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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 22)

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Posted: 18 April 2013 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Poor Zoya, lucky Asad was there on time to save her.  looking forward to the engament

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hey nice one .. i see you got some insight here .. 
it was almost like i am watching serial in front of my eyes ,, details .. emotions .. family bonding .. 
everything // 
u are a worthy writer .. 
plz pm me if possible when u ll update next part Smile

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awesome ff..
wow yaar... all the parts were so beatuiful...
loved all the updates...
wow both love each othr so much...
n now who is this guy...???
update soon..
n pm me also...

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very nice..
plz continue soon 

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Those of you who guessed it; well done, and those who didn't; sorry! Nothing exciting. I left a note few chapters back ;) no noo, don't go back, read this first! loool, this part is just some light family moments, nothing dramatic. It's a filler so sorry. Once again thank you for your wonderful comments, your support means a lot! Please excuse all the spelling mistakes etc! As for PMs, do send me a buddy request! Mwah xoxo

Part 8- part 2

'Aap!' He yelled back at her realising her who she is.

'Tumhari itni himmat?' On reflex she jumped out of the hands that held her, she brushed Asa'd hand off her arm and came face to face with their guest breathing heavily.'Tumhari itni himmat kisike permission ke bina ghar mein gusne ki. Kya hua, yaha bhi litter karne aya ho kya... Haan maana yahan littering hoti hai' She agreed to herself, 'lekin yeh mera haq hai kyunki mere ghar hai, par tum' She pointed towards him, looking at Asad 'Yeh larka bi nah, kitna badtameez hai, environment ka koi fikar nahi aur bhi aur, kitna chupa rustam hai, college mein burkha pehen kar ghus jaata hai' She breathed out.

'Mein, aap kaho, aapki gundein kaha hai aaj, aanjan logo ko pitane ka bahut shok hai na aapko' He looked at Asad and shook his head 'kitni dangerous larki hai...'

'Asad kitna flirt karta hai yeh ladka, Ya Allah, jahan ladki dekhta hai waha iss ka tubelight jaal jaata hai' She shouted with the same bitter tone with her hands flying everywhere. 'Aur bhi aur, mera haath pakar tha rehta hai...'

Asad narrowed his eye brows at him and then looked back at her, his eyes wide from surprise.

Asad caught her flying hand, 'Yeh ladki...' Asad pushed him by the face and came in between them facing her.

'Tumne aabhi abhi kya kaha?' Asked Asad. Zoya looked at him confused before focusing on the face behind him.

'Bhaijaan, yeh aap...'

'Asad yeh aapko bhaijaan kyun bula raha hai?'

Asad wasn't listening to her, he was so focused on her waiting for her to realise what she was saying.

'Bhaijaan...' Ayaan shouted trying to get his brother's attention.

Zoya pushed Asad to the side and faced Ayaan again.

'Yeh bhaijaan bhaijaan kya laga raka hai?' She placed her hands on her hips and waited for an answer.

'Mera bhai hai, obviously bhaaijan hi bhulaunga... Aapi thodi baan jayenge' he laughed. Asad looked at him to shut up while Ayaan gave him another nervous laugh.

'Tum Ayaan ho? yaani RABART?' Asked a shocked Zoya putting her hand to her mouth.

'Aur tum mere' He said in a flirty tone half coughing his words because of Asad's warning looks, he better choose his words carefully. 'Mere bhaijaan ka musibat ho urff mona darling' and he jumped out of the way before his brother could punch him. Surprisingly, he did none of that, he just stared at Zoya. Meanwhile Zoya's mouth was in an O shape, this curly fried brain was her partner in crime and her devar? He called her musibat, no Asad called her musibat, she turned around slowly towards Asad with a serious face.

'Asad yeh kya keh raha hai, musibat? Aap mere baare mein aapne bhai se bhurai karte ho, Asad aaap...' She looked at him carefully, his facial expressions, wait wait wait, he's smirking. 'Aap itna...'  Zoya bit her tongue realising what she had been mumbling all that while. Her hands shot up to her mouth, she covered it tight hoping whatever she just said would run back into her mouth! She smacked her head, kitni budhoo hoon mein she mentally scolded herself. She looked down and blushed. She looked back at him to see his raised eyebrow and a smile playing on his lips. Both in all the emotional outbursts hadn't realized that she called him by his name a few times now. Asad had never forced her to call him by his name although he had always wanted her to. His happiness from within was visible on his face.

Asad slowly moved towards her while she stood rooted on her spot all flushed and red. Ayaan just stared at both of them.' Oh hello, yahan mere baat koi sunega yah mein chale jao?' Pouted Ayaan. Asad and Zoya turned towards him. All three looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'Kya baat hai bhaijaan, itna dangerous ladki ko mera bhabie bananeko soch rahe ho' Asad gave him a stern look, ' I mean mera mona darling aapke liye bilkul perfect hai, mere baad sirf yeh hai jo aapke achi tarah baand baja sakti hai' winked Ayaan. Zoya hi-fived her partner in crime.

Asad showed him his fists, 'Bhaijaan, bhabie mujhe kitni baar pitah chuke, aur nahi please' Ayaan got on his knees and begged him. Asad picked him up and hugged him. He then looked at Zoya smiling at the two bonding with each other.

Asad held Zoya's hand and pulled her to his side.

'Zoya, yeh hai mera bhai Ayaan, tumhara bachpan ka dost Rabart aur tumhara hone wale devar' He put his hand on Ayaan's shoulder, 'Aur Ayaan, yeh hai meri Zoya, tumhara dost aur hone wale bhabie' He smiled looking at the two.

Zoya put her hands out while Ayaan came for a hug, 'Control mein raho' warned Asad. Ayaan put his hand to the back of his head and shook his hair; his signature move. He took Zoya's hand and shook it.

'ZOYAA!' Shouted a stressed Najma, running wildly towards the startled trio. They looked up to see a frowning Najma coming towards them. Zoya held her by her shoulder and patted her head to calm her down.

'Kya hua Tamater?' asked a concerned Zoya. Najma was out of breath; she held her knees and gasped for air trying to calm her racing heart.

'Zoya' she cried. 'Woh assignment na, khul nahi raha hai. I worked so hard and now the document is not opening.' She held Zoya by her shoulders and shook her 'Aur woh presentation, mujhe kuch nahi yaad a raha hai, please help me' Najma begged her only saviour, pleading with her tear filled eyes.

'Oh ho tamater, rona math please.' She wiped her tears and cupped her face. 'Ofcourse, don't worry about anything, why fear when Zoya is here' she nodded her head to assure her and in trance, Najma also nodded. She turned her around, 'Tum jao, I'm coming' she shook her head at Najma's retreating back as she let out a sigh. This girl hasn't eaten properly all day, she's going to starve herself and fall ill. She turned around to the two men looking at her worried at Najma's state, she reassured them,

'I'll sort that out first, meanwhile Mr K' Asad shook his head at her in a no, 'Aaa-sad, aap please call the mithai shop and place the order' she pointed towards a list and then at Ayaan 'Aur tum, yahan se hilo maat, tumse baat karni hai, aur aaj raat ka khana kha ke jaana hoga' She ordered. She swiftly turned around and left the two brothers' gazing at her in awe.

'Tamater please itna stress mat lo' She picked her up and sat in her seat. 'Mein dekhti hoon' She pulled the laptop close to her and started typing away. She had made a copy of the final draft in two separate files. She opened it up and turned the laptop towards a nail biting Najma. 'Here you go' She smiled at her before Najma bent down and grabbed her into a tight hug.

'Thank you Thank you Thank you! You.are.a.life.saver!' shrieked Najma. She pulled away from the hug and frowned while she lead Zoya's eyes to some documents. Zoya shook her head at her. She got up and walked towards Najma's desk. She opened the draw and took some colourful cards out along with glue and a pair of scissors as Najma watched her curiously with a confused face. She sat back down and started cutting the cards and the pieces of papers. She glued the pieces of papers on to the red cards, she sat there doing each one while Najma watched her not so patiently. Zoya was aware of the order of the presentation as she helped her prepare it. 'Here you go your cue cards' Zoya finally spoke handing Najma the cards she had just prepared. Najma hugged her again to thank her.

'Tamater, now get out of this room and wait by the dining table, I'm coming in a moment.' Najma was about to refuse but Zoya's serious face made her run out of the room. Zoya fussed with the laptop, shut it close before walking out of the room.

Tanveer who was watching hid behind the wall as she watched Zoya walk out of the room. She quickly ran into Najma's room and stared at the laptop. This was her next plan.

'Zoya Zoya, bahut shok hai na logo ko help karne ka, well bahut mehengi padegi' As Zoya was the last out of the room, if anything happened to Najma's work, she would get blamed. She picked the laptop up and smashed it onto the floor. She then got the jug of water and poured it all over the broken laptop. She carefully opened it to see if it was possible to bring it to life, she smiled in contentment. She lay the jug next to it and left stealthily out of the room with a smile playing on her lips.

'Beto!' ordered Zoya. Najma gulped and sat on her seat as she watched Zoya fuss with the plates in the kitchen. A few moments later, she came back with a plate full of food.
'Eat it now' she said with a stern voice. 'I can't believe itna stress kar rahe ho tum! You will fall ill, if I find out you have starved yourself again, dekh na' She warned her. Najma quietly nodded and started eating as Zoya poured her some juice. The spectators watching the scene looked on quietly as Zoya bossed her sister in law.  They all burst out laughing watching Najma's expressions but quietened after Zoya gave them a look.

After being satisfied with Najma eating, she walked over to Dilshad who was staring at her lovingly. She nodded her head asking Kya hua, but Dilshad shook her head smiling. Zoya sat down and sighed, when suddenly Ayaan got on his knees startling her.

'Mona darling, flowers for you...' He handed her the flowers, he then brought the chocolate boxes in front of her. He shook his hair 'Sorry jaldi jaldi mein koi proper gift le nahi paye.  Bhaijaan ki galti hai! Ussi ne bulaya aur mein chali aya' He put his hand on his forehead dramatically and then put his arms out towards her to which she giggled. Asad threw a pillow at his nautanki brother while the family laughed.
'I'm glad you came Rabart, I was going to contact you; I got really busy time nahi mila' She apologised. 'Thank you Asad' she looked at him and then at Ayaan 'Tumhare gift next time, sirf tum nahi, mujhe Nikhat aur Nuzzat se bhi milna hai' She looked at Dilshad who smiled. 'Aur tumhare woh Humaira begum bhi' She winked. Zoya smiled to herself, it would be great if all the siblings could get together. She wants to bond with every relation that Asad keeps close to him. He loves his sisters despite being apart from them. She also wants to bond with Humaira, if not as her sister then at least as Ayaan's best friend. She broke out of her chain of thoughts to see Asad smiling at her. 'Thank you and I love you' she whispered at him, mouthing every word.

'ARGHHH!' Everyone looked up the stairs to the sudden noise.

Everyone looked at each other, 'Najma, tamater' They all shouted at once and ran towards her room. They arrived to see a weeping Najma on her knees and her laptop all torn.

'Tamater, how did this happen?' Asked Asad.

'Mera assignment, I've lost everything, it broke!' cried Najma, her voice all broken. Asad looked back at everyone feeling helpless.

'What was that noise? Is everything okay?' asked Tanveer innocently, coming into the room after every one. She waited for something to blast but nothing.

'Ya Allah, how did this happen? Zoya tum yahan last the na, yeh kaise hua' She looked up at Zoya and then Asad. Their reactions remained confused. Zoya shook her head; did she just accuse me?

Zoya knelt down beside Najma and took her face in her hands. She wiped her tears and tucked the strands of hair behind her ears. She picked her up slowly and looked at Asad,

'Can I use your laptop please?' She requested to which he nodded. Zoya walked Najma out of the room and into Asad's, with Asad and Ayaan following. They closed the door shut behind them and sat around the laptop watching Zoya, bewildered.

Zoya looked up to see 3 pair of curious eyes glaring at her. She swiftly put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a pen drive. After seeing Najma panic the last time, Zoya made several copies of the assignment, she even emailed a copy to Najma's email. She connected it to the laptop and presented it to Najma. Najma squealed in delight, and hugged her for the 3rd time!

'Ahhh, omg omg omg, I love you!' She pulled away from her, and then hugged her again, she continued doing it while the brothers hugged each other with joy. Asad took Najma off Zoya and held her in his arms.

'Tamater, tumhari fix it all bhabie hai na, why fear when Zoya is here?' He repeated pulling her cheeks, while she flashed him a big smile sniffing.

Asad sat down next to Zoya and took her hand into his, 'I love you too' he whispered softly looking into her soft brown eyes. He was so proud of her; for taking care of his family and solving all their problems, she was their guardian angel in disguise. Unknowingly, he had been proven wrong yet again; she is the perfect daughter in law. She put her head on his shoulder as they watched Ayaan teasingly help Najma practice her presentation.

'Bhaijaan dekho, yeh mujhe kitna tease kar raha hai' complained Najma in a childlike manner, stomping her feet.

'Rabart, bas karo vaarna lagaungi ek aise' Yelled Zoya showing him her elbow. He put his hands up jokingly acting all scared.

'Kaha na bhai kitni dangerous hai yeh ladki...'

'Ayaan tumhare bhabhi hai!' With that he got up and chased Ayaan. He caught him and wrapped his arm around his neck pretending to strangle him, while Najma whacked them continuously with her cue cards as she couldn't concentrate. Zoya stared at the siblings playing together; the light moment between them was truly heart-warming. After a very long time, she has seen Asad open up and joke about with his siblings. How much he must yearn for moments like these... Tears formed in her eyes, she sent a prayer above to protect the strong bond between them, and for that smile on his face... And my my my, doesn't he look handsome... Wait did he just wink at her? She smacked her head as he caught her staring at him and left them at it to prepare dinner with a smile plastered on her face. When he smiles, her heart smiles with him...


Ayaan had left late that evening, enjoying the meal cooked by his bhabie. Asad smiled at the bond between them, he was glad they were close friends. It meant that whenever he's not there, Ayaan could rely on Zoya. Asad had prayed for strength to be able to handle both of their ghatiya shayris, although they had become a part of his life, the thought of double dose for the rest of his life isn't exciting. But one thing's for sure, he loves both immensely.


The next morning, the house wasn't so peaceful anymore. A tensed Najma paced around from one side to another in the living room shouting her lines out aloud. Phoopie was on the phone to relatives about the engagement confirming everyone's presence at the party. Asad was on his phone to Prasad in his room about some business deal  with his door open, giving poor Zoya a headache as well as earache. She sighed as she watched her family roam crazily around the house, not bothered about eating or drinking. She was happy because all this was for her and Asad and their family. But, seeing them like this was driving her mad. She had asked to post phone the engagement because of Najma's presentations, Asad's continuous meetings and so that phoopie got some rest... But they all scolded her as well as getting some earful off aapi and jeeju since she promised them.

'I'm leaving now' shouted a nervous Najma. She kissed Zoya and Dilshad on the cheeks before giving her salaams.

'Good luck Tamater' wished Zoya

'All the best beta' wished Dilshad

Both gave her a reassuring smile before waving her goodbye. Zoya then looked at her phoopie grabbing her hand and pulling her with her. She made her sit down, and got her a cup of tea.

'Yahan se hileye maat' Zoya warned. 'Please relax... I'm going to go prepare dinner.' With that she wrapped her phoopie up and skipped into the kitchen. She conversed loudly with her from the kitchen while she peeled the vegetables and cut them up when her phone rang.

'Aapi, kaise ho' asked Zoya

'I'm fine beta, lekin tum kaise ho, sorry thoda zyada daat diya. Upset maat hona...' Apologized Zeenat.

'Jee nahi aapi, I can never be upset with you' reassured Zoya.

'Woh beta, we were going to tell you when we saw you, lekin tum itni upset thi that we couldn't make it, but we thought you'll be you happy before the engagement if you heard this...'

'Kya aapi?' Asked an excited Zoya.

'Woh beta, woh actually.. Kaise batao, inte saal baad. Mujhe sharaam a rahi hai... Beta baat hai ki tum...' Blushed Zeenat

'Baat kya hai... Oh ho itna kya sharma na?' An impatient Zoya teased.

'Woh tum khala bane wali ho!' Zeenat let out at once.

'Kya' shouted Zoya

Zoya's mouth fell open, what did she just hear? Her khala? Her aapi is going to be a mummy?!

'Kya?!' She shouted again as if it hadn't registered in her head. She stood there frozen for a moment...

'Kyaaa!' She squealed jumping up and down,

'Mein kala bane wali hoon!' She danced out of the kitchen with her phone against her ear and the knife in her hand. Zoya paused for a moment, before starting on her victory dance waving the knife freely in the air, unknown to her some pieces of peelings were stuck on her apron and fell onto the floor due to her shaking about.

Asad came out of his room to find a happy Zoya dancing crazily in front of him. He was glad to see her so happy until his eye caught the knife. This girl... He shook his head before going towards her. Zoya in all her dancing slipped on a piece of peeling losing her balance. Asad went forward to hold her only to slip himself. He caught her and turned so that his body hit the floor first. There, they both lay on top of each other staring at one an another.

'Hello Zoya, hello...' Zeenat was shouting on the other side. Zoya looked at her phone and put it to her ear...

'Hello, congratulations.. Bahut bahut mubarak ho, rest karna, bed se utto maat... eat properly, this is the best thing ever! I am so happy, no no please listen to the doctor, I'll send you the pictures of the whole thing, you know what I'll Skype during the ceremony' squealed Zoya pushing Asad back down every time he lifted his head, unaware that she was still laying on top of Asad. Her other hand slowly moved and stopped at his chest, the knife at his throat. His eyes widened in horror but he couldn't get her attention. She placed her head on his chest as she carried on talking while Asad gulped. One wrong move and he's gone. His arms were trapped under hers, he couldn't budge. He just stared at her, she was so happy he didn't really want to disturb her.

'Acha beta tik hai... Talk to your jeeju'

'Jeeju, mubarak ho'

'Tumhare aapi ki pet mein kuch nahi rehta' sighed Anwar, 'thank you beta, tumhe bhi'

'Haan, mujhse pyaar jo itna karti hai' she said in childish voice.

'Woh toh hai...'

'Acha beta, I'll talk to you later, Allah hafiz...' Anwar and Zeenat thought they'd at least break one good news to her so that she remains happy until the moment of her engagement, when she'll get her second surprise. The thought of her sulking was getting unbearable so they decided to give in; early engagement gift. They both sat at the airport, feeling a huge weight lift off them. They hated lying to her. Asad had spring cleaned their home; making sure they had no problems when they arrived.

Zoya ended the call and looked at Asad. Her eyes were glistening and her face was glowing. She rested her chin on his chest and smiled 'mein khala banne wali hoon'

'Aur mein khallas hone wala hoon' His eyes looked down pointing at the knife. She bit her tongue and whispered a soft sorry. She looked up to find a box, she threw the knife into the box and rested her head on his chest. She still hadn't realised that they were on the floor. 'Mein kitni kush hoon aaj, Asad, humare parivaar complete ho rahe hai, aur wahan mere aapi aur jeeju' she played around on his hard chest making circles with her fingers. Tears of happiness escaped her eyes, 'mein kitni kush hoon' she half cried and half laughed, making her voice sound deeper than usual. She nuzzled into his chest, before picking her head up. She bought her face closer to his shirt and wiped her nose on it, blowing into it. Asad looked at her and rolled his eyes. He needed his hands to massage his forehead,

'Zoya, yuck yeh tum kya kar rahe ho' He made a face at her,

'Kya kar rahi hoon?' She asked innocently fluttering her eyelashes at him, and sniffing dramatically.

'Yeh' he looked down at his shirt trying to ignore her innocent face... A smile played on her lips; she was doing this on purpose. He freed his hand and wrapped it around her waist and buried his face in her neck. His light pecks tickled her as she squirmed crazily in his hold. He put his head back on the floor facing her. She rested her nose against his and pressed her eyes at him. She then lowered herself and rested her head against his chest. They both lay there, forgetting that they were on the floor in the living room, with the mother of the house staring down at them.


'Ahem' coughed Dilshad

Asad and Zoya didn't move...

'Ahem!!' Dilshad coughed louder. Asad Zoya looked up at each other and then at Dilshad. They crazily looked around them only to realize that they were romancing on the floor.  Asad helped her up first before getting up himself. He looked down from his mother's gaze and Zoya blushed. They both turned the opposite way and then back at their mother.

'Yaha kya ho raha hai?' Asked Dilshad in a teasing tone.

'Woh bhool gaye floor pe' He blurted out, he looked down in embarrassment, Asad shook his head furiously at her indicating nothing 'kuch nahi'

'Woh kya hai nah peelings' Zoya played with her hands looking down.

'Woh kya' Dilshad nodded at her innocently as if she didn't know what she was talking about waiting for her to explain. She then burst out laughing, one is crazy and the other is hot tempered, but seeing them blushing in embarrassment was something she'd never get tired of.
Zoya suddenly remembered the phone call and started jumping in excitement throwing all her sharaam out of the window.

'Phoopppieee, mein khala bane wali hoon' She announced engulfing her in a hug.

'Asad mein khala bane wali hoon...' She said again embracing Asad lifting her legs up in the air. She got down and realized what she just did.

'Woh mein ek cake banuangi celebrate karne ke liye' with that she turned around and rushed back into the kitchen. Asad came close to his mother with wide eyes, they looked at each other.

'Cake' they both said at once letting out a nervous laugh.




There you go, a rushed part. I apologise I usually update every 24 hours, but I've been sleep deprived! Thought i'll leave with you guys with some light moments, not much drama! Been so depressed watching the continuous spoilers, but i'm a happy bunny now watching the airport spoilers! Wooop, I died a million times watching Asad's madness! And omg, I had a shirt sequence planned after the engagement and they showed it on sbs! Not going to write it just in case I can't do justice to it.

Help: Okay this might make me sound dumb, but Dilshad announced that the engagement will be in 3 days, should I count the day she announced it? If so engagement is today, if not it's tomorrow! Loool I know you guys thinking why bother, but the story is based on the days from engagement to marriage, I won't take a leap on days, since there'll be drama  every day... If that makes sense?

Thank you for reading, do leave your comments behind beautifuls! :)

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awww tht was awsomeee loved the way AsYa romance on the floor hehe continue soon

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Great update! I am hooked please update soon. ( I'm being greedy I know :-(. :-)

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