now' She whispered. He nodded as he lifted her up into his arms,

'I'll drop you home' He walked off with her as he cradled her like a baby,

'Asad, no, I'll go, your coffee' She fussed in his reluctant arms,

'Baad mein, abhi mardhangi dikhana hai' he smirked.

'Aaap phir se' she asked shocked,

'Obviously, for our daughter' He grinned,




They both continued arguing as they walked towards the car about the gender of the baby they had not yet created.


PRECAP:  Let's just say some things are better not knowing beforehand! Wait and watch, I don't want to be cursed by you guys!



HEYY lovelies! Okaay, sorry for not torturing Tanveer! I'm a softie but ahem I will do something! However for now, I needed to get rid of her because she was irritating me in the show lmfaoo!

Okaay, I know you guys are cursing me! I didn't want to give you a hospital scene because there's more to come! Ooops! YES SPOILER ALERT! There will be hospital stuff in the future! LOOOL!

Chapter 17 and I'm not even halfway through the story, hope you guys will stay with me until in the end!

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I kinda went blank after exams! Anyhooo, please ignore any mistakes, me needs to proofread :/

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls,

Once again, thank you so much for your wonderful support you amazing people! Love each and every one of you, it means so so so much to me! Love you guys!


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Pori IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2006
Posts: 2610

Posted: 17 May 2013 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
wow girl
fantastic ff
have been reading them throughout the week and i just finished.. 
brilliant story
loved how \tannu's truth came out and omg
I love Asad. Your ff keeps making me falling in love with him even more
please pm me when u write the next chapter

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Jassieg Goldie

Joined: 07 April 2013
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Oh my god! Wat an amazing chapter..full of emotions..and laughter..

LOLROFL Asad on the bed with zoya in his arms..staring at the snake..ROFL

I laughed so loudly that my little daughter asked with her sweet tone..."mummy why r u laughing?"
And then she started laughing along with me not knowing for wat reason!

Can't wait to read more!, make sure u add this little laughter touch to it..it sure makes me happy...lol! 

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 June 2012
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Wow..nice awrsum part luvd it..plz don't make zoya n asad suffr more...n thnks 4 pm

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jazmeen IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2006
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 10:00pm | IP Logged

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