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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 15)

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Lovely update.

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hey this was a really nice part. although it had so less of AsYa but I know dis was important to get the story going. I hate that witch so much, she just cant stand da sight of a happy Zoya. Zoya is an angel, I mean it really needs a lot of courage to forgive ur culprit n dat too a one who denied you, ur right to live a happy, tension free childhood. she's just the best. I hope Asad does not leave her side due to the evil plans of Tannu. so Zoya does know dat tannu's preg, but does she know the whole truth also? I loved it wen Zoya put her hand around Asad's arm just to claim him as hers, infront of Tannu. Asad loved it too. aww, dey r adorable together. do continue soon dear, n plz don't call dis a long part, I can read about AsYa widout any limits.

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awesome!!! continue soon :)

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Thank you for all the views, likes and comments. Sorry for the horrendous hindi guys, and for the repetitive dialogues. Hope you like this despite it dragging.

Part 7

With her sudden heavy heart, she sat down on her favourite bench and closed her eyes. She sighed heavily, letting all her worries out and breathing in the fresh air. She opened her eyes and looked up into the dark sky. The cold breeze ran through her hair making them dance effortlessly, while the shining stars glistened in her eyes. There is something about this bench in the garden that gives her peace. It's also a place where broken hearts are mended, the number of times Mr Khan apologised to her; a smile formed on her lips at the thought.

'Ammi, mein galat nahi hoon na, mere abbu iss duniya mein nahin hain? Mein sahi kaha na andaar? He stole you from me, ammi! He ruthlessly killed you, he betrayed your trust and he tried to kill your daughter ammi. He is not my abbu! Ammi, how much I earn to call you that, shayad issi liye mein yahan aa kaar sirf aap ka naam pukar tha hoon baar baar, iss umeed mein ki aap sun kaar mere paas ayenge dor the huye' weeped Zoya. She put her hands out and tilted her head, 'Issi tara aap ke haath khul kaar, kahenge aaja mere bachaa aur mein dor the huye aapko gale lagaungi. Mein aap ke ghod mein saar rakh khar rona chahti hoon, sona chahti hoon! Uss aag ne jo aapko mujhse door kiya, uss aag mujhe haar raat saathathi hai! Those restless nightmares, have now been replaced with sweet dreams of your son in law kyunki maine aapni abbu ko, mere zindagi se bahar nikal diye hai. Mere aandar ki chot tho deere deere baar rahi hai, lekin mere bahar ka chot khabi nahi barenge' She pulled her sleeve up, and touched the scar. 'This isn't letting me forget my past, this scar gives me so much pain ammi... I feel imperfect. I feel like a defect in this world. He has scarred me. Please take this off me ammi, please take it off!!' Cried Zoya, she was rubbing her hand back and forth hoping the scar would miraculously disappear.

Asad was standing behind a few metres away from the bench listening to her private conversation with her mother while tears flowed from his eyes continuously. Asad couldn't breathe, her pain was suffocating him. He stepped forward to take her into his arms when he froze hearing her next words,

'Mein unki nazron mein khoobsurat banna chahti hoon ammi. Ammi, mujhe pyaar ho gayi hai! I know you know, but ammi I have found the perfect life partner. He understands me so much ammi, he has stood by me when I needed him the most. He's filling all my pain with happiness and love. Ammi, mein unse be intehaan mohabbat karti hoon, I cannot live without him. Woh bhi mujhse, lekin khabi khabi daar lagta hai unse aankhein milane se, daar hai ki woh mere andaar jaakh ke mere imperfections dekh lenge. I see love in his eyes, I am scared that one day that love will turn into rejection. Whenever I look into his eyes, it's like woh meri andaar ki rooh ko dekh sakte hai, mehsoos kar sakte. Iss scar, mein kitni ugly' shared a broken Zoya. Asad had clarified that he would never hate her because of her past, but would he be able to love a scarred girl?Zoya's insecurities came back.

Asad walked up to the bench and quietly sat next to her. Zoya pulled her sleeves down, she looked at him with teary eyes to find another two tear filled eyes looking back at her. 'Mr Khan, I-' he put his finger on her lips. He took her right hand, and pulled her sleeves upwards revealing the scar. Asad had seen it a few months back when she wore a loose top once, she picked her hands up to tie her hair, her sleeves fell back and revealed the scar. He has noticed it a few times, he wanted to know what happened but he thought he'll wait till the day she tells him herself. But, never has it affected the way he looks at her, it was just a mere mark on her body. Today, after hearing how she felt about it, Asad had to put her at ease. He took her hand near his face, he placed a kiss on the back of it. Slowly moving up, he showered her arm with his kisses until he reached the scar. He placed numerous kisses on and then looked at her. She had mixtures of emotions on her face, she didn't utter a word she just stared at him. He cupped her face lovingly, 'mere nazro se ek baar dekho tho, tum iss duniya ki sab se khoobsurat ladki nazar aogi. Kal bhi the, aaj bhi ho, aur humesha rahogi. Yeh' he pointed towards the scar 'yeh tumhara ek hissa hai, aur mein tumhare haar hisse se pyar karta hoon' he poked her cheek where her dimple usually appears. 'When I look at you, I see your beautiful soul, tum andaar se itni khoobsurat ho ki bahar se dikta hai, tum kitni perfect ho... Shayad issi liye mein tumhein lekin thoda possesive hoon, what if someone else falls in love with you?' something in his eyes changed, anger? Passion? He looked at her scar, 'My love doesn't deserve this test Zoya...' Asad's love is so strong that a mere mark on her body will not change it. 'Mere pyaar ko issi tarah mohtaj na banao Zoya' Zoya fell into his arms sobbing. She clutched onto his shirt and held it tight smearing her kohl over his white shirt. Asad's eyes filled with tears, he too cried quietly holding her. Zoya felt water drops on her hair, she pulled apart from him to look up into the sky and then at him. His tears streamed from his eyes endlessly but he did not utter a word. Zoya remembered what he said, when she hurts he hurts. She moved sidewards away from him, while he lay his head on her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair, wiped his tears off and pecked his forehead. She looked up into the sky.

'Ammi, aapki hone wale damaand se mile yeh, you know jiske bare mein yahat bet ke burai karti thi..' Asad smiled listening to her.

'Kya mein pasand hoon aapki pagal beti ke liye, Ammi?' Asked Asad. Zoya smacked him hearing the word pagal. 'Thoda akdu hooon, lekin vaada karta hoon bahut kush rakunga, maan jaye...'

'Lekin mujhe aapse kuch shikayat hain regarding your daughter...' Zoya raised her eyebrow at him, looked up into the sky and then down at him, she gestured with her head, kya?

'Woh aapki beti ne mujhse abhi tak woh teen lafz nahin kaha... Maine kitne pyaar se usse kaha tha, lekin woh...' Complained Asad. 'Usne aap se bhi keh diya, lekin jiske liye tha usse hi nahin kaha...' Asad sulked. Zoya laughed at him complaining to her Ammi, she looked down at his gaze and blushed. She pushed him to get off but he wouldn't budge. 'Mujhe sun na hai woh teen lafz...'

'Lekin woh.. Aap ne samaj liya na woh aap ki liye tha, so there' said Zoya. Asad shook his head in a no, and looked up at her with a serious face... 'Woh teen lafz' he spelled out word by word. Zoya gulped, she cannot get away from this. The ever so bold Zoya was not so brave anymore. She has been replaced by a shy girl that no one knew existed.

'Kon si teen lafz, wohhh, acha teek hai...' Asad's eyes lit up, finally she's going to say it.

She turned his face side wards on her lap, she took her lips towards his ear and whispered.

'I... feel COLD!' Zoya screamed the last words almost deafening his ears, pushed him off her and ran. He fell off the bench and almost hit the floor but he caught the bench and balanced himself. Zoya on the other hand, in attempt to get around him as fast as she could nearly stumbled on a rock slowing her down, he quickly recovered from Zoya's push and held onto her hand. He looked at her sideways whilst Zoya bit her lips feeling nervous, she had made the wrong moves; he's not going to let it go. He had a dangerously mischievous look on his face. He got up and turned her to face him. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close, so close that her feet were on top of his. The only thing apart was their face.

'Oh ho, and what was that Miss Farooqui?!!'

'Woh mein, woh mein' she stuttered fidgeting with her hands on his chest.

'Haaan, woh aap kya...' Teased Asad with a curious look on his face. He raised his eyebrow in anticipation.

She couldn't meet his gaze, she was feeling flustered in his arms as well as blushing like there's no tomorrow. He could nickname her tamater from how red she turned. She closed her eyes, and breathed out. She looked up at him to meet his gaze. His big chocolate brown eyes were staring lovingly at her, his intensity in his eyes made her shiver which could be felt by Asad. She slowly tiptoed on his feet, she put her arms around his neck... She took her lips near his ears, he could feel her warm breath on his neck... 'I... Love... You' she whispered in his ears, she pulled back slowly kissed him on his cheek, without meeting his eyes. Her arms wrapped around him tight in an embrace, he reacted the same way. He felt this warm sensation running through his body hearing the three words while his heart raced faster. His lips curved into a smile and refused to change shape. After what seemed like a lifetime, they pulled away from each other. He was grinning like an idiot and she was blushing away like a madwoman. They both walked inside together with their lovely expressions plastered on their faces.


They entered the house to find Najma casually lying on the sofa watching TV with Tanveer. Asad glanced at the clock on the wall before shaking his head. No one wants to sleep tonight. Najma and Tanveer looked upto the door clicking shut, they found a grinning Asad and blushing Zoya walking towards them. Najma smirked at them before noticing something on her brother's cheek.

'Bhaijaan aap ke gaal mein kuch hai...' Pointed Najma

Asad brushed his right cheek with his hand, and looked at Najma. She shook her head in a no

'Jammy uss pe nahi, the other one...'

Zoya's face shot up at him, she looked at his face carefully: her lipstick mark from the kiss. There was a light mark on his forehead which wasn't so visible from far. Asad was rubbing his both cheeks trying get the mark off but it wasn't coming off according to Tanveer and Najma's shaking heads. Asad looked at Zoya for help, seeing her expressions his face dropped. He started rubbing furiously trying to save himself from embarrassment. Zoya stopped his moving hands, and wiped it off his face acting all casual. Asad blushed when Zoya winked at him, trust her make things worse. He was starting to regret forcing her but then shook his head... As if, the embarrassment is worth it. But but, thankfully Najma hadn't noticed. Izzat still intact.


'You not sleeping tonight?' Asked Asad sitting next to his tamater.

'Late start bhaijaan...'  Was all she said.

Asad was done with his work and his meeting was later on in the day so he thought he should take advantage of this gathering.

'Why don't we put on a film?' Suggested Asad. Zoya and Najma looked at each other in shock. Mr Khan and watching a film with them that too willingly. 'Your choice of film Najma, are you done Tanveer?'

'Haan jammy, and good idea' smiled Tanveer.

Najma picked out a film, excited that her bhaijaan willingly joined her otherwise their ammi has to backmail him to join them so that they could have a family movie night, he also asked her to put on a film. He was changing, and she was loving this change. Thanks to Zoya. Meanwhile, Zoya popped into the kitchen and prepared some light midnight snacks and grabbed a few popcorn packets. She put the snacks down, and threw a popcorn packet at everyone. She sat down beside Mr Khan and wrapped herself up. They switched off the lights and watched the movie. Zoya fell asleep on Mr Khan's shoulder before the movie ended, he was surprised she missed the action sequences..The film as usual was full of crap, it made the girls cry. He felt helpless in between the film whilst Najma and Zoya weeped endlessly next to him. He didn't know what to do to calm them down, when he told them it was fake and she didn't really die, he got whacked from both sides, you can never win these girls. But he was glad it was over. Najma and Tanveer retired to their rooms while he picked Zoya up and took her to her room. He wrapped her up and kissed her goodnight before going to bed.



Zoya woke up tired that morning, she wanted to sleep longer but she had to meet Farhaan and his lawyer. She never felt comfortable around that guy the 2 times she met him. There was something about him that she didn't like, maybe that mischievous smile that always played on his face. She got up and went to the bathroom to wake herself up. She put her white blouse on and tucked it into her beige chinos. She was confused between a blue and a black blazer. She opted for the black in the end which was so unlike Zoya but she wanted to show that she was serious. She tied her hair up and put some pearl studs on. She picked up her folders and bag, slipping on her black heels and walked out of the room.

She found Asad on the dining table sipping his coffee reading his newspaper and phoopie was on the phone talking about some decorations. Tanveer and Najma were watching TV. Damn, she had overslept, sure didn't feel like it. She put her bag and folders down and walked into the kitchen. Asad's eyes fell on Zoya, he looked her up and down. He almost spat out his coffee, his eyes widened. Zoya dressed smart! What other looks are there for her to demolish he wondered, first the saree and now this! She's making things hard for him, the wedding needs to happen soon. Her increasing beauty surprises him every day. They say the bride's face starts glowing a few days before her wedding, but here her beauty is surpassing before the engagement.
She gave her salaams to him before making her coffee. She didn't look too happy about the meeting today.
'I'll drop you off today, so take your time.'
'It's fine, I'll manage-'  
'I didn't ask, I'm dropping you off' said Asad in a stern voice.
She carried on making her coffee knowing it was futile arguing with him. It's for her own good, she wasn't in a good mood, having him there should comfort her.

Zoya hugged her phoopie.. 'I'll be back in a few hours, I'll help with the preparations!'
'Koi baat nahin take your time, haan beta you and Asad need to go pick out your rings' Zoya looked at her left hand,
'Lekin, I don't want to take this ring off.'
'Okay, that's fine but at least pick Asad's ring out. If you're there, he wouldn't just pick out any ring' said Dilshad.
Asad just looked at his, wait is that even his mother, she seemed more like Zoya's. He sighed, every member of his family have changed parties, not because of the wedding but some time back. No one loves me anymore sulked Asad. They both gave their salaams and left for Farhaan's office.

Zoya was quiet throughout her journey. Asad had informed her that he's gotten in contact with one his friend who's a lawyer and if she needed help, he'd help her. Zoya just nodded a thanks before staring back at her window.
'If you don't want to go Zoya, just say. I'll sort everything out' finally Asad spoke.
'No, it's fine. I'll handle it, I don't want Jeeju to even have a slight set back with his business because of me. He could always recover but I don't want it to come to that, Farhaan's father's company is one of his biggest clients. Hold on Mr Khan, I'm sure you're aware of Miah's industries in India since it's a construction company.'
'Haan, Farhaan Miah? We just signed a contract recently' said Asad, his car coming to a halt. 'Zoya, you are not going to meet him.' Ordered Asad.
'I have to Mr Khan, it's not for me, it's for jeeju' sighed Zoya.
Asad didn't know what to say to stop her; he didn't like the sight of this Farhaan from his meeting with him and hearing what he said to Zoya last night made him angry. Asad wanted to destroy this guy for blackmailing his Zoya. Anything he would now say against this meeting would make him sound selfish since she's doing it for Anwar. Asad felt restless, how should he convince her now.
He dropped Zoya off in front of Miah industries unwillingly, 'I'll pick you up in 2 hours, give me a call if you need anything.' He looked at her with a serious look, 'anything' he repeated. She could tell he didn't want her to go.
'I promise.' Zoya pressed his hand assuring him everything will be fine, while her heart said something else.
'Okay go now, the sooner you will go, the sooner you will finish...' He falsely smiled at her. She stepped out of his car, without realising that her bag tilted and her pepper spray fell out in between the seats. She also left her phone on the seat, Asad noticed it and stared at her angry.
'Aise wada nibhao gi?' He called out to her through the window. He looked at her phone, she followed his eyes to see her phone.
'Sorry!' She whispered apologetically. She grabbed her phone and gave him a big smile showing her dimples. He nodded with his head to go and watched her retreating back walk through the main doors while the noises from her heels echoed in his ears. Asad slowly drove off with a restless feeling while fixing his Bluetooth in his ear, he dialled some numbers on his phone. 'Hello, Anwar jeeju?' His stubborn heart couldn't accept Zoya's words and he finally gave in.



'Meeting with Mr Miah and his lawyer?' Zoya informed the receptionist. She nodded her head and lead her into the conference room. She told her to wait and Mr Miah will join her in a few. She offered refreshments to which she refused. Zoya put her folders and bag on the table and went to the window. She opened the window to feel the fresh air as she felt suffocated.
'Zoya...' the sudden voice startled her. She turned around to see a tall man dressed in a 3 piece suit. He had a smile on his face.
'Mr Miah?'
'Call me Farhaan, it is a pleasure to meet you again after so long.' He put his hand out for her to shake, she stared at it and then his face.
'Too bad I don't feel the same way Farhaan' Farhaan shrugged and retreated his hand. How much he loved her attitude.
'So where's your lawyer?' Asked a hesitant Zoya under his gaze.
'What's the rush Zoya, let's sit down and talk first.'
'No I'd rather get this done and out of the way' Zoya wanted to leave asap. He was making her feel really uncomfortable.
'He is on his way, sit down Zoya' he sighed and pointed to a seat. He sat down first and she went round the other side to sit opposite him although he wanted her to sit next to him.
'So you want permission to build...' Zoya went on with herself getting straight to business. She was eagerly waiting for this bloody lawyer to turn up. She opened some folders and pointed towards them showing him the homework she's done. She looked up at him to see him staring at her, mesmerised. Zoya flinched in her seat, she looked down and carried on mumbling 'ermm how long will your lawyer be Farhaan, I don't have all day' warned Zoya.
'You've gone prettier since I last saw you Zoya' said Farhaan staring at her.
'Allah miyan, what's wrong with you Mr Miah, please mind your tongue. I suggest you keep strictly to business' screamed Zoya. She needs to go from here.
'I am keeping to business' smirked Farhaan, watching her turn red in anger. He loves making her angry, she looks hot when she screams at him and turns red.
'Farhaan, I have to go, tell your lawyer to discuss this over the phone'
'Ahhh, Zoee, rukho, beto, this meeting is not finished!' Zoya didn't listen, she fumbled with her papers and put them in the folder. He got out of his seat and started walking around the table towards her. With one hand she fixed on the folder, she put the other hand in her bag rummaging for the pepper spray. Her hand searched crazily in every corner of the bag, but she couldn't feel her bottle of pepper spray. Her heart jumped out of her heart, but then she felt her phone. She grabbed it and pulled it to her side, while she collected everything in the other hand. He stopped beside her and leaned against the table.
'Why are you sweating? Are you scared of me?' Farhaan spoke in a teasing tone.
'No, are you mad?' Zoya's voice broke out.
'Then why are your lips trembling?' He took his hand towards her face to which Zoya jumped back 'and your forehead?' He pointed towards the few drops of sweat glistening on her forehead. Zoya wiped it off quickly, and moved towards her bag when he stepped forward. She grabbed her bag and started to pace around the table. He leaped towards her and grabbed her hand. She dropped her bag whilst struggled in his grip. He pulled her towards himself and pressed her against the wall, she couldn't move either way as his hands trapped her in that position. He closed his eyes and took in her scent and sighed in contentment. He opened his eyes and looked at her, what Zoya saw in his eyes made her go cold.
'Finally, you're in front of me. How I longed to have you in my arms, Zoe! Your scent drives me insane; I've had sleepless nights thinking about you. From the day I first laid my eyes on you, I wanted you!' Zoya shivered when she felt his breath on her. A lone tear escaped her eyes; Asad.
His fiery passion was noticeable in his voice.
'Look at this' he pulled out a triangular scarf from his coat's inner pocket and held it in front of her; that was hers. She had lost that in New York, and he had it. Her eyes widened in fear, he held it near his nose and breathed in the scent. 'I keep it close to my heart, every time I think of you I feel you near me. I bought the same perfume you use, and spray it every time the smell goes. Zoya's breathing became short and uneven. She was suffocating, this guy is insane.
'You're crazy!!' Zoya spat.
'For you' He replied. 'I found out you came to India, I waited for you to return but finally my love brought me here to you. I've come Zoya, to make you mine.' She pushed him back with all the energy she had within her, he lost his balance and hit the table.
'That will never happen, Farhaan. You have lost it! I am already someone else's!' She screamed.
'NOOO!' He yelled back. 'Tum sirf mere ho, mein tumhe aapna bana ke rahunga. I'll give you all the happiness, I'll keep you like a queen. You just say yes and see'
'That will never happen you're mad! I'm engaged.'
'Nooo, leave him! You cannot be anyone else's. I will kill him, you're mine.' He repeated the last few words number of times before throwing the chairs all over the room. He came near her and hit the wall beside her startling Zoya. She let out a cry. Farhaan noticed the ring on her finger and looked at her with rage.
'Did he give you that, take it off!' He took her hand and attempted to take it off but she pulled her hands off him,
'I'd rather die' He put his hand over her mouth, his whole body shaking.
'Shhh! No one can take you away from me, not even death!'
Zoya looked at him with his hands over her mouth tears overflowing her eyes, she tried removing it but his hands wouldn't budge. She bit his hand and ran while he winced at the pain. He grabbed her from her shoulder and spun her around; she lost her balance and fell onto the ground. She crawled backwards trying to create distance between them. She held her knees and cried ' Don't touch me, let me go please' She cried.
He looked at her confused, 'What do you think, I'm going to rape you or something?' He asked her, but he got no answer. 'I want you to accept my love and marry me. I would never force myself on you' He explained. 'Yes, it's a different matter altogether that you're only mine. I just need you to say yes' he looked at her with wide eyes.
'Asad...' whispered Zoya.
Both Zoya's and Farhaan's eyes moved to where the noise was coming from. It was Zoya's phone, the line went dead. He looked back at her, she sat there expressionless. He moved back to the seat where he was sitting and picked up a red folder that he had brought into the room with him. He walked back towards her and kneeled in front of her. He opened the folder and gave her a A4 envelope. She just stared at him, he picked her hand up and placed it on her hand.

'Open it.' He whispered.
With her trembling hands, she slowly opened the envelope and emptied it into her lap; a whole load of enlarged pictures fell on her lap. She picked it up to realise that they were actually her pictures; at the cinema, at the coffee shop, at the park, at the restaurant. There's a picture of her from all the places she had visited in the last 3 years. She crazily browsed every single picture, her hands shaking and every browsed picture falling onto the floor. She wasn't posing for any of these, he was stalking her. She dropped the pictures and crawled backwards in fear. He has been following her for the past 3 years and to think that she's only met him twice. Tears streamed from her face making everything blurry, she wiped them quickly to make sure he doesn't come close to her. His face turned from a smile to a frown at her reaction. He opened the folder to take out a few more papers.
'Look Zoee, property papers. I've transferred everything in your name look' He was about to come forward to show her but she cried and moved backwards.
The sudden gush of wind from the window blew all the papers into the air, they danced freely. He got up and spun around.
'Look Zoya, look at my love! You are surrounded in my love, this is proof of my love' he let out a laugh.
'This isn't love, this is obsession!' cried Zoya. 'And you cannot buy love Farhaan.'
Zoya got up slowly, her vision blurry yet again. She wiped her tears furiously and looked back at him. He was gone, and in his place stood Asad. 

PART 8 (1)


Another long one! Yes you guessed it, Zoya has an obsessed/stalker lover! LOOOL! I'm not good with action scenes, so please don't get too excited. Hope you like this, I hope I'm not ruining the story like this. Please do leave your comments behind, they mean a lot to me. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, or any mistakes, they're all mine! Thank you xoxo

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Fantastic update! I'm waiting for the next please hurry!

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wow zoya has a obsessive rofl lol big time cant wait for the next episode plzzz update soon

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AMAZING! Absolutely loved it!!! OMG woman!! You're super duper fabulous!!! LOL Big smile

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Amazing update dear
Plz continue soon
thx for pm Smile

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