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Arshi - Prem Ki Naiya . . Chapter 6 pag 59(28/08) on Hold (Page 41)

Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2013 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sushna

but how did khushi get his photo...ConfusedConfusedConfused
first meeting was funny...LOLLOL
updte soon...
thankx for pm...Big smile

don't worry you will get it soon 

Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2013 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjanaseth1994

awesome update dear...!
arnav and khushi's meeting was amazing...!
and finally when they know each other no, it will be superb...!
and what a great confusion everyone have now that arnav and khushi love each other...!
now by hook or crook they will get married...! he he he... LOL

Thanks for the lovely comment Hug 
we are happy taht you liked this story and this chapter so much Embarrassed Embarrassed
Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sarun21

mind blowing
and wonderful update...
simply loved it...
the fight was very cute and the photograph thing am confused...
loved arnav and riddhima bonding...
now waiting for the update as both know their identity now...
pls continue soon...

Thank you soo soo much for the comment Hug Hug Hug 

Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ara_000

finallyyy an update nd dat too a dhamakedaar one...!
Hayyy my ASR Blushing
ohhh goddd i was reading d chappy nd was laughing hard LOL
goddd these two r adorable Heart
i love it how they fought wit each other over a simple taxi...goddd both were too much stubborn to leave it...both were saying that they dnt have enough time but still were fighting lije LOL
dat coin scene...oh goddd i can well imagine arnav's facial xpression wit khushi suggesting him for d coin LOL
nd aftr khushi lost it,she began to plead him making d most innocent puppy face to melt him nd there she succeeded also...! ROFL
oh goddd i was laughing like an idiot while reading dat part...! ROFL
so dat driver was singing for khushi...! Angry
nd there cums our Khushi Kumari Gupta's brilliant idea nd she called d taxi driver bhaiyaji which actually smashed all his dreams but the person sitting on a behind seat truly got LOL
loved the part where arnav reached nd all his family members greeted him nd as xpected he murmured unbelievable by seeing his crazy he is happy wit armaan nd riddhima's marriage...dats deffo good Big smile
so all of the family members think dat arnav nd khushi love each LOL
dats such a perfct nf fabulous misunderstnding...rofl ROFL
nd lastly they officially met each other nd as xpected both were shocked to see each other...ahhh their xpression LOL
goddd dis is indeed a lovely chappy Clap
i cant wait to read d nxt chappy now...!
Anu,my besharam angel Heart
i love u dammit Heart
a biggg hug for u Hug
muaaahh :*

i was damn sure that you were going to love their fight part LOL and the driver part it was simply too much funny yaar 
Thanks for the super lovely comment Aru you are such a sweetheart Hug Hug 
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Originally posted by seeta_naips

oh my God everyone thinks Arnav and Khushi loves one another

they don't recognise each other

but a little confused as to the drawing Khushi has of Arnav

you will get to know how the picture come to Khushi's room soon  Wink
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Posted: 04 July 2013 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Akorshi

sorry fr late...exm was going...
it was cute update...
khushi n arnav meet was fight mood...
loved their nok jhok...
arnav is happy fr ridz...
khushi knows arnav? as naksh got his pix...
update soon...

don't be sorry i know you were busy a cause of your exams so no need to say sorry 
thanks for the lovely comment and for your answers just read the next chapter Wink
Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Here is chapter 5 hope you will enjoy it. 

This Chapter is dadicated to my only Soul Sister Humi, I love you dammit Hug Hug only you can bear me, Thanks for being always there for me Hug

Banner credit: LaxshaLOVEArshi Hug 

Written and edited by HK90 
Proofreading by Humi (babyhumz) Hug 

Chapter 5

 "Khushi!!! Bhai is here" said Riddhima looking at Khushi over Arnav's shoulder, Arnav turned toward the door

 "YOU!!" both screamed looking at each other while Khushi was pointing a finger toward Arnav and her mouth was forming a perfect "O", and Riddhima was looking between Arnav and Khushi with a confused face.

"Bhai, Khushi you've meet each other" asked Riddhima looking at both of them.

"Yeah a very unpleasant meeting" mattered Arnav under his breath

"Yeah even for me, taxi choor kahi ka"Khushi taunted back

"What me and a taxi choor!! Look miss it was you who took a drive for free thanks to me" he said with appear air

"And I would love to remind you mister I'm always right that you were the one who insisted to pay for my ride remember" Khushi said putting her hands on her hips and stamping her foot

"And I did so to not let you waste my time" he said with narrowed eyes

"If I would have known that you were Arnav then I would have never took that taxi" she muttered slightly

"Oh really! Can I have the honour to know the reason" he asked sarcastically while crossing his arms on his chest

"Because I don't want delay in your and your family's meeting, and that too cause of me!! They are waiting to see  you for the past 5 year and unfortunately I became the reason that they had to wait for more time to meet you" she said with a little smile on her sad face, and those simple words touched Arnav's heart and he didn't get any words to reply to her sweet message, she was guilty that a cause of her and her silly games he come home late even if the delay was just about 15 minutes.  Riddhima goes to Khushi and giving her a side hug she said "Khush you don't need to be sorry okay, I know you can't hurt anyone even unintentionally" Khushi returned the hug "thanks Riddz" she said broking the embrace

 "Khushi you got the dress kya?" asked Akshara entering Riddhima's room

"Ji Jiji, you don't worry I will make Riddhima try it and if it is not okay will take it for adjustments" Khushi replied showing the dress, Akshara nodded and said "okay then I'm going down come soon it's time to go home" and with that she left the room leaving the trio behind.

"Riddz please try the dress" Khushi said turning to Riddhima and then looking at Arnav she added "can you please go out"

"What the!!! Who are you to ask me to go out from MY SISTER'S room" he replied with gritting teeth

"Her best friend" Khushi replied while handling the dress to Riddhima

"And I'm her Brother" Arnav retorted back

"Yeah but you are not a girl right! She needs to change" Khushi replied with arched brows, Arnav felt a little embarrassed yeah he was not a girl, and he should go out from his sister's room when she needs to change, he look back at Khushi, who mouthed "so can you" and Arnav without saying a word left the room, as soon as he left Riddhima touching Khushi's shoulder said "Khush you should not talk to Bhai in this way he is elder then us nah" Khushi smiled at Riddhima and replied giggling "you may not he's your brother but I can, and I likes to irritated him, he irritated all of us till now, abb hamari bhari hai" at this Riddhima hit her playfully and replied "his my bhai don't talk bad about him" Khushi pouted and then said "okay, I will not, just if he irk me, now go and change I need to know if the dress fits you" and with that Riddhima goes to change and Khushi sat on the bed waiting for her to come back, without knowing that there were a pair of eyes that witnessed the last part of the scene between her and Arnav.

Dadi rushed downstairs and she goes to the kitchen where her daughter in law was cooking her grandson's favourite dishes, she reaches Aradhana and said "you know what; Khushi is the only one who can handle our Arnav"

"Maa ji, you scared me" said Aradhana putting a hand on her heart and while turning toward Dadi, and taking a breath "why are you seeing like this? I know they love each other" Aradhana inquired not getting what Dadi was trying to say.

"Yeah but you don't know what I saw now, when I was going to call Arnav for the dinner" Dadi said with a mischievous smile

"What you saw?" Aradhana asked curiously

"Khushi making Arnav at less of words can you believe the one who has an answer for everything for the first time didn't know what to answer" Dadi explained gangling

"Really Maaji that means Khushi Bitiya can really manage our hothead son right?" she said looking with a hope in her eyes. 

"Of course she can, I always wished to have her as my Bhahu and now my dream is coming true" replied Dadi with a sweet smile on her radiant face.

"You know what Maa ji I wonder why Arnav didn't said it to us that he loves Khushi when he knows we are behind his marriage" Aradhana asked stirring the food

"Yeah!!" Dadi signed but then something comes up in her mind and she added "maybe they were waiting for Khushi's studies to get completed or maybe they are too shy to tell it to us"

"maybe you are right" Aradhana stated and with that both of them started cooking together while making plans on when and where make their marriage and other rituals.


Khushi was helping Riddhima in placing her dress carefully in her wardrobe after she has tried and it was simply perfect and there was not need of any changes.

Khushi was selecting the accessories to wear with the dress when she suddenly said "he is changed a lot right!" Riddhima looked throw the mirror while putting an earring and replied "yeah a little bit, Bhai is not the same as five year ago, but you find him more changed as you didn't saw any of his recent photo, what you always said when I asked you to see his photo hmm . . . ." and Riddhima started to think biting her lower lips "yeah I got it I don't want to see that Laad Governor's face" and with this both of them started laughing.

Khushi and Riddhima are best friends since they joined college but Khushi didn't get the chance to meet Arnav personally as he did his studies far from home first in Mumbai and then in London. She just know that Riddhima has a brother that she loves a lot, and that he is little kadoos and rakshak this is the portray that she made of him from what she get to know from Riddhima and her family. She saw some of his old pictures but not recent ones.

Khushi's home late night

Khushi was setting on her bad with her sketch book on her keens she was not able to concentrate, she was continuously thinking about Arnav, she doesn't understand why her mind was going on him, again and again, she remember their fight in the taxi, their fight in his home and the way he hold her when she was going to fall. . . .

Khushi after helping Riddhima with all that she needed the next day was going downstairs, as soon as she reached the staircase, her foot slipped a cause of some water on the floor and she was going to fall down the stairs when a strong hold held her from her waist and pulled her backwards. 

When Khushi felt that her back hit something hard, but not as hard as the floor and that she didn't fall down the stairs she slowly opened her eyes, she lifted her head and turned it slightly to see against what she was leaning and her eyes meet with a pair for chocolate eyes looking down to her, her heart started to beat fast and she felt like the temperature of her body suddenly raised and she started feeling hot, thirsty.  

Arnav was going down for dinner after freshen up when he saw that Khushi was going to fall, he run to her and sneaked an arm around her petit waist and pulled her fragile form against his hard chest. When she trembled a cause of the shock in his hold he felt like pulling her in a hug and when their eyes met, he felt as a shiver passed throw his body and unintentionally he tighten the hold around her waist.

Their eye look was interrupted by Akshara's voice calling for Khushi. Khushi realizing their position and tried to take a step further but unsuccessfully, she felt a hold on her waist and just then she noticed Arnav's arm around her waist and his hand resting on her flat belly, in a possessive and protective way. She looked at him once again, and signaled him to take off his hand with her eyes but Arnav lifted his head as to say "what??" and Khushi turning even more pink then before whispered "your hand" and instantly Arnav let her go and she rushed down the stairs, without even looking once toward him, she didn't even said bye to the Rizadas, but just run out of the Maison with her heart pumping like she was doing a marathon.


Khushi put a hand on her belly and blushed a deep shade of pink, her heart was still beating fast, she don't know why but she felt nice in his arms, not just nice but marvellously, "Khushi stop thinking about Arnav, whats wrong with you?" she scolded herself and started to sketch again.

On the other side Riddhima was sitting on the bench on her balcony's room and was looking at the sky, when she felt someone's presence, she turned toward her room and she saw Arnav leaning against the door frame, he looked at her and asked with lifting his brows "what are you doing still awake" and he moved toward her and sat next to her.

"I was doing, what we used to do in our childhood looking at the stars" she said hugging his arm and putting her head on his shoulder she continued "do you remember Bhai that before departing for London you told to me that whenever I miss you I just need to  look at the sky and I will feel you near me always" Arnav put a hand on her hand that was holding his arm and replied "I'm always there for you okay" Riddhima nodded against his shoulder, and they stayed like that for a long moment just looking at the sky, remembering their childhood and feeling the warm of each other, the love each other.

After sometimes Riddhima with lost look said "why don't you want to get marry Bhai?" Arnav caressed her head with his hand and replied with soft voice "you already know the reason Riddz?" she lifted her head and looking into his eyes murmured "I know and it's for that, that I want you to find someone who will love and care for you always, you know someone special, I want too want a Bhabhi" she pouted at the end, Arnav looked at her and smirking said "so you want a Bhabhi for you not a wife for me!" he teased her and seeing her shocking her head continued "okay tell me how your Bhabhi should be" he just asked casually, even though he doesn't believe in rituals like marriage, he was doing so just to see the sunny smile on his baby sisters face.

Riddhima gets up in excitement and taking few steps she tuned toward Arnav and said "A Bhabhi who will love you always, no matter how you behave"

"What do you mean by how I behave?" Arnav questioned arching his eyebrows

"Bhai we all know that sometimes you lose control" Riddhima said with a shrug of the shoulders. Arnav didn't replied as she was right, and Riddhima interpreted it as a "go ahead" and she continued "I very caring Bhabhi, who will love and take care of our family, in whom I can find a friend, a girl who respects the elders and love the youngers, a girl which believes in traditions and respect them but she should be modern too, a bubbly girl, who will made our days with her laughter, love, craziness, and yeah she should talk a lot,  I love talkative people" Riddhima finished her list with a dreamy face

"Riddz I don't think a girl like this exists, and plus I'm not goner  marry so no need to reach a girl for me okay" Arnav said getting up and looking at his sisters dreaming face.

"Of course it exists, as I found Armaan you too will find someone who will be just perfect for you" she said little embarrassed

"So you really love Armaan" inquired Arnav going toward her and looking at the sky

"Yeah, but you already know it nah, and I think you likes him too right? Otherwise you would have never agreed for this marriage" she said looking at his lost look

"Yeah, I did it just for you" he said looking at her and placing a kiss on her forehead he continued "what matters to me is your happiness" and he started leaving the room.

"Bhai what did you said to Armaan after dinner" she stopped him from behind, Arnav turned his head slightly and replied with as soft smile "nothing now go to sleep it's already late" and he left her room thinking about what he said to Armaan . . .


That day Arnav's family and Armaan's family did dinner together at Raizada Maison as they wanted to discuss and plan the upcoming fanctions of the marriage, as Shashi had an important meeting Khushi and her family went away in the evening.

After dinner all sat in the living room and the discussed the future functions. After few hours Armaan's family started leaving, they were all outside Raizada Maison, while the ladies were still greeting each other Arnav went toward Armaan who was standing near the Car,  as he reached Armaan who was entering the car stopped and he took few steps toward Arnav, just as he reached him he forwarded his hand and said "Bye Bhai see you tomorrow" Arnav arched his brows and replied "I think we should also share an hug after all you are going to marry my sister" Armaan smiled and give him and hug

"One tear from her eyes and consider you are gone" Arnav warned Armaan just as he hugged him. Brooking the embrace they looked into each other's eyes and Armaan nodded but Arnav tightening the hold on his upper arms continued "and consider this as my first and last warning, I can do anything for my sister and when I mean anything I means anything" his eyes where turning a little dark the their usual color, he was looking at him with a threatening but at the same a challenging look and Armaan got the message, if Arnav can accept their marriage for Riddhima's sake then he can do anything to for her happiness. Armaan took breath and looking directly into Arnav's  eyes replied "I promise that I will never make her cry, and if she does I will be there to console her and make her smile like" he took a breath and looked at Riddhima, who was far talking and laughing away with Akshara, and he continued "because Bhai if you can do anything for her because she is your sister then I'm no less, because to me, she is my life and her happiness now are my priority, I promise you will never regret your decision" after listening Armaan's words Arnav let go of his hold and he said "you better keep your promise, otherwise you know of what I'm capable" and with that he forwarded his hand they and exchanged a handshake but this time it was a different one it was out of respect for the one that was in front of their eyes.


Next Day at Gupta House

Khushi wake up early in the morning, and as always she did pooja with her family, helped her mom with the breakfast and now after the breakfast she was in her room, she was emptying her closet looking for an dress that she wanted to wear during the engagement ceremony.

"Hey Bhagwan" said Nani putting a hand on her head and looking at the mess that Khushi had created in her room, all her dresses, anarkalis and sarees were spread all over the room. But Khushi didn't paid any attention and continued her exploration.

"what are you doing Beta?" Nani asked taking a dupatta from the floor and putting it on the bed

"nothing Nani, I was searching for something! Remember what you sent me last year on my birthday, I have put it here but I'm not able to find it" Khushi said with her back toward Nani and her face in the cupboard.

"oh that one, I think you should ask to your Maa, if I'm now wrong she sent it to the Laundry" Nani replied taking away from her head a dupatta that Khushi throw from the cupboard, after listening this finally Khushi come out from the cupboard and her eyes widened  and her mouth fall open, looking at the mess that she had just created. She lifted her gaze and looked at her Nani with a puppy face "no I'm not going to help you, you created this mess and you have to clear it" Nani replied, knowing very well what was coming next, as this was one of Khushi's habits.

"but Nani, if I start doing that then I will be late, and Riddhima is waiting for me please help me nah" she requested folding her heads and blinking with her eyes while giving her an innocent smile.  

"okay, let's start" Nani replied not able to see her granddaughter's pleading face.  

Khushi with the help of Nani set up her room and then when to Riddhima's house, but not before collecting her  outfit from the laundry.

Precap: Kuch toh hone laga hai 

Chapter 4                                                                                          Chapter 6

So how was it? Don't worry you will get the next chapter soon this story from now on will be updated regularly Embarrassed

Do Comment and Like, all types of comments are more then welcomeHug

P.S. PMS later as me going to write Faith and help someone elseEmbarrassed

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2nd for me first is for my baby anandi 

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