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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 55)

jazsidhu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
its such a great update...
finally tanveer is out of th house n hope she will never interfere in asad n zoya life again...
asad scared of a snake wow it just too good the way he called fr his ammi n carry zoya in the arm n stand on the bed was just LOLLOL...luckly his OCD did nt kick in no mean he may just jump of the bed realizing wat he did...
thx fr the pm n eagerly waiting fr the next part...
please continue soon...Thumbs UpSmileClap

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priyabarak Groupbie

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 7:19am | IP Logged
hey i read all the parts n im amazaed by ur amazing story plz do pm me nxt chapter 

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 1:28pm | IP Logged

Awesome part

I'm so glad that MSK is finally out of the house

ASYA's fight over the gender of the baby was amazing

plz continue ASAP

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..vidhi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2013 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
fabulous update dear...cont soon!!!!

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raneeb IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2013 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Beautiful---sure will stay till the end ---waiting for the next!

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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2013 at 12:31am | IP Logged
amzngg prt.. luvd de flashbak.. asad n zoya cn stil play

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ruhiluvzaya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2013 at 2:29am | IP Logged
wow amejing today i read ur ff awsome

Thumbs UpClap

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2013 at 4:03pm | IP Logged

Witwoo, I'm a senior member! I've come so far; feel like a senior citizen now! LOOOL!

Part 18

'Kya kar rahe ho?' asked Zoya in the voice of a teenage girl, blushing as she leaned against her bed.

'Kuch nahin, woh tender ke liye kuch quotations bana rahi hoon' replied Asad.

'What? Asad, why are you so emotionally challenged?! Tender? Couldn't you have said something else?' Zoya breathed out, 'soo i'll hang up?' She asked sweetly.

'What, okay bye'

Zoya's eyes widened as she heard the line go dead, she stared at her phone in anger.

'Hai Allah, iss akdu ka mein kya karoon?'

She called him back,


'How can you be sooo unromantic? Samne jab hoti hoon, tab toh bohut pyaar dikhate ho, ab kya hua?' She yelled down the phone.

'Kya hua? What did I do now?' Asked Asad, flabbergasted at her outburst.

'Why did you put the phone down?' She breathed heavily down the phone.

'Because you said...'

'Nooo! You're meant to say you hang up...'

'But you said...'

She ignored him and continued, 'And then I'll say no you hang up and then we'll continue this 'you me' in to the night. When I ask you what you're doing, you're meant to say I'm looking into the sky counting the stars, thinking of you...' She sighed getting all dreamy.

'What? Why would we do that? And Zoya, if you looked outside you'll see ki dhoor dhoor koi taare nahin hai, it's cloudy outside. Aur waise bhi, sare qayanat paar ho jaye gi, lekin you cannot count all the stars in the sky! Why waste time?' He explained.

'Hai Allah, Asad aap aise kyun ho?'



'Zoya tum bahot tak gaye ho, tumhare dimaag ko kuch zyada hi lag gayi, issi liye aise behki behki batein kar rahe ho. Go to sleep!'

'Hawww! Nahi, mujhe aapse baath karni hai'

'Acha, phir se bache ki planning karni hai kya?'

'Oh please Asad, not after what you did in the car' she blushed, Asad let out a laugh,

'Aise laal kyun ho rahi ho, it's not the first time this happened' Asad teased over the phone, Zoya put her hand on her cheek, she felt flushed... Only Asad can do this to her despite not being in front of her.

'Woh, stop it Asad'

'Why? You wanted to get romantic, so let's talk'

'Aap bhi na, woh actually se thoda age kya baar gaye, mujhe hi chup karane nikle ho'

'Woh baaton se kyun karungi? Aur bhi cheezein hai tumhe chup karane ke liye' he grinned at the other side.

'Kya?' Zoya asked shocked,

'Lekin aur baat hai ke abhi istemaal nahi kar sakta' he sighed, ' koi baat nahin, nikkaah ke baad bohut kaam ayegi tumhare nautanki rukhne ke liye'

'Asad aapko koi sharam nahi aata?' asked Zoya as his words made her feel faint.

'Abhi thodi se aa raha hai, koi baat nahin, nikkah ke baad nahi hoga! Tum chinta maat karo, sirf tumhare inn sweet se hoton ko sambhalo, aur agli baar kuch magne se pehle soch lena' he chuckled as he heard Zoya gasp.

'Kya, baath nahi karni?' He asked. 

'Haan, nahin, woh' Zoya mumbled as she sealed her lips.

'Don't be scared, abhi kuch nahi karungi, don't glue your lips now' he teased as Zoya opened her mouth. 'Toh tum kya keh rahe the?'

They spoke on the phone all night as they leaned back against their respective beds reminiscing old memories just like teenagers in love. They both fell asleep on the phone in the early hours of the morning...


'Tumhari tabiyat teek nahin hai, is there any need for this outing Zoya?' questioned Asad as he put the basket into the car boot. He shut it close and faced her,

'Of course, I promised Najma, I ruined it for her yesterday' she frowned, 'and I NEEED to shop' she beamed at him, giving him her rarest smile, the most happiest expression... He finally gave up, and returned her a smile as he helped her into the front seat and closed the door. Zoya stared at him through the glass as he stared back at her lovingly, she placed her hand on the window and pressed her eyes at him; excitement clearly shining on her face. She rolled the window down,

'Toh Mr Khan, are you intending on spending the whole day here, staring at me?' she asked smirking as Najma, Asim and Ayaan let out a laugh. Asad felt flustered, 'Oh ho mere sher ko sharam aa raha hai' she was about to put her hand out to pull his cheeks but brought it back as he glared at her and then at the trio in the back. He walked around the car and sat inside. He shot Zoya a dangerous look before driving off.


'Heyy Zoee, tumhare woh ko snake kaise laga' Asked Asim laughing as he narrated the whole story to Ayaan.

'Jaise tumhe mere mukke laga' replied Asad in an irritated voice staring ahead,

'Oh ho Asad it was a joke, lekin sach mein Asim what I if die-' she stopped as Asad gripped the wheel tighter, ' I mean it was so meaan! Lekin I guess I deserved it after all those times in New York' Zoya smiled sheepishly as she remembered everything.

'Sorry yaar, you did deserve it but I did it because the doctor said...'

'Doctor said to do it in her own time, not have her run like she's doing the Olympics 100m sprint' he said sarcastically,

'Thanks but really, tumhe Asad ko dara diya' Zoya shook her side to side trying to hold in her laughter in,

'Oh pleasee... I wasn't scared' Asad spoke defensively, 

'Oh really Asad' she raised her eye brow staring widely side wards at him, 'bed pe-' he looked at her pleading for her to let it go...

She closed her eyes and then opened them; you owe me. 'Aww mere sher snakes se darte hain' she thought smiling.

'Aur age se aise kuch nahin hone chahiye' Asad ordered.

Asim looked down and nodded as Zoya winked at Ayaan.

'Haan Rabart, thank you so much for yesterday, tum nahi hote, pata nahi mein kya karti' Zoya's tone of voice changed to one more serious and thankful.

'Oh ho, Mona dar- ahem, any time for you' he winked at her as she looked back and pressed her eyes at him. Asad looked at her wondering what was going on, he just received a reassuring smile which put his mind at peace.

'Oh ho phone, hello...' Zoya picked her phone up as everyone in the car went silent.

'Jee ammi, you're already there? Yes book in please; we'll be there shortly... Kya karen aapke beta na' she looked at Asad... ' Jee ammi, please tell the driver not to go anywhere, we need to go shopping... And  then we'll join everyone at the park. Plan sorted, okaay, Allah hafiz' with that Zoya put the phone down and shrieked with Najma as the men rolled their eyes massaging their forehead,




'Heyyy!' Asad called out as he grabbed her hand pulling her closer,

He caressed her face with the back of his fingers, tucking her hair behind her ears,

'I have a surprise for you' he whispered to her as she looked into his eyes with excitement,

'Kya hai' she asked quickly in her baby voice, anxious to know what it is.

'You'll find out in the evening' he brushed her nose with his finger as his thumb continuously rubbed the edge of her lips, 'we'll be going for our personal picnic' he smiled, she looked at him confused,

'Asad two picnics in one day, nooo' she felt annoyed at his flop idea moving back,

He pulled her by the waist,

'Like I said, personal and special' he took his lips to her ears and whispered sweet nothings into her ears as Zoya's mouth opened wide, she hit his chest,

'Shaadi se pehle aur kiya kiya karna hai' she looked up as he held her body against his, she bent backwards to get a better look at his face,

'Kaash bahut kuch kar sakta' he frowned,

'Asad!! Aap kitne badal chuke ho... Agar aapko ammi ne suna hota, woh shayad mujhe dat the, ki unki beta kitni besharam ho chuka hai'

'Oh toh tum mante ho ki yeh tumhara galti hai' he grinned,

'Nahi mein sirf yeh keh raha hoon ki aap besharam ho chuke ho' she tapped his face with her hand in a teasing slap...

'Kiski vajah se?' He asked rubbing his cheek making a baby face,

'Oh ho stop acting so innocent now, kudh ki vajah se' she placed her hand on his chest near his heart and rubbed it motioning it side to side, 'iss dil ko thoda lagam mein rakho, varna saab besharmi paar ho jayegi' she whispered as she placed a kiss on top of her hand and tried getting out of his hold, he pulled her back,

'Should I come with you?' He asked innocently,

'So that they can call you jhoru ka ghulam?' She teased,

'Woh to mein hoon, tumhare siva kisi aur cheez pein concentrate nahi kar pata hoon'

'Oh ho, Asad, you guys have fun! I'll be back soon and we'll get going for our family picnic, and in the evening our special woh-' she indicated with her head as she winked at him,

'I'll see you soon, take care' he held her hand as she stepped backwards, she turned around to go, as she felt a slight pull; she turned around to see his fingertips still gripping hers, she slowly moved back a few steps and let go, she watched as he stood there with his hand out. She waved him goodbye with a smile on her face.



Zoya tried many shops for her wedding clothes, she picked out clothes for the mehendi and haldi ceremony, she was yet to pick out her sangeet clothes. She had decided to go to a designer for her and Asad's wedding outfits. Zeenat was very tired after visiting a few shops, seeing her like this; Zoya stopped at one shop and picked out clothes for everyone. Everyone was yet to buy the clothes for the actual Nikkah day; they thought they'd wait so that Nikhat, Nuzzhat and Humera could join them. Zoya had insisted for them to come along, however Ayaan had informed them that Razia wasn't letting Humera come so the other two sisters too refused.

She sighed at the thought of the girls missing out on the wedding shopping.

'Aapi chalo, kitni garmi hai despite the air con' Zoya fanned herself, 'let's go back to the guesthouse and rest up for a bit, I don't think we could for a picnic now, it's too hot!' Zoya passed the bags to the driver and walked out of the shop with the ladies...

'That's great, half of the shopping is done' sighed Najma, looking very exhausted. She was tired too; everyone had woken up pretty early this morning. Zoya had been on the phone to Asad all night. She smiled thinking about the incident in the morning. Dilshad had called her many times but the phone was not going through. When Zeenat had knocked on her door, she shot up screaming down the phone and woke Asad up.

'Haan, tama-' Zoya stopped on her feet as she looked to her left, 'you guys carry on I'll meet you down' she told them before walking up next to the shop window. She admired the watch staring into it like she was hungry for it. She smiled to herself as she imagined it on her Jahapana's strong looking hands. She let out a chuckle as she wondered if there was anything for his sexy six packs; but then again, those things don't need anything to cover them. Haaai, how much she's yearning to touch them, tease him with her tickles just like he does when her back is on show, how she would love to press- eurgh! Zoya get a grip on yourself. She smacked her head and walked into the shop. Moments later she was out, with a satisfied smile on her face.


She carried on walking as she looked for the escalators down to the ground floor. The mall was jam-packed as it was popular and brand new. She fussed through the crowd when she suddenly tensed, creasing her upper back as she felt someone touch her back sliding from her belly to her waist. She turned around only to find busy people with straight faces walking straight past her. Her eyes searched for something suspicious, but no luck. She carried on walking thinking it might be accidental when she felt someone's hand brush past her chest. She squealed lightly, however the loud mall was in no mood to stop for her. She breathed heavily as she ran forward, only to wince from her leg pain from yesterday. She fussed with her bags when she felt the same hands go past her belly.  She stepped back and spun on her feet; it was as if someone was teasing her in a magical cloak. It wasn't Asad, she knows his touches. She panted as she crazily browsed around, half scared half shocked. She looked down at her stomach; her white top now had red stains on it. Her chest had some too. Her free hand shot up to her arm as she felt another touch. She stepped side wards out of the crowd and leaned against the wall. She breathed hazily as she looked around her scared. She grabbed her pepper spray and held it close to her. She stepped forward and rushed for the escalator looking cautiously around her. She jumped on to the escalator almost missing a step as she stared backwards. She held onto the sides as her head browsed the entire mall on its way down. As soon as it came to the bottom, she jumped off it and ran towards the exit. She let out a sigh breathing in the fresh air as she walked outside towards the parking lot.
She froze as she looked down towards the floor. It had the same red paint splashed onto the floor, with drips trailing in to the distant on her left. Her mind wondered whether she should check it out, her curiosity was increasing, but the fear was still there. She closed her eyes and decided to follow the trail quickly. She ran towards it following the trail all the way around the mall. When she reached half way, she found a trail of red petals. She followed it with her eyes as it lead up to a table. She narrowed her eyebrows in confusion; finding it odd that there was a table out here. Her legs found themselves walking nearer as her heart raced faster. She stopped in front of the table to find a silver cover on top of what seemed like a white plate of some sort. The table was decorated with more red petals surrounding the plate. She looked up and searched around her to see if anyone was there. She took her shaky hands towards the plate and lifted the cover preparing herself for what she might find. However, what she saw was not something she would've imagined; her eyes popped out of her as she let out a silent shriek. She picked up the enlarged pictures and browsed them crazily as tears flowed from her eyes. They were recent pictures of her with Asad, however Asad was cut out from them. She cringed as she remembered the incident a week ago; her heart sank as she picked up the torn pieces of the Asad's picture. Some of them had crosses on them. She looked at her hand; it was covered with red paint from the back of the pictures. She picked up the white piece of paper and read it out,

'Mere junoon ka ra-' she shivered realising why the paper was white and the red flowers from a few days ago. She should've told Asad about it right then and there. She looked at the pictures with teary eyes as she jumped seeing the reflection on them. Either the sun was deceiving her or her eyes had just seen... Feeling scared, disgusted, anxious, angry and hell of a lot more emotions, she let out a cry. She tore the pictures and the paper into pieces throwing them back into the air.

'No, nooo!' She cried as she ran back the way she came. Her hand fussed with her mobile as she dialled Asad's number, she felt impatient as she heard it ring for some time, until she finally jumped,

'Hello Asad' she said feeling out of breath.

'Nahi beta, it's Anwar. Asad has popped out, won't be back for some time... What's wrong' he asked

'Kuch nahi' Zoya hung up as she looked around, she put her hand on her head as she felt dizzy. She didn't know what to do. She ran towards the main road, she jumped into a taxi asking it to head home. She rubbed her hands on her face trying to calm herself down, realising what's in her hand, she let out a sob. Her phone rang,

'Hello ammi, woh sorry! Woh woh kuch urgent kaam agayi, from NY, I'm going home. No, no you guys please enjoy yourselves... Don't worry' she threw the phone on to her lap as she stared at her tainted shaky hands, lips trembling.


'Maam, are you okaay?' Asked the driver as he heard her little sobs,

She looked up wiping her tears with her arms...

'Ha-han haan, where are we?' She asked as she looked out of the window.

'We're nearly at your destination' he replied sweetly trying to divert the woman behind from crying.

'Where's my destination?' She asked lost,

'Maam, apki ghar' he recited the address as he heard her gasp.

'I mean can we go back' she thought of Asad, 'no no' she shook her head as she looked at her stained shirt. She picked her phone up and grunted loudly; battery was dead.

Zoya handed money over to the driver and walked out ignoring the guy calling out to her. She let herself walk on and on, she ignored Laila's calls as she entered the house and headed towards the stairs. She took heavy steps up the stairs pushing herself up one by one. She entered her room and locked the door behind her. She ran into her bathroom and closed it shut as she fell with her back against it sliding downwards. She pulled her shirt off and threw it across the room. She crawled towards the shower and somehow managed to sit inside and lean against it. She stretched upwards as she pulled at the shower, the water came crashing down on her, soaking her from top to bottom, wiping every bit of worry within her. She closed her eyes as her trembling lips dribbled the water. Her slight cries turned into low sobs; as she relived her nightmare. She wasn't this afraid when she received the flowers; however, seeing herself separate from Asad in the pictures has scared the living daylights out of her. The red stains... She rubbed her body furiously trying to get rid of it. It was tainted on her body like a bad holi colour, she picked herself up and grabbed the first thing she saw, she rubbed the green looking soap against her body, creating a foam effect, she turned the knob on full blast as the water attacked her more rigorously than before. She stood up and stayed rooted to her spot like a statue as the water washed away every bit of colour on her. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed the nearest towel wrapping it around her. She walked out of room and went to her wardrobe. Her eyes glistened as she picked out her favourite top; Asad's white shirt. She brought it close to her and held it against her chest taking in Asad's fragrance. She stretched her arms out and adorned herself with his shirt. She tilted her head as she caressed her cheek with his shirt.  Feeling content that she could feel Asad, she ran for her phone, grabbing it off the floor and putting it on charge. Whilst she waited for it to come back on, she grabbed a pair of leggings and put them on.

'Zoya baby, are you okaay? Do you want anything? I've got to go home, Rohan is ill' she heard Laila talk as she continued knocking on the door. Zoya grabbed the towel wrapping it around her head and opened the door,

'Nahi, Khala you please go home, I'll be fine' she smiled 'and let me know if you need anything. I'll send the doctor for a check-up, lekin if you want take the next few days off you can...' Zoya continued.

'Nahi baby, that's fine. Zeenat bhi bemaar hai... I'll manage, I just need to go today'

'No we'll manage... Actually, why don't you bring Rohan here tomorrow, there's more people to look after him. Please don't say no' Zoya insisted,

'Teek hai, you take care baby' Laila caressed Zoya's face as she gave her a smile. Zoya watched Laila's retreating back before running to her phone. She picked it up as she sat on the floor beside her charger. She dialled Asad's number just when a private call came through,

She almost dropped the phone to the sudden vibration in her hand; she put to her ear,

'Hello...' Her voice came out broken,

'Kaise ho?' He asked sweetly,

'Kaunnn?' Her voice trembled as she stuttered the words,

'Bhool gaye inti jaldi?' He asked

'Faaa-' Zoya choked

'Haan baby, see! Aaaj finally tum mere pyaar mein rang gaye' he said confidently laughing, Zoya creased her forehead as she remembered the stained white top. She flinched at the thought of it all.

'Tum pagal ho gaye ho! I swear if you come anywhere near-' she was cut shot short by Farhaan,

'I don't need to come anywhere near you, it's you that will come running to me' he laughed

'Matlab?' Zoya quickly asked

'Matlab tumhara koi cheez hai mere paas' he sounded confused, 'what's that song, tumhare kuch samaan hai mere paas something something' he sang horridly,

'Whaat? What bullsh*t?!' She screeched finally not being able to take it any longer.

'Now now darling aise nahe baat karte' he warned teasingly, 'back to business, I have Asad, if you want him safe, come to me' he spoke seriously,

'You liar!! You're lying!' She shouted,

'No no darling phone karke dekh lo' she hung up quickly as she dialled Asad's number; no answer. She called him again, holding her breath as her heart threatened to stop beating.

'Asad, Asad, are you okaay?' She asked as soon as he picked up

'Zoya, why didn't you tell me? Are you okaay?' He repeated her words.

'Asad I-' the phone went dead as she heard him grunt, her hands fumbled with the phone in as she tried re-dialling and called him again. She fussed on the floor in agitation as she tried consoling herself, her body refused to stop shaking. She rocked back and forth as tears flowed from her eyes.

Her phone rang again,

'Farhaan, I swear if anything happens to him I will kill you! Farhaaan' she screamed down the phone in rage her body trembling with fear; fear of losing him.

'So darling, kya hua? Aa rahe ho?' He asked calmly,




'Asad I-' Asad collided with another male as he rushed towards his car. His phone crashed to the floor into pieces. He closed his eyes, frustrated as he heard the male apologise.

'I'm sorry buddy, woh I wasn't looking. Sorry, my coffee too fell on it' He continuously chanted his apology picking up the pieces and handing it back to him. Asad breathed out,

'It's okaay, no worries' he took the pieces as he rushed for the car. Thank god he had gone back for his phone, and his ammi had rang him to tell him about Zoya. He was closer to home as he came to prepare for the evening surprise. He drove off at high speed, one hand on the steering wheel and the other trying to fix the phone. He fussed it with it for a while before giving up,

'Arghhh!' He yelled, 'why do these things even exist?' He asked stressed. Why did Zoya leave? If she had work, she would've informed him or at least met him before she left. His heart prayed she was alright.

He drove as fast as he could, hoping she was okay. What if she's ill and didn't want to inform anyone? His mind wondered on the possibilities of the things that could be wrong.



Zoya waited impatiently marching around in her room, for Farhaan's message. She jumped as she received the address. He had repeated it a few times over the phone but her mind was blocked, it wasn't taking anything in. She held her phone close and grabbed her purse running out of the house with her bathroom sandals, Asad's shirt and leggings.

She ran down the stairs, leaping down them, two to three at a time wincing at her body reacting to her every movement. She pulled the door open and closed it shut behind her only to yell in pain as her fingers got caught in between the doors. She fussed with it trying to release them, her eyes brimming with tears. The keys fell to the floor in a rush to find the right key to lock the door. She closed her eyes trying to calm herself down,

'Asad will be fine' she told herself, ' because you won't let anything happen to him!' She whispered picking up the keys only to drop them again hearing a voice behind her.

'Oh ho, sundari kahan ja rahe ho?' The guy whistled. She turned around and froze as she watched 3 men standing in front of her with their faces covered. Her eyes searched for the guards but no one was there. Damn you Zoya, why did you send them away before leaving, she cursed herself. She watched as the guy in the middle licked his lips through the small gap that was left for his mouth.

'Who the hell are you?' She screamed in the hope that someone would hear her. She leaned back against the door,

'Pehle kuch maaza le lete hai, phir mar denge' one told the other as he looked her up and down, another laughed in agreement. Zoya pulled her shirt down clutching it with her hands hoping Asad's arms would wrap around those waist of hers, holding her, protecting her. She pushed back against the door and ran inside; she tried pushing the doors close however they flung open as the men trotted forward. She went flying back; she looked at them with wide eyes. Her phone rang; it was Farhaan. In an attempt to receive it, she dropped it from her shaking hands and it crashed to the floor. She stepped backwards as they came forward,

'Grab her!' ordered one of them. The other two tucked their guns behind their pants and leaped towards her, she ran behind the sofa.

'Kaun ho tum?' she cried as she threw the stuff from the table in front of them. She ran around the table as she headed for the stairs. She only went up the first few only to have one of them grab her legs and pull her down. She fell as she slid downwards from them. They spun her on the floor as she remained on the floor staring above her helplessly.

'Don't worry bi, uski kaam aaj thamam kar denge' one of them spoke into the phone as he laughed hysterically, Zoya let out a shriek.



Okay, I know you guys are confused. You won't be too happy with the next part either. This is not a cliff hanger at all. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride and don't hate me too much! There are 2 1/2 villains left and they have to be gone!

Let me know what you think,

Leave your comments behind beautifuls.

P.S Excuse le mistakes, I didn't have time to go over them properly! Sorry if my writing is deteriorating, I feel so lost! 

NOTE: Muslim weddings don't usually have a sangeet, well the ones I've been to, but for the sake of the story, we're having one!

Once again thank you for your wonderful support. Mwah!

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