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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 48)

Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
OMG so cute updt now who was the other person who wanted to know zoya's whereabouts on the call...he sounded lyk an old man ...i guess...and wow the precap fudge and brownies...i love them...such a cute name.

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malini96 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 11:48pm | IP Logged

it was an awesome and long update

i really loved it 

do continues soon 

and if u can add me to ur pm list...

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etmartian Groupbie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 1:39am | IP Logged
it is ...i have no words am spellbound
and why do you worry for language love is itself a language
read all together

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Illo Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 5:01pm | IP Logged
Just read all the part in one go.. Loved'em!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming It's a great story,Clap plz continue updating and plz send PM when you post again Big smile Embarrassed

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments beautifuls. They mean so much, and I love each and every one of you! Mwah! Thank you for the well wishes, insha Allah the exam goes well.
Okay seeing that I won't be able to update for the next 6 days, I thought I'll leave you guys with another update. Tbh, I can concentrate with revision, probably update again. This is shorter than usual updates, under 3000 I think, usually it's over 4-5000 :O Enjoy my lovelies :)

Part 14

Asad waited patiently for her reply to come, he knew she wouldn't be very happy with the message but nonetheless, will go soft seeing the flowers. He picked his phone up and read the message out loud,

'4 words: Thank you very much!' Asad stared at his phone, this girl...

'Zoya!!' muttered Asad under his breath before calling her,

'Hello Mr Khan!' She chirped on the other side,

'Miss Farooqui, the message, wrong reply!' He said sounding slightly moody,

'You wanted four words, you got it! And anyways, I appreciate it, so thank you very much' she teased. 'I've got another puzzle for you, 4 words, clue: your house'

'What the... Zoya stop being so childish'

'You stop acting like a Buddha!'


'What Zoya? You think it's bingo time or something! 3 words, I want four back' she mocked, 'why do you have to be so emotionally challenged... I thought you changed' she went on, 'say it clearly na' she whined.

'I love you! I love you! I love you! There, and now stop acting like a confused ladki and say it back' he said trying not to beg, he knows she'll start her nautanki if he did.

'Aww, that's cute Asad, goood! Okaay what was I meant to say?' She sounded confused,

'Four words Zoya' he reminded sounding impatient,

'Oh haan, you're very bad at this game... The answer was I am coming over! Byeee' she squealed down the phone and hung up!

'Zoya tum...' He closed his eyes, this girl is too much! He felt defeated; this is what she does to him. He wanted to hear the words from her mouth, but ended up being the one saying it to her. Well, she's coming over; the game continues...


'Asad beta, could you pass me that box' said Dilshad with a huge smile plastered on her face, excitement clearly visible on her face.

'Jee' he went over to the table and brought a golden box to his mother, 'Ammi, are you okay? You look-'

'Yes beta, my bahu is coming over... 'She replied excitedly, 'Happy? I think we both know your insides are doing somersaults right this very moment' she teased.

'What? NOO, woh, ammi she only left yesterday, nothing to be excited about' he tried sounding normal. Dilshad looked at her son and shook her head at him,

'Sooo? I miss her, mere ghar ko dekho, tumhari tara bilkul boring ho chuke hai, even if it is for a few hours, it'll be back to life again' she smiled at him with wide eyes, Asad was about to speak but her deadly smile and eyes scared him, if he disagrees; it'll be the end of him. He nodded like an innocent child and sat on the sofa with his file.

'Ammi' Najma came running sounding slightly out of breath, she held up two bottles of what looked like air fresheners, 'which one should I spray in the guest room?' She asked with a slight frown adorning her cute little face. Asad looked up at his sister confused and Dilshad let out a laugh.

'Whichever beta, don't worry our guest won't mind, stop stressing.' She sweetly calmed her daughter, who breathed out a sigh of relief and sat next to her mother.

'Ammi who's coming?' Asked Asad,

'Woh... Zoya?' She said looking the other way,

'Zoya?' He asked confused, until he heard a shriek startling him,

'Ammiii!' yelled Zoya as she came running towards her mother and Najma. Asad watched as she grabbed Dilshad into a bear hug and Najma joining them.

'Zoya, we missed you!' Both Dilshad and Najma said at once as Asad, Anwar and Zeenat looked on.

'She only left yesterday' mumbled Asad under his breath only to get a glare off the women, to be honest he was just jealous because he wanted to hug her. He remembered the morning events and smiled.  

Tanveer came out wanting to know what all the commotion was about. She didn't like what she saw in front of her, 'yeh phir se aa gaye' she rolled her eyes, before a smirk played on her lips, she turned on her feet and went back into her room.


'Come in' shouted the detective as he heard a knock on his door, he stared as a middle aged lady walked in with her head held high; vamp style. The detective shuddered watching the lady's serious expressions. He gestured for her to sit down,

'You are?'

'That you don't have to be concerned with' replied the woman.

'So what can I help you with? Since you didn't want to reveal it over the phone' asked the detective.

'I need some information, and I need you to keep an eye on someone' she spoke clearly as the detective listened to her carefully. 'Here is a picture, the name is Zoya Farooqui, I want to know about her every moment, and her fiancee, Asad Ahmed Khan' she looked up at the detective's face who looked slightly confused and taken aback.

'Can you do this?' She asked ignoring his expressions as she took out a lump of cash.

'Yes maam, but can I ask you a question?'

'Go on?' 

'Why are you so interested in this lady? You sound like you don't like her a single bit' he said innocently,

'Exactly!' She smiled as she got up and headed for the door, she turned around, 'I want quick updates and reliable information; everything depends on your accurate information! Don't let me down' she said in a stern voice as she shut the door behind her.

The detective got out of his seat as he stared at the picture of the girl; she wasn't unknown.

'I wonder why everyone is after this girl?' the detective questioned no one in particular, almost feeling sorry for her. One sounds like a pyscho who's madly in love with the girl and the other sounds like she wants to kill her off. He admired the picture; the girl looked very innocent and from what he witnessed last night/early morning, she was madly in love with Asad Ahmed Khan.

He put the picture inside his file as he dialled a few numbers on his phone...  


The ladies sat around gossiping on the sofa as Asad and Anwar looked on from the other side. They were trying to converse but the ladies gossip sounded so interesting; they both remained quiet as they listened carefully.

'Aapi, your phone' Zoya pointed at Zeenat's lap, her phone was ringing...  'Omg!' Zoya grabbed the phone jumping up; the ladies stared at her shocked.

'Nanni ammi' she screamed with excitement as she put the phone to her ear, 'heyy girlfrienddd!' She greeted with the voice of a teenage girl, as the audience watched her amused; seeing her so happy made them feel content.

Dilshad looked at Zeenat questioningly, 'meri nanni' mouthed Zeenat before they both admired the beautiful girl in front of them; she was so full of life.

'Zoyaaa, sweeets! My beautiful girl! How are you?' The voice said lovingly, in the same tone as Zoya.

'I am purrrfeeeccttt!' She purred, Asad's face lightened up as his lips curved into a smile, revealing Zoya's khatil twin dimples. 'Aap kaise ho? Do you know I'm getting married, why are you not here? Did aapi and jeeju tell you? Tell me you're coming' she said in one breath as she heard her sweet little grandma let out a laugh, it was a melody to her ears.

'I'm, how you kids say it these days- flyyy girlll' she put on her cool voice as she let out a cough... 'I miss you very much my little baby' cried her grandma,

'Are you okaay? Why are you coughing, tell me you're fine... And I miss you tooo, very much' Zoya cried back.

'I'm okaay mere bachha, lekin doctor has advised me to rest for the next 3 weeks, I cannot fly out of the country, Zeenat is pregnant too. What to do?'

'Ya Allah what's wrong?' Zoya asked worried.

'Kuch nahin, I fell off the stairs'

'KYAAA?!' Gasped Zoya with her mouth wide open, as a lone tear rolled down her cheek, Zeenat held onto the sofa as Zoya's eyes looked at her questioningly. She looked away trying not to meet her eyes; her grandma made her promise not say anything to Zoya.

'Calm down, nothing has happened to me... It was a few stairs, anyways I'll be flying to New York once I'm better, tum bhi usse leke aajanaa or I'll plan a visit to India' she tried cheering Zoya up. 'Skype hai na, I'll watch your nikkah live' she joked.

'You sure na?' She sniffed, 'teek hai lekin take care of yourself okaay? I'll come see you soon' she looked at Asad who smiled back at her,

'Woh toh teek hai, let me speak to my son in law, where is he? You didn't even send me a picture? Haai my bachha is in love, does he look like Dhoni?' She asked with joy,

Zoya coughed as she blushed under everyone's gazes, she looked away 'no no, he's Jahapana with six packs' she said quietly, Asad almost fell off his seat as the ladies let out a little giggle... Zoya came towards him with the phone as he tried regaining his composure giving Zoya a look of disbelief, she handed him the phone. Asad took the phone off her and walked into his room with Zoya following like a fan girl rocking her hands side to side fluttering her eye lashes innocently seeing him embarrassed.

She closed the door behind her as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders from behind. She tied her arms around his neck as she lifted herself up. Asad turned his face side wards as she kissed his cheek teasingly; this girl's nautanki will never end.

'I'm on the phone Zoya' he told  her off moving the phone away from his ear, he watched her with wide eyes as she blew her face into a balloon and shook her head side to side refusing to get off. She pushed her body slightly with force as he bent forward  to stop her from falling, his free hand shot backwards over her protectively as he mumbled 'jee jee' into the phone. Her hands let loose around the neck as she trailed them down to his chest, moving her head to the other side and holding her ears against the phone. Asad stood there with his body tilted forward listening to his fiance's grandmother whilst his fiancee drove him mad with her teasing touches. If only she knew what she was unleashing with her teasing.

She brought her head to the other side and watched his face with her head tilted sideways. Knowing his eyes were on her, she kissed his cheek making a loud smooching noise as she held her lips on his cheek longer than usual.

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes as he felt her smile on his cheek; oh don't worry Zoya, I'm enjoying this as much as you! He felt her lips trail down his cheek to his ears; he stiffened as he felt her warm breath on his ears, and it felt like her breath was teasing him too.

'4 words' she whispered in a sensuous voice, she felt him react; did he just shiver? She was starting to have second thoughts thinking what it would result to,

'I love you tooo' she finally gave in and that was it... Asad let his hold go as he grabbed her by the hand and brought her round pinning her on the bed.

Zoya gasped as everything changed in a split of seconds. She blinked a few times before she realised she was staring into his deep passion filled eyes, his face indicated the effect of what she done to him, he looked at her with a deadly smirk on his face. Her breathing got faster as he starting kissing her neck,

'Yes nanni, she's beautiful' he mumbled as he continued placing wet kisses. He let his lips linger on her skin longer than necessary as she gripped hold of the duvet, digging deep into it with her nails as she closed her eyes. He chuckled inwardly; how does it feel now eh? 'She's very naughty' he teased, 'don't worry nanni, I'll handle her' Zoya's eyes shot open, she looked at him baffled, she grabbed the phone off him pleading for him to stop as his finger caressed her neck, trailing it on her bare chest as his other hand teased the side of her stomach. His expressions did not change,

'Nanni!' Her voice came out as a whisper, she made a face at him and pushing him off with the little energy she had within her, she got up and looked at him; he was making her lose control. She ran out of the room in a flustered state leaving a chucking Asad behind her. She coughed trying to regain her composure as he joined her.

'Nanni-ma, how's my boy friend?' Asad looked at her, what is she playing at now?

'Oh ho nani, mere boyfriend ko aise maath daato' she put the phone on loud speaker as Anwar let out a laugh seeing Asad's eyes go wide.
'He is not just a bird! The parrot happens to be my friend nanni'

Bird? Asad mentally scolded himself for feeling insecure over a bird.

'He's driving me nuts Zoya' complained her nanni, as Zoya let out an evil laugh,

'That's fine, he's doing his job! Why else...'


Zoya's eyes widened as she looked up to see her family members staring past her. She held her breath as she slowly turned around to see a familiar face.

'Brownie' whispered Zoya as her eyes glistened momentarily before tears started rolling down her cheeks.

There stood an unusually handsome man, as tall as Asad. He was well built and had a fair complexion. He continuously brushed his hair back as he took his ray bans off to reveal his dark brown chocolate eyes. He was dressed in a casual white t-shirt, well fitted, but not too tight; however one could guess what was actually under those.  He wore carrot type jeans: slight ragged in wash blue, with blue converses. He held his side bag over one of his shoulders as his face adorned a smile seeing so many shocked faces. He looked at the girl in front of him; it had been too long. In his heart, he was praying that this meeting went well however, Zoya's expressions said otherwise.
Here goes,

'Fudge' he played his eyebrows up and down, 'Zoeee! It's been soo long!' He said cheerfully putting his bags down and extending his arms as he stepped forward.

Everyone looked at Zoya, waiting for her reaction as she stood there, still. Asad eyed the character in front of him, smiling widely at his Zoya. Fudge? Zoya? What is going on his mind wondered. A pang of jealousy almost hit him, he seemed like he knew Zoya, for a very long time. The character didn't seem very bad looking either. His thoughts broke off as he glanced at Zoya. She seemed hurt as tears soaked her cheeks. Asad immediately glared at the threat in front of him whose mere presence upset his Zoya. Before Asad could mentally torture the guy in front of him, he heard her break her silence.

'Stop right there!' Ordered Zoya with her hand up in front of her to stop him from coming in any further. Asad stared at Zoya and then the guy; what's going on? He immediately came by Zoya's side, she looked at him unable to say anything. His eyes comforted Zoya, she could see he was confused; not angry.

'Zoee, I'm sorry!'

'Sorry? Is that all you can say after all these days?'Zoya threw at him, 'you think you can come here and say sorry, and everything will be happily ever after' she dramatized with her hands moving it in slight motions. 'Why are you here now?' She asked, her voice filled with pain.

'Zoee, please hear me out' he stepped forward,

'Zo' Dilshad tried coming forward, Zeenat held her back,
'Let them sort it out' she whispered, Dilshad nodded.

Tanveer walked out of her room, her eyes widened seeing the good looking guy in front of her. She joined Najma's side wondering what was going on.

'Hear you out?' Zoya said angrily, 'did you hear me out? Did you? Tell me, did you?' She questioned, demanding an answer.
'You left me'



Sorry  I had to leave it there, and don't worry this one isn't a twist at all.
And I left it there to test you guys, my lovely readers, how much do you pay attention when you're reading this? Can you guys put a name to this sex- no only asad is sexy, to this good looking guy's face? What's brownies real name?
Sorry for any spelling errors again,

And as usual, do leave your comments behind beautifuls, they mean sooo sooo much xoxo

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Illo Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Finally first to comment Tongue Loved this update!!! and the new guy.. poor Asad he'll feel 10 times more jealous then Zoya felt because of Tannu.. Tongue Tongue Tongue This has be the guy Zoya's appi mentioned in earlier updates and how she had misinterpreted their relationship.. can't remember the name though.. Plz update as soon as you can or as soon as you exams let u, btw good luck on themSmile Smile
and I just loved Zoya's nanni, now we know who she takes after Tongue Tongue really hope we hear more of her Big smileBig smile

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Originally posted by Illo

Finally first to comment Tongue Loved this update!!! and the new guy.. poor Asad he'll feel 10 times more jealous then Zoya felt because of Tannu.. Tongue Tongue Tongue This has be the guy Zoya's appi mentioned in earlier updates and how she had misinterpreted their relationship.. can't remember the name though.. Plz update as soon as you can or as soon as you exams let u, btw good luck on themSmile Smile
and I just loved Zoya's nanni, now we know who she takes after Tongue Tongue really hope we hear more of her Big smileBig smile

Hello there lovely, I read your previous comment and smiled too. Woop, I'm glad you liked it dear, I get scared sometimes thinking I'm not meeting up to the expectations you guys have. Well it's up to you guys if you want to see a jealous Asad, do let me know. I had something else in mind... Aha, yup it's him, you read this in one day that's why you remember! 
Thank you so much my dear, will update soonish! Your well wishes means a lot. Thank you for your support with this FF.
Aha, Zoya's nanni was random, I hated the fact that she had no blood relations apart from Siddique, it's a treat for myself that she is surrounded by other relations formed through love.
Much love xoxo

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Everything was perfect:)
Asad and Zoya's conversation over the phone...
Asad being jealous zoya hugging his ammi and sister and not him...
Asad being insecure over zoya's "boyfriend" her bird...
Asad and Anwar tried to converse but the ladies gossip sounded better to them...
Asad conversation over the phone with nanni but distracted by Zoya...
ohmygod there is soo much more I could say about this part I jus love every part of this and im so glad this brownie and fudge thing is NOT no new twist or anything:)!!!!
And oh yeah not to forget even this detective felt bad for zoya and noticed that she was madly in love with asad ahmed khan!!!

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