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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 36)

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sooo romantic...

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i am so sorry for commenting so late...but i still managed b4 the next partLOL

this part was so romantic...u r doing an awesome job!!!

cont soon!!!

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awesome =)

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Plz soon

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Late update, the recent QH episodes, spoilers and promos have made me crazy. My sleep along with my writing has deteriorated! Yes, I'm going to deprive you off sensuous scenes, because too much mithaas/meetha, is bad for health! Diabetes you know, I worry for you guys! LOOL, do have a read and hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you again for your tremendous support. Much love! Mwah! xxx

Part 12

It was a long love filled night as they danced around the balcony teasing each other, and laughing openly.  The only noises were theirs echoing back at them. They were living in the moment, in their own dream world where there was no one but them. They lay under the dark sky as they filled the atmosphere with their love, lightening up the space around them.

In normal circumstances, when you do not have time left, you try speed things up in your life, trying to get everything done in the limited time possible. This night was very short compared to every other, but it seemed longer than no other, with choti choti moments you could spend the rest of your lives with... Time had stopped momentarily for our lovers.

Zoya opened her eyes to see her wrapped in his arms under a soft blanket. She admired his face; he looked very peaceful as the dim light in the distant touched his face, the sun was rising the night was coming to an end. She took her hand and placed it on his cheek caressing it softly brushing his hair backwards off his forehead. Asad was beautiful in the sense that his physique defined perfection, but as she admired his face she noticed that; he IS flawless. His lips, his nose, his eyes; Asad does not define perfection, perfection defines Asad. In Zoya's eyes; Asad was always very handsome. It's just that Asad makes her lose herself in his eyes with his endless praises of her beauty, that she's never been able to show him how beautiful he is in hers. No doubt he was attractive before, but today he has surpassed all attractions.

Behind his akdu face she had discovered a lover; behind the mask of this lover, she had found an innocent soul. You could find a million words to describe the beauty of a person, but her words had fallen short to describe Asad. The innocence and purity of his soul was glowing on his face, as she looked into the distance to see the shy sun rising slowly.

She wanted to watch the sun rise with him, but did not want to disturb his sleep. She buried herself deeper into his chest trying to save her shivering body from the cold, covering him with the blanket; he was enough to cover her. She carried on staring at him, treasuring his peaceful face in her eyes.

'Your intense gazes are burning my face' he said without opening his eyes as his grip tightened around her.

'Haan, aap? you're not sleeping?' She blushed,

He opened his eyes slowly,

'Duniya ki sabse khoobsurat ladki mere baahon mein soh rahi hain, aur mein soh jaunga? Iss kambakht raat bhi khatam ho gayi, tumhe jee bhaar ke dekh  bhi nahin paya' He kissed her head as she smiled at him and her thoughts,

'Asad aapke saath mujhe suraaj ko uthe huye dekhna chahti thi. It's beautiful, hai na?' She opened her eyes wide as she took it all in pointing towards the distant, Asad nodded as he intertwined his hand with hers. He slowly shook the swing as they stared at the sun dispersing its colours into the sky, lightening up the world around them.

He sighed heavily, 'Zoya go and freshen up...' she held his hand tighter for what was coming next,

'You have to leave soon, I'll drop you off' he said without looking at her as he felt her tense. He got up and slowly picked her up wrapping the blanket around her. He put his arms around her and supported her as they walked inside.

Dilshad woke up early that morning. She was about to open the door to her room when she heard the exit door open. She stepped back in and peeped through the door when she seen Asad and Zoya walk in. She smiled to herself seeing them in each other's arms. These fourteen days were going to be hard for them; it was visible on their faces. When you get used to seeing a person in front of you always, it's hard being away from them even for a moment. Their presence makes you feel calm, and when they disappear; restless.

Asad was always a reserved individual.  He was just waiting for the right girl to enter his life so that he could shower her with all his love. Haaan, emotionally challenged lagta tha, but the love Dilshad has seen in his eyes for Zoya; her heart felt content, her son was complete.

Even she doesn't want Zoya to leave, but she understood how Zeenat felt; as a mother it's hard letting your daughter go. Zeenat needed to spend as much time as she could with her, fulfilling all her heart felt desires with her daughter before sending her off. Dilshad too would do the same with Najma.


Zoya walked out of her bathroom after a cold shower despite already feeling cold. She smiled to herself; Day one Sagai, 13 days till Nikaah. These thirteen days will fly by dreaming of her Nikaah, yes of course, no no, they're not separating; they're just going to spend some time with their respective families preparing for the wedding. They will constantly meet up; for shopping, for the planning, for dinners.

She was completely wet; her wet curls stuck to her neck with water dripping off the tips continuously. Zoya hadn't noticed that she wasn't fully dressed as she walked out of the bathroom in an unusually long kurta, lost in her own thoughts. She was about to go in front of her mirror when she heard a knock outside her door,

'Must be tamater, sweet of her to help me pack' she said to herself. 'Come in tamater' she shouted picking up her towel. The door slowly opened behind her and a moment later clicked shut. 'Tamater, suitcase wahan hai' she pointed with the towel in her hand before starting to dry her hands.

'You know tamater, tumhe mere saath lekar jaati lekin kya karoon? Ammi needs looking after, woh akele hain aur tumhari woh akdu bhaijaan kam mein busy hojayenge' She made a face as she spoke. 'Lekin, I need a favour off you' she turned around wrapping the towel on her head,

'Haan, what favour?' Asked Asad with his arms crossed, raised eye brow, holding something white in his hands.

'Woh aap, yahan? Did you knock, you can't just enter a girl's room like that Asad' she yelled at him, as her hands stopped wrapping and the towel dropped to the floor. Her hair dispersed all over her face, as she stood there trying to get it off her face and spitting as few strands went into her mouth. She fussed with it for a while and then looked up at him for an answer.

'I did knock, and you told me to enter' he said without moving an inch.

'I asked Tamater to enter, aapke kaan kharab hogaye kiya?'

'Zoyaa!' he gritted his teeth, stepping forward. Zoya gulped and stepped back. His akduness is coming back,

'Zoya ki- kiyaaan?' She yelled back stuttering out some words, she came forward and crossed her arms.

'Can I have my kurta please?' he asked pressing his temples, massaging it back and forth. She will drive him mad.

'Why would I have your kurta, go check in your wardrobe baar baar stupid excuses lekar mere room mein ghuss jate ho' she chided him. Why would she have his kurta?

'Zoyaa' he breathed out, 'please give it to me.'

'I don't have it Asad'

'then what are you wearing?' he asked with a smirk at the sight of her, she had his kurta on which rested three quarters down her legs, with nothing on underneath. She put her hair to one side, which was dripping leaving wet marks on the side of her kurta, if the kurta wasn't so loose it would've stuck to her skin making every part of her body visible. Asad closed his eyes, thank god her kurta WAS NOT stuck to her body, he would've lost all his control; he was just about managing to hold it in seeing her like this.

Zoya narrowed her eyebrows, why would she wear his kurta; she took HER kurta in the shower right? 'Asad what nonsense aapke kurta' she looked down at her body; she had his kurta on. She stared down at her body with wide eyes; she was so sure she grabbed her folded white kurta. She closed her eyes, she was so consumed in her own thoughts that she did not realise whilst putting it on that it was unusually big, long and loose. On top of that, she walked out with no pants on, great! She looked up at his grinning face 'bahut pasand hai, aapke kurta mujhe bahut pasand hai, isiliye pehen liya' she shouted with a false laugh, 'Kaahaan se khareeda? I want one just like it sorry. Sorry I had to take this without asking you' she continued pulling the kurta down with her hands, with the hope that it would magically cover the rest of her legs. She grabbed the towel off the floor, opened it up to the floor, she then took it in front of her and held it below her waist.

'Achaa, mujhe laga galti se exchange hua hoga' he held her kurta away from him with one hand and shook it in the air...  'Ya tumhe yeh laga jaise tumhe larko ki kurta pehen ne ka shok ho gaya hai, yeh mere liye rakh ke aya ho: pehen ne ke liye?'  He raised his eyebrow in anticipation. He looked at the kurta and then at her.

'Haan woh' Zoya fumbled with her words, embarrassed wasn't the right word right now.

'Haaan?' He looked at her confused ' galti ke liye ya rakhne ke liye?'


'Aapko bohot suit karega' she blurted out due to her nervousness. He looked at her with wide eyes 'I mean nahi karega' she shook her head as she gulped... 'Galti... Galti se aapke room mein chale gaye' she looked at him in the hope that he'll believe her...

'Toh tumhe larkon ka kurta pehen ne ka koi shok nahin?' She shook her head furiously in a no, as she bit her bottom lip, her breathing got shorter and uneven as she tried to calm herself down.

'Galti se exchange ho gaya?' She nodded at him, 'tumne galti se bhi pehen liya?' She nodded innocently at him again, with a slight frown.

He chuckled to himself, before throwing the kurta at her. It landed on her head covering her face. She pulled it down slowly peeking through it with her half open eyes.

'There you go; I've given you your kurta... Now can I have mine? Mujhe pehen na hai' he asked with a hidden smirk on his face. He put his hand out,

'Wohh, I'll give it to you after getting changed. Aap jaye, I'll drop it off in your room'

'I need it now though' he took a step forward, with a naughty look on his face.

'I said I'll give it to you' replied Zoya, taking a step back. She looked at his face, something didn't seem right.

'But I...' He took another step forward.

'Asad if you dare take another step' she yelled pointing her finger at him.

'Toh kiya?' He crossed his arms,

'Mein ammi ko bhulaungi' she threatened him.

'Acha ammi ko' he raised his eyebrows, he looked at the door and then at her, ' and say what?' He stared at her flustered state.

'Woh aap' she looked at herself and then at him... 'mujhe na, bahut buk lagi hai' she put her hand to her stomach.

'Tumhe kiya?'

'Haan buk lagi hain, mein change karu? Yeh baat hum baad mein karenge' she tried to get him to forget why he stepped forward towards her. She rushed forward only to have his arm shoot out to his side around her belly to stop her; she turned her face to the side to meet his gaze, flicking her wet curls onto his face as she played with her lips. She held her breath and froze as he slowly removed her hair from his face. Without removing his grip, he pulled her closer turning his body towards her. He grabbed the collar of her kurta and pulled it towards his face half lifting Zoya with him. He wiped his face with it before letting her go, laughing within from seeing Zoya's face; it was tensed, she was expressionless as she did not know to react.

'Lekin mujhe abhi karna hai' he said in a tone that made Zoya shiver, he jokingly tried to grab her hands again when she jumped back,

'Wohh' she put her hand to her stomach, 'Baad mein' Zoya swiftly turned around trying to get away from meeting his gaze,

'Rukhoo' Zoya stopped on her feet as she watched him walk towards the door, he put his hand on the door knob before slightly turning his body 'thera din baad, tumhare yeh bukk baad mein lagna chahiye' he smirked, before walking out of the room.

Zoya opened her mouth to speak but closed it again. She looked at herself and then the door. As realisations dawned upon her, she blushed a deep red. She ran up to the door and locked it before leaning against it. She took her hands and pulled the kurta on top of her chin before letting out a laugh and smacking her head.


'Jammy woh' Tanveer entered his room to find him buttoning his shirt. Asad looked up in horror before turning his back on her in haste. He buttoned his shirt quickly before answering her,

'Tanveer, my door was closed. Anyways what's the matter?'

'Sorry, I forgot to knock' she said innocently, 'I need your help Jammy.'

'What with? Is everything okay?'

'I need you to come-'

'Asad, yeh lo aapka kurta' chirped Zoya as she walked into his room with her happy go lucky expression plastered on her face. She looked up to see Tanveer in his room, she looked at the kurta and hid it behind her back. She breathed out before staring at Asad and then Tanveer. 'Anything special, I could come back later' she said with a straight face.

'Haan woh' said Tanveer, only to be cut short by Asad,

'Nahi' he half yelled, shaking his head. 'Tanveer needed help with something, nothing private' he justified Tanveer's presence.

'Okay, I just came to give you this' she said with the same expressions. She walked up to him and placed the kurta in his hand whilst Tanveer watched. She turned around to leave when he put his arm over her shoulder,

'So Tanveer, you were saying?' he looked at Tanveer as his grip tightened around an agitated Zoya, avoiding her killer looks.

'Haan woh' Tanveer explained only to be ignored by Asad. Asad and Zoya were looking at each other with wide eyes, nodding and shaking their heads, making eyes at each other. Asad and Zoya were having an eye to eye argument, forgetting that Tanveer was even in the room.

'Jammy who I really need-' she looked up to see them both of them staring at each other. Asad faced Tanveer,

'Haan sorry, what did you say?' He apologised,

'Looks like you're occupied; we'll sit down and talk after breakfast. You're going today aren't you Zoya?' asked Tanveer with a hidden smirk on her face. Asad and Zoya looked at each other,

'Haan, tum nikaah tak yahi rukhogi na?' replied Zoya with a smile on her face. Asad wanted to laugh at her childish behaviour,

'Of course she is' answered a grinning Asad on behalf of Tanveer only to get a glare off Zoya. He was playing with fire and he knew it. Tanveer smiled before leaving the room.

'Zoya, what was that? What's your problem with Tanveer?' he asked facing her.

'Nothing, apart from the fact that your focus is always on her' she narrowed her eyebrows, she pushed him back, 'you're going today aren't you Zoya' she imitated Tanveer, moving her hands in the air dramatically. 'She's talking as if I'm leaving forever!' she breathed out.

'Zoya, relax she didn't mean that!' He put his hand on her shoulder only to be shrugged off by her,

'Don't tell me to relax' she puffed before storming out of his room. Asad sighed as he stared at her retreating back; girls and their mood swings. He shook his head; Zoya looks strikingly attractive (hot) when she's angry. Maybe that's why he never takes her seriously when she loses her temper, which makes her burst even more.


'Ammi, aapna khayal rakhna' Zoya hugged Dilshad, 'Relax okay, no stress' she advised her mother before pulling back. Dilshad stroked her face lovingly,

'Jaldi aana beta, yeh ghar aur hum, tumhare intezaar mein rahenge' smiled Dilshad. 'Tumhare jaane se suna ho jaye ga, lekin iss umeed mein kush rahenge ki thera din baad, jab tumhare yeh do kadmein iss ghar mein padenge, toh iss ghar phir se kheel utenge, humesha ke liye. We'll be waiting for our permanent sunshine impatiently' Dilshad cupped Zoya's face and kissed her forehead. A lone tear escaped Zoya's eyes, Dilshad wiped it off shaking her head.

'Skip this emotional drama, I'll see you in the evening' winked Najma hugging Zoya. Both girls let out a laugh as they held each other tight.

'Ahemm, chalein' coughed an impatient Asad who had been standing at the door with Zoya's suitcase for the past half an hour, watching Zoya and his ammi's emotional departure hugs. He rolled his eyes seeing them cry and mentioning they'll be going shopping together tomorrow. Why cry and empty your tanks? Women these days.

'Haan, chalo' sniffed Zoya dramatically letting Najma go, she looked at him with her cute wala face, wide eyes; what to do with this girl! She waved everyone a good bye, before walking out behind Asad.

'Finally bala taali, dekhna Zoya, tumhari yeh temporary departure kaise permanent ho jaye gi. Jaise iss ghar se door ho rahi ho, waise ek din tum Asad ki zindagi se bhi door ho jao gi, tsch! Tooo bad! Ta ta ta!' Tanveer whispered to herself as she waved them off.



'Hello, Billo Rani tumhare liye ek kaam hai' said Razia over the phone.

'Ab yaad ayi humari, itne din toh mere phone calls nahi utha rahi thi' scorned Tanveer.

'That's because you're not doing your work properly, it's been a month and you still haven't obtained the evidence Asad has against me'

'And that's my fault, why do you do such things in the first place?' smirked Tanveer, 'aur waise bhi, the doll is long gone you can be assured about that, but the other evidence, I have heard nothing about. No one is willing to discuss why Asad bailed Rashid Ahmed Khan out after putting him in jail himself' told Tanveer,

'You're not trying hard enough! Lekin, if he had found the recording in the doll or if he had any other evidence; he would've put me in jail by now. If he had proof he would not have just threatened me. Could he be bluffing that he has proof?' Raziya questioned herself as a quiet Tanveer listened.

'Oh hello, I'm still here! That's your business, my next instalment is tomorrow, yaad hai na?' poked Tanveer, as long as she gets her money, that's all that matters.

'You'll get it, in fact this next work will get you double the amount you're already getting' She listened as the line went quiet before continuing, 'that girl, with Asad, who is she?'

'That's his fiance' answered Tanveer.

'Okay, what's her background like, where does she come from?'

'She's from New York, her parents are dead; she was adopted by a woman she calls aapi and her husband'

'How old was she when she was adopted?'

'About 4 years, why are you asking?'

'Woh woh bach gayi' stammered Razia, as the phone went dead.

'Kon, hello Razia Bi, Kaam-' Tanveer put the phone down and shook her head; buddhi has lost her mind!


Zoya sat quietly in the car fumbling with her ipad trying to make use of the silence in the car. Asad hadn't uttered a word since they got out of the house.



'Kya baat hai? Why are you so quiet?'

'Bas, kuch nahin hai' he mumbled staring ahead.

'ASAD STOP THE CAR!' The car screeched to a halt, he looked at her worried,

'What happened are you okay?' he asked with concern, he turned her to face him and cupped it delicately, she nodded with her face in his hands, Asad breathed out.

'You're not okay, Asad. What's wrong?' She put her hands on top of his and squeezed it.

'Woh Fa-' No he couldn't tell her that he was worried that Farhaan might try to contact her although he's sorted her security and everything out. He's made sure no one knows about her whereabouts during her stay at her appi's and he has arranged security for all the wedding functions. He had decided to accompany them for all their shopping; for the sake of his family. It's difficult with their Nikaah happening in 13 days and the whole of Bhopal knowing about it; thanks to ammi. He wants Zoya with him, in his home, in their home, in his arms; protected from the rest of the world. Hearing Farhaan's voice last night before the engagement has made him anxious. He doesn't want him to breathe anywhere near her. Asad had promised he will never let anyone come near her, he'll protect her; and that's what he'll do.
There is something that's pulling inside of him; he just doesn't know what it is. Is it that he always wants her in front of his eyes? Or is it that his heart feels restless without hers? His mind and heart tumbled upside down inside of him. There's a constant fear within him; of losing her.
They say when your heart and mind fights within you; it's usually because they're trying to take control. Truth is, the heart and the mind fight only to make you aware; aware of your feelings, aware of the things around you and most importantly, aware of the dangers coming your way. If only Asad could understand these signs. But then again, if he could understand these things so easily he would've confessed that he gave his heart away to Zoya the day he encountered her for the very first time, the day her angelic face came in front of him; since that day, his heart and mind set out on a battle to make him understand, understand that she's the one.

'Woh kuch nahin, just a little tired.'

'Really? Nothing more than that?' She knew he was lying but if he wasn't telling her then it must be for her own benefit.

'Really' He smiled at her.

'Vaise...' She cleared her throat whilst he drove off, ' Aapna khayal rakhna...'

'Yeh toh mujhe tumhe kehna chahiye... Musibat se zara door rehna,' he chuckled.

She hit his arm,

'Hawww!! I'm not finished yet' he shut up before she throws another tantrum. 'Overwork maat karna, I know you're trying to get everything done before the nikaah but relax, ammi aur najma ka khayal rakhna, eat on time, najma ko daatna maat, phirse akdu maat ban jaana, tanveer se ek metre door rehna...' She paused as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes; he was smirking. 'Haan possessive hoon, best friend ke saath bhi share nahi kar sakti!' She gave him a serious look, ' aur don't look at other girls, aur haan, mujhe miss karna,' she ordered. Asad looked at her,

'Lekin devdas maat baan jaana' she winked at him as she burst out laughing.

'Zoya tum bhi na... You'll never change!' He shook his head,

'Haan, I'll never change! If I change, who'll harass you?' she looked at him innocently, playing her eye brows up and down like a child. She got the courage to lift her hands up and pull his cheeks; how much she always wanted to do that. Asad stopped the car and looked at her, putting his hand up to rub the area she pulled.

'Zoya' he glared at her,

'Kya' she flapped her eyelashes,

'Tum' Zoya slapped her seatbelt off and opened the car door as he jumped to grab her only to fall back on his seat as his belt tightened around him, shaking the car. Zoya laughed as she whacked the door shut on him, with him throwing daggers at her through the glass window. He unfastened his seat belt and joined her outside. He walked around the car towards her as she ran around the opposite side.

'Yeh kya tha,' he asked as he stood in front of the car moving side to side waiting for her to show up on either side.

'Kya?' She yelled hiding behind the car.

'Woh andaar' he pressed his forehead as he stared at his car, 'Zoya, why the hell are you hiding?' He stretched sidewards to get a glimpse of her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

'I'm hiding from you' he heard her yell.

'Kyun?' He walked slowly around the car. 'Zoya?' he asked as he watched her sat on the floor with her hands on the car for support. She slowly looked up at him startled almost falling backwards with a shocked expression. She looked at him confused and then smiled.
Asad just stared at her; what is she doing? Zoya got up with Asad's support.

'Mujhe laga woh aap andaar' she moved his eyes to the car and made an apologetic face. He looked at her confused before realising why he got out of the car.

'Zoya tum' he stepped forward as she stumbled back a few steps.

'Asad, sorry! Woh mere andaar se ek awaaz aya tha, to pull your cheeks' she shrugged her shoulders, 'So I did it! Mere galti nahi hain!' she frowned.

'Awaaz, tumhare andaar se awaaz aya?' He lifted his chin at her, nodding his head.

'Haan! Seriooouslyyy' she nodded in her classic baby voice.

'WOW! Apart from food, at least your inside asks for something else!' he reminded her of the incident that took place in her room. 'Lekin, guess what, mere andaar se bhi kuch awaaaz aa raha hai' he pouted slightly as he faced his ear towards her to indicate that he's listening to his inner voice.
She stared at his behaviour, in a spur of the moment; she too slanted her body forward to listen to his "inner voice." She stretched forward further as she couldn't hear anything almost falling over. Once she composed herself, she stood rooted at her spot and looked up at him to see his arms folded, and a smirk playing on his lips.
He raised his eye brow at her as she twisted her mouth realising she fell for his stupid joke.

'Suna?' He asked her. She narrowed her eyebrows putting her hands on her waist.

'You think I'm stupid?' she put her foot out to come towards him but decided otherwise.

'I don't think so, I know so' he said confidently stepping forward.
'Aur, you know what my inner voice is saying, it's saying' he held onto her gaze as he stepped forward with his hands towards his back, 'it's saying' he whispered repeating the words over and over again.

'WHAT?!' shouted an impatient Zoya stepping back wards.

'It's saying' he carried on whispering, 'ZOYA stop!'

'Kyaaa' shouted Zoya as she fell backwards into a muddy puddle. Asad froze half way with his arms out and one leg in the air in an attempt to save her. He balanced himself before bursting out laughing seeing her state.
Zoya hit her bum on to the hard ground as the dirty water went splashing everywhere. She looked at her clothes; dirty. She spat out the hair in her mouth and tied her hair up. She threw daggered looks at him whilst pushing herself up. He put his hand out but she refused. Zoya pulled her tucked shirt out from her jeans and rolled her sleeves up.
Asad tried holding his laughter in, if he says anything now; she'll burst! He came closer to her and put his hand on her face. He wiped the muddy droplets of water off her face as she looked up at him with wide eyes. He took his hand to the other cheek to wipe the mud off but she held his hand. She grabbed at his shirt pulling his body close to her, took her face close to his chest and wiped the mud off with his shirt. She pulled back and stared at him,

'What are you looking at?' She chided him before walking away. He just stood there trying to figure out what had just happened. She didn't blast? She came back behind him and put her arms under his, hugging him from the back. She lifted herself up from behind, kissed him on the cheek she pulled earlier. She felt Asad smile so she lifted herself further and tilted her face side wards to have a look at him; dimples!
He put his arms around her and held her tightly on his back as he walked towards the car.

'Aur haaan, your inner voice; baad mein' she whispered into his ears. Zoya removed her hands and wrapped them around his neck, nuzzling her face in to his neck as he wriggled slightly from the teasing tickles.

'Zoya, behave! Or else tumhari yeh 'baad mein' abhi ho jaye ga!' He warned her as she rested her cheek against his. Her grip tightened around his neck as he opened the door and placed her into the car. She reluctantly let go and sat there staring at him to fasten her seatbelt. Asad shook his head before wrapping it around her. He brushed her nose with his finger and placed a kiss on it as she beamed up at him.

PART 13 (1)


There you go, I apologise for a late update. REVISION IS KILLING ME! Such a fail seriously!
Hope you guys enjoy this, sorry for any spelling mistakes, or any mistakes; they're all mine!
Do leave your comments behind beautifuls.

NOTE: Bol na halke halke sequence happened before Zoya's blind incident, pyaasi aatma, Rashid release etc minus Tanveer's entry which happened after Zoya recovered. Hope it makes sense, I'll explain in the next few chapters.

Sorry the pace of the story is going really slow, exams next week! Do remember me in your prayers lovelies! xoxo



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Great updt. Cont soon

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It was awesome Smile Eagerly waiting for the next part Smile

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Wow..nice part..thnks 4 d pm...

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ASYA FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi (THREAD 2) Chapter 38/page25

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Author: MrMrsAsyaKhan   Replies: 213   Views: 35756

MrMrsAsyaKhan 213 35756 02 February 2017 at 8:11pm by Chillichick
AsYaFF: Thread #1 Train Ride.Thread #2 link on Page 1

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Author: .LilGreenRobot.   Replies: 1154   Views: 189460

.LilGreenRobot. 1154 189460 25 November 2014 at 1:12am by A.Kh_20

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Author: MILII_BAKSHI   Replies: 1213   Views: 91921

MILII_BAKSHI 1213 91921 16 November 2013 at 3:53pm by anopama
Nikaah or no Nikaah

Author: SANYAGAUTAM13   Replies: 0   Views: 862

SANYAGAUTAM13 0 862 19 June 2013 at 6:13pm by SANYAGAUTAM13
Zoe: Weaving into Asad thread by thread.

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Author: MoronsKiMallika   Replies: 84   Views: 11197

MoronsKiMallika 84 11197 24 February 2013 at 4:18am by shish15

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