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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 25)

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AMAZING!!!! OMG!! Totally loved it!!! 

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Thank you for all the views, likes and comments. I seriously love you guys for all your support! Mwah! Here is the next part, please excuse all the mistakes. Thank you, and do leave your comments behind! Another rushed part :/ sorry if it doesn't live up to your expectations.

Part 9

'Mein khala banne walI hoon... La la la la, naya baby aane wala hai...' Zoya sang as she worked in the kitchen, more like as she made a mess dancing around with the flour.

Asad and Dilshad smiled at her, they've never seen her soo happy. Asad was irritated seeing the mess, but seeing her jumping in joy made him all quiet.

'Mein cake bahar se mangata hoon, Zoya... Yeh sab chor do!' Said Asad looking around the kitchen before staring at her. She made a face at him,

'Meri cooking skills par shak kar rahe ho kya, mein ek perfect cake baker hoon, yaad hain mein bana chooki  do do baar' She spoke confidently pointing two fingers at his face to indicate her experience. He grabbed her fingers and put it down,

'Haan dekh chooka hoon, mera CD yaad hain?' He said with a serious face.

'Oh ho, that was once but then the time after that...' She stopped looking at his face. Zoya sighed,

'Mujhe fresh cream cake chahiye...' She shot him a smile.

'Whatever you say boss!' He saluted her with a wink. He thought it would be difficult to persuade her.

'Acha I'll clean this up' She announced, before she turned around he held her by the hand and brought her closer to him, she wriggled her wrists before pouting.

'Yeh kya kar rahe ho' she looked at him all flushed, she moved her eyes towards Dilshad's back. 'Phoopie...' She froze as she looked into his eyes.  He was staring at her as if he wanted her, right there and then. She melted seeing the passion in his eyes.

He brought his face closer to her face and tilted it sideways.

'Aur mein yeh clean karta hoon' His eyes swayed over the chocolate sauce on her cheek, Zoya brought her hand to wipe it but he held it to his chest. 'Yeh mera kam hai' He said naughtily before smirking at her. Zoya blushed at his smirk. He never leaves any chance to romance; Zoya was actually surprised how much of a romantic her akdu turned out to be. Zoya tried to stop her lips from forming a smile. Asad was about to lick the chocolate of her cheek when she tilted her head back. She eyed him; what are you doing.

'Mera kaam...' He whispered impatiently, he just wanted to lick it off; the temptation was making him lose his sense. She shook her head slowly, trying to avoid his pleading eyes. His eyes; it was so hard to refuse. He pulled her closer, he took his hand to her face, trailing his thumb from her bottom lip towards her cheek as Zoya shivered at his teasing touch. He then wiped the chocolate sauce motioning his thumb upwards trying to get most of it on its tips, holding onto her gaze, he took his thumb to his lips  and sucked the chocolate off chuckling to himself seeing Zoya's mouth fall open. To be honest, this is what she does to him. How can he resist himself when the temptation walks in front of him voluntarily calling him, awakening all the raw desires inside of himself? How? With his dreams getting more intense day by day, he was finding it difficult keeping his hands off her.

Satisfied with himself he kissed her nose and let her go, with Zoya all flushed and trying to compose herself. This man of hers will make her lose herself one day. She smiled to herself. He was about to walk out of the kitchen,

'Rukho' he turned around to face her again. She held his shirt from the stomach with both of her hands and pulled him close to her. Asad grinned at her, while she tiptoed on her feet and kissed him on his cheeks, she decided to tease him. She took her lips towards his slowly slowly, he was getting impatient, he brought his lips closer, she took her indent finger and tapped his nose with it while she burst out laughing. She blew the few strands of hair off her face, before fixing his collar and wiping off flour from his shirt and blazer. She put her hand on his cheek, and mouthed 'shoo cute'  before turning around getting back to her work leaving a dreamy Asad lost in his own thoughts; this is his life, he would never get tired of these moments. Romancing in the kitchen was just something else.

With a smile plastered on his face, he walked out of the kitchen to go get his future wife a fresh cream cake. He had two reasons to celebrate; Zeenat's pregnancy and Zoya's smile, oh yeah the third is their engagement, and Najma's presentation. Okaay he had many reasons to celebrate.

He asked his ammi if she wanted anything before popping out of the house.

'Hello Anwar jeeju... Haan woh bahut kush hai, thank you! Aur kaal aapko dekh kar aur zyada!' He told him.
'I'll pick you up tomorrow morning; hope you guys have a safe flight. Nahi kuch nahi bataunga. Don't worry about a thing, aapke ghar ka renovation ho chuka, Laila jee is waiting for you in your house. See you soon, take care, Allah Hafiz'
Asad sighed in contentment. Everything was falling into place.

Zoya had changed into her new found comfort clothes; jumpsuits. She had brought one in every colour possible; one piece and real comfy. She prepared the dining table for lunch humming to her favourite song... Life was being sweet to her; itni sarah kushiyan ek saath.

'Zoyaaa!' Najma entered the house with a massive grin on her face.

'Mera tamater, how was it then?' She asked hugging her.

'It was great, thank youuu! Just tomorrow's left... Insha Allah, acha hi jayegi' she smiled confidently. Zoya was happy to see this new found confidence in her.

'Aur mein cake laya hoon, celebrate karne ke liye!' Announced Asad entering his love filled home.

Tanveer entered the living room, wanting to know what all the noise was about. The happy atmosphere she was greeted with irritated her, because although she was there, it was not a part of her.
She watched clutching onto her duppata as Asad put his arms around both of the ladies and walked to the dining table. She creased her forehead; she needs to do something real soon. She put on a smile before joining everyone at the dining table.
'Lo jammy mein serve karta hoon aaj' she picked up the bowl and started serving Asad before he could refuse. Feeling helpless, he looked up to see an irritated Zoya, trying to smile and failing hopelessly. He knew she cooked today so lovingly for everyone and wanted to serve them all. Tanveer with a smile on her face looked up to see Zoya trying to busy herself, oh ho bura man gayi. Kya kare Zoya, mujhe tumhari jagah lena hai, sirf lena nahi hai, tumhe yaha se bagana hai. Dheere dheere Asad ko tumhare nahi, mere adaat ho jayegi, she mentally sniggered at Zoya's condition.

Zoya gripped hold of the bowl in front of her and stomped her way towards the table. She avoided Asad's apologetic gaze, she lifted her nose in the air, with an I don't care attitude clearly showing how much she cares and started serving Dilshad. She grabbed the phone off her and gave her a warning look.
'Phoopie, noo phone allowed at the dining table. Pleaseee aap itna kam kyun kar rahe ho' she pleaded her to stop.

'Acha beta sorry. Lekin mera kya galti hai, mere beta ki sagai hai! Yeh sab tum dono ki liye, tum dono ko kush dekh ke mujhe kushi milta hai! So yeh sab mere kushi ke liye hai' She smiled.

Zoya rested her chin on Dilshad's shoulder while her phoopie stroked her lovingly. Zoya shot a look at Asad,

'If only others thought the same way as you, kuch logo ko doosron ki kushi ke barein mein koi chinta nahin.'  She threw at him. Dilshad looked at her to which Zoya just smiled.

'Tamater tumhare liye ek special salad banaya hai, aur juice bhi' she winked at her, she knew how diet conscious Najma was. She knew after lunch, she would refuse the cake but healthy lunch meant going crazy with the dessert. 'Aur dessert mein...' She led Najma's eyes towards the cake. Her eyes lit up with joy meeting the same excitement in Zoya's. Asad looked at Zoya with an innocent look on his face; where's my special dish? She looked at Tanveer and then his food; 'that's your special food' she shouted mentally.

Everyone ate their food, laughing and sharing their excitement for the engagement, whilst Asad begged her to look at him. Asad didn't eat; he played with his food. Noticing this, Zoya sighed and got out of her seat.

'Asad, yeh loh aapke liye banaya hai' She rolled her eyes at him knowing that he was doing it on purpose. Asad's eyes lit up, but he frowned seeing her expressions.

'Mujhe nahi kaana hai' He pushed her hand out of the way. If she can be stubborn so can he. She forcefully served some of the food on his plate.
'Khaana hai toh kha lena, or else leave it!' she glared at him before sitting back down.
Asad slowly started eating his food; at least he got her to serve him. Zoya turned the other way and smiled. He acts like a child sometimes.

After dinner, everyone enjoyed the cake except Zoya who made an excuse and started clearing the table. Asad didn't know what to do, it wasn't his fault that Tanveer served him. He waited in the kitchen for everyone to get out, before walking up behind Zoya with a piece of cake. She was washing the dishes, when he wrapped his arm around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. She was about to smile when she remembered she was angry at him. She wriggled as his grip tightened.
'Let me go' she whispered angrily, nudging him with her elbow. He ignored the attacks to his chest and brought the plate of cake in front of her.
She quickly turned around, and wiped her wet, foamy hands on his clothes. He stepped back with both of his hands in the air and looked at her shocked. She glared at him with her wide eyes before walking off without glancing at him. Damn, thought Asad, he needs to be careful the next time he really ticks her off. This time, he knew her weak points and he seen the excitement in the corner of her eyes for the fresh cream cake.
Zoya on the other hand whacked herself on the head. He knows her weak points; his touch. The way he wrapped his arm around her waist, she melted right there and then. And then the cake. She sighed, it was not his fault what happened at the dining table, it's just that she cannot see anyone else doing things for Asad that's rightfully hers. It's not just that, she cannot see Tanveer with him, it's not their friendship but the way she tries to take Asad away from her. Okay, maybe it's not Tanveer's fault, I'm just being possessive. She smiled to herself.
She stood there staring out of the glass panels into the garden. The open window beside her let in the afternoon breeze. She took her hair out of the bun and let the air caress them. She felt the same arm go around her waist, this time walking his fingers slowly on her belly and the other arm around her in an embrace. She felt him rest his chin on her right shoulder as his breath warmed her neck.
He brought her hand over her shoulder and kissed it. He moved her hair to the left side and nuzzled into her neck. He placed light pecks whispering 'I'm sorry', over and over again. She finally reacted to his touch by placing her hand on top of his hand on her belly, and the other she intertwined with his and pulled it tightly over her. She closed her eyes and tilted her head towards his as he placed his kisses. He smiled into her back.
His grip tightened around her waist as he lifted her into the air with one arm. She opened her eyes to his sudden move to see herself moving towards the garden. She kicked forward,
'Aaasad, put me down, what are you doing?' she yelled as she tried getting down, but he remained quiet enjoying her rant.
He finally put her down, she turned around with her hands on her hips, fuming.
'Yeh kya tha..' he put his finger on her lips, she trembled to his touch.
'Shhh' he made her sit down and picked up the plate of cake, taking a spoonful in front of her.  She opened her mouth like a baby and took the bite. She beamed at him with her mouthful as she picked her legs up onto the bench and crossed her legs; waiting for him to feed her.
He shook his head at her, and fed her. She then took the spoon to feed him. And this is how you manaofy Zoya Farookie; cake and a lot of love.

She took his hands into hers and pressed her eyes at him. She got on her knees trying to balance herself on the bench and crawled towards him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his forehead.
As the sudden rain drops kissed her bare neck, she broke out of her trance. She looked up to see the drops of rain falling faster and heavier, and the dark clouds shadowing the sun. She shrieked with joy before jumping off the bench and running onto the grass. She kicked her sandals off as she jumped up and down shaking her hair in the air. She stood there with her eyes closed, arms open in the air to embrace the moment. Her wet jumpsuit hugged her body revealing her slender figure, her flat stomach, her-

Asad closed his eyes to the sight, when he felt a tug on his arm. Zoya pulled him towards the grass  and started dancing. He stared at her with open eyes, as she twirled under his hold. She gathered some water in her palm and splashed it on his face, startling him. She laughed at him as he stepped forward towards her, he went to grab her but she dodged out of the way making him fall forward onto his stomach. He sighed, as he turned on the muddy ground to face her with a dangerous look his face. He wiped the mud of his face as she teased him childishly laughing, showing him her tongue and running before he jumped up and chased her.
He ran behind her as she sped in front of him around the garden. When he neared her, she flicked her hair on his face stopping him on his feet, turning her body around and walking backwards as he followed her in a trance. She played her eyebrows up and down, teasing him, she tip toed backwards in a slow dance, as she lifted her pants above her ankle; his eyes widened.

Her teasing put him on the edge, his one step forward, she moved backwards. He looked down towards her bare foot, as she lifted her pants higher revealing more of her bare legs. His heart raced faster. He reached for her, but she moved away. Her innocent like face, glistening from the hidden rays of sun stealing through the clouds as the drops of rain touched her face, sliding down down her cheek onto her neck, feeling every part of her body. Her plumped pink lips quivering from the cold, as her dark eyes met his with the same passion as him. He took his hands to grab her, but she waivered to the side, slipping on the muddy grass. He managed to grab her finger tips, and pulled her towards him.
She collided with his hard chest, almost falling backwards from the hard bounce. She grabbed his collar but failed to grip it as her hands slipped downwards unbuttoning his shirt revealing his wet, toned, six packs as she fell back. She stopped falling half way with her head only a metre up from the ground.
He managed to stop her from falling by putting his hand on her back and pushing her upwards, only to trip on his own foot and fall with her. Their arms went around each other immediately as they hit the grass and rolled continuously from the steep end of the garden towards the concrete floor.
Zoya had closed her eyes, whilst Asad put his hand under head before they finally stopped on the rock solid ground. His hand took the impact of the fall, as they both remained there silently breathing heavily on each other.
When she felt no more movement, she opened her eyes slowly to see him gazing at her lovingly, with his hands caressing her face, bare body on top of hers. As she tried to move, he winced in pain. She looked at him worried; was he hurt? Her eyes looked at him questioningly but his expressions did not change. She felt his hand under her head, realising what might have happened she shot up only to bang her into his head.
'Ouchhh!' she grunted in pain. He put her head back onto his hand and rubbed her forehead as tears swelled in her eyes. He shook his head at her, wiping every tear that escaped her eyes with his thumb. She lifted her head and hugged him tightly burying her face in his neck and placing wet kisses.
They both got up slowly; all soaked and covered in mud. Zoya's eyes fell on his hand, it was bleeding from the back. She grabbed it quickly,
'Allah Miyan, Asad what's wrong with you, why did you put your hand under my head, aapko lag gaye na, aur dekho kitna khoon beh raha hai' she cried.
'Mujhe nahi lagta toh tumhe lag jati, aur mein ye khabie nahi hone deta!' he cupped her face.
'Andar chale, bahut tand lag raha hai, aur tumhara yeh halat dekh kar' he looked her up and down, 'mujhe control nahi ho raha hai' he teased. She hit him across the chest blushing under his gaze,

'Aap bi na' she smiled, she looked at his bare body remembering how she unbuttoned them, her eyes trailed from the bottom admiring his toned body, she had this unknown feeling rising in her. She met his eyes which were following hers all that time. Zoya turned to the side 'Let's go inside, aapki haath mein dressing karna hoga' she looked at his hand. He turned her around and put his finger under her chin lifting it up,
'Dressing' He whispered as a smile played on his lips. Her eyes widened and mouth fell open in shock, she looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

'ASAD!' she yelled, as he ran away from her towards the house with her chasing behind him.


Asad ran inside to find a grinning Najma waiting for them with two towels in her hand.
'Asad aap' Zoya's voice trailed off at the sight of Najma. Her questioning gaze; she couldn't lie to her BFF, she would definitely catch her out. She played with her hands without looking up. She went from a light pink to a deep red when she heard Dilshad's voice.
She had her arms folded smiling at the sight of them. 'Taand lag jaye gi, dry quickly' she advised.
'Waise, lagta nahi hai tum dono accidently bheegein ho, lekin Asad mujhe toh laga tumhe baarish pasand nahi hai' she raised her eye brow.

'Ammi, bhaijaan ko toh bahut cheezein na pasand tha' Najma teased, throwing the towel at the two before joining her mother's side.
'Haan, yeh toh tumne sahi kaha, jab koi na pasand insaan pasand ho jati hai, toh sab kuch joh tumhe irritating lagta tha, ache lagne lagta hain' agreed Dilshad looking at the two staring at the floor.

'Ammi, mein change-'
'Ek minute beta, kaho na, mein toh bahut confused hoon, baarish-.' Asad ran from there, Dilshad and Najma burst out laughing, with Zoya joining them.

'Aur Zoya, tum kaho-'
'Woh woh, mujhe taand lag rahi hain' She showed them her shaking hands, 'Dekho, dekho' before running towards her room.

Dilshad and Najma hi-fived each other.



'Atchooo' sneezed Asad as he sat down in the living room with a book, his mind wondering at the words said by his ammi. Yes, he has changed; since he fell in love with Zoya, he has done things he would never dream of doing.

'Coffee' Zoya put the coffee in front of him. He took it off her as she sat on the floor beside him. She put the first aid box on her lap, and pulled his reluctant hand towards her. She patted the anti-septic cream with the tip of her fingers, while his hand moved slightly to the burning. It was hurting but he didn't want to show it. She blew on it softly and applied the cream properly, as his hands formed a fist and then opened again due to the pain. Zoya winced looking at his hands reacting, as she slowly bandaged his hand. She took his hand to her cheek and placed a kiss in his palm. She smiled at him before getting up to join Dilshad in the kitchen.

The workers had arrived to do the lighting of the house. The more detailed decoration with the fresh flowers would be done tomorrow morning. Dilshad wanted the house to shine the night before the engagement so people know there's some celebration at their house. She was over the moon, Asad was happy to see her like this. His mind wondered to the times where she had asked him to get her a bahu, Asad had always put it off or told her to pick one; he'd never be able to love her though. And now, he was sat here watching the workers decorate his house for his engagement to the girl he loves. He laughed to himself; oh the irony.


Covered in white; with pure innocence, she sat there holding her hands up to the Almighty for the happiness of her family. She thanked Him for the endless amount of blessings he has bestowed upon her.
She cried for her past, she cried for her present and she cried for her future.

Dilshad watched her mesmerised. She watched Zoya pray with her heart. Her face conveyed the innocence of a child.

Zoya finished her namaaz, to see her phoopie sitting on her bed waiting for her. She wrapped her scarf and prayer mat and put it to the side. She walked up to her phoopie and sat down on the floor by her legs. She rested her head on her lap and sighed. She had always yearned for mother's love and her phoopie had given her that. She gets a sense of relief and contentment when she is with her. Her phoopie had always guided her when he felt lost, loved her when she needed loving and cared for her when she needed looking after.
Dilshad lovingly stroked her hair. Zoya was always more than a guest for her; she was her daughter. She has changed their lives for the better, bringing life into her home. She has given Asad love, the very thing he needed to live. She fought the world just for their smile, and in return asked for nothing. But today, her phoopie will fulfil her heartfelt desire; she has come here to give her a right that she had always yearned for.

'Tumhari aami ki yaad a rahi hai?' asked Dilshad. Zoya nodded in her lap, but did not speak.
'Beta, agar mein ek baat kahungi toh tum manogi?' Zoya looked up at her,

'Kya phoopie?'

Dilshad cupped her face, 'Kya tum mujhe ammi bhulaogi?' she looked into her eyes.
Zoya froze, as a lone tear escaped her eyes. Her lips quivered, failing to let out any words. She placed her head back onto her lap, and let out a cry. Her body started shaking from releasing all the pain she held in for all those years into her mother's lap. How much she yearned to receive a mother's love, how much she wanted hug her tight, how much she wanted cry in her lap and release her worries. She clutched onto her ammi's clothes,

'Ammi' Zoya's voice broke. 'Ammi, aap...'

Dilshad picked her up and wiped her tears off, She kissed her forehead and held her close to her chest. She had gotten her answer, she just wanted to hold this daughter of hers and wipe away all her pain.



Engagement tomorrow :)
Very depressed from today's episode.
But nonetheless, written this, I have no idea how it is.
Written this in one go, so if it doesn't make sense, I apologise.
Do leave your comments behind beautifuls, thank you xoxo



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rennie Goldie

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loved it...i wish asad would go and have aword with tanveer not to interfere in his day to day life...waiting for the engagement...and pls do something to expose tanveer, before she gets too out of hand...

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Lost_Somewhere IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Nice heart-touching part..Heart AsYa romance and Dilshad-Zoya conversation were magical.Clap But I have a small request for u.Please don't use the small hindi dialogues u are using these days in ur ff.The 'karunga','karungi'-s are confusing.Confused

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-CRJ- IF-Stunnerz

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loved it.
ahh i love the garden romance Tongue
Awesome update!!!

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-Prinky- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Awesome update !!!!!!
I like Asya's romance & last part Dilshad & Zoya's bonding sooo nicely written
egarly waiting for Zoya's aapi & jiju's entry & of course for the engagement & hope Tanveer not spoil their happiest moments
Thank u so much for pm Smile

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Ceon IF-Rockerz

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heart touching

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Prizi IF-Rockerz

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Loved it

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