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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO (Page 100)

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Apologies my beautifuls for being away for so long! I had so much going on, it was becoming unbearable for me to cope with everything so I took leave from IF! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you guys hanging. You guys have always supported me and I honestly appreciate it. Thank you so much, 28 parts later, you guys are still pouring me the same amount of love. Feel blessed! I know some of you guys are attached to this story and have been looking forward to this part BUT I just want to say I don't write mature stuff, I tried but I failed! I kept it innocent, I hope I don't disappoint you.

Part 28

And I fell in love, with the world in my arms because I have him...


'Zaruri nahi hai, lekin...' He lifted her chin with his finger; he looked into her gleaming eyes sparkling back at with him with overflowing love, affection and desire. He watched her eyes darken, he pushed her head towards him, she took his hand in hers and placed them around her waist as he automatically brought her body against his. She brushed her nose with his, nibbling her bottom lip placing her hand around the nape of his neck.  She held her breath before finally letting her chest relax against his; she lifted her eyelashes upwards; Oh you want to play with me?

His shook his head in a no as his mischievous eyes ran over her lips before finally sealing his lips against hers, Zoya's eyes widened at first before smiling. Her chest burst open with a new sensation, a feeling surpassing any kind of butterflies she might have ever experienced as she felt goose bumps appear over every part of her body. She felt electrocuted as her heart yearned for more, Asad sensing her turmoil smiled slightly, one corner of his lips went up to create his knee dropping crooked smile. Zoya parted her lips breaking out into a low laugh, he seized the opportunity to deepen the kiss, Zoya jumped onto her toes sliding her hand upwards and tangling her fingers onto his hair. Neither of them wanting to let go, tightened the hold on each other deepening the kiss further. They both felt intoxicated by each other's taste, this moment was something they were yearning for. He traced over her bottom lip a few times before finally playing with hers. They didn't want to let go but both pulled away reluctantly gasping for air, they both rest holding their cheeks against each other trying to take in as much oxygen as possible. That kiss seemed like a lifetime yet didn't seem like it was enough. He rubbed her back whilst she placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

He rubbed her cheek with his thumb bringing his lips to hers again; he placed a soft peck and looked at her, he then started with a series of light feathery brushes with his lips against hers. Without warning, he picked her up into his arms making her giggle with excitement, he grinned against her lips refusing to let go. Her arms wrapped tight as she deepened the kiss with force. He met her with the same passion as he overtook the kiss furiously playing with his tongue; she let out a slight moan as she twisted in his hold gripping his neck pulling him down making him press his lips against hers harder than before. Asad's leg refused to move placing all the energy into the kiss, relishing her taste. Zoya felt slightly light headed not being able to part, seeing him close his eyes she bit his lip. He gave an irritated moan letting go of her lips, her head fell against his chest as her breathing went short and uneven trying to take in urgent amount of oxygen. He rest his chin on her head walking towards the bed, he placed her in the middle. He watched as she reluctantly removed her head but remained gazing towards the bed. He pulled her hand towards him, she looked away blushing. He focused his eyes on her admiring the tomato she turned into slowly removing her bangles. He took the bangles to the edge of the bed and dropped them one by one, Zoya watched with curious eyes. He did the same with the other bangles; she stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

'Asad, you don't like-' She got on her knees to pick them up but he pulled her towards him. She crashed against him, she moved back quickly to look at him. He took her fingers and brushed them against his bottom lip where she had bitten earlier. She aww'd at his pouting expressions before pecking his lips and rubbing her thumb over it continuously. He held her around the waist as he looked up at her, a thousand of emotions running through him. He was so thankful to the Almighty for finally sealing their destinies together. After what seemed like forever, they were finally together. Her expressions mirrored his; she gazed intently at her husband being able to see his soul. Asad's heart raced as he burned inside, his hands glided upwards and pulled her dori. Zoya's mouth opened wide, he jumped for her lips, she dodged backwards and slipped off the bed. Asad fell forward, he swiftly turned around and shook his head; bad move. He grinned widely jumping up on his feet hearing her giggles. He took slow steps towards her unbuttoning his sherwani, Zoya watched biting her lips as he revealed a bit of his chest. He creased his forehead with a slight smirk; you don't want this? Zoya gulped stepping back watching him unbutton himself further. He threw the shwerwani off disappointing Zoya with a white vest underneath. He stopped and rest his hands at his waist sighing. He looked down at his pants and then up at her, Zoya's eyes grew wide as her hand flung over her eyes. She spread her fingers to peek through them to find him gone; she stretched forward to have a look,

'Boo' He whispered over her shoulder, Zoya gasped as she fell forward whilst her shoulders reacted weirdly feeling his warm breath on her neck. Asad caught her by wrapping one arm around her and pushing her back against himself. She crashed against his body; she instantly stiffened realising he had no vest on. His cold chest met the top of her back making her crease her back. She brushed her hand over his fitting them above his before pushing it down to feel her stomach. She ran forward feeling his grip loosen, he ran behind her. She jumped on top of the bed throwing the pillows over him laughing as he blocked the attacks. Some of the cushions tore allowing the feathery wool to snow over them. She watched tired blowing the strands of hair from her face whilst he watched her on his knees. She jumped back off the bed and ran around the sofa and the chairs seeing him come at her. He stopped in front of the bed watching her catch her breath leaning against the door, he frowned slightly. She walked towards him removing her hair out of the bun and letting her curls bounce on her shoulders. He opened his arms; she watched them before putting her hand forward, she touched his bare chest outlining his six packs with a devilish grin on her face, she pushed him forward whilst he controlled himself. He fell back on the bed watching her with wide eyes; she dropped on top of him. His arm wrapped over her sliding his hand down unhooking the rest of the blouse. He turned her over so that he was now on top of her, she caressed his face as he kissed the palm of her hand relaxed at her touch, he pulled the duvet over them. He kissed her forehead and then her nose,

'I love you Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan' Asad whispered, kissing her ears trailing them down her neck and her chest.

'I love you more Mr Akdu Asad Ahmed Khan' She whispered back, almost moaning from his kisses.

The next moment, Zoya's blouse flew from the bed and fell on top of the sofa. Zoya's giggles filled the room as the lovers completed the final step in their relation. She gave herself to him and he gave himself to her. Zoya's legs wrapped around him as she clung onto him not wanting to let go. Asad buried his head into her chest as they continued their beautiful love making into the starry night. The moon glistened brighter than ever, filling the darkness with its beauty as the stars fought to compete with its brightness. The cool breeze creeped in through the windows to ease the heat filled room. They both shivered as the air caressed their naked skin, he gripped the duvet and wrapped it around their joined bodies as Zoya lay on top of him resting her head on his chest; she was home.




Ayaan put both of his hands out and caught the rain in between his palms. He saw a smiling Humeira admiring the rain rocking side to side. He brought his hands inside and threw it at her; she closed her eyes from the sudden splash. She wiped her face before glaring at Ayaan; she treaded towards him to strangle him. Ayaan ran outside in to the rain with Humeira chasing him. They both shuddered as the rain soaked them making their clothes stick against their bodies like second skin. Ayaan turned around and stared at her head to toe, he admired her petite figure whilst she wrapped her arms around her for warmth. Ayaan stepped closer, Humeira's gaze moved to the floor not being able to return the intensity in his eyes. His hand brushed the side of her arm; she looked up with her quivering lips.

'Humeira Begum?' He whispered,

'Hmmm' She smiled, fluttering her wet eyelashes innocently.

'I'm in love...' Her eyes widened in shock, her lips turned into a frown. She moved back slightly trying not to cry, she had to be strong. She knew her love would be one sided, she raised her hopes for them to be broken. She shook her head in a no; you're a fool Humeira. But you still love him, and you want him to be happy so smile.

'Wow really?' She stuttered, 'I'm so happy for you. Who is she?' She pressed away the tears, lucky it was raining. Ayaan watched her misunderstand his words and fight herself to smile back at him. He turned around and walked a few steps ahead.

'Are you really happy for me Humeira?' He asked chuckling, he didn't have to look to see that she was nodding so hard thinking he could hear her, 'She's beautiful, I've always known her, she has grown to be a close friend that is close to my heart, she's so sweet and honest; her one smile puts me in a trance' He brushed his hair. Humeira fisted her hands; but I was your best friend. 'Her one tear makes me want to fight against the world to make everything alright, the way she takes care of me, stands by me without wanting anything in return. And her heart is made of gold literally, that's why despite her being skinny she's so heavy' He laughed turning around. Humeira faced him with blank expressions listening to his words, 'but what I would want to change about is her skill of listening to things that hurts her the most and yet still she carries on listening without saying what's in her heart' Humeira creased her forehead in confusion, 'the way she creases her forehead when she's confused, and scrunches her nose when she's cold or angry' Humeira attempted to look at herself. She followed his gaze and looked behind her and then back at him, 'What frustrates me the most is that she's staring at me when I'm telling her that I love her yet she doesn't acknowledge it!' He crossed his arms. Humeira spun on her feet to look around her before staring at him. 'You.are.the.most.foolish.girl.I.have.ever.met!' He spoke word by word; 'If it was anyone else they would've bowed down in awe of my confession' He spoke sarcastically. Humeira stepped forward; Ayaan opened his arms wide, nodding at her. She ran up to him and stopped, she attacked him with her punches and slaps,

'Couldn't you have said it clearly huh?' She hit him; Ayaan cried for help, 'why did you have to make me cry. Why do you have to make it sound like I'm just another girl. You made me wait so long you know that?' She finally sobbed, her arms gave up. 'Maroo? Aur marooo?' She wiped her tears only for more tears to overflow her eyes,

'Maaro, but first come here' He grabbed her fighting arms and hugged her tight allowing her to sob in his arms, 'Hey, I didn't confess to make you cry. You look like a bandar when you cry you know that? Stop itt' He teased. Humeira smacked his back,

'Ouch, that hurt' She hit him again before holding him tight.

'I love you' He whispered, Humeira smiled before resting her head on his chest. They both walked inside holding each other in their wet state not knowing they had an audience.


The gang stood in a line with their arms crossed tapping their right foot in sync. Ayaan and Humeira let go of each other and watched, embarrassed. They stared wide eyed as the gang stood with straight faces before bursting out laughing. The young couple fixed their gazes on the floor ignoring their echoing laughter stinging their ears; they blushed hard not knowing what to do. Seconds later, towels were thrown at them by Asim; Humeira put it over her head and ran for her room leaving a grinning Ayaan behind.

He dried his wet hair with the towel,

'Arz Kiya Hai,

Kebaab mein haddi here and there,
kebab mein haddi here and there,
kya karoon bechare mein...
Shukriya Shukriya.
Balein ka zamaana nahi raha' He spoke sadly, everyone shook their head sarcastically.


'Okay chalo, Allah Hafiz' Wished Nikhat pushing Nuzzhat towards the door. 'No, you can stay here if you want' She spoke teasingly towards Ayaan. Ayaan followed her eyes towards Zoya's old room; Humeira peeked from the bedroom through the half closed door, blushing. Ayaan's grin widened, he shook his hair winking at her before following Nikhat outside.


'Boo' Ayaan whisper yelled making Humeira fall off the edge of the bed. He sat comfortably on the window ledge staring out of the window and into the dark sky, whistling. Humeira stood in front of him,

'What are you doing here?' She pushed him,

'Ey ey, I have as much right as you to be here' He grabbed her arm as she fidgeted under his hold. 'Sorry, didn't mean to scare you' He gazed at her lovingly. She turned around before sighing and sitting on the window ledge leaning against his stomach in between his legs. Ayaan's arms wrapped over her whilst she snuggled in his hold.

'I've brought you snacks and Chai, you haven't eaten properly all day.' He buried his face at the back of her neck. Humeira smiled.


The shy sun rose slowly in the background, slowly and lazily filling the world with its beauty, highlighting the greenery across the smiling world. Today was a different day, one filled with love and greatness because the lovers had become one; their union was complete. After the dark night, the bright morning had no choice but to come into their life. Dilshad always spoke about life's custom; after losing does the real victory come, after sadness does the real happiness come. After many stormy nights, Asad Ahmed Khan finally lived those words and has accepted the new rays of sunshine coming their way with open arms.

He caressed her face with back of his fingers trailing them up and down the side of her face, smiling watching her scrunch her nose in irritation. He admired the ethereal beauty sleeping in his arms, with their naked bodies conjoined together, Zoya's hands brushed over the top of the duvet before holding it tight under him. She smiled in her sleep making Asad's grin wider, feeling content. He watched still as the first rays of sunlight streamed through the loose curtains and caressed every bit of her face making her glow more than she already did; Asad was mesmerized. Zoya's beauty exceeded any limit; he couldn't help but peck her lips. Zoya let out a soft comforting moan before the sudden warm sensation on her face woke her, more than that she could feel someone's intense gaze on her burning her with love. She slowly opened her eyes to take in the new morning, she couldn't move under his tight hold. She looked up slowly to find him sleeping, she smiled. She placed her hand on his face feeling immense pleasure being in his hold, her thumb brushed the side of his lips. His eyes popped open not being able to resist her touches,

'Pretending?' She smirked,

'How did you...'

'Oh please Asad' Zoya pointed towards her her cheek, 'It's burning' She laughed playfully.

'Oh really' He brushed his fingers against her cheek, he smirked whilst Zoya pouted shaking her head, 'Let me kiss it better' He brought his face closer to her but Zoya rolled out of his grip holding the duvet tightly against her. Her eyes opened wide looking down at her bare chest, she blushed a deep red realising she was fully naked. She stared at his grinning face; he raised his eyebrow turning his body towards her. He leaned on his elbow pushing the duvet off his chest revealing his toned chest; Zoya bit her tongue before closing her eyes. Asad reached towards her, the tip of his fingers lingered on her arm caressing her scar. Zoya rolled off the bed taking the thinner sheet with her and wrapping it around her, Asad tried grabbing her before she fell with a loud thud. Asad wrapped the thicker duvet around himself quickly and watched from the edge of the bed. Zoya looked up; they both stared at each other before bursting out laughing. Zoya got up and held the sheet around her firmly as she walked towards the bathroom.

'Where are you going?' He frowned,

'Away from you' She laughed without looking back. She put her hair to one side showing off her back.

'Not so soon!' He jumped off the bed, Zoya shrieked before pushing the door close hearing him running behind her. She tried closing the door but failed. He leaned against the door with his classic knee dropping grin calmly sitting on his face whilst his duvet climbed down to the lower parts of his body. Zoya's eyes outlined his body,

'Asad, go. Let me shower first' She turned around; she closed her eyes hearing the door close behind her. Her back creased in the next instant feeling him breathing on her bare neck. She tilted her head to the side as he kissed her neck and her back. He pulled her closer towards him and turned her around, Zoya gazed towards the floor. He lifted her chin with the tip of his finger and brought her face towards his, he outlined her face,

'You are so beautiful...' He whispered kissing her cheek; she looked into his eyes stepping backwards. He moved in sync stepping forward with her each step back. She stopped once her back rested against the cold wall, Asad closed the shower door behind him. He kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose before pecking her lips. Zoya stepped onto his feet holding his chest against her returning his kiss. Her lips parted slowly allowing him to deepen the kiss; his tongue explored her mouth furiously familiarising himself with her taste; his mind burst crackers blowing him with so many emotions; he would never get tired of this. Zoya pressed her lips against his harder biting him causing him to moan. Zoya's mind stirred as her heart went erratic threatening to pop out of her with Asad returning the same intensity. Zoya pushed further with Asad allowing her to take over the kiss, the passion and intensity in her kiss blew him out of the water. Asad fell back against the wall; he accidently pushed the shower button. The shower beeped before drenching them instantly, the water crashed against the bodies as they both fought for dominance, trying to return the same passion as the other. Zoya's hands clawed his back making him wince slightly, Asad pushed her forward pinning her against the wall breaking the kiss for air. She breathed heavily, her chest rising up and down staring at him with wide eyes. Asad's lip dribbled under the shower, his eyes unable to blink seeing her all wet. He caught up with his heartbeats as his fingers clawed the sticky sheet off her body. Zoya's arms traced his neck before she jumped up curling her legs around his body; she hugged him tight before moaning lazily. Asad kissed her continuously feeling her teeth dig into his shoulder. He turned with her holding her tight, his hand smoothed down her bare back. Zoya shivered slightly tightening her hold around him.

The droplets of water trickled down their wet sleek bodied, Asad stepped into the warm bubble bath with her wrapped around him like a baby. He fell back against the warm bath tub, Zoya sighed against his neck. She moved her head up and aligned her cheek with his, before kissing it. She looked into his eyes, a lone tear escaped from the side of her eyes. Asad brushed it off,

'Are you okay?' He asked softly, Zoya brought her lips closer to his,

'I'm better than okaay' She sealed his lips with a kiss, her hands pressed against his chest. Asad turned her instantly, so that he was on top of her. Zoya shrieked before giggling seeing the foam fly everywhere, Asad chuckled before getting to his business.



'Jee' Zoya replied hearing the knock on her door. She turned around with the towel in her hand. She smiled widely seeing Dilshad enter with a gift box in her hand. She blushed seeing Dilshad's teasing smile with Najma and Humeira peeking from behind the door.

'Zoya beta, how are you feeling?' She caressed Zoya's hair, before placing the box in her hand.

'I'm good Ammi' She chirped unwrapping the box, Dilshad shook her head at her. 'What is this Ammi?' Zoya gave it back to her not being able to open the antique box. She peeked watching Asad button his shirt walking out of the bathroom, he stared wide eyed seeing her in a saree. He coughed awkwardly breaking away his gaze from Zoya seeing Dilshad turn around; he smiled sadly not being able to complete admiring his wife. He walked towards his closet, taking his watch out and wearing it on his wrist.

'These are my Ammi's earrings beta...' Dilshad spoke, Asad's eyes shot towards his draw. He opened it and scolded himself seeing Zoya's earrings still sat in its place. He had planned to give it her yesterday but he had gotten carried away forgetting all his plans. 'Wear them today and these bangles too' She placed the box on the dressing table. She kissed her cheek, Come for breakfast' She looked at Asad, Asad nodded obediently. He pouted slightly; where's my share of the love. Zoya watched closely before bursting out laughing, Dilshad looked confused.

'We're just coming Ammi' Zoya closed the door before walking back towards the mirror. She picked up the towel and shook it against her hair trying to dry it; she wrapped it around her head and left it up there. She picked up her red lipstick and leaned in towards the mirror, Asad shook his head in a no at the reflection.

'Pink' He pointed brushing his hair back. Zoya shrugged her shoulders before putting the pink lipstick on. She found it difficult to keep still seeing him watch her carefully; Zoya pressed her lips together making popping noises whilst raising her eyebrows up and down. Asad admired his bride as her pink lips glistened in the mirror, her green blouse matching beautifully with her blue saree, the creases were a shade of pink. Asad stood behind her admiring her figure finally removing the towel off her head, Zoya watched him in the mirror. He took the earrings out of the box and put them on her. He made her sit down before getting on his knees; he took the bangles out and helped put them on her one by one. He kissed the back of her hand before getting up. He held his arm for her to hold, she slipped them into place; let's go.


Asad sat in his usual place whilst everyone stared at him, the awkward silence on the table made him look down in embarrassment. They were all teasing him with their silent behaviour.

'So...' Geet started. Everyone looked towards her whilst she stared at Zoya. Zoya dropped the spoon back into the pan she was mixing; she looked the other way feeling shy.

'Yes, Asad. How are you feeling my man' Maan patted his shoulder. 'Come on hurry up and fill us in before it's time for our flight. How do you feel now, married man and all?' He teased,

'What, are you leaving?' Zoya asked sadly picking Anshu up. She walked round and sat down next to Asad.

'You guys are leaving tomorrow so there's no use of us staying' He winked at Geet feeding Chahat.

'Where are we going?' Asad asked dumbfounded.

'Honeymoon!' They all screamed at once. Asad and Zoya looked at each other,

'No we're not-' Zoya started,

'It's not the right ti' Asad was cut short by Dilshad,

'Asad, bas. You guys are going. Maan bought the tickets with so much love. You didn't listen to me when I told you to book it yourself' Dilshad scolded,

'Ammi I'

'Man, it's your wedding gift man. Don't reject. It's from me and Mishti. Please, take Zoya away and enjoy yourselves. You both deserve it' Maan patted his shoulder once again.

'You're going, it's final' Geet stomped towards the table. She and Humeira served everyone whilst Najma entertained the kids. Asim walked out of his room having woken up late, he walked towards the table. Everyone watched him come down; he looked at Najma before heading towards the main door.

'Where are you going? Have breakfast' Dilshad called out,

'I'm going for a jog. I'll have it later' He placed his headphones in his ears before running out.

'That was weird' Zoya looked suspiciously, Najma coughed before concentrating on her food. She carried on eating without looking up at anyone. Zoya looked towards a confused Humeira mirroring her expressions. They both nodded before carrying on eating.


'Thank you so much for coming' Zoya hugged Geet.

'No it's okaay yaar! I had fun. God knows when Baba ji will give us the opportunity to do something like this again. But we WILL do this again! Congratulations, may you both stay together forever and ever. AND produce lots and lots of beautiful babies' Geet laughed, making Zoya widen her eyes.

'Ameeen!' Prayed Dilshad laughing at the two.
Asad hugged Maan in a brotherly manner, 'Take care of her' Geet ordered. Maan pointed towards Geet emphasising her point.

'Yes Maam' He saluted wrapping his arms around Zoya. He picked Anshu up and held him between him and Zoya. They both kissed him before passing him back to Maan.

'Those gifts are for Maa' Dilshad pointed towards the car,

'There's no neeed-' Maan told her,

'There is. She missed everything.' Dilshad spoke sadly, 'and for the kids and yourselves. Make sure you come again beta, this time sooner' Dilshad hugged both, they both nodded obediently.

'Byeee' Zoya blew air kisses at them with Geet doing the same from the car. Maan and Asad rolled their eyes at their better halves' antics. They both wrapped their arms around their wives as they departed in different ways.



'Zoya, you rest. We'll do that. The guests will be arriving soon' Dilshad rushed making Zoya sit back down on the sofa.

'Ammi, it'll finish faster if I help...' She looked towards everyone, 'You've been working since yesterday and it's for me as well' She frowned.

'No waysss! You're not wel- I mean you're a newlywed bhabie, can't have you working. Zeenat aapi will send us to jail!' Teased Najma. Both girls gave each other the look hearing the word 'bhabie.' Everyone looked at them hearing the first sign that indicated something changed in the last day. Najma jumped onto the sofa beside Zoya hugging her side wards,

'Ahem' Najma jumped up, Asad fixed the sofa before sitting down next to her. He shoo'ed her away, Najma glared at him mischievously; wrong move bhaijaan. She hi-fived Humeira and giggled. She turned around and bumped into Asim.

'Sorry' they both spoke at once.

'It's okaay' She whispered looking away,

'Here's the basket' He handed her the flowers he had brought. Najma's hands slipped out of his hold,

'We can do this...' He whispered closing in on her; Najma looked towards her brother and shook her head in a no walking away. He gazed at her admiring her retreating back; 'We will do this' He smiled.

'Asim' Zoya called, she eyed him to come near her. He bowed down in front of her, 'What the hell is going on?' She pulled his tie. Asad stared at her odd behaviour; Zoya pushed his cheek with her finger to turn the other way. 'I swear Asim, you better spill or else' She glared at him; Asim gulped. 'What have I missed?' She looked at Najma coming down the stairs; she avoided looking Zoya's way. 'Asimmm?' She threatened,

'Listen, It's nothing' He fixed his tie, 'You come back from your honeymoon and we'll sort everything out' He smiled caressing her hair,

'Are you sure?' She pouted, worried that her best friend was not quite okay.

'Yes' He was about to punch her, he stopped himself and poked her reassuringly, 'Ahem' He rubbed his neck, 'I think you should go back to you Akd- your Mr Khan, he'll kill me any minute now' Asim ran towards Dilshad. Zoya looked at Asad, she sighed shaking her head to reassure him. He entwined his hand with hers and held it in front of them both,

'So where do you want to go Mrs Khan' Asad asked,

'Wherever you want to take me Mr Khan' She laughed, her grip tightened making Asad feel slightly uneasy; he placed his other hand over their hold, comforting her, reassuring her. They both pressed their forehead against each other, they brushed their noses. They heard the doorbell ring; they both took a deep breath,

'Stay within my sight' She pleaded,

'When have I ever let you out of my sight?' Zoya pressed her eyes at his reply; he picked her up and stood beside her.

'Zoya betaaa' Their aunty from Pune rolled in with stacks of mithai in her hands with her perverted son following her. Asad pressed his forehead hearing her voice,

'Asad, save yourself!' Zoya whispered,

'Yeah. BYE!' Asad ran off the opposite way with Zoya mentally scolding him for actually listening to her. She laughed nervously hugging Nazmin Khala whilst she blessed the new bride. She got money out and warded off evil placing the money back under her bra. Najma held in her laughter, she moved beside Asim seeing her cousin stare at her. Asad came back and placed Zoya's pallu on top of her head. Zoya's hand held his momentarily thanking him as she hadn't realised when more ogling guests had started pouring in.

'Najma beta, you look beautiful' She placed her hand over Najma making her feel uncomfortable. She eyed her jewellery before looking at her son, 'Ab tumhare bhi nikaah kara lete' Asim removed Nazmin Khala's hand from Najma's arm,

'I need help tamater!' Asim dragged Najma away from the gawking mother and son. He made her stand near the gift boxes whilst he stood as a shield in between Fahad and Najma.

'Allah Miyaan, help me' Zoya prayed watching a group of ladies come towards her. She held Dilshad's hands, 'Ammi, look it's that aunty'

'Don't worry beta, I am here. She won't say anything' She gave a sharp look towards one of the fat aunties.

'Dilshad, you have bought yourself a beautiful daughter in law' Dilshad smiled thanking them.

'Chand jaise' Said another,

'Just like your son' Zoya peeked at a grinning Asad pulling his collar up; just like me.

'Yes, she's beautiful but' Asad straightened up, 'Dilshad, didn't her parents send her any jewellery. Her neck is empty' Zoya's hand touched her chest looking at Dilshad, 'Oh I forgot she has no parents. But her sister and brother in law should've sent something for the ceremony at least' She made a face at Zoya who opened her mouth wide at her taunting voice. 'Not to worry beta, I bought you a gift... you can wear that' She spoke proudly opening her gift box. She took the necklace out bringing it towards Zoya,

'Stop!' Asad stepped forward, he sat beside Zoya taking the jewellery off the aunty and placing it back into the box. The lady stared at Asad,

'My Zoya will only wear jewellery given by my Ammi or me' He whispered admiring his wife, 'I'm sure you haven't noticed she is already adorned with jewellery' He pointed towards her gleaming eyes and her smile. He then held her hands up showing them the antique pieces of bangles and her earrings given to her by Dilshad. 'Zoya is beautiful without any jewellery, if she wore any more, you wouldn't be able to withstand her beauty' He said proudly making Zoya look down and stare at her lap. Asad's hand brushed her back; Zoya wasn't fully well. The past few days have been heavy on her; this was the last thing she needed. 'Is this needed Ammi?' He looked towards Dilshad, 'You have invited people here to put nazar on my wife?' The aunties gasped making Dilshad laugh.

'I've called everyone for their blessings. Don't worry about nazar, tabeez and daadi's prayers will always protect her' She looked amongst the crowd ignoring anyone's taunting voices. Her daughter in law has a heart made of gold and that's all that matters. She brings everyone to life; the very reason she is called Zoya, alive.

'Ofcourse' The voice of an old woman came from the crowd. She stepped forward and blessed the couple,

'And Asad, we all know the truth. Doesn't matter what anyone says, it doesn't make a difference to us. Haina beta?' Dilshad cupped Zoya's face before resting her head against hers. They both leaned against Asad.


'Aapi, everything is packed' Humeira placed the suitcase in front of a tired Zoya, it was only 5p.m. but she was tired beyond words. She had changed into a simple white cotton churidar, her make up neutral. She wasn't too happy with the way the ceremony went with her new relatives, few of the guests were angry at Asad. She had been blaming herself until Asad and Dilshad scolded her, she had been quietly sat on the sofa watching TV with her favourite pizza box sulking for the past hour.

'Where are you going Humeira?' Asad asked confused, he looked at Zoya, 'Where are you BOTH going?' He rephrased his question, Please tell me my clothes in there as well' Asad sulked,

'I have to go back home. It's part of the rasm' Zoya told an upset Asad,

'But this is your home. You only just came here' He sat down next to her, 'Am I coming with you?'

'You can if you want to jeeju' Winked Humeira,

'Let's go Aapi' Humeira helped Zoya up, Zoya remained frozen halfway with Asad still sat on the sofa not letting go of her hand,

'I'll be picking you up first thing in the morning, okay?' He spoke sternly, Zoya nodded. 'I'll drop you, wait' He grabbed his jacket,

'YOLAAA peoplesss!' Ayaan walked in singing, 'Bhaijaan, she's only going for one night! Chill!' He leaned against Zoya, How you doing bhabie' He winked.

'Ayaan, you're walking on thin ice at the moment' She looked towards Asad, 'He will kill you... look, look, look at those fists... he's going to burst! Escape while you can' Zoya giggled, 'Let's go, Ammi please take care of yourself. Enough work, everything is finally over. Please rest!'

'It has just begun. Mubarak ho, tumhare naye zindagi ke liye my bacha' She hugged Zoya. Najma pulled Zoya away knowing their 20 minute goodbye session was about to start.

Asad wrapped his around her waist as he walked her towards the car. He sat in the back of the car with Zoya tightly in his arms; he drew circles on her hand outlining his name over and over again. He blew in her ear kissing her cheeks over and over again. They both watched Ayaan and Humeira entwine their hands, changing the gears with their joined hands, both smiling away.




There you go! Turned out quite long!
Ignore any mistakes beautifuls and do let me know what you think!
2 more chapters before the epilogue, do let me know what you guys want! I do want to continue this story but I'm worried you guys will get bored of ittt! Main plot has come to an end but I could always bring in other crap. Depends what you guys want and how long you're willing to stay with this story!

Once again thank you so much for your support! Do leave a comment!



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Thank you sooo... much Mojo...it was a lovely update as usual...i know ki abhi abhi ek update mila hai..but i cant help asking..." when r u updating the next part..?" ...mein toh ek hafte se tumhaari jaan ki peeche padi thi iss update ke liya...and as u promised u updated...thank u...

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yay u updated wewewe
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Omg please continue!!!!!! Such an awesome story it wouldn't be boring! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!
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awesome part loved it
plzzz pm me for next part
continue soon
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Finally after a long u updated

Awesum part...
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Thank you for this long udapte it was jsut amazing continue soon please Big smile
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i love this asadEmbarrassed

thanks for this lonnggg update and for the pmHug

continue sooonWink

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