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ArShi SS: Mujhe Haq Hai #1 Ch 03 Pg 123 12/09 EXT (Page 155)

vrindagupta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 October 2013 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
awesome update
never thought khushi would have told truth in front of everyone
Arnav can get her back to normal only him
n loved the bro sis relationship of Arnav n payal

tparvaiz Goldie

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Posted: 11 October 2013 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by appy_indy-KD

Chapter 03


Healing ~


Like a gentle man he allowed Khushi to drive ahead of him. They are almost 15 mins away from their house when some bikes crossed his car and started to cage Khushi's car. Arnav banged the stirring and mutter few profanities under his breath cursing those rowdy, ill-behaved boys.  For a moment he forgot how she behaved with her and protectiveness washed over his entire body. He picked up his phone and dialed her number.

Khushi was busy tackling with those guys who were deliberately pressing their bikes near her car. Looking at the caller ID she turned her head to check back and that's when a biker zoomed in front of her and blocked her road.

"Watch out Khushi!" Arnav screamed making Khushi turn front and with a jolt she stopped the car.

Arnav who was driver at unconformable speed had to turn his car to stop hitting Khushi's car. What a bang he hit a pole. His bonnet flew out and steam surrounded him immediately. Coughing while getting of the car he headed towards Khushi's car quickly.

Khushi who almost hit the steering with head cursed Arnav for freaking her out like that. She was sure that she was handling those rowdy guys. If he did not call her then she would have nudged his car easily leaving behind those bikes.

She picked her head and watched one of the teenagers. She fisted her palm and before she could lash out on the boy, Arnav came and opened the car door.

"Are you all right? Why did you looked back instead of talking to me?" he unconsciously tried to touch her face when she practically brushed his hand off her and screamed at him.

"What the hell were you trying to do Mr Raizada? Why the hell did you scream like that? And forget about screaming, don't you know calling someone while driving is a crime?", she lashed out ignoring those boys who was harassing her. And those boys seeing the situation slowly moved away with their bikes. Khushi was no tamed bichari girl, what they thought about her.

"what?" Arnav was confused like hell. Here he was trying to help her out, precisely save her from those stupid, rowdy teenages and there she was reminding about road laws? Rediculous! "Khushi you were being harassed by those..."

His words were cut by Khushi slamming her door shut on his face and then dropping her window glasses she said, "they were harassing me not you".

Arnav after momental throat blockage due to Khushi's rude behavior he said, "exactly".

"ya exactly. SO WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME? To make it more difficult for me to tackle?"

Arnav narrowed his eyes and tried to access the situation. Was this girl mad? Or had she forgot her brain in her house?

"I was calling to say to slow down so that I can tackle them", Arnav said gritting his teeth leaning on her car to bring his face near to her.

"WHY? Did I ask for your help, Mr Raizada? Or are you up for charity always? Well, I don't need one. I can take care of myself so don't you try to impress me like some hero.

"To hell with impressing you. I was just saving you".

"Oh really? And like how did you think of doing so? Me running down a teenager? Or me skiting my car and running into that ditch?"

"Do you know you are just impossible Khushi?"

"Miss Gupta, I don't like strangers calling me by my first name".

"exactly, because you are nothing like your first name".

"And I don't intend to. Now will you move, because I have to reach home and those tattoos whom you thought were harassing me are gone".

Arnav looked at the street it was almost empty except few pedestrians shooting weird looks at them.

Arnav closed his eyes and punched Khushi's car. "You know what? You are the most insensitive, arrogant woman I have ever seen. Bhagwaan bhala kare uska jiske ghar tum jayougi".

Khushi ignited the engine feeling terribly hurt hearing Arnav's last words. She did not want to, she did not have to, she knows she will never ever marry anyone. She cannot trust any man with her or with her life. She doesnot need anyone to share her pain, her sorrow, she doesnot want anybody to understand her, she doesnot want to shade her armor which she had built. She is Khushi and ironically she was the most unfortunate and most unhappy woman. She has come long way and she was left with her last counseling. Her doctor said she has recovered almost 90% and the last session will decide her future. If she succeed she will be back to her old self, but if she fails she will go into the darkest alley of her life and she wont be able to recover ever.

Seeing her for pause for few seconds Arnav watched her. He saw a flicker of sadness, vulnerability in her eyes. Was he imagining? Or was it really there? He thought. For a moment he wanted to apologize to her for talking shit and behaving so rudely with her. But then he thought, she has misbehaved with him equally if not more.

Khushi saw his car from the rear mirror and somehow her words slipped which shocked her as well, "do you want a lift? Seems like your car has broken down", she said looking straight ahead.

"so you have a heart? Don't you?" Arnav smiled at her

"it's called manners", Khushi looked at him and something about his eyes nerved her. The way he was looking at her, smiling consumed her and she was not supposed to feel like this, with a man.

"I am sure you don't have a mirror at home Miss Gupta, you are talking about manors? Does that exists in your dictionary?"

"you have all time for this and you did not have time to talk business with me? It was you who said you want to reach home on time, bhul gaye? I am just obliging you by giving you a lift".

"Or are you trying to reach home as soon as possible so that the whole formality over our sibling thing gets over and you getting to talk to me about your plan?"

"This is the reason my dad likes you so much. I have to agree, you are indeed intelligent", Khushi lifted her gaze slowly sending in unknown temptation to haul her right her and kiss the hell out of her. Until now she was beautiful, fiery, feisty and arrogant. Now, now when she looked at him like that he felt like a man for the first time. No one affected him like this woman, he thought. No matter how much he disapproved her, he cannot deny and the building chemistry between them.

" I am glad you think so. And I am sure you will be just like your dad. And certainly not like you sister. Wonder how come payal is your own sister? She is so sweet, so refreshing, so innocent and so lovely. Where as you..."

"are you getting in or moving out of my way?" Khushi gripped the steering again feeling hurt with the comparison he had just now pulled. Khushi was not the same Khushi she used to be. She was very much like payal, infact even more approachable and lovely to be with.

"Miss Arrogant is the right word for you", Arnav huffed and crossed the car.

He glared at Khushi who was still looking straight and fastened his seat belt. Khushi zoomed the car and headed towards home.


Extension Coming Shortly

"Look that them, they are coming now", Khushi mother said and everyone turned to see Arnav and Khushi approaching inside the house. Payal ran towards Khushi and hugged her.

"Di! Where were you? Why so late? Ek din aap jaldi nahi aasakti kya? Mere liye?", payal pouted and accused.

"I am sorry sweetheart for being late, you di had some other plans" Arnav pulled payal in his embrace and payal happily sank inside his brotherly cozy warmth.

The whole seen did not set right for Khushi. She did not know why she was angry, was it that Payal was so close to Arnav and she did not have a single clue about it, or was it that hug which looked warm and appealing? No one has ever hugged her like that. Correction, she did not let anyone to hug her like that. She had made herself independent enough and those hugs were nothing but emotions. And men did not have emotions. But why she was seeing something else in Arnav's eyes? Why she was differentiating Arnav from other men? Why his every move was effecting her? She was lost in Payal and Arnav's hug when a woman came near Khushi and touched her shoulders.

"Khushi! right?", the woman asked.

Khushi turned to look at her, she was beautiful, elegant and full of warmth, just like Arnav.

"I am Anjali, Akash's sister and Arnav's cousin".

Khushi gave a polite smile not to look rude, "yes I am Khushi, payal's sister".

Anjali touched Khushi's cheek and said, "you are as beautiful as your sister. And you Arnav, where have you been?" Anjali glared at Arnav.

"sorry di, I was having a meeting with...", Arnav pulled Anjali into a hug and seek for her forgiveness.

Anjali hugged him back and immediately forgave him.

"So chhanchhan, did you like my brother?" Arnav teased payal earing an astonished from Khushi.

"Umm! He is quite nice, Mr Handsome", payal playfully punched his abs.

"But not as good as me right?"

"Ab kya karun? Bhai jo mana hai aapko. Too late that I have realized that.", payal broke in the fits of laughter.

"Pagal", Arnav kissed her forehead, "we are kalank in the name of brother sister.

"But you are the bestest brother one could ever get.

"And my love, do you approve my brother?" Arnav touched her chin and Payal blushed furiously. She sucked her lips and then batter her lashes.

"Yes" she hid her face in Arnav's chest and hugged him.

Khushi who was witnessing the sense felt a stab in her heart. If she was what she used to be then her little sister would have done those things which she was doing with Arnav. Khushi did not know why this man was bringing out those emotions which she hid, in fact murdered them long back.

Just when Payal was about to pull back she felt Arnav's shirt soaked wet.

"Arnav ji, I think your shirt is wet", payal turned him and screamed. "Oh My God, Arnav ji, you are bleeding".

Hearing her scream everyone rushed to Arnav to inspect him.

"It's nothing just a little..."

"shut up Chotey, how did you hurt yourself so badly? I think you need injection right now".

"woh di I was about to save a child and...".

Khushi felt guilty for ignoring their encounter. She did hear a hiss from Arnav's mouth when she pushed him back against the tree. But she ignored thinking she shouldnot care. As right now Arnav was saving her lieing in front of everyone and Khushi cannot take it. She was not ready to be obliged.

"This happened because of me. I pushed him against the tree".


Arnav was settled in Khushi's bedroom when she came with the first aid box. Her father was furious on her for hurting Arnav unnecessarily. He literally order Khushi to take care of him on her own and to apologize in front of everyone. Khushi was not used to such kind of a behavior from her father and she did not care. But looking at the blood and that she has hurt someone so badly all her memories became raw. If she did not take care of Arnav, she would be proved just like what she has went through in the past. So she agreed to nurse him.

Arnav turned to look at her. She was still in her blue salwer, her eyes hollow and her fingers were trembling.

"This was not required" Arnav said looking away from her feeling guilty. "There was no need for you to tell the truth in front of the whole family".

"so that you always mention that what meherbani you did to me? No way Mr. Raizada, I hate obligations.

Arnav closed his eyes in frustration and got up. He stormed towards her and took the box from her hand. No body is here and you don't have to do anything to show it to anybody. And I refuse to take help from a woman like you Miss Gupta, who thinks so low of life.

Yes he was in her room, a man was in her room sitting right on her bed, yet she was not uncomfortable. Now he was stripping his shirt and Khushi should have gone out of the room but she did not. She froze, she couldnot move. She saw the blood and felt dizzy but still managed to stand glued on her place.

Arnav dipped the cotton in some antiseptic lotion and tried to touch his wound.

"aaah!" he almost hissed sending shiver down Khushi's spine. His pain unnerved her.

"Give that to me. It is beyond you reach" she said and climbed on her bed.

She took some additional cotton and dipped in the medicine then for the first time she touched a man, other than her father.

She closed her eyes to gather some strength and made sure she does not show her vulnerability. Gathering her courage she nursed his wound, slowing cleaning up the remains of the bark and then finally the blood. She pressed her hand on his skin for some time so that the blood stop oozing and was shocked to realize there was nothing about Arnav that she was uncomfortable with. It felt easy, it felt as if she was normal, he was normal.


Awesomeness dear
I was waiting for your update
But I didn't remember the name
Keep on searching
Quest what I find itBig smile
Please continue
It quite long as you give update
Why khushi is like this. ?.??
Wanna to read more n khushi past 
Please continue soon
And accept my apologies for late reply. 
Please accept my buddy too
.ButterCup. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2013 at 7:36am | IP Logged
amazing prologue..
very nice start..
i really liked the whole concept..
and title is superb..
trailer of the story is just mind blowing..
seems like khuhsi gone through some kind of  misery..
.ButterCup. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
chapter 1..
hmm really interesting..
what an amazing twist..
khushi as a ruthless or arrogant person 
and asr as a cool and easy going guy..
and i really liked this feisty khushi..
.ButterCup. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 December 2012
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Posted: 18 November 2013 at 7:44am | IP Logged
chapter 2..

superb chap..
really entertainting..
the way they argue ..
like tom and jerry..
and wow arnav is attracting towards her..
loved it..
.ButterCup. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2013 at 7:55am | IP Logged
chapter 3

awesome part...
they care ..they fight...
loved the way she heals arnav wounds..
loved it..
saduf IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Plz update this story
Asiyamajeed IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
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