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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 32)

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hey Dear,
i'm so sory for not being able to comment on last 3 parts. just got busy n cudn't read dem. just got finished with dem. they were absolutely FANTABULOUS.  you r an awesome writer n doesn't matter for ur hindi, its ok, we understand the whole thing u're trying to put up.
Yippie.. I was right in guessing dat Ayaan was over Khan Villa. that day was just perfect in every way. AsYa's love, the siblings bond and Dilshaad's love for Zoya, Ayaan & Zoya bond were all enough proves to show da bond and its strength that thses people share. I know trials wil hav to b faced but dey r gonna stick together n handle everything, hopefully.
the rain moment, where Asad & Zoya play in the rain n then the tease in Asad's eyes was so naughty   but poor soul couldn't handle the tease of his mom n sis.
that scene where Zoya was jumping all over the place knowing she was becoming a khala was so nice. I loved their fall n the way Zoya acted innocent in front of Asad, n den dis man has got real bad, look at him n his acts. no body will recognize him as da Akdru dat he once was.
Zoya & Tamatar's bedroom morning scene n the laptop issue wasso sweet. Zoya really cares for everyone in her family. the way they rolling on the floor tickling each other made me laugh too.
now coming to the dining part where dat evil lady served Asad the dinner. Zoya was so right in getting angry, Asad shud just throw her out from his life atleast. his ways of making up to Zoya was so cute. I loved it.
oh so finally the engagement is done. Sagai Mubarak ho!
the interaction of Asad n Zoya in this ff sends me off to a la la land where only & only love exists along wid AsYa.
 I hope da coming days of their lives bring dem closer n keep them together.
lots of love,

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This is the first time I'm commenting on your work, only because I wasn't a forum member while I was reading it haha. Anyways, I absolutely loooveee this fan fiction. The way you pay attention to every detail, makes me feel as if I'm watching it all happen in front of me. You've etched Zoya's relationships with each family member beautifully. As romantic hers and Asad's relationship is, Dilshaad and her relationship is as beautiful. I swear you almost made me tear with the mother, daughter bonding. Najma and Zoya are just too adorable for words. 

I love that your writing is grammatically correct, it just adds to the beauty of the content. Furthermore, I love that your updates are long and regular, it really makes me day! Keep up the amazing work, and I'll keep reading and loving it Clap

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Amazing actually beyond amazing!!! Thi is tooo good

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Part 11, wow, cannot believe I've come so far. Thank you guys for your tremendous support, without you guys I wouldn't have been able to do it. I love you guys so much, your wonderful comments have raised my confidence so much. Muchos gracias beautifuls! Very much appreciated. Here is the next part lovelies, I grinned like an idiot writing this one, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Part 11

'Oh ho tum kitni mote ho gaye ho' he said pretending to be out of breath, as he let her down and put his hands on his back.

'Hawww!'  Zoya's mouth opened wide, as she put her hands on her hips.
'Who told you to pick me up aur vaise bhi, it's the dress!' She said pouting.

'Achaaa?!' He said moving his head up and down at her as if he was talking to a baby, he wrapped his arms around her bare waist, under her pallu.

She put her arms around his neck,
'Haaan' she nodded with her puppy dog eyes,
'Aap bhi na, you didn't think how would Zoya carry such a hefty dress when you chose it' she said with a frown, flapping her eyelashes.

'Aww aisi baat hai? Lekin you look good in my choice of clothes' he said as he removed her fringe away from her eyes. 'Waise, mere choice humesha se acha hai, dekho na, tum bhi toh mere choice ho'

'Why are you complaining about my weight then?' She poked his stomach, 'aapke six packs kab kaam aayega' she raised her eye brows up and down with a naughty smirk on her face. 'Mein toh achi hooon, lekin aapka chehra tik taak hai' she took her finger and circled his face. She then pointed down to his stomach, 'I'm just marrying you for that!' She laughed.

'Oh really?' He raised his eyebrow with a smirk.

'Reeealllyyy' she pressed her eyes as she made a face at him.

'Acha toh, should I open it?' He took one of his hand off her waist to his chest to open his buttons. She smacked his hand off,

'Asaad aap bhi na, aapko koi sharam nahi aata?' She moved her face to the side as she blushed.

'Aur tum, when you speak like that?' He brought her face to look at him. Zoya tried to control her smile, he took his thumb and stroked her cheek as he grinned at her. 'Tumhe aise dekh kar mujhe control nahi ho raha hai...' Zoya smacked his chest again, her lips curved into a smile.

He took his finger and poked her dimples.
'Aur yeh, these will kill me one day' he hit his chest dramatically. He stepped back from her and looked her up and down admiring her every detail.

'Tum sach mein bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho, tumne mere aakhon mein sach padha... Issi liye toh tumko sab ke nazron se bacha kar le aya hoon, kisi ki nazar na lag jaye tumhe, tum toh bohot logon ki hosh udha chooki ho andaar... Tumhe aise dekhne ka toh sirf mera haq hai, kya kaha tha tum, haan, tum sirf mere dekhne layak cheez ho' he winked at her as her eyes widened as she remembered the bathroom scene... 'Lekin yaha bhi uss daar hai, kahi mere chand ko uss chand ki nazar na lag jaye' he pointed towards the sky. Zoya didn't know what to say to his praises, she shook her head at him, she put her hand on his cheek,

'Aap aise baat kaha se seekhte ho, itne romantic ' she raised her eyebrows, 'aur aapke hote huye kisi ki itni himmat ki mujhe nazar laga de' she said sarcastically laughing, 'Aur aap bhi toh sirf mere dekhne layak cheez ho' she spoke possessively... 'Aur kisi ko yeh dikhaya toh' she looked at his stomach indicating his six packs,
'Mujhse burah koi nahi hoga' she warned him with wide eyes and then burst out laughing as he looked at her shocked, yeh ladki bi na he shook his head.

'Oh ho to be Mrs Possessive Khan!' he teased, he was as possessive as her and she knows that. Zoya picked her nose up in the air grinning. 'Aur yeh romantic baatein' he went close to her face, pretending to bite her noise as she tilted her head back 'yeh toh tumhe dekh kar automatically aa jaata hai, and a lot of other things too' he winked at her. Zoya smacked him again,

'AAPP na, mujhse kitni baar pittt chukhe lekin sudre nahi, sudar jao Asad' she said shaking her head.

'Tumhare haathon se maar khaane ka maaza hi kuch alaag hai' he laughed. 'Aur meri galti nahi hain, every time I see you like this...' His eyes widened.

'Asaaddd!' She came forward with her fists. He stepped back, dodging her attacks. He didn't have to run; she was having a difficult time taking small steps.

After a few seconds, she was out of breath. She stamped her feet on the ground like a stubborn child and crossed her arms.

He came forward and put his arms out,


She stepped forward and put her arms around him, laying her head against his chest. He smiled at her before wrapping his around her.

'Tumhari pattar chest ko marungi toh mere nazook se haathon mein dard hogi' she whined nuzzling into his chest. She placed a kiss on his chest before looking up, their chins touching. He looked into her deep brown eyes; so much love. She slipped her shoes off still holding onto him and stepped onto his feet. His grip tightened as they moved side to side, chins touching, and eyes locked.

She kissed his chin before brushing her lips past his to kiss his nose. He couldn't help but smile as her body shivered when her lips touched his momentarily, he noticed how she tried to ignore it, nervousness visible on her face.

 She took her arms off him and rested against his tight hold. She took her finger and played it against his jawline outlining every sharp defined feature on his face. When it came to his lips Asad opened his mouth to bite it but she removed it quickly narrowing her eyebrows. She put her finger in front of his face with a frown on her face as she pouted. He motioned with his eyes to bring it to him; she placed it on his lips as he kissed it. She held onto his collar and pulled his face towards her making him bend forward and almost falling with her. She took her face and rested it against his cheek. She placed a soft peck near his ear before whispering,

'I love you,' she pulled away looking down from his gaze,

'I love you tooo' he whispered back kissing her forehead.

She looked up at his glowing face, as her eyes glistened from the reflection of his eyes. They both smiled at each other rocking side to side in each other's arms. They played about with their faces, and teased each other, away from the party and its guests, forgetting everyone, romancing under the stars.


They walked back in with their hands intertwined,

'Where have you two been?' Asked Dilshad, 'Zoya beta, yahan aao, I want you to meet someone...' She took Zoya's other hand and pulled it delicately, Asad let go of Zoya with a smile on his face, she looked away blushing...

'This is your aunty from Pune...' Introduced Dilshad to Zoya. One by one she went through all her close relatives that had come to the party. Zoya smiled at them, trying to keep up with who is who and where they are from. One of Najma's cousin was an absolute flirt, she felt disgusted meeting him... If Asad found out, the guy would end up in hospital so she decided not to tell him and just avoid the guy.


'Hello...' Asad answered his phone

'Hellooo!' Shouted the voice from the other side, 'Congratulations!'

'Where are you? I can't believe you didn't attend... Ammi had informed you right?' Asked Asad

'Sorry man, yeah she did, I'm upset you didn't tell me, you've fallen in love! This is garam news and I find out you're getting engaged? Like when did you even fall in love, you didn't think to let this friend of yours know? You taking revenge?' Complained the voice.

'Woh actually...' Asad mumbled; he was right.

'Oh shut up! Anyways, Anshu has fallen ill, Mishti was really excited but she's stressed after all this. Just pray my Chahat doesn't catch anything... But I'll be there before the wedding, I promise!'

'Oh okaay, hope they're okay, no I understand don't worry...'

'I want to meet your Zoya, Mishti is eating my brains, could you send some pictures?'

'Nope, you'll have to come and see her'

'Don't do this man, Okaay we'll wait, but congratulations brother!! I'm happy for you... Your gift will be there tomorrow morning'

'Shukriya, give my love to YOUR Mishti and the kids, along with daadi, as soon as the kids are well, I want you on the first plane here, take care, Byeee!'

With that he put the phone down. With everything happening he had forgotten to inform this friend of his, about the happenings in his life. Asad Ahmed Khan has very limited friends; he does not trust just anyone. And this one particular guy is a man of principles, a great friend and an amazing human being. There's something about his friend that resembles him, what that is, he still hasn't figured out. Well, he has to attend the Nikaah even if that means Asad has to go to Delhi and drag his whole family here; he'll do it without thinking twice.

'Bhaijaan chalo, the guests are leaving...' Said Ayaan pulling his brother by the arm.
They bid their goodbyes to the guests and gathered together.


Anwar, Zeenat and Dilshad sat on the dining table whilst the kids sat in the living room.

'So bhaijaan bhabhie, Nikaah kab karna chahte ho?' Asked Nuzzhat in a teasing tone...

Zoya and Asad looked at each other and then at the elders,

'It's in 14 days' announced Dilshad excitedly walking in to the living room with Anwar and Zeenat. Everyone shrieked with joy as they hugged each other.

'Zoya beta, I know you're tired now, so araam se aapni bags pack karna and I'll send the driver to pick you up tomorrow morning' smiled Anwar, Zoya and Asad's eyes widened as they looked at each other and then at Anwar, holding onto each other's hands.

'Kyunnn' Zoya's voice broke out.

'Tumhari nikaah hai isiliye' he said laughing, 'tumhari bidaai toh tumhare maayke se hogi' he explained to a shocked Zoya, who had forgotten that she was staying at her sasural.

Asad Zoya looked at each other; they'll be separated for 14 days. The thought of not seeing each other for a moment kills them, how will they manage 2 weeks. Zoya's baby like face stared at Asad threatening to cry.

'Woh, is there any need for that I mean, Zoya has been staying here...'

Anwar looked at Dilshad,

'There is a need, although I don't want to but all Zoya's functions will be at her home and you two are not allowed to meet before the Nikaah' said Dilshad. Asad's hand tightened on Zoya's.

'But...' Asad will not let her go.

'Beta, she'll be coming back to yours forever, we need to spend some time with her. It's us who'll be at loss' sniffed Zeenat, about to cry.

Asad felt defeated hearing that, he could not even think of a valid reason to keep her here, apart from the fact that his kambakht dil will feel restless without her presence.

'Teek hai' whispered Asad...

'Acha beta, hum chalte hain, I'll see you tomorrow' Anwar kissed Zoya's forehead, 'tumhari emotional aapi phir se rone lagi gi' teased Anwar, Zeenat whacked his arm,

'I'm very tired, tum aapna khayal rakhna' Zeenat hugged Zoya,

'Aap bhi' Zoya kissed her forehead. She walked them to their car.


'Bhabie, we're getting off too, it's very late' said Ayaan from behind, Zoya turned around to see everyone behind her. 

'Oh okaay, thank you for coming' she hugged Ayaan,

And then got into a group hug with Nikhat, Nuzzhat and Humaira, she gave them a peck on each cheek,

'It was nice meeting you beautiful ladies, thank you for everything, we'll meet soon for the wedding shopping' she winked at them.

They all nodded before getting into the car. Najma came beside Zoya and put her hand over her shoulder. Asad came to her other side with Dilshad next to him. They all waved them goodbye before heading inside.


Zoya sat on her bed after freshening up, she felt glad to be out of that heavy dress, although whilst wearing the dress she felt like she was adorned with Asad's love. She sighed smiling... She picked her phone up that was lying on the bed, when she felt a sudden gush of wind hit her face. She got up and went to the window opening it wider. She was all flushed and hot from the party, the cold breeze should help calm her down. She looked up into the beautiful sky, she stared at the moon in awe, a smile formed on her lips as remembered Asad's compliments,

'Asad bhi na' she shook her head. She look down at her phone... It was blank.  She fidgeted with it for a while before opening the back cover and noticing that her SIM card was missing. She crazily browsed the whole room but no luck. She needed to call Armaan...

She paced out of her room and without knocking she pushed his door open. She looked up and stopped at her feet. Her hands shot up to her face, one over her eyes and the other over her mouth as she blindly turned the other way,

'Allah Miyan what's wrong with you? You should've locked the door!' She breathed out with surprise.

'Really, says you who barged into my room without knocking?' He threw back at her,

'Nahi woh baat hai ki...' She stuttered...

'Anyways, now that you're here, would you care to tell me what's the reason for you barging in, not that I mind' he grinned... She turned around thinking he was covered,

'Haan woohhh' her eyes fell on his body, he had put his shirt on but he was playing with the lower buttons pretending to put it on. She looked down on to the floor.

'Would you hurry up buttoning your shirt' she shouted, with her gaze locked on to the floor... He walked towards her,

'Kyun? Mujhe laga tum mere...' She put her hand out to stop him, as her hand fell on his bare chest she felt herself go weak on her knees, lips trembling. He laughed within seeing her state, her eyes looking everywhere on the floor but him. He grabbed her wrist to take it off him, when she moved forward diagonally avoiding his eyes,

'Woh mera phone...' She mumbled, 'ermmm can I use your phone, the house phone is in ammi's room and she's gone to sleep' she explained, coughing out each word as she felt her throat go dry. Her mind and heart fought inside of her; whether to look at his sexy abs. She shook her head trying to shake off her thoughts when he pulled her closer, her back touching his bare body. Her upper back creased as her warm body touched his cold chest. Her dress was very thin; she could feel his hard lined skin, his abs through her dress. Zoya froze as her body leaned against his body, her breathing getting faster. He took his shirt and put it around her just about closing the bottom button as it was too small to wrap around her, he slowly rested his hands on her belly, putting his chin on her shoulder placing wet kisses on her neck. She shivered; his every touch seemed like it was the first. She closed her eyes,

'Aaasaad, yeh aaap...' She whispered so quietly she herself wasn't sure if she said it or not.

'Hmmm' he replied resting his cheek against hers over her shoulder.

He took the phone out of his pocket and put it in front of her. She struggled as she tried getting her hands free; he held his arm over her to stop her from getting them out. She quietly recited the numbers as he held it in front of her on loud speaker,

'Armaaa-' she whispered, Asad's grip tightened, she composed her voice... 'Armaaan! How are you handsome' she half yelled, smirking. Asad kissed her cheek unaffected.

'I'm great beautiful, congratulations on your engagement' he wished her. Zoya moved her face to the side and tilted her head back to see his reaction, he had narrowed his eyebrows; don't do this. She made a face at him; what am I doing?

'Thank you Armaan, I should be congratulating you; you're getting married tomorrow. I'm glad you've taken today off, and yes, you're on vacation for the next 2-3 weeks! I know you'll be busy tomorrow so thought I'd wish you today. Congratulations! Sorry no one is attending from my family, all my love and good wishes are with you. You'll receive my gifts tomorrow morning' she squealed in excitement.

'No it's okay I understand, thank you very much. Same goes to you, take care of yourself... And yeah I miss you!' He sighed,

'I miss you too, don't worry, will see you soon' she reassured him.
'Relax okaay? Give my love to your family, byeee!' Asad ended the call and threw the phone on to the bed.


'Next time mujhe sataane se pehle soch le na' he sighed as he nuzzled into her neck.

'Maine kya kiya?' She asked innocently. He took the button off and turned her around, pushing her against his body,

'Aur woh kya tha? Armaan ke saath?!'

'Mere dost hai, shaadi kar raha hai, so I wished him, baas' she shrugged as if she didn't know what he was talking about.
'Well at least I'm not hugging and kissing him like you do with Tanveer' she fluttered her eyelashes, her voice overflowing with sarcasm. When his expressions changed, she opened her mouth in a big smile showing him all her teeth.

'What rubbish? Main Tanveer ke saath? Are you crazy?' He asked her disgusted at the thought of touching someone else. She nodded her head at him,

'Haan main pagal hoon'

'Zoya, seriously she is just a childhood friend. That day she met with an accident, I was worried as a friend hence the hug... Lekin, tum itni jalti kyun ho, you were giving us both killer looks that day' he teased her.

'No I was not' she pouted, 'you ran out of the car without telling me anything... If there was someone else in my place, they would've thought you were in love' she frowned.

He put her head against his chest,

'Haan you're crazy, only a pagal can think such things. Main tumhare siva kisi aur ke bhaare mein soch bhi nahi sakti, khal bhi nahi, aur aaj bhi nahi!'

'Hmmm' she mumbled as she closed her eyes and hugged him tightly.

'Zoya , kaal...' Zoya pulled back from the hug,

'Coffee?' She smiled at him, he nodded at her,

'I'll meet you  in 10 minutes'  He pointed upwards, 'Balcony.'

She pressed her eyes at him before turning around,

'Rukho' he called her back. He walked up to his cupboard and took out a long gift box. He came close to her and placed it into her hands. 'Wear this and come...'

She nodded as she walked out of the room towards the kitchen.


Zoya put the kettle on as she leaned back against the kitchen desktop. She picked the box up and held it in front of her; what is it she wondered. She stared at it for a while, before taking the ribbon off. She slowly unwrapped the gift paper and lifted the box open. Inside lay a beautiful pair of golden anklets. Asad had gotten her anklets and asked her to wear them, why? She shrugged the thought away as she admired them, taking her finger and playing about with the small bells.

Asad slowly walked out of his room to find Zoya in the kitchen with her back towards him. He was going to go up to her but decided otherwise as she picked up the gift. He turned around and headed for the balcony.

Zoya picked herself up onto the desktop. She took a payal out shaking it in the air and bringing her foot towards her and tying it around her ankle. She did the same with the other foot. She put them down and shook her legs in the air. The jingles echoed back in her ears, lighting up her eyes, right that moment she felt like a little child getting excited with a new toy. She jumped back down and walked back and forth, listening to the noises and laughing.


He waited for her, leaning against the balcony with his arms on the concrete wall as he stared into the distant. He sighed as he breathed in the fresh air. There was something about this night, everything seemed beautiful... He took his hand and brushed his hair back, as he looked up to admire the glimmering sky.

He closed his eyes as heard the door close behind him, he heard her delicate footsteps, the slight jingles proof of her presence. His heart raced with every jingle, he slowly opened his eyes looking back in to the sky. He breathed heavily before turning, his body halted halfway as he took in the sight before him.
Zoya had changed into a simple, red patiala suit. Her heart raced as she stood in front of the balcony exit. She held onto the coffee cups tighter as she pushed the door wide with her foot. She stepped outside slowly closing the door behind her. He had his back towards her; he looked calm and relaxed. He looked so peaceful that she didn't want to disturb him. She took delicate steps towards him and stopped half way putting the coffee mugs down on the table in front of the wooden swings. She looked up into his eyes.
The air caressed her silky hair as it danced freely around her petite head, her red dupatta swayed in the air behind her. She took her hands and brushed the irritating strands off her face. He looked into her gleaming eyes as they searched for something; his soul. He turned around fully and leaned against the wall behind him. She took her hands and lifted her salwar above her ankle revealing the anklets on her bare feet. She lifted one of her leg into the air and shook it, Asad chuckled to himself as the noises echoed back in his ears along with the sounds of nature. She slowly tiptoed towards him in a teasing manner as she revealed her dimples to him, he put his arms out; she ran into his arms, pushing him back. She sighed heavily into his chest as he held onto her like he was holding her for the first time.
He pulled her off him, and cupped her face delicately; she lowered her eyes, her breathing faster and shorter.
'Meri taraaf dekho' he whispered. She shook her head sideways blushing, he put his finger under her chin and lifted it upwards;
'Please' he pleaded softly,
She slowly lifted her eyelashes, and stared into his deep loving eyes.
He lost himself in her kohl lined eyes, he could see right into her heart. He could feel her soul, this beautiful angel in front of him, is as mesmerizing from the inside as well as outside. Without looking away, he picked her up into his arms as her hands wrapped around his neck. He walked slowly towards the swing and placed her upright. She kicked her legs letting the bells from the anklets make its own music. He walked behind the wooden swing and bent forward onto it, he kicked the floor pushing the swing forward making it swing into the air. Zoya laughed freely, kicking forward, her hair blowing back. She closed her eyes shaking her head; she didn't want to let this moment to pass.

Asad walked back around and sat beside her. She picked her legs up side wards and leaned against him, her head on his chest. He put his arms around her, cradling her as they swung lightly.

'Asad kash yeh pal yehi thaam jaye' Zoya whispered softly with her eyes closed,

'Tumhare bina rehne ki adaat nahi hai mujhe, Zoya' he took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.

'Aur mujhe aapki bina' She replied back as a lone tear escaped her eyes. His arm tightened around her, although she was coming back to him forever after 14 days, the slight separation was killing him inside.
'Asad, yeh thodi si din ke baad, humhe aise khabhi nahi alag hona padega' she convinced herself.

'Jaanti hoon, isiliye toh tumhe jaane deh raha hoon' he stroked her hair lightly placing a kiss on her head.

'Lekin Asad, I want you to take full advantage of the days we can meet, shopping, lunch' she ordered. 'Kyun ki, Nikaah ke 3 din pehle, everything will be stopped phone calls, messages' her voice broke out. She turned her whole body the other way facing Asad, leaning her knees against the back of the swing. She clutched onto his shirt, 'promise me?'
'Wada karta hoon' he reassured her,
'You need to promise me one thing Zoya, jab bhi tum mere samne aogi, toh yeh payal pehen kar aaogi' he smiled to himself, 'Mujhe sapne aur sach ki pehchan karane ke liye, jab tum jaogi, haar jagah tum hi tum nazar aogi'
Zoya smiled at him, slipping her head down to his lap, he picked his knee up onto the swing so that she doesn't slip off his lap. She looked up at him, as he caressed her hair backwards. She took his other hand and wrapped it with hers holding it to her chest placing soft kisses on it.

They both cradled each other, as they remained in each other's arms swinging quietly looking into the dark sky, admiring the moon waiting patiently for it to give rise to the sun.




Not as long as the last one. But here you go. Apologies for all the spelling errors again!
This one is meant to be romantic, the execution isn't great, in my mind it sounded amazing! LOOOL
One more thing, I just wanted to give a shout out to those wonderful FF/SS/OS's writers on this forum. You can have loads of ideas in your head, but penning it down is really difficult, well for me anyways. So hats off guys!

Thank you for reading, please do leave your comments behind beautifuls.

P.S I apologise for not replying to everyone's comments, but I just wanted to thank you lovelies for your amazing comments, they always put a smile on my face and pushes me to write more! Love you guys, Mwah! xoxo

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Sigh, very romantic! Great going!

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I mean like you are awesome and ur updates are just amazing!!!

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It's beautifulll. Day Dreaming

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MrMrsAsyaKhan 213 33281 02 February 2017 at 8:11pm by Chillichick
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