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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 44)

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Originally posted by astonm

GASPPP! girl those better have been nightmares! But I see that they are going to be somewhat true in the future:( You should just get Farhaan and Tanveer married to each other. ahahahahaa. update soon my loves, xoxoxo :)

Yes they're nightmares! So sorry for freaking you out, it needed to happen... But i'm glad you understood the foreshadowing! Lmfaooo! Goood idea, she'd get herself a millionaireee daddyyy for her baby
except not sexxxyyy, well tidgy bit! He's the villain -_-! However though, it would kill his obsession of Zoya! Updates will be next week or week after, promisee i'll make sure it's slightly romantic since i'm a flop at intense scenes! xoxox

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Please PM me once you update i wanna know what happened :):):):)

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Ive jus read all the parts to this
Love ur story
Plz pm nxt parts

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oh God wat was dat? I was reading the starting so happily and den all of a sudden dis scary stuff came up. they r dreaming, rite? I guess the separation is causing them to think of the worst their love wud hav to go widout dem. the part was beautifully written, Zoya's helpless screams seeing Asad in pain made me flinch. n Asad's roar, uff. y did u have to do this, please cont soon n let AsYa be together again.

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I'm thinking its a nightmare ...and you didn't PM me :P Anyways loved it!! Amazing!! 

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what was that????

can't wait for the next part...cont soon!

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this is really amazing...
really great writing skills...
cant wait fr the next update...

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Exams ; 3 down, 1 more to go! *cries* and I've forgotten how to write, all I remember is some law stuff and cases for my exam :/ bleurghhh. Thank you so much for your feedbacks lovelies and your wonderful support. Muchos Gracias Bonitas! Yes, I'm hopeless *sigh* anyhooo, Mwahhh!

Part 13- Part 2

'Asad!' Shrieked Zoya with the strength left in her as she shot upright, her hands out trying to reach him, her fingers twisted in front of her... she bent forward and fell on her face. She lay on the edge of her bed, frozen with her arms in disoriented positions, filling the silence with her heavy breathing. She gasped for air as she choked trying to get back up. Her throat felt dry, she looked up to the blurred vision in front of her. She used her arms to push herself up, as she closed her eyes, lips trembling. She crawled backwards and leaned against the headboard. She picked up her shivering hands and wiped the drops of sweat playing on her forehead.

'Asad?' she whispered, as she felt her hear skip a beat, the thought of losing him, the thought of any harm coming to him killed a part of her inside. It was pulling her insides, twisting and turning making her feel restless. Those dreams, no nightmares. What were they? Asad in danger? Her heart wasn't scared that someone tried to kill her, her heart felt crushed because she cannot imagine any harm coming to Asad even in her dreams. She looked around the room trying to replace the images flashing through her eyes of Farhaan strangling Asad. She clenched both her fists and held it by her sides as she closed her eyes against the headboard. One thing is for sure, death will have to face her before it touches Asad. She will never let anything happen to him even if it means she has distance herself from him; she'll do it without thinking twice.

Letting out a heavy sigh, she turned her face side wards to look at her alarm clock; 3.30 a.m. She got out of bed and walked into her bathroom.


'Zoya' yelled Asad as he jerked upright as he turned to the side of the bed and fell on to the floor. He picked himself up on the floor and sat against the bed. He shook his head violently trying to get rid of the image of Zoya taking the glass piece to her wrist. The pain to his back that was unbearable in the dream seemed like nothing in front of seeing Zoya harming herself. He buried his face into his hands and sighed. First the restless feelings of going away from him and now these dreams. He pressed his forehead and massaged it slowly trying to get rid of the headache that was beginning. He placed his hand to his chest; his heart was threatening to pop out of his body. He held onto it in an attempt to calm it down but no use as the weird twisting feelings returned inside of him. He wasn't worried about someone killing him; he was worried for the harm endangering his Zoya. He looked up side wards at his bedside clock; 3.30 a.m. He forced himself up and walked into the bathroom.


They both raised their hands up in front of them with their eyes closed as they prayed to the Almighty. Zoya wrapped in a white scarf, and Asad with a white rummal on his head; both conveying their innocence as they prayed for each other's long life. They asked for each other's protection; their happiness; whatever may come their way, they would fight it together. They thanked their Lord for each other; for their love and the love of their family.


Asad wondered around his room occasionally glancing at his phone. Should he?

Zoya sat on her bed staring at her phone as she rocked forward playing her feet on the floor. She jumped at her phone and dialled the number holding the phone to her ear biting her lips. She narrowed her eyebrows as she looked at her phone confused; busy, at this time? Who can Asad be talking to at this time? Her mind wondered off on the possibilities of the people that could be the recipients of Asad's call. She stared at her phone with wide eyes as she reached a conclusion,

'HAWWW! Asad kisi larki ke saath' she opened her mouth in an O shape. Zoya marched around the room, as she took it all in. Just because she has left, doesn't mean Asad could start talking to girls. I mean it cannot be his business associates at this time. She redialled the number and the same result.

'Asad Ahmed Khan!!' she gritted her teeth, feeling impatient. He is going to get it once she reaches him. She opened the window to feel the fresh air as she looked outside, it was still dark. She was startled when her phone rang in her hand; Asad. She picked it up;

'Asad aap-'

'Who the hell were you talking to at this time?' he fumed on the other side.

'What?' she replied confused, 'I should be asking you, I told you not to talk to other girls'
'Aur itna chila rahe kyun? Stop breathing so harshly, I can feel it from here' she mocked as she moved the phone away from her ear and brought it back,

'Kya? Other girls? What rubbish Zoya. I was ringing you, but you'

'Oh really Asad, I rang' realising what might have happened, ' haan woh sorry, I was talking to my boyfriend, you know from New York' she teased.

'Zoya Farooqui, stop your nonsense and come down right now' Asad ordered.

'It's not none- wait what? Down? Omg are you here?' she gasped in excitement.

'Jaldi aao na' he pleaded,

'Haan haan' Zoya squealed as she put the phone down and hurried out of her room. She jumped down the stairs two at a time until she halted halfway almost falling, she held the railings for support as she ran back up the stairs. She rushed to her draw grabbing the pair of anklets. She kicked her slippers off as she hopped on each foot trying to put them on. She held her head feeling dizzy before she headed down in haste. She crazily searched for the right key to open the door, why do things get complicated when you're in a rush? She sighed before yanking the door open. She slowly stepped out of the house trying not to jingle her anklets too much. She put her foot forward as she searched for him. She walked a few metres away from the door, spinning on her feet as her eyes browsed for him. There he was standing with his back towards her with his hands towards his back, fidgeting.

Zoya stepped forward slowly jingling the anklets slightly,

'Asad' she whispered not so loudly.

On cue, Asad turned around towards her as she increased her speed from a slight jog to a run, her hair swayed freely behind her, as her bare feet hit the grounds again and again. She ignored the small stones that jabbed her feet as she closed her eyes jumping into the air. She leaped forward into his waiting his arms.

He opened his arms as he watched her run towards him with a smile on her face. He caught her flying figure as she embraced him with all her might. Asad almost lost his balance, he stepped back as he turned with her. He held on to her like never before, squeezing her body as she clawed into his back with the same passion. Asad's hand held tightly around her waist as the other hand found its way up her neck and back down, pulling her kurta each time. He kissed her neck continuously, breathing heavily as she shivered in his arms. Her hands pulled at his hair as he crushed her body against his further. With her legs in the air, his hold against her body, she tilted her head back slowly brushing her lips past his hair and kissing his forehead. He moved her down, as she brought her face with his, making sure her lips caress his face on its way down to his lips. They both closed their eyes, as he felt her uneven breathing on his face. She kissed the side of his lips, with her hands caressing the back of his head and his hands pulling at her kurta. She held her cheek against his whilst he walked under the shelter to save her from getting wet from the sudden drops of rain. He held her against the ledge on the pillar, whilst she half sat holding on to him. Her hand pulled his head down as her fingers caressed his cheek.

He pressed his forehead against hers, making her head tilt backwards against the pillar, she closed her eyes as his lips came towards hers... She put her hand on his chest, her fingers trailed under his unbuttoned kurta... Asad pressed his lips onto hers but only for a moment as the sudden thunders shook Zoya causing her to embrace him tightly.

She let go of Asad as his grip loosened around her, realising what had just happened between them, she turned around blushing. Her face was burning as she felt flustered, trying to regain composure. She fixed her kurta before turning around to face him.

Asad realised what he was doing, he forced himself to let go of her with the teenie bit of control left in him, he turned his back towards her and breathed heavily. He didn't know whether to thank or curse the sudden thunder and lightning. He was actually losing himself, 12 days is actually too long. He needs to pre-pone the wedding. He shook his head before turning towards her,

'Woh actually...' That sudden urge to kiss her, to touch her, and to hold her came back as he watched her blush under his gaze. 'Asad get a hold of yourself, leave all that in your dreams for now' advised his inner voice. He completely forgot the reason why he came,

'Zoya, kaise ho?' He asked softly

'Kaiseee?' She looked up at him, from shy to sherni, she poked his chest 'you forgot my list, you did not call me' she scolded him. 'I waited Asad...'

'Waited? You could've called me...' He pointed at her nose, 'tumhari nakh ko kuch ho raha hai' he opened his eyes wider in a teasing manner,  'haan it's gone red, and phul raha hai' he pulled her cheeks, 'I should name you tamater' and he stepped back in anticipation for what was about to happen...

'Asad!!!!!' Shrieked Zoya as her fists looked for Asad, she was about to chase him but decided otherwise. She crossed her arms and made a face at him.

He came close to her and took her hands into his,

'Zoya, I can't wait any longer...' He looked into her eyes,

'Mein bhi...' Nodded Zoya in a soft whisper, they both thought they could handle being separate from each other. But these sudden nightmares have instilled some sort of fear into them; they needed to be together, under one roof. And if they're going to react like they did today every time they meet; things would definitely go wrong. Both formed a smile on their lips at their thought. They shook their heads at each other 'kyaa?'

Zoya blushed whilst Asad smirked.

'I think we should pre-pone our wedding' suggested Asad. Zoya's eye lit up at the idea and then she frowned,

'Ammi and appi will never agree!' Cried Zoya. He cupped her face,

'We will make them agree, and I thought there was nothing that my Zoya couldn't do?' Smiled Asad,

'Ofcourse, I can do everything' she sniffed dramatically, Asad rolled his eyes at her,

'Okaaay, you talk to ammi and I'll talk to aapi! What will we say though?' Zoya asked with a confused face.

'That we want to pre-pone our nikkah' he stated the obvious. Zoya hit her forehead,

'Kyun?' She asked with wide eyes with her hands on her hips, he stared at her; she looks so adorable,

'Zoya tum bhi na, we want to that's why'

'And they'll agree you say?' She raised her eyebrow at him; he looked at her confused as in why wouldn't they.

'Acha Asad, remember when I wanted to postpone the engagement, what did ammi say?'

Asad let out a sigh, 'whatever ammi says goes... Duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaye lekin engagement date na aage aigi na peeche jayegi'

'Asad' Zoya stomped her feet, both looked down as the anklets jingled with her heavy steps...

'Thank you...' He whispered, ' if I ask you for one more thing, will you agree?' He asked softly,

Zoya pressed her eyes at him asking him to continue...

'Woh kya hai na' he fumbled with his words, Zoya rolled her eyes thinking phir se...

'Asaddd...' She breathed out as she held him by his arms and shook him, well tried to, but then again walls don't move do they? She stood upright as she failed at shaking him... 'Kya hai, bolo!' She said panting...

'Woh' how should he say this, she'll freak out and lecture him again for underestimating her... 'I've arranged security for you, please don't say no' he pointed in to the distance and then looked at her... She looked into his pleading eyes, worry clearly visible on his face. She nodded at him,

'On one condition...'


'Humare ghar par bhi security chahiye' she negotiated, she looked up at his smiling face, humare ghar ringing still ringing in his ears, 'you know ammi, najma ke liye' and for you she wanted to add. 'I'm not there so I can't protect them with my karate skills you see' she boasted laughing. Asad shook his head at her,

He put his finger under her chin before her face turned pink again, one smile from his side and she starts blushing... Not that he wasn't enjoying it, it's just he couldn't figure out whether the same thoughts were playing in her head as him, or she was playing shy bride in front of him. He sighed,

'Aur what about me' he asked in husky voice. Zoya's eyes widened as she felt herself go weak on her knees, she held on to his kurta... Asad's arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He made a face at her waiting for an answer...

'Woh...' Zoya's voice broke, first his voice and then his touch; too much to handle, she cannot resist this. She took her shaking hands and wrapped it around his neck,

'Asad, stop looking at me like that...' She blushed looking down at his chest to avoid his eyes, but her own eyes fell on his neck as she trailed them down to his chest, she wanted to unbutton the last one. I mean they're all open, why should this one be... Her hand found its way down.

Asad stared at her, she was so engrossed staring at his chest... He smirked at her trying to hold his feelings within him, why does this girl make things so hard for him? As her fingers played with the last button of his kurta, he held it tightly against his chest. She was startled in his hold, as she looked up at him innocently, with disappointment clearly written on her face, it's like he just deprived a little child her candy. That look, her eyes... How could he just... He closed his eyes and brought her hand and placed a kiss on her palm. He let her hand caress his face as he tilted his head to her touch. She brought both of her hands and cupped his face... His hold pushed her upwards, Zoya tiptoed on her feet as she banged her nose into his... She held her breath before placing a kiss on it. She let her thumbs brush his bottom lip, she felt him stiffen further. 'We should stop...' She whispered. Asad opened his eyes and nodded as he lifted her up and rested his forehead against hers.

'Nikkah needs to pre-poned!' He announced as he put her down and put her head against his chest hugging her tightly. He felt her nod,

'I have a plan!' She broke the hug and jumped excitedly. She was about to whisper into his ears but decided otherwise thinking what it would lead to... She dictated the plan to him as he watched her with his arms crossed.

'What rubbish, that is so stupid!' He remarked.

'Do you have a better plan?' She looked at him, ' haaa, thought so' she sniggered. 'Okaay so it's decided, Mission Quick Nikkah' whispered Zoya as she winked at him. Asad pressed his forehead,

'Zoya, why are you whispering?'

'Secret Mission!' She made a face at him looking around to see if anyone heard them...

'This is not a mission! Stop acting like you're some detective...' He pulled her hands down and brought her against him.

She made a face at him before snuggling into his chest.

'Of course I am!' Her thoughts wandered off to the stuff she had discovered with her spying skills. Tanveer and her preg-

'Zoya, listen... You're coming home this afternoon right? I won't be able to meet you later on today. I have to head to Pune with Tannu' Zoya's head snapped up, she looked at him with wide eyes...

'Kyuunnn' she said in her baby voice, why does he have to ruin their lovely moment...

'I got a last minute meeting there, and Tannu needed help with her business... We're heading there this evening.' He tucked her fringe behind her ears as he watched her sniff.

'Lekin...' With Tannu? What does he need help with?' Okaay finee, you're coming back tonight though right?' She will not let him spend a night with her. It's not that she doesn't trust him or tannu; come on tannu is pregnant with someone else's child. She was just being possessive, yeah...

'Of course' he looked at her face and smiled, 'why, don't you trust me?' He raised his eyebrow, jealous jealous... 'Kuch jal raha hai, bahut tez se smell aa raha hai!' He teased only to be attacked by her, 'Ouch that hurts' he whined...

'Acha, yeh?' she whacked him again, he nodded with a frown... ' Good! aur lo' she continuously smacked him... 'Allah Miyaan ,what are you made of, pattar!!' She cried as she looked at her red hands.' I did more damage to myself than you' she played with her lips,
She laughed as she realised what she said; a lone tear fell from her eyes...

'Kya hua...' He asked concerned

'Jab aapko lag jati hai, uski assar mujh pe hota hai. Maar aap ka rahe the, lekin dard mujhe ho raha hai' she smiled.

'Humare rishta hi aisi hai... 'He stroked her face, wiping the tear off.

'I think you should get some sleep!' He told her as he watched her yawn. He pressed her hands before admiring her face... Her childlike innocence mesmerises him every time, he stepped backwards only to have her pull him back,

'Kya hua?' He looked at her; she led his eyes towards her bare feet and then the wet, muddy grass. She opened her eyes wide fluttering her eyelashes,

'Pleaaaseee' she showed him her puppy dog eyes.

'Agar aise chehra banaogi, I'll end up taking you to our bed' he smirked.

'Asad' she scolded him, before being scooped by his strong arms,

'Teek hai, we'll just practice today' he winked at her as she blushed hiding herself in his kurta.

'Rukhoo!' She stopped him before he walked out in to the rain. He watched her as she removed her dupatta and held it over them, and then she nodded her head,

'Let's go' she showed him her dimples. 

'Why does it always have to rain when we're having a moment' he grumbled as he stepped onto the grass, the muddy water splashed onto his white kurta pants.

'To make it more romantic...' She sighed at her cleanliness freak fiancee.


There in the distant lay a dark figure with a pair of binoculars in his hand, disguised as a plant in between the greenery.  

'Hello sir. I've found the girl!'

'At this time? Have you sneaked in to her bedroom or something?' asked the tired voice on the other side.

'No sir, I followed Asad Ahmed Khan, he has come to meet the girl. Wait sir- wow!'

'What?' snapped the voice.

'Sir, this is so romantic, she ran into his arms, they are swirling round and round. So cute! Woahhh!' He put his hands over his eyes.

'Shut up you fool! How dare you?'

'Sir I'm just telling you what I'm seeing'

'And what exactly are you seeing?'

'Sir, woh woh'

'Woh kya you bewakoof!'

'It's a bit X-rated; they're making out sir. My mother forbids me to watch such scenes so I covered my eyes!' answered the detective innocently,

'Your mother what? And.' The voice sounded frustrated, 'How on earth did you get this job' shouted the voice in disbelief, 'keep me updated of her whereabouts'

'Yes sir' and with that he ended the call. He looked up at the romancing couple and sighed, he put his hand on his chest, 'Mummy- mere dil ko kuch ho raha hai!'


'I'll get it!' shouted Zoya as she headed towards the door. She opened the door to see a man with a cute yellow top on, with "Moonsoon flourists' printed on the side of the top.

'Zoya Farooqui?' he asked to which Zoya nodded, 'Maam, special delivery for you' he smiled as he brought a huge bouquet of red roses in front of her. Zoya's eyes lit up seeing such beautiful flowers in front of her; Asad sure knows how to make her day. 'Ooops sorry maam, this envelope fell of it!' He handed her a red envelope and left. Zoya squealed in excitement as she closed the door and admired the bouquet. She held it in between her legs as she opened the envelope to reveal a red card. Red flowers, red envelope, red card; Asad might as well sent his blood too. Asad knows that her favourite flowers are carnations, then why would he send her red roses but then again Asad loves Zoya in red. She shrugged the thought off before reading the letter;

Laal, mere khoon ka rang, mere ishq ka rang... joh mere raagon mein dorta hai...  tumhare chahaat mein! Tum ho mere ishq, tum ho mere junoon. Yeh rang hi saboot hai ki mere ishq ka junoon kis hadh takh ja sakta hai!

'Asad bhi na' she shook her head before hearing the doorbell ring again. She dropped the card in between the flowers and opened the door once again. There stood another young man with the same top on as the previous guy. 'Yes?'
'Zoya Farooqui ke liye special delivery' he announced as he brought a bouquet of carnations in front of her; mixed with white, hints of pink, yellow, lavender and red. She narrowed her eyebrows at him; 2 in one day? 'Here you go madam' he handed her the flowers before walking off. Zoya lifted the white card attached to the flowers; These flowers are covered with my love; they symbolise our relationship, jab milogi, ek ek ki meaning bataunga, don't research! All I want to say is three simple words.

I want four back!

'Allah Miyaan, why does he do this? Turns everything into a puzzle!' She breathed out before calling out to the guy, 'Excuse me!' She yelled loudly. She ran towards him as he waited for her to reach him,

'Yes maam'

'Are there any more' she looked at both of her bouquets and stared at him questioningly,

'No maam, just two admirers today' he smiled at her.

'Erm 2? You mean they're not from the same person' she tried sounding normal,

'No maam!' he replied

'Are you sure?' She wanted to confirm her doubts. He nodded at her,

'Maam I can show you the receipts' he offered to clear her doubts.

'No that won't be necessary, could you do me a huge favour?' she looked at him as he waited for her to carry on; she passed one of the bouquets to him with the card. 'Could you write a message on the back of that card for me please?'
He walked towards his van with Zoya following and placed the bouquet on his driving seat before removing a pen as he waited for her to dictate,

'Blood test karwa lena aur mental asylum mein admit ho ja na!' she dictated in a calm composed manner as she shot a huge smile at his confused face. She watched him shrug and then place the card inside the card. Zoya took cash out of her back pocket and placed it in his hands, 'Please give this back to the person who ordered it' she said sweetly before turning on her feet and walking towards the house.
She looked at the flowers in her hand and smiled forgetting the incident that just took place. Asad is a hopeless romantic no doubt, but one thing will never change; him sending her stupid puzzles to solve. She laughed inwardly remembering the time they had a power cut back at their house. They all gathered in the living room, as her ammi decorated the whole house with candles. It was the perfect family get-together; they all suggested activities they could do to kill the time. Her Mr Akdu Ahmed Khan and his best friend Tannu suggested they played Sudoku. SUDOKU? Only she knows how she survived a heart attack that day and poor Najma nearly choked on her popcorn. Ammi flashed them a fake smile and reluctantly agreed to play the game despite them telling her not to. It was the only way to get Asad to spend some time with them or else he would've disappeared with his book. Well how much Zoya had prayed he did when she seen Jammy and IT get comfy as they played the game. It's obvious who murdered who and how many times mentally in their head as they won every round that day. Zoya stopped on her feet, why has this memory even popped up in her head. She stood there trying to figure out where her thoughts were going. Ah yes, the high point of the night, Asad sat beside Zoya as he explained the game to her, they electrocuted each other many times that night with their slight touches, the gamewas boring, but the players were not.
So Mr Khan wants to play scrabbles, crosswords? She rolled her eyes, 'Asad' she screamed mentally at her fiance. If she's a child, he's an old man. She puffed as she blew the strands off her face. She smiled at the flowers before walking inside.

PRECAP: 'Nanni-ma, how's my boyfriend?' she squealed down the phone as Asad watched her with eyes wide as saucers.

'FUDGE!!' called out a husky voice. Zoya along with the rest of the family turned towards the front door to see a male standing there with a suitcase and a backpack, staring at Zoya.
'Brownie' whispered Zoya as she stared back at him shocked.



Lmfaooo! I couldn't think of any other nicknames, they will probs change once I have a good think about it!
Here you go the next crappy chapter! I bet you guys are tired of this story now, unfortunately for you guys I won't stop until I finish it! Mwahahahhaha torture! Loool

Sorry for any mistakes, didn't proof read and ermm didn't mean to scare you with the last part too, sorry.

Let me know what you think of this part beautifuls. Much love xoxo




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