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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 40)

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First of all, thank you so much for your comments my lovelies, your amazing support means a lot. As for this next rushed part, you're going to kill me! Yes, I should've stuck to revision! I'm sorry if I upset you with this part, or if it's not what you expected. My heart cried writing this, I wish I could just stick to light romance. Do have a read; please don't stop half way dil paar pattar rakh ke paar lena, all of it! And please leave your feedbacks behind! Mwah!

Part 13- Part 1

'Please come inside' begged Zoya.

'If I come inside, I won't be able to leave without you, Zoya' explained Asad. They were both standing outside his car next to an open boot in front of Zoya's maayka. 'I'll see you tomorrow, I promise.' Asad took Zoya's hand into his and stroked it softly trying to make her understand. He took his other hand and put it into his pocket. 'Aur haan, this is for you' He placed her unwrapped gift in her hand, 'new phone, new number, new start?' He kissed her forehead. 'Take care of yourself.' Zoya pressed her eyes at him as they both slowly walked towards the front door with her luggage. He placed the luggage and turned around to leave.

'Asad...' She called back as he turned around to look at her, 'Call me' she motioned with her hands to her ear as she winked at him. They both let out a laugh as he shook his head at his crazy fianc.  Zoya blew him a kiss, he returned her a smile and walked towards the car. He sat in his seat as he looked up to meet her gaze, they conveyed so much without saying anything; just a little patience.
She waved him goodbye as she watched his car speed off into the distance.


Zoya lay on Zeenat's lap as they caught up with the happenings in India. She hadn't told her aapi about her losing her eyesight for a few months due to her pregnancy. Although, she's all better; her aapi has the tendency to cry and worry a lot.

'Mere bacha, so much has happened; how did you go through it all?' Asked a teary Zeenat as she kissed Zoya's forehead. Zoya discovering about her past, about her father and her sacrifice for her sister; Zoya is really a strong girl, and with Asad standing by her as her pillar, she never broke completely. Zoya had informed her appi about everything but slowly and gradually, leaving out the emotional details. Now that she was telling her face to face, Zeenat knew how much Zoya actually suffered emotionally; she knows this daughter of hers, she cannot hide her pain no matter how much she wanted to.

'Asad, if Asad wasn't there, I would've broken down a long time ago' smiled Zoya as she nuzzled into her appi's lap kissing her belly. Since she's come here, Zoya had been holding onto Zeenat and talking to the baby.

'Mujhe kushi hai ki tumhari zindagi mein Asad hain, he is a wonderful boy; perfect for you. I have witnessed deep love for you in his eyes. Woh sach mein, tujhe be intehaan mohabbat karta hai' Zeenat stroked Zoya's hair back, with a smile on her face. She has no more worries, Zoya has found the perfect life partner, perfect family and in a few days she will be settling down. Now she'll be able to face Zoya's mum, tell her that she gave her daughter to a very worthy man, who will treasure her for the rest of his life, filling her life with endless happiness.

'Haan' Zoya blushed as she closed her eyes. Zeenat smiled seeing Zoya likes this, how much she always wanted to see her blush; she too was madly in love. First love; the innocence, the purity, shyness along with the restlessness was clearly visible on Zoya's face. She was never like this with Asim; now Zeenat understood why Zoya used to say she sees him as a brother. She shook her head for assuming things like a typical parent.
She cupped Zoya's face and shook it lightly. 'Chalein, Laila's got the food ready' They both got up slowly and joined Anwar at the dining table.


Meanwhile in the Khan household, Asad was busy working on his laptop. He had been sat in his room for the last 3 hours in the same position trying to sort a contract out.
'Zoya, where's my cofee' shouted Asad for the upteenth time, and just like the times before, no reply. Asad got up from his seat and walked towards the door, he pulled the door open 'Zoya, where's my coffee? You know-' he stopped as he watched his Ammi, Najma and Tanveer look at him with wide eyes from the sofa. Asad closed his eyes as he remembered she was not here.
Dilshad had told Najma not to take coffee for Asad despite him asking for it numerous times. This was because every time he had asked for it, he had asked Zoya. Although she was gone, his mind hadn't registered it. He was asking for Zoya, the coffee was just an excuse.

'Kya hua Asad? Do you want coffee?' Asked Dilshad, wanting him to realise what he's doing.

'Haan, Ammi please... I've got a headache' He gave his ammi a half smile before walking back inside and closing the door behind him. He walked up to his window and let out a sigh. He pushed the windows open, letting the cool breeze hit his face as he breathed in the fresh air. He looked up into the sky and closed his eyes,

'I'm missing your daughter very much' he confessed to his mother in law. The whole house had gone unusually quiet and he didn't like it. He was used to listening to Zoya's voice, her laughter and how his home would become a circus at night with every single member of his family playing and dancing. He would occasionally pop out of his room and tell them to calm down, now he wished he hadn't ever told them to do that. The silence was making him impatient. He sat on the sofa and picked his phone up. He stared at it.

'Phone her, beta' Smiled Dilshad as she walked towards him with a mug of coffee. She handed him the mug as she sat beside him, 'I know you're used to Zoya's coffee, but I'm glad I've got the chance to make it for you before your wife takes over' teased Dilshad. Asad looked at his mother and smiled; he slowly slipped off the sofa onto the floor and lay his head on his mother's lap. She brushed his hair with her fingers as he closed his eyes and held her tight. 'Why don't you call her, Asad'

'I don't want to disturb her, she must be spending time with her aapi and jeeju, after a very long time' replied Asad without opening his eyes. Dilshad laughed, her son had changed. She thought he might deny missing her. She had been waiting for the day he would openly speak about his feelings towards Zoya. She could still remember the day she approached him regarding how he felt about her. That was the first day he opened up to his mother about his feelings; he couldn't deny it because it was visible in his eyes.
He had denied all those years of ever wanting to fall in love; because to him it didn't exist. There were times when she wished she could have brought him up in a different manner, and there were also times where she had wished he didn't face so much as a child.
But she was so proud of the man he grew into. The purity of his heart makes him so perfect. She had witnessed tender love and care, a sense of protection and possessiveness bursting out of him for her, his eyes screaming Zoya every time she disappears for a moment. This was what she had been waiting for all her life, her son had found true love; her heartfelt desire was fulfilled. He was once a part of her; she understands that if her son has true love, he has everything in life. There is nothing in this world that could satisfy a mother's heart than to know that her son has everything he needs in life. She felt content that her son was getting married to the love of his life. Her maternal pride and happiness for Asad had reached sky high as it turned out to be more than what she has ever dreamed of.


She pushed the large wooden doors open with all her strength. They were mighty huge; the state of them indicated that it was old, very old. Zoya took slow, steady steps as she entered into the dim hall, she looked around her, spinning on her feet, for the reason she came here. 'Asad' she called out, her voice echoed against the giant walls, tracing every inch of the hard stoned room before falling back into her ears. She looked at her hands; they were shaking, the echoes sent cold shivers down her spine. She tensed her body as she fisted her hands by her side,

'Asad' she called louder, yet again no reply.

'Asss-sad, where are you?' Her voice cracked as she took hesitant steps towards a grey door. She breathed in before holding the door knob and opening it. She pushed herself inside the faintly lit room; she crazily browsed around her; her eyes searching for just one person, every passing moment increasing her restlessness.

She stopped as she reached the middle of the room which was unusually brighter than the rest of the room,
'Asad' she whispered, she took slow steps forward and there he was.
She ran forward as fast as she could, she collided with the glass wall and bounced backwards onto the floor. She moved her hair off her face before slowly looking up to see Asad struggling on a chair trying to get loose; how did this happen? Asad had called her for a surprise, right?
'ASAD' she yelled as she got on to her knees, but no reaction.
She crawled around to have a look at the place, what's happening her worried mind wondered, why isn't he answering? She crept forward up to the barrier between them and placed her hands on the glass wall, stroking it delicately trying to get him out. Tears escaped her scared as eyes as she met his gaze, he was longing for her the same way she was for him.

She felt a pull on her hair; she flinched as she went flying back onto the floor. She supported her arms on the floor; she forced her shaking body to slant sideways as she looked up to see her abuser, her lips trembling. There was a dark figure standing over hair, despite the light, her face wasn't visible. Zoya's eyes widened as she looked around the room and then at the figure. Zoya looked at the person pleading to them to let Asad go.

'Chor do unhe, please let him go...'

'Let who go?' Answered the voice; a female voice.

'Asad kahan?' The known figure looked around her.

'Wahan' a shaky Zoya pointed towards the glass wall... The figure looked past her and let out a laugh.

'I think you're dreaming... You're going to die, Asad won't be able to save you today'

'Asad' whispered Zoya turning around to where he was sitting. She scuttled back to the glass clawing at it to get through, the laugh of the unknown person echoing back at her.

'Asad, Asad... Aap tik toh ho? Asad say something...' She put her cheek against the glass, breathing heavily as her tired fingers rubbed against the glass. She sobbed as she tried getting through.

She froze as she heard footsteps. She furiously wiped the glass as she looked on to see another unknown figure walk up behind Asad, it was male this time...

'FARHAAN!' whispered Zoya loudly as she watched him snigger behind Asad. She winced as she watched him slap Asad's face playfully from behind laughing maniacally.

'Didn't I say Zoya, that I will kill him' she heard him speak to himself.
'Farhaan, no please let him go, don't touch him, FARHAAAN PLEASE!' Zoya begged as she hit the wall in front of her.

'Zoya is mine. I'll make her mine' she heard him repeat.

'She will never be yours, Zoya in her heart, mind and soul belongs to me. You may have her with you physically, but you will never be able to attain her; because she is not yours to have. You will not be able win her heart, because it's not yours to win. Jis jung tum ladne ja rahe ho, uss jung tum toh kab haar chuke ho ' smiled Asad.
Zoya's eyes admired him as tears flowed from her eyes, that Asad who couldn't bear to hear her name from another man is sat there without any irritation, without any jealousy, without any anxiety, is sat there calm listening to Farhaan's taunts. Why? Because he has faith in his love, in his Zoya; that she only belongs to him. His calm composed words were like a silent challenge to the guy in front of him. He has challenged him to go ahead and do whatever he wants to, but know that his defeat is for definite.

'Asad' whispered Zoya as felt herself being dragged away.

'Oh hello, enough with the drama' yelled the woman behind her as she pulled Zoya away from the wall. She gripped Zoya by the hair and threw her into the middle of the room.

'Asad!!' shouted Zoya as she watched Farhaan put a rope around his neck,

'Asad is not here, he is at home!' said the woman, annoyed.

'Please do whatever you want to me, but please save Asad' pleaded Zoya as she held on to the woman's legs.

'Asad is at home, waiting for me' laughed the woman, kicking Zoya off her legs.

'But' Zoya's voice broke out as she watched Farhaan hit Asad.

'You know Zoya, I feel bad killing you but to attain Asad' Zoya looked up at the woman confused as to what she was saying, 'to marry him, I have to get rid of you, tschh!' the woman sniggered.

'Are you crazy? Asad will never marry you' spat Zoya as her eyes fell on Asad being tortured by Farhaan. Zoya squirmed on the spot, her breathing getting shorter and uneven, her Asad in danger, her Asad being beaten. Every hit on his body was piercing through hers. She could feel his pain, she grunted loudly as she felt a whiplash against her body; she fell to the floor sideways as she looked at the woman with teary eyes. She looked at Asad; why can't this woman see him? Was she dreaming? She lay there crushed, screaming every time she felt a sharp pain hit her body. It continued for a while as she tried reaching out to Asad who was in pain on the other side.

'Asad' cried Zoya as she scratched the floor, trying to get up. Every time she got up, she fell back down due to her weakness. She was bleeding from every part of her body yet her eyes remained locked on Asad, who just stared at one spot not reacting to the attacks to his body.

'GOODBYE ZOYA!' laughed the woman behind her.
Zoya gathered the strength to turn her body to the other side with support of her arms on the floor, she looked at the woman. She could smell something weird; she could feel something wet on the floor. She took her shaky hands and wiped the floor, she brought it back to her nose; gasoline. Zoya stared at the woman with wide eyes as she lit the match stick. She tried to get on her knees but she slipped back on to the floor. She stared at the woman helpless as she dropped the matchstick onto the floor and closed the door leaving behind a broken Zoya.

She watched as the fire surrounded her, with a smile on her face. She smiled at her fate; fate burns her every time she dares to love someone more than anything in this world. First her mother and now her Asad. She closed her eyes as she picked herself up, her legs trembling from the sudden weight put on them. She lifted her gaze and looked at her life.

Tears streamed from her eyes as she looked at him for the very last time, before her fate took her.

'Life is so cruel Asad, just when I wanted to live my life with you; it's playing games with us. What I'm seeing in front of me right now, is the game. It's asking me to choose Asad, life or death. I guess fate knew what my answer was; I'd rather die than live a life without you. And that is why, that woman brought me here. I'd rather be tortured than have you tortured. She couldn't see you because only I was playing the game' a smile formed on her lips.

'I cannot see you like this Asad, even if it's my imagination' She fell to the floor, 'ASADD' she yelled as she watched Asad being strangled through the blurry flames, 'don't hurt him, I'm going' her voice broke 'Asaddd' she whispered as her eyes reluctantly closed and the flames covered her...


He looked around the brightly lit room, there was no exit, and there was no entrance. There were three white walls, and one made of glass. He leaped towards each wall, punching it trying to break through. Where was he? Why was he here? What is going on? He marched back and forth trying to get out from the place. He stood in the middle pressing his forehead trying to figure out how he got here. His memory deceived him as he watched Zoya run around the terrace laughing as she teased him with her anklets. A smile formed on his lips as he watched her dance in front of him.

'Don't come near me' he heard a scared voice scream behind him. It sounded familiar; he swiftly turned around and froze.
It was Zoya, she had her back towards him as she entered the room. He watched her stumble backwards as a figure appeared in front of her. Who? Farhaan.
She moved backwards until she hit the wall. Asad leaped forward towards her until his body hit the wall. He looked at her shivering as Farhaan approached her. He placed his hand on the wall trying get to Zoya, pull her into his arms and protect her from this threat. His anger knew no bounds when Farhaan locked her in between his arms. She tried moving side wards but his arm pushed her back to her place. She let out a cry,

'Please let me go' pleaded Zoya.
'I didn't bring you here to let you go' replied Farhaan.  

'ZOYAAA' roared Asad, his fists hit the wall yet nothing broke. He kicked the glass wall continuously as he watched Farhaan chase her around the room, teasingly touch her and laugh every time she shrieked. He ran around the room trying to break through, his heartbeats getting faster and faster. He came back to the glass wall, and continuously attacked it. He picked up the lone chair behind him and smashed it across the glass. The chair broke into pieces as he stared at the glass; not a crack. Asad Ahmed Khan felt helpless, as he tried clawing at the glass trying to reach his Zoya.

'FARHAAANNN' a fierce Asad roared, his voice thundered in the room. Zoya was on the floor and Farhaan knelt down in front of her trying to close in on her. Asad attacked the glass in front of him yet again, his fists were bleeding yet no damage was done to the glass.

'Let her-' Asad gasped as the sudden sharp pain hit him from behind. Asad creased his upper back as he felt something piercing through him again and again. He gasped for air as he fell forward on to his knees; he took his hand to his back and pulled the sharp object out of him. He brought it in front of him and stared at the blood stained knife. He tried to keep his eyes open as he turned on his knees to the person who stabbed him. He looked up to see a dark figure dressed in a long dress, a female, his eyes tried to recognise the face in front of him. He heard her laugh uncontrollably,

'Tschh Asad, if you had let this pagalpaan of yours go, if you had let Zoya go you could've lived a happy life' said the voice. She seemed familiar.

'Who are you?' choked Asad as he tried to reach forward, she stepped back.

'Someone close' was all she said before she disappeared. Asad searched all around the room; she was gone. He slowly turned around to look at his Zoya for the very last time,

He tilted his head, 'I'm sorry Zoya, I couldn't protect you' a lone tear escaped his eye; he wiped it off smiling 'I'm hugging death before you. I always had this fear of losing y- ZOYA!' he fell forward trying to reach her,

Zoya picked up the bottle of liquid he was going to inject into her. She crushed the bottle with her hands and picked up the largest piece. A smile formed on her lips as she took the piece near her wrist;

'I belong to Asad, and I always will'

'ZOYAAA!' exhaled Asad for the last time before his vision became blurry.






PART 13 (2)

Anyone want to guess what's happening in this part?
I have no idea what I've written, I'm sorry guys don't kill me!
I'm sorry for ruining a cute love story! I promise I'll make it up to you guys in the next part!
Please ignore the mistakes, I didn't proofread.
Thank you for reading this hopeless piece,
Do leave your comments behind beautifuls!

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Saima-Syed IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
I'm hoping it is a really bad nightmare. Very well written thank u so much for the PM

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Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
Omg ... What was that ??? :O
I think AsYa are having a nightmare ...

Plzz continue soon 
Thanks for the pm :)

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Ceon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
i thnk its a horrible nightmare

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Lost_Somewhere IF-Dazzler

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I think AsYa are having two nightmares...Confused

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Jassieg Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
Ohhh...I just couldn't get wat was happening..and am very anxious to find out wat it really was.. Hats of to you for creating a mystery...Big smile

Plz update the next part soon.

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-Prinky- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
what was that ???
I think that was a nightmare of both, a horrible one
such a gr8 creation of mistery !!!!
egarly waiting for ur next update
plz do it fast
thx for pm

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Maazz Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Ok I just read the first part (a little slow I know, I haven't really been active on here) and this is amazing!! I'm sort of glad I found this late cos there's so many parts already done!!! Eep! Can't wait to read on!!!
You are a great writer!! Keep up the good work :D

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