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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 110)

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It was an amazing update!! Loved it!
I was so floored by all the feels! D'oh
I almost thought that you killed Zoya. LOL 
Can't wait for the wedding! Smile

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Hey Sunshine,
Welcome back once again. where are you off to these days, I think you aren't reading the comments too, isn't it?
well this part was awesome, don't worry abt the strange creatures appearing in the update. It couldn't lessen the beauty & worth of this chapter.
The Zoya-Razia-Siddique-humzie convo really was amazing. I loved it when Humz supported Zoe against her parents & helped in revealing the truth.
Zoe- there's so much to say about her. firstly I thought you killed her, and I didn't kno that I was holding my breath reading the part till Asad touches her. Gosh, don't do that!
Like always Zoe's been selfless this time as well. caring about her family & love before herself. she was in so much pain yet stood firm to get the culprits punished. I just don't know how much I love her.
Rashid really won my heart this time. he's always been a silent spectator but today by being Zoe's shield when Asad wasn't present, he really showed that he wouldn't let a finger touch his kids anymore.
Asad, hmm, an enigma. it's so good to see him up and about. It's an achievement for him, that now he's got enough courage to over look his past and move on with the help of his sunshine. poor thing is always disturbed in between his romantic moment and he's losing his control quiet fast, so please let them be together soon.
Okay now update fast, understand, it's hard to wait for the wedding rituals you see.
loads of love. 

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solid update yaarClap The way zoya and humeira confronted siddique'sDay Dreaming loved it...!!

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It ws a real nice ch yr
thnk god everything is sorted out n nw jst nikaah n lots of fun ahead...n ofcourse d kabab mein haddi mr gorilla ayaan...Bt our asad miyaan l take care of him ;)
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I loved the lioness Zoya!!

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Wonderful update and I like how all the loopholes are mended. We can finally look forward to happy updates;)

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So here is the much awaited wedding, wasnt as grand because of the last twist but its a try. I hope I live up to your expectations lovelies. Its a rushed wedding, so dont mind the mistakes. I was listening to Bollywood weddings songs whilst writing this, hahahah so its not in detail (Sajan ji ghar aye or something)
Thank you so much for your beautiful comments, they mean a lot.
 Forget my blabbering, heres the update! Hope you enjoy it

Part 27

''Yeh lo Inspector, saboot inke paas hai'' Zoya smiled seeing Asad enter the room. Asad handed the CD over to the inspector and the chip from the doll with further recordings.

''Lekin inspector maine kaha tha yahan-'' Asad spoke tensed,

''Its okay, maine hi kaha tha aane ke liye'' Zoya pressed her eyes towards Asad to reassure him,

''Thank you for your co-operation Mr and Mrs Khan, dont worry well do everything we can'' The police officer nodded at them before walking out of the room. Asad closed the door and looked back at Zoya,

''Hey'' Asad spoke in a husky tone, Zoya grinned at him as she let his fingers caress her face. He gently placed a kiss on her forehead before taking her hand against his cheek.

''Did you get some sleep?'' She asked, he nodded not letting go of her hand,

''You're so stubborn, you know that?'' He nodded again, with a slight grin on his face,

''You know I would never leave you here if it wasn't for your stubbornness'' He retorted,

''Did you really get some sleep?''

''Thoda sa'' He showed her with his fingers closing one eye, Zoya pinched his ear,
''Ouch, I've showered, fresh as ever'' He smiled. ''Zoya, chodo na ab, nikaah se pehle aise ho, nikaah ke baad kaise I cant imagine'' He spoke sarcastically,

''Matlab?'' She held it tighter,

''JODHU KA GHULAM!'' Ayaan announced as he entered the room, he placed the bags on the sofa before jumping on the bed,

''Rabart toot jayega'' Zoya cautioned, Asad rolled his eyes in annoyance, he got up and held him by the collar,

''Tumhe yahan aana zaruri hai kya?'' Asad breathed sharply,

''Kya hua bhaijaan, pehle toh aap mujhse milne ke liye marte the ab kya huya? Bhabie ne aap paar jaadu kar diya. Ya Allah, koi peer saab ko bhulao, mere bhai-'' Asad held his collar tighter, Ayaan pressed his lips to contain his laughter.

''Asad chor do!'' Zoya scolded,

''Zoya dekh rahe ho na yeh kaise baar baar''

''AAPI!'' Zoya squealed,

Zoya beta Zeenat hugged Zoya, ''Kaise ho mere bacha?''

''Mein bilkul teek hoon, hows my baby?'' She placed her ear against Zeenats stomach, giggling.

''Acha, Ayaan JEE and Jeeja JEEE, please kindly get OUT'' Humeira spoke sweetly as she crossed her arms leaning against the open door along with Najma and Nikhat.

''Kyunnn?'' Asad pouted staring at Zoya,

''Oh ho udhar maath dekho, pure zindagi hai dekhne ke liye, Hone wala jeeja jeee'' Humeira joked, ''Ayaan lekar jaaye, Aapi ko tayaar karna hai''

''Chalo Bhaijaan, hum bahaar intezaar karte Wahan khoobsurat nurs-'' Ayaan coughed seeing Humeira and Zoya glaring at him. He gulped before pushing Asad outside along with him.

''Jahan rukhe the, wahan se shuru kare?'' Humeira spoke softly; Zoya looked into her eyes, blushing as she nodded. Humeira held her sisters chin and lifted it upwards,
''Dekho humaare khoobsurat si dulhan kaise nikaah ke naam se kheel rahe hain'' Humeira giggled.


''Ready?'' Najma asked, everyone looked around to see if anything has been left behind.

''All the best for the future'' The nurse blessed Zoya,

''Thank you'' Zoya hugged the nurse before allowing her to apply haldi on her cheeks.

''Chalein?'' Humeira put her arms around Zoya and walked outside of the room. Zoya stepped back, she looked around her; surprised. She was taken aback by the decorations outside her room; the whole ward was decorated with white and yellow flowers. She admired the decoration that had brought the hospital to life; she smiled at the staffs' that were waiting for her outside in a line. She stepped forward only for petals to be thrown over her, she looked up to find Asad standing in front of her with a look of admiration on his face. He stared at her, capturing every inch of her body in his eyes, she was draped in a pale yellow saree adorned with fresh handmade white, red and yellow flower jewellery. He gazed into her kohl lined eyes pouring with love only for him; he watched as her flowery earrings dangled uncontrollably, he took glimpses of every single feature on her face, his eyes trailed from her eyes to her forehead over her mangteeka down her long plait all the way down to her waist. He carried on throwing petals over her as he took steps backwards to take in the full picture. He stared at his glowing bride smiling back at him, he found himself putting his hand out to her, she stepped forward instantly and placed her delicate ones onto his. He bent forward and lifted her up into his huge arms as her arms wrapped around his neck. He could smell the fresh flowers; she brought her head forward resting it against his chest as he started walking out. The staff broke out into whistles as they threw flowers over the couple; Ayaan grabbed the drums off the drummers and played it behind them as the girls started dancing. Zoya gazed up at Asad as she sent up a prayer above to the Almighty for restoring her happiness; Asad looked at her mirroring the same feelings as hers. He held her tighter to comfort himself, smiling widely as he placed her inside the car.


''I only brought you here because I know you would want to be sent off from your maayka, Mere mann maan nahi raha lekin yahi sahi hain, Everything will be perfect Zoya, just the way you wanted our dream wedding I promise'' He carried her out of the car and walked her inside. He stopped at the door as he heard Dilshad run towards the door with Geet and the kids.

''Oh hoye, nazar na lage tum dono ko'' Geet blessed them both before Dilshad embraced the two tightly, She finally stepped back dragging Asad inside with Zoya still in his arms.

''Utharo'' She ordered, Asad put Zoya down; they both stood side by side confused and scared at the tone of her voice. Asad secretly held Zoyas small finger with his pulling her closer towards him as they both stared at Dilshad with wide eyes. Everyone watched as she quietly recited something before blowing it over them 3 times. She then smiled at them both,
''Mere bacho ko kisike nazar na lage, Okay chalo jaldi yahan beto Zoya, aur Asad wahan stool pe Zoya ki mehendi teek karana hoga iss ke baad'' She shooed everyone to their places. Asad and Zoya sat opposite each other, staring intently as if they had never seen each other before; they remained silent speaking to each other through their eyes making promises unknown to the rest of the guests.

''SURPRISE!! Maan and Ayaan yelled from the top of their lungs, the adoring couple were startled as they broke their eye contact and stared above them in horror. They both watched as Ayaan walked in between them holding up a yellow veil with Maan holding the other side. They both stared at each other, shocked at the covering.

''What the'' Asad glared towards the mischievous pair,

''Its a veil Asad; do you think that as long as your buddy is here, he will let any traditions break? NOO, chill!'' Maan winked at Ayaan, Zoya sat dejected on her seat wanting to cut through the material in front of them. Asad pressed his eyes at her; both were instantly reminded of their own haldi ceremony few nights ago.

''Lets start'' Zeenat announced as she started applying haldi on Zoya with Dilshad starting on Asad on the other side.

''Humeira please, ya Allah dekho kaise haldi utta rahi hai jaise pure desh ko lagana hai'' Zoya put her arms up to protect herself,

''Aapi dont be a spoilsport, there you go'' Humeira painted Zoya's frowning face,

''Usse chor do'' Asad sighed in defeat watching Humeira cover Zoya's face,

''Hayeee bohot fikar ho rahi hai yahan, Yeh lo'' Humeira and Ayaan covered Asad's face with the same amount of turmeric paste as Zoya; they both stood aside feeling content at the sight seeing both bride and groom grumbling.


Asad came downstairs after washing his face to find Zoya sat on the floor in the middle of the living room with a bunch of pillows around her, her arms stretched onto them as the ladies fixed her mehendi. He watched mesmerized as she laughed at the girls dancing away, he closed his eyes as the sounds of her laughter echoed into his ears like a beautiful melody; he was worried he'd yearn for his ears to hear her laughter after the recent incident. He chuckled watching her make faces at the camera, she blushed catching Asads gaze on her. Asad shook his head seeing her turn crimson; he crossed his arms amused at the sight in front of him. He broke out into a laugh seeing everyone so happy; Zoya's mouth opened wide seeing him in tears from laughing so much. She signalled with her head; what happened?
He shook his head side wards; nothing.

Zoya looked at him and then her new dress; how do I look?
He shook his head slightly; okay-ish.
Zoya opened her eyes wide, Asad burst out laughing once again.

''Bhaijaan, why are you standing here alone? Look, lets join these beautiful ladies'' Ayaan dragged Asad to where the ladies were dancing. Asad spun a few times with Ayaan before stepping aside and watching them enjoy themselves. He looked towards a grumpy Zoya sat on the floor with her arms stretched out not being able to move because of the mehendi on her hands. He slowly stepped towards her and kneeled on the cushions behind her, he slowly moved her fringe out of the way to reduce her irritation.

''Thank you'' She turned slightly, ''Asad?''

''Were you expecting someone else?'' He said disappointed,

''Shayad'' She paused, ''nahi'' she smiled as she tilt her head back against his.

''Open your mouth'' He told her, she creased her forehead, ''Drama baad mein'' Her mouth opened wide in shock, he placed the medicine in her mouth and pressed it shut before making her drink water. He brushed the side of her lips, ''You hungry?' She nodded whilst she sucked her mouth, pouting to indicate her starvation levels. Asad poked her cheek; her antics will never get old, ''I'll be back.'' Zoya watched as he disappeared into the kitchen, moments later he walked out with a plate full of food.  Asad chuckled seeing Anshu make himself comfortable on Zoya's lap, he sat in front of them both. He took a bit of the food and placed it into Anshu's mouth whilst he clapped away. Asad then took some food to Zoya's mouth, she opened wide and as she closed her mouth she bit his finger, she grinned at him savouring the food making delightful noises whilst he gave her warning looks.

''Aap bhi'' Zoya insisted, he moved closer to her with the piece of food and held it in between them. Zoya placed a soft kiss whilst he took it closer to his mouth; he smirked seeing the blush on her face.

''Oye hoyee, koi mujhe bhi aise pyaar se khilai tho'' Maan teased with his arms wrapped around Geet,

''Mujhe bhi'' Sighed Ayaan leaning against Humeira,

Asad and Zoya looked at each other and sighed.

''Tum log mere bacho ko taang maat karna'' Scolded Dilshad, ''Guests have gone, go tidy up. We need go home and make preparations to come back and take my daughter in law'' She winked at Zoya whilst Asad looked around to find the guests gone. Everyone scurried away hearing Dilshad, Asad smiled at Zoya making her cough up the food. His eyes widened, he quickly grabbed the glass of water and held it against her lips whilst he jumped on his knees. He watched as she tried regaining composure,

''You okay?'' He asked worriedly,

''Haaan, shukriya'' Zoya nodded. Asad got up and placed the plate on the table before coming back and kneeling beside her. Everyone peeked as they watched him place a kiss on her forehead,

''Kal aunga Zoya, goreh par saavar hoke, bilkul tumhari rajkumar ki tarah'' He whispered into her ears,

''Mere rajkumar toh aap ho, Asad'' Zoya whispered back, ''Mein intezaar karungi'' She said looking down, feeling shy. Asad grinned; every time he sees her cheeks go red he feels himself falling in love with her all over again. He placed a kiss on her head before getting up to leave. Zoya peeked from the corner of her eyes as she watched him leave. She stared at her hands and blushed as she bit her lip; nikaah tomorrow? She shook her head in disbelief, finally the day has come. She felt Humeira creep up behind her, wrapping her arms around her neck and leaning her head against Zoya's. They both rocked side to side feeling slightly emotional.


Zoya sat with her back towards the mirror as the girls added the last touch to her bridal look. She closed her eyes as she tried steadying her racing heart; she was happy, scared, worried, nervous and everything else. Her hands were shivering and her breathing uneven; she fisted her hands on her lap in an attempt to calm herself down. She felt someone un-fisting her hands, she slowly opened her eyes to see Anwar kneeling on the floor admiring her. Zoya's eyes welled up seeing him in front of her, she let go of his hands and threw herself at him, sobbing. Anwar pulled back and cupped her face; he shook his head and wiped her tears away. He brought a box in front of her and opened it,

''Pehle ek baar aapne aap ko mirror mein dekh toh lo, mashAllah kya lag rahe ho'' Geet told her,

''Nahi bhabie, Aapi yeh nahin karegi. Unhe yeh jhalak nahin dekhna, unhe unki mehboob ki aankhon se aapne aap ko dekhna hain'' Humeira smiled making Zoya blush as she fixed her gaze on the floor. Anwar laughed seeing the state of Zoya, he handed the box to Zeenat. They both removed the red duppata and placed it over Zoya's head covering her face down to her nose leaving her nervous lips showing.

''MUM, MUM, Asad chachu is here'' Chahat came running in her little lehenga, the colour matching the rest of the bridesmaids. Zeenat whispered something into Zoya's ears, she nodded. Everyone then ran out of the room leaving an anxious Zoya alone dying for a glimpse of her Asad.


Few metres below the blushing bride, sat an excited groom on his huge white horse whilst his siblings danced around him. He jumped off his horse, in his sharp designer white and red sherwani, his head wrapped in a red turban which was designed with white stones from the middle going along the sides; he looked no less than a king. He held his antique family sword belonging to his Grandfather in his left hand whilst his right hand fought to keep the scarf intact. He took slow strides towards the front door with his mother, father and siblings following side by side. They stopped seeing Anwar and Zeenat come rushing to greet them; they both blessed the groom as they took him inside.
Asad stared at the living room turned hall; it was decorated with red and white flowers with hints of green. The lighting was done beautifully with the main area highlighted, Asad smiled seeing the veil in the middle of it, he admired the setting with rose petals thrown over it; this was a royal wedding. He gazed towards the stairs, his eyes counting each step upwards and finally resting on the bedroom door.

''Lets sit down beta'' Anwar put his arms around Asad leading him towards the Qazi. The girls giggled behind him noticing his restless glances towards the stairs,
''You want something to drink beta?'' Asad shook his head in a no whilst he eyed the stairs intently wishing they would call her down. His throat was dry no doubt, but this anxious feeling of wanting to see a glimpse of her; dressed as his bride, his Zoya, this restless feeling was making him forget his thirst. He sat crossed legs as still as possible playing with his fingers; was he nervous? Maybe. He waited not so patiently as the chattering amongst the crowd slowly started hushing, his heart started thudding faster threatening to jump out of his body. He slowly glanced up,

There above descended an angel, covered from head to toe in royalty. Her clothes mirrored his; he stared at her delicate soft hands holding the saree as she took gentle slow steps down with the support of Humeira and Zeenat. His eyes admired the beauty of the designs on her outfit; white full sleeved blouse with clear stone works amongst the hints of red and green. He blinked as the red saree glistened in his eyes, mesmerising every inch of his heart as his eyes moved over her body taking in every detail. His eyes fell on her chest; she wore his choice of jewellery: simple designed white stones resting over her breasts. His eyes then lingered on her soft rose petal like lips, so full, so round, he smirked as he watched her nibble the tiny corner due to her nervousness, by now everyone was staring at her, admiring her as well as the walls as they witnessed the ethereal beauty make her way down the stairs. Asad's heart warmed up seeing the final touch resting just behind her shoulders covering the most beloved part of her face; her eyes. He sat in awe, watching as she spread the essence of her presence amongst the guests contained behind the four walls. He got up as he felt his heart thudding faster and faster as it conjoined with another heart, he felt them beating together as they danced in a frenzy matching each others restlessness. He sighed watching his bride make her way towards him.

Zoya could feel everyones gazes on her; however, one gaze affected her the most. She felt her body shiver with delight as the intensity of that one gaze touched her body, pricking through her skin, touching her soul; the look from her beloved. As soon as she reached the bottom, she felt her heartbeats increase; she was guided towards the decorated stage and made to sit down. She closed her already veiled eyes as she heard the Qazi start reciting holy verses; she fought to keep her tears from overflowing. And finally those words her heart had been yearning to hear,

''Kya aapko Zoya Farooqui , daughter of Zainab Farooqui, Qubool Hai?'' Asad looked up at her, he saw a tear fall from under the veils onto her hands, he smiled,

''Qubool Hai'' He said loudly, announcing it to the people witnessing the great union of two lovers. Zoya sighed in contentment, he was finally hers.

The Qazi turned towards Zoya,
''Kya aapko Asad Ahmed Khan, son of Dilshad Khan, Qubool Hai?''

Humeira raised Zoyas duppata; she lifted her eyes to meet his waiting ones.

''Qubool Hai'' Zoya replied softly looking into Asad's gleaming eyes. He sighed in contentment, she was finally his.
She smiled as she admired her groom, both shedding silent tears; finally, they were Mr and Mrs Khan, they were each others.

Dilshad came up to both of them placing a kiss on their heads and blessing them as she cried with joy. Asad brought out his right hand in front of Zoya, she placed her left one onto his; they fit perfectly as they held each other, their rings glistened in every viewing eyes. She placed her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist both gently moving side to side. For that one moment, they were ignorant to their surroundings as they both cherished it the moment of becoming each others.
Ayaan clicked pictures of the lovebirds as they remained in an embrace. They were separated by the congratulating guests, however, their hands remained entwined; they refused to let go of each other. The guests hugged both of them; the whole atmosphere was a happy one. Ayaan asked for the drums to be played. Zoya pulled Asad towards Rashid; she hugged him forcing Asad to do the same on the other side. Rashid blessed them both, placing a gift box in her hand,

''Open it tomorrow'' He whispered, ''Tum dono humesha kush rehna, I pray that your love only increases by the day. Tum dono jitna pyaar ek doosre se karte ho shayad kisine kisise aur se kya hai. Deep love and understanding, maybe. But the intensity in both of your eyes, I have never seen. You both are very special, and you have been blessed with each other. Keep supporting and loving each other; Allah will be happy with both of you. Everyone gets married, but only a few know the meaning of this union. Tum dono ne yeh bandhan ko ek naya naam diya hai. And Zoya beta, humesha aise kushiyan baat the rehna, lekin dua karta hoon isse zyada kushiyan tum dono ki zindagi mein ayein'' He kissed Zoya's forehead, he turned to Asad, ''Zindagi ne aaj humein kiss rahe pein khara kar diya yeh mujhe hi nahin pata, lekin tum abbu maano ya na maano, agar zarurat hai mujhe yahi khara paogi. Zindagi ka kya bhadosa, ab hum ek disha mein chalna chahte hai'' He spoke whilst staring at Zoya. Asad nodded, Rashid smiled hugging him,

''Thank you, abbu'' Asad whispered; Rashid sent a prayer above hearing those words from him. Zoya was elated to see them bonding, she still doesn't know what had occurred in the 3 days she was unconscious. He pulled back only to have Nikhat and Nuzzhat throw themselves at him, he held them tight,

''Ek beti ko vidha karke phirse paungi, I have four more daughters that I will not get back, yeh bure baap kya karega aab?'' Rashid frowned, Zoya and Najma along with Nikhat and Nuzzhat hugged him.

''Ek aur payenge abbu'' Whispered Zoya as she looked at Humeira.


When a girl turns into a woman, she has to forego many challenges accepting the changes that one transition brings into her life. The biggest sacrifice she has to make is leave her parents, whose eyes still see her as the little girl she once used to be. They fulfil all her wishes, and once they find a man that could match the amount of love they have given to her; they give her away to him. That man goes by the title Prince Charming, he promises to save her from the world and its harm, he promises to love her beyond words and give her the happily ever after. He may not be perfect but he promises to try, for you because his sole existence depends on yours. When he breathes because he has you, understand that God has blessed you the world in return of your sacrifice.

Zoya stared at Zeenat and Anwar with the heaviest of hearts, her eyes blurred. She closed her eyes pressing out the tears building up in her eyes. She let out a sob as she ran forward and embraced the two into a tight hug. They both embraced her with the same force as they too cried on her shoulders.

''Bas beta bas'' Anwar rubbed her back trying to calm her down. Her body was shaking as she cried, her lips quivering as she failed to speak. Zeenat placed a kiss on her forehead and her cheeks as her hands caressed her baby's face. Zoya broke out into louder sobs; Zeenat backed off not being able to contain her own tears and hugged Asim. Anwar cupped her face, brushing away her tears and shaking his head. She placed her head against his chest, not wanting to move away from him and his fatherly touch. Anwar hugged her tight, reminiscing every single moment spent with her; laughing, crying, enjoying, seeing life in a new way. This girl had given him the chance to become a father; he loved her more than anything in the world. How he wished she would become that little girl again so he wouldnt have to give her away, but this cannot be; this is one of life's custom. This nikkah is his little girl's dream and he would do anything to make sure she gets her happiness. He tried removing her grip from his sherwani but it only tightened, he looked up at Asad. Seeing her still posture, Anwar picked her up for the last time as he walked towards the exit, Zoya remained hidden in his chest. Flowers were thrown above the departing bride; everyone followed the bride and groom outside.  There were numbers of oohs and aahs as they witnessed the horse carriage await at the front entrance with Asad standing just below it waiting to steal his bride away.
''Ek baar upar dekho beta, tumhare Asad intezaar kar raha hai, your beautiful future is awaiting you'' Zoya peeked to find Asad standing patiently with a smile on his face. Anwar moved forward and placed Zoya into Asad's arms, Zoya held onto Anwar's hand. He kissed her hand; Zeenat slowly removed her hand from his and placed it onto Asad's chest.
Asad climbed up unto the carriage and placed her upright on top of the seat, he felt helpless as she cried holding onto the seats tightly staring between her knees. Asad loosened Zoya's grip from the edge of the seat and held it with his. She looked up at him before placing her head against his shoulder. She stopped sobbing as she found comfort in his arms, she looked down at Zeenat and Anwar with a small smile on her face realising they were crying; don't make them cry Zoya. As the carriage started moving, she waved at them continuously blowing kisses at them both as she giggled. She jumped to turn nearly losing her balance to find Asad's arms on hers holding her securely. Zoya closed her eyes resting her head on his shoulder as they rode, not into the sunset, but their home which was waiting for them, to build their future.

''Let's go inside'' Anwar placed his head against Zeenat's, sighing. Shhh, no more tears... ''Nautanki ko abhi dekha na, kaise nataak karke gayi, she wants us to smile'' Anwar explained earning a soft laugh from Zeenat in between her sobs. They both walked inside waving the rest of the guests off, comforting each other.


Asad carried Zoya into their home; both had smiles plastered on their faces as they remained staring into each other's eyes.

''Ahem'' Dilshad laughed, ''put her down, do rasms baaki hai'' She said with wide eyes, grinning,

Asad blushed placing Zoya onto the sofa; her eyes remained glued to the floor. Asad looked to his side to find Maan, Geet, Humeira, Ayaan, Asim, Najma, Nikhat and Nuzzhat standing there staring at them both with wide grins. Asad creased his forehead; really?

''Yeh log?'' He mumbled under his breath pressing his temples,

''Haaan!'' They all laughed, ''We come free with Aapi as dowry'' Winked Humeira, the rest of the clan nodded as they made themselves comfortable on the opposite sofas.

''Here you go, now feed each other'' Dilshad brought mithai and two glasses of milk and placed it on the table in front of them. Asad quickly picked it up before slowly taking it back feeling slightly awkward with everyones gazes on them; he fed Zoya before she did the same.


''Ammi, I think I should take all this off before I'' Whispered Zoya,

''It's up to you beta, however you feel comfortable praying'' Dilshad brought Zoya into her new room. She looked up to see Asad standing on the prayer mat. Dilshad whispered something into Zoya's ears before walking out of the room closing the door behind them. Zoya took off her bangles and stood on another prayer mat, behind Asad slightly towards his right. She began praying wholeheartedly unaware of her surroundings; she concluded her prayers with her eyes closed. Asad looked towards his right before closing his eyes; mesmerised at the sight in front of him. He held up his hands and prayed to the Almighty for their new beginning. He quietly got up and slipped out of the room. Zoya opened her eyes to find Asad gone; she gathered the mats and placed them behind the cupboard. She went back to her dressing table and put her bangles back on. She shook her arms and giggled to the noises. She then scanned the room; the beautifully decorated bed shone back at her making her smile. She was sure Asad would have problems with the rose petals scattered everywhere,

''Aapi!'' She heard someone whisper loudly, Zoya looked up slowly moving towards the window. She pushed the half open windows further, to find Humeira and Ayaan standing there with the rest of the clan. Geet hugged Zoya before tiptoeing away with Maan. Najma, Nikhat and Nuzzhat kissed her on the cheeks wishing her the best of luck before running away giggling to themselves.
''Sorry, no pranks today. You guys have been through a lot! Dont worry well start tomorrow, jeeju ka temper meter thoda dull kar dena'' Humeira laughed, ''Best of luck'' Humeira kissed Zoya before stepping back.
''Bhabie-darling!'' Ayaan came forward, ''Here's a rope, wedding present'' He smirked causing Zoya to raise her eyebrow, ''Lagta hai darwaza se aana padega aab'' He sighed heavily dropping his shoulders dramatically.
''Kyun? There'll be few other windows open for you'' Zoya teased pointing circles in the air before indicating her old room. Ayaan coughed before turning around and leaving. Zoya eyed Humeira to follow Ayaan. Zoya was about to turn around and leave when she felt the air blow on her heavier than before, she bent forward to realise it started raining.
She shivered as she felt his hands wrap around her bare waist pulling her back against his abs. Her heart went erratic, her breathing shortened. She placed her hands over his, wriggling her back against his body, holding him tight as he rest his chin on her shoulders.

''Remember when you said you find the rain, romantic?'' Asad whispered, Zoya nodded.
''You remember''
''Yes'' Asad replied quickly,
''But I havent said anything'' Zoya said confused,
''I havent forgotten a single moment spent with you.  Bhang wala raat'' He spoke softly placing a kiss on her cheek on top of the red duppata, Zoya faced her other shoulder at his touch. He took her hands and stretched them outside the window, they both watched as the water gathered on their folded palms. Asad brought their hands back splashing the water on Zoya's face causing her to face her other shoulder closing her eyes. Asad held her by the shoulders and slowly turned her to face him, her eyes remained closed whilst she bit the corner of her lips. Asad tipped her chin upwards with his indent finger holding it under the moonlight as he admired his bride. A blushing smile appeared on her face as she tried looking back down, his thumb brushed the bit under her lips causing her teeth to let hold off the bottom lip. Asad placed his hands over her shoulder holding the sides of the duppata, he picked it up and let it fall behind her onto the floor. His fingers caressed her cheeks as he slowly took her earrings off, one by one placing a gentle kiss in its place, Zoya stiffened as her body welcomed the touches; each sensual as the other, her knees quivered as she remained under his examination. His finger played on her nose, her eyes, her forehead as he slowly removed the headpiece. Zoya's hand found themselves around her neck only for him to grab them, kissing them as he pulled them back down. He removed the necklace around her neck, he stared at her bare rising chest, his thumb brushed her beauty spot, he trailed his kisses from her neck to her chest. Zoya stepped back, she felt one of his hand hook her waist and push her upwards; she crashed against his body, her upper body slightly hanging back as her hands held his shoulders. She opened her eyes only to find his passionate ones glistening back at her; she stared into his dough shaped brown orbs calling her to lose herself into them. Her breathing got faster as his hands slipped up her back making her chest close in with his; she silently stared with her heavy breathing as his other hand rose lingering on her sides, upwards before loosening her hair. He took his hand under her arm and clawed his fingers into her hair as his hand other hand went back down to her lower back, he stared at her as the wind blew her hair into a frenzy,

''Permission zaruri hai kya?'' Zoya whispered softly




Kaay, dont kill me for stopping it there. This is like 10 pages long on Word. I cut out so much off the wedding because I thought Id be able to fit the suhaagraat in but nayyy! Dont worry, next part will be something to look forward to.
Dont expect too much though, I dont know how to write mature stuff. This will be pretty simple and innocent! I will give it a shot nonetheless. Ill leave a warning too if I do write it! Hope I didnt offend anyone with the wedding rituals, prayers etc.

This will be ending in another 2 chapters :(

Ignore the mistakes,
Do leave your comments behind beautifuls


Does anyone want a PM instead to read this chapter?








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Thanks Mojo..
Where are you missing completely

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