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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 13)

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Very nicely written...I jus imagined all d scenes...it was like watchg an episode...wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PMs I think I got the hang of it, thank you to Nimra for shining some light on that issue. If you want a PM, do send me a buddy request, thanks! I apologise to everyone for not being able to reply to everyone's comments, I'm only allowed 10 posts every 24 hours as I am newbie *sighs*, But thank you so much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate it. I am overwhelmed receiving your support for my hopeless writing. Much love to you all! Mwah! Here is another chapter, a very long one despite cutting loads off! Sorry if it bores you, I don't know if the reaction from the last chapter is justified in this. Do have a read and leave your feedbacks! Meanwhile, me is going to revise for my exams!

Part 6

There in the distant across the shop in the men section stood Ghafoor Siddique with his wife Razia. They were both looking through the men clothes; looking happy. Humaira joined the picture, she was picking clothes for her abbu, their abbu. Zoya watched the family talk and laugh in the background, while tears flowed from her eyes. Although Bhopal was a small place, she never wanted to come in front of him. She hadn't forgiven them, she just decided to give Humaira a happy life by sacrificing justice for her painful childhood. The pain in her heart was unbearable as she stood there rooted to her spot watching the family enjoy their shopping. Her mother's murderers standing there with no remorse or guilt on their faces but she had to do this for Humaira. She didn't want Humaira to crave for her parent's love just like she did, her world would come crashing down. She convinced her herself that it's easier to crave for something and not have it than to have something and then lose it. She did this ONLY for Humaira, her sister. Her heart felt slight ease seeing the smile on her sister's face, how much she wanted to go there and hug her.

She turned to face Asad and realised he was holding her waist tight to give her comfort. She gripped his shirt and buried herself in his chest, he reacted by placing his arms around her and holding her tight. She didn't cry, she just remained there in his arms. A few moments later, she pulled back and looked at him. 'I uh I-' mumbled Zoya, her voice came out all broken. She wanted to justify her reaction to him as she promised him that she would never break down seeing them but her words betrayed her. Asad just took her in his arms and comforted her.

Razia was wondering around the shop when she seen Asad Ahmed Khan, embracing a girl. She was intrigued to see a ruthless traditional, a man of values in the arms of a woman. She went around to get a better view of the girl's face. She got a glimpse of her face; she seemed familiar. Just then Asad turned around to see Razia staring at them, he moved Zoya behind him and glared back at her, his one look at her was like a roar. Razia's face dropped, her expressions changed from confused to scared. She remembered how Asad had threatened to wipe off her and her husband's existence if she ever came near him or his family ; they'd rot in jail for the rest of their lives as he was aware of the 18 year old raaz, and one step out of line ; he'd ruin them. For Asad, Zoya's protection was first priority, he didn't reveal her identity. As for Humaira, if he was to ever take that step, he'd take care of her. Razia stepped backwards, turned around and walked off as fast as she could. Unknown to either of them, she had seen enough to start putting two and two together.

Dilshad walked back into the shop when she bumped into Siddique and his family. Her eyes immediately searched for Zoya, she was relieved to see Asad with her. The Siddique family shot her a disgusted look and walked out of the shop. Dilshad ran up to Zoya who was pretending like nothing happened, while Asad reassured his mother. Dilshad hugged Zoya, 'Beta, look what I've found!' she took out a jewellery box and opened it, there was a beautiful diamond set sparkling back at them, 'for your engagement' smiled Dilshad, trying to get her to forget what happened before. Zoya's eyes lit up and she went and hugged her tightly, 

'Thank you phoopie. Look it matches the dress' squealed Zoya, she picked up the dress from the floor and showed it to her.
'Wow, beta that is lovely, finally you found something' smiled Dilshad.
'Haan' Zoya looked up at Asad mouthing a thank you. Dilshad saw the light moment between them, and sent a prayer above.
Najma joined them a while later, they browsed for some more accessories. They brought some kurta's for Asad who had clearly refused to try them on. He asked for his size and got them packed, no questions asked. After what seemed like hours of shopping, they headed for some lunch/dinner.

It was in the evening when they finally returned home. Everyone was knackered, but nonetheless laughed at Zoya's jokes and shayri's on their way home. Dilshad and Asad were glad to see her smiling like this, both praying that she doesn't go home and break down in her room. They entered the house to find Tanveer on the sofa working away on the laptop. She got up and greeted them all.
'Kya baat hai Khala, itna sara shopping, aur yeh gifts be, Koi special occasion?' Asked Tanveer.
'Haaan. Mere bhaijaan ki nikaah hone wala hai' chirped a happy Najma.
'Acha, aur kaun hai woh ladki' Tanveer thought she was joking, I mean Asad get married? He would tell me, moreover, I'd know because he'll be marrying me. Tanveer smiled waiting for her to answer.
'Zoya se!' Laughed Najma, Tanveer's face dropped, when the hell did this happen?
'Kya, Jammy aur Zoya?' They hate each other, right?
'Haan Tanveer, won't you congratulate us?' Zoya put her arms around Asad's and smiled up at him and then stared back at Tanveer flashing her a smile. Asad shook his head at her antics; he knew how jealous she gets when Tanveer is with him and she wouldn't leave this opportunity. She put her arms around him to indicate her claim on Asad. He couldn't help but smile at her.
'Congratulations' She went over to hug both of them, before she could hug her Jammy, Zoya came in front of her Jahapana six packs and hugged Tanveer. She pulled back from the hug and went back to a smirking Asad. She gave him a what are you smirking at look to which he rolled his eyes.
'Chalo, yeh sab rakh ke, fresh hokar aate hain, I'll make coffee for everyone.' said Zoya. Everyone headed towards their respective rooms, Asad carried Zoya's bags to her room, while he was putting them down, their hands touched. They shared a moment, Asad stared lovingly at her whilst Zoya blushed.
An angry Tanveer observed the two, how she wished she could kill Zoya. She was shivering with rage, she turned around and placed her hand on her stomach; Asad won't get away that easily. Asad Ahmed Khan will be her shauhar even if it means strangling that Zoya with her bare hands. She should've made her move earlier, she scolded herself before mentally devising a plan.

'Coffee is ready!' announced Zoya. Everyone had gathered in the sitting area after freshening up. They had eaten late, so no one was in the mood to eat so she thought she'd make coffee and some snacks.
Asad was working on the laptop for a important meeting the next day, while Najma and Dilshad prepared the guest list for the engagement. Tanveer sat on the other sofa working on her designs. They all took their coffee and thanked Zoya. Zoya sat on the edge of the sofa next to Dilshad and started checking the guest list. She remembered her aapi and jeeju. She excused herself and went to her room.

'Jeeju!!! How are you?' screamed Zoya at the screen in front of her.

'Aha, beta dheere. I'm good thank you, tum kaise ho?' replied Anwar

'I'm all good thank you' beamed Zoya, she gave him one of her dimpled smiles.

'Kya baat hai Zoya, you've found yourself a husband and didn't even inform us about it' teased Zeenat from behind Anwar. Zoya blushed.

'Aaapi aap kaise ho? Aapki tabiyat kuch teek nahi lag rahi hai' asked a worried Zoya

'Nahi beta aisi kuch baat nahi hai, waise bhi topic maat change karo. I'm happy for you Zoya, lekin sach mein kya tum kush ho?'

'Haan aapi, Mr Khan is more than what I wanted in my life partner, he's perfect for me' assured Zoya. 'Aapi, the engagement is in 3 days, you all are coming right? Phoopie said she confirmed it with you guys'

'Nahi beta, hum nahi aa payenge, woh doctor ne maana kiyan hai 2-3 dino ke liye travel karne se'

'What? Aapi, what happened, are you okay?'

'Kuch nahin thoda sa thaakan hai aur kucch nahi, don't worry. We'll join you in 5 days, your wedding will be fixed soon after your engagement' continued Zeenat. She hated lying to Zoya but she wanted to surprise her, and plus give her some good news. She felt bad seeing Zoya's smile turn into a frown.

'We could postpone it for a few days' cried Zoya, 'I want you guys here with me...'

'Nahi Zoya, it's fixed now, everyone is happy, think about Asad. Waise bhi, we promise will be there in 5 days and start the wedding preparations' Anwar couldn't think of an excuse, Zoya being stubborn would be really difficult to persuade.

'Haan, phoopie and Asad look so happy' wondered Zoya, ' lekin phir bhi'

'Beta suno, tumhare aur Asad kha rishta confirm ho gaya hai, yeh engagement is a formality. It doesn't matter if we're not there, please listen to us, kushi kushi humare liye, please' begged Anwar. If she cries now, he won't be able to bear it any longer and he will tell her the truth.

'Acha, aap dono ki liye...' glared Zoya sighing heavily.

She carried on talking to them telling them how much she missed them, she told them about Asad, and how lovingly Dilshad and Najma accepted her. She showed Zeenat the clothes she had purchased earlier for the engagement and also told Anwar that once he gets here she wants to discuss something about ZZ engineering. Zoya was smiling and dancing in front of the screen, her aapi and jeeju had tears of joy in their eyes. Finally, she had found someone who'll give her all the happiness in the world and for that, they were thankful to the Almighty above. They were thankful that their daughter had found love.



It was late at night, Dilshad had gone to bed after calling everyone on the guest list and Najma went to study in her room. Asad and Tanveer were in the sitting area working on their respective projects in silence. Tanveer took the opportunity to come close to Asad.

'Jammy, mujhe kuch help chahiye tha' called Tanveer trying to get his attention. Asad looked up at her, and on cue she dropped the dupatta from one of her sides showing her bare neck and chest. Her anarkali dress was a bit tight from the top around the breast area, she thought this was the best way to get him to give her attention.

Asad looked at her face, and then back at his laptop 'What's wrong Tanveer?' replied Asad.

'Woh ek contract hai na, I want you to read over it just in case there's something wrong with it. I have a feeling there's something wrong with the numbers.' She was about to get up and come sit next to him when she heard Zoya's voice.

'How dare you try to emotionally blackmail me Farhaan' screamed an angry Zoya down her phone while walking out of the room. She was on the phone to one of Anwar's business associates. She walked towards the kitchen, and poured herself a glass of water whilst listening to the guy on the other side.

'You owe me this favour after all i've done for Anwar, Zoya' said Farhaan

'Lekin yeh kaisa favour, it's not even possible even if i agree to do this...'

'Zoya, tumhare law degree kab use karogi, and you don't worry about that...'

'I've studied law in America, not in India and what you're asking me to do is impossible, you'll find qualified PRACTICING lawyers in India... Who know the law... Then why me?' Asked Zoya

'I'll get your permission to practice and provide you with the necessary things. But you have to be the assistant lawyer on this case...' Ordered Farhaan.

'Farhaan, this is the last time and I swear if you ever threaten me like this again, i'll have you behind bars... And whatever the outcome of this case, I have nothing to do with it!'

'Tut tut, aise threat nahi karte Zoya, acha pehle aakar toh dekho... I want you to come meet the lawyer tomorrow, the hearing is next week' he had a mischievous tone in his voice.

'What... I thought it was next month, i'm busy... Okay okaay, two hours maximum and then i'm out...' Zoya slammed the phone onto the table. How dare he take advantage like that? Okaay he had helped jeeju out with his business a few years back, but that doesn't mean he takes advantage of it. What did he say? He'll ruin jeeju's business, Zoya laughed sarcastically, as if... Wait, who am I kidding... He could if he wanted to, it wouldn't affect jeeju majorly but it would set him back. Zoya sighed, she had no option but to do as he says. Come on though, go to a hearing... Since she got her degree, she only handled 10 cases that too dealing with American law. She gave it up to give all her time to ZZ engineering since it was expanding and workload was getting heavier. This is India, and things are different.

Zoya's phone rang again... It was Armaan.

'Hello haan, it's done I've emailed it to you. Dont worry. Go home and spend some time with your family. You're getting married in a few days for goodness sake. Leaveee the office or else I'll cut your wage' threatened Zoya only to get a sarcastic laugh from the other side.

'I know I know, I'll never do that. But pleaseee... I beg you Armaan, stop stressing; you know what I'm going to extend your vacation. Haan,  byeee!' With that Zoya hung up, she could hear his protests but decided to ignore it. She cared about this friend of hers, he'll go insane if he doesn't stop working...


She was shaking her head to her thoughts when she seen both Tanveer and Asad staring back at her. Tanveer looked confused and Asad looked worried. She had forgotten they were working late tonight. Avoiding their questioning looks, 'Coffeee again?' She asked coolly. Asad nodded his head while Tanveer offered to help but Zoya was already making it. She gave Tanveer hers, while she put Asad's on the table. She slowly sat down next to him, ' at least take 10 minutes eye rest Mr Khan, you'll get a headache' advised Zoya

 'Tum ho nah yaha, kuch nahi...' He realised Tanveer was there, 'haan I should do that, thanks for the coffee...' Smiled Asad.

'Your meeting is tomorrow evening, you could do this in the morning na?' Asked Zoya.

'I want this done and out of the way for tomorrow. And need to get the team updated...' Explained Asad.

He shut his laptop and started drinking his coffee.

Tanveer looked at them both with envy; she glared at Zoya cursing her for ruining her moment with Asad. She needs do something soon... She kept quiet as both of them carried on talking.

'Woh you seemed stressed before, is everything alright' asked Asad. He had heard her conversation but he wanted to know the full details of what's actually going on, it seemed serious. Zoya sighed, ' I have to assist a case hearing next week in India, for one of jeeju's business associates.'

'Case, lekin Zoya you're not a lawyer, how would you...' Asad was confused.

'I have a degree in Law, I only practiced for a year but gave it up to concentrate on ZZ engineering...' Explained Zoya. She clearly didn't want to do this but she had no option. Tanveer had got up to go get a glass of water, while Zoya explained the full situation to him. He assured her that everything will be fine, and he'll do whatever he could to help.

'What's ZZ engineering Zoya, tum kuch kaam nahi karti, Asad said you couldn't handle any responsibilities, forget working... But I told him not be so judgmental' said Tanveer innocently. Zoya shot Asad a you are so dead type of look before explaining what ZZ engineering is. Zainab Zoya engineering, named after her and her mother.

'Tanveer, Zoya kitni talented hai na, she's an entrepreneur, she has her own business and she has a degree in law' said Asad in an attempt to save himself.

'Woh part time hacker bhool gaye... Aise waise business nahi chala ta hoon' a proud Zoya added.

'Haan woh bhi... Aur kuch hai add karna hai?' Asad rolled his eyes at her.

Tanveer gave her a half smile before sitting down, she flopped again. She couldn't even compare herself and Zoya in front of everyone to make herself look better. She needed to think of something else. Why isn't Zoya going from here she thought.

'Zoya bahut der ho gaye hai, you should sleep...' Advised Tanveer.

'It doesn't matter, I'll sit here until Mr... I mean I'll sit here and give you guys moral support. You both have important work to do but I promise I wont disturb you' smiled Zoya. She got up and got her ipad and wrapped up on the sofa next to Asad leaving a priceless expression on Tanveer's losing face. 'Vaise tumhe iss condition mein- I mean woh you've been working really hard, you should take some rest.'
A cunning Tanveer was startled by Zoya's words: condition? Was she aware of her pregnancy? If she did, she would've told everyone by now. Tanveer warned herself to be a bit more careful. This girl is very dangerous; she will spoil all her plans. She should contact Razia and get rid of this girl. Razia wouldn't be too happy though, she was annoyed as it is when she informed her that Asad told her that the doll had been given away to charity by his sister. But how did he know about the raaz? He threatened Razia that he had proof of her doings. Should she focus on Razia's work or hers? That chudail would refuse to give her a small amount of money, but if she was to marry Asad, She'd become a millionaire. The second option sounded better.
'Hum teek hai Zoya, kaam bhi toh zaroori hai' she looked at Asad, 'Humare kharkana ko phirse zinda karne ke liye iss sab karna hoga' she falsely weeped. 'You're lucky Zoya, tumhe kitna help mila hoga, lekin humein akele karna hoga, I have no-one' she poked.
Zoya's face dropped, she's leaving no stones unturned to make herself look like a bechari, and me a good for nothing, to think that I worry for her.
'Nahi, I don't want make myself look like a saint but ZZ engineering, I've worked really hard for. Aapi and jeeju put everything out on the plate for me; they didn't want me to work. They wanted their daughter to enjoy everything with their hard earned money without a worry. Haan, they treat me like their daughter. But I wanted to something for them, show them that they brought up me in the right way, taught me to work hard and be independent. I wanted to spoil them instead of them doing it for me. I am grateful for them giving me a wonderful childhood.' Zoya teared up and looked at Asad, ' You know Mr Khan, when I see that proud look on their faces, it gives me peac, the business doing well financially does not even give me that satisfaction.' Zoya smiled. Asad put his hand on hers, he had a proud look on his face. 'After marriage, I want either you or Jeeju to handle ZZ engineering.'
A jealous Tanveer flinched. 'Where are your parents?' That should shut her mouth up. Tanveer overheard Dilshad some time back about her being an orphan. But Zoya didn't react, she looked up at her confidently.
'My ammi died when I was young. And my abbu too. I was sent to an orphanage at the age of 4 when aapi took me home. They never let me feel the absence of a family' explained Zoya.
'But Tanveer, don't you worry. If you need help with restarting your business, please take it off me. No I'm not doing you a favour, I know you're a woman of principles. I want to invest in your business.' Zoya offered. She understood Tanveer's loneliness, and how it must be hard with her pregnancy too. Tanveer was happy with the offer, but she was uncomfortable. If Zoya was to invest in her business, she'll look into it and that would blow her cover.
'There's no need for that Zoya, I'll manage but thank you for your offer.'
'No Tannu, I insist. Mr Khan say something.' she nudged Asad.
'She's right' Mr Khan looked up from his laptop
'Okay, I'll think about it, I promise I will ask for it when I need it' She gave Zoya a smile before she got back to her work.

Zoya got back to her ipad. She was consumed in her own thoughts about her ammi, and how she lied about her father being dead. Her heart ached at the thought of it. Her father tried to kill her and her ammi by setting fire to the factory. Since she found out about the fire, she understood her restless dreams. She placed her hand on her right arm where her burns were. She got up slowly, walked out of the room and went outside into the garden to her favourite bench. Asad noticed the way she held her right arm and walked out. He typed up the last bit of his PowerPoint, shut his laptop and followed her into the garden.




Phew! That is a long chapter, a boring one too but I wanted this conversation to happen between Tannu and Zoya! Sorry I know it's boring, I cut out most of the descriptions to cut it down and it's still so long
If you have any confusions regarding the chapter, then do ask me or I'll try to answer them in the next chapter. And the age thing, I'm having a hard time figuring it out myself, Zoya is about 22-23! I think :/ ignore the glitches.
Notes: The holi event did happen, but only Asad's family was present. Razia hasn't seen Zoya and neither has Ayaan.
All the mistakes are mine, do leave your comments! Much love to you guys xoxo


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I've tried PM'ing you guys, it doesn't work. I am a newbie and I'm not allowed to include links in the PM's! If there's any other way to do this, do let me know.
Much love, 
Mojo xoxo
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loved it...tanveer is so damn petty minded...i really hope she doesn't do any lasting damage to asad and zoya's relationship...and thanks for the long update...

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That means Zoya understood that Tanveer-Rani is preggy,still she din't tell anyone.I'm proud of u Zoya!!Big smile

lovely update..but plz don't separate AsYa..

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Originally posted by rennie

loved it...tanveer is so damn petty minded...i really hope she doesn't do any lasting damage to asad and zoya's relationship...and thanks for the long update...

Aww I'm glad you liked it despite it dragging. I know Tanveer is annoying, I made her a bit stupid but she'll step up her game soon. I don't know about lasting damage, but if there is any problems between them before marriage, it's her doing. No problemo, i hope it's not too long. I can't revise so thought i'd write whatever comes to my head. Thanks for your feedback xoxo 
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Originally posted by ..-AsYa-..

That means Zoya understood that Tanveer-Rani is preggy,still she din't tell anyone.I'm proud of u Zoya!!Big smile

lovely update..but plz don't separate AsYa..

Yupp she knows, I'll reveal how she found and why she's quiet in some time... she's just too nice despite Tanveer making her feel little. 
Haha, I won't separate them, but their journey is going to get real tough, a lot more drama to come. I just need to find some time in between my revision.
Thank you for your feedback xoxo 
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nice one...

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