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FF: Ek Nikaah Aisa Bhi - LINK TO THREAD TWO

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Ek nikaah aisa bhi... Journey from engagement to marriage...

Hello guys, it's Mojo here! This is my first ever Fanfiction, my first ever written work! I've been a silent reader for the past month before I decided to register, you guys are amazing writers! Like I mentioned before, I'm totally crazy about Asya, I walk Asya, I sleep Asya! I need a psychiatrist asap! This piece of work is based on my dreams or was it a thought? I have no idea' So finally, I decided to pen it down and gosh it's sooo hard! Hats off to you wonderful writers! I have not done any writing since my GCSE days, and I was a flop at it! I'm not into descriptive writing, so this is in baby language loool, god knows how I'm doing my degree! I do not speak hindi so excuse the mistakes and the English bits translate it into hindi as you go along! I know you guys love nokh jokhs and romantic stuff, I'm gonna warn you there's nothing exciting like that in this' Aha, anyhow if you have time do have a read and please please leave your comments behind, or maybe your shoes! Here goes!


'Mr Khan, your Ammi has sent food for you'

Asad turned around to see a beautiful Zoya standing outside his office doors, dressed in a long asian suit flowing right to the ground.Wow he thought, she looks mesmerising.
'Jee aap andar aake woha table par rakh lije...' Asad did not have breakfast this morning, so therefore his mother decided to send Zoya to his office with his lunch, just an excuse for them to spend some time together really.

 Zoya stepped inside his office and slowly walked towards the other side of the room where there was a comfy sitting area. She could feel his intense gaze following her every step which sent cold shivers down her spine.Without looking at him she sat down on the sofa looking down and started opening the boxes of food so that he could eat.

'You should eat before it gets cold' She finally spoke.

Asad was not listening, he was just staring her, how he always wanted to see her in traditional clothes and now that he's looking at her in them, he was just left breathless. Her dangly earrings moving crazily like the wind was blowing on them while she bit her bottom lip struggling to open the lunch boxes, she had her hair up in a messy bun and the short strands of curls were sitting idly on each cheek, she kept putting them behind her ear but they were in no mood to do so... Damn he thought.

'Mr Khan' Zoya shouted not so loud which brought him back to his senses.

'Ji' He answered back.

'The food is getting cold' She reminded him.

'Ji haan, mein abhi aata hoon, I'll just wash my hands' with that he got up from his chair and walked into his personal washroom. 

'Wonder why he looks so lost these days' Zoya thought to herself.
Mr Khan has changed so much, not an Akdu anymore, well to her atleast. Mr Khan has stood by her side when she momentarily went into depression and lost her eyesight. How despite being blind, she could see through Mr Khan's eyes, he stood by her as her pillar, as her strength. He fed her, supported her walks, he sat with her, he laughed with her, he was there every time she needed something. Mr Khan picked her up when she thought she lost the will to live, she was shattered. Her life was just crumbling down, she was alone, her father deceived her mother, her stepmo- his wife killed her mother.Despite being a legitimate child she was illegitimate. The stress, the pain lead her into depression, which strained her poor little brain a little too much which lead to her losing her sight.

She came out of her room to get a glass of water, her eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying, in the past 2 days she had fainted twice. She did not want to trouble anyone so thought she'd get some water herself. And now looks like she was going to faint again, her eyes felt blurry and the last thing she heard, not heard, she seen was Mr Khan's worried face before darkness engulfed her. Doctor said she had lost her sight. And they were not sure when she would get it back. Since that day Mr Khan never left her side...

One evening, she was sat on the sofa doing nothing at all, when she felt some weight sink in to the sofa beside her, it was him. He seemed different today, she could sense something but didn't know what.

'Zoya...' What happened to Ms Farooqui eh? She thought...

Before she could reply, she felt something on her lips, it was his delicate yet big rough fingers, he wanted to say something important, she could sense the urgency. She relaxed her tensed shoulders and waited for him to speak.

'Zoya, kya tum mere zindagi ki humsafar bano gi?' He let out. He was nervous, but he wanted to express his feelings. Yes he was in love with his musibat magnet... Not now, but since some time back... it took him a while to figure out that the fatal attractions were actually love, but his doubts were confirmed when he was about to lose Zoya. He cannot live without her, he will not live without her. He took her out of depression; he tried to bring back the old Zoya, whose mere presence made his house a home, who filled their dark lives with love and happiness. He had to do this for her, and them.  
Things were complicated then, Zoya was depressed from her findings about her abbu and she lost her eyesight. As much as he wanted to comfort her, tell her he was there for her and he LOVED her. She would think he was just sympathising with her. He knew how insecure she felt after she became blind. He decided he'd make her feel his love, take care of her, carry out her every need... Maybe that way, if he was to confess about his feelings, she'd understand. He knew she had feelings for him, every time he touched her or even when went to feed her, her tears said it all. He could see right through her, how she's yearning for a family and to belong.
Now he would make her wish come true... He loved her like he's never loved anyone. He had planned to get on his knees and speak poems but when the time came, just one simple line from him should mean a lot, he thought. Okay, he's not good with expressing his love at times, and he acts like he could rip people's heads off but it's love that makes him possessive and violent, right?  The intensity in his eyes was noticed by his ammi, it was her who had given him the courage to finally propose to her.

'Mr Khan what are you saying, you're um joking right?' Zoya's voice broke out. Asad's face dropped, why would she think i'm joking? 

'Nahi Zoya, I'm not joking' He answered...

'Mr Khan ofcourse you're joking why else would you say such a thing, you marry a tameez less girl like me? Nahi Mr Khan, for you there are so many better girls out there, who are traditional, well mannered, whose lives are less complicated, and who can see...' Zoya's heart broke, she knew he wasn't joking, but what else can she do. She cannot ruin Mr Khan's life by marrying him, she's blind, he'll find much better girls who'll give him all the happiness in the world, which he rightly deserves, not some girl who has no identity and who's so much reliant on somone else, how could she become a wife and not be able to carry out the responsibilities that come with it? And and, her father is responsible for the pain suffered by his family, Mr Khan ki dil mein seena nahi pattar hai because of what he suffered. 'If I marry him, he'll be reminded of his cruel past every day. I cannot see him in pain' No Mr Khan deserves better she convinced herself...

Asad didn't know how to react, 'who can see' kept ringing in his ears, he knew that she knew it was not a joke. She tried to tell him that she was not right for him, she's not understanding that it has nothing to do with her not being able to see. He loves her just the way she is and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he wants to take care of her. By now she should understand that nothing has changed, she's still the same Zoya no less than anyone else. He took his hand and placed it onto hers, Zoya didn't react she was looking straight into nothingness, he took his other hand and turned her face towards him,
'Zoya listen to...' Zoya shot up,

'Mr Khan woh mein, I want to go to my room, I'm tired...' Dilshad who was close by watching came by her side.

'Beta come I'll take you...' She put her hand on Asad's shoulder to reassure him that everything will be fine, she nodded her head at him and took Zoya into her room. Asad wasn't disheartened, he knew why she was refusing to understand. He had faith in his Allah that one day, she'll give in to his love...

After 3 months of darkness, Zoya got her eyesight back thanks to Asad's love filled environment around her. Things went back to normal, they didn't fight, they understood each other without speaking, their silence spoke volumes. Dilshad and Najma were happy to see them get along, her shayri's and Asad's hidden smirks had become a habit of theirs. One thing never changed, Asad's akduness. Tanveer's entry did not help, Asad and Zoya distanced slightly, although he spent most of his time with Tanveer his long lost best friend, Zoya with her jealousy and all failed to notice that his eyes only searched for her...

Knock knock... 

Zoya suddenly broke out of her thoughts to see a woman in about her twenties standing at the door, dressed so sharp that she could kill... AAK's office no doubt!

'Yeah come in' Zoya answered,

The lady gave her 'who are you' type of a look before saying 'some files here that need to be signed by Mr Khan'

'He's just in the washroom, if you want you could just leave them on the table and I'll tell him to sign them?' Zoya suggested.

'Excuse me, who the hell are you to tell me what to do' She replied, she clearly did not like Zoya, 'you think you can just walk in and order everyone about?' Argh, the nerve of this girl, calm down Zoya, this is Asad's office.

 'Erm sorry I didn't mean to-''

'Miss Gupta!!!!!!!' This shook both the ladies, they turned to see a raging Asad looking at his secretary with a how dare you speak to my lady like that type of a look.

'Sir woh' The secretary gulped, gone for her she thought.

'Leave those files and get out of my office right now, I'm warning you if you ever...' He shouted.

'Mr Khan...'

'Miss Farooqui, be quiet...'

'If I hear you speaking to her like that again, I swear i'll...'

'Sorry sir'

'Get out of my face!'

She gulped and ran, she looked back and gave Zoya an envious look and before she could look at him, she heard a loud roar, 'Get out!' Damn she thought, let's go before he eats me alive. With that she ran like her life depended on it, which it did.

There was silence in the room, Asad closed his eyes for a moment, argh the nerve of this girl, how dare she... wait wait, damn did he just threaten to kill his secretary? Why? Because she spoke against Zoya? Why can't he hear a word against his girl, he nearly scared the crap out of his secretary. In normal circumstances you do not threaten to kill your secretary, but tell them off nicely for being rude and ask them to apologise as they have misunderstood who that person is.  But this isn't normal though is it, that's his wife, future wife so technically the second boss. But people were daring to ask Zoya who she is 'that's because they don't know that's your future wife you fool' said his inner voice, well  I need to do make sure they do, a small smile played on his lips. It's time...

'Mr Khan woh food...' This is awkward Zoya thought, did he just screw at his secretary for me? Asad opened his eyes and sat down on the other sofa right next to her. He started to break a piece of the roti and dipped it into the curry and was about to put it into his mouth, he looked at her to see her looking at him with so much love and care. She held onto his gaze for a moment before she looked down.

'Have you eaten?' He asked softly. She nodded a yes just incase her words betray her, she could never lie to him, she hadn't eaten. Since her sight came back, she's never eaten before him she became used to either eating with him or making sure he's eaten and then eat. Asad noticed so therefore he used to make sure he phoned home every afternoon to ask about his Ammi's health and also tell her he's eaten. He knew she hasn't eaten, so he bought the dipped roti in front of her mouth, she looked up and he motioned with his eyes to eat. There was authority in those eyes, but there was also care.

'I've atahrjrjdijd' He forced the food into her mouth.

'No you haven't' He replied with a smile on his face. 'Idk why you attempt to lie to me, I know you better than you know yourself zoy-miss Farooqui' Zoya gave him a half smile and turned around and started serving herself before he starts feeding her again. Asad just smirked at her, he felt content at how he makes her feel.

Precap: Asad finds out that his lady love is actually a career woman!


Part 1,  I know it's full of crap and you guys must be wondering wth where's the engagement? Well I didn't know how to start, and I know there's no funny bits, seriously in my dreams this is how it happened' and idk if the reasons I gave  for her becoming blind are medically/scientifically possible, I made it up so I apologise if I've offended anyone' Sorry for any mistakes, they're all mine! And I also apologise for wasting your time and disappointing you guys! I seriously do not know how to write'.

Please leave your comments behind, and do let me know if I should continue' Smile

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its awesome...
update asap...

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That was such a lovely piece of work:) please continue soon.

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continue soon

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It was really great! Loved it! Please do continue soon!! (:

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Wow, that was good
I really enjoyed it
Continue soon 
<3 Farhana

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Hey ...
That was brilliant !!!

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RES! :)

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