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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 11)

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maaneet4life

why do I have a feeling that Asad was dreaming this? And you are a fabulous writer!!!

Hahaha, lmfaooo! Well, hold onto that feeling we'll see what happens.. although we know Asad would do nothing like this before marriage...
Thank you for your comment, it means a lot xoxo

MrMrsAsyaKhan Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rarepearl

this ff is just wonderful. I love it. i'm sorry I havnt commented on it yet cox I was using my mobile net n couldn't log onto my account. but I now I wanted to tell u dat I loved dis ff a lot. the bond between AsYa is amazing. their silence speaks a lot, n da best part is dat Asad is ready to take her in his life wid all the love dat he has for her. I guess da past has made him like dis, he wants an assurance dat she wont go away n dis was one way to stop her. to bind her wid him. the interaction at the office was awesome. Asad is jealous just if she takes name of some other guy, n think of it wat she felt on seeing you wid Tanveer. I loved da confession. it was so beautiful n heart touching, I was crying too. I cud feel the emotions both were going thru. i'm glad that now the Khan house will hav their right on happiness back. plz update soon n pm me for da next part if u do it.

Aww thank you so much lovely, your comment just put a smile on my face. I loved the way you talked through the FF, I'm glad you liked it, I wasn't so sure I was doing a good job! It has raised my confidence... Aw, I'm so glad that you connected to this, felt the emotions along with the characters. Tanveer, well let's say her story is about to start! I just hope i live up to your expectations, it's going to drag but I promise I'll try to make it interesting. And no, no need to apologize... I appreciate your support now. I don't know how to PM since I'm new to this, need help with that but I'll be updating the next part soon! 
Thank you again dear thank you thankyou thank you, i highly appreciate it <3 xoxo

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Part 5

Asad buried his face into the pillow, rolled over the edge of the bed and fell with a loud thud! His eyes shot open to the sudden back pain. There was sweat glistening on his forehead as the rays of the morning sun kissed the side of his face. He closed his eyes in an effort to control the feelings running through his mind and steady his racing heart... He wiped the few drops of sweat and rubbed his forehead, what the hell just happened?  He got up from the floor and fixed his bed accordingly. He put his hands over his face and sighed heavily, this is what Zoya does to him! He remembered the saree, the bare skin... 'Sudar jao Asad miyan, atleast till your Nikaah' scolded his inner voice, if Zoya finds out about your thoughts, she'll kill you! He shook his head and then remembered his Nikaah, how he's eagerly waiting for that day. His mind wondered off again... 'Stop it Asad! Tumhe sharam nahi aati?' Poked his inner voice, Asad felt embarassed by his own thoughts. These dreams were very innocent for a while, holding her hands, hugging her when she's upset, but last night, they were a bit intense, she was in a saree for goodness sake! Damn it Asad, you haven't even gotten engaged yet and you're already planning your suhagraat? He mentally scolded himself, how is he going to meet her gaze after this? He grabbed a towel and ran into his bathroom; a cold shower should calm him down...

Meanwhile in another part of the Khan household, lay a peaceful Zoya cuddled up in her own bed. The first rays of sunlight streamed through the loose curtains and caressed every bit of her face making her glow more than she already did; she looked ethereal. If someone was to see her, they'd fall in love with her at first sight. The sudden warm sensation on her face woke Zoya, she slowly opened her eyes to take in the morning rays. She got up slowly and leaned against her bed, she stretched her arms and closed her eyes. She felt so peaceful, glimpses of the happenings from last night warmed her heart. She smiled to herself, she took her hand to her lips and placed a kissed on her ring. Mr Khan is hers, only hers. She got out of her bed, and went to open the windows, the first gush of the cold breeze hit her as she sighed in contentment. She quickly went to the bathroom and freshened up.

She opened her wardrobe and frowned. What was she going to wear? How would Mr Khan react to her wearing jeans? Should she wear traditional clothes? She looked through her wardrobe but she only had a few suits which she's already worn. She tied her hair up and blew the lose strands away from her face and pouted. She placed her hands on her hips and just stared at her wardrobe. Zoya was confused, what should she do?
Then suddenly a familiar voice broke her chain of thoughts, 'Itni confuse hone ki koye zarurat nahi hai beta..' smiled Dilshad. She came close to her and cupped her face, 'tum jaise ho, waise hi raho, we love you just the way you are, aur haan Asad bhi,' Dilshad kissed her forehead and smiled at her. 'Zoyaa, beta seriously wear your jeans and your tops. Don't worry Asad won't say anything woh tumhein aisi hi qubool hai' She pulled her cheeks and attempted to make her smile.
'Phoopie' laughed a shy Zoya, and hugged her her 'mein kitni lucky hoon phoopie, maine aisa kya kiyan ki mujhe inti achi parivaar mil rahi hai. Khabi khabi lagta hain mein koi sapna dekh rahi hoon' cried Zoya.

Dilshad jokingly hit her head, 'Mil nahi raha hai, it's already yours. Stop it Zoya, I am lucky to have such a bahu that lights up my dark home, you have filled it with happiness. Don't ever feel insecure about anything, it's all yours' clarified Dilshad, she caressed her face before telling her to come for breakfast.

Zoya smiled at her phoopie, who was like a mother to her and who always has the solution to all her problems. She truly felt lucky that Dilshad treats her like her own daughter, will carry on to do so after marriage. She quickly put a pair of black skinnies and a beautiful silky yellow dress. The dress was longer than her usual shirts from the back and the front was shorter.. All her tops are full sleeves, she grabbed a triangular flowery printed scarf, folded it and put it around her neck with both ends at the front. She put on her favourite round marble green studs, and then did her hair. She put half her curls up in a small quiff and rested the curls on either of her shoulders. She walked out of her room with a smile on her face and humming to her favourite song. The next thing she knows she hit something rock hard, 'Allah miyan, yahan wall kab se?' she looked up to see Asad in a white shirt smirking back at her. 'Woh actually...' mumbled a flustered Zoya, she blushed and looked away composing herself. He couldn't help but smile at her antics, and the effect he had on her. She was glowing even more today despite the yellow dress he couldn't help but admire her beauty. Before he could lose control over his thoughts again, they both mumbled a good morning and walked towards the breakfast table avoiding looking at the other. Why have things become a lot more awkward?  

'Asalamu Alaikum, Ammi, tamater' greeted Asad in a calm composed manner, he smiled at his ammi and hit tamater on the head jokingly.
'Asalamulaikum everyone!!' shouted a happy Zoya startling everyone..
'Wa alaikum as salam' replied Najma and Dilshad with smiles on their faces. Zoya hugged Dilshad and hi fived Najma and sat down on her seat and started serving herself, while Dilshad served Asad.
Najma and Zoya chatted away, while Dilshad just smiled at both of them while Asad ate his breakfast quietly admiring his family.
'Jaldi karo tamater, humein der ho rahi hai'
'Haan, I'm finished' replied Najma. 'I can't wait, I'm going to go all out today, shopping ahhh' She looked at Zoya who nodded back at her. 'Sach mein Zoya, we girls only love one thing and that is to spend money, I need to find myself a rich husband and kill his bank balance' joked Najma. 
'Haan haan you're right tamater, get married only for the money' winked Zoya, and then hi fived Najma! Asad choked on his piece of toast, and looked at Zoya and Najma in horror.
'Kya' shouted Asad, 'Paisa ke liye shaadi karogi tum?'
'Haan Mr Khan, ofcourse. Why else do you think I agreed to marry you?' teased Zoya, she knew Mr Khan cannot take a joke. She winked at Najma who returned it back to her and both the girls burst out laughing seeing the shocked expression on Asad's face!
'Mr Khan aap bhi na, we were joking. We love shopping but hum inte bhi greedy nahi hai' clarified Zoya, 'but the feeling you get spending your husband's money is just something else.' Zoya smiled at Najma who nodded in agreement and Dilshad also agreed. Asad looked at Zoya who was still consumed in her own thoughts, although Zoya has her own business she is not lacking money in any way, he understood why she wanted to rely on her husband's earnings.  Zoya blushed as she didn't realise Asad was staring at her.
'Shaadi ke baad ghar pe betna chati ho kya Zoya?' asked Najma.
'Haan why not?' She looked at Mr Khan. 'Sorry but you can handle your business and mine too, I want to sit at home and relax.' This was the first she spoke about their marriage.
'It's upto you beta' Dilshad told her.
'Aapke business ko kya hoga?' Asked Asad, he didn't mind working and letting his wife stay at home, but if she wanted to work he wouldn't deny her that right. 

'Pata nahi Mr Khan, lekin mein aapni ghar samal na chahti hoon, I wanna take care of my home, although I'm a fail at looking after myself, but I want to learn, I want to take care of my family's needs.'Sshe looked at Dilshad who was looking back at her lovingly. 
Mr Khan admired his future wife, how he cursed himself for declaring her a misfit for his life and his family sometime back, how wrong he had been. His judgemental attitude must've hurt her so badly. Zoya looked into his eyes, she saw guilt and shook her head at him to reassure him. He smiled at her.
'Zoya beta, whatever you decide, you have my full support.' Reassured Dilshad,
'Oh haan, Asad-Zoya. Your engagement is confirmed, it's in 3 days' announced Dilshad, Asad Zoya's eyes lit up, both blushed at a smirking Najma. Najma got up and hugged both of them in excitement.
Asad Zoya looked at each other, feeling happy that they will officially become each other's fiance when Zoya's face dropped. 'What about aapi and jeeju, they'll be there right?' asked a disheartened Zoya. She wanted her full family to be there, her mother's side which was her aapi and jeeju. Asad looked at his mother waiting for her to answer. 

'Beta, I think you should talk to your aapi and jeeju, they'll be able to explain it to you properly' told a nervous Dilshad. Asad and Dilshad looked at each other, they both knew Zeenat and Anwar wanted to surprise Zoya but they didn't want to upset Zoya by lying to her that they cannot make it. 

'Acha, I'll talk to them tonight. They have to be there,' Zoya's voice broke out, she was happy but it felt incomplete. Najma came and hugged her from behind. She reminded her that they were going for shopping, they might as well shop for her engagement.
'Phoopie, aap bhi chaliye please. Mein na nahin suna chahti hoon, I'll clean up aap ja ke tayaar ho jaye' ordered Zoya lovingly, her phoopie had no choice but to oblige. 'Ermm phoopie, Tanveer kaha hai? She's missing since last night' asked Zoya.
'Usse kuch urgent kaam hai, early morning chali gaye..' informed Dilshad before going up to her room to get ready.
'I'll join you all for shopping today' announced Asad.
Zoya smiled while Najma ran to get her purse. Asad went to put his coat on and get his keys while Zoya cleaned up. Dilshad and Najma walked towards Asad's car, Zoya was still inside the house. She was about to go into her room when Asad grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her close to him. Zoya went flying almost losing her balance and hitting her head on Asad's chest.
'Allah Miyan, what's wrong with you As-Mr Khan?' exclaimed Zoya.
'Aap kahan ja rahi ho, the front door is that way' he pointed towards his front entrance.
'I need to get my purse..'
'No you don't, come on lets go' he said pulling her hand
'Lekin Mr Khan, how will I shop?'
'Don't worry about that, let's go' He dragged her out of the house; what is wrong with him wondered Zoya.
'But but but...'
'Shhh' he let her go while he opened the front door of the car, 'Get in!' he ordered. She stood there with her hands folded against her chest, pouting. This stubborn girl, he eyed her ordering her to get in, she eyed him back, make me.
He picked her up and put her in the front seat while his mother and Najma laughed at their tantrums, unaware of why they were behaving so. Arghhh his six packs Zoya screamed mentally, wishing she was fat so that he couldn't pick her up. Asad got into the car smiling at her behaviour and drove off. Zoya faced the other way ignoring him while the mother daughter at the back stared at both of them. Why is he behaving so weird asked a bewildered  Zoya. Why is she being so stubborn asked Asad, why does she never understand that whatever I do is for a valid reason. Both of them remained quiet without knowing that their silence which was their strength was also their weakness.

They arrived at the shopping mall 30 minutes later, Najma and Dilshad got out of the car and started walking towards the shops. Zoya slowly unfastened her seatbelt and was about to get out of the car when Asad held her hand. He turned her face towards him, and held onto her gaze.
' Zoya tumne kaha tha na, the joy you get from spending your husband's money is greater than anything.' Asad reminded Zoya ' Well from now on, I will be paying for everything!'
'Mr Khan I was joking, I have money.'
'Baat paisa ka nahin hai, baat hai tumhare dil ki, it's about what your heart wants. I want you to know that you can depend on me for anything. I want to work to provide for you, I want to fulfil every needs of my family' Asad cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Zoya could not believe it, Asad understood her so much and she misunderstood him. She had her tears in her eyes.
'Lekin abhi? Humare nikaah ke baad toh yeh saab-'
'Nahi Zoya, abhi se. Mujhe isse kushi mile ga.'
'Mr Khan, I hope you have no problems with me not wanting to work, I feel bad that I won't be able to share your responsibilities, financially. No I could work from home.' Zoya spoke  
'Zoya, if you want to work for your self contentment, then I have no problems, but if you want to do it because you feel like you're burdening me with responsibilities, then NO. I just want you to be there, with me always as my support.' Come home after a hard day at work and cuddle with you, he wanted to add. He would over work himself if he has to but he will not let his family lack anything, whether it is the smallest of the materialistic things. He's the breadwinner, and he doesn't mind it staying that way as long his family does not have to struggle.
'Acha tik hai, lekin I'm warning you, lagta hai aapko sarak pein aane ka shok hai' teased Zoya hugging him sideways while he let out a laugh. Then suddenly they remembered Najma and Dilshad. They both got out of the car and walked into the shop to join them.

Najma was trying on a few suits and Dilshad was browsing through some heavier ones for the engagement. Zoya joined her and viewed sarees, lehenga, anarkalis. They picked something for Dilshad and Najma but they couldn't find anything for Zoya. Zoya asked both the ladies to carry on with their shopping while she walked around to see if she could find anything for her engagement. Dilshad walked out of the store to buy gifts for the engagement while Asad just stood in one corner on his phone, checking on Zoya and Najma every few minutes.
Zoya walked over to Asad upset that she couldn't find anything, Asad without looking up at her pushed something on the railings towards her. It was a beautiful grey lehenga saree with white work all over it, Zoya's eyes fell in love with it instantly. Asad looked up at her slowly to see her reaction, yeah she likes it and went back to his phone. She picked it up to go try it on, shot him a smile before turning. Zoya froze at her feet, the clothes and her phone slipped right out of her hand, it was the loud crash on the floor that caught Asad's attention, he jumped out of his thoughts and ran to her side.
'What happened?' asked a worried Asad. Zoya didn't move she stood rooted to her spot, she felt her body go numb and pain was clearly visible on her face. She didn't blink she was staring ahead of her, Asad followed her gaze; his hand immediately wrapped around her waist protectively and pulled her close to him.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, they mean a lot! As for PMs, I still haven't figured it out yet. Once again, all the mistakes made are mine! Do leave your comments! xoxo

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Beautiful updates. Now cant wait for the next part. Please update soon.

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Hey amazing part
cont soon

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janu1610 IF-Rockerz

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Gosh how sweet Asad is . His desire to fulfill all her needs is some thing ,which is wish of every wife . And he understood this so easily . Now who the hell is there to throw a pebble in their calm life ??? plz update soon.

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OMG I just read it all ...Its too good! Absolutely frickin amazing!!! Please PM me for next update!!! 

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Amazing update!!!!!!!!!!

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