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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 4)

sakshiA Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:27am | IP Logged
nice part.
cont soon.

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awesome IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:35am | IP Logged
mind blowing

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sowmya18 Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 8:26am | IP Logged
u should definitely continue.. Update soon!

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 8:46am | IP Logged

Hey guys this is part 2, I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments, it really means a lot to a nervous writer like me. I seriously appreciate it so a huge thank you lovelies. You guys really are a great bunch, the love I've received from you all have made my heart warm. Here is another part, hope you like it, I know most of the things are not realistic, anything is possible in our imaginary world, right? I will try to make it more real but I'm so inexperienced with all these things. All the mistakes made are mine, do leave your comments behind! As for PM's I don't even know the meaning of it, I'm new to this still haven't gotten used to it, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right way, so if anyone could help me out, I would highly appreciate it!

Part 2

Both future Mr and Mrs Khan sat at Asad's office eating their lunch in silence.

There were so many unsaid words in the air that it was becoming suffocating. Someone had to break the silence. They needed to speak to each other, Zoya wanted to ask about his behaviour earlier, ask him hum aapke hai kaun, talk about his proposal some months back, she wanted to explain why she said no and he wanted to tell her how he felt. She wanted to ask him why she feels restless around him. So many why's and the silence. Both being stubborn as each other just remained quiet. It's as if the silence was doing some saazish against them. Break the silence Zoya, just do it...

*Ring Ring*

Damn this phone, not as if we were having a moment or anything, shut up Zoya
'Miss Farooqui, pick up your phone'
'Haan, Helloo? Armaan!!! How are you?' exclaimed Zoya
Who the hell is this Armaan? Hearing another man's name from Zoya's mouth startled him, his heart jumped out of his body, fell on the floor and smashed into a million pieces. Well that's how he felt.
'I'm good too thank you, Mr Mallik ehh? Shut up with the formality, oh? Is it serious? Sorry,tell me what's wrong?' asked a curious Zoya. Armaan is the manager of ZZ engineering, most trustworthy employee of Zoya, and a close friend.
'Oh right, erm right now? I'm not at home atm, I'll have to video conference you in an hour.' Zoya continued. Dumbfound Asad just stared at her in awe trying to figure out what was going on at the other end of the line. Zoya seemed different; professional? He was shocked at his own thoughts, a confused Asad looked up to confirm his chain of thoughts to find Zoya staring back at him. She needed to use his laptop for a video conference, which seemed really important so he just nodded. Zoya mouthed a thank you before running to his desk.
'Okay Armaan, give me a moment please'
Zoya sat down on Asad's office chair and was about to swing on it when she remembered she had some important business to get on with. She put the phone down on the desk, and started typing away, 'I'll hang up now, it's connecting' Zoya started adjusting her hair and fixing her make-up using his marble stoned desk table as a mirror. She looked up to see Asad looking at her like what the hell are you doing? she rolled her eyes at his narrowed eyebrows and got back to the laptop.
'Miss Farookieee!' said a voice from the screen
'I told you to call me Zoya Armaan, no formality in our relationship!' Asad tensed at hearing this, no formality with him but what about our relationship, she calls me Mr Khan, does that mean we have a formal relationship? A jealous Asad was thinking of the worst. He held his breath, he's gonna kill someone.
'Okay Zoya, back to the reason I called you, remember the BB Project, well it's today right, sorry to disturb you, but the client's wanted to talk to you about the quotations before they signed the contract. I know how important this deal is for you so I thought instead of rearranging the meeting, I'll contact you directly as the clients are here at the office, they're going out of the country tomorrow' replied Armaan. Zoya looked at him, the poor guy looks tensed and hasn't eaten in months. There were dark circles around his eyes, no sleep either, what am I going to do with this guy. He's obsessed with work.
'No worries Armaan, I totally understand, thank you for everything, I know I've put a lot of pressure on you and the workload must've increased, why don't you adjust the camera and I'll talk through the quotations' Zoya spoke. Asad just stared at her, project? Deal? Office? What's going on? What does Zoya have to do with all this?
'Hello Mr Callum, I'm sorry for not being present at the meeting.' Zoya spoke to another unknown voice for 15 minutes, numbers, softwares while Asad just stared at her professionalism. Who is this girl in front of me, is she the same girl I said could not handle any responsibility? I insulted her for not being able to be serious about anything. How wrong was I? Little did he know that there were more revelations to be made. 
'Okay then, thank you very much for everything. I hope you understood the details. I'll hand you over to our amazing manager.' She shot them one of her dimpled smile. Never fails her with any of her clients. Satisfied with everything, Zoya waited for a moment before she put on her serious face 'You Mr Mallik are giving me a call tonight, you have a lot of answering to do'
'Ermm yeah sure Zoya, thanks talk to you later' said a nervous Armaan and with that they ended the call. Zoya sighed before closing the laptop and complaining to God ' Allah Miya what is wrong with these people, workaholics!' She blew the strands of her face before pouting. Asad let out a laugh, looked at her to see a serious Zoya glaring at him. He coughed before asking 'What was all that about Miss Farookui, who's Armaan?' He didn't want to ask but he had to clarify who the gair mard in her life was. I mean what was with the call me tonight all about, she cheating... 'Oh shut up Asad, she's not your wife' his inner voice bought him back to reality. 
'Oh Armaan, my company manager and a friend and that was a conference call from my office' Zoya answered. Asad mentally picked up the pieces of his heart and glued them back together, false alarm. He sighed a breath of relief.
'So you work Miss Farooqui? Suprising, you never said'
'You never asked Mr Khan, and what's so surprising about that' she glared at him.
'Erm nothing, I mean you don't seem like a work person, and Armaan your manager, why is he asking for help from you?'
'Oh they wanted to go over the quotations for an important deal that's why, and you always judge a person without knowing anything about them'
'Your manager Armaan, must be nice giving you 8 months holiday'
'Why would he give me a holiday? And yeah he's nice'
'Because he's your manager'
'So what if he is my manager?'
'Ms Farookie, why do you always confuse yourself. Where do you work?'
'ZZ Engineering and Co, and what are you talking about Mr Khan?'
'Oh right, that's a very good company, I read on the World Business Article 6 months back that ZZ Engineering's is becoming known worldwide. I read the owner's interview, do not like the way he runs his business, it's as if he does not have any business sense, nonetheless a great businessman, I agree with his beliefs and morals...' Asad went on.
Zoya just looked at him, furious isn't even the word, he doesn't like the way I run my business? HIS? Either Asad has forgotten she means a WOMAN or the article printed it wrong.
'And what exactly don't you like about the way I run my business Mr Khan? And thanks for the compliment but it's businesswoman' she shot at him, she emphasised the W-O-M-A-N as if she was spelling it out to a kid who doesn't know the meaning of it.
'Well he thinks its fun... Wait what did you say? Your busi-nesss' Asad bit his tongue. He just assumed it was man since it was a successful business in NY and the stupid article didn't mention the gender of the owner 'you 17th century sexist chauvinist doofus' poked his inner voice... wait wait... Zoya owns ZZ engineering, Zoya an entrepreneur?! Wow his Zoya is so talented, he was rejoicing inside he was so proud of this girl, he looked up to see a questioning Zoya staring at him waiting for an answer. He gulped, he wanted to drown in his own words...
'Woh you seem pretty close to Armaan, the manager' He blurted out.
'Mr Khan you will never change, for your information he is my employee, but I can't deny he is also a close friend who has supported me since I started the business 4 years ago, a trustworthy friend' all her anger went, a smile formed on her lips and then a frown 'he is a workaholic, on top of that I've given him all my workload' she went on 'but Mr Khan you always judge me without knowing any of the background information. I don't question you when you go hugging Tan-' she bit her tongue. Asad raised his eyebrow, she turned her face the other way 'He is just a friend' Asad was relieved to know that he was just a friend but he was jealous thinking about another man in her life. He closed his eyes, he hurt her yet again, why does he always do that, why does he not think twice when it comes to her 'I'm sorry Zoya'
'Nevermind Mr Khan' She turned around and sat on the sofa. She started clearing up the lunchboxes.
'Zoya, look at me' Zoya looked up to meet his apologetic gaze, she had unshed tears in her eyes but seeing him apologising made her heart melt, why does he have that effect on me?
'I'm so'
'It's okay' she smiled at him. Their relationship is at a point where she cannot be angry at him for too long, his one look melts her heart, every time she looks at him, she sees that unseen Asad who stood by her when she was about to fall.
Asad got up, put his black coat back on, walked to his desk and turned 'Miss Farookie, let's go..'
'Where?' asked a confused Zoya.
'Miss Farookie you ask too many questions, if you trust me, then please come with me' Asad looked into her eyes, Zoya stood up and walked to his side. A smile formed on his lips, without saying anything she answered a lot of questions and cleared a lot of doubts, 'I can't wait any longer Zoya, I need to close this distance between us, and it's time to make some promises and speak the unspoken' thought Asad, he held her hand and slowly walked out of the office.

Precap: The proposal...



I have no idea what I've just written. Sorry to disappoint you yet again! Do leave your comments behind. I have a feeling I totally won't be able to do justice to the title :/
Btw, ignore the mistakes made with the meeting via video conference. I just wanted to make one point and that is that Zoya is a fun loving owner of ZZ engineering, god knows what kind of a business it is so I didn't know how to explain all the businessy stuff. None of it is realistic, just a figment of my imagination, which isn't very creative loool

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life4me IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Very nice. Please continue soon.

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rennie Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
liked this ff...do continue soon...pls accept my buddy request and add me to ur pm list...

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A.Hajnal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Nice anf a very good one...Smile

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Fimmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Lovely ff...
Plz cont soon...

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