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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 55)

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Omg! I read all 15 parts in 2 days! (Well, last night and this morning :D) Update soon! I'm going crazy right now! Lol! Its been a long time since I've read a good FF. Love it!

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rennie Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:13am | IP Logged
loved the update...and really???is that silly tanveer playing the sympathy card of not having anyone with her???that too to zoya???eagerly waiting for the next update...

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Reyansh23 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Precap z supr scary
Bt u hv promised pardafash
So I l wait n c b4 gtng mad...
N I lyk asimz entry

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astonm Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
HEY GURLLL HEYYY! Just read the last two parts and I LA-LA-LOVEEE IT! It's shooo cute and hot. Me likes the combination LOL Can I personally strangle Tanveer, its the goal of my life now. ahahaha. Eagerly awaiting the next updateee, bring on the cuteness and le drama. 

PS. Can you stop making the story so interesting?! I am already thinking about what is going to happen nexttt. Anywhooo, bye bye my lovelyyy, ttyl. Heart

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charlie1950 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Great going

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jazmeen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
It was on my phone all day and man I didn't get chance to read it in one go
Finally after the day is almost gone I finally read it
But man the end gave me shock
R they really gonna do that or they r playing with tanveer
Plz do update soon and if u can pm that will b awesome

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 5:51pm | IP Logged

This part was meant to be well thought through and posted on Friday. But my anxious mind wanted to know how I was going to pen everything down and I ended up with this! I had other things planned but it did not work out the way I wanted it to. There are many loopholes, please ignore logic and go with the flow! LOOOL! If you hate this part, I'll improve next chapter, promise. Hope I've not ruined it.
Once again, thanks for your tremendous support you gorgeous people!

Part 16

'Woh raat... Zoya, Zoya...' Tanveer called out as she walked out of her room. Tanveer smirked as she flicked the tears off her cheek. She rested chin on her hand, 'tsch stupid ladki! This was too easy' she let out a laugh.

Zoya slowly walked down the stairs in deep thought. She stared ahead as she came down step by step. She looked to her right as she watched everyone laugh and enjoy. She stared at Asad's face; he looked so happy. For the first time, he was laughing openly. She looked back upstairs towards Tanveer's room and then headed down. She walked past everyone into the kitchen. She got a glass of water and walked back to Dilshad,

'Ammi, aapki davaai' she passed the medicine along with the glass of water.

'Thank you beta' Dilshad caressed Zoya's face and placed a kiss on her forehead as she bent forehead.

'Ammi, I'm going home... Aapi jeeju, aap log baad mein aa jaana' Asad looked up at Zoya, she avoided his gaze,

'Lekin beta, thodi der aur'

'Nahin ammi, I have some work and I don't feel too good... I'll see you tomorrow' she bent forward and placed a kiss on her mother's cheek.

'I'll see you tomorrow Tamater, aur Asim, feel at home' she gave them a smile... She walked backwards as she blew them a kiss and turned around.

Asad stared at her impatiently; look at me Zoya. His eyes searched for hers, earning for one glance, he wanted to know what had happened. No matter how much of a facade she puts on, his heart can see right through it. Whenever Zoya enters the same room as him, their hearts come together and dance in a frenzy.  Their hearts play out their emotions; if one is upset, the other cries in its place. This very moment, she's avoiding his eyes, because she knows he'll be able to read her silence, he'll be able to be-naqaab here innermost feelings. She closed her eyes before glancing up the stairs at Tanveer and walked out of the house.

Tanveer watched smiling as Asad called out behind her.

'Zoya rukho, Zoya pleaseee' he pleaded. Zoya stopped as she opened the door to the backseat of the car.

'I'll drop you off' she heard him asking almost begging.

'I'll manage' she replied without glancing back. She got into the car and closed the door shut. She looked at him from the corner of her eyes, he looked torn. She closed her eyes and rested her head back as a lone tear escaped her eyes.
'I'm sorry Asad...' She whispered,'Ek vaada hai, jo mujhe haar haal mein nibhana hai... Yeh dard toh aap bardaash kar lenge lekin woh dard jo aapko milne wala hai, woh kaise sahenge, aapke bharosa sab se uth jayega...'

Zoya paced around the room as she tried to figure things out. How could Tanveer say such things, that too about Asad.
'This is my fault, I should've told him about this earlier. If she met him one month earlier then how can she be... Kya karoon, kya karoon?' She put her hand to her head and shook herself.
'Why didn't I think this was possible? Why did you give her the chance to do this Zoya? Why?' She cried, 'Ya Allah, mein Asad ko kaise sambhalunghi?'

She rejected his call numerous times; she couldn't talk to him.

'Hello, Rabart...'


Zoya stepped into the Khan Mansion with a heavy heart.

'Asalamualaikum ammi...' She walked up to Dilshad and hugged her tight.

'Walaikum Asalaam beta' she hugged back, patting her head, 'Kya hua Zoya' she parted from her and cupped her face, 'Zoya mere bacha, kya hua? Oh ho beta, please don't cry, tell your ammi the matter!' Dilshad wiped the tears off her face,

'Ammi woh' her eyes fell on Asad, 'kuch nahin, I love you' she kissed her forehead. She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into his room; Dilshad shook her head at them thinking it was a dose of their normal routine bickering.


'Mr Khan, I hate you' she yelled as she felt something sharp go through her heart.

'Feelings mutual Miss Farooqui, I don't know how I thought you'd be my life partner' Asad shouted back as they both stormed out of his room.

Dilshad, Najma and Asim were startled due to the sudden noise; they both looked up to see Asad and Zoya fuming out of Asad's room.

'Mein bhi! Mein aap se pyaar nahi karti, mere galatfehmi thi ki meine socha tha aap pyar karne layak ho' she screamed,

Dilshad was frightened at the sudden outburst, how did this happen? They're not bickering like usual, it's for real and it looks serious.

'Beta, what's wrong, what did my son do?' Dilshad joined Zoya's side,

'Ammi, I didn't do anything. I've just realised how blind I was thinking I wanted to marry her...' Asad said disgusted,

'Lekin, you love her' Dilshad cried, 'beta what happened?' She held Zoya by the shoulders and shook her,

'Your son is emotionally challenged ammi, a cheater!' Asad narrowed his eyes brows, confused, wondering what she was regarding to, 'cheater of emotions!'

Tanveer walked out of her room hearing all the noise, she walked down happily as she prepared her final move... If she drops this move, Zoya would believe her after last night's conversation, and would convince Dilshad too, emotional fools!

Zoya looked up to see Tanveer joining the scene,

'Aap ek baat sun lije Asad, I will run away lekin mein aapse nikkah hargiz nahin karungi' she yelled at the top of her voice.

'Zoee, calm down be rational yaar, you can't just make such decisions in anger, tell us what's wrong' asked Asim.

'Zoya, pleaseee don't say that... What's wrong?' Cried Najma,

Zoya looked at the three people in front of her, whose questioning gazes gave her full support; she looked at Asad as he stood on the other side alone. She then stared at Tanveer with wide eyes,

'Mein kon si tumhe nikaah karne ke liye maare jaah rahi hoon! I don't want to marry you either!'Asad threw at her as he looked around for support. 'Tannu batao na... I'm right hai na?'

Zoya's mouth fell open, 'why are you asking her, ask me what I think' she screeched. She came face to face with him breathing heavily... They looked sideways to the sudden cry,


Tanveer had dropped on her knees,

'Asad, don't do this to her as well!' She cried, 'aap toh mere zindagi barbad kar chuke ho' she falsely weeped.

Asad stared at her with wide eyes; what the.
'Tannu, what are you saying?' He asked confused.

'Don't act innocent now Asad, I was going to go away from your life... Lekin, mein aapke bachhe ki maa banne wali hoon' she screamed crying, almost making it sound like an announcement.

'What nonsense Tannu!' Asad was baffled at the sudden turn in events, why is she lying. He looked at Zoya who fell back a few steps...
She looked at Tanveer in disbelief; Tanveer on the other hand, was smirking at the second jhatka given to Zoya.

'Tanveer, what are you saying?' Dilshad's voice broke out... Her son cannot do something like this.

'Haan khala mein sach keh raha hoon, I am one month pregnant, Asad promised me he'll marry me, however he left abruptly after our meeting in Chandigarh, he stopped answering my calls... Therefore I had to come here faking an accident. I'm sorry khala, I was going to leave when I found out he was marrying Zoya, lekin mujhe pata chala ki mein pregnant hoon.'

'Tanveer' roared Asad, 'why the hell are you lying? You were my best friend' he spoke bitterly, best friend still ringing in his ears, it was as if he didn't know any other words as of this moment... He was hoping this was a nightmare, nightmare; the backstabber, his eyes widened as he stared at Tannu weeping on the floor. He immediately turned to his Zoya, his heart sank as he watched her lifeless figure.

'Zoya, trust me, nothing like that happened... I don't know why Tanveer is saying all this' he went up to Zoya and held her  by the arms, 'Zoya you said you trust me na, you know your Asad cannot do anything like this... Jab se maine-' his voice broke as she stepped backwards. Dilshad felt faint as she too lost her balance only to be supported by Najma and Asim. Zoya flew backwards turning on her feet as she sped into Asad's room and locked it behind her.

'Zoya, trust me... I don't care what anyone else says or believes, please tell me you trust me' he banged the door as he begged for her to open it.


Zoya breathed out before wiping her tears. She didn't expect everything to come out so soon, she had just started laying the foundations, but nonetheless, she was prepared.

'Hello Dr Mehta, it's me Zoya Farooqui... Yes, I need a huge favour doctor... You got my email, that's great, are they ready? Please yes, I'm at the Khan Mansion, could you please fax me those reports now? Yes, very urgent... Thank you so much doctor, you have no idea how much this means to me... Okay, you too, byeee' Zoya threw the phone across the bed as she waited for the fax to come through. She flopped on to the bed as she remembered everything that happened in the room. Did she do the right thing?

'Asad, do you trust me?' She looked at him questioningly,

'More than myself...' He said cupping her face, with teary eyes.

'Asad aap ne kaha tha na you wanted to pre-pone the wedding, I want to put the first part of the plan in action, I need your support, aap mere saath ho na?'

'I'm with you lekin Zoya kaal woh...'

'Mujhse kuch maath poochiye please... Just support me' she tilted her sideways and looked at him; he nodded at her staring into her eyes trying to figure out what she was thinking, what her heart was hiding.
Zoya threw herself at him and held him tight. She rested her head on his chest as her eyes were brimming with tears threatening to flow any second. 'I'm sorry Asad, I know you hate lies... Lekin it's important that you hear it from her mouth, if you hear it from me, you may not believe me. As a woman I gave her a chance; for the betterment of her future, aapki nazron mein usko khabhi girah nahi chahta tha even after finding out about her pregnancy... Lekin kya karoon, ussine ne aaj aapko mere nazron mein girah ni ki khosish ki hai jab mein jaanti hoon ki aap usse aise nahi dekhte...' She thought to herself. 'I dont know what she wants, I need to do this to find out, for you, for us.'


She laughed to herself, how stupid does she think I am, how weak does she think our relationship is. She thought that she could fill my head last night against you, make me think you were cheating me...

I stayed awake all night trying to figure out why? Now I know; it was so that today, when she accused you of being the father of her baby, I'd believe her and go against you. How could she have mistaken this? The person I trust more than myself, love more than my life, how can I ever doubt that person.

No doubt I knew about her pregnancy beforehand, but never did I imagine that she'd blame it on you. How foolish I must've been to have thought that she came to look for the father OF her baby, not to look for a father FOR her baby!

'Tanveer, how could you?' questioned Asad, his mind giving up on trying to stay focused.  One moment he was acting to pre-pone his wedding but the next this. This was the girl, whom he called his best friend, whom he trusted accusing him of such a lowly act? Where had the world gone wrong? Is he missing something, Asad's frustration knew no bounds as he mentally yelled at himself for trusting her. He finally concluded he was having a nightmare, if Zoya was not trusting him, then it's a dream because he knows deep inside of his heart that she knows he can never do anything like this. Since he's known love, he's loved her and only her. One month pregnant? All his life he has never looked at a girl. The only time he broke his inner barrier; he fell in love with Zoya, that too at first sight.

'Akhir tum Rashid Ahmed Khan ki beta hi nikle, you are cheating two women just like he cheated Khala and the other woman. He left Khala helpless with her children like you are doing to me.' If this plan backfires, she had to do something to make sure Asad and Zoya never unite. What better way to open old wounds? She chuckled inwardly, 'You can never keep anyone happ-' Tanveer fell to the floor.

Asad had closed his eyes listening to Tanveer's harsh words which were like sharp swords piercing through him. This was his best friend comparing him to his father; the very man he detests and prays he never becomes. He knows he never did anything Tanveer is accusing him of, but why was he starting to doubt himself? Would he hurt Zoya? Is he capable of doing the same to his love...  His eyes shot open to the sudden noise,

Tanveer placed both of her hands on her cheeks as she felt the heated burning sensation on them; she grunted in pain to the sudden pain from the fall, she stared up above her with wide eyes. Both Dilshad and Zoya stood there fuming; they had both slapped her. Zoya glared at her like she was going to rip her apart as she watched Dilshad's body shiver from rage, Tanveer gulped as she crawled backwards.

Dilshad stepped backwards as Zoya took over,

'How.dare.you?' Zoya fumed gritting her teeth emphasising each word as it came out.

'Zoooyaaa' stuttered Tanveer,

'I say how dare you Tanveer, how dare you say such things about Asad. How? You put childhood friends to shame, if friends are like you, then I pray that no one befriends again, I pray that friendship doesn't exist. Tumhe kya laga, I fell for your stupid mind games last night? Uh uh, girl you got it wrong! I should've slapped you right there and then, but I wanted to know what your real motive was. You wanted to throw your pregnancy on my Asad and I would be stupid enough to fall for it? Okay, what did you say, how many months pregnant are you?' Zoya raised her eyebrow at her as everyone stared at her in shock, trying to process everything.

'One' answered Tanveer hesitantly.

'Tschhh, ab toh sach bolo!' She brought a piece of paper in front of her and opened her mouth wide, 'hawww, yeh kya hai mere haath mein' Zoya teased, 'tumhari pregnancy report' She fluttered her eyelashes innocently, 'busted!' She shook her side to side as she smiled, playing her eye brows up and down. Zoya heard Asim let out a laugh but stopped; Asad.
She turned her head slowly to her right at Asad meeting his eyes as he watched her, bewildered.

She turned her attention back to Tanveer, 'Tannu, exactly one month ago, I heard you say that you were 2 months pregnant, so now you should be 3 months... So how did it become one?' She asked almost teasing her, 'I am so confused!' Zoya bent down in front of her, holding the papers for her to see. Tanveer's eyes popped out of her as she looked around her. Zoya got back up after throwing her a disgusted look,

'Yes I knew, but I wanted solid proof to prove that you are a lying and conniving woman, not Asad's innocence. Because he was never guilty of anything. I was shocked because I didn't realise you'd be stupid enough to throw it on Asad. You know Tanveer, when I found out I felt sorry for you, the woman in me sympathised you, I remained quiet because I really wanted you to find the baby's father, well that's what I thought your motive of coming to Bhopal was, because I didn't want the baby to grow up without a father like me' Zoya cried. 'I didn't tell anyone because; I didn't want anyone to judge you!'
'Then how could you try to degrade him in my eyes? That man standing there; loved and cared for you like you were his own. That loving lady over there; took you in as her own daughter, yet you tried to question her upbringing. If you thought you could get away with this, then my my you have never known this family. Asad Ahmed Khan, is a man of values; he's purity and innocence comes from his upbringing which has been instilled by his mother. He is his ammi's son; Dilshad Khan's son. He has worked all his life to give his family all the happiness in the world. Yet you question his character?
Why this blind faith you say? Jab mere aankhon ki roshni chale gayi thi, thab maine unki pyaar mehsoos ki thi, I FELT his love and care, I knew that no matter what happened, he will never let me fall. Those he loves, he never leaves their side Tanveer. Yet you question his trustworthiness? He would have an affair with you and leave you stranded? What did you say last night; he used to look at you the way he looks at me now?' Zoya went up to Asad and placed her hand on his cheek as she looked into his eyes, 'Inki aankhon mein tho humesha se hi mein hi thi, tum kab aye? Let me tell you he's a bit inexperienced, first time you see' she let out a laugh with a slight cry as he also smiled, 'Unki pehli aur akhri nazar main sirf aur sirf mein hoon!' Asad nodded at her as he kissed the palm of her hand. 'Mein un se mere jaan se bhi zyada pyaar karti hoon, I love him more than my life, tum toh kya mein kisi ke liye bhi mein inse khabhi shak nahi kar sakta. Haan, I'll torture him with my taunts lekin kisi ka ilzaam mein inhe choone nahi dunga!' She took his hands into hers and held it between hers as she closed her eyes.
'I'll give till tomorrw Tanveer; I want you out of here, out of our lives. I am a woman myself; I don't want you to wander on the roads of Bhopal in your pregnant state. Find yourself some shelter, if you can't; let me know I'll find you a place. I'm taking such decisions because I feel I have some rights over this house' She opened her eyes at Dilshad who just nodded despite her state, 'KYUN Tanveer, Kyun?' She finally breathed out, speaking the words right out of Asad's mouth.

Zoya watched as Tanveer ignored her question, getting up slowly and walking away, scared or angry she couldn't quite figure out. Zoya sighed before turning to her family; she didn't know who to console first as she watched Dilshad walk over to the sofa with the support of Najma and Asim. Thank goodness for Asim, because of him Najma is calm. She looked up at Asad, he was not showing it; but he was broken inside. A part of him has broken; how would he be able to trust anyone. The only reason he didn't speak up today was because he didn't know how to react. What do you do when one's own backstabs you? However, the revelations didn't end here.

'Asad' whispered Zoya as she watched him walk into his room and shut it behind him.


Najma rushed back in haste as her eyes just witnessed the scariest of things, her ears had heard the darkest of secrets. She stumbled on her feet as she was coming down the stairs; she twisted around falling backwards as she let out a shriek closing her eyes. The next thing she opens her eyes is to some strong arms around her, deep chocolate brown eyes staring down at her. She let out a sigh of relief, as she lay there, her feet resting few stairs above, her body tilted downwards supported by Asim's well-built body.
'Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!' breathed Najma giving him a wide smile,

'No worries darling, any time' he winked back at her as he lifted her up and supported her down the stairs,
'Ow ow' flinched Najma as she stepped down slightly lifting one of her foot up,
'Oh ho, Kya hua? Lag gaye kya?' Asim asked concerned, looking down at her feet, he smiled as she innocently nodded at him with teary eyes. He held one of her hand as he went a few stairs down and looked back at her,
'You ready?'
'For what?' Najma asked confused, Asim scooped her up in his arms as she let out a slight shriek from the sudden movement as her legs went up in the air along with her body,
'For this' he smiled as Najma blushed slightly, he walked over to the sofa and put her down gently. Zoya watched from the kitchen and smiled.
'Thank you Asim' Najma beamed at him,
'Don't thank me yet' he looked up at her as he got on his knees; Najma creased her forehead trying to figure out what he was talking about.
'Stop stressing that cute little face of yours' he told her off softly,
'What- Arghhh!' Najma's mouth widened as she gasped, her arms shot out in front of her at Asim gripping his shoulder for support. She closed her eyes, as a lone tear escaped her eyes. Asim felt bad twisting her foot without telling her but she'd thank him for the slight pain afterwards. He put his hand over Najma's on his shoulder and squeezed it; Najma opened her eyes and looked at him, pain still visible on her face.
'Woh woh' Najma breathed out trying to speak, she sighed as she moved her foot slightly to find that her foot did not hurt anymore. 'Thank you' she smiled widely at him,
'You're always welcome' he said cheerfully as he brushed the tear of her cheek with his thumb. He got up and headed for the kitchen as he felt a pull on his hand, he turned around to see Najma pleading for him to come back. He stepped backwards and sat in front of her again on the floor.
'Wassupp?' he grinned,
'Woh Tanveer' she let out a little cry without letting Zoya hear her.
'Tanveer Kya' he asked concerned as he got up and sat on the sofa next to her glancing at Zoya as he watched Najma look back, shivering. She didn't want her to hear, he cupped her face trying to calm her down,

'She wants to kill Zoya. I mean she's tried to. So many times' Najma's breathing got heavier as her voice mixed with her sobs. 'Asim she's dangerous... she's tried to kill all of us! And and her eyes, there's something wrong with her eyes. She looks like a witch!' She panted sounding out of breath; Asim continuously caressed her face, 'Asim, bhaijaan' she pointed towards her brother's room as Asim nodded at her trying to comfort her. He wiped her tears off and patted her head,
'Shhh, don't cry. Come on look, Zoya's there' He led her eyes to Zoya who was working in the kitchen.  Najma nodded trying to calm her racing heart as they both got up and walked towards Asad's room,

Zoya watched as the both of them huddled up on the sofa and shook her head. She continued working in the kitchen as she set up the tray with food. She occasionally glanced towards Asad's door; she's not spoken to him yet. She thought he needed some time alone. She picked up the tray and headed towards the stairs as she saw Asim and Najma walk towards Asad's room. She smiled; Asad is going to bite their heads off. Well anything is better than him sitting there alone she thought.


She caressed her mother's forehead as she lay on the bed asleep. How much she wished today's incident didn't happen. She should've done everything secretly and sorted it out. Everyone at home is hurt by the events that took place; it had really shaken her mother. She placed a kiss on her forehead and then took the plate of food from the tray placing it on the side table; she covered it for her to eat when she wakes up. She picked up the tray and walked out of the room, closing the door shut behind her.

She stood outside her room, whilst she hesitantly knocked on the door.

'Tanveer' called out Zoya as she pushed the door open. 'I've brought some food'

She stepped inside to see Tanveer sat on her bed with her back towards the door. She seemed very still, almost lifeless. Zoya rushed towards her, she placed her hand on Tanveer's shoulder and squeezed for her to turn around. Zoya hated her, no, she disliked her but she still worries for her. Why, she didn't really know. Zoya watched as Tanveer tilted her head the other way; she squeezed it again and jumped back as Tanveer shot up from her bed. Zoya gasped, as Tanveer slowly turned around to face Zoya. She had a smirk on her face, Zoya's eyes widened when she looked up at her eyes. She shivered from seeing Tanveer's stone eye.
'Tanveer, what happened to your eyes' Zoya whispered almost choking from shock. The tray from her other hand dropped to the floor as she looked at Tanveer's hands; more so, what she was holding with both of them. She stepped backwards slowly as Tanveer let out a laugh.


'Bhaijaan, I heard her say all this with my own ears. She tried killing all of us, but most of all she tried harming Zoya.' Najma cried, Asad broke out of his thoughts as Tanveer's dirty acts came out in front of him. How foolish he had been to trust her, how much he had hurt his Zoya. 'Her eye-'


The three faces looked at each other in shock as they heard Zoya's sudden shrieks. Horrified,

'Zoya' they yelled as they ran out of the room.



I know I know it was stupid, I'm over working my brain and couldn't think of anything else! Not much Asya scenes, I guess you'll have to wait longer!

I just realised, it's always Zoya that gets hurt! :(
And sorry I'm not good with action sequences or pardafassh stuff! I wanted Tanveer out of the house so this happened!
Didn't proofread, so excuse le mistakes!

I hope you liked this as much as the previous chapters and hopefully I still have your support.
Please leave your comments beautifuls.

Next update Friday, exam's on Thursday! I will be hibernating!
I love you guys xoxo

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irock321 Goldie

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Its absolutely amazing!!! Loved it! OMG woman! You're brilliant! I could never write as good as you! This chapter is amazing! Hats off to Zoya!! Love Asim ...I hope Asim and Najma get together Wink

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