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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 51)

Saima-Syed IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Thank u for the PM I really enjoyed that

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jazsidhu IF-Rockerz

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aww such a lovely update...
i guess tat guy was mentioned by zoya appi which she misinterpret n nw i guess asad is goin to be very very jeolous n its goin to be fun to read the next part guess asad is goin to be more possesive of his zoya...
thx fr the pm...eagerly waiting fr the update...
just luv ur writing skills it really brillint n awesomeClap

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mpreeetkaur Newbie

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 5:59am | IP Logged
loved it. write again soon

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Chinnu.Munnu Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 6:43am | IP Logged

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..juhi.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 7:14am | IP Logged
awesome update! so faraah and tanveer went to the same detectiveROFL
so who is this brownie...????hope this brownie will be their to protect zoya and asad too...from tanveer's evil plannings...

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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 8:47am | IP Logged
OMG i guess asad will be hell jealous after hearing the last line...i guess the lady who wants to keep eye on zoya is Razia and the other men in last updt...now m sure he is farhaan ...haha. i called him old man...haha...cont soon

P.S. Brownie's name can be Asher or Arnav ...u c love dem

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life4me IF-Dazzler

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Beautiful update.

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 6:29pm | IP Logged

Yes, I don't learn, I'm back! Thank you again for your wonderful support, you beautiful people. It's because of you guys that I am able to write, idk how these stuff come into my dumb brain, but it does and your support for my writing makes me smile. Okay, I hope you're not bored as it's slow paced. Bombs will be added soon!
 Enjoy my lovelies,

Part 15

'You left me Asim!' Zoya cried, Asad stared at Zoya, his world about to come crashing down, Zoya and him? He moved back and stood behind her so she couldn't see his questioning face, it was not the time for it,

'Zoee, listen to me... It was hard- ' Asim was cut off by Zoya,

'It was hard?' She yelled as the room went silent. She had forgotten everyone was there; she closed her eyes and breathed out. 'You were my best friend!' She opened her eyes and looked into his pleading his eyes. Asad didn't realise he was holding his breath; he let it out as he sighed a breath of relief. She shook her head sideways, 'you need to have a good explanation for this, WHY are you here? Who gave you- ARMAAN?!'

Asim shook his head in a no holding onto his innocent expression; Zoya narrowed her eyebrows as she slowly turned her head towards her appi and jeeju... 'Aap' Anwar and Zeenat fidgeted looking in all directions but Zoya. Zeenat had finally gotten in contact with Asim, knowing that he would regret not coming to her wedding. He had cut off all contact with Zoya for the past one and a half years but that didn't mean that he loved her any less. They needed to sort out whatever happened and move on together. Fifteen years of friendship is such a strong bond that no sharp scissor can cut off; no matter how much you try.
Anwar and Zeenat with guilty expressions walked away into one of the rooms with the whole clan following as Zoya huffed and puffed. She closed her eyes and shot her hand out backwards to hold onto some familiar hands.

Asad thought they needed some time to sort things out and he needed some time to digest everything. He stepped backwards only to have her hand grab on to his. He stared at her back as she squeezed his hand and pulled him closer. He brought his other hand over theirs and gave it a reassuring shake that he's right there with her.

'Zoe listen, I tried calling you yesterday' he tried calming her down.

'Tried?' She growled, 'Yesterday? I have been trying for the past one and a half years Asim!! You did not glance back at me; I've sent you emails, messages every day. So what if you weren't here, I still updated you with everything that went on with my life. Yes, despite it all, I emailed you about my engagement' she looked at him as he put his head down and stared down at the floor in shame, 'you didn't have time, did you?' She threw at him, 'and now aapi calls you and you're here!' She put her hands out to indicate his presence and then threw it to her sides.

'I'm sorry, I'm very sorry! I just had so much going on and I didn't know what to do. I thought the best thing to do was to distance myself from everyone' he fell to the floor, 'you had found out about your abbu, and you wanted to come to India...'

'You didn't trust me? You didn't need me but I needed you, I wanted your support, I know I never opened up to you about abbu but...' She pulled Asad to her side; she looked at him in appreciation for always standing by her side, helping her through the most difficult of times. She knew the reason she could never open up to Asim about her abbu was because she was to meet Asad, her life partner. It was to him she would pour out her deepest innermost feelings.

She looked at Asim on the floor with his head down. She could never stay angry at him; it just hurt her that he left without saying anything and did not stay in touch.

'Asim get up!' She ordered softly as she watched him hold his ears to apologise and pouted slightly, she tried not to smile. 'Get up!' She said louder. He jumped up and made a crying face.

'Omg Asim! Spider, behind you, look!' She shrieked sounding frightened as Asad's arm shot around her shoulder protectively.

'Where' cried Asim jumping out of the way, and spinning on his feet, 'Save meee!' He squealed as he jumped behind Asad to protect himself from the spider.
Asad's eyes looked at Zoya in disbelief realising there was nothing of the sort. She looked at him playing her eyebrows up and down, as she burst out laughing seeing Asim hide behind Asad with his eyes closed gripping onto his shirt.
Asim let go of the stranger's shirt and glared at Zoya; how could she? He came around Asad and was about to pounce on her when she buried herself into Asad's chest, and he held her tightly; almost protectively. Asim held his hands back in the air as he watched Asad's eyes widen; you touch her, you're gone!

'Woaaahh!' He mouthed, 'Oh ho, what's happening here' he said teasingly, 'would you mind introducing Fudgeee!'

'Call me that one more time and I'll get him to murder you!' Zoya warned remaining in Asad's hold with her eyes closed. She slowly parted, she pressed her eyes at him as he gave her a smile; something seemed amiss.

'Fudg-' he put his hand over his mouth as the couple gave him a warning look.

'This is Asim' she pointed, 'my childhood best friend' she looked at Asad lovingly, 'and this is Asad Ahmed Khan' she giggled, 'sorry full name for the feeel!'  Asad shook his head at her antics, she grabbed his hand, 'the love of my life' she pressed her eyes at him as she watched his facial expressions change; it went softer. She watched as Asim came forward for a hug as Asad put out his hand. They did the vice versa until Zoya grabbed both of them and made them hug. She felt complete, everything was now perfect. So she thought.

'You know Asim, my woh is very possessive!' She teased Asad. Asim's mouth opened in an O shape, 'You mean we cannot chill anymore?' He asked in a dramatic tone. Asad raised his eyebrow pulling Zoya to his side,

'No!' He said in a serious tone. Zoya looked at him shocked,   

'He's like a brother Asad' Zoya said innocently. Asad looked up at Asim to see him wince slightly.

'Are you okay?'

'Yes I'm fine. Zoya is lucky to have you' he smiled.

'That I am' Zoya beamed at both of them.

'We're the lucky ones' said Dilshad as everyone joined them. 'Beta, freshen up and we'll eat. You must be tired.' He nodded, 'Najma, could you show him to his room please' he collected his luggage and followed Najma.

'Wow, he's staying here? When did this happen... You're all in it together?' She gave them a suspicious look to which they all laughed.


As Najma, Zoya and Asim sat on the sofa and gossiped about the times in New York, Asad sat beside Zoya and watched. He had been wanting to go to his room for the past hour however Zoya had intertwined her fingers with his and held it behind her away from everyone's eyes.

'Zoya, I need to get ready... I have to leave for Pune' He sighed, he didn't really want to go and right this very moment, he wished he could just hold Zoya in his arms away from everyone and everything. He felt weird inside since Asim arrived. He didn't have a problem with their friendship, but he seemed like he knew Zoya better than him. Zoya looked at him, threatening to cry and refusing to let go of his touch. She reluctantly nodded looking at the time and stared at his retreating back. She watched Najma and Asim tease each other; both her BFF's were becoming each other's BFF's in a matter of hours. She was happy to see them get along.

After waiting for 3O long minutes, Zoya excused herself and headed for Asad's room. She entered without knocking and slammed it shut behind her. Asad sat on his bed with a black shirt on, and his blue tie hanging loose. He seemed lost; as he stared at the floor not knowing of her presence.

'The floor looks interesting doesn't it? I think there's a mark there' Asad broke out of his chain of thoughts and looked up at her, 'there' she pointed. She was about to bend down and clean it when she felt his hands grab hers. She looked into his eyes, something was wrong. He pulled her and made her sit sideways on his lap. Zoya looked at him questioningly, 'Asad koi ajaega' she tried getting back up however his tight grip refused to let her go as she felt his head rest on her chest. Zoya caressed his cheek with one hand as he placed a slight peck on her chest, 'what's wrong Asad?' Without moving his head, he intertwined his hand with his and kissed it bringing it close to his chest. 'It's Asim, hai na?' She asked. He didn't move as he remained there as she stroked his hair, he felt like a baby in her arms; he didn't want to lose her feel.
She moved his head cupping his face, ' I love you, and only you, very much Asad' his innocent baby like face lightened up as he gave her a winning smile. Asad felt like a child that wanted to know from his mother whether she'll love her any less because of the new entry of a child or a person; he wanted to be her one and only. He knew Asim was just a friend, but the closeness was doing something to him. As realisations dawned upon him, he gave her an apologetic look. She looked at him questioningly seeing his change of expressions.

'Sorry' he whispered,

'Why?' She looked at him confused.

'Now I know how you felt when Tanveer came,' How much of an idiot he must've been when he used to spend all his time trying to make Tanveer comfortable forgetting how Zoya must've felt. He ignored her silly antics; she must've done it to get his attention. Damn you Asad, scolded his inner self. You behaved so rudely with her, you pushed her away when your friend came after so many years and here Zoya is pulling you close even after meeting her friend who has been with her for many years. Stupid stupid,

'Ohhh, now you feel bad' she made a face at him, pouting. She poked his chest, 'tab toh bohut maaza a rahi thi!'

'Sorry, woh' he mumbled

'Please, let's not have this conversation now, if you start your woh actually, I'll die' she put her hand on her forehead dramatically as she felt him put his finger on her lips pulling her closer,

'Don't you ever say that again' he said sharply, 'ever' he warned. She opened her eyes wide,

'I was joking Jammyyy' she mocked, imitating Tanveer. He pressed his forehead; she will never let this go. He prayed inside that she doesn't do anything stupid with that brownie friend of hers to get him back. Brownie and Fudge?

'You thought Jammy was funny, huh? What's with Fudge and Brownie' he raised his eyebrow. 

Zoya mentally scolded herself, to avoid his mocking, she started fixing his tie. He watched her amused as she made faces probably mentally devising a plan to avoid his question; oh no, I won't let this go, Fudge, until she kissed his forehead.

'Take care of yourself mere sher' she patted his cheek,

'Chalo abhi nikkah kar lete'

'What?' She blinked in shock,

'Haan, abhi!' She wriggled in his lap,

'You're mad!' She looked at him wondering what was playing in his head.

'I thought you too wanted to pre-pone the wedding?'

'I do but not today! Gosh Asad, I need to shop!' Asad rolled his eyes, the one thing that comes between him and his dreams is shopping.

'Lekin, tumhe... aisee... mujhe...' He whispered playing his nose with hers...

'Woahhh! You should've locked the door!' Shouted Najma and Asim turning their backs and covering their eyes. Zoya jumped off Asad like he was fire, and stared at the two officers who had just caught them in the act. She was embarrassed but more disappointed for them ruining their lovely moment.

'Ahemm!' Zoya coughed for them both to turn around. They both looked at her questioningly with a smirk playing on their lips.'Woh I fell...' She explained.

'You should've knocked!' Asad said in a stern voice eyeing the two up and down.

'We did' replied Najma innocently with Asim nodding furiously in agreement seeing Asad's serious expressions.

'I don't remember asking you to enter' said Asad, Zoya looked at him to let it go...

'Wasssuppp?' She asked coolly,

'We ermm we were planning a family outing tomorrow to that park on the outskirts of Bhopal, that way we could show Asim around and Zoya could do some shopping, there's a huge mall there' Najma hesitated, 'Bhaijaan, can we...'

'Ofcourse!' Replied Zoya happily, 'Sounds great!' She hi-fived them both.

'Zoya, I-'

'Zoya what? We're going out tomorrow; do we have a problem with that?' She asked with a raised eyebrow holding her hands on her hips, her expressions very serious. Asad shook his head in a no, Najma and Asim let out a little giggle.

'Okaay it's decided then' She confirmed. Najma did a little cheer for her bhabie, who had tamed her lion bhaijaan. She was surprised how much he had changed, Zoya's one glare and he starts gulping. Love really does change people.

'Okaay, that's great!' Cheered Asim before walking out with Najma away from the lion's den.

Zoya slowly looked up at Asad and smiled widely with her mouth open showing him all her teeth. She rocked her hands side to side before he could change his mind; she kissed his cheek and ran out of the room. He stood there trying to figure out what it is she actually does to him. He was losing his akdu image in front of everyone; to be honest, no one cares about him anymore, it's all Zoya Zoya these days as if it's the only thing they know how to chant. The stubborn child in him envied the love she was receiving but the lover in him felt satisfied that his family adores his love, his life.


'Yeh meri akhri chaal hai, agar yeh kaam na kare, pata nahi mein kya karungi' Tanveer paced in her room, 'Actually, I will not let Zoya marry Asad, I don't care about marrying him anymore!' She cringed, 'ZOYA ZOYA ZOYA! That is all these bewakoof people chant these days, arghh!' She puffed, 'I feel like strangling this girl!' A jealous Tanveer mentally cursed Zoya, whose presence has made Tanveer lose her importance in the house. Her precious Jammy does not ask for her anymore.

'You ready?' She asked playing with his tie. He nodded as the back of his hands stroked her cheeks.
'Have you eaten?' She looked at him as his hands paused on her face, 'You haven't?' She smacked his arm, 'One minute' Asad held her by the hand; she took his hand off her and gave him a look, 'I'm coming!' He let go frowning.
Zoya walked into the kitchen and took out a plate. She opened the fridge, and took out a few bowls. Asad watched from the distance as she poured stuff onto a plate and rummaged through the whole kitchen. He watched her impatiently waiting for something to warm in the microwave and smiled; she cannot stand still for even a millisecond. She walked back over to him and grabbed hold of his hand. She led him inside her old room as he followed her quietly.

'Eat' she ordered as she handed him the plate. Asad opened his eyes wide and took his hand behind him, refusing to take the plate. Zoya narrowed her eyes brows as he stepped forward against the plate and smiled. She rolled her eyes at him, behaving like an absolute child; there has been a role reversal today. She understood why he was behaving such,
'Yeh lo, mein aap ko khilao' she asked as if she was talking to a baby, Asad grinned at her tone of voice. He nodded innocently,
'First spoon' she opened her eyes wide and titled her head sideways, she brought the spoon to his mouth, Asad stared at her; stop with the voice. She nodded and led his eyes to the spoon. He opened his mouth to take in the spoonful and beamed back at her. He grabbed her by the arms and sat her on the bed as he sat on the floor. She continued feeding him, occasionally brushing the remaining bits of food from his lips and blushing.
'Last spoon' she said, she fed him and put the plate on the bed beside her. She took her thumb and wiped the side of his lips; he held onto her hand and put it to his lips. Zoya looked away,
'Asad' whispered Zoya,
'Hmm' he mumbled not letting go of her hand,
'Let's go' He looked at her with pleading eyes as she nodded her head.

'You take care of yourself' He pulled her closer,
'Stay away from you know who, I take my 'one metre' demand back for today but phir bhi' she teased.
He stared deep into her eyes, as she looked back at his love filled eyes. No matter how many times they looked at each other, they fall in love with each other over and over again like it's the first time.
'Kya pyaar karte ho?'

'Aap se zyada'

'Badosa hai?'

'Kudh se zyada'

He rested his forehead with hers,

'Jammy are you ready? Asked Tanveer, Zoya looked at her and nodded. Tanveer gave her a glare as she expected Asad to answer.
'You going buddy?' Joined Asim resting his arm over Zoya's shoulder, Asad stared at him with wide eyes, his hand shot off her, 'When will you be back?' He laughed.
'Tonight' replied Asad as he answered his phone.
'Prasad?' He mumbled as he shook his head thinking Prasad would be able to see him, Zoya rolled her eyes. 'You'll  be able to go to the meeting in Pune? Why did they change it? You could've told me before? I was about to leave' he scolded, 'Okay, okay, teek hai! Let me know what happens.' He put the phone down and looked at the questioning faces.
'I'm not going Pune' he said smiling. 'Tanveer, is it possible we could sort out your contract over the phone?'
'Kya?' Zoya asked with her mouth wide open, after all the emotional drama, he's not going. She pretended to faint as Asim caught her from behind. Asad rolled his eyes at her nautanki, as he said a little prayer for the whole situation.
Zoya too was relieved, she looked upwards, 'Thank you Allah Miyaan for listening' she prayed inside, trying to hide her joy.
'Haan Tanveer, is it possible?'
Tanveer  clutched her dupatta as she stared at the three people in front of her. 'Yes' she said through her teeth, she dropped them a fake smile before walking back inside.

'That's great' said Asim cheerfully, 'We can catch up now' He put his arms over Asad and Zoya's shoulder,
'Chalo' Zoya held Asad's reluctant hands and pulled him towards the sofa, 'I have to go soon!'



She grabbed the jug in front of her and threw it across the room. 'How could this happen? How?' She roared, as she paced around her room in a distressed state. She breathed out before sitting on her bed for a moment.

'Ammi, I'll bring it' Tanveer heard Zoya yell as she entered Dilshad's room. She ran up to her door, opened it wide and sat back on her bed with an album in her hand.
'Things have changed' she cried loudly as she watched Zoya go towards the stairs. She tilted her head forward to see her stopping on her feet and turning. She quickly put her hand over the pictures, and sniffed,

'Tanveer?' Zoya entered her room, 'Are you okay?' Tanveer looked up to Zoya with tearful eyes,

'Haan, I'm fine Zoya, don't worry about me' she cried dramatically, 'I'm just... I have no one'
Zoya walked up to Tanveer and sat beside her putting her hand on her shoulder,

'Don't say that Tanveer, you've got us. What's wrong?' She put all her insecurities to a side,

'You are too nice Zoya. Haan I have no one, I only had Jammy and now he doesn't care about me anymore'

'No, he really cares for you Tanveer, I know you're upset about today, aren't you?'

'No not that, we were really close over a month ago, but now he seems like he has distanced from me, his behaviour confuses me' She smirked before sniffing.

'He's emotionally challenged that's why' she laughed in an attempt to get Tanveer to smile.

'No, Zoya he wasn't with me a month before. He has changed now; he doesn't look at me in the same way'

'What do you mean?' Zoya asked confused,

'He used to look at me the way he looks at you now'

PRECAP: 'I will run away Asad, lekin mein aapse Nikkah hargiz nahin karungi' Yelled Zoya,
'Mein kon si tumhe nikaah karne ke liye maare jaah rahi hoon! I don't want to marry you either!'Asad threw back at her!

'Aahhh' Tanveer fell on her knees,
'Jammy mein aapke bachhe ki maa banne wali hoon!'




Yes you can kill me; I didn't do it intentionally. I don't even know the meaning of cliff-hangers *hides* No joothas and chappals please!

I think you guys might have guessed I am a very emotional person that is why I prefer emotional scenes. Please bear with me!

Let me know what you think, I know you guys wanted to see a jealous Asad, but I thought I'll do it a bit differently. I cut the Pune visit out because the typical "sleeping pill" act has been done so many times! I had 4 pages written up but I cut it out, but if you want it to go that way please let me know.

I'm praying you guys understood why I introduced Asim and Zoya's friendship as opposed to Tannu and Asad.

Do leave your comments beautifuls, and do leave me suggestions of what you may want to read in this FF. I'm trying to avoid some of the storylines already used on this forum. Once again, I hope I'm living up to your expectations!

Happy Mother's day xoxo


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