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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 27)

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Beautiful! Great update- really excited for the engagement! 

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comments beautifuls, they make me smile! I love each and every one of you! Mwah! Sorry for the bad hindi, I only speak English and Bengali, I picked up hindi from watching Starplus lool, I'll cut it out dw, sometimes I think it makes the scenes more intense if it's in Hindi.
Thanks again for your views, likes and comments! Hope you like this.

Part 10

Zoya slept like a little baby, wrapped up under the duvet just the way her ammi left her.
She breathed in the fresh morning breeze as it entered through the half open window. She sighed heavily as she opened her eyes to welcome the new morning, this was no ordinary morning; this morning marks the beginning of her new life. Although, in her heart, she has already welcomed the new relationships, today would be the official day where she would be bounded to the Khan family in front of the world. Mr Khan becomes Asad, Phoopie becomes Ammi and Najma becomes her sister. This engagement is not just for namesake, this would tie the lovers together until they say 'Qubool Hai' when they would finally become one.

Zoya smiled to herself as she stretched herself out of bed.

Zoya stood in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection. She's eagerly waiting for the day she will look into the mirror complete; with Asad. She looked at her ring through her reflection as she brought it close to her face, she would never take this off.

Zoya went closer to her mirror to look at her face properly, hoping she hasn't got no awkward spot or mark, she was fixing her face when she burst out laughing. Zoya being so conscious of herself; she wants to look beautiful in front of him. She hit her head and shook her head. She twirled picking up the clothes in her hand and danced around the room.


'If you're done with your blushing and dancing; breakfast is ready' teased Najma, Zoya tripped up on hearing the sudden voice and went flying across the room, hitting the floor with a loud bang.

She tucked her hair behind her ear, and looked at the person intruding on her happy dance. She looked up to see Najma walking towards her trying not to laugh, she extended her hand, Zoya took it half picking herself when she suddenly fell back pulling Najma with her. Najma fell ontop of Zoya half shocked. They both stared at each other with wide eyes before bursting out laughing. Zoya wrapped her arms around Najma in a big bear hug while Najma half sat on her lap, with their cheeks together rocking side to side.

Najma kissed Zoya on her cheek, while Zoya giggled, doing the same back to her.

They both sat on the floor next to each other,

'Tamater, you're at home. What about your presentation' asked Zoya

'Don't ask, it was early morning when the whole world was sleeping... It was a short one, i've just come back now to find ammi preparing breakfast' explained Najma.

'Oh ho, my poor tamater' Zoya said pulling her cheeks, 'how did it go?'

'Great' beamed Najma.

They both hi-fived each other.

'Sooo, engagement aaj..' Najma raised her eyes brows playing them up and down. Zoya blushed as her eyes glistened with excitement.

'Oh ho, itni maat sharmao...' Najma poked Zoya's dimples before tickling her on her stomach, she fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably, she held Najma's hands and returned her tickles to which she squirmed on the floor, rolling side to side laughing. Their stomachs and faces were aching from laughing so much.

Zoya and Najma lay on the floor facing each other giggling while they discussed their pampering session before the engagement.

And that is how Asad and Dilshad found the two, laughing uncontrollably on the floor. They both looked at each other and shook their head...

'Aaj breakfast karna hai yah...' Dilshad said loudly to get their attention.

The girls stopped laughing, looked at them and then at the floor, realising what they were doing, they started laughing again.

Dilshad and Asad gave each other a look; they're pagal! They smiled seeing them both so happy.

'Yaha kya ho raha hai?' Asked Dilshad,

'Woh kuch nahin' Zoya held Najma for support, trying not to laugh, she got up picking Najma up, almost falling again feeling faint from all the giggling. They both composed themselves and looked at their mother.

'Let's go...' Said Najma,

'I'll just get ready' replied Zoya.

Zoya picked her clothes up and went to the washroom, while Najma walked out of the room with a smile on her face.

Asad and Dilshad stood there dumbstruck, looking both ways trying to figure out what just happened between the two. Asad pressed his temples, these two are crazy. Dilshad chuckled to herself, it's better to not question these best friends; she'll never understand.

They both walked out of the room towards the dining table.


Zoya walked out with a multi-coloured Asian skirt on, along with a white kurta with a belt resting on her waist. Her jhoomka's danced freely, jingling as she skipped towards the dining table.

'Asalaamualaikum ammi, and everyone' she beamed at Dilshad who kissed her forehead as Zoya bent down to hug her. Asad's eyes moved towards her, did she just call her ammi? Yes, she had as he watched the two embrace. His lips curved into a wider smile, showing his killer dimples.

'Engagement yahi karna hai kya' he smirked looking at her from the corner of his eyes, as she looked at him questioningly. 'Your clothes...' He eyed her up and down. Zoya looked at herself and then at Dilshad,

'Asad, stop it... Bechari ko pareshaan maat karo!' Warned Dilshad as she caressed Zoya's head giving her air kisses.

'Ammi, just look at her...' He pointed out, truth is her face was glowing so much that he hadn't realised that she was actually wearing normal clothes. Like he said before, her beauty was surpassing before the engagement, is she intending on making him faint at the actual engagement? And don't get him started on how she's going to kill him on his Nikaah, no not Nikaah, their suhaagraat! He stared at her not realising that the three women on the table were glaring at him furiously. Yes, everyone had changed parties...

'Sorry' he mumbled before going back to his newspaper.

'Goodmorning Khala, Jammy...' She smiled before sitting down between Najma and Asad. 'Woh workers have come...' She pointed before serving herself breakfast.

'Bahut kaam hai aaj' said Dilshad.

'Don't worry ammi, sab kuch ho jaye ga' assured Zoya, with Najma nodding. Tanveer glared at her hearing the word ammi.

Asad pressed his mother's hand,

'You rest, I'll handle everything'


Zoya sat in the living room with Najma as they separated the fresh flowers for the decoration.

'Maam aap yeh kaise laga na chahte ho?' Asked one of the workers. Zoya explained but the worker wasn't understanding. She looked around to see a ladder placed in the corner of the room.

'Could you please bring the ladder here, I'll show you' she pointed. She got up and walked towards the wall as the worker placed the ladder in front of her. She gave him the basket, and stepped up on the ladder. She went higher and stopped few steps from the top. She reached down for the basket, while the worker held onto the ladder.

'Dekho, like this...' She picked the flowers up holding the arrangement with one had showing him the order of the colours, 'samhje?' She asked

The worker nodded from the bottom and asked about the other flowers. Zoya looked up, put her hand under her chin thinking. She got the other colour flowers, and held it up...


Tanveer watched as Zoya got up onto the ladder. She called for the worker to come towards her half yelling half whispering with her hands.

'Look, all the decorations are tangled over there. Such a mess, if your boss sees this, he'll scold you' she told him. The worker got scared and started cleaning up, leaving Zoya on top of the ladder with no support at the bottom.

Zoya felt slightly unstable on the ladder, but carried on talking as she demonstrated the arrangement to no one in particular.

Tanveer kicked one of the heavier boxes towards the ladder, the box collided with the ladder making it slide sideward and shake.

Zoya felt something hit the ladder and looked down horrified. She put her hands on the empty wall for support, clawing at it yet gripping nothing as she lost her balance...

Asad walked out of his room dressed smart as usual, he was fixing his watch when he heard someone gasp. He looked up to see the ladder shaking, threatening to drop Zoya as she tried looking for support. He leaped towards the other side of the room as fast as he could, the basket of flowers tilted over him, with Zoya following them...

Zoya panicked from finding no support, on instinct closed her eyes as her body fell side wards, she shrieked for help as she fell into someone's waiting arms.

He was about to stretch his arms out to balance the ladder when she stepped on her skirt and dropped right into his arms, with her eyes closed and deafening him with her shrieks. As she dropped into his arms, he swung her sidewards trying to balance her sudden weight.

Her breath was short and uneven, from her sudden scare. She slowly half opened her eyes to see if she's alive or dreaming in her unconscious land. She saw two concerned eyes staring at her; Asad. Yupp, she must be dead if he's the first thing she's seeing. He wasn't even in the room, forget catching her.

'Are you okay' he asked, breaking her chain of thoughts, he was really there. She opened her eyes properly, looked around her and then at him. She was in his arms being cradled like a baby as his firm body stood rooted to the spot she was meant to hit. She slowly nodded her head,

'Zoya, who told you to climb the ladder' he asked her angrily.

'Wohh...' Her voice went dead, if she mentions the workers, he'd blast them.

Before Najma could answer, 'I just wanted to see how the flowers looked on that wall' she lied.

'You could've asked the workers...' He was really concerned, what if she hurt herself. She mumbled a sorry showing him her puppy dog eyes.

'Tum' he rolled his eyes frustrated at her cuteness, he sighed at her and returned her a smile.

She looked at him properly, 3 piece suit and all. 'Where are you going?' She asked in a stern voice, changing the topic angrily. She thought he took the day off. Him and his meetings,

'Important meeting' he lied to her upset eyes.

'Lekin, it's our engagement' she made a baby face, threatening to cry...

He bought his face closer to hers as the spectators got back to their work and Tanveer fuming at her failure.

'It's very important, I'll be back in 2 hours' he pleaded, holding onto her gaze,

'Okkk' she looked at him sniffing dramatically...

He brushed his nose with hers, 'that's my girl' he whispered as he kissed her forehead,

'Be a good girl now and sit in one place until I get back'  

She nodded whilst fixing his tie as he watched her in his arms. He didn't really want to leave this very moment, as she rested her head in his chest, he sighed. He has to go pick up her surprise. Realising where they were standing, he reluctantly put her down... He put his hand on her face, 'be a good girl' as she looked at him innocently; I am a good girl. He chuckled at her, before leaving the house.



'Asalaamu Alaikum' greeted Asad, with his hands behind his back, as he smiled at the on comers.

He put his hand out for Anwar to shake, but Anwar engulfed him in a hug.

'Walaikum Asalaam' Anwar replied hugging him, and patting his back hard, he pulled back when Zeenat pulled his cheeks,

'Thank you for everything, Zoya is lucky to have you' she cried into his chest. Not a first meeting he was expecting...

'I'm lucky to have her...' He laughed as he tightened his hold on his aapi. 'Aur aapko bahut bahut mubarak ho, Zoya toh kushi ke maarein pagal ho gayi'

Asad pulled back, and grabbed their luggage,

'Chalein, you guys should rest for tonight' he said before leading them out of the airport...


'Mona Darling' shouted Ayaan as entered the busy house, along with 3 beautiful ladies.

Zoya looked up from the sofa to see 4 excited faces walking towards her. She jumped up from the sofa and ran towards them,

'Tum yahan?' She asked half hugging him. 'I thought you were coming in the evening?'

'Bhaijaan asked me to come, said you needed help' he said happily, ' so I packed and came with the ladies' he looked at his bag and then the girls.

Zoya shrieked in joy, and hugged Nighat, Nuzzhat and Humaira.

She pulled back, and looked at Ayaan,

'Aapke bhaijaan bhi na, no I don't need help but I'm glad you guys are here.' She pulled the three ladies towards the sofa and sat them down.  She ran to the kitchen for some snacks and sat back down with them.

Both Najma and Zoya sat there excitedly chatting away with their sisters.

'Bhabie, mash Allah, you are so pretty...' Complimented Nuzzhat, Zoya nodded her a smile in appreciation with a slight blush.

'Bhabie, sach mein, Asad bhaijaan finally fallen in love... Thank you for filling his life happiness' said a tearful Nikhat. Zoya went up to her and kneeled in front of her. She took her hands in hers,

'No need to thank me, I'm the lucky one who's life Asad has showered with happiness. I thank Allah every moment for giving him to me' Zoya teared up...

She looked at Humaira who sat quietly next to Nikhat.

'I'm glad you guys came, didn't know for sure if you'd be able to looking at the situation. Seriously, you have no idea how happy I am' she smiled at all three.

'What about me?' Said a jealous Ayaan shaking his hair, 'why does everyone forget me... Aur aur, they're here thanks to me' he pointed to himself confidently.

Zoya threw a pillow at him, 'haan haan, what do you want' she asked laughing.

'I'll email you my list tomorrow' he grinned.

She nodded at him before looking at the girls, ' I know you guys have brought your own outfits, lekin, tumhare bhaijaan aur maine, have bought some gifts for you.. We didn't know if you'd be able to wear it to our engagement but looks like you can' she clapped her hands in excitement. She ran towards her room, and walked out moments later with several bags of gifts. She handed them to all five of them,

'Tamater, tumhare liye bhi... It's up to you all what you want to wear' she pressed her eyebrows at them.  All the girls got up and jumped at her. They all shared a group hug, seizing the moment, Ayaan grabbed his guitar and started playing a tune. All the girls got into a circle and danced together, twirling and giggling.

Asad walked in to find them dancing in the living room with Ayaan playing his guitar, his ammi and Tanveer watching. They all danced around Zoya who was half blushing and twirling in the middle.

He slowly walked towards her, the girls realised so they broke the circle still dancing. He tapped her back, she turned around placing her one hand on his shoulder and the other in the air. He placed his hand on her waist and the other in her hand. The music changed and they moved in sync as they slowly waltz'd around the room. The girls held onto each other and aww'd while the couple stared into each other's eyes forgetting the world around them. She rested her head on his shoulder as they slowly moved side to side.

They broke out of their dream world as they heard everyone giggle. They looked at each other and slowly looked at everyone.

'Wohh' Zoya said, before hiding behind him. Asad looked at everyone's grinning faces,

'Is everything okay?' He asked with a serious face...

Everyone burst out laughing while the two stood there quietly. The girls grabbed Zoya and ran upstairs for their pampering session whilst the rest of them watched them.



Asad walked past Zoya's room when he heard her phone ring continuously with Zoya nowhere in sight. He looked up towards the stairs; the girls were in Najma's room as he could hear them giggling to Zoya's jokes. He was going to ignore it, but the ringing would not stop.
He walked in slowly towards her bed and picked up the phone. There was no caller ID, thinking it might be a random courtesy call, he was about to put it down when his eyes caught something; 29 missed calls from an unknown number. Before his mind could wonder off to who it could be, the phone rang in his hand again. He put the phone to his ear,
'Zoeee, talk to mee' screeched the voice on the other side. Asad immediately cut the call, fuming.

He saved her contacts to her memory card, and yanked the back of the phone off. He took the SIM out and cracked it into two pieces. He threw the phone back on the bed, with the pieces in his hand. He walked towards the bin,
'This is where you belong' he dropped the pieces into it and walked out of the door closing it shut behind him.


'Aapni nazre palta ke ek baar dekh to lo' whispered Najma into Zoya's ears. The girls surrounded Zoya's dressing table whilst a shy Zoya, sat on her chair with her gaze on her lap. She slowly picked her eyelashes up, but she decided otherwise. She swiftly turned around in her chair, with the girls' questioning gazes on her.
'Tumhare bhaijaan ki aankon se mujhe apne aap ko dekhna hai' she said slowly putting her hands over her face. He chose this dress for her; she wants him to admire it first. Although he'll be picking all the dresses for the functions, he won't be able to see her since she has to stay away from him before the wedding. She was unusually shy today, she was acting like a coy bride; it was only her engagement.
'Oh ho' the girls giggled as they teased her. 'But your wedding is a long way off, why are you so shy now? You won't be able to meet his gaze at this rate' smiled Nuzzhat.
'Nuzzhat, her journey starts from here, from now until the wedding, she'll stay red as a tomato' laughed Nikhat hi-fiving Najma.
Humaira came close to Zoya and cupped her face, 'Sach mein, mashAllah you look beautiful, today the moon will shy away from your beauty, you are shining brighter than those stars.' She pointed towards the window. Zoya teared up hearing such praises off her sister. She smiled back at her as she wiped her tears off 'Oh ho, make up kharab ho jaye ga, your WOH hasn't seen you yet! Keep these saved for the Bidaai' teased Humaira.
The girls got into a group hug, before they heard a knock on the door.
'Beta, are you ready?' it was Dilshad. Najma ran towards the door, and opened it.
Zoya looked up slowly to see her ammi entering, staring at her lovingly. Dilshad came close to her and put her hand under her chin, 'Meri beti ko kisi ki nazar na lage' she put a tikka behind ear to ward off any evil.
'My son is going to faint seeing you like this' teased Dilshad, pressing her eyes at Zoya, who's mouth fell open and stared with her wide eyes at her ammi's teasing. She looked down and played with her hands as her cheeks turned from pink to red, again.
Dilshad shook her head, 'Dekho beta, a surprise for you.'

Zoya looked up as Dilshad moved out of the way, Zoya's lips curved into a massive smile as she jumped up with her weighty dress. She walked with heavy steps towards the door as she fought to keep in her tears. She opened her arms and wrapped them both into a big bear hug,
'Aaapi, jeeju..' she squealed. Her heart was ecstatic doing all sorts of jumping and tumbling inside of her, as her eyes glistened from the unshed tears.
'OMG OMG OMG! You're really here'
'It's our little angel's engagement, and we won't come? Impossible' laughed Anwar, kissing her forehead. Zeenat cupped Zoya's face 'My baby has grown up so much, you look beautiful. Kisi ke nazar na lage' she cried. 'I'm very happy that you are getting married, and that too to Asad; he is a gem' said Zeenat wiping her own tears. 'No no no, Zoya rona math' warned Zeenat shaking her head, 'make-up make-up!' she laughed. Zoya took her in for a tight hug.
Zoya pulled back and put her ear on Zeenat's belly,
'Welcome my babieee' She whispered before hugging her aapi again.
'Okaay, enough with all the crying. Bidaai ke liye bacha ke rakho. Guests are waiting, I'm going down, come down soon' said Anwar giving them all a smile before leaving.
Dilshad came and put her hand on Zoya's head,
'Jaldi aana beta, koi hai niche jo tumhara intezaar kar raha hai, impatiently'
'Jee Ammi' nodded Zoya. Zeenat looked at them both with tears overflowing her eyes hearing the word ammi. She was so happy that Zoya finally got the family she deserves. Zeenat took Dilshad's hand into hers and pressed it. Both the ladies shared an emotional moment before walking down hand in hand. Everyone else just stared.


Dressed in a sharp blazer type, short sherwani, with white harem type pants. He walked out of his room towards the living room turned hall with his gaze fixed on the stairs.
'Be patient Bhaijaan, she'll be down soon' said Ayaan in a teasing tone. Asad gave him a stern look; stop teasing or else I'll punch you. Ayaan gulped and remained quiet beside him as our soon to be groom waited impatiently for his to be bride to come down.

He looked up to the sudden giggles, Nikhat and Nuzzhat walked down before everyone, few stairs behind was Najma and Humaira; where's Zoya he wondered. He tilted his head as he caught a glimpse of a silver earring in between the four ladies. Nikkhat and Nuzzhat looked up to see Asad crazily browsing for his Zoya. They both looked at each other and nodded. They moved side wards halfway down the stairs, increasing the gap between them to reveal the woman their brother's eyes were yearning to see.
There stood the ethereal beauty his eyes were searching for. He coughed out loud; his breathing became heavier. She looked mesmerizing; almost unreal. Her earrings glistened to the lighting of the room, as her milky white hands held the lehenga taking slow steps down the stairs. Her lehenga was fitted to her body and the pallu lay folded on her shoulder; this outfit was made for her only. The grey and white combination enhanced the glow of her face more than it already glowed, as she bit her soft pink petal like lips from her nervousness. The moon wouldn't be able to compete with her beauty today, his chandni is much more beautiful. He stepped back in awe, as she took delicate steps towards him.
Ayaan held on to his brother, who was so lost in his bhabie's beauty. He shook him from his trance, Asad looked at him; 'She looks beautiful' he whispered, almost choking out the words as they may not do justice to her beauty. He looked back up to meet her gleaming eyes.

She lifted her eyes to look into his waiting eyes. She stopped on her foot as she admired him, head to toe. He is the world's finest man, one of a kind. As he stood there with his hands to his back, waiting for her to join him, she looked at herself from his eyes. The fiery passion was visible in his eyes, her heart raced faster and faster. She breathed out lightly before taking her steps.
Zoya gathered the courage to return his smile, as she looked back down not being able to control her thoughts looking at him.

Asad walked forward as she stood on the last few steps, he put his hand out towards her. She looked at him before putting her hand in his. That moment, both of their hearts danced in a frenzy as he put her hand around his arm and walked his lady towards the waiting guests, his gaze locked on her face.

They stood in the middle of the room surrounded by guests, looking into each other's eyes; admiring one another.  

'Beta, ring' Asad picked Zoya's left hand up towards him, he slowly pulled the ring  to the end of her finger making sure the ring was touching the tip, he looked up at her lovingly;

'I love you Zoya' he said softly as he put the ring on her. Zoya's eyes welled up, he knew she didn't want to remove the ring, even for a second.
Without looking away, she took the ring of Dilshad, and with other hand she brought his right hand towards her,

'I love you Asad' she whispered, as she put the ring on his finger. They both held each other's hand and pressed it tightly. He grinned at her to which she looked down and smiled. He went close to her, took her face into his hands and kissed her forehead. She placed both of her hands on top of his,

'No one can separate us' whispered Asad, resting his head with hers. Both of them half laughed and half cried, nodding at each other.

They broke apart after the sudden clapping noises. He took her hand and intertwined it with his as they stood side by side, smiling at the guests. Everyone came one by one and congratulated the couple.

'Bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho' he whispered to her with a smirk on his face as he looked at her from the corner of his eyes, thanking the well-wishers with a nod.
Without looking at him, ' I know' she whispered back,
He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, she giggled to herself.
'I seen it in your eyes' She smiled looking at him, 'You look dashing' she winked at him. Asad's eyes widened and he looked away shaking his head at her antics.
'Awww, you're blushing' teased Zoya.
'Oh please, I don't blush' he said before shaking a guest's hand. Zoya was about to pull his cheeks,

'Ahemmm' all the siblings came in between.

'Kya hai' said Zoya irritated, she bit her tongue realising the tone she spoke in. Asad burst out laughing while everyone looked at him shocked.

'Congratulations' they all shouted with massive grins on their faces.

All the girls hugged Zoya. Ayaan got on his knees in front of Zoya, 'Can I have a dance Mona darling?' Putting his hand out, Asad grabbed his hand tightly as his other hand went around Zoya's waist.
'I think I'll have the first dance' said Asad throwing Ayaan's hand away and taking Zoya with him.

'Asaad, why didn't you' He put his finger on her lips.
'Mera haq hai' he said with a serious face as his hands wrapped around her waist. She rested her head on his chest and sighed in contentment.


'Miss Tanveer' said an elderly lady. Tanveer turned around to see a woman dressed in a purple saree. She couldn't recognise her at first.
'Who?' her mouth fell open in realisation; it was her doctor.
'Ms Mehta? What are you doing here?' She said all panicked as she looked crazily around her.
'How are you feeling Miss Tanveer, are you resting like I advised you to?'
'Haan haan, woh I'm fine thank you, erm I'll have to see to the other guests, enjoy yourself, please excuse me' with that Tanveer fled from there as fast as she could.
Zoya noticed how Tanveer's behaviour changed seeing Ms Mehta. She approached her,

'Ms Mehta, how are you?' Asked Zoya hugging the elderly woman.
'I'm great beta, tum kaise ho? Mubarak ho!' Ms Mehta wished Zoya.
'Shukriya, I never got to thank you for all your work, if you weren't there; I wouldn't be well enough to stand in front of you. Thank you soo soo much'
'Nahi beta, yeh to mera kaam hai, you should thank your fiance, he stuck by you like a rock and took care of you. You're lucky to have him'
'That I am' Zoya looked at Asad who was busy conversing with Anwar. 'Woh aunty how do you know Tanveer?' asked Zoya.
'Haan woh mera clinic'
'Sorry to disturb you Ms Mehta, can I steal my fiance for a moment' Asked Asad, holding onto Zoya's hand. She looked at him; he had this naughty look in his eyes.
'Yeah sure' smiled the lovely doctor, before walking away.
'But, wohh' Asad pulled her as she reluctantly walked with him, 'What are you doing? I was talking to her Asad, aap bhi na' she scolded him as she tried removing his hand off her arm,
'Asad' she half yelled as she stood rooted on her spot with her eyes widened, he looked at her and shook his head. He picked her up into his arms and took her outside in to the porch, while she fidgeted in his arms, finally giving in and putting her arms around his neck.



Long and useless part. Sorry. Hope you guys enjoy it, it was difficult executing their engagement, don't know if I did justice to it.  
Sorry for any mistakes, they're all mine. Didn't proofread :/
Thank you for reading and do leave your comments behind beautifuls xoxo

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Long & useless part? No darling, it's a long and beautiful part. Its awesomeee!   Embarrassed

And when do I get the next update? Smile I hope it's all AsYalicious Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Manpreet23

Long & useless part? No darling, it's a long and beautiful part. Its awesomeee!   Embarrassed

And when do I get the next update? Smile I hope it's all AsYalicious Embarrassed

Awww, your comment made me smile... I'm glad you liked it, i thought i dragged it and was scared how you guys were going to receive it.

Next update will be when I find time in between my revision, but will try my best to do it real soon... It will be Asyalicious, but there's going to be quite some drama from now on,
Thank you lovely xoxo

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Originally posted by MrMrsAsyaKhan

Originally posted by Manpreet23

Long & useless part? No darling, it's a long and beautiful part. Its awesomeee!   Embarrassed

And when do I get the next update? Smile I hope it's all AsYalicious Embarrassed

Awww, your comment made me smile... I'm glad you liked it, i thought i dragged it and was scared how you guys were going to receive it.

Next update will be when I find time in between my revision, but will try my best to do it real soon... It will be Asyalicious, but there's going to be quite some drama from now on,
Thank you lovely xoxo

Tbh, I didn't feel that it was dragged. Every part was fantastic. It's okay, studies first, I understand :D okay, thanks. :)

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friendsall IF-Dazzler

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Wth u said its a useless part?? me loved it.. superb

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Wow..awesum..kuvd ut..waitng 4 nxt prt..thnks 4 pm

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plzz don't say useless part!!! IT WAS A REALLY GOOD PART!!!!
I loved every signal part of this especially when ayaan got on his knees and asked zoya for a dance but asad refused him saying its his right:) tht was really cute!!! keep up the work and plzz update soon!!!

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