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ArShi SS: Mujhe Haq Hai #1 Ch 03 Pg 123 12/09 EXT (Page 73)

aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 12:49am | IP Logged
hey.. just come across this new story.. I'm so excited.. it's been long I've not follow ur stories.. the trailer almist make me cry.. and 1st chappy was too good.. khushi and arnav's character totally different and I so so so like it.. please pm me.. I can't wait for the next update..

pinkwhalefish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 2:09am | IP Logged
arnav and khushi going 2 meet Day Dreaming...
seeta_naips IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
wow so Ms Gupta is the khadoos one

nice, lets see how things progress
summaiyasayed IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2013 at 9:18am | IP Logged
awesome updt

updt soon
-Koeli_Appy- IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 02


Priorities ~


"this woman is crazy. God knows how her family member's handle her? Phew!" Arnav breath shy before changing his shirt. The woman can be crazy and work oriented but he was not. He loved his family and he was going for his brother's rishta, so he had to look decent. He cannot be in his office costume. He wore a nice sky blue half sleeve shirt matching with his silver grey trouser which he did not change and carried his jacket with his car keys out of his mansion.

Thankfully their was not much traffic on the road which helped him to reach to the caf where he had been called. He parked the car and got down leaving his jacket inside his car. Central locking the car he moved towards the cafeteria muttering some profanities under his breathe. He hated when his whole family was getting prepared for a social gathering. He wondered, "how can a girl be so negligent about his own sister's wedding? It says a lot about her khadoos, self-centered mentality".

While he grumbled over the thought his eyes caught a glimpse of a blue dupatta flowing behind a black benz. The colour was ditto the shirt he was wearing. Probably a shade darker than that of what he was wearing. Keeping his eyes fixed on the dupatta he walked towards his destination. He checked his watch just to confirm he was on time. "Thank god I am before time" he chuckled. "its seven minutes to go and its good that I have reached before that Miss Arrogant, "Laad Governess".

But when he was about to enter the caf, he suddenly turn to see the source of the dupatta and he froze. His eyes were fixed on the flawless beauty swaying her hair from one side to the other. Her lashes shadowed her eyes. Her eyes were beautiful like a doe. But something was there which did not look fine. "What was it?" he wondered. Then his gaze lowered towards her lips, "oh so tempting" his hormones alarted him. Then blue salwar kameez, which molded perfectly into her sleek, toned figure. He learnt that she had a really tiny waist, just a kind of waist men preferred to hold wrapping his arms around and squeezing his woman making her mold with his own body.

In one word she was angelic. And what made her special was her radiating smile and her happiness to feed underprivileged children on road.

There were around ten children, scantily clad hovering around that angel and the ice cream cart and that angel was picking up ice creams digging her hand inside the cart, making a cute amused expression while handing over the ice-creams to them.

She looked pricy, but unlike her looks she seemed to be like a girl next door. Not for once she hesitated to hug those children. "she is really angel. God has send her to spread happiness", Arnav thought looking deeply into her. How happy she had made those children.

Something special about her smile, it reached her eyes, her skim beamed in happiness to see others happy. "I would have denied the existence of an angle until I saw this woman in front of me". Her smile made him smile.

He was still looking at the woman in front of him, who managed to make him forget the rest of the world and specially that "Miss Arrogent" when he suddenly heard her shout. He saw her looking towards a four year old kid who had just dropped his ice-cream on the road and was about to pick it up sitting right in the middle of the rood.

The girl ran from her end and Arnav muttered, "oh shit" and ran towards the child seeing the approaching truck.

In fraction of a second their body collided and Arnav jumped on the other side taking the woman who was holding the child in his arms. In no time the track crossed. If he delayed for one second both of them would have been smashed by the track.

The child slipped from the woman's arms but both of them continued to roll on the foot path until Arnav's back hit the tree trunk.

Her face dug in his chest and she was breathing heavily. Arnav sighed and threw his head back holding her as tightly as possible after glancing at the child who had been picked up by another woman, probably his mother he guessed, looking at the worried woman.

"are you ok miss?" Arnav held her shoulder to face her. And before he could anticipate he was pushed by the woman.

"how dare you?" she shouted and pushed him back slamming against the tree trunk.

"Excuse me?" Arnav retreated back to her wondering what on earth has got into that beautiful soul. "wait a minute" he thought "doesnot her voice sound femilier to me?" he wondered.

In the meantime khushi snatched her dupatta, which got tucked in his shirt and tore it to separate her from him. She felt disgusted. "How dare you" she again shouted back to him almost gathering some locals.

"Kya huya madam ji?" a man asked her.

Khushi pointed her index finger and shooed him "listen you moran, just stay away from this I can handle him" said pointing at a lying Arnav wincing in pain. "I am no abla nadi (innocent woman). I know how to deal with these type of guys.

"HELLO" Arnav yelled getting up holding his back. He knew he was bleeding badly at the back. "what do you think of yourself woman? Here I have saved your life and you are treating me like some roadside Romeo? For your information I belong to a good family and I am not some random jerk". He finally got up and brushed his clothes.

"Ya ya don't teach me who you are Mister. Why did you come at the first place when you saw clearly that I was saving the child?" khushi placed her hand on her waist.

"Do you think you are some Jhansi ki rani? Cant you judge the distance of the truck? It would have hit both of you while you were busy adjusting your dupatta" Arnav retreated back in her response.

"See I told you I very well know your motive. You were looking at my dupatta" khushi smirked a oh-i-knew-it smile.

"you are wrong miss. I was starring the whole you not just your dupatta", Arnav confessed proudly.

"you bloody'" khushi was about to mutter some profanities when Arnav pulled her by her waist and flushed her with him.

"don't you dare speak so low miss. You can be the prettiest woman I have ever laid my eyes on but that doesnot give you authority to speak to a gentleman. First learn how to talk then talk". Arnav folded his arms in front of khushi with a clapping noise and touched his forehead, "galti ho gai hai'bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha" he said it loud before walking past a fuming khushi and entering in the caf.

Khushi stumped her foot on the foot path, "Gentleman my foot. All men are b*****ds". She worriedly searched for the child on the road but it seemed to her that he was gone. Sighing she adjusted her dupatta and brushed the dirt from her slawar. Adjusting her hair and fixing it properly she walked inside the caf.


Arnav had ordered a cup of strong espresso for himself. He glanced at his watch and then again peeped towards the door. "one should follow her own words before asking others to be on time. No wonder my day is going bad. Just because I spoke to that Miss Arrogent all woman in this world started behaving weirdly". Just then his glance went on the woman entering the caf. "Sweetness with bitter tooth", he muttered under his breath. The woman looked at him angrily and went towards another table. Gather her dupatta and her bag she made herself comfortable on a lounge chair that was placed right near the glass French window.

"How can dad work with such a person who is not punctual? If I had any other way to deal with the situation I wouldn't have ever called Arnav Singh Raizada for help. I hate men who are not disciplined. I hate men in general. They are one of the species God should have avoided making. B*****ds!".


It was almost half an hour and non seems to call each other up to find out where they are. Arnav was freshly wounded by the girl whom he was for the first time attracted to and it turned out to be a big disaster and khushi on the other hand was khushi, whose ego was more than her nose, she did not even bother to call him up.

In between they both shot glances at each other and turned their faces.

Arnav became restless, "what the hell man. I have to leave right now before I get late from reaching Gupta's. This elder daughter of Gupta is a mad female and for her I cannot waste my energy. To hell with her tender. Arnav was about to get up from her seat when his phone rang.

"Miss Arrogent Gupta" calling.

Arnav gave a evil smile and picked up his phone, "No need to seek for forgiveness. You don't have any manners do you know that? here I am waiting for you for last 45 mins and to find that you wont show up? And you don't have a basic curtosy to call and inform?"

"Oh Hello! Mr Raizada, look who is saying. The person who himself did not show up is blaming me? I am waiting here in this caf for past 45mins and its you who did not show up", khushi lashed out.

Arnav frowned and looked here and there. Somehow the woman he found very much resemblance in the voice of the woman in blue and the Miss Arrogent Gupta. He also noticed that the voice was somehow echoing which means she was right there.

Just the moment the woman in blue turned and yelled in her phone "you better apologize to be Mr. Raizada when Arnav froze looking at her. It was indeed the same person. It is Khushi Kumari Gupta standing in front of him.

Arnav was for the moment speechless. How can such a beautiful person turn's out to be the rudest female he has ever encountered?  She was far more beautiful then her twin sister payel. They were non identical at all. Payel was more of an Indian blend where as khushi was not. Khushi looked more of a western girl with her slightly blonde hair and extremely fair complexion.


The rest of their journey went in their respective car. Arnav was stubborn enough to convince khushi that deal discussion can be postponed for few hour and he refused spare a single second. He made it clear to her that for him his family comes first and then the rest of the world. Defeated khushi huffed and puffed. Without further protest she agreed on arnav's words and headed towards her home.





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crizal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2013 at 9:23am | IP Logged
I m 2nd tym 2nd on ur updates (till date LOL )DancingLOL

After soo long ...ufff i miss dis place Embarrassed

finally u updated it Tongue

Arnav fell head over heels fr her Wink

Khushi is really soo rude Approve

Poor passerby ...faced wrath of her LOL

aww poor Arnav ,he was hurt  Broken Heart

Finally dey met Big smile but nthing fruitful happened LOL

wondering abt Khushi's past D'oh


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shah.1234 IF-Rockerz

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a wee khushi is so arrogant

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gmsk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Areee waaahhh... diii... u finally updated it... Dancing

hahahaha...and really a very entertaining update...
arnav and khushi's tutu men men was very adorable LOL
awww... arnav fell for her at the first sight it self.. but but but... yeah toh wahi uski "MISS LAARD GOVERNESS" niklii... i was rofling at that name LOL LOL 
sooo he actually has seen both the sides of her now...i think he'll try to understand her after seeing her gentle side...

m sooo craving for more Embarrassed... but m sooo happy tht atleast u updated it..

update the next part when evr possible.. Big smile

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