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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 18)

MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Reyansh23

Ld d story
Asya r so made fr each othr
Dat obsessive farhaan
He needs a gd punch frm asad n I hope he gts it soon

I m sndng u a buddy request
Plz pm me wn ur nxt update z ready

Hey thanks for the buddy request and your comment... Will update very soon. 

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Update pls

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MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Am I the only idiot that writes a whole loada crap for 7-8 pages and then realises she should stop? LOOOL, here's the next part and it's a bit rushed. Sorry if it doesn't live up to your expectations, I am bad with action sequences. I'll try and improve it next time. Do have a read. Once again thanks for your views, likes and comments. They mean a lot.

Part 8 Part 1

He rang her phone numerous times to make sure everything is okay. Why isn't she picking up he shouted mentally. Then suddenly, the ringing stopped...

'Hello Zoya...' An anxious Asad just wanted to hear her voice. His heart and mind tumbled inside his body, the war in him made him restless. His voice trembled at what he heard on the end...

'Why are you sweating...' A voice said from the other side. He heard a nervous Zoya replying back to him. He could sense fear in her voice. He heard her gasp, Asad stopped on his feet, he spun around as fast he could and jumped into his SUV. He smashed the door close, almost shaking the whole car. He slipped his Bluetooth back in his ear and drove away. He heard Farhaan confess his feelings, Asad gripped his steering wheel tighter gritting his teeth burning with rage. How dare he say such things, how dare he touch her! He should've never let her go. 'ZOYAAA!!!!!!' Screamed Asad. 'I'm coming... I'm coming...' He repeated to himself in the hope that he'll get there faster. He drove through 3 red lights which he wasn't aware of. He was not in his senses, the thought of Zoya being in trouble and him not being by her side was killing him. The mangalpur incident flashed before his eyes, if he hurts her... I swear. Asad was shaking, he needs to get to her. He cursed the guy under his heavy breathing! Why was the road all of a sudden longer than it should be, the whole world around him became blurry just the road in front of him clear. Her silent cries were pulling something inside of him.

He screeched to a halt in from the building, he heard her whisper his name. He threw the Bluetooth piece inside the car and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He threw open the main glass door almost smashing it to pieces and ran to the receptionist who was staring at him shocked, scared.

'Miss farokiee's meeting with Mr Miah, where is it?!!' He ordered. She just stared at him, her lips trembling...

'WHERE IS IT?!!' He roared back at her, she jumped back and pointed towards some blue doors, choking her words out '2.02 sir sir...'

He slammed her desk and ran through the doors crazily looking at each door number. 1.01,1.02... It went up one by one, Asad was starting to lose his patience, he ran faster...

2.02 finally, the door was open when he glided to a stop holding both sides of the door to stop himself from falling. He walked inside to see pictures of Zoya flying everywhere. He looked past a mad Farhaan to see a tear stricken Zoya on the floor, scared and shaking. He stood behind a spinning Farhaan who was laughing like a maniac screaming 'this is my love, this is my obsession...' while Asad clenched and unclenched his fists.  Farhaan came to a stop facing Asad, before he could say anything Asad blew him a punch right onto the side of his face and without any noise Farhaan dropped to the floor. He looked up to see Zoya getting up slowly and furiously rubbing her eyes. She opened her eyes to meet his.

There she met some familiar eyes, full of love, full of concern. There stood Asad staring at her, half broken half lost. She looked down to see Farhaan's body on the floor and then back at him. She registered what she seen in her head before running around the body and jumping into his arms, she held him tight as if he would disappear if she didn't. She pulled at his shirt, trying to completely bury herself in his arms... She looked up at him and held his face in her shaky hands, she pulled and rubbed his cheeks and forehead to make sure he's really there.

Although his arms felt like home, her mind played games with her. What did Farhaan say he'll kill him, make her his... She winced at the thought, no no no, she's only Asad and Asad is hers, no one can come between them, no one can separate them. She cupped his face harder making him look into her eyes and shook her head 'tum sach mein yaha ho na... bolo?' Seeing him nod made her speeding heart slow down as she put one of her hand around his neck and the other under his arm and buried her face in his neck. She kissed it continuously, Asad didn't know whether she was sobbing with her mouth open or she was actually kissing him. She gripped him tighter, when she heard his voice again...

'Zoeee, tum...' Stuttered Farhaan still feeling heavy from the hard blow to his face. Damn this guy had some heavy fists he cursed, he looked up to see Zoya hugging another man, he looked closely to see a fuming Asad Ahmed Khan glaring back at him.

Asad pulled her off him and pushed her behind him. 'Don't you dare take my Zoya's name with that mouth of yours, or else I'll put you in a state where you won't be able to take anyone's name!' Roared Asad.

'Zoee is mine, who are you to come between us. She loves me and only me' Laughed Farhaan. Asad felt a pull on his left hand. It was Zoya she had held on to it in fear, after hearing Farhaan, her grip tightened. Asad turned his face to the side and nodded at her to assure her that everything will be fine.

'I am her hu-'  

'SHUT UP!! Zoe you're mine, tum mere ho na, usko kaho... Come to me, tell him I'm going to be your husband. Tell him how much I love you' Farhaan stepped forward to take Zoya's hand but Asad gripped on to it and twisted it as Farhaan moaned in pain.

He freed his other hand from Zoya's grip and grabbed him by the neck. He pushed Farhaan foward until he hit the wall, with his hand still locked around his throat. Farhaan twisted under his grip clawing at Asad frantically with his free hand trying to remove Asad's firm hand. Asad twisted Farhaan's hand further while his eyes widened, threatening to pop out. For a moment, all you could hear was Asad's harsh breathing and Farhaan's choking grunts. 

'How.dare.you.touch.her' he growled at him...

Asad was going to strangle him to death, Zoya noticed Farhaan's eyes popping out... She ran up to Asad and tried to pull him off Farhaan.

She tugged at his arm 'Mr Khan, let him go...' She yelled

But he didn't budge, he remained there staring at him with wrath waiting for him to stop breathing.

'You're going to kill him, Mr Khan please let him go, pleaseee' she cried helplessly...

'ASAAADDD!' Yelled Zoya from the top of her voice, Asad broke out of his trance, he let go of Farhaan and he crashed to the floor. He slowly turned around to see Zoya on her knees crying. He quickly picked her up and held her in his arms... 'Are you okay?'  He whispered, he felt her nod against his chest. He stroked her hair back and forth to stop her from crying. Asad's eyes were red from his anger, he was bursting in fury; he could've killed him. He wiped the tears of her face and gathered together her phone and bag. He held her by the waist protectively and walked out of the room without throwing a glance at the unconscious lover laying there on the floor...



He put her into the car and fastened her seatbelt. He ran to the other side and got inside the car. He made her face him and wiped her face. He untied her hair and fixed it on either side. He noticed the red marks on her wrists, one from his grip and another from him trying to get her ring off. He clenched his fists and hit the steering wheel startling Zoya. Zoya quickly grabbed his hand and held it closely to her.

'Why are you hurting yourself' She cried. He looked at her hand,

'Does it hurt?' He asked with pain visible on his face. Zoya shook her head in a no. She lied.

'Did he hurt you anywhere else?' She shook her head in a no. She lied again.

The increasing fury is his eyes scared her, she lied to save that unconscious guy who Asad wouldn't hesitate to go and finish off what he left incomplete.

He fastened his seatbelt; his breathing was still very sharp.

'I told you not to go!' He told her.

Without glancing at her, he drove off.


'We have to pick your ring' Zoya finally spoke.

'Does it look like it's the right time for this' Asad spoke harshly.

'Yes, for me it is unless you've changed your mind about marrying me' She threw at him.

'Zoya tum...' He yelled at her behaviour. He did a sudden U-turn with the car and drove towards the jewellery shop.


They entered the house late afternoon both in their own thoughts. His insides were burning with rage, he was angry at her, himself and at everyone, why? He didn't know. His temper had reached maximum when she refused to eat lunch outside, apparently she wanted home food. He dragged her into the car and drove madly back home.
Zoya on the other hand, was in pain. She couldn't sit and eat with him; he'll know something is up. Her wrists were burning and her back was killing from the fall.
The tensed atmosphere between them was getting thicker and thicker, she didn't utter a word after the argument. They both walked in side by side.

'Phooopie...' She ran up to her and hugged her, with a smile on her face.

Dilshad stared at the two, one was acting and the other seemed like something died within him.

'Beta, you're back so soon. What's that, picked the ring already?' She pointed towards the bag, it wasn't the right time to ask them what the situation was.

'Haan, dekho..' She opened it and showed it to her phoopie who smiled back at her.

'Phoopie, I'm tired. I'm going to lie down for a bit' to which Dilshad nodded. Something was definitely up.
Asad just stared at the two, and then seen Zoya walk to her room. He followed her behind.

Zoya quickly put the bags down and let out a cry. In her sudden rush, she didn't close the door completely...

She kicked her heels off and ran up to her cupboard. She crazily browsed for the first aid box, using her arms to wipe her tears that kept flowing, opening draw after draw and finally there it was. She walked back to her bed with it, she pulled her blazer off and threw it across the bed. She fussed her hands inside the box, took a cream out and started patting it gently on her marks with her fingertips. She winced at the pain and then sighed as the cool sensation did its charm. Her wrists were still sore; she couldn't move her hands properly. She moved her arms in slight motions and grunted in pain, they were bruised from the upper part. She put her right hand on her back around the waist and rubbed it. She looked upwards and tensed her face, the pain...
Her eyes then fell on her ring and how he tried to take it off. She wrapped her left hand in her right and held it to her chest. This is Asad's love, a symbol of our love and she would never let it leave her. She held it tight resting her chin on her wrapped hands as tears escaped from her closed eyes.

'You're mine; I will make you accept my love'

'I've come for you!'

Zoya's eyes shot open as his words rang in her ears, her expressions changed from pain to disgust as she stared down at her body. She ran in front of her mirror and looked at her reflection. Her shaky hands motioned to the places his hand touched her. She started rubbing her body furiously trying to get rid of his touches.

'Get it off me, uski ghandon haatein se mujhe chua' she yelled... 'He touched me here, here, here, Asad tumhe aalava mujhe koi nahin chooh sakta, koi nahin, KOI NAHIN! Mein sirf aapki hoon' She started wiping every part of her body, not feeling the pain she was causing herself by hitting the bruised parts of her body. Her eyes were open wide from fear. She fell on her knees, exhausted from everything, her breathing short and uneven from her agitation. She crawled up to the wall and leaned her back against it. 'I should've listened to you. I'm sorry' She whispered, her lips trembling. She buried her head in between her knees and weeped...

He stared at her breaking down, she lied to him about the pain she was going through...
Instead of going in there and comforting her, he punched the wall and paced into his room, fuming. He smacked the door close behind him in anger. He kicked the stool that stood in front of him, which in turn hit the table causing the vase to come crashing down. He went to his side table and wiped everything of it. He picked the table up and smashed it against his wall. There he stood, face to face with his reflection. He picked the bottle of oil from the floor and threw it against the mirror causing the glass pieces to come crashing down into a million pieces as it touched the floor.  He roared as he spun around his room. He fell on his knees and cried into his hands.

He witnessed lust in that guy's eyes, for his Zoya. He wanted to end him right there and then. The name of another guy's name from Zoya's lips used to be a like a knife piercing through his heart. Then how can he handle a guy touching her, announcing his undying love for her. How? Zoya is his only, and only his. 'Tum sirf mere ho, haan Zoya tum mere ho. Mein tumhe sab se bacha ke rakunga, tum chinta maat karna. Tumhare yeh Asad, kisi aur ko tumhare paas aane nahi dega! Kisiko bhi nahi' He breathed out. He got back onto his feet, he looked at the pieces reflecting back at him. 'Yeh dekh rahi ho Zoya, whoever dares to come near you, mein use issi tarah thor dunga. I will rip him apart. Mujhe hote hue, tumhe darne ki koi zarurat nahi. Tum Asad Ahmed Khan ki zindagi ho, aur iss zindagi mein kissi aur ka jagah nahin hain. Tum mere liye bani ho, sirf aur sirf mere liye.' He told himself.

Farhaan's words kept ringing in her ears, she put her hands over her ears to block it all out. 

'I will kill him' 

Zoya stopped breathing, she looked up from her knees and jumped onto her feet. She ran out of her room to find him running towards her. He looked at her, before engulfing her in his arms. Both held onto each other tightly, 'Asad who tumhein marne... Asad aapko mujhse koi alag nahi kar sakta, mere pe sirf aapka haq hai, mein sirf aapka hoon. Woh pagal hai Asad, Asad, Asad, Asad, please mujhse kaabhi door maat ho na' She cried. 

His hand repeatedly smoothed her hair down in an attempt to calm himself more than her. 'Shhh, tumhe mujhse koi nahi alag kar sakta, tum sirf mere ho, aur mein sirf tumhare. Humare beech koi nahin aa sakta.' He kissed her head, 'Woh khabi tumhare paas aane ka himmat nahi kar sakta, jab bhi aaye, mujhe hi tumhare samne khara payega. I will wipe off his existence agar woh tumhare naam bhi liya toh.' He parted from her and kissed her forehead. He looked into her tear filled eyes, he touched her face lovingly, he slowly glided his hands down her arms, and then he touched her waist and held it tight. 'From now on, you will only feel my touches. Tumhare body ki haar hisse pe sirf mere ehsaas hoga, tum sirf mujhe mehsoos karogi ' He kissed her forehead again. He took her hand and made her sit on the sofa. He tried to walk away but she pulled at his hand.
'Don't leave me.' She whispered, her tears threatening to flow again.
'I'm not going anywhere, I'm just coming.' He walked into the kitchen leaving a vulnerable Zoya shaking on the sofa.
A few minutes later he walked in with a hot water bottle in his hand. He helped Zoya sit up while he placed the hot bottle behind her. She smiled at him and pressed her back against the bottle. Asad grabbed a blanket that was folded on the sofa from the night before and wrapped her with it. He then sat close next to her intertwining his hands with hers, while she relaxed her head on his shoulder and his on her head. They sat there; comforted in each other's arms making silent promises that they will never let anything come between them, ever.


In the evening, Zoya was back to her happy self. She got busy with the house work, and helping her dearest phoopie with the engagement preparations. She refused help from Tanveer and asked her to relax, while a stressed Najma apologised for not being able to help due to her assignment deadlines; which was the next morning. Asad reluctantly left for his meeting after much persuasion from Zoya.  He said he'll be an 1 hour and 15 minutes, and guess what? He arrived an 1 hour and 15 minutes later, his ammi and Zoya gave him weird looks. He had asked for protection to be provided outside his home for his contentment without informing Zoya who would clearly refuse, because she knows karate. He couldn't risk Farhaan coming anywhere near his home, after Zoya refused to file a case against him. Not for her jeeju but him. Asad nearly lost his temper on her again, but she made him understand that along with Farhaan, he would end up in jail for whatever happened at the office. She couldn't lose him, and she didn't want to worry her phoopie who was so excited for their engagement. He understood that, he'd rather be by his family's side and protect them from danger than be away from them.

'Zoya where should I put this?' Asked Asad carrying a whole load of boxes of decorations.
'Over there' Ordered Zoya, pointing towards the corner of the room without looking up from her notepad.
'Yes boss!' He tried saluting her but none of hands were free.
His ammi was eager to get everything home before the workers arrived tomorrow to decorate the Khan household. Zoya and Asad had informed her that all these things could be ordered right before they have to put it up but she heard nothing of it. They had no choice but to accept her orders.

He entered the quiet home of Mr Asad Ahmed Khan, the front door had been left open. He stepped inside to see a young woman in traditional clothes working on the small sofa on his right. He turned to his left and there stood the woman he was looking for with her back towards him dressed in a grey jumpsuit. He slowly paced towards her trying not to alert her. He put the flowers and boxes of chocolates down and stood behind her. He opened his arms to hug her when Asad walked out of his room. Asad looked up at him with a dangerous look on his face, but he ignored it. He took his hands and covered her eyes.

He didn't get the excitement he was looking for as she started shaking at his touch. The coffee mug from her hand dropped to the floor causing the noise to echo back in his ears. Then he heard her yell as she struggled to remove his hands 'Asad, he's here!' Asad ran towards her.
She yanked his hand off and turned around stumbling on her feet and falling back in fear, causing her hair to go flying over her face. She closed her eyes as she went flying back, only to be caught by some strong, familiar hands. She slowly opened her eyes and screamed, 'TUM!'

PART 8 (2)


Now who is this guy? Any guesses? Sorry this one was a bit shorter than the usual stuff I post and not a very good one.
Sorry for any spelling mistakes, they are mine. I didn't proofread. 
Do leave your comments behind.
Thank you for reading my lovelies xoxo

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Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Hey ...
That was mindblowing ...

Omg Zoya had an obsessive lover who was stalking her for three years ... :O

N even Tannu was damn annoying ... :|
She was acting so cheap ... 
Lol ... Asad didn't even pay attention to her ... :-P

Farhaan was disgusting and he literally creeped me out >.<
Aha !!! Asad is right there for Zoya !!!
He would have actually killed Farhaan if Zoya wouldn't have been there ... :|

And yes, I just loved the Zoya is cuddling Asad ;)
Asad is just tooo sweet !!!

P.S ... I think the guy is none other than Armaan !! :-P

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Originally posted by Gurmeet4Drashti

Hey ...
That was mindblowing ...

Omg Zoya had an obsessive lover who was stalking her for three years ... :O

N even Tannu was damn annoying ... :|
She was acting so cheap ... 
Lol ... Asad didn't even pay attention to her ... :-P

Farhaan was disgusting and he literally creeped me out >.<
Aha !!! Asad is right there for Zoya !!!
He would have actually killed Farhaan if Zoya wouldn't have been there ... :|

And yes, I just loved the Zoya is cuddling Asad ;)
Asad is just tooo sweet !!!

P.S ... I think the guy is none other than Armaan !! :-P

I loved this part too. To tell you the truth I was imagining Tanveer in Farhaan's place during the 'fight' and then I started laughing- i think i need to see a mental hospital. Anyways, eagerly waiting the next part. 

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Lost_Somewhere IF-Dazzler

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Now Asad scared me like hell in this part.One moment I though he is gonna go to jail after killing Farhaan,so there is gonna be AsYa love-track in 'jail'.LOL Asad's reaction in his room one no less than an obsessive passionate lover,but in a good way.Loved how AsYa supported each other.Day DreamingHeart

Ab firse kaun aa gaya?LOL So many guys are after Miss Newyork Hoity-Toity.LOLThis happens when you are as beautiful as Zoe.Wink Hope the new guy is just a friend.

It was better than my expectation.Hug Continue soon.Clap

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irock321 Goldie

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OMG! Amazing!! I think it's Ayaan ..idk why ..but have this feeling! xD LOL Amazing chapter! Sooo heart wrenching and yet beautiful! 

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Very intense! Good work.

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