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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 106)

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Originally posted by Rarepearl

heyy you busy with life?? when r u planning to update this story??

I can't help but feel the sarcasm there. LOOOL! I'm so sorry! Been busy, being unwell! Hahaa, just had a lot going on didn't have no time. I've sat down and done about 5 pages, I shall be updating in about 3 hours? Hopefully. It's not turning out the way I wanted so no promises.

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NOTE: Please add me for PM's! I'm sorry if I miss anyone out, don't do it intentionally. I send out PM's to everyone on my buddy list! 

And thank you guys for your wonderful comments. MWAH!

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Sorry for the delay! Kayy, don't kill me this part isn't as bombastic as it should've been! Theres nothing shocking, I present you dullness.

Part 26

''BAS RAZIA SIDDIQUE!!'' Zoya roared, her voice echoed into the empty halls of the hospital and back into the ears of her family members. Each person reacted in their own way, shivering at the tone of her voice as they watched a broken Zoya piece herself together and bounce back to attack, like a lioness would defensively come forward to protect her cubs; this was no less. She stood in the middle of the hallway in between her family members and their culprits. She wiped her tears with the back of her hands before glaring at Razia who stood shocked, with a mixture of emotions running through her wanting to rip the girl apart.

''Ey ladki, mere saamne se haat ja, mere beti-''

''Beti?'' Zoya laughed sarcastically, ''Kon si beti?'' She asked, ''uss beti, jisko tumhare gunaah ke saaza mil rahe hain, uss beti ko milne ayein ho? Ya uss beti ko milne aya ho jiss beti ka duniya uski janaam hone se pehle ujar diya kissika khoon karke- sochon kaise lage ga usko jaan ke aaj uski kudh ki ammi ne usse jalane ki khosish ki hai janta hoon target koi aur thi lekin phir bhi ussine uski BADI BEHEN aur uska jeeju ko marne ki khoshish kya hai? Kya uss beti ka chehra dekhna chauhogi jiske chehra par tumhare liye nafrat-''

''Yeh kaise bakwaas kar rahe ho?'' Razia said pulling her scarf down, Zoya stepped closer towards her,

''Dekh paogi nafrat, uski ankhon mein joh sawal hai uski jawab de paogi?'' Zoya whispered looking straight into her eyes.

''Tum yeh'' Siddique pointed a finger towards Zoya before stepping back. Zoya tilted her head towards him, the eyes that once showed yearning were filled with disgust, Siddique closed his eyes to avoid looking into them, ''dekho beta, abhi waqt-''

''Beta? Aap kisko bhula rahe ho?'' She looked around and then back at him, ''Kahin aap mujhe toh nahi bula rahe ho?'' Everyone stared with wide eyes at Zoya's mocking tone.

''Zoya, beta, aise kaise baat kar rahe ho?'' Dilshad stepped forward, ''Abhi waqt nahin hai'' She saw a glimpse of Asad in Zoya's behaviour; this was going to end badly.

''Ammi, abhi hi waqt hai hisaab barabar karne ka'' Her voice determined,

''Hisaab kis cheez ka?'' Asked Siddique as he stepped forward, ''Itne der se bakwaas kar rahe ho. Mujhe andaar jaana hai, jaldi batao tumhe kiya chahiye?''

''INSAAF CHAHIYE''  Came a voice from behind, everyone turned around to see a fragile yet determined Humeira standing behind them with the support of Ayaan. Razia and Siddique stared at one another in shock. They both walked towards them and stood beside Zoya.

''Aapi'' Cried Humeira as she placed her hand into Zoya's. Zoya stared back at her lovingly,

''Yeh nahi hai tumhari aa-'' Razia came forward to pull their hands apart only to have Zoya grip her wrist and throw it off. She fell backwards from the slight force. Siddique held her for support.

'Humeira, tum yahaan?' Zoya wiped her tears,

'Aapi aapka saath dene ke liye aya hoon, yeh ladai aapka akela nahin...' Humeria held her hands tighter, 'Mein saab jaanta hoon' She told her sister, Zoya pressed her eyes at her. She cupped her face and kissed her forehead,

'I know...' She smiled before pulling her behind protectively, she looked up at an enraged Razia.

'Kya hua?' Zoya laughed, 'Kaise lag raha hain aaj, kudh ki aulaad ko aapne haathon se marke' Zoya stared at both of their faces. 'Apke kismat kitne buri hai Mr Siddique, jis aulaad ke liye taraas the reh gayein, uss aulaad milke bhi galein se laga nahin paya. Ek beti ko attara saal pehle jaala diya aur doosri ko aaj' Siddique closed his eyes for a moment.
'Property and money? You exchanged your daughters for a better materialistic world, kaise insaan ho aap? Kisi aur ka haaq cheenke itne saal reh rahe ho, kya upaar wala se koi dar nahin?'

''Meethi, beta mere baath suno'' Siddique put his hands out only to have Zoya put her hand out, stopping him.

''NO! Mere naam apni yeh zubaan se maath lena. Mein mere mama ki Meethi hoon. Apke liye aur sab ke liye mein Mrs Asad Ahmed Khan hoon, jiske shauhar andar mauth se lar rahe hain sirf aap dono ke vajah se'' She pointed to both of them, her eyes venomous. ''Jiss aag mein mere ammi ko maara tha uss aag mein mujhe saamaa dena chahte the. Iss baar mein aap dono ko chorungi nahin. Main itne din chup thi mere behen ki khatir, uski khushi ke liye, lekin aaj uss behen zakhmi huye hain aap ki karnama ki vajah se'' She gritted her teeth as she fisted her hands beside her.

''Aapi'' Humeira hugged her from behind. Zoya winced as she felt Humeira press against her wounds. ''Main aapke saath hoon, humesha'' She whispered into her ears,

'Kon si property? Kon si aaag? Yeh ladki na Siddique sab anap shanap bak rahi hai. Zabar dasti aapke saath rishta jodhna chah rahi hai' Razia stuttered, ''Ey ladki, bakwas chodo, Haaton yahan se. Humeira'' Razia pushed past Zoya only to have her grip her arm tight,

''Tumhari itni himmat?'' Siddique stepped forward, ready to slap Zoya however he paused with his hands mid-air. Zoya looked to her left to see Rashid holding onto Siddique's arm,

''Mujh par bohot zuloom ki hain Siddique saab, lekin mere bahu par nahin. Mujhe hote huye iske saath kuch nahi kar sakte''

''Kya socha tha? Main mere ammi ki woh choti si kamzoor version nahin hoon, main uss mazboot parchain hoon joh tumhein ek minute mein barbaad kar sakti hai'' Zoya spat at Razia, twisting her wrist and throwing it off.

''Tumne aise'' Siddique glared at Rashid releasing his arm, He looked towards Zoya, ''Badtameez ladki koi apne baro se aise baat karta hai, mein tumhare abbu hoon!'' He spoke, disgusted.

''Aap mere abbu nahin hai, sunna apne? Aap mere mama ka khateel ho, aap ek guneghaar ho, bohot kamzoor bhi, joh daulath ki khatir aapne zameer bhi chor sakta hai''

''Zoya! I have never taught you to speak like that to your elders'' Shouted Zeenat,

''Zoya beta, jaane do'' Spoke Anwar.

''Nahin Jeeju'' Spoke Humeira, ''Mere abbu aur ammi huye tho kya hua, Inhone gunaah kiya hai'' Razia and Siddique looked up at her in disbelief.

''Lekin beta, Sab upar wala pe chor do'' Said Zeenat.

''Upaar wala humein khabie maaf nahin karega agar humne aaj kuch nahin kya. Kya pata aagli baar koi mumaani ki chaal se bache na, Zoya ki Ammi ki tarah'' Said Ayaan.

''RUKHO! Yeh kya saaza saaza laga rakhe ho, humne kuch nahin kya'' Razia yelled. She stepped backwards,

''Aap kahan ja rahe ho? I'm not done!'' Zoya called out to Razia. ''Don't you want to reveal the 18 year old gudiya factory raaz?'' She looked towards Dilshad and Rashid.

''Aaj insaaf ka din hain, aur aaj haar uss insaan yahan jo khara hai un saab ko milega. Maine Ammi se vaada kya tha'' She looked towards a crying Dilshad, ''Woh haar guna ke liye, jisse mere family ko thor kar rakh diya, uss insaaf ke liye jiss ke khatir mein aaj zinda hoon'' She turned towards Rashid who stepped forward towards her. He took his shaking hands and cupped her delicate face, Zoya pressed out her tears, Rashid brushed them off,

''Main, tum woh'' Was all he managed to let out,

''Haan mein hoon, mein hi hoon, uss chaar saal ki ladki jisko aapne uss aag se bachaya tha. Aap ki vajah se mein aaj zinda hoon'' She placed her hands over his hands. Everyone blinked at the revelation in front of them; some confused, some happy and some angry. ''You didn't kill Ammi, woh toh pehle se kisi aur ke haath apne saason ko di.'' She looked towards Razia, ''Someone framed you, aap bekaasoor hain'' She nodded at him to reassure him, Rashid nodded continuously in between his sobs.

''Aapne kisise dokha nahin diya'' Humeira gazed at Dilshad, Rashid followed her gaze and almost stopped breathing. He shockingly stared at Humeira, ''Haan, yeh saab ek saazish hain'' She eyed her parents whilst talking; very aware that this revelation would affect more people than it should.

''Why did you do this?'' Zoya asked Siddique, ''Look around you, aapne kitne zindagi barbaad kar diya. Kyun kiya? Mere Ammi ne aapki kya bigada tha, Kyun kiya? Itne saal, mein iss umeed mein jee rahi thi ki mere abbu hain, mere koi tho hain, woh mujhe gale se laga lenge aur woh kami joh mere dil mein hai woh purah kar denge. Mujhe kiya pata tha, jiss insaan ke liye mere haar saas ke saath dua nikal tha tha ussi insaan ne mujhe yeh kami diya hai. Mujhe bhi uss aag mein jaalne ke liye chor diya!'' Her lips quivered.

''Tere Ammi koi achi aurat nahi thi!'' Screeched Razia, ''Kisi aur ka shauhar churane chali thi''

''Aur tum achi ho? Tumne tumhare shauhar ko bech diya'' Zoya threw back at her, ''Let me tell you, for money! You sold your husband for money. When you seen that he was happy with someone else, tumhe baardasht nahi hua tha''
''Ammi, aapne humesha aulaad chahiye tha lekin aapne kaise soch liya aap khabie kush reh payenge kisi aur ka aulaad maar ke?'' Asked Humeira. Zoya looked up as her breathing shortened, her eyes rolled upwards,

''Zoya beta, tumhare taabiyat teek nahin hai'' Spoke a worried Dilshad,

''I am not okay. I never will be, because of them. Inn logon ke vajah se mere Asad andaar hai, behosh hai woh'' She looked towards Razia, Haar mor pe, inn logon ke vajah se meine roya aur sirf roya hai. Inke buri naazar mere khushi par rehta hai. Why don't they let us live in peace? WHYYY? Mere mama ko cheen liya aur ab mere zindagi? Haar baar, mujh paar vaar kiya lekin aaj unhone mere Asad par vaar kiya hai, mere suhaag par aur main inn logon ko chodungi nahin, SUNA TUMNEEE?''

''Maine kisi ko nahin maara'' Razia lied.

''Waqt agaya hai aapne gunah ki pardafash karne ki, tumne kya socha tha, attara baras pehle jo huya tha uski saaza apko nahin milegi?'' She spoke sarcastically. ''Agar mere Asad ko aaj kuch huya na, main tumhe barbaad kar dungi, aise saaza dungi ki tumhare zameen kaap jayega'' An enraged Zoya pointed to the floor, ''tumhare upaar se woh aasman cheen lungi''

''Humne kuch nahin kiya, Tum jhoote ilzaam kyun laga rahe ho, Humeira beta, don't believe her. She's trying to turn you against me''

''Tumhi ne maara, mere Ammi ko''

''Maine nahi maara, Rashid ne maara tha, Ussine aag se jaala diya''

''Lekin Bhabie, woh laash jaali huye nahin thi jab mein andaar gayi thi'' Explained Rashid

''So what do you have to say about that? Tumhi ne maara tha, tum jaaal thi thi mere Ammi se'' Zoya screamed, ''Aur aaj mere khushi se, issiliye tumne mujhe maar na chahte the''

''Nahi, tum kya keh rahe ho? Why would I be jealous of that woman?''

''Tumhi ne unn dono ko maar diya''

''Lekin tum bach gaya the''

''So you did try to kill them?''

''Haan maine Zainab ko maar diya, Errrm nahin, yeh maine kisi ko nahin maara''

''Ayaan?'' Zoya looked back, ''Where are they?''

''Bhabie, they're just arriving'' He told her. Zoya smiled hearing those words from him. Zoya watched as the police walked towards her.

''Mrs Khan'' They nodded at her, Zoya smiled at Ayaan before turning towards them.

''I want you to arrest my Ammi's murderers'' Zoya pointed towards Siddique and Razia, ''I have recordings of their confessions. And I also believe that today's fire was caused by Mrs Siddique. I would like you to investigate into that. Aur, Inspector mere pe haar attack ke peeche inka hi haath hoga'' Zoya closed her eyes for a moment before opening them to stare at Rashid; I won't let anything happen to you Abbu. Rashid nodded at her. ''Please take them away!'' Zoya squeezed Humeira's hand. They both watched as Siddique walked towards them both,

''Mere pyaar tum dono ki taraf jhoot nahin tha'' He held his hands up in front of them, Ho sake tho, mujhe maaf kar dena'' He placed both of his hands on top of their heads before walking away. Humeira and Zoya looked at each other with teary eyes before hugging.

''I won't let anything happen to you'' Zoya caressed Humeira's hair, she pulled back and brushed the tears of her face, ''Ayaan, take her back inside''

''Jee bhabie'' Ayaan held Humeira as she stared at Zoya with wide eyes, she watched as Zoya took small steps backwards before finally resting her back against the wall. Zoya took a small breath in; what had just happened? Did she do the right thing? She closed her eyes; Asad would be so proud of her right now.

She glanced towards her right as she watched the doctor come out of the surgery room. A small smile lit up her face; they had won the battle. Everyone gathered around the doctor waiting for news, each word leaving his mouth would either make or break them.

He's out of danger'' He finally spoke. ''We will have to keep him under observation, but he should gain consciousness soon'' He smiled. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief,

''Can we meet him doctor?'' Asked Rashid,

''Yes, one person at a time. Please make sure you don't disturb him'' Everyone watched as the doctor moved away before looking at Zoya. They all smiled at her, Dilshad came up to her and hugged her,

''He's going to be just fine. Tum jao'' She told her, caressing her face. Zoya nodded at Dilshad before being led into the next room. She stepped inside before hearing the door close behind her.

Dilshad closed her eyes as she prayed above to the Almighty. Her lips trembled as she remembered today's incidents; her heart was being ripped out of her. She opened her eyes and gasped.

''Ya Allah, yeh kya hai?'' She ran towards the wall; there was blood smeared against the wall. Dilshad panicked as she looked around her before seeing the blood drops on the floor leading into the room.


Zoya admired his still body lying peacefully on the hospital bed. He was covered in a blue gown with wires attached to his left hand and his nose. She took slow, steady steps towards him; her head was threatening to throw her off her feet,

''Aapko kuch nahin hoga, kaha tha na'' She placed her hand over her chest. She stopped as she came closer to the bed and held the railings.

''Kya tumhe Asad Ahmed Khan urff Jahapana six packs urff Akdu Ahmed Khan se Nikkah Qubool Hai?''

Zoya walked towards his right side and sat down on the edge. She opened his right arm and placed her head on his shoulder as she lifted her legs onto the bed. She placed her hand over his chest as she nuzzled into the side of his neck.

''Mujhe Qubool Hai'' She whispered before closing her eyes and letting sleep overcome her in the arms of her beloved.



Zindagi. Life. Hapiness. Sadness.Love?

What is life? Life is a metaphor for many things, one is acceptance. It's about accepting whatever good life throws at you and fighting against all the wrong things attacking you. It doesn't matter whether you're sad or happy, you live because life is for living. Because feeling certain emotions is a phase, with time it will pass. What matters is how you pass through those phases and emerge as a winner. Do you fight for the right and punish for the wrong? You're taught that after every dark night, there is always a bright morning; zindagi ka yahi reet hai.

I am Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. The addition of the 3 names is proof that I am very much alive and living. For me, Life starts and ends with those 3 names. Life is about love; loving and being loved. It's about finding that one person who gives you the reason to fight for all the right things in life, fighting for one another. I've been breathing for 22 years, but I came to life when someone else had claimed it as theirs. I am not caged in any way; I have been set free from loneliness. The feeling that you have someone by your side who is ready to fight the world for your one smile makes me feel content, content that I have won life. It feels like I have lived a lifetime yet I want to live forever. I do not accept a fate that doesn't involve him and I will fight the world to make sure no harm comes his way.

'Kasam khao aaj, ki mere haath mein humesha tumhare haath rahegi? Promise me you'll stay with me forever?'' He put his hand out,

''Humesha'' She placed her hand into his,
''As close as fragrances are to breath, promise me to be that close?''
''As close as secrets are to the hearts, promise me to be that close?''
''As close as kohl are to eyes, promise me to be that close?''

''I promise to be as close as the waves are to the oceans''
''I promise to be as close as the moon is to the night''
''Pass aana hai toh itna aao, ki koi fadak nahi kar paye ki humaare rooh alag hai ya nahi. I will be that close'' He pulled her hand,


Zoya felt the warmth of a familiar touch, she watched as Asad pulled at her hands. Her eyes slowly opened only to close again as the sharp light hit her delicate eyes. She felt another pull; try again Zoya. She lifted her eyelids once again; she blinked as she tried focusing on the world around her. She was greeted by pale blue walls, fresh flowers amongst the dull room and the beautiful sunshine through the reluctant curtains.

''Our breathing was incomplete,
Our heartbeats were incomplete,
We were incomplete,
But we have each other now.
Now that we are complete,
Life has fixed out fates together,

Kismat se bohot ladai kar li, ab utt jao.
Mere dil ko tumhare dil se ladai karna hai, shayad mere dil tumhe tumse zyada pyaar karta hain'' She felt him whisper into her ears. A small smile adorned her creased face as tilt her head towards the warmth of his breath. She moved her hands only to find their hands already intertwined, his body lying beside hers on the hospital bed. She lifted her other hand and brought it over body to caress his cheek, her thumb slowly continuously rubbed his cheek to relish her touch against his skin.

''Mere dil aapko aapse zyada pyaar karta hai'' She felt him smile against her neck, ''Kaise ho?'' She spoke, her voice hoarse. She watched from the corner of her eyes as he lifted his head above hers as he leaned against the bed with his elbow. He took his hands and caressed her face, his thumb stopped at her lips; she couldn't help but smile at the familiarity of the touches.

''Hospital bed pe tum ho, and you're asking me how I am? How are you feeling?'' He brushed her hair back and tucked the loose ends behind her ears, ''Do minute ke liye ankhein kya laga diya, kaise halaat bana diya tumne tumhari'' He scolded her lovingly, he shook his head as he watched tears form in her eyes,

''Aap.. Aap ko humesha ankhein khuli rakhna hoga mujhe dekhne ke liye varna mein'' He placed his hand on top of her lips,

''Aise baath karna chod do, chalo muskarao'' He held his thumb and indent finger in front of his face as he smiled. She giggled at his antics; he placed a kiss on her nose.

''Yeh  kya hai bhai, save all that for your suhaagraat'' Coughed Ayaan as he entered with Humeira and Rashid following behind them. Everyone burst out laughing watching Asad's face turn red from blushing then anger. Asad picked up his jacket and threw it at Ayaan, ''Yeh kya, kapre bhi uthar diya kiya?'' Ayaan joked only to have Asad jump off the bed and approach him with his fists. The nurse entered the room and threw them a look, the boys quietened down. She did a quick check up on Zoya before leaving the room.

''Aapi'' Squealed Humeira as she hugged Zoya, ''Kaise ho?''

''Bilkul teek hoon, aur tum?'' She looked up at her,

''I am fine now because you're okay. You scared us. You were in so much pain, why didn't you say anything'' Humeira cried. Zoya peeked at Asad's reaction before calming her sister down.

'I wasn't in pain pagli. Chota sa-''

''CHOTA?'' Gasped Ayaan as he hugged Zoya, ''The wounds were pretty deep Mona and you lost quite a lot of blood. Humeira had to give you-''

''Ayaan'' Shushed Humeira, Zoya took Humeira's hand,

''Raksha karne ka vaada maine kiya tha, lekin purah issi ne kiya'' Zoya pulled her cheeks, ''Thank you'' She said softly. Humeira pressed her eyes at her,

''Hum abhi aate doctors se baat karke, Ayaan chalo'' Humeira eyed Ayaan to come out with her, ''We'll be right back, okay?'' Zoya nodded at her as she mouthed for her to come back quickly.

''Abbu!'' Zoya put her arms out like a child towards Rashid. Asad looked at her with surprise and watched as Rashid embraced her lovingly. She sobbed softly into his chest, Rashid cupped her face,

''Sab kuch teek ho gaya hai beta, no more tears'' He comforted her. Zoya nodded at him,

''Janta hoon, yakeen nahin ho raha hain. Kitna kuch hogaya hain'' Zoya breathed out, ''I couldn't thank you because of everything. Abbu, agar aap-''

''Maine kuch nain kiya beta. Yeh toh mera farz tha'' He looked up towards Asad. Zoya brought his face towards her,

''Abbu, aapke vajah se aaj mein zinda hoon. 18 years ago, you saved me from that fire and 18 years later by saving the person who is my life. Pure zindagi khat jayegi lekin apki yeh ehsaan khabie chukka nahin paungi'' Zoya took his hand and kissed it. Rashid smacked her head softly,

''Pagal ladki, Abbu kehte ho phir bhi ehsaan ehsaan kar rahe ho'' He laughed, ''Yeh maat bhul na ki woh aag maine hi lagaya tha, mein tumhare guneghaar hoon Zoya, ho sake tho mujhe maaf kar dena'' Rashid pleaded.

''Majboori thi, aapke paas bohot kuch khone ko tha. Aap galat nahin ho, halaat galath thi aur unn log jisne aapka fayda uthaya tha'' Zoya gazed towards Asad; he smiled at her before walking towards the bed and sitting next to Rashid.

''Woh kal hum jee chuke, woh aane wala kal humein jeena hai. Agar dono ke liye jeeyenge hum, toh aaj jo hain woh mushkil ho jayega'' Spoke Asad as he stared ahead of him. Zoya burst out laughing; Asad and Rashid stared at her. She put her hand over mouth to stop herself; she quietened seeing Asad's wide eyes.

''Ahem'' Zoya coughed, ''Why don't you just simply tell Abbu to forget about the past?'' She smiled widely at him,

''Haan, woh'' He placed his hand on Rashid's shoulder, Zoya winked at him. Asad gave her warning looks before throwing himself at her, ''Tum na'' He wrestled with her, Rashid laughed at the sight of them both, he blessed them before walking towards the door and turning,

''Thank you Zoya, tumne sahi kaha tha. Tum humaare zindagi mein ayein ho insaaf dene ke liye'' He smiled.

''Asad choro, yeh hospital hain!'' Zoya pushed him off her,

''SOOO?'' He grinned,

''Asad, please?''

''Nahin'' He went closer,

''Koi ajayega''

''Humare nikaah, hone wala hai''

''Huya toh nahin, haato''

''Hmmm, socho hogaya hain! Darwaza lock karke aoon?'' He moved closer, his nose touching hers,

''Asad aap bhi'' Her breathing shortened feeling the intensity in his touch and his voice.

''OH HO! PLEASE GUYS! Nikkah ke liye toh rukho'' Yelled Ayaan as he covered Humeira's eyes.

''The first thing I will do after our Nikkah is locking this gorilla in a room and won't let him out till after our honeymoon!'' Asad spoke under his breath only to be punched by Zoya.

''What did the doctors say Rabaart?''

''You can go home in the evening, providing you pass the doctor's check up in 2 hours!''

''Why the hell are you making it sound like an exam?''

''Because it sounds scary'' He laughed.

''Tujhe bhi iss exam mein bitao?'' Mocked Asad, Ayaan brushed his hair back,

''It was a joke brother! CHILL'' He jumped on to the sofa and searched through the basket,

''Ayaan, that's for aapi!'' Humeira scolded. Zoya winked at Humeira making her blush.

''SO GUYS, Nikkah hospital mein kara le?'' Smirked Ayaan,

''Nahin, shuruwat yahan hogi'' Smiled Asad,

''Matlab?'' Asked Zoya.

''Tumhare haldi aaj raat hai, rasm hospital se shuru hoga''

''Itne jaldi? I am not ready''

''No we're 3 days late actually! It's okay, I'm ready'' Grumbled Asad causing everyone to burst out laughing.



So here's the next part. Yes finally, the next update will be their nikkah.

Please ignore the mistakes, idk why I write 2-3 a.m in the morning.

Do leave your comments behind beautifuls.


SO GUYS, WHAT KINDA POST MARRIAGE SCENES DO YOU WANNA READ? I've got some cute moments in mind with the next 3 chapters wrapping it up before the epilogue. Just wanna end it with moments you guys wanna read.


MWAH xoxo



EDIT: I have no idea what happened to this update. I've tried editing it but those weird looking things have appeared. If you have a problem reading it, do tell me and I'll PM you the actual update. Cheerios!

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I guess all the villains are punished now.
And Asad is actually to eager for his SR( hehehe) par Uska haq banta hai
Waiting for your next update and asya romance

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loved two sisters fighting for insaaf

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Loved it !!!!! amazing update !!!!!!!
So after lots of drama all past is reveled & every one get Insaaf...
like humaira-Zoya bonding...
like the way every time ayaan came in btwn their romance...
Really they go through a lot before their Nikaah...loved the way u reveled the plot & now finally Nikaah will happen ... waiting egarly
continue soon...
Thank u so much for pm Smile

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