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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 120)

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update this pls!!!
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Please update this!!!!! Would love to
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Originally posted by Illo

Finally first to comment Tongue Loved this update!!! and the new guy.. poor Asad he'll feel 10 times more jealous then Zoya felt because of Tannu.. Tongue Tongue Tongue This has be the guy Zoya's appi mentioned in earlier updates and how she had misinterpreted their relationship.. can't remember the name though.. Plz update as soon as you can or as soon as you exams let u, btw good luck on themSmile Smile
and I just loved Zoya's nanni, now we know who she takes after Tongue Tongue really hope we hear more of her Big smileBig smile

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Wow, I can't believe I'm updating this, never thought I'll come back to it! But I guess thanks to those who have still stuck to this story, maybe that's why I finally sat down and attempted to write something. I wasn't going to include the honeymoon, but WHY NOT. Might as well do this properly. This story still isn't finishing, I'm laughing to myself right now. Thank you guys for all your wonderful support! Here is a boring update, I hate Humeira in the show, God knows why I made her so innocent in this FF! Anyhoo, do leave your comments behind, AND SHOULD I START A NEW THREAD?

Chapter 29


'Asalaamu Alaikum'  Greeted Asad holding his hands behind his back. Anwar pulled him forward and hugged him before taking him inside,

'It's good that you have come as well Asad' Smiled Zeenat making the couples comfortable, Humeira, how are you?' She held Humeira's hand and pulled her to her side. Humeira nodded back at her wrapping her arms around Zeenat's shoulder.

'No no Aapi, I'm not staying' He looked at Zoya, 'Just came to drop these two sisters off!' He replied looking at Humeira. Zoya rest her hands on his shoulder also admiring Humeira, they were both trying to get her to feel like she was home; she was a part of them. The last few days were hard on her, so many changes have come into their lives; one of them was a beautiful change for the sisters. Asad placed his hand over hers, reassuring her of the promises. He watched her from the corner of his eyes as her eyes glistened with happiness.

'Ayaan, are you hungry?' Zoya diverted her mind elsewhere, 'and Asad, you haven't eaten properly either. I'll make something for you both' Zoya waited for Ayaan's reply but he had a different plan in his mind. He teasingly stared at Zoya,

'Ayaan, you see these' She pointed at Asad's hands, 'when you hold them tight, they become fists and you know what HE does with his fists?' She raised her eyebrow mockingly making everyone laugh.

'Zoya, beta you sit. I won't let -' Zoya stopped Zeenat,

'It's okaay. They're not letting me work at home, and you guys aren't as well. I'm fine seriously. Humeira will help me' She smiled with a threatening look on her face. Everyone nodded together.

'I was saying I've cooked. And Laila is already preparing snacks' Zeenat smiled innocently, Zoya sat down on the sofa sighing. Asad watched her carefully as she made faces before finally relaxing her shoulders against the sofa. She met his eyes momentarily; he pressed his eyes making her smile. His heart burst once again, seeing the curves on her face lightened up his insides like never before. Every smile seemed like the first, every gaze killed him like the first.



'That was wonderful' Asad wiped his mouth as he complimented Zeenat, 'Thank you' He pressed his eyes before leaving the table and walking towards the couches and smacking Ayaan's head.  

'Ayaan? Shall we leave?' He asked once everyone sat together again.

'Yes bhaijaan' He thanked Anwar and Zeenat before walking out of the room.

'Our flight is around noon' He told Anwar, he watched Zoya come out of the kitchen. She watched as he walked out of the door glancing back at her with every step. Zoya waited until Anwar and Zeenat came back to sit down with Humeira. She stepped outside closing the door behind her. Her hands brushed the sides of her arm feeling the sudden gush of cold air; she smiled feeling his arms wrap her waist resting his chin on her shoulders.

'You didn't think you were leaving without a goodbye did you?' She rubbed the back of his hand on her waist. He smiled nodding against her neck. She turned around and placed her hands on his chest looking up at him with innocent eyes, he loosened her hair from the messy bun making Zoya laugh. He tucked the irritating strands behind her ears before brushing his thumb over her cheeks. He admired her delicate face; she stepped onto his feet with her slippers. She reached up for his lips, he  brought his lips against hers. He pecked it lightly, before kissing her nose and her forehead. She rested her head against his chest as he cuddled her with his huge arms.

'I don't want anything else' she sighed closing her eyes; Asad rocked side to side holding her tighter.


'This feels great' Humeira grinned with her half closed eyes as Zoya massaged her head with oil. She nodded in unison with Zeenat who was doing Zoya's hair and her own massaged by Anwar. Anwar laughed at the girls before getting up to go watch his TV programme.

Heyyy!' Zeenat tried stopping Anwar from leaving. Anwar innocently shrugged his shoulders towards the news programme. Humeira and Zoya laughed at their antics.

'After I get back, the first thing we're doing is getting Humeira married' Started Zoya making Humeira blush a deep crimson being caught off guard. Zeenat agreed,

'I have found her a groom, I have lists' Zeenat added, Humeira frowned.

'Or is there anyone in your mind?' She asked. Humeira shook her head in a no; Zoya rolled her eyes at her innocence. She got up shaking her head, she walked around and massaged Zeenat's head. She pleated her hair and kissed her head,

'Aapi get some sleep, goodnight baby!' She kissed her belly making Humeira giggle as she crawled forward to do the same.

'You two don't stay up late' Zeenat advised as she yawned, 'both of your favourite sweet dishes are in the fridge, have it.' She kissed both of their foreheads before dragging Anwar with her.

'Goodnight my beautifuls!' He blew them kisses.

'Byee jeeju' They both giggled. Humeira got up to get snacks whilst Zoya chose a movie.

'What do you wanna watch?' Zoya tied her hair up whilst sucking on her strip of twisted sour candy strip. We could for an old one?'

'How about a bollywood movie?' Humeira suggested placing the popcorn on the floor.

'Ooh yesss' Zoya nodded biting into her chocolate fingers, 'Ouch, what was that for?' She looked at Humeira rubbing her head,

'Save some food for the movie' Humeira rolled her eyes; they both stared towards the box of Ferrero Rocher before jumping towards it.

'Ouch' they both laughed, Zoya grabbed the box and ran around the TV. Humeira followed with a pillow,

'Give me one' She hit her, Zoya grabbed a pillow and smacked her back with it making the pillow burst open. They both sat knackered against the sofa on the floor watching fluff snow on them.

'Khabie Khushi Khabie Gham' they both announced facing each other as they hi-fived their tissue boxes pulling the duvet over them. Humeira lay her head on Zoya's shoulder as Zoya held her hand. They both smiled as the movie started, Anwar and Zeenat held each other watching the two with teary eyes.


'No no of course.' Zoya heard Asad's faint voice in the background. She creased her forehead as she took light steady steps down the stairs. Asad followed Zeenat's gaze and turned around, his smile grew wider seeing his fairy like wife descending down the heavenly steps. Zoya was his wife; they were both husband and wife. His mind had finally engraved their relationship onto his heart, everything still felt like a dream.
Asad's eyes glistened as he admired Zoya; she was dressed in a light-ish pink churidar gown flowing right past her feet. The arms were fitted all the way up to her chest and then down to her waist showing off her slim figure. She tucked her hair behind her ears blushing under his gaze. Her fingers went over her oval emerald green studs drawing his eyes to his gift; Asad shook his head chuckling to himself. She lifted her dress as she effortlessly made her way down. Asad turned his body around to face her, walking up to her and put his hand out to her, she placed hers onto his. He walked her towards Anwar and Zeenat without taking his gaze off her. Zoya hugged Zeenat, then Anwar.

'Now have you packed everything?' Zeenat looked over her shoulders, Zoya turned towards Humeira who nodded enthusiastically,

'Everything' She winked. Zoya then looked at Asad,

'I haven't packed anything' She bit her lips nervously making everyone laugh.

'What is this?' Najma entered with a bag in her hand, Asad face palmed himself; why are they so nosy he questioned the Almighty.

'It had number 6 on it bhaijaan' She spoke confused before looking at him innocently,

'Because you only skipped the first 5 gifts' He grunted quietly, Zoya laughed understanding what it was. Najma gave the designer creme tote bag to Zoya,

'Everything is set bhabie' She side hugged Zoya.


'Hey Rabart, take care of everyone' Zoya leaned in towards Asad at the back of the car, he played with her hair, 'and yes do try and visit my sister' She laughed, 'You better have proposed to her by the time I, we are back' Asad poked her cheek, Zoya smacked his hand. 'Oh right, I've got a great idea, very Rabart Mona type' She winked to herself making Asad hit his head back against the seat. He listened to her dictate her plans rolling his eyes every time she paused for dramatic effect, Asad grabbed her phone,

'And Ayaan, this number doesn't exist for the next 80 days,' Zoya stared at him, I meant 8 days so yeah goodbye and good luck' He hung up as he pressed the button in front of her as if to demonstrate how it was supposed to be done.

'Thank you Khaka' Asad popped his head into the car before placing his arm around her waist and pulling the luggage as they walked inside.

'Asad, where are we going?' Zoya asked,

'You'd never believe me if I told you' He said disbelievingly shaking his head, Zoya looked at him.

'Maan is amazing. You'll love his surprise only he could do something like this for us' He pressed his nose against hers, 'wait for the surprise' His eyes went wide with excitement as he checked in at the counter. They both walked hand in hand towards the waiting area.

'Asad?' Zoya rested her head on his shoulder,

'Hmmm?' He replied checking his mails on his phone,

'We're going on our honeymoon' She sighed in contentment, they had finally made it to this stage. Life had thrown a lot in their way; she still doesn't know how they overcame it. Zoya F- Asad Ahmed Khan, for the first time in her life didn't understand how she attained all this happiness. She watched him with teary eyes; her previous life with her name had finally gone. This was a new beginning for them; he would be hurt if he saw any sort of turmoil remembering their past.

'Yes' He replied, 'few months back we wasn't even sure of our feelings' He looked straight ahead,

''Agar aap itne badtameez ho, toh mujhe aap itne ache kyun lagte ho?' She repeated as his voice replayed in her head, 'you weren't sure you say?' Her fingers played with his ring before looking at him side wards,

'App mein itne khashish kyun hai?' She paused, Jab aap mujhe itne na pasand hai toh mere khawab pein aapke sayein kyun hai?' She smiled, Kyun mere tanhai mein khalaq dalte hai aap? Kyun mere andere mein roshni banke aate hain aap?' She sighed heavily, 'you ask a lot of questions Mr Khan' She shook her head,

'Miss Farooqui, iska jawab bohot simple hai, yeh sab iss liye ki aap mujhe pasand karte hai!' Asad replied as a small smile played on his lips repeating her words.

'Ab ek baat batao? Mein bhi aapko bahot pasand karta hoon!' He repeated her words, they both laughed.

'Why did it take so long Asad?'

'I was scared of my own feelings Zoya. But when I finally proposed to you, things had changed. You thought I was sympathising with you' He brushed her cheeks,

'You know despite losing my eyesight, I could see so clearly. My heart fell in love with your beating heart whilst my mind questioned your helping hand. One thing was for sure, whether you loved me or hated me, you would never let me fall' She spoke emotionally. She watched him with gratefulness, the man in front of her was sent down for her, only for her, to protect and love her in return for her one smile. These eight days were solely for him, and she would make sure his smile never fades for the lifetime they were going to spend together. She looked up as she heard the announcement and gasped,

'Ya Allah, Maan planned this for us?' She was surprised hearing their call for their awaiting private plane.

'This is nothing' He got up picking her up, 'He noted down everything' Zoya watched him praise his friend with sweet words. She didn't understand what has happening but whatever it was; her dreams were going to come true. Zoya only hinted her honeymoon dreams but never spoke too openly about them. Asad too had similar plans but with everything happening from the engagement till the wedding, both had been overwhelmingly busy.


Zoya had wrapped up on Asad's lap throughout the journey to their honeymoon destination. Asad held her never wanting to part from her. Now, not everyone would understand his love for Zoya even if they witnessed their love story. Asad's overgrowing love for Zoya exceeds any limit, if he was possessive over her before the fire incident, he was even more protective now. The thought of losing her aches his heart, those 48 hours of staring at her lifeless body fighting to breathe, fighting to keep her heart beating. Asad Ahmed Khan was a man made of a brutal past; nothing could've broken him harder than the fear of parting from her. Her drained face, her eyelids refusing to lift, her hands falling from his, and his last promise echoing back in his ears.

Zoya opened her eyes slowly to find the shining sun brightening up the inside of the plane; they had arrived. She peeked outside at the gleaming world; Asad pulled her towards the exit. Before she could take in the sight, Asad blindfolded her eyes.

'Is this necessary?' She yawned, she wiped her cheek feeling his kiss. She twisted her mouth, You behave' She warned.

He picked her up chuckling and placed her inside the white car. He then drove off towards their private destination away from the gawking world, in a fantasy of their own.


Asad's hands brushed the side of her arm making her shiver with delight. He slowly took the blindfold off, Zoya blinked a few times to focus her eyes on the beautiful bungalow in front of her. Her eyes swayed over the name plate on the entrance; Mr and Mrs Khan. Her eyes grew wider as her hands found itself over her mouth as she watched the trees and the hilly stone tops. She turned around and almost fell in shock. She would've fallen back if it wasn't for Asad's strong arms holding her up. Her eyes sparkled witnessing the bliss in front of her, right in the middle of the clear blue water stood another smaller over water bungalow with mahogany canopy beds, she brought her eyes closer to her to find the white sandy beach calling out to her. She looked to her right and there in the distant were large stone rocks, almost like mountains, coral reefs surrounding the beautiful blue water. She squealed seeing the coral gardens and the volcanic rock formations, her heart threatening to burst as the excitement rose in her. Her eyes swayed over the bit of greenery behind their main bungalow; this was their own private Island. She looked back at Asad who mirrored her excitement; she wrapped her arms around the nape of his neck,

'I love this!' She spun around whilst Asad watched. She ran forward towards the house,

'Stop' He spoke from behind, Zoya halted her foot half way up before spinning on her feet. She slipped out of her shoes and put her arms out to him almost falling forward, Asad shook his head at her antics. He looked up at her before sweeping her off her feet and walking up the stairs, he pushed the glass doors open and swung her inside. Zoya's legs flapped with excitement seeing the beautiful inside of the house. Asad struggled to keep her still,

'Zoya, bas bas! You're acting like a fish that has been taken out of water. I should just throw you into that ocean' He squeezed her as he swung her in his arms playfully. Asad had stepped into their master bedroom. Zoya slowly looked at Asad with wide eyes before gawking at the bedroom. She jumped off his arms and tip toed towards the French sliding doors. She opened it with ease feeling like she stepped out into heaven. She fell back into his arms sighing,

'Nautanki' Asad pushed her back up against the walls. He kissed the side of her cheeks holding it against his as they felt the breeze brush past their skins. 'Freshen up' He placed his hand on top of hers on the wall. She slowly turned around and stared at his face, she took her finger and circled his face before taking both of her hands and cupping his face,

'I don't deserve you' She pressed her eyes shaking her head. 'Almighty might have taken everyone away from me, but He has given the world in return' She pressed her lips against his, 'I love you so so much, more than anyone, more than yourself' He kissed her forehead and embraced her lovingly; you will never be able to understand what you mean to me. Zoya tightened her hold instantly,

'And you my feelings' She whispered back to his thoughts. He kissed her head before letting go. He watched the sun slowly set in the background,

'You go freshen up' He laughed watching her look at him with a childish grin holding her stomach, and let's eat something' He pushed her inside. He stepped outside and brought the suitcases inside the house. 'Zoya, the maids left a note' He held it up at her. 'There's food prepared in the fridge along with all our essentials.' He spoke looking at the note. 'And they'll pop by in a few days' He placed the note on the bed. 'Zoya, I'll pick it up na, leave it.' He rushed forward and placed the suitcase on the bed. He unzipped it and watched her jump onto the bed rummaging through the clothes.

'Asad, what is all this?' She picked up her gowns and held it in front on him. He smirked back at her, 'All these short dresses, shorts, there's no jeans in here' She popped her head inside almost falling into it. 'I will kill Tamater when I get back' She opened her eyes wide.

'Oiii, leave my sister alone!' He picked out a blue knee length chiffon dress, 'Wear this' He passed it to her.

'Asad, you two!' She gave him warning looks, she grumbled to herself walking inside the bathroom. She turned around, 'I'm locking the door' She pushed it close seeing him come forward.

She walked out moments later drying her hair with a towel, she walked over to him with the blue dress on. Her legs were showing, Asad smirked seeing her feel uncomfortable.

'Wipe it off, now' She rubbed her hand over his lips. 'What's this?' She leaned against his chest as he held the letter in front of them.

'It's from Maan and Geet' He read the letter out to her,

'Those two are sweethearts!'

'Let's give them a call'


'Asad, go sit down' She nudged him with her elbow but he refused to sit down. 'The table looks beautiful' She kissed him turning her head slightly. She poured the food into a bowl, she squirmed feeling his teasing touches on her waist.

'I'm only taking the apron off' He spoke innocently.

'Yes yes ofcourse' She shook her head, he placed her hair over her one of her shoulders revealing her bare upper back. Zoya closed her eyes feeling his cold fingers trickling from one side to the other. She creased her back as he placed a wet kiss, she turned around quickly and stared at him feeling slightly flustered. 'F-f-foood' She whispered, almost choking out the words. He brushed the back of his fingers on her cheek, she half closed her eyes trying not to get carried away. He helped her remove the apron, before pulling her towards the smaller dining area. He dimmed the lights with the remote and let the candles do its charm. He helped her sit comfortably on the cushions before walking around and sitting on the other side. He leaned forward and served her first before serving himself. His eyes remained on her as he took the first spoonful; he pressed his eyes in her appraisal.

'I love you' She whispered, leaning against the table. He brought his hand forward over the low table,

'I love you too, so much' He whispered back. She held his hand and slowly got up, walking around the table and standing in front of him. He looked up at her before placing his head against her stomach placing a soft peck; she brushed his hair back smiling. He looked up at her again; she picked him slowly and turned around pulling him with her. He followed her behind her as she led him towards their bedroom. She stopped in front of their bed and turned around to face him. She placed her hands around his neck and pulled herself upwards, she kissed his neck before pulling him back. They both fell on to the bed, with Asad on top of Zoya, he picked his head up and stared at her. He kissed her chin and looked back at her,

'I' He kissed her cheek, 'love' he kissed her nose, 'you' he placed his lips on hers. She let out a soft moan pulling him over to her side; she slanted her body over his deepening the kiss. Their lips moved in motions, every second the kiss growing stronger and deeper. Asad rolled back over her, she giggled,

'That tickles' She squirmed under him, he pulled the duvet over them both.


'Asad will kill you if you disturb them' Asim threw an apple over to Ayaan before sitting down next to him.

'Kya karoon yaaar?' Ayaan asked frustrated. 'I need Mona's help, it was her plan afterall'

'Vahhh' Asim spoke mockingly, 'You're taking help from Fudge to propose to the love of your life. What kind of a man are you?' Asim asked.

'WHAT?!' Ayaan coughed, picking himself up to sit straight on the sofa.

'He said what kind of a man are you' Humeira entered with a tray. Ayaan gulped the piece of fruit in his mouth,

'Whatever I am, I am better than him' Ayaan defended himself. Asim was about to speak when Najma entered the room.

'What?' She snapped seeing them all stare at her. She placed the snacks on the table and fell back against Humeira on the sofa. 'Ammi is staying over at Chachi's for the next few days, she says that she will enjoy her freedom while it lasts' She joked. She sighed heavily,

'What's wrong?' Asim asked quickly seeing her so upset,

'Nothing' She faked a smile. Asim picked up the plate with the chocolate wafers and sat down next to her making Humeira get up and go next to Ayaan who had opened his arms towards her. She shushed him before realising Asim and Najma were having a moment; she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her room.

'Will you stop avoiding me?' He took the wafer to her lips; she closed her eyes for a moment before taking a bite. She faced him slowly,

'I'm scared Asim, I'm honestly scared. Isn't it better if we stay away from each other? No no, please' she shook her head, 'I know you have a lot you have to say, and so do I' She held his eyes, 'Bhaijaan will never accept this.' A lone tear escaped her eyes; he brushed it off instantly with his thumb. He cupped her face,

'We'll make him accept. He has changed Tamater; he values love and friendship more than anything now. I'll do whatever I have to to make this work; you're not unaware of my feelings. If you want me to stay away, I will... for your sake.' He whispered before slowly getting up, she quickly held his hand,

'He'll agree na?' She asked in a teary voice, he nodded slowly sitting back down. He held his hand over her cheek; she tilted her head to his touch.

'He will have to agree. You are all I have now, I will never give up!' He made an oath; she placed her head on his chest. He wrapped his arm over her shoulder comforting them both, he held himself together. He had a long road ahead of him, he had faith that he could win Asad over. Asad was protective over his family; it wouldn't be easy convincing him since he witnessed how possessive he got when he tried touching his own best friend. He laughed to himself before placing a kiss on top of her head.

'Yaar, when did this happen?' Ayaan shook his hair as he and Humeira watched from their hideout spot, he closed the door behind them and stood shocked, 'Yeh toh chupe rustam nikhla'

'They are scared of Jeeju Ayaan, just imagine what poor Najma is going through. She too is in love with Asim but too scared to admit her feelings. She doesn't want to hurt Jeeju, so she's hurting herself instead. We have to do something' Humeira spoke thoughtfully.

'Yes we do' Ayaan spoke playfully, he grabbed her hand as she was about to walk away and pinned her against the door,

'A-Ayaan' She whispered looking down, he brought his face closer to hers. 'What are you doing?' She managed to let out; she held her breath being able to feel the close proximity.

'We have to do something' He whispered back, she stretched further against the door as his fingers trailed down her neck, she turned her face side wards as her breathing suddenly shortened. She quickly held his hand against her neck to stop him from torturing her; she slowly looked up at him to see him smirking at her. He kissed her nose; she blushed a deeper shade of red. 'Look at me' She shook her head in a no, 'Humeira, look at me' She slowly looked up at him before pushing forward against him, wrapping her arms around him and holding him tight. Ayaan was taken back before reciprocating to her hug, he held his little innocent angel in his arms. He could feel her speeding heart beating erratically against his chest; her breathing tickled the hairs on his neck. 

'I love you' She nuzzled into his chest,

'I love you too' He kissed her head. They both sighed in unison before looking at each other.



Asad walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel, he ran his fingers through his wet hair before brushing both of his hands over his face. The peeking sun glistened against his wet bare chest; he stopped in front of the bed and chuckled to himself. He shook his head seeing Zoya lying diagonally across the bed, her petite frame filled up the king size bed. The white silk sheets were twisted around her naked body, covering bits of the upper and lower back. She shivered slightly as the speeding gush of air blew past the thin curtains and touched her skin; she turned over and lay facing the ceiling. Her hands were placed in disoriented positions as she lay there peacefully glowing amongst the cream and white bed covers. His eyes swayed over her pink lips, her nose twitched slightly. He walked over towards the sliding doors; he removed the white curtains allowing the sun to warm up the room. He shut the doors before walking back towards the bed, she lay on her sides holding both of her hands against her chest. He slipped right next to her; he placed the sheets over her properly covering her sides properly. He brushed her hair back before placing a soft kiss on her forehead, his thumb brushed over the side of her lips. She kissed his thumb in her sleep before turning the other way.

'This girl is such a deep sleeper' He shook his head seeing the bright sun. He put his three quarter beige pants on and wore a white top. He slipped into his flip flops and walked out of the room into the kitchen, he put the kettle on before making breakfast.

He placed the flowers into a smaller pot; he poured the juice into a glass and the two cups of coffee onto the tray. He looked back and smiled being able to hear her waking up slowly. He covered the plate and picked up the tray to take into the bedroom.

'Good morning!' He smiled at her sleepy face; she looked at him confused before hitting her head. She quickly sat upright against the headrest holding the duvet over her,

'I'm so sorry. I overslept; I dunno why I feel so tired. Awww breakfast?' She spoke tearfully, 'I should be making you breakfast' She sniffed,

'Oh ho, stop crying. Come on freshen up, I wanted to make you breakfast today. You make it tomorrow' He helped her get off the bed before helping her tie her hair up into a bun. 'Quickly, it will get cold' She nodded before rushing into the bathroom.


Zoya walked out in white beach maxi dress, she massaged her arms with lotion as she sat next to him on the balcony.

'Asad, help me with this button at the back' She held her curls to one side; Asad helped her before serving her breakfast. She wrapped up against him,

'Omlette yummm' She took a bite, 'You should make breakfast more often' She fed him.

'Haaa, what was all the drama about inside?' He laughed chewing the food,

'Karna padtha hai' She hushed him before drinking her coffee. 'What's the plan today?' She asked looking up at him,

'I just want to sit here with you in my arms all day' He suggested,

'Sounds like a plan' She laughed back at him,

'But we shall go sightseeing.' Maybe a dive? The water is absolutely serene' He looked into the distant.

'Hmmm' She got up with his help and looked around the beach. 

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akaswan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
RESBig smile

Awesome part Clap

I missed this FF a lot i'm goint to re-read it soonBig smile

Asya are in their honeymoon Embarrassed

I feel a little bad for Najma and i hope that Asad will not be angry against them Ouch

Ayan and  Humeira finally confessed EmbarrassedBig smile

I just loved this update Clap

Continue soon please Smile

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pooja_shineStar IF-Dazzler

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sooo happy to read it again :D
u should update this FF more often :D

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